How are people rapid-firing w/ a rocket launcher online?

  1. When I've been playing online, people have been rapid-firing with a rocket launcher and owning me. How do they do that?!

    User Info: Quilltalon

    Quilltalon - 7 years ago

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  1. Well its getting out of hand like GamerF said, but i only use it when the newbs do to teach them not to do the glitch in the first place.

    The glitch is called weapon merging it can be done with any 2 weapons like rocket launcher & hive cannon. what it does is it takes the rate of fire, scoping or no scoping, spread of the bullets, and ammo of one weapon and puts it one the the other weapon so the SMAW will be rapid fire and use hive cannon or the smg.

    you need 3 guns i will use the common thing people do and use the hive cannon /SMAW weapon.

    1st put the hive cannon on the ground close to a human ammo cache so that you can open the cache and pick up the hive cannon , this will be the source of the rapid fire.

    2ed make sure you have the SMAW the SMAW will be in your 2ed weapon slot so you will have any weapon out but usually the TPC Launcher. (in this example)

    3rd press the pick up gun/ reload button to pick up the hive cannon but before you pick it up press the switch weapons button and then the "a" button you will drop the SMAW the pick up the SMAW (or what looks to be the SMAW) and slowly the human ammo cache will open at the end

    if you did it right you will have a SMAW with 45 shots per clip 180 shots outside and then a rapid fire SMAW with no scope.

    User Info: Akonov42

    Akonov42 - 7 years ago 1 0


  1. It's a glitch unfortunately...
    just stop them before they pick up the hive cannon, that's what starts the glitch.

    or leave the match.

    User Info: mode333

    mode333 - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. It's a glitch, usually done with Hive Cannon on explosive set and the submachine gun on human set. I am sorry i cannot tell you how it works because it's getting out of hands online, although if someone really want to cheat and ruin everyone elses experience they can go on YouTube and find out.

    User Info: GamerF

    GamerF - 7 years ago 0 0
  3. It is a glitche. i have seen it ALOT!!! you must have a power weapon (i would highly recomend the SMAW) in your hands. Must be right in front of a human weapen cashe (must be)'and have a weapon witha a fast fire rate under you (in front of human cashe). Now here's the hard part. You must switch your SMAW for the weapon under you (i would recomend the machine gun,hive cannon, or anything else that can be fired at a decent rate). If you do it right you will have a rapid fire SMAW. oh and if you have the rapid fire SMAW in your hands and you switch to your secondary weapon, and switch back it wont be the SMAW, it will be the weapon it should be.

    P.S. if you use the SPAS 12 as your fast fire rate weapon'your SMAW will fire like a SPAS,it will fire like five or more (not sure) missles at a time.
    this is a very hard thing to do!! i have tried many many times, and failed every time,so i wish you the best of luck,oh and my conduit wi-fi name is "DEATH" im a gold.

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  4. I will teach You how to do it but private message me.

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