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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Psychopulse75

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    FAQ #22
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                          The Full Walkthrough!
                  Author: Cedric Cooks/Oda (Psychopulse)
                       E-mail: cedricoda@gmail.com
    Hey there!  This guide is for one of the most anticipated FPS’s on the 
    Wii, the Conduit.  This guide will be focused on the single player 
    campaign, as I don’t have the means to go online with the Wii just yet.  
    This also holds the honor of it being the first game I preordered and 
    paid in full.  =)  This game, clichéd as it is, is worth checking out 
    for on good reason.  It’s a quality First Person Shooter on the Wii 
    along with Medal of Honor Heroes 2 and of course, Metroid Prime 3 (Or 
    better yet, the Metroid Prime Trilogy when it gets released).
    (Table of Contents)
    1. Update History
    2. Controls
    3. Weapons
    4. Enemies
    5. Walkthrough
    6. Trust Disc locations
    7. Hidden Message Locations
    8. Cheats
    9. Credits 
    10. Disclaimer
    (1. Update History)
    First release of the guide.
    Fixed a major goof - I threw in a cheats section, but forgot to add the 
    cheats.  Doh!  It’s fixed now.
    (2. Controls)
    These controls are the default settings.
    Control Stick - Move
    Wii remote pointer - Move crosshair/look around
    B Button - Fire weapon.  Some like the Strike Rifle can be charged up.
    Flick Nunchuk - Throw grenade
    Thrust Wii Remote - Melee attack
    Control Pad (Right) - Switch weapons
    Control Pad (Left) - Change grenade type
    Control Pad (Up) - Turn 180 degrees.
    Control Pad (Down) Zoom in/Out
    Minus Button - Reload
    Plus Button - Equip/Unequip All Seeing Eye (ASE)
    A Button - Jump/Interact
    C Button - Crouch
    Hold Z Button - Lock on target
    2 Button - Pause
    1 Button - Multiplayer scoreboard
    (3. Weapons)
    As far as weapons go, you can only carry two with you, as well as 6 
    grenades regardless of type.  I’ve grouped the weapons into three 
    parts, human, trust, and Drudge, including the prototype weapons.  
    Prototype weapons aren’t playable in multiplayer, and in single player 
    mode, they can’t be reloaded and are only found in certain areas.  The 
    descriptions, as well as ammo capacity will be listed below (For max 
    ammo, this also counts the fully loaded clip as well as reserved ammo).
    USP45 Pistol - It’s very precise and reloads pretty fast.  This is 
    great early on, particularly if you like getting headshots easily.
    Clip Ammo: 18 bullets
    Max Ammo: 144 bullets
    MP5AK4 Sub-Machine Gun - This sub-machine gun is great at moderate and 
    close range, but the accuracy can suffer unless you fire in controlled 
    bursts, and it goes through ammo quickly.
    Clip Ammo: 32 bullets
    Max Ammo: 224 bullets
    SCAR Assault Rifle - This assault rifle fires in a 3 round burst and 
    has a scope which is handy for sniping.  I’ve easily gotten headshots 
    off of enemies with this thing and is my preferred human weapon.
    Clip Ammo: 36 bullets
    Max Ammo: 290 bullets
    SPAS Shotgun - It’s effective at close range, but it’s slow and takes a 
    while to reload.  You don’t need to fully reload it before firing 
    again, though.  Just press the B button while reloading to stop it at 
    Clip Ammo: 8 shells
    Max Ammo: 56 shells
    SMAW Rocket Launcher - This has a scope like the SCAR so you can zoom 
    in to blow up groups of enemies or giant creatures like the Invader, 
    but you won’t come across this weapon often.  Plus, you need to reload 
    after every shot, leaving you vulnerable unless you take cover.
    Clip Ammo: 1
    Max Ammo: 8
    HVS45 - This prototype pistol has a scope you can fire through, and the 
    shots are more powerful.  But the ammo for this is so limited, so you 
    probably won’t use it a lot.
    Clip Ammo: 8
    Max Ammo: 16
    Hand Grenades - They’ll explode after a couple of seconds or if it hits 
    an enemy.  They can bounce off of walls, too.
    Warp Pistol - This pistol fires shots that ricochet off of walls.  You 
    can charge it up for more damage but the rebounding projectiles will 
    harm you if you’re not careful.  A charged shot takes off six shots.
    Clip Ammo: 36 shots
    Max Ammo: 144 shots
    Strike Rifle - This is the main Drudge weapon you’ll see throughout the 
    game.  It’s semi-automatic, has a scope and can be charged to shoot a 
    laser that’ll do serious damage, if not melt enemies to nothingness.  A 
    charged shot takes off six shots. 
    Clip Ammo: 36 shots
    Max Ammo: 180 shots
    Hive Cannon - It fires explosive bugs.  You can tilt the Wii Remote to 
    the side to give it a wide spray.
    Clip Ammo: 45
    Max Ammo: 225
    Shrieker - When you fire an explosive projectile with this weapon, 
    it’ll follow the movements of your Wii Remote to track down the enemy.
    Clip Ammo: 9 
    Max Ammo: 45
    Striker - This is the second protoype weapon in the game.  It’s 
    basically a fully automatic Strike Rifle.  It’s pretty powerful and 
    great for groups of enemies.
    Clip Ammo: 177
    Max Ammo: 354
    Radiation Grenades - When thrown, it’ll emit radiation in that spot 
    until it burns out.  It can stick to surfaces and even enemies.
    Deatomizer MK4 - It normally fires energy bolts, but by charging it, 
    it’ll fire a stream of shots that can damage an enemy.  While charging 
    it, you can use the Wii remote to tilt it diagonally or even 
    vertically.  It also has a scope you can use.  .
    Clip Ammo: 30 shots
    Max Ammo: 180 shots
    TPC Launcher - It’ll launch energy cells that detonate on contact with 
    anything, causing a plasma explosion.
    40 power cells
    10 power cells
    Carbonizer MK16 - This fires a stream of energy as long as you hold 
    down the trigger.  The damage depends on how long the enemies are 
    within the beam.
    Max Ammo: 60 power cells
    Clip: 15 power cells
    Deatomizer MP9 - The final Prototype weapon.  It fires charged shots 
    similar to the MP4, but it’s one shot wasted instead of six.  You can’t 
    tilt it like you would when holding a charged MP4, though.
    Max Ammo: 60 power cells
    Clip: 30 power cells
    Flash Grenades - Once they hit something, a very bright light will 
    blind any enemies in the blast radius.
    (4. Enemies)
    Puppet Humans: These soldiers are basically taken over by an alien 
    virus that controls them. 
    Trust Humans: Agents who work for the Trust agency.  Early on, they’ll 
    use human weapons, but for the later encounters, they will use the 
    weapons from their agency.
    Drones: The most common foot solider of the Drudge aliens, they’ll 
    carry Strike Rifles and come out of conduits. 
    Skimmers: They fly around and are armed with a Shrieker, trying to 
    blast you from below.
    Med-Mites: These little aliens hop around and use the Warp Pistol.
    Tear-Mites: Small Drudge aliens that usually come out of vents or egg 
    sacs and attack by slashing you up close.   
    Therm-Mites: Very annoying, they roll after you and try to blow you up 
    when they get to you.  Shoot them before they get too close.
    Para-Mites: More of a nuisance than a threat, they’ll fly around and 
    sting you.  Invaders sometimes spawn them.
    Scarabs: Big, bad, and dangerous, they’ll usually have a Hive Cannon on 
    them, though one at the end of level 5 attacks will try to attack you 
    up close.
    Storm Scarabs: Even more dangerous, at least until you make them 
    invisible the with ASE.  Once you expose it, you can damage it with 
    your weapons.
    Invaders: You’ll only encounter a few of them in the game.  They fire 
    explosive shots and their close range attacks are deadly.  It has three 
    weak points; two on the side of it’s mouth and the one on the 
    (5. Walkthrough)
    The whole walkthrough is wrote on the Guarded difficulty setting.
    Stage 1: Threshold
    This is more of a tutorial than anything else.  Calibrate your 
    targeting by looking at the fuse box on the right first, then the one 
    on your left.  Once you’re able to move, shoot the lone mite coming out 
    of the vent with your shotgun and reload your weapon.  Then enter the 
    door and melee the lone mite with his back turned.  Shoot all the egg 
    sacs in the area, then when you’re able to use the ASE, look for the 
    bio locks.  The first on is on the right wall nearby the locked door, 
    and the second one is near a vent to the left of the door.  For the 
    record, use your ASE symbol flashing at the bottom of the screen and 
    Wii remote speaker to find the locks for remaining doors like it.
    Jump into the subway train and switch to your Scar rifle.  Use your 
    scope to pick off the two mites in the tunnel, then before you enter 
    the door, turn around and kill the two mites behind you.  After 
    entering the room, you’ll see drones and conduits.  The conduits are 
    best dealt with grenades, and you can switch out one of your weapons 
    for their strike rifles.  After that, go out into the tunnel and walk 
    towards the giant conduit at the top of the stage.  There’s no way you 
    can destroy a conduit that size, so fight off the enemies that come 
    out.  Once all is clear, pass into the portal as soon as you’re able to 
    do so, ending the level.
    Stage 2: Contagion
    For the record, you can’t recover your health automatically in Stages 2 
    and 3, you must find health recovery items to stay alive.  You’ll start 
    off by battling a few Trust agents.  Then pass through the metal 
    detector and head through the hallway killing more agents until you get 
    to a giant room.  Once inside, kill the agents on the ground, then pick 
    off the two agents on the second floor, one’s on the left, the other’s 
    on the right.  Then a couple of agents will first some from door on the 
    left side on ground level.  The next wave will come from the right 
    side, and the last wave through the door ahead.
    After another agent-filled corridor, you’ll enter another big room. You 
    can see from the small cinema the gas that Prometheus is using to 
    control the Trust agents.  Kill them all and continue through the metal 
    detector ahead.  Continue until you reach the escalators.  Turn to the 
    left and kill the two guards, then go down stairs and pick off everyone 
    with the SCAR.  Head left and go down the escalator and snipe the two 
    guards.  Everyone will be close when you reach the bottom, so toss a 
    grenade or two their way.  Be sure to collect the first aid before 
    boarding the subway train.
    It’s pretty linear from here on out.  Just walk forward and blast the 
    guards as you pass through the trains.  You’ll come across a first aid 
    from time to time, and if things get too hectic, just crouch behind a 
    low wall or the seats for cover.  Don’t forget your grenades, they can 
    be helpful if you have no time to reload.  When you reach the last car, 
    the man will detonate the bomb, but you’ll escape the blast and the 
    wreckage. The level will end with your prize, the All Seeing Eye.
    Stage 3: Enemy
    Once you start, go through the hallways, blasting guards.  There’s a 
    room to the right in the U shaped hallway as a shortcut.  Adams will 
    eventually detect something strange in one of the nearby rooms.  Scan 
    the symbol on the wall with the ASE and you’ll need to complete a 
    puzzle By manipulating the rings.  Upon solving it you’ll access a 
    secret passage nearby with the HVS45 pistol.
    Go downstairs to the computer room.  Kill all the guards and then hack 
    the main terminal with the ASE.  Then exit through the door, killing 
    the guards until you reach the second set of hallways.  You’ll want to 
    be careful here, as pulse boxes are activated.  Shoot them to destroy 
    them so you don’t take any damage while walking through an area.  Keep 
    your eyes peeled for any guards hiding in the rooms.  Later, you’ll 
    encounter regen units.  Destroying these units won‘t allow the enemy to 
    heal themselves, but you can use any active ones to your advantage to 
    heal yourself as well.
    You’ll soon come to another organic lock, where like they’ll be on the 
    walls opposite each other nearby.  After unlocking the door, continue 
    until Adams tells you to stop, take out your ASE and scan the area.  
    You’re now introduced to ghost mines, which can be safely detonated 
    with the ASE.  Carefully go through the sewer, detonating them as you 
    go.  After another guard-filled corridor, go up the stairs in the next 
    room and press the button to open the elevator doors.  Board it and 
    head on up.  Go down the stairs and head into the next room.  However, 
    if you need health and ammo, you can go down further for a first aid 
    kit and a human refill cache. 
    When you enter the medical area, this will be Ford’s first time 
    encountering the Drudge and the conduits they come out of.  You’ll need 
    to destroy 3 barrels of neuro-toxin.  Two are near the conduits, the 
    other is in the far right corner.  Leave the area and return to the 
    elevator room.  Go through the double doors and down stairs to green 
    valve.  Turn it to lower the steam pressure and head into the 
    filtration room.
    You’ll need to destroy the six red valves here.  The first two are at 
    the top near the entrance on pillars, the second two are at the far 
    left and right ends of the room, and the final two are close by.  One 
    is on a pipe in the center facing you when you first enter the room, 
    and the other is on the wall near the stairs.  Exit the room quickly, 
    it’s 24 seconds, but you have more than enough time to escape.
    Fight your way out, killing any humans and Drudge you run into, until 
    you reach another organic lock, where as usual, two locks will be on 
    the opposite walls.  After opening it, Adams will double-cross you.  
    You’ll then get a message from Prometheus, telling you he’s sending a 
    chopper.  This next part is a little tricky.  I suggest having a SCAR 
    and a Strike rifle with you for this one.
    Snipe the enemies that come out with either weapon, then head up to the 
    inside of the building to see at least two the conduits.  Stay as far 
    back as you can and fire at the first two ahead of you.  Also, take 
    note the first aids on the walls, they’ll be helpful to you here.  The 
    third portal is to the right as soon as you enter the building, and the 
    last one is to the left side.  After destroying them all, kill the 
    enemies and exit the building.  Two soldiers will rappel down, but a 
    grenade will kill them easily.  Then, several Drudge soldiers will leap 
    out of the water.  Retreat into the building and snipe them as they 
    come to you.  If you survive, walk to where the chopper will land to 
    finish the stage.  
    Stage 4: Trust
    Now you’ll have the suit, meaning that it’ll recover your health if you 
    avoid taking damage for a while.  You can still find health items to 
    speed up the process, too.  Clear the entire area of enemies with your 
    TPC Launcher, and use the walls as cover whenever you can.  Swap the 
    SPAS shotgun for the Deatomizer MK4, I find that better than the 
    shotgun, IMO.  Now, for the next organic door, search along the top 
    floor for the locks.  After going through some interconnected rooms, 
    you’ll find yourself in a library.  Kill the enemies and scan the locks 
    on the tables to open the door.  Fight through the second library and 
    into the circular room with bookshelves, then go through the door to 
    enter of the second set interconnected rooms.  Your ASE will go off in 
    the middle room, so scan the symbol on the wall when you see it and 
    solve the puzzle.  Go into the secret room behind you and pick up the 
    Deatomizer MK9.  Save as much ammo for that weapon as you can until the 
    very end.
    You’ll then enter some hallways with egg sacs on the walls.  Use your 
    MK4 and blast them as well as any aliens that come out of them.  
    There’s a trust weapon cache to refill your ammo if your MK4 is running 
    low.  Kill the agents at the end and you’ll yet another series on 
    interconnecting rooms.  Inside both library rooms, destroy the egg 
    sacs, and aliens inside, but the door to exit the second library is 
    sealed.  Two locks are near the door on the walls opposite each other, 
    but the two are on the sides of staircases.
    Yay, more interconnecting rooms.  But these have ghost mines in them, 
    so whip out your ASE and detonate them all.  There’s a couple more of 
    them to the next locked door as well.  Kill the aliens with your gun, 
    detonate the mines, destroy the egg sacs, and when all is clear, search 
    for those locks to open the door and enter the reading room. Clear it 
    of enemies, including the trust agents at the top, then head to the 
    door and hack the screen nearby to open it.  Then have the computer 
    Oops!  Now we’ve triggered the fail safe.  You’ll need to guard it for 
    a minute and a half while Prometheus gets the codes.  Stick with your 
    MP4 and face the doorway, blasting any aliens that come in.  Be sure to 
    make use of the Trust cache nearby, too.  Unless it’s a Therm-mite, 
    melee attack them if they get too close.  He’ll get the codes in time 
    and access the secret passage.  Blast the Para-mites and go into the 
    tunnel.  Kill one of the drones, and if you want to, take his Warp 
    Pistol.  Once you enter the sewers, turn to the right and go into the 
    drain pipe.
    Upon exiting, go downstairs and into the tunnel.  Take the stairs on 
    the right side, kill the aliens and sacs, and go the other side and 
    look for a green valve.  Turn it to open the door ahead and go back 
    down.  After traveling through another drain pipe, the tunnel ahead 
    will have egg sacs and ghost mines.  Kill the aliens coming your way 
    first before trying to safely blow up the mines, and destroy the egg 
    sacs as soon as you’re able.  Keep going until you reach the next door 
    you need to open and take the stairs to the left.  Go to the other side 
    and through the passageway to the top of the room with the other green 
    Okay, we’re almost there.  Go through the now open door and walk 
    through one more drain pipe.  You’ll reach the nest shortly afterward.  
    Many of the eggs can be destroyed from ground level, but you’ll need to 
    take the stairs upward to destroy the rest of them.  If you haven’t 
    used your MK9, do so now until you run out of ammo, then go back to you 
    other weapon.  The level ends when you destroy all 30 eggs.
    Stage 5: Gridlock
    You’ll begin in the East Wing.  At the start swap the pistol for the 
    SCAR, and snipe at the conduit to the left.  Straight ahead is another 
    ASE puzzle, you can solve it for the HVS45, but I suggest ignoring it.  
    Turn left and snipe at the next conduit, and enter the door to your 
    left.  You’ll see a Skimmer on the window, for now, head left and kill 
    the two puppet humans.  Then turn around and go to the other side and 
    kill the Drudge turret destroy the remaining portal at the end.  Now 
    that that this area is clear, head through the door.
    At the junction, go into the door at the right and kill the guards, 
    it’s a dead end, but you won’t need to worry being killed from behind 
    at least.  Take the left path and snipe the ceiling turret, then 
    detonate any ghost mines in the room.  Keep going and you’ll see a 
    conduit at the top of the stairs.  Snipe it from inside the room, 
    because two dark turrets will shoot you from the left side.  A grenade 
    will kill them in an instant. The conduit is in the left room.
    Go through the door on the right, and continue through the halls 
    blasting enemies until you go upstairs.  You’ll soon enter a red room 
    with ghost mines.  Kill the enemies and detonate the mines, and go into 
    either doors to the dining room, with more enemies and ghost mines.  
    Drop down the hole in the next room, and go to the right.  After 
    passing through the first doorway blow up the conduit on the left to 
    secure the area.  
    Go through the doors on the right to the west wing.  Go forward until 
    you see a portal on the left for you to destroy.  Continue through the 
    hallways until you get to a broken down door leaning above some rubble.  
    After passing through the door, go to the right at the end of the 
    hallway, then make two left turns.  You’ll see another ASE Puzzle which 
    has a secret passage leading to the HVS45, but again, pass on it, it 
    doesn’t have a lot of ammo.
    There are two more conduits in the hallway after the door.  Destroy 
    those to clear the West Wing.  Head into the door on the right and look 
    around the circular room to scan the locks and open the door.  Once you 
    step outside, you’ll need to save the president’s chopper.  Start by 
    killing the enemies ahead of you, then focus on those eggs so they 
    don’t keep bringing in Drudge for you to fight.  Take out the Skimmers 
    next, they hate your charged Strike Rifle shots.  The final targets are 
    those purple growths sticking out of the ground called Bio-nodes.  
    They’re connected to the tentacles holding the chopper down.  The first 
    few are in plain sight, but the rest are behind the gate, either near 
    the chopper, or on the side of the building behind it.  When there’s no 
    more Drudge or Bio-nodes left, the level is clear.
    Stage 6: Invasion
    Your suit will now be upgraded to jump farther and block even more 
    damage now.  Go upstairs and outside the building.  Destroy the three 
    conduits and Skimmers you encounter.  You’ll see another organic lock.  
    While the first two are in plain sight, the third one is behind a 
    dumpster on the right side, and another is behind a wooden box you need 
    to break on the left.  Mites will be coming out of vents to pester you 
    every so often too.  After opening the door, go down to the bottom of 
    the stairwell and turn the green valve to stop the steam coming out of 
    the pipes.  Go up the stairs until you see a door with a green light on 
    it.  That’s where you’ll need to go next.  It’ll be like that for the 
    other stairwells, too.
    In the next room, fight your way through the guards and shoot the pulse 
    boxes near the exit.  After a simple hallway with two pulse boxes and a 
    lone puppet human, enter the door on the left.  Snipe the drudge from a 
    distance with your SCAR and pick up one of their Strike rifles.  In the 
    building to the left of you, you’ll be sniped by puppet humans as well 
    as Skimmers hanging near the windows.  Kill them if you wish, then 
    search for the locks to open.  One is one a couch nearby when you first 
    enter, the others are on the walls near the door or windows.
    As you exit outside, you’ll see an Invader climbing up the walls.  
    You’ll fight this thing later at the end of the level, but for now, 
    pick off the Drones below with your weapons.  A Scarab will burst 
    through the wall on your right.  Kill him, and if you feel like it, 
    take his Hive Cannon, but there’s an even better weapon if you go 
    through the wall he just busted through.  Solve the ASE puzzle at the 
    end of the Hallway to get a Striker.  Hang on to that beauty and save 
    it for emergencies.  Destroy the portals at the end and enter the door 
    to the second stairwell.  
    Now, as you go up, you’ll see some flames.  The first two are 
    unavoidable to my knowledge, so just run through as fast as you can.  
    The third one can be put out with a fire extinguisher nearby, however.  
    Once you find the door to enter, the next big room has more puppet 
    humans, a nest spitting out mites, and some ghost mines thrown in.  
    Carefully kill the enemies and blow up the ghost mines, you’ll be back 
    outside when you exit.  Here, snipe the three drones in the windows to 
    the left before you drop down, and once you do, snipe the ones in the 
    windows to the right.  The street is littered with ghost mines, so 
    detonate them all before you face them.  Only shoot if the enemies are 
    closing in, and when you reach the end of the street, blow the conduits 
    and the lone egg sac in the hallway.
    Hack the hand scanner with the ASE so it’ll recognize your hand prints.  
    In the first hallway, throw a grenade at the turrets blocking the door, 
    and shoot the pulse boxes.  In the next hallway are egg sacs and mites, 
    but they shouldn’t be a problem by now.  You’ll now be in the situation 
    room.  You’ll need to hack three data hubs and collect the defense 
    codes.  They can be done in any order.  Here’s their locations.
    Data Hub #1 can be reached by going up some stairs to the right of you 
    when you first enter.  They’ll lead you to a small room where you’ll 
    find it. 
    Data Hub #2 is in the center of the room, on ground level where all of 
    the computers are. 
    Data Hub #3 is in a room in the back.  Go up the stairs to the left and 
    go straight into the small room ahead.
    Now, when you extract the data from one data hub, a storm scarab will 
    come out.  Scan it with the ASE to make it visible, then use the 
    Striker on it.  After getting data from 2 data hubs, more enemies will 
    appear.    Both the Storm Scarab and the second wave will come from a 
    giant door in the room.  Getting all 3 will open the exit to the left 
    of the giant computer.
    Go through the doors and up the stairwell, killing the mites and egg 
    sacs on the way up.  You’ll go through another giant room of guards and 
    drones.  Destroy all of the Conduits you see, and then look for the 
    four locks.  One is in a room with file cabinets, another is in a room 
    to your right when you first enter on a table.  The last two are at the 
    far left room.  One is outside the room on the wall, the other inside.  
    Go down the stairwell until you find the door that’ll take you outside. 
    First, snipe the Skimmers and drones below with the Striker or any 
    weapon with a scope.  The drop down and make both Storm Scarabs visible 
    and finish them off.  You will now face an Invader.  This creature has 
    3 weak points.  One is on it’s underbelly, the other two are on the 
    sides of it’s mouth.  When a certain part is damaged enough, attack the 
    others.  If you have radiation grenades, throw them towards those weak 
    points.  The more grenades, the better.  They’ll do excellent damage if 
    they’re near those spots.  Try to use powerful weapons like the SMAW 
    Rocket Launcher you’ll find in the crater, or the Shrieker from those 
    Skimmers you killed eariler.  Upon killing the Invader, you’ll complete 
    the stage.
    Stage 7: Homeland
    Start this level off by sniping with the SCAR to kill all of the drones 
    and mites ahead.  There’s one sniping you from a building to the left.  
    Then head to the right to battle more drones.  Prometheus will say that 
    the bridge is down and you’ll need to find an alternate route.  Go to 
    the top of the plank and snipe the drone on the walkway before dropping 
    down.  After a short scene of the Drudge taking down a helicopter, go 
    down the alleyway and blow up the cracked wall with a grenade.  This 
    will open a secret room with an ASE puzzle, but I suggest you take out 
    the nearby enemies first.  When you complete it, you’ll get a Striker.  
    You’ll find another one later in the level, so use it whenever you 
    Destroy the Conduits and aliens after exiting the alleyway, then enter 
    the destroyed building on the right.  Prometheus will tell you that the 
    bridge ahead is still active, and that’s where the path will inevitably 
    lead you to.  You can take a Shrieker from the shopping cart nearby the 
    exit, because you’ll face another invader as soon as you drop down onto 
    the bridge.  Use your grenades and Shrieker to easily kill it, then 
    deal with the Skimmers after defeating it.  Blow up a few ghost mines 
    and then take out the drones from a distance with your Striker.
    Go the left and kill the two drones jumping out of the hole, then drop 
    down and go through the sewers, killing the egg sacs and med-mites.  
    When you reach the top, go the hole in the building to the left for 
    another ASE puzzle.  Solving it will get you another Striker.  Don’t 
    use it until the end of the level.  Go down the alleyway, destroying 
    the portals and killing enemies, and at a later point, detonating a few 
    ghost mines here and there.  Some drones will snipe from the walkways 
    above, so stay alert.  At the end, you’ll face not one, but TWO 
    When you get the checkpoint, there’s another Shrieker laying down 
    nearby.  As for the human cache box, use that to get more grenades when 
    you run out.  Take the Invaders out one at a time, then go down into 
    the subway tunnel ahead.  Detonate the ghost mines on the way to the 
    open subway tunnel on the right side, then fight your way through.  
    Mites will be coming out of the vents during this time, but you’ll soon 
    come to a door on the right to kill the egg sacs inside this room.  
    When you enter the next station, take the stairs to the left, destroy 
    the lone egg sac, and hack the terminal with the ASE to move the subway 
    so you can enter the tunnel.
    Hey, look!  It’s where we started the first level from!  There are a 
    few differences, though.  In the room with the egg sacs, you’ll need to 
    find four locks instead on two this time, but is room is small, so you 
    shouldn’t have any trouble here.  The room with the drones and conduits 
    has a regen unit and an extra portal here and there.  Also, when you 
    reach the giant conduit at the end, you’ll face more drones and mites, 
    and even a few scarabs from time to time.  If you’re about to die, go 
    down the stairs and take the first aid kits on the wall near the 
    bottom.  Pass through the portal as soon as your suit is calibrated to 
    end this stage. 
    Stage 8: Checkmate
    This starts off with the transmission between you and Prometheus being 
    jammed.  You’ll need to destroy four jamming devices in the room.  
    You’ll see what they look like in the intro cinema at the start of the 
    level.  Before doing so, stay near the beginning of the level and pick 
    off the guards with the Deatomizer MK4.  Shoot the two wall turrets at 
    the far end of the room, near the elevator ahead.  Now, from where you 
    begin, you can easily destroy the first three jammers.  The first two 
    are near the beginning near the catwalks above you on the walls 
    opposite each other.  Go to the right and snipe at the third one on the 
    wall ahead of you, behind the boxes.  
    Face the portal you came from and throw grenades at the soldiers coming 
    out so they don’t kill you from behind.  Go to room in the back and go 
    to the left to shoot the last jammers.  Then go up the walkway and use 
    the ASE on the terminal to close the conduit and swap the SPAS Shotgun 
    for the TPC Launcher.  Go to the terminal in the center and hack it to 
    open the elevator.  Step in after blowing away the two guards.  By the 
    way, the ones with the armor will explode after they die, so stay away 
    from them unless they’ve been distengrated by a charged shot like the 
    MK4 or Warp Pistol.
    After exiting the elevator,  Your signal will be jammed again. You’ll 
    notice the hallway has shields that come out of the walls or floor when 
    you step on the black plates below.  The flash grenades can be helpful 
    when the guards are together, then blast them with the TPC launcher.  
    Snipe the two dark turret before entering the room, and you’ll see the 
    jammers are in two rooms, and are on the same wall on opposite sides.  
    Be sure to blow up the egg sacs so the mites will stop coming, too.  In 
    the left room, there’s an ASE puzzle you can solve for the Deatomizer 
    MK9.  Scan the computer in the center to gain control of the elevators, 
    then blast the guards and head in.
    Again, your signal will be jammed, and you’ll need to head to Lab III 
    to blow up the jamming devices.  Kill the guards and head to left.  The 
    flash grenades can be helpful when fighting those armored soldiers.  
    You’ll need to head up either stairway (They lead to the same area) and 
    walk across the walkway to the computer in the center.  Press the 
    button to access Lab II.  However, a few trust agents will come out as 
    soon as you unlock it.  Toss a Flash grenade their way and blow their 
    brains out.
    In Lab II, it’s more of the same.  However the walkway won’t appear 
    this time.  You’ll see a terminal nearby in the small room at the top.  
    Press the button to bring the walkway out and cross over to the 
    terminal. Press the button to gain access to Lab III and go through the 
    doors.  Once you’re there, you’ll see the first jamming device as soon 
    as you open the doors.  Go up to the top you’ll see the second device 
    near the small room on top of the second floor.  The last two are 
    across each other on opposite sides of the terminal.  Then hack it with 
    your ASE and leave.
    You have a minute to escape the labs, but you won’t be able to get out 
    in time.  When you reach Lab II, go to the right, and take the stairs 
    to go to the other side.  Blast through the mites, but try to ignore 
    unless their really annoying you.  By the time you reach the lab I 
    doors, the countdown will end and you’ll need to find the computer to 
    unlock the exit.  There will be three Shadow Scarabs in this room.  
    Make them visible and blast them to death.  Then go to the second floor 
    and hack the terminal to open the exit.
    Hack the computer to open the doors to the containment room, and blast 
    all of the trust agents.  Afterwards, the containment doors will open 
    and you’ll have to fight various Mites, as well as the occasional Storm 
    Scarab.  After it stops, go to the glass panel and you’ll finally see 
    Prometheus and give you the full details.  Then hack the nearby 
    terminal and exit through the elevator. 
    Stage 9: Closure
    Okay, start by throwing grenades at the enemies.  Quickly shoot the two 
    ceiling turrets and circle around everyone while firing with the MK4.  
    Take note of the weapons on either side of the room.  I usually use the 
    Strike Rifle, and the Warp Pistol.  You’ll die several times trying to 
    get past this part because everyone will try to gang up on you.  
    If you survive, go down either hallway and blast the two ceiling 
    turrets, then go forward.  You’ll then have to survive a nasty gauntlet 
    of Drudge aliens.  It’ll start will some mites, the drones, and end 
    with some Scarabs.  After about 2-3 minutes of this, you’ll get a 
    message from Adams saying that the conduits are shut down and that the 
    base will explode in 3 minutes.  
    While you have your chat with Prometheus, do to the room behind the 
    stairs you came down to get here, and hack the computer in front of you 
    after you’re done talking to him.  Then hack the three mainframes 
    behind you.  Return to the Hallway and you’ll need to restore the 
    power.  Aim it at any of the eight units and you’ll fight a Scarab.  
    Fire at it as fast as you can and it should go down.  Once you do this 
    to at least 4 of them, the central conduit will open.  Head through it 
    to complete the game and groan at the anti-climatic ending.
    Ah well.
    (6. Trust Disc Locations)
    In Stages 3-8, you’ll see Trust discs hidden throughout the levels.  
    Collect a disk by scanning it with the ASE.  There are a 10 discs per 
    level, resulting in a total of 60 discs to collect.  For every 10 you 
    collect, you’ll unlock an art gallery.  Collecting all ten in a level 
    will unlock an achievement.  Discs do not appear in Stages 1,2, or 9, 
    so don’t bother looking.  All of the discs will be listed in order.
    Stage 3: Enemy
    1. In the room with the first puzzle lock.
    2. To the right of the main frame you need to hack.
    3. In the second set of hallways, enter the door on the left side where 
    the pulse boxes are.
    4. In the second set of hallways, it's the third door on the left side 
    In the middle of the U shaped hallway.
    5. In the medical area when you first enter, turn to the left. You'll 
    enter a room with a small window you can see through, that's where it 
    6. In the medical room, in the very back. Look in the cabinets near the 
    7. In the room where you turn the green valve, you'll see it on a 
    barrel near the stairs.
    8. In the room where you destroy the red valves, go down the stairs 
    (From where you first enter the room) to the very center of the room. 
    Then turn to the left and look near the gas tanks.
    9. After escaping the gas room and going upstairs, you'll see it 
    between two American flags.
    10. At the level's end, on the right side of the buliding near the 
    Stage 4:
    1. In the first library room, above a table on the left side near the 
    organic lock.
    2. In the first circular room with the shelves of books. Walk around 
    the outside until you see it.
    3. In the room before you enter the hallway with egg sacs.
    4. After the egg sac hallways, you'll see it in a room simliar to #2.
    5. After going through a few rooms with ghost mines, you'll see a 
    staircase going down into a room with the disc.
    6. Inside the giant library, above the secret passage you need to 
    7. As soon as you enter the sewers, turn left.
    8. After going downstairs (When you first encounter those enemies 
    hanging on the ceiling), turn around and you'll see it above a pool 
    between two pipes.
    9. After opening the second door, you'll see it front of the drain pipe 
    you'll have to enter
    10. In plain sight in the hallway leading to the nest.
    Stage 5:
    1. In a yellow room near a secret staircase that's activated with the 
    ASE puzzle. Walk straight from the start of the room you start in and 
    turn to the right.
    2. As soon as you enter the blue hallway and are introduced to those 
    flying enemies, turn to the left.
    3. At the first junction in the executive residence, enter the door on 
    the right to find it in a room.
    4. When you see some stairs and a conduit at the top of those stairs, 
    walk up the stairs and turn to the right.
    5. In a red room with those ghost mines.
    6. After dropping down into the next room below, walk straight ahead 
    into the blue room at the end.
    7. After entering the West Wing, go down some stairs to the left and 
    you'll see it in a room.
    8. After climbing over the busted down doorway, head into the first 
    room on the right after opening the door.
    9. After turning to the right at the end of the hallway, turn right 
    into the nearby door.
    10. in the room before you go outside to the rose garden. It's above a 
    Stage 6:
    1. After exiting the room with the file cabinets, look up into the 
    corner on upper right near you.
    2. After going up the first stairwell and entering the giant room, 
    enter the smaller room on the right.
    3. From spot #2, walk straight into the other small room.
    4. Near the America's heroes wall.
    5. At the bottom of the second stairwell between two pipes.
    6. When you enter the buliding with the two Conduits, turn right.
    7. In the situation room, inside the Earth hologram.
    8. After exiting the third stairwell, look to the left as soon as you 
    enter the room.
    9. At the top of the final stairwell.
    10. In front of you before you drop down to face the spider boss (I 
    Can't remember it's name).
    Stage 7:
    1. It's in the beginning. Go to the right side of the street and jump 
    on the brown box, then jump up to the blue awning and then the roof. 
    Blow the hole in the wall with a regular grenade and you'll see the 
    2. The one where you go up the ramp and jump onto the building
    3. The one in the corner of the wrecked building (Before you go to the 
    4. In the sewers under the tunnel
    5. Alleyway with the ghost mines
    6. On top of a subway train when you first enter the subway
    7. As soon as you enter the subway tunnel on the left
    8. Under the right staircase near the subway you need to move
    9. In the room with the organic locks and egg sacs, you'll see it under 
    one in plain sight.
    10. Look to the right as soon as you enter the subway.
    Stage 8:
    1. Near a jamming device up high on the right side. You'll need to go 
    to the catwalks to reach it.
    2. Before you board the second elevator in the level, look to the right 
    behind some boxes.
    3. To your right in front of the crate as soon as you exit the second 
    4. In Lab I. As you go up the the stairs to activate the computer to 
    open the Lab II doors, go into the room behind the walkway leading to 
    5. In Lab II. It's above the computer needed to access Lab III.
    6. In Lab II. Go on the northeast walkway (It's behind the Lab III door 
    computer), and walk across. You'll see it on the left of the walkway at 
    the end.
    7. In Lab III. It's behind some boxes near a wall on the other side of 
    the room across from the entrance.
    8. When you return to Lab I to shut down the Lock down mode, jump up to 
    the nearby walkway at the top and walk across to center of the room.
    9. When you first enter the containment room, head to the right and 
    you'll see it in the back behind all those containment doors.
    10. To the left of the containment room entrance.  It’s in the first 
    containment door on the left.
                         (7. Hidden Message locations)
    You’ll find hidden messages throughout the game.  They are only 
    revealed when the light from the ASE shines down on it.  Scan the weird 
    alien writing to reveal the message.  They are always found on walls, 
    and there are no hidden messages in Stages 2 and 9.
    Special thanks goes to chesstnut from the forums for telling us these 
    Stage 1 (Threshold)
    1. Message: Collares was more successful than Roswell
    Location: Once you get to use the ASE, it’ll be in the room with the 
    first organic lock.  The message is in the left corner from when you 
    first enter the room.
    2. Message:  The lesser forms will bow before the Annunak! In the area 
    with Drones was and Conduits.  Look on the pillar near the entrance.  
    It’s next to a High Voltage sign up above. 
    Stage 3 (Enemy)
    1. Message: There ought to be limits to freedom...
    In the small room in the center of the U shaped hallway in the 
    beginning of the level.  It’s above the desk with the computer.
    2. Message: Where is Virginia Dare?
    Location: In the second set of hallways, enter the very first room on 
    the right side before you turn into the hallway with the pulse boxes.
    3. Message: The union of Ellinor and Ananias Dale was the catalyst
    Location: In the second set of hallways.  It’s in the room on your left 
    in the hallway with the regen units.
    4. Message: Virginia Dare was the first puppet of our Master!
    Location: In the third set of hallways after the ghost mines.  When Mr. 
    Adams talks about Prometheus’s actions, look on the right side of the 
    wall next to the letter B.
    5. Message: Puppet Error cause Rosewell and Shag Harbor
    Location:  After taking the elevator up, go downstairs (Or drop through 
    the hole to the floor below you.  Look for an area with red lighting.
    6. Message: Operation Saucer lulled the sheep back to sleep!
    Location: In the medical area, on the wall on the right above a tipped 
    cabinet near the entrance.
    7. Message: Is not an alien force already among us?
    Location: After escaping the gas room, go upstairs you’ll come to a 
    hallway with red lighting.  It’s on the left wall.
    Trust (6)
    Message: MDCCLXXVI (1776 in Roman Numerals)
    Location: In the second library area.  Turn around and you’ll see it 
    between two flags near the entrance.
    Message: Under the terms of the treaty Shugurra was returned!
    Location: In the room with the egg sac and pulse boxes.  It’s on a wall 
    to the right of the egg sac.
    Message: The Condon Committee was ours!
    Location: In the room with staircase and ghost mines.  You’ll see it on 
    a wall in front of you as you go downstairs.
    Message: Fight and Die for the NWO
    Location: When you first enter the sewers, you’ll see it on a wall near 
    the first pipe you must enter.
    Message: Humans should fear the world they call Eris
    Location: After exiting the pipe, look in the nook across from the 
    cell, human cache, and SMAW. 
    Message: The Ducaz came before the Drudge
    Location: You’ll see it on a left wall after the pipe facing the Drudge 
    nest room.
    Gridlock (7)
    Message: Weep for long lost Nibiru!
    Location: At the very start of the level.  It’s on a wall to the left 
    of the entrance to the room with the first conduit.
    Message: And from the Cat's Eye Nebula they came froth
    Location: In the red-purple room with the Skimmer and the Conduit.  
    This is before you enter the door to the first junction in the 
    executive residence.
    Message: Ad Astra per Aspera
    Location: At the second junction in the executive residence hall, take 
    the door to the right.  It’s across from the hole in the wall to the 
    next area on the right wall.
    Message: XXIII (23 in Roman numerals)
    Location: After going up the stairs with blue walls, you’ll see it to 
    the door of the 
    Message: Darkness seems scarcely different from light
    Location: A bit after you drop down into a hole in the floor of a room, 
    there will be a long room with a bunch of chairs and a podium with a 
    flag on each side. On one of the walls there will be three hanging 
    flags. To the left of the one nearest the podium.
    Message: You are not paranoid You are right!
    Location: Not that much farther than the last message, there will be a 
    staircase downwards blocked by rubble. To the right there will be a 
    hallway with two puppet humans. That hall has a tiny room on the right 
    side; Look on the wall next to the lamp on the desk.
    Message: People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders
    Location: After the room with an ASE puzzle(HVS 45 and Shrieker down 
    there), there will be a hallway with two conduits and an egg sac, 
    drones and them mites. Its on the left wall, Before the first conduit, 
    among certificates framed on the wall.
    Invasion (7)
    Message: Novus Ordo Seclorum
    Location: After you exit the first stairwell; Its to your left on the 
    same wall as the entrance.
    Message: the Sacrilege of BayanKara-Ula will not be forgotten
    Location: In the stairwell after fighting off your first encounter with 
    scarabs and destroying three conduits; In the middle of the section 
    between the very bottom and the first door.
    Message: The Dropa came from the clouds.
    Location: After exiting the stairwell with the previous message there 
    will be a room with puppets, mites, ghost mines and an egg sac; Look 
    for two desks in the center to the right, above the right one. The left 
    should have a health pack.
    Message: XLII (42 in Roman Numerals)
    Location: After the second open area with the ghost mines and two 
    conduits with drones and scarabs coming out of them; Next to the 
    scanner you have to hack to accept your hand print
    Message: We must join forces with others to create a new world order
    Completion; The hall after you hack the scanner to accept your hand 
    print, there are three egg sacs; On the left wall next to the president 
    seal near the end of the hall
    Message: The Attas shall pay for our exile and imprisonment
    Completion; In the hall directly after getting the three codes from the 
    computer; Next to the door to the next area.
    Message: Final Destiny of the Gods
    Completion; After the stairwell with the three egg sacs and mites There 
    will be a room with the conduits, drones and puppet humans; In the room 
    with a lot of computers near the drudge ammo cache
    Homeland (7)
    Message: Sapere Adue
    Location: On a Truck at the beginning of the level.
    Message: Every valuable commodity fades before Vrill!
    Completion; In the area right before you travel in the first back ally, 
    when Prometheus tells you to find a bridge; Across from the entrance to 
    the back ally to the left of a poster.
    Message: Ducaz are but one of the many servants
    Completion; In the first back alley, there will be a slightly 
    discolored wall with a crack on its surface; Blow it up an look to the 
    left of the gold bars.
    Message: Now who watches over the Atu-Waa
    Completion; On the bridge where the invader appears; Right below where 
    you jump out of the building to get on the bridge, facing the building 
    it's the left corner.
    Message: I have seen the Fnords
    Location: After jumping into a hole to get into the sewers and then 
    getting back out, there will be another room with a box of gold bars; 
    Left to the gold bars.
    Message: Our masters feed of the Gnosis of the lesser beings
    Location: In the escalator section leading into the subway after 
    fighting two invaders; On the right wall, on the first "section" of 
    wall that is beneath a ceiling.
    Message: Annuit Coepits
    Location: Remember in the first level when Prometeus tell you to bring 
    out your SCAR and look into the scope because he detects something 
    (mites) up ahead? The message is on that subway car; To your right as 
    you exit the subway car (left of the ramp facing the car).
    Checkmate (6)
    Message: MMXII (2012 In Roman Numerals)
    Location: Its by the two turrets in the first area; near the left 
    Message: Death to the Attas
    Location: After exiting the elevator for the first time, You'll be near 
    a hallway with moving shields. Well across the room there is ANOTHER 
    hallway with moving shields; When facing the pair of elevators, it's by 
    the first shield to the right.
    Message: Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes
    Location: After the second elevator, there will be a large circular 
    computer system surrounded by scientists and a turret drudge; to the 
    right of the computer.
    Message: Enlil was victorious at the place humans call Kecksburg
    Location: After the first lab, in the hallway to the second; on the 
    left wall near the end of the first decline.
    Message: CVIII (108 in Roman Numerals)
    Location: In the third lab; in the room on the upper level.
    Message: The world is in a constant conspiracy against the Brave
    Location: In the containment center, there will be two rows of chambers 
    on each of the left and right sides. In the back of these there will be 
    a small corridor connecting the two halls. It’s in the center of the 
    left corridor.
    (8. Cheats)
    NewASE11 - Unlocks a custom skin for the ASE.
    SuitMP13 - Unlocks a secret agent skin for use in multiplayer.
    Drone4SP - Unlocks Drone skin for use in single player.
    Annihilator Award - Kill 1000 Enemies in Single Player.
    Campaign Award - Complete all missions in Single Player.
    Carbonizer Mk16 Award - Kill 250 enemies with this weapon in single 
    Deatomizer Mk4 Award - Kill 250 enemies with this weapon in single 
    Deatomizer Mk9 Award Kill 100 enemies with this weapon the single 
    Drone Hunter - Kill 250 of them in single player.
    Drone Hunter - Kill 250 of them in the single player. 
    Frag Grenade Award - Kill 250 enemies with this weapon in the single 
    Hive Cannon Award	- Kill 250 enemies with this weapon in single player.
    HVS45 Award	- Kill 100 enemies with this weapon in the single player.
    Invader Hunter - Kill 25  of them in the single player.
    Med-Mite Hunter - Kill 125 of them single player.
    MP5KA4 Award - Kill 250 enemies with this weapon in single player.
    Para-Mite Hunter	Kill 75 of them enemy type in single player.
    Puppet Hunter	Kill 250 of them in single player.
    Radiation Grenade Award - Kill 250 enemies with this weapon in the 
    single player.
    SCAR Award - Kill 250 enemies with this weapon in the single player.
    Scarab Hunter - Kill 100 of them in single player
    Secret Master - Find all Trust Data discs and hidden messages in single 
    Shrieker Award - Kill 250 enemies with this weapon in single player.
    Skimmer Hunter - Kill 100 of them in single player.
    SMAW Award - Kill 250 enemies with this weapon in single player.
    SPAS 12 Award - Kill 250 enemies with this weapon in single player.
    Storm Scarab Hunter - Kill 50 of them in single player.
    Strike Rifle Award - Kill 250 enemies with this weapon in the single 
    Striker Award - Kill 100 enemies with this weapon in single player.
    Tear-Mite Hunter - Kill 250 of them in single player.
    Therm-Mite Hunter - Kill 200 of them in single player.
    TPC Launcher Award - Kill 250 enemies with this weapon in the single 
    player campaign
    Trust Hunter - Kill 200 of them in single player.
    USP45 Award - Kill 250 enemies with this weapon in single player.
    Warp Pistol Award - Kill 250 enemies with this weapon in single player.
    Art galleries - For every 10 data discs you collect, you’ll unlock an 
    art gallery.  So it’s 10 discs for gallery 1, 20 discs for gallery 2, 
    Fiery death: Enemies die as if killed by a charged shot - Collect 
    secret master achievement.
    Fully Stocked: Infinite Ammo - Collect Annihilator Award achievement. 
    Stopping Power: One hit death for enemies: Collect Campaign Award 
    (9. Credits)
    High Voltage Software - For making this game.
    Sega - For publishing this game.
    CJayC - The guy who started this site.
    SBAllen - The current owner of GAMEFAQs, and keeping it alive.
    (10. Disclaimer)
    The latest version of this guide is always found at GameFAQs first.
    As of this writing, GameFAQs and Neoseeker are allowed to host my
    guides.  Everyone else must ask first.  This guide is copyrighted to me
    (Psychopulse) and I have no involvement with Nintendo or High Voltage 
    the making of this game.  I will only accept corrections, praise, or
    any additional info I may have missed.  Any negative E-mails will be
    deleted.  You not sell this guide or steal it in way or I will take
    legal action.  If anyone has altered the guide somewhere, let know at
    Until the next guide, everyone...
    Copyright 2009 Cedric/Cooks Oda
    All rights reserved
                      -"And that's the end of that chapter!"-

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