How to make money fast?

  1. I'm broke.

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    callejawilliam - 8 years ago

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  1. Well one way is to do the boss glitch if you can manage to get some kind of CONSUMABLE idem stack up to 99 (actually depending on the idem even a 25 0f 50 stack can easly make 1k and up) but i recommend selling cooked food mostly fish because the price can rise more than normal if you catch a high lvl fish and cook it(with or without mastery/in green bar) one good fish dish can net you mostly around 500g or more

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  1. In case you have some money(10g or more):
    Go and buy turnip seeds, each seed is 10g, you can plant them in your field if its spring or in a cave if it's not spring, they will be ready in 4 days, each turnip sells for 200g, (a nice profit) or you can make them plicked turnips, using the kitchen knife for 234g (or something like that).

    In case you have no money (0g):
    Go to dungeons get weeds, grasses, bamboo shoots, etc. or get things from monsters either by harvesting or killing them in dungeons, and sell them to get money in order to fullfill the plan above.

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  2. Upgrade your fishing pole become minimal lv3, after that go fishing for at least 4hours and sell all your fish and you will get minimal 5000 per day

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  3. Get down to the bottom of the green ruins then unlock the door on the rightmost part of the floor and take the stairs up go home and save. Or go in to fight the boss, even if you die it will make a warp point, and save.
    Fish in the puddle you will get; Dye trout, Tamien, Lamp Squid, Lover Snapper until just before you pass out.
    DO NOT SELL THE DYE TROUT! You can eat dye sashimi to recover tons of rp.
    If you have a kitchen sashimi like crazy, dye trout first. If not, just ship the rest and save up for a kitchen.
    Upgrade your pole first, and get higher levels of fish. Take your stock of dye sashimi and fish the next day, rp low? eat some dye sashimi.

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  4. 1st, do the plan as the mist_lover told u, then, after u get around 10.000-12.000g, master ur cooking skills until lvl 99, get the ultimate blender book from selphy, then, cook fruit juice, and vegetable juice, after that, buy some milk and make mixed ole with it, I got around 175.000gald for 45 mixed ole *(Buy 5 times the quantity needed,) I got the 175.000 from lvl 1 crops... Happy farming...^^

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  5. Go ask for a fish day from candy, then fish at the bottom of the snow ruins.

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  6. I usually go fishing to lava ruins boss chamber.

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  7. upgrade your garden with greenier from Lara
    very high price but level up your on one vegetables of the group seeds you grow
    use that to make level 2 seeds and so on etc.
    also scrap iron grade up your fishing pole or all farming tools to level 10 use a lot less RP
    and higher level of fish by 1

    i have famous pole i use 7 RP

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  8. Plan A:Get lots of seeds in spring or if u like 2 of each kind then when they are fully grown harvest them BUT DO NOT SELL THEM save them until the end of spring because u will have more fruits and veggies and flowers sell them and see how much money you made
    Plan B: if your runey system is low or extinct in everyplace except ur homestead, fish alot . I would recommend that u go in the morning at 9 or earlier so u can go to the bathhouse ......
    -I would really go with plan A because i made 78 900g with that plan

    User Info: angel_lover961

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  9. Use the chicken glitch in green ruins (see faq guide on how to dupe). Its fairly easy once you get the hang of it. Depending on your current season, you can stack up crops like turnips to 99 pcs. by buying lots of seeds (10G each), planting, then harvesting it. After you stacked up any 99 food, get another 99copy then dupe it. Sell the 99 <food> for tons of gold. Keep doing that until you do enough to create a more expensive 99food stack to sell.

    If you can't do the glitch, just harvest bamboo shoots and fruits from lake poli for easy money. There are also giveaways from the villagers after you get pass a certain point (example: Rita gave me a mixed ole as a reward after I went to Green Ruins, which sells for 4180.) Do some fishing if you have enough RP to spare, though its more drawn out method for me.

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