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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Leyviur

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    Rune Factory Frontier FAQ & Walkthrough by Leyviur               v 1.00
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    Last update was on Monday, April 20, 2009.
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction                                                 [RFInt]
    2. Controls                                                     [RFHTP]
    3. Walkthrough                                                  [RFWlk]
       Whale Island Cave                                            [RFWIC]
       Whale Island Flank                                           [RFWIF]
       Green Dungeon                                                [RFGrn]
       Lava Dungeon                                                 [RFLva]
       Snow Dungeon                                                 [RFSnw]
       The Final Fight                                              [RFTFF]
    4. Version History                                              [RFVer]
       Version 1.00                                                 [RF100]
    5. Credits                                                      [RFCre]
    I. INTRODUCTION                                                 [RRInt]
    Rune Factory: Frontier is a wonderful game that mixes the addictive
    Harvest Moon formula with action RPG elements. The DS games didn't
    get it quite right the first time but this one is basically a remake
    of the original DS Rune Factory and it's really fun. Wooing girls and
    managing your farm is still incredibly fun, and the addition of ARPG
    battles makes it even better.
    So here's my walkthrough on how I beat the game.
    II. HOW TO PLAY                                                 [RRHTP]
    This is your basic RPG stat. It's your Hero's life bar. If it runs out
    you faint and wake up the next morning a lot worse for the wear. Your
    actions start using up HP instead of RP when you run out of RP, so be
    Whenever you take an action, whether swinging a sword or a plow, you'll
    use up RP. This happens even if what you did didn't hit the mark. So
    be sure to aim right! RP is expended for ANY ACTION YOU TAKE outside of
    talking to people, so watch your RP! As you begin the game even menial
    tasks take hhuge amounts of RP. However as your skill level increases
    you'll use less and less RP with each swing. RP can be restored by
    eating food.
    You're gonna want to go to sleep before 11 PM every night, otherwise
    you risk messing up your Hero's condition. Sleeping by 11 will regen-
    erate your HP and RP, and you'll be good to go the next morning. On
    the other hand, sleep later and you may end up with a cold. You can
    also restore HP and RP by going to the hot springs opened by Melody.
    However, each time you go it'll cost you 10 gold. If you're courting
    Melody, though, you can restore your status AND make her happy at the
    same time, so in that respect, 10 Gold is a small price to pay.
    There are a few ways of earning money, but the most efficient way, I've
    found, is to manage your farm. Till the fields, plant seeds, water them
    and watch them bloom, then sell the products for vast amounts of money.
    It's the easiest and quickest way to earn money to pay for your
    equipment whenever you go adventuring. You want to clear out the stuff
    from your field, the use your hoe to till the field. After that, throw
    out some seed and water them. It's easiest to do this with a collection
    of 3 x 3 boxes of tilled fields for planting seeds. It provides maximum
    amount of gain per seed used. When your plants grow, you must put your
    stuff in the shipping box at the west end of the field. Rosetta will
    come every day to take your plants and give you money for whatever you
    have left in the box. Your tools cannot be used to clear out everything
    on your field at the start, but once you get ahold of a forge from
    Lute, and then hunt for the materials needed, you can upgrade them to
    better performing tools to clear out your garden.
    Time passes in the game just like in real life. It's not a 1:1
    equivalant, mind you. But you must be mindful of the times. Each season
    has plants unique to that season and all other plants die when you
    try to plant them out of season. There are four seasons total, each
    consisting of 30 days. As you go about your daily workload, you'll
    see that time is continually flowing while you're working. Be mindful
    of it, because you don't want to go to sleep too late.
    Whale Island has lots of dungeons, and these dungeons have monsters in
    them. Rune Factory takes a rather basic approach to combat. You equip
    a weapon onto your Hero, and attack enemies in real time. Your Hero
    can equip lots of different weapons, so mix and match to see what
    suits you best.
    There are a lot of status ailments that can hinder your progress.
    Poison slowly draws your HP. Paralysis denies you the ability to run.
    Exhaustion makes everything you do cost 2x RP. Getting a Cold will
    triple (!!!) your RP expenditure. Seal disables your special attacks.
    Stun will dizzy you for a few seconds.
    In dungeons, you'll want to till soil, and plant seeds. Why? When they
    bear fruit/vegetables they will bear runes. And these are essential
    in dungeon progression, as they can regenerate your HP and RP. They
    come back every morning too. Without them, dungeon exploration would
    be annoying and near impossible.
    While there are less than five dungeons, each dungeon has a huge level
    gap over the last one. As a result, each time you enter a new dungeon,
    or even a new floor of the same dungeon, you'll be faced with monsters
    that dwarf you in power. Thus, you'll have to stay near the entrance
    to the floor/dungeon and kill off some of the enemies nearby to grind
    your levels, and as you advance in levels and it becomes more and more
    difficult to gain the experience needed to get to the next level, you
    can advance further into the dungeon and fight the tougher monsters
    for more experience. In this way, Rune Factory is much like a less
    challenging version of the Roguelike RPGs.
    Because of this, you'll need to forge weapons and armor every time you
    need to enter a new dungeon. There are no real advantages to the sort
    of armor or weapons you forge, with some obvious exceptions for
    specific areas, so in this way the game gives you some leeway to do
    whatever you want in terms of equipment customization. In general,
    however, you'll want three weapons for every dungeon - one normal, one
    that does a specific type of damage, and a rod for magic attacks.
    Similarly, you'll want two types of armor - general purpose and armor
    with specific resistances against enemies of a particular dungeon. To
    this end you'll want to run around getting as many raw materials as
    you can to make these armor.
    If it seems that my descriptions of the dungeons in this walkthrough
    are simple, it's because they are - there are no real puzzles to solve,
    no elaborate paths to take; generally the dungeons are just giant
    boxes connected by stairs. The true challenge is getting through the
    enemies without dying and leveling enough to off the boss of each
    It may seem the game is incredibly short with only a handful of
    dungeons to explore, but at the end of the day, you'll spend a lot of
    time farming, grinding experience, preparing for your treks through
    each dungeon (which will take multiple visits anyway), so it all adds
    up to a rather lengthy experience - you can continue after the main
    storyline ends too, so the game essentially has no true end.
    III. CHARACTERS                                                 [RRCHR]
    This is you. The default name is Raguna (by the way, Raguna? That
    sounds positively ridiculous. Why not Laguna?), but you can name him
    whatever you want, since he is essentially you. For the sake of this
    guide I will call him Hero.
    When you begin a new game you'll meet Mist. She doesn't do much but
    she is the reason for many of the happenings in the game. She's the
    'default' heroine. oddly, her Love goes up as you till more soil in
    your field. Maybe she just loves tilled soil? She also likes Emery
    Flowers and Turnips. Especially Turnips. Why Turnips? Honestly,
    Mist scares me.
    She comes every day between 5 and 6 PM to collect your proceeds of
    the day. She'll eventually open a store in town where you can buy
    things. Leaving her stuff to sell increases her love. Giving her hot
    chocolate, hot milk, and strawberries also makes her happy.
    You'll meet her when she gets you to help her unclog a hot spring. She
    then opens up aa hot spring that you can use to regenerate HP and RP
    for 10 gold a pop. Going to the bath increases her love, as does giving
    her weird alchemy stuff like grass. Seriously, I'd like to find a girl
    that loves me for giving her grass.
    She runs the infirmary where you wake up if you mess up. Every time you
    end up in her infirmary? Her love goes DOWN. You'd think she'd enjoy
    the business. Anyway, give her Oranges, Strawberry, or Cherry Jam to
    curry favor with her. Mmm, curry...
    You'll see Bianca when the Villa de Coquille appears during the Summer.
    You can only raise her love through events, since she's rich and
    doesn't need, nor want, your presents. It turns you really CAN'T buy
    During Spring she'll move into the clock tower. Strangely, she loves it
    when you show her how handy you are as a fisherman - bring her fish.
    Lots and lots of fish. Especially Black Fish.
    She runs to your house during early morning for mail delivery. Actually
    she runs pretty much all over town. Give her food to make her love you.
    Cheesecake seems to be most effective. Also, read all of your mail.
    Letting it pile up is not only bad form, but it also makes her a sad
    panda. :(
    Iris lives in a house at the south of Whale Island. Plant Moondrop
    seeds in front of her house and when the flowers bloom she'll finally
    acknowledge you. She pretty much only likes flowers.
    You'll find Eunice at the Sunshine Inn doing her chores pretty much
    every day. Give her sweet foods like Ice Cream and Chocolate to make
    her happy. Eventually she'll go on a diet (talk about anorexia), and
    afterwards sweet stuff makes her hate you, so give her veggies instead.
    During SPring you'll meet Uzuki. She'll be outside the inn every
    morning. After that, she'll be in her room, in the Town Square, or
    the bridge to Lake Poli. She enjoys lots of fish, so give her that and
    watch her get all doe eyed for you.
    Hot elf chick detected! Anyway, for some reason she'll love you more
    as you tame monsters, which is somewhat a pain in the ass. She also
    enjoys it when you give her Porridge, Vegetable Juice, and Tea, which
    is significantly less of a pain in the ass.
    You can find Selphy in the Rune Archives after you first meet her
    in the Spring outside your house. Go to the Rune Archives and read her
    books to make her like you. Give her stuff like sandwiches to increase
    her love even more.
    III. WALKTHROUGH                                                [RRWlk]
    This portion is dedicated solely for the story/dungeon portion of the
    game. It will be assumed that you have adequately prepared for each
    dungeon as you tackle them. 
    As you begin, you'll want to spend the first few days getting used to
    the controls and managing your fields and plants. Your entire first
    and second days will be used to clear out your field and till a large
    part of it for planting seeds. Buy some Moondrop Seeds for use in
    an imminent dungeon.
    Eventually you'll want to fill up your watering can, and go to the
    Clock Tower in the Church District. You'll see a sparkling plant
    outside of it and if you water it it'll turn into a beanstalk. A story
    event will occur. Touch the Monument of Trust to continue. Next, you
    want to go to mist and she'll ramble about a dream she had. This will
    apparently affect your mind so you'll have a dream when next you sleep.
    WHALE ISLAND CAVE                                               [RFWIC]
    So right now you'll have to tackle your first dungeon. Get some
    healing items and a weapon (preferably a sword since they're easiest
    to get used to) and get going to Whale Island. Here, the weather is
    always unchanging so you can plant whatever you like without fear
    of it going bad. You'll need to fight Goblins and Ants her and the
    Monster Generators have around 100 HP each. This is a good place to
    gain your first few levels.
    As you progress, you'll find Melody. She'll give you a hammer and
    you'll have to smash some rocks. Do so to proceed. In this next area
    you'll have to fight Orcs and Slimes. Orcs aren't that bad, but
    Slimes can be a little annoying. To make things worse, there're
    pools of water on the ground that can poison you, so be careful.
    Remember, don't rush things. If you think you're about to be offed,
    retreat back to the safety of your home and regroup. You can
    always tackle the dungeon again, and keep gaining experience. Orcs
    after this are dangerous not because they're really strong but
    because they attack in hordes and it can get difficult to dodge
    their attacks, and being hit often takes a large chunk out of your
    HP. Follow the path west, then south, then east. You'll find a stone
    door that you can open with a Rock Rune Stone; it has some chests
    From here, go further south and you'll have to fight through a
    horde of monsters to reach a small tower at the very south. You'll
    see that you can plant things here. Plant the Moondrop Seeds here
    and keep coming back to water them every day until they bloom. When
    they do, Iris will talk to you. Keep talking to her and giving her
    things (moondrop seeds are fine) in order to get her love for you
    high enough to continue the story.
    When you visit Iris when her friendship/love is high enough, you'll
    see a man walking north from her home. She'll tell you that his name
    is Gelwein. Follow the path that his took to get to the next area.
    WHALE ISLAND FLANK                                              [RFWIF]
    You'll want a lot of Neutralizers and Antidotes for this next portion
    as there's a lot of poisoned areas and such. go east and you'll find
    two ramps. Go up the south one, kill the scorpion, neutralize the
    swamp, and the go back and up the north ramp. Keep going east and at
    the end of the path you'll have to turn south. Keep going south until
    you reach the next area. Now, go east, and you'll find a Mini Golem.
    Kill it and go north, then east. At the end you'll have to fight four
    Fish MOnsters. Past this is a cutscene. The monsters here are super
    powerful, so don't engage them. Just go back to the Clock Tower or
    Mountain path to talk to Kanno about the Rune. Now you'll have to go
    to the Lava Dungeon.
    GREEN DUNGEON                                                   [RFGrn]
    If you haven't found the Green Dungeon yet, just talk to Mist. If her
    friendship with you is high enough she'll ask you to cut the weeds from
    her front yard. Do so with a sickle and you'll find the entrance to the
    dungeon. The green dungeon is most suited for Spring Crops.
    FLOOR 1
    You'll see some farmland, a fountain, and a crate immediately after
    you start the dungeon. Remember to plant crops in farmland in order to
    spawn ruens for healing. Cut through the northern vines and go left.
    Cut down the vines blocking your way and destroy the monster generators
    and you'll find some more farmland. Go north and you'll be in a large
    room with even more farmland. Now take the south path out and keep
    going south and soon you'll find some stairs.
    FLOOR 2
    Go south, and you'll find two doors. The right one will lead back to
    floor 1, the left has a bunch of monsters waiting for you. Go through
    the left one and keep going west. From here on it's a rather linear
    path to the stairs.
    FLOOR 3
    The stairs are virtually right in front of you as you enter. However
    if you enter it directly you lose out on a lot of experience and
    treasure, so I'd recommend clearing out the area before entering the
    stars down to floor 4.
    FLOOR 4
    There is a door that leads to the boss. If you're damaged, lack items,
    or underleveled, then go back to town and regroup. I beat the boss at
    level 22, so the BARE MINIMUM, I'd say, is level 18, if you have a
    good handle on the controls.
    |GRIFFIN| HP: 2000|
    |The griffin has three attacks. One is a rushing attack, the second is|
    |a claw swipe, and the last is a flying dive attack. These have a     |
    |relatively long wind up time (aside from the claw swipe), so you have|
    |clear views of what attack it'll use. Just dodge the attack and when |
    |the Griffin is recovering, run in and attack it a few times before   |
    |retreating, and repeating the process. This is especially so with its|
    |flying dive attack, wherein it'll smash into the wall if it doesn't  |
    |hit you. It'll be stunned for a moment afterwards, so unload onto it.|
    |If any of its attacks hit you, you'll be hurt quite a bit, so don't  |
    |be stingy with the healing items.                                    |
    When you defeat the Griffin you'll have finished the Green Dungeon. Now
    onto the next dungeon!
    LAVA DUNGEON                                                    [RFLva]
    You'll find a tree nearby the Observatory in town. Put in the Tree
    Rune Stone into the hole next to said tree to open up the lava dungeon.
    Obviously, since this is the lava dungeon, you'll want some weapons
    that do water damage and some fire resistant armor. Try making an Aqua
    Sword, Ice Hammer, or Water Rod for weapons, and Heart Pendant, Aqua
    Brooch, or Fire Ring for accessories. You can use a turnip roast for
    temporary fire resistance ability.
    FLOOR 1
    Move forward and hit the explosive barrel to ignite it. Get out of its
    way before it explodes and takes out the rubble. Keep moving north and
    when you get to a lake of lava, turn right. When you reach a monster
    generator, head north, but not before you fo to a hidden room on the
    right with some treasure. Go to the left and you'll soon find the
    stairs to the next floor.
    FLOOR 2
    Go left, and then south after the mob of enemies. If you fight some
    ducks, kill them before they start to sing. When you reach a river,
    keep going west. When you can, go south. You'll eventually end up in
    the southern part of a large room. Keep going south in order to find
    a bridge over the lava leading to the stairs down to the next floor.
    FLOOR 3
    Go west and keep going through the path, moving forward. Use the barrel
    to destroy the rubble blocking your way, and keep going. You'll
    eventually come to two barrels on north and south sides of the path
    that can be used to clear out some rubble. The north path leads back
    to floor 2. Go south and you'll have to fight a mob of enemies with
    a giant barrel at the center. Lure the enemies there, hit the barrel,
    and duck and cover. It should take most of them out. Keep going forward
    and you'll eventually come to a bridge guarded by a troll with a
    Hammer. Kill the troll and enter the stairs.
    FLOOR 4
    Hopefully you have a silver hammer by now, because you can use it in
    order to get through this floor rather easily. Go east, smash the
    rock, and then keep going. Use your hoe to get the pile of dirt away
    and this will cause the rock to fall. Stay out of its way, and let
    the rock crush everything in its path. Keep going to reach the
    FLOOR 5
    Above the stairs you'll see another rock that you can use to destroy
    a monster generator and some enemies. Go west and use the catapult
    to destroy the wstern and southern barriers. There are some farmlands
    to the west for you to use. Go south and west, and eventually you'll
    have to fight some minotaurs. You'll see another rock to use against
    the monster generator. After that's gone, kill the minotaurs and
    go through where the rock was. Lean south, and destroy any rocks you
    encounter with your hammer. Continue onward and head north. You can
    destroy walls to the east and north using the catapult. Go north, then
    west. Another rock will be there. Free it and it'll crush everything
    in its path. You then can follow it down to the stairs.
    FLOOR 6
    I recommend you be at level 40+ for this floor. you'll have to fight
    a Giant Slime monster now.
    |SLIME MONSTER|HP: 200 (Per Bee), 250 (Per Wolf), 500 (Per Troll),    |
    |             |    200 (Per Slime), 4000 (Giant Slime)                |
    |You'll have to fight some bees first. They have 200 HP each, and will|
    |die easily if you have an Aquasword. Then you'll have to fight some  |
    |wolves. These are much more difficult, as they can shoot fireballs.  |
    |Keep running from them and kill off any stragglers. When you're down |
    |to one wolf, heal up, and then kill it. Be careful not to let them   |
    |surround you, as they can kill you easily if they do. Next you'll    |
    |fight two trolls. If you have a water rod, shoot them from far away  |
    |to make sure they can't hurt you. If you don't, wait until they      |
    |attack, then attack them with your sword. Next you'll have to fight  |
    |an army of slimes. Let them attack, dodge, and slash them. Their     |
    |attack pattern is very easy to figure out, so it shouldn't be too    |
    |hard. Once you're down to the last slime, heal yourself to full. Now |
    |you have to contend with a giant slime monster. Use your fire-proof  |
    |foods now so you can take as little damage as possible. The slime    |
    |will use attacks that home in on you, so keep moving to avoid them   |
    |easily. There is a small interval where you can attack the slime in  |
    |between its flame attacks, so use that period to shoot it with your  |
    |water rod. If you don't have a water rod, you can try attacking with |
    |a sword, but the slime will jump on you for quite a bit of damage, so|
    |using the rod is highly recommended.                                 |
    You've finished the Lava Dungeon now. Next up is the Snow Dungeon.
    SNOW DUNGEON                                                    [RFSnw]
    The item dropped by the Slime Monster at the end of the lava dungeon
    can be used on the stone monument just outside the Rune Archives. You
    will want a Dew Pendant, a Furry Belt, and a Shine Blade, or Flame
    Saber to kill the ice elemental enemies in the dungeon. You may want
    some porridge to get water resistance against the monsters in the
    dungeon,too, much like you wanted fire resistance for the last one.
    FLOOR 1
    As you enter, head east. You'll find an ice generator. Don't get too
    close to these things or you'll take damage. Stay north, and use your
    flame element weapon to destroy the ice blocking your path. Now stay
    west as you go south. In this floor, there are lots of monsters and
    monster generators. You'll want to make your way slowly through the
    room and slowly wipe out the monsters and monster generators while
    avoiding attacks. The ice generators can be stopped by attacking their
    power cables to make life easier for you, and if you've grinded enough
    you should be able to get through without too much trouble. Keep
    heading south to find the stairs.
    FLOOR 2
    You'll be assaulted by a bevy of enemies upon entering this floor. If
    you go east, then south, you'll find stairs going back up to floor 1,
    so you can avoid the monsters when you come back in the future. From
    the staircase, go east, then north, and destroy the power cable. Now
    go north as far as you can and then east, killing anything that attacks
    you (be sure to take out the monster generators ASAP so you'll have
    less to deal with). Now go south, and destroy the power cables. Now
    go west and south until you reach the stairs to the next floor.
    FLOOR 3
    On this floor you'll start encountering cannons that shoot ice at you.
    They home in on you and deal a lot of damage whenever they hit you.
    Fortunately they're slow moving and slow to fire, too. Keep moving and
    you should have no problems dodging their shots. Go north and destroy
    the monster generator, then the power cable. Go east through the now
    unfrozen door. Clear the enemies in the next room, then destroy the
    power cables. You'll now have to fight a minotaur. Use your magic
    attacks against it, and if you have none, wait for it to attack, then
    slash at it during its recovery period. It's rather easy, but takes a
    while due to the minotaur's rather high endurance. Once the minotaur
    is down, heal up, and go north to trigger the next boss fight. It is
    recommended you are at level 50+ for this fight.
    |IRIS|HP: ????|
    |You don't want to attack Iris in this battle. If you do it'll just   |
    |end badly for you. Iris has a lot of attacks, all are magic, and all |
    |are either area of effect or homing. Her magic attacks aren't bad -  |
    |as long as you keep moving, they shouldn't be able to connect.       |
    |However, her shadow ball attack can home in on you; if you see it    |
    |coming, start dodging. What you want to do is run around the room in |
    |circles, hitting the control panels as you reach them. You'll be able|
    |to dodge her attacks while whittling down the control panels. While  |
    |this method is incredibly, mutilatingly slow, it is also the safest. |
    |You'll probably barely take any hits, and any that you do take can   |
    |easily be healed in short order. After you defeat Iris, she'll move  |
    |in with the other Iris. You can then start to court her; she is      |
    |much exactly the same as the other Iris, which makes me question why |
    |the developers didn't make another character to begin with.          |
    THE FINAL FIGHT                                                 [RFTFF]
    When all is said and done, go back to where you fought Iris. After
    threedays have passed, you want to go talk to Kanno. To trigger the
    next event, the town must have Cinnamon and Candy, and Marco must be at
    home. Now, go to the church and talk to Candy. Watch the scenes, and
    help Marco get out. Now go west to pick up the Grimoire of Time, then
    go to Kanno and give it to him. You'll have a dream when you sleep
    again. From now on, you'll have to wait a bit. Go to the Damascus Forge
    every day until a cutscene involving Ganesha and Mayco triggers. After
    five days from giving Kanno the Grimoire, talk to him and he'll give
    you 12 Crystal Flower Seeds. Give them to each of the female main
    characters, and Iris (the one you fought). In three days, go to each
    girl and they'll each give you a flower. Go to the Clock Tower and
    put them on the pedestal in the first floor. Now, go to Mist's house
    and in her yard is another flower you mjust use on the pedestal in the
    Clock Tower to open a warp point.
    It should be noted at this point that this is the end of the main
    storyline. You'll want to grind as many levels as you can (I got to
    level 70 and still had some trouble with the final bosses). You'll
    also want to load yourself up with healing items and the best weapons
    and armor you can afford or make. You'll want to use your general
    purpose weapons and armor here, as resistance and elemental affinity
    have no real use on the next few enemies.
    Anyway, on the other side of the warp, climb up the clock tower to face
    the final bosses of the game.
    |SPECTRAL WOLF|HP: 8400|
    |The Spectral Wolf isn't particularly powerful, but it does have one  |
    |thing going for it: variety. It has a bevy of attacks that it can use|
    |to hurt you. It can throw fireballs at you (which you can hit with   |
    |your weapon, but there are so many at once it may be overwhelming to |
    |do so), a tail attack, a rushing attack, a whirlwind attack, and more|
    |things I probably forgot by now. What you want to do is attack it    |
    |immediately after its more elaborate attacks where its recovery time |
    |is rather high. In order to do this you'll want to learn its attacks |
    |so you can prepare. The rushing attack and tail attack are two that  |
    |have particularly long recovery times. If the wolf stands still, it  |
    |means that it is preparing for a tail attack. Wait it out, and right |
    |after it attacks, run in and hit it. It's important to do this       |
    |immediately following its attack. Also, its rush attack is easily    |
    |dodged, and when you do dodge it, it'll have a chance of hitting     |
    |itself on the wall, getting stunned, much like the Griffin from      |
    |the first dungeon. You can land three to five hits during this       |
    |interval. It may take a while, but the monster will go down.         |
    |GELWEIN & SUMMONED MONSTERS|HP: 12000 (Gelwein), 600 (Monsters)|
    |When the battle begins, you'll need to do nothing but avoid attacks. |
    |Gelwein will just heal whenever you damage him, and any damage taken |
    |now will make life difficult for you later. After a while of dodging |
    |his attacks you'll have infinite RP. At this point, he'll summon     |
    |monsters to attack you. They have low HP and will go down after a few|
    |special attacks, so they pose no real problem. The threat in this    |
    |fight is Gelwein, appropriately. He'll attack with magic blasts,     |
    |sword slashes, and explosions. These all deal sizable chunks of      |
    |damage, but are nothing you can't handle. However, when he goes to   |
    |the center of the battlefield, and explode the field with a powerful |
    |explosion. You can tell where the attack will hit because as he      |
    |begins the move the floor will glow. The area that glows will be the |
    |area that will suffer the explosion. Fortunately this attack hits the|
    |monsters he summons, as well. Late into the battle, he'll begin to   |
    |use his ultimate attack. You'll know it's comign when he starts      |
    |swinging a giant sword. At this point, RUN TO THE SOUTH AS FAST AS   |
    |YOU CAN. That thing does HUGE amounts of damage and if you're hit it |
    |is likely you'll be killed outright, if not severely damaged. These  |
    |attacks have one weakness, however. They are mostly all-or-nothing   |
    |attacks, meaning you can easily just go to the safe zones, then as he|
    |is recovering, you can run up to him and get a few hits or a special |
    |attack in. Gelwein may have a lot of HP, but eventually he'll succumb|
    |to your cockaroach-like tenaciousness.                               |
    You've beaten the game! Enjoy the ending. You'll be able to continue
    your game after the ending to do anything you missed out on during the
    main story, such as sidequests or courting women.
    IV. VERSION HISTORY                                             [RFVer]
    1.0                                                             [RF100]
    -First Version
    -Finished walkthrough
    V. CREDITS                                                      [RFCre]
    -GameFAQs, for making this site, which I use a lot.
    -The GameFAQs Rune Factory: Frontier Message Board. I was able to get
     a whole lot of help by searching through the topics there.

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