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    Hidden Message Guide by dark494

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 07/01/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    | The Conduit: Hidden Messages Guide |
    | Created by : dark494               |
    | Copyright 2009 	             |
    Version History
    Version 1.00 - 6/30/2009
    - Guide created, written, and submitted. To do: finish the meanings 
      behind all the hidden messages.
    /	Table of Contents    \	      Ctrl+F Shortcut
    1. Introduction				[intro1]
    2. General Explanation			[misc2]
    3. Hidden Message Locations		[hml]
       A. Mission 1 - Threshold		[hml.m1]
       B. Mission 2 - Contagion		[hml.m2]
       C. Mission 3 - Enemy			[hml.m3]
       D. Mission 4 - Trust			[hml.m4]
       E. Mission 5 - Gridlock		[hml.m5]
       F. Mission 6 - Invasion		[hml.m6]
       G. Mission 7 - Homeland		[hml.m7]
       H. Mission 8 - Checkmate		[hml.m8]
       I. Mission 9 - Closure		[hml.m9]
    4. Closing stuff			[finale10]
    /	 Introduction	     \		[intro1]
    Hello readers and fellow gamers. Thank you for taking the time to read my first
    ever FAQ, and perhaps not the last one that I'll ever write. This guide 
    contains only the Hidden Messages that are scattered about the levels of The
    Conduit. The game's fairly straight forward and linear enough that I didn't
    think a full guide to the game was necessary, and I'm also too lazy to try and
    figure out where all the data discs are because those disappear when you find 
    them :(  I thought the hidden messages would be a little more important to
    create a guide for as they are not visible without the use of the ASE (unlike
    the discs) and they also exist to deepen the mystery and elaborate on the
    story behind the Conduit. Plus they stick around after you've found them.
    I don't have any plans to add the locations of all the data discs at this point
    in time because I don't feel like playing through the campaign for the fourth
    time >_< If, however, people would like to contribute to this guide with those
    locations, not only would I greatly appreciate it (it might even help me find
    the last 2 that I'm missing) but if I get enough of their locations I would
    add them into this guide. Also, if anyone would like to contribute with any
    information regarding some background meaning behind the hidden messages, that
    I have not mentioned or noticed, please feel free and I will be sure to add
    your contributions in.
    If you feel like contributing, drop me a message at my email:
    Contact: no.i.inteam@gmail.com 
    I'm trusting that people here at GameFAQs won't abuse my trust and spam my
    email with God knows what... Comments, suggestions, contributions, and 
    feedbacks are welcome though!
    /  General Explanation	     \		[misc2]
    Unless otherwise stated, all the hidden messages are located on a vertical
    surface. 99% of the time they are located on a wall, and never on obscure
    objects. They are NOT located on ceilings, floors, tables, desks, people, etc.
    /  Hidden Message Locations  \		[hml]
    This section will be organized by level, in order. The hidden messages will be
    listed in the order they are found. The format of each will be as follows:
    Total: Total number of hidden messages
    Message #: "Text of the message"
    Location: where it is
    Meaning: some information regarding what I think each message's meaning is
    I'm warning all readers now, that these messages can contain *spoilers*, and
    should not be read before completing the game yourself.
     /   MISSION 1 - THRESHOLD    \		[hml.m1]
    /  Total : 2 Hidden Messages   \
    Message 1: "Colares was more successful than Roswell."
    Location : In the first small room with the egg sacks.
    Meaning: Both of these names refer to big UFO events that happened in the past.
    	 Roswell occurred in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, and Colares occurred
    	 on a Brazilian island in 1977. Both of these were mentioned in the game
    	 possibly because the alien force behind the scenes of the Conduit had
    	 something to do with it (and/or the Trust). For more info, go to
    Message 2: "The lesser forms will bow before the Annunaki!"
    Location : In the second small room with the numerous conduits.
    Meaning: The term Annunaki refers to ancient deities from the Babylonian era.
    	 These gods of sorts are rumored to have founded various religions of
    	 today. They are also associated in some cultures with demons. The game
    	 itself seems to contrast a mysterious battle between light and dark.
    	 If both are alien races, then the "Annunaki" would be the dark. This
    	 is suggesting that these pagan gods from the past were in fact aliens
    	 of this particular race.
     /   MISSION 2 - CONTAGION    \		[hml.m2]
    /  Total : 0 Hidden Messages   \
    Yep, nothing here. You don't even have an ASE! Just go wild and kill everybody!
     /     MISSION 3 - ENEMY      \		[hml.m3]
    /  Total : 7 Hidden Messages   \
    Message 1: "There ought to be limits to freedom..."
    Location : Inside a room on the left, near the beginning of the level.
    Message 2: "Where is Virginia Dare?"
    Location : After the command room, it is located in a room on the right after a
    	   sloped downward path.
    Message 3: "The union of Ellinor and Ananias Dare was the catalyst!"
    Location : Further along the hallways, when you encounter a regen pod on the
    	   wall, this hidden message is located in a room on the right, near
    	   that regen pod.
    Message 4: "Virginia Dare was the first puppet of our Master!"
    Location : After the ghost mine room, it is in the hallway on the right wall.
    Message 5: "Puppet error caused Roswell and Shag Harbor!"
    Location : In the stairwell/elevator shaft, after going up the elevator, next
    	   floor down from the entrance to the infirmary.
    Message 6: "Operation Saucer lulled the sheep back to sleep."
    Location : In the infirmary, in the first room with the first conduit, on the
    	   right wall.
    Message 7: "Is not an alien force already among us?"
    Location : After the steam valve room and the ascent upwards, it is located on
    	   the left wall just before exiting the bunker into the Jefferson
     /     MISSION 4 - TRUST      \		[hml.m4]
    /  Total : 6 Hidden Messages   \
    Message 1: "MDCCLXXVI" - 1776
    Location : Inside the second room with lots of books and tables in the middle.
    Message 2: "Under the terms of the treaty the Shugurra was returned!"
    Location : Inside the long room with books, tables and pulse boxes.
    Message 3: "The Condon Committee was ours!"
    Location : The room with various egg sacks, ghost mines, and a staircase down.
    	   It is located near the bottom of the staircase.
    Message 4: "Fight and Die for the NWO!"
    Location : In the first part of the sewers, before entering the first pipe.
    Message 5: "Humans should fear the world they call Eris!"
    Location : In the small side room on the left, in the sewers, at the top of the
    	   large room with the stairs that go down.
    Message 6: "The Ducaz came before the Drudge."
    Location : Once you first start seeing plant roots growing on the walls, it is
    	   immediately to the left of the pipe that you exit, near the nest.
     /    MISSION 5 - GRIDLOCK    \		[hml.m5]
    /  Total : 7 Hidden Messages   \
    Message 1: "Weep for long lost Nibiru!"
    Location : At the beginning of the level, in the small passageway in-between 
    	   the 2 starting rooms. On the left.
    Message 2: "And from the Cat's Eye Nebula they came forth."
    Location : In the room where a conduit is and the first skimmer shoots at you
    	   from above.
    Message 3: "Ad astra per aspera." - Through difficulties to the stars
    Location : In the winding area with numerous conduits. On the right side, on a
    	   red wall.
    Message 4: "XXIII" - 23
    Location : Immediately to the right, behind the door after the stairway up.
    Message 5: "Darkness seems scarcely different from light..."
    Location : On the right side of the presidential conference room.
    Message 6: "You are not paranoid - you are right!"
    Location : Inside the small office on the right, after passing the dead-end
    	   stairs on the left.
    Message 7: "People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders!"
    Location : At the beginning of the long hallway with the 2 conduits at the end.
     /    MISSION 6 - INVASION    \		[hml.m6]
    /  Total : 7 Hidden Messages   \
    Message 1: "Novus ordo seclorum." - New Order of the Ages
    Location : In the first office room after the first stairwell, by the entrance
    Message 2: "The sacrilege of Bayankara-Ula will not be forgotten."
    Location : At the beginning of the second stairwell.
    Message 3: "The Dropa came down from the clouds..."
    Location : In the second office room immediately after the second stairwell, on
    	   the right wall.
    Message 4: "XLII" - 42
    Location : Right next to the first handprint scanner door that you hack into.
    Meaning: Lol Hitchhiker's Guide reference? The answer to life, the universe,
    	 and everything? I don't see any other connection besides that.
    Message 5: "We must join with the others to bring forth a new world order."
    Location : In the second hand scanner room with the egg sacks. On the left wall.
    Message 6: "The Attas shall pay for our exile and imprisonment."
    Location : After exiting the command room where you hack the defense codes,
    	   it is at the end of the hall.
    Message 7: "Final destiny of the gods (with a chasm and lightning bolt)."
    Location : In the last office room, in the far left side room.
     /    MISSION 7 - HOMELAND    \		[hml.m7]
    /  Total : 7 Hidden Messages   \
    Message 1: "Sapere Aude." - Dare to know.
    Location : On the gray truck right in front of you at the start (not a wall).
    Message 2: "Every valuable commodity fades before Vril!"
    Location : At the end of the first street segment, on the right wall, before
    	   going into the alleyway.
    Message 3: "Ducaz are but one of the many servants."
    Location : In the alleyway on the left side is a secret, breakable wall. Shoot
    	   it and it will open up, revealing a hidden weapon cache (with the
    	   little min-game puzzle) and this message on the left wall.
    Message 4: "Who now watches over the Atu-waa?"
    Location : When you drop down onto the bridge and get a cutscene of an invader
    	   (the really big alien), it is directly behind you.
    Message 5: "I have seen the fnords."
    Location : After exiting the sewers, go into the hole in the wall where
    	   another hidden weapon cache is. It is on the left wall.
    Message 6: "Our masters feed on the gnosis of the lesser beings."
    Location : On the right wall at the top of the escalator down to the subway.
    Message 7: "Annuit Coeptis." - He approves our undertakings
    Location : When you reach the familiar section from the first level, past the
    	   first room, you will come upon the train where you received the
    	   tutorial for scoping/zooming in. This message is located on the side
    	   of the train upon exiting it on its other side.
     /   MISSION 8 - CHECKMATE    \		[hml.m8]
    /  Total : 6 Hidden Messages   \
    Message 1: "MMXII" - 2012
    Location : Next to the left turret in the first area, by the elevator.
    Message 2: "Death to the Attas."
    Location : After the elevator ride, on the right wall by the second set of
    	   moving barriers, on the way to the 2nd elevator.
    Message 3: "Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes." - The war of all against all
    Location : After the second elevator ride, it is located on the right wall,
    	   at the far end of the corridor, by the computer.
    Message 4: "Enlil was victorious at the place humans call Kecksburg!"
    Location : On the left wall, in the hallway between labs 1 and 2.
    Message 5: "CVIII" - 108
    Location : Left of the jammer device in the small room on the top floor of 
    	   lab 3.
    Message 6: "The world is in a constant conspiracy against the brave."
    Location : In the containment room, in the small passageway in-between the 2
    	   cell halls on the left side of the room.
     /    MISSION 9 - CLOSURE     \		[hml.m9]
    /  Total : 0 Hidden Messages   \
    Nope, no secrets here either. Enjoy your pseudo-boss fight.
    /	 Closing Stuff	     \		[finale10]
    I will list any and all that contribute and help to the completion of this
    guide. Also, thanks in advance to anyone who sends in their contributions.
    This may *not* be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use.  It may *not* be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission.  Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.  Do *not* copy or alter information slightly from this guide, and
    do not present it as your own.  For permission to display this guide, please
    send me an email at the contact below.  Below is a list of sites that are 
    allowed to host this document.
    Permitted sites: GameFAQs.com
    Contact Information: no.i.inteam@gmail.com
    Thank you for reading this guide!
    Copyright 2009 Thomas Thiem
    *All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.*

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