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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CelticLink94

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 07/28/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    The Conduit Walkthrough and FAQ
    Created By: CelticLink94 c (2009)
    Email Contact: crazycelticblue@aol.com
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    Table of Contents          Shortcut: Ctrl + F
    Version History...............................[VRSNFAQ]
    Main Characters...............................[CHRFAQ]
    Other Gear....................................[GERFAQ]
    Control Options...............................[CONFAQ]
    Single Player Walkthrough.....................[SPLFAQ]
    Multi Player Guide............................[MPLFAQ]
    Hidden Message Meaning/Conspiracies...........[HMCFAQ]
    Introduction							    [INTFAQ]
    Hello!  My name is CelticLink94, and this is my first ever FAQ: A 
    complete and in-depth guide to my favorite game, The Conduit!!  
    Released on June 23rd 2009 by developer High Voltage Software and 
    published by Sega, The Conduit is a Sci-Fi first person shooter that 
    was made specifically for the Nintendo Wii and utilizes all the special 
    features that come along with Nintendo’s latest console. 
    In this guide, I will give run downs of all of the equipment and other 
    side items you will find in the game, all of the various control 
    options the game offers, all of the unlockables and achievements that a 
    player can obtain, and finally walkthroughs and guides to both the 
    Single and Multi player experiences.  
    If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to email me at 
    crazycelticblue@aol.com Hope you enjoy!!
    Version History								[VRSNFAQ]
    Version 1.0: A majority of the guide is made.  Introduction, Main 
    Characters, Weapons, Other Gear, Enemies, Control Options, Unlockables, 
    Achievements, Single Player Walkthrough, and Multiplayer Guides are 
    created and filled out.  A Thanks section is created, but no shortcut 
    link is provided.
    Version 1.1: Used to spruce up the guide and make it slightly more 
    aesthetically pleasing.  Heading graphic is changed, Main Characters 
    section is updated, shortcut provided to Thanks, and Thanks section 
    Version 2.0:  Whoa whoa, a whole level jumps!!  Well, this one was well 
    worth it.  I decided that one of the few things missing from this guide 
    was an in-depth look at the story of The Conduit, and the meaning 
    behind the mysterious secret messages.  So, I created the Hidden 
    Messages and Conspiracy guide, which should explain a lot of the back-
    story.  I also spruced up the headers so that they all look uniform, 
    and I actually put in the thanks shortcut (realized I didn’t follow 
    through on that one... ha ha... ha... ha)  
    Main Characters								[CHRFAQ]
    Mr. Ford
    Mr. Ford, also known as Michael Ford, is a secret service agent that 
    has been contacted by the mysterious government agency known as the 
    Trust.  His job is to obtain the ASE from terrorist Prometheus, return 
    it to Mr. Adams, and find out the reason behind all of the 
    disappearances in the DC area, as well as the origin as of the 
    mysterious disease classified as “The Bug”.
    Mr. Adams
    Mr. Adams, also known as John Adams, is the leader of the secret 
    government agency known as the trust.  It is not known how he contacted 
    Michael Ford, but he now has direct contact with the secret service 
    agent.  Mr. Adams is concerned with stopping the terrorist Prometheus, 
    and obtaining the artifact known as the “All Seeing Eye”
    Prometheus is a terrorist that has been the concern of Mr. Adams, Mr. 
    Ford, and the Trust.  Not much is known about him, other than the fact 
    that he stole the ASE from Mr. Adams, and he is causing problems in the 
    general DC area.  However, could there be more to learn about 
    Prometheus that others are letting on??
    The Drudge
    The Drudge is an alien race that has invaded Washington DC.  They 
    appear to enter the DC area through Conduits, portals that presumably 
    connect their own home world to that of ours.  Classified as hostile, 
    all drudge and associated conduits must be destroyed on contact.
    The Trust
    A clandestine government agency that apparently has played a major role 
    in shaping the history of the United States.  Led by Mr. Adams, this 
    organization has been classified as questionable as agents in the Trust 
    have turned against the Trust and have joined sides with Prometheus.
    Weapons									[WEPFAQ]
    In this section, I will be breaking down the weapons by category: 
    Human, Trust, Drudge, and Prototype weapons.  I will also give a brief 
    overview as to the effects and control of each weapon.
    Human Weapons: The human weapon arsenal includes all the basic weaponry 
    of military units.  These weapons can be found throughout the game, 
    especially after killing Human puppets or Trust agents.
    --- USP45
    	The USP45 is the basic pistol of the game.  Fairly good at close 
    to medium ranges, this pistol can also handle taking out an enemy from 
    far away in 10 to 12 shots.  These results are not to be expected in 
    Multi player.  Stocked by basic human ammo boxes, or by picking up 
    other USP45’s
    --- MP5kA4
    	The MP5kA4 is the basic Sub-machine gun of the game.  Utilizing a 
    gas-fed magazine, this gun is quick and able to deal quick death to 
    enemies in close range.  A full clip will usually deal between two to 
    three deaths at close range, but this gun is not effective for long 
    distance combat.  Stocked by basic human ammo boxes, or by picking up 
    other MP5kA4’s
    --- SCAR
    	The SCAR is the human version of the sniper and assault rifle.  
    One of two scoped human weapons, this gun shoots in quick three bullet 
    bursts that when aimed at the head, can kill an enemy in two to three 
    shots (6-9 bullets).  Good anywhere from close to far ranges, this gun 
    is often most effective at sniping.  Stocked by basic human ammo boxes, 
    or by picking up other SCAR’s
    --- SPAS 12
    	The SPAS 12 is an extremely powerful pump action shotgun that can 
    deal one hit kills at close range.  At medium range, this gun can kill 
    in two to three shots, but at far ranges this gun is completely 
    useless.  The one drawback is the pump action that is required between 
    each shot, which prevents players from firing continuously.  Stocked by 
    basic human ammo boxes, or by picking up other SPAS 12’s
    --- SMAW
    	The SMAW is a single man anti-personnel rocket that has a fairly 
    large blast radius.  One of two scoped human weapons, this rocket 
    launcher can take out three to four people with one rocket.  The major 
    drawback of this weapon is that those using it must not fire too close 
    to themselves, for risk of being killed by the blast.  Also, the SMAW 
    is the longest reloading human weapon, and can often leave players 
    defenseless during intense firefights.  Stocked by basic human ammo 
    boxes, or by picking up other SMAWs
    --- Fragmentation Grenades
    	Fragmentation Grenades are the basic grenades of the human 
    arsenal.  These grenades will bounce off of terrain or bounce on the 
    ground, and explode.  This explosion will send shards of plastic and 
    shrapnel outwards, severely damaging enemies.  Because these grenades 
    can be bounced off of terrain, it is possible to make contact with 
    enemies behind cover.  Stocked by basic human ammo boxes, or by picking 
    up other Frag grenades
    Trust Weapons: The Trust is a secret government organization that has 
    had control of many aspects of life for centuries.  These weapons are 
    futuristic in nature, and can be found after killing Trust Guards, 
    Scientists, and some Trust agents.
    --- Deatomizer Mk4
    	The Deatomizer Mk4 is a semi-automatic scoped rifle that shoots 
    beams of charged energy in either single bursts or charged bursts of 
    three.  When charged, the weapon can shoot three energy bursts that 
    will anchor each other.  If one of the three bursts connects with a 
    target, it will anchor to a target and the other two bursts will wrap 
    around the target, disintegrating the enemy.  This can also be used to 
    shoot around corners, as one burst will anchor to a corner and the 
    other two will wrap around.  By twisting the Wii-mote, the player can 
    change the angle at which the Deatomizer fires.  Stocked by basic Trust 
    Ammo dumps, or by picking up other Deatomizers
    --- Carbonizer Mk16
    	The Carbonizer Mk16 is the power weapon of the Trust arsenal.  
    Releasing charged 5-7 second bursts of energy, any enemy that connects 
    with the beam will be disintegrated almost instantly.  The drawbacks 
    are that the weapon quickly uses up ammo, it is only effective at close 
    to medium ranges, and it is the longest reloading Trust weapon.  
    Stocked by basic Trust Ammo dumps, or by picking up other Carbonizers
    --- TPC Launcher
    	The TPC Launcher is a grenade launcher that actually uses the 
    power cells that power other Trust weapons as ammo.  By shooting out 
    these power cells in a grenade fashion, small plasma detonations occur 
    that will severely damage any enemy.  The TPC Launcher does have 
    limited ammo, however, and therefore must be used wisely.  Stocked by 
    basic Trust Ammo dumps, or by picking up other TPC Launchers
    --- Flash Grenades
    	Flash Grenades are the basic grenades of the Trust arsenal.  
    These grenades will detonate on contact with any surface, and will 
    temporarily blind or stun enemies.  In single player, any enemy near a 
    Flash Grenade detonation will be stunned and become easy targets for 
    the human player.  However, if the human player comes in contact with a 
    Flash detonation, or if multiplayer players come in contact with a 
    detonation, they will lose sight, sound, and radar capabilities for 
    several seconds.  Stocked by basic Trust Ammo dumps, or by picking up 
    other Flash grenades
    Drudge Weapons: The Drudge is an alien species that has come to Earth.  
    Although it is not known why they have chosen to invade, there seems to 
    be some connection between them and the Trust.  These weapons can be 
    found after killing any alien enemy.
    ---Strike Rifle
    	The Strike Rifle is the basic assault rifle and sniper of the 
    Drudge arsenal.  The rifle will shoot off single bursts of a special 
    and deadly bio-mass.  However, when charged, the weapon will become a 
    sniper rifle that can do serious if not fatal damage in one hit.  This 
    is also the only scoped weapon in the Drudge arsenal, as it alters the 
    player’s eye and magnifies his sight.  Stocked by basic Drudge ammo 
    caches, or by picking up other Strike Rifles
    --- Hive Cannon
    	The Hive Cannon is a powerful arm cannon that will shoot out 
    clusters of explosive bugs that will attack an enemy and explode on 
    contact.  Several shots from this gun will severely damage a player, 
    and also makes it hard for them to tell where the shot is coming from 
    as the bugs attack from all sides.  By tilting the Wii-mote, the player 
    can adjust the size of the reticule, based on what the situation 
    requires.  Stocked by basic Drudge ammo caches, or by picking up other 
    Hive Cannons
    --- Warp Pistol
    	The Warp Pistol is the basic pistol of the Drudge arsenal.  This 
    weapon has both a non-charged and charged shot.  Both shots have the 
    ability to bounce off of terrain if they miss an enemy, making it 
    harder for the enemy to escape.  However, charged shots do 
    significantly more damage than non-charged shots.  Stocked by basic 
    Drudge ammo caches, or by picking up other Hive cannons
    --- Shrieker
    	The Shrieker is a heat seeking missile launcher that can do 
    severe damage to a player.  Three missiles made of biomass can be shot 
    at the same time, and all follow the reticule of the player.  To direct 
    a missile, the player must move the reticule around the screen.  The 
    missiles will follow the reticule until they make contact or fly off 
    into the air.  Stocked by basic Drudge ammo caches, or by picking up 
    other Shriekers
    --- Radiation Grenades
    	Radiation Grenades are the basic grenades of the Drudge arsenal.  
    These grenades, when they make contact, will react to a biomass mixture 
    and burn off dangerous amounts of radiation.  The radiation will 
    continue to be emitted until the grenades burn them out.  These 
    grenades are unique to The Conduit, as they have the ability to stick 
    to surfaces or other players.  If someone is stuck with a rad grenade, 
    it is almost assured death.  Stocked by basic Drudge ammo caches, or by 
    picking up other rad grenades
    Prototype Weapons: These weapons were – supposedly – developed by the 
    terrorist Prometheus.  These weapons can only be found in secret 
    locations unlocked by the All Seeing Eye, and they are very powerful.  
    However, there is no way to restock these weapons, and therefore they 
    must be conserved whenever possible.
    --- HVS45
    	The HVS45 is a prototype pistol that has the capability to snipe.  
    Although there are only 16 bullets in a gun, each bullet is a 
    guaranteed one shot kill.  Because of it’s strength, these guns cannot 
    be found in multiplayer matches.  They can only be restocked by picking 
    up other HVS45’s, which are very rare in game.
    --- Deatomizer Mk9
    	The Deatomizer Mk9 is an upgraded prototype of the Deatomizer 
    Mk4.  Where as the Mk4 has the ability to shoot single shots and needs 
    to charge before getting more powerful shots, the Mk9 does not charge 
    but instead shoots three energy bursts with each shot.  Only 60 shots 
    are in the gun, however, and therefore they must be conserved.  They 
    are also not in multiplayer matches, and can only be restocked by 
    finding other Mk9’s
    --- Striker
    	The Striker is a prototype Strike Rifle with a machine gun 
    capability.  Instead of charging shots, holding down the trigger 
    creates a continuous stream of biomass that can rip through enemies.  
    However, the 234 shots included in the gun can run out fast, and 
    therefore must be conserved.  These weapons are not in multiplayer, and 
    can only be restocked by finding other Strikers
    Other Gear									[GERFAQ]
    All Seeing Eye (ASE)
    The ASE is a strange and futuristic artifact that has caught the 
    attention of both Mr. Adams and Prometheus.  Mr. Ford has been charged 
    with the task of finding this strange artifact, which has the ability 
    to solve puzzles, reveal hidden dangers, and hack into computer files.
    Trust Suit
    The Trust Suit is a suit of high tech armor that slowly regenerates 
    health and protects against some damage.  The suit also has a bio-
    sensor link to the ASE, and a visor that can be connected to other 
    Updated Trust Suit
    The Updated Trust Suit expands on the capabilities of the Trust Suit.  
    It can protect against even more damage, help the wearer jump farther, 
    and still retains the visor and health regeneration properties found in 
    the original Trust Suit
    Although technically not gear, these portals help transport Drudge 
    soldiers and must be destroyed by Mr. Ford to prevent the spread of the 
    Drudge invasion
    Egg Sacks
    Again, not technically gear, however these egg sacks hatch enemies and 
    must be destroyed to prevent an ever increasing swarm of mites
    Ghost Mines
    Supposedly created by the terrorist Prometheus, these Ghost Mines are 
    near invisible to the naked eye.  They must be scanned by the ASE to 
    not only reveal them, but they much be charged up using the ASE in 
    order to safely detonate them
    Health Packs and Cans
    These are pickups found in game that heal Mr. Ford. The packs will heal 
    the entire health bar and are found scattered throughout levels.  
    Health Cans can be picked up in caches or from fallen enemies, and heal 
    a small segment of the health bar.
    Regen Units
    These boxes regenerate the health of enemies.  They will continue to 
    heal all enemies around and make it increasingly difficult to kill 
    them.  To stop the regenerating effects, you must destroy the units
    Pulse Boxes
    These boxes provide radiation pulses that will harm any player who gets 
    close enough to them, and also create heat distortion.  Shooting the 
    source of the waves, the box, will stop the radioactive damage
    Enemies								[ENMFAQ]
    Puppet Humans
    These humans are somehow being controlled by the terrorist Prometheus.  
    Although originally part of the Trust or the Military, these soldiers 
    are now enemies of Mr. Ford, and therefore must be eliminated
    Trust Humans
    These humans have not succumbed to mind control, but have turned on the 
    Trust.  They are seen by Mr. Adams as enemies to Mr. Ford and his 
    mission, and therefore must be eliminated
    These aliens appear to be the common foot soldiers of the Drudge.  They 
    have strike rifles and are the most common enemies to appear through 
    Conduits.  Being hostile aliens, they must all be eliminated by Mr. 
    The airborne Drudge soldiers, Skimmers carry around Shriekers and 
    attack Mr. Ford from the skies.  They can be taken down by medium to 
    long range weapons, and have not been seen spawning through Conduits 
    Slightly weaker than Drones, Med Mites carry Warp pistols around with 
    them.  They can come through Conduits, or be hatched by egg sacks.  To 
    stop the spread of Med Mites, Mr. Ford must destroy the egg sacks that 
    hatch them
    Tear Mites are the weakest of all Drudge enemies, and can be destroyed 
    by a single melee attack.  However, they often travel in groups and can 
    be hatched from several different egg sacks at once, and therefore pose 
    a threat to Mr. Ford if not dealt with immediately.
    Therm-mites are similar to Tear Mites in that they hatch from egg sacks 
    and are generally weak.  However, they pose a threat as they explode on 
    contact with an enemy, and therefore must be dispatched from far away
    Para-mites are weak airborne enemies that travel in groups.  They can 
    hatch from egg sacks, or from Invaders.  They carry no weapons and are 
    limited to simply pecking an enemy
    Scarabs are the storm troopers of the Drudge army, and are the more 
    powerful than Drones.  They carry around Hive Cannons, and require 
    several shots from high powered weapons to kill.  They usually move 
    slowly, until provoked, and appear from Conduits
    Storm Scarabs
    Slightly more powerful than normal Scarabs, these soldiers take even 
    more fire power to destroy.  It is also important to note that Storm 
    Scarabs can be invisible, and can only be revealed through the ASE
    The most powerful enemy Mr. Ford will face.  Invaders are the size of 
    several tanks, and require multiple weapons to kill.  Often, grenades 
    and rockets alone are not enough, and require several minutes of almost 
    constant high powered assault to take down.  They often hatch Para-
    mites as a line of defense, and when in serious danger can launch 
    missiles similar to those launched from a Shrieker
    Control Options								[CONFAQ]
    Game Options
    -- Difficulty Level
    This increase or decreases the difficulty of the game.  There are 
    five levels of difficulty (Low, Guarded, Elevated, High, Severe) 
    that make the game harder or easier.  The default setting is 
    -- HUD Placement
    This changes the placement of the various HUD elements visible on 
    the game visor.  This includes status updates, ammo, health, and 
    ASE alerts
    -- HUD Transparency
    This changes how bold or transparent the HUD elements are, and 
    how they impair the vision of the player
    -- Running Speed
    This affects how fast or slow the character model runs through 
    the game.  This only affects the single player campaign speed
    Video Options
    -- Brightness
    This affects how bright or dull the game screen is.  Having 
    brighter levels makes things easier to see, but often washes out 
    the color.  Having lower levels makes things harder to see, but 
    the colors are not affected
    -- Remote Calibration
    This allows the player to calibrate the Wii Remote, and make sure 
    that the remote is accurate when aiming in game
    Control Options
    -- Controller Layout
    This allows the player to change the layout of the controls to 
    better suit his needs.  Such actions as shooting, jumping, 
    crouching, targeting, switching weapons, reloading, using melee 
    attacks, pausing, zooming, and throwing grenades can be mapped to 
    buttons, or in some cases can be mapped to motion controls
    -- Controller Sensitivity
    This will be done in real-time during the game, so do not choose 
    this option in the middle of a fight.  You can change how 
    responsive the cursor of the wiimote is, how fast or slow the 
    player turns, how high and low the player can look, and how 
    sensitive the game is to responding to remote thrusts and shakes 
    of the nun chuck.
    -- Camera Styles
    This option, which fixes in real-time, allows you to alter how 
    the camera reacts.  The camera can be free-flowing and responsive 
    with the wiimote, be slightly locked to allow for better aiming, 
    or completely locked so that the wiimote aims and the nun chuck 
    turns the character.  There is also a custom option that allows 
    players to choose which elements best fits their game play style
    -- Dead Zone
    This option, which fixes in real-time, changes how responsive the 
    turning of the wiimote is.  The smaller the dead zone, the more 
    room there is to turn.  With a large dead zone, the character 
    will not turn when the cursor is in the dead zone, making for 
    slower turning but more accurate aiming
    	This turns the rumble feature of the Wiimote on or off
    Sound Options
    	Changes how loud or soft the music is
    -- Sound effects
    	Changes how loud or soft the sound effects are
    	Changes what type of sound output there are
    --Remote Speakers
    	Changes the sound that comes out of the Wiimote speakers
    Unlockables								[UNLFAQ]
    	Achievements can be unlocked in several different ways.  They can 
    be unlocked through killing a certain amount of enemies, for completing 
    levels, and for finding secrets.  For a more in-depth look at the 
    various achievements and how to unlock them, look at the Achievements 
    section of this guide.
    -- Concept Art Galleries
    	Throughout the Single Player Campaign, there are 10 Trust Disks 
    scattered throughout every mission except mission 1, mission 2, and 
    mission 9.  When these disks are scanned with the ASE, they unlock 
    parts of the Concept Art Galleries.  These galleries hold concept art 
    for weapons, enemies, objects, and levels.  There are also promotional 
    art pieces and in depth technical looks are weapon effects and design.  
    To fully unlock a concept art gallery (there are six in all), all 10 
    Trust Disks must be found in each corresponding level
    -- Cheats
    	After completing achievements in the Single player Campaign, 
    cheats can be enabled through the extras unlockables menu.  There are 
    three cheats that you must earn, and three cheats that can be unlocked 
    through promotional codes.
    Earned Cheats:
    	Stopping Power:
    --Stopping Power is a cheat that is unlocked by finishing 
    the campaign, and correlates with the Campaign award 
    achievement.  When unlocked, this cheat allows the player 
    to kill any enemy, no matter the size, in only one shot.  
    This also means that all weapons are of equal strength, and 
    the USP45 pistol can do just as much damage as the SMAW 
    rocket launcher
    	Fully Stocked:
    --Fully Stocked is a cheat that is unlocked by killing 1000 
    enemies, and it correlates with the Annihilator award 
    achievement.  When unlocked, this cheat keeps all weapons 
    of the player fully stocked so that they never run out of 
    ammunition.  When a clip empties, the player must reload 
    his weapon, but the magazine will never run empty.  This 
    eliminates the need for conserving ammunition and finding 
    ammo caches and dumps throughout the single player campaign
    	Fiery Death:
    --Fiery Death is a cheat that is unlocked after scanning 
    every secret in the game, and correlates with the Secret 
    Master award achievement.  When unlocked, every shot fired 
    has the physical properties of a headshot, and when an 
    enemy dies they will react as though that shot was a head 
    shot.  For example, if a drudge was shot with this cheat 
    enabled, they would die with blood spewing from their 
    decapitated neck, as is per usual with headshots.  This 
    cheat is purely cosmetic and does not render anything 
    useless in the game, except for possibly careful aim
    Promotional Cheats
    	Custom ASE skin
    -- The code for this cheat is NewASE11.  When entered into 
    the promotional codes menu under extras, this will unlock 
    an updated ASE model for use in single player.  The cheat 
    is purely cosmetic, as it changes the ASE into a reflective 
    silver model.  The model also has a special All Seeing Eye 
    design that is projected from it
    	Custom Multiplayer skin
    -- The code for this cheat is SuitMP13.  In multiplayer, 
    when choosing what character skin to use, a fifth secret 
    agent skin will appear.  This skin is of a secret service 
    agent in a suit, with a gas mask over his face.  There are 
    no other special properties allotted to this multiplayer 
    skin other than the simple cosmetic change
    	Single Player Drone
    -- The code for this cheat is Drone4SP.  With this cheat 
    enabled, the player will be able to play as a Drone in the 
    Single player instead of Mr. Ford.  This cheat will change 
    not only the hands of the player, but also the sounds of 
    the player when playing the game will change from human to 
    drone grunts.  This does not affect the game play in any 
    Achievements								[ACVFAQ]
    Game Achievements
    Campaign Award: Successfully complete the single player campaign on any 
    difficulty level
    Annihilator Award: Kill 1000 combined enemies throughout the single 
    player campaign
    Secret Master Award: Find and scan all secret messages in the single 
    player campaign.  There are 42 messages in total
    Campaign Achievements
    Completion: Complete a mission on any difficulty level
    Secret Master: Find all secret messages in a mission.  This achievement 
    is not available for mission 2 and mission 9
    Enemy Achievements
    Drone Hunter: Kill 250 Drudge drones during the single player campaign
    Puppet Hunter: Kill 250 Human puppets during the single player campaign
    Trust Hunter: Kill 200 Trust soldiers and guards during the single 
    player campaign
    Invader Hunter:  Kill 25 Invaders during the single player campaign
    Med-Mite Hunter:  Kill 125 Med-Mites during the single player campaign
    Para-Mite Hunter: Kill 75 Para-mites during the single player campaign
    Scarab Hunter: Kill 100 Scarabs during the single player campaign
    Skimmer Hunter: Kill 100 Skimmers during the single player campaign
    Storm Scarab Hunter: Kill 50 Storm Scarabs during the single player 
    Tear-Mite Hunter: Kill 250 Tear-Mites during the single player campaign
    Therm-Mites Hunter: Kill 200 Therm-Mites during the single player 
    Single Player								[SPLFAQ]
    Level One: Threshold		[SPL1FAQ]
    Level Two: Contagion		[SPL2FAQ]
    Level Three: Enemy		[SPL3FAQ]
    Level Four: Trust		[SPL4FAQ]
    Level Five: Gridlock		[SPL5FAQ]
    Level Six: Invasion		[SPL6FAQ]
    Level Seven: Homeland		[SPL7FAQ]
    Level Eight: Checkmate		[SPL8FAQ]
    Level Nine: Closure		[SPL9FAQ]
           Once you start the Single Player, you’ll be treated to a 
    wonderful story trailer that explains the back story of what’s 
    happening.  For those that have seen it before (It was released as ad 
    material several months before release), when prompted you can press A 
    and skip the rest.  However, I would recommend watching it, as it fills 
    in the gaps and gets you pumped up for the game.  But that’s just me
           Once you finish the story trailer, you’ll see an in game cut 
    scene.  Mr. Ford appears to have fallen, as evidence by his hands and a 
    mysterious globe, the ASE, on the ground.  Someone is also shouting in 
    his ear.  Once you gain control of Mr. Ford, the mysterious voice will 
    tell you something about your suit sensors not working.  So, follow his 
    directions.  This serves as a way to calibrate the remote.  Look to the 
    right, and you’ll target a yellow fuse box.  Then, look left and you’ll 
    target a sign.  From here, it is important to fix your controls if you 
    are not happy with them.  To do this, press 2 and choose options.  
    Then, choose any of the options in that file to change Video, Sound, or 
    Control options.  These are explained in the control section.
           After fixing your controls, you can begin to play.  Walk forward, 
    until the mysterious voice points out that an enemy is coming through 
    the vent.  It’s a tear-mite, a basic enemy (check out his bio in the 
    enemy section).  Dispatch of him with the SPAS you so conveniently 
    have, and move on.  Make sure to reload your weapon before you move on… 
    just as a precaution.  Then, enter the flashing door on the right side 
    of the tunnel.  From here, go down the hall and to your left.  You 
    clearly “have the drop” on this enemy, and your melee ability has been 
    added.  Melee the enemy from behind, and move on.  You’ll see a cut 
    scene with a hatching tear-mite (gross).  Your next target is clear: 
    eliminate the hatchery.
           This sounds much harder than it is.  After shooting or melee-ing 
    the tear-mites (they go down in one hit), go around the room and shoot 
    all the eggs sacks.  The first one is straight ahead from the entryway.  
    Number two is to your right, on the ceiling.  Number three is on the 
    wall behind the first egg sack, so to your left if you are at the 
    entrance.  Once the sacks are destroyed, move towards the door.  You’ll 
    see an organic lock on the door.  Time to breakout the ASE!  To break 
    the lock, you must scan bio-nodes hidden in the room.  Node one is at 
    the top of the stairs, to the right of the door.  Your ASE will beep 
    when you’re close, in case you have trouble finding it.  The second is 
    under the air vent to the left of the door.  The lock is now broken.  
    Before moving on, scan the wall to the left of the node to reveal 
    Secret Message 1.  These messages can be used to unlock cheats and 
    achievements (unlockables and achievement sections).
           Now that that’s out of the way, head out the door.  Make sure to 
    switch back to your SPAS (either reload function or ASE function), and 
    reload your gun.  Now, you’ll hear alien squeals, and if you’re lucky 
    you’ll see a Tear-mite scamper over a subway car.  Go into the subway 
    car by jumping into it.  Now, head to the left side of the car, where 
    your switch weapons function will be unlocked.  Switch to your SCAR, 
    and zoom in on the tunnel.  There are two tear-mites down there… take 
    them DOWN!!, Now, switch to your SPAS again.  If you’re low on health, 
    there’s a health pack further left on the car.  Now, all ready?  Good!  
    Head out into the subway tunnel and keep walking.  A quick cut scene 
    will show some monster attacking the tunnel, but he leaves.  That’s 
    what’s yet to come…fun!  No, your problem right now is the two tear-
    mites that have come through the vent behind you and are attacking as 
    we speak.  Turn around and either shoot or punch them.  After that, 
    head back on down the tunnel to the flashing door on the left.  Go in, 
    and turn to the left.  Now you’ll see your first Conduit and Drone, the 
    main components of the game.  
           Since you picked up frag grenades when you turned, you’re stocked 
    and ready to go.  Throw one nade at the conduit in front of you, and 
    quickly dispatch of the drone with your SPAS.  Turn to your right and 
    nade the second conduit and kill that drone too.  Now, this is entirely 
    up to you, but I would suggest swapping your SCAR for the Strike Rifle 
    that the Drones dropped.  It might help you more up ahead.  To do this, 
    switch to your SCAR and stand over the Strike Rifle.  The reload 
    function now becomes a pickup function, allowing you to switch weapons.
           Walk on over to the second strike rifle for ammo.  Now, return to 
    the Conduit that was on your right (the second one you killed).  Take 
    out your ASE, and start charging it.  Nothing will happen.  Keep going 
    down the wall to your right, and charging.  When there is a wall behind 
    you, face that and charge.  Voila!  Secret Message 2!!  Now, the 
    mysterious voice no doubt has told you to take out your ASE to see your 
    objective.  This is a good tip to know in case you ever get lost in a 
    level.  To see your objective, charge the ASE by pressing the button in 
    a pulse fashion, or pressing and releasing pretty quickly.  Keep 
    turning around until you see an orange line.  Whenever you do this, an 
    orange line will always lead you to your nearest objective.  However if 
    you do not pulse the ASE, the line will fade away.
           Keep following that line to the door, and go out. Take out your 
    strike rifle, and turn left.  Use the zoom function (kinda odd), and 
    scan the area.  Oh look, another drone!  Either charge a shot and snipe 
    him or kill him with scoped single shots… whatever you prefer.  Now, 
    two tear-mites will come from the walls… kill them with melee attacks.  
    There should be a human ammo box behind a barrier right in front of 
    you.  After killing the tear-mites, press A (or whatever it prompts you 
    to press), while facing the box.  You will be restocked on SPAS ammo 
    and grenades.  Walk down the tunnel until the music changes and you’re 
    at a platform.  
           There will be Drones on either side of you, charging.  For the 
    sake of argument, let’s take the left platform.  Jump on up, and walk 
    ahead.  One drone will be coming down the stairs.  Kill him.  The other 
    is hiding behind an ad of DC.  Kill him as well.  Now, turn around and 
    kill the drone behind you.  If you’re low on health, pick up the health 
    pack on the left platform.  Come up the stairs and witness… an 
    extremely huge Conduit.  Switch to your SPAS, and stand in front of the 
    conduit of all conduits.
           Two drones will pop up, kill them both up close.  Another drone 
    will exit the conduit, to be quickly met by the business end of your 
    shotty.  Another drone will emerge, along with a tearmite.  Melee the 
    tear-mite, blast the drone.  If you need to reload, might I suggest a 
    method called bunny hopping?  Just press reload, and start to jump and 
    move around.  You’ll still reload, but you’re now a harder target for 
    your enemies.  After reloading, kill the new drone friends you’ve made.  
    That should be all of them.  When prompted by the mysterious voice, 
    walk into the Conduit.  Congratulations!  You just passed level one of 
           Checklist of Unlockables:
           “Colares was more Successful than Roswell” –Secret Message 1
           “The lesser forms will bow before the Annunaki” –Secret Message 2
    	After that gripping conclusion to level one, we now see that we 
    are having a flashback to five days earlier.  For those confused on the 
    plot, most of this game is a flashback leading up to the major event of 
    the game… but no more!  On with the level!!
    	You’ll see and hear a dialogue cut scene between Mr. Adams and 
    Mr. Ford.  Apparently Mr. Adams is pleased with the work Mr. Ford has 
    done, and is now assigning him to a top secret mission.  As always, 
    press A when you’re done viewing the dialogue scene.  You’ll start of 
    this level with an UPS and a MP5.  Switch to the MP5, it’ll be easier 
    for everyone.  Go straight ahead, and you’ll see a cut scene with 
    enemies on the move.  Go to the left of the barrier, and take out the 
    two agents that emerged from the gate.  Thanks to modern airport 
    security, an alarm goes off whenever guns pass through a metal 
    detector.  Since these agents are holding daisies, an alarm sounds 
    whenever an agent passes through the gate.  Once the alarm sounds, 
    reappear and kill the agents.  You can either melee or shoot.  While 
    reloading, bunny hop in case more agents show up.  Another one will, so 
    kill him.  Then, reload and replenish health with those little health 
    canisters that are by your fallen foes.  When you’re reloaded and 
    replenished, head through the gate.  Turn to the right and follow the 
    curve.  You’ll encounter four more agents, which should be dispatched 
    of promptly.  If they’re too much to handle, lock on to steady the 
    camera and bunny hop while you shoot.  Once done, reload.
    	Again, replenish your health and guns.  Keep going, until you see 
    a health pack by the radio.  Save the health pack, you’ll need it.  
    Turn right, and poke around the right side of the barrier.  You’ll see 
    some agents there, and they’ll begin to shoot.  Kill the nearest one, 
    and disappear behind the barrier to reload.  Poke around left and kill 
    the next one.  Disappear and reload.  Now, break your cover and kill 
    the final agent.  Next, go to your right until you reach an airport 
    terminal.  Hide behind the desk, and switch to your pistol.  There 
    should be an agent to your left on the second floor.  Target him, and 
    take him down.  After about 10 shots, he should crumple.  
    	Run across the terminal to the identical one on the other side.  
    Again, hide behind the desk, and again, target the sniper on the second 
    floor.  Take out your MP5, and go around the right side of the desk.  
    There will be two soldiers at the first terminal… dispose of them.  
    Turn around, and go to the second terminal and kill those soldiers.  
    Remember to bunny hop while reloading!!  Now, two more soldiers will 
    appear.  Kill the one straight ahead from the right side of the desk.  
    Move ahead, and kill the soldier hiding behind the DC ad.  Reload.  Go 
    back to that health pack by the radio, and use it now.  Go straight 
    across the lobby to the other barrier, and kill the two soldiers there.  
    One more should appear, and should die.  Go to the front side of the 
    barrier, and use the big yellow box to reload your weapons and 
    grenades.  Pick up any health canisters to tide you over, and most 
    importantly replace your pistol with a SCAR from one of the fallen 
    	Go back behind the barrier and take a left.  A garage door-
    looking thing should open to your right.  Go down that ramp, and turn 
    to the right.  Follow the curve again, and take out the five agents 
    with your MP5. Bunny hop and reload, because five soldiers are right 
    behind that.  Take out the soldiers with grenades, as they are 
    conveniently close to a gasoline container.  You’ll know when the 
    enemies have been dispatched, because the music will change back to 
    normal.  Pick up health cans and ammos, and follow the path to the next 
    barrier.  You’ll now see puppet humans, which are humans being 
    controlled and possibly brought back from the dead (who else lies 
    around like that?)
    	Go to the left of the barrier, and kill the agent.  You should 
    know the drill now.  Reload, right, reload, left.  All the agents are 
    gone now.  Take the quick path to the terminal on the left, and hide 
    behind the desk.  Reload just in time to see three soldiers rappel in 
    on ropes.  Bunny hop around while shooting and reloading.  There’s 
    another handy beep, and an agent comes through the security gate.  Kill 
    him, and kill the agent following him.  Go through the gate yourself, 
    and pick up the health pack on the conveyor belt to your left.  Follow 
    the hall to another curve, where there’s only 1 agent.  Kill him, and 
    turn left.  Surprise! Another agent.  Kill him and keep going.  Save 
    the health pack that is in the corner.  Turn and encounter two agents 
    and a soldier on the escalator.  Kill them with an MP5.  Then, crouch 
    and switch to your SCAR.
    	Take out the agent and three soldiers at the bottom level.  A 
    helpful hint: if enemies are near red cans, save ammo and shoot the red 
    cans.  They’ll explode, and demolish the enemy.  Reload your SCAR, and 
    switch to the MP5.  At the foot of the escalator is an ammo box.  Use 
    that, but save the health pack.  Two agents and a soldier will follow 
    you from the escalator, so take them out with the MP5.  Now, use the 
    health pack, or the one you saved upstairs.  Either way, heal and go 
    down the hall until you reach another escalator.
    	Switch to your SCAR, and take out the two soldiers at the bottom.  
    To make things go quicker, aim at their heads instead of their bodies.  
    Then, walk about halfway down the escalator.  There should be four 
    soldiers in pairs of two that come around the bend.  Take out your SCAR 
    and snipe them.  Then, a cautious agent will poke his head around the 
    right corner… snipe it right off.  Another agent will charge in, only 
    to be met with an untimely death at the hands of your SCAR.  Switch to 
    your MP5 and hop the luggage at the bottom of the escalator.  Refuel 
    and restock from your fallen foes, and turn right.  Kill the agent at 
    the corner, and the one by the train.  Turn, and kill the other agent 
    and the soldier who is so unwisely turned the other way.  Move over to 
    the fallen scientist, and swap your MP5 for a Deatomizer Mk4.
    	Hop aboard the train, and open the doors straight ahead.  Kill 
    the two soldiers, and reload.  Open the next door, and kill two more 
    soldiers.  Another two soldiers will crash through the windows at the 
    end of the car.  Kill them as well.  Open the next doors, and kill the 
    soldiers.  In case you’re getting worn down, use the health pack in the 
    middle of the car.  Reload, and open the doors.  Kill three soldiers, 
    reload, and open.  Kill two scientists and two soldiers, who crashed 
    in, reload; pick up extra ammo from bodies of scientists, and open 
    doors.  Kill two scientists, one soldier, and open doors.  Kill two of 
    each, grab the health if you need it, and open the doors.  Now you see 
    a cut scene with a stranded scientist.  He must really not like 
    company, as he blows himself and the train car sky high (or at least 
    tunnel high).   However, being Agent Ford, you survive and are 
    congratulated by Mr. Adams.  In the ensuing cut scene you’ll find the 
    ASE, the device Mr. Adams has been looking for.  GOOD JOB!!!  You just 
    completed level 2!
           Checklist of Unlockables:
    	Well, it seems that Mr. Adams is really impressed.  He is so 
    impressed, in fact, that he has invited the President to watch your 
    next mission through a link to your visor.  Your mission now is to 
    investigate an abandoned bunker under the streets of DC that has become 
    a makeshift base for the terrorist Prometheus.  At the start of the 
    level, you will have a SCAR and a pistol.  Make sure your scar is at 
    the ready, and get moving.  Turn left, turn right, turn right (follow 
    the hallway in case you didn’t get where I was going with this). Then, 
    kill all of the soldiers there.  I counted about seven in all, but 
    there may be more depending on if the AI deems you a major threat.
    	There may be some soldiers that go through a door on the left.  
    Follow them.  It’s actually a passageway to the next hall, where there 
    will be more soldiers.  Once you kill them, turn right, turn right, 
    turn right (follow the hall again), and end up where you originally 
    where when you first started fighting the soldiers.  Reload your SCAR.  
    Now, go into the first room on your left for health and a pistol reload 
    (if you need it).  The second room on your left has an MP5, swap if you 
    want it, but make sure to swap with the pistol.  Scan the room to find 
    Secret Message 3.  Now, go back out the way you came, don’t go into the 
    new hall just yet.  In the room straight ahead is a health pack.  Once 
    you turn the corner to the left, the next room will hold grenades.  
    Turn left again, and you’re in the corridor that was linked through 
    that room.  Going down the hall, on the right is a room with a pistol, 
    grenades, and health.  By now I’m just listing them for casual 
    interest, as the hall is pretty empty.  You shouldn’t need health or 
    grenades, unless you had a serious mishap with the grenades by 
    yourself… you never know.
    	Now, don’t go in the room on the left, as we’ve already checked 
    it.  Instead, go down and turn right, and the room on you left will 
    cause your ASE to beep.  Go ahead and scan the wall, and you’ll find an 
    All Seeing Eye logo (pyramid with eye and rings).  This is what is 
    known as an ASE puzzle.  To solve, use left and right on the D-Pad to 
    twist the rings.  Once a ring lines up with the pyramid, you press down 
    or up to get to the next ring.  The twist here is, sometimes twisting 
    one ring a certain way will twist other rings in the puzzle, so you may 
    need to twist the same ring several times in different directions to 
    get them all to line up.
    	Once you solve the puzzle, a room will open up with stairs down.  
    This is a weapons cache, and these will really help you throughout the 
    game.  Go in, and you’ll find a SCAR, health cans, an ammo box, and 
    Sub-machine gun, and the prototype HVS45 sniper pistol.  Switch your 
    SCAR for the HVS and stock up.  If you’re better with the SCAR than the 
    MP5, swap your MP5 for the pistol and keep the SCAR.  The important 
    thing is, because the HVS only has 16 shots, you’re down to one gun for 
    most of the game, so make it count.  Now, leave the cache and scan the 
    bunker room for Trust Disk 1.  There are ten of these disks in a level, 
    usually found floating around, and once you get all 10 you unlock a 
    concept art gallery. Now, switch to your MP5 and exit.  Open the door 
    down the hall by walking into it, and then open the next door. 
    	You’ll enter a command center teeming with soldiers.  Kill all 4 
    on the lower level, and then go up the stairs and kill 3 more.  If 
    you’ve been going more in depth with the story through radio broadcasts 
    so far, it’s important to note that the TV monitor on the right on 
    level 1 tells you what’s going on.  Otherwise, go away from the stairs 
    on level 2 towards the radio, and turn left.  Scan that corner for 
    Trust Disk 2.  Go back to the center of level 2, and use the ASE to 
    hack into the computer module.  Switch back to your MP5, and leave the 
    command center.  Once the door opens, kill the four soldiers and keep 
    moving.  Now you’ll see how Prometheus has been controlling America’s 
    finest… a deadly Neuro-toxin!!  AHHHH NOESSS!!!  Well, it won’t help 
    feeling sorry for the soldier, as he’s ready to kill you.  Dispatch of 
    him, and go through the door.  In the next hall, go into the first room 
    on the right, and scan for Secret Message 4.  Exit, and go into room 2 
    straight ahead for MP5 ammo, health, grenades, and a pistol.  Exit, and 
    kill the soldiers there.  Also, look out for those red boxes emitting 
    red pulsing lights.  These are pulse boxes, which emit radiation in a 
    circle that damages anyone close enough.  Shoot them down, and go into 
    the room on the left.  Scan for Trust Disk 3, and health.  The room 
    straight ahead when you get back into the hall and keep going has more 
    health.  Turn, and in the second room on the left there is a SCAR, and 
    an ammo box.  Also, scan the room for Trust Disk 4.  Exit, and kill 
    four more soldiers.  Be careful as there is a regen unit on the wall 
    that will heal the soldiers if they are not already dead.  Take out the 
    unit if you can’t kill the soldiers.  Go down the hall, and scan the 
    first room on the right for Secret Message 5.  Now, open the door and 
    on the room on the right is a pistol, ammo box, and health.  Go back 
    out and you’ll see another organic lock, like the one in the tutorial 
    (this is actually the lock that the voice references when he says “like 
    the lock in the bunker”.  Odd that he references something not yet in 
    the game, but remember this is a flashback.)  Near the lock on the wall 
    to the right and the left are nodes, one on each wall.  Scan them to 
    disable the locks.  Keep going, but when Adams says stop you better 
    	Take out your ASE, and scan the area to find a ghost mine.  
    Charge the ASE while facing it to blow it up.  Stand near the door, and 
    keep scanning.  You’re in a water plant filled with them.  Go around 
    the walkway and disable all of the ghost mines.  Go down into the water 
    and disable those.  Take the strike rifle in the water that was being 
    guarded by two mines, swap it for the MP5.  Go up the steps back onto 
    the platform, and grab the health pack if you need it.  Now exit the 
    room, and enter the hall.  Scan the wall on the right to the right of 
    the letter B for Secret Message 6.  Enter the first room on the right, 
    and kill the soldier.  There’s health, a pistol, SCAR, MP5, and a 
    radio.  Sounds like things are getting bad outside… Hmmmm.  Now, go 
    into the hall and open the door.  Don’t go up the stairs, but kill the 
    soldiers that rappel down.  Go up the stairs and kill the soldiers that 
    are advancing down.  Go up to the elevator, and interact with the 
    button by pressing A.  Get in, and wait.  Hey, look, a High Voltage 
    	When the door opens, kill the soldiers on your left.  Go down the 
    stairs until you reach an area bathed in red light.  Scan the outer 
    wall for Secret Message 7.  Keep going down for an ammo box.  Restock.  
    Go back up to the level with the elevator, and turn left into a 
    hallway.  If there are still soldiers, kill them.  Turn left, and then 
    turn right.  Hey, wait!  What’s a drone doing here??  Too late, just 
    kill him.  Now, switch to your HVS pistol.  Go to the hall, and snipe 
    the drones that are coming in.  Once the drones slow down and you have 
    about 9 or 10 shots left in the gun, switch to the strike rifle and 
    pick up other strike rifles for ammo.  Go into the room, and blow up 
    the conduit on the left.  Go into the next room, and destroy the 
    conduit in the cubicle.  Turn to your right, and shoot the barrel.  
    Now, take out your ASE.  On the cubicle to the left of where the 
    conduit was, scan for another ASE puzzle.  Inside are a strike rifle, 
    Drudge ammo cache, Human ammo cache, MP5, and another HVS pistol.  The 
    pistol is no longer needed, so if you still have it, swap it for a MP5.  
    Stock up with both ammo caches, and exit.  Kill the soldiers in that 
    section of the room, and scan by the counter in front of you for Trust 
    Disk 5.  Keep going, and when you reach the small hall, turn left and 
    scan for Secret Message 8.  Now, before going down the hall, turn to 
    the right and enter the small opening.  Scan the room ahead for Trust 
    Disk 6.  Use your ASE pulse ability to retrace your steps, and open the 
    door that the orange line leads to.  Follow that corridor, and kill the 
    soldiers.  Now, descend the stairs in the middle of the room, and 
    interact with the flashing valve wheel.   Turn around and scan to the 
    left for Trust Disk 7.  Follow the corridor to the left, and open the 
    door.  Take the stairs on the right, and shoot the red valve.  Take the 
    stairs across from the right stairs (left from entrance), and shoot 
    valve 2.  Go into the main circle room, and take out some drones and 
    guards.  Shoot valve 3 on the right side of the walkway, and valve 4 on 
    the left side of the walkway.  Go down the stairs, and shoot valve 5 on 
    the pipes.  DO NOT SHOOT THE OTHER VALVE YET!!  Instead, scan the 
    canisters on the left side (if looking towards exit), for Trust Disk 8.  
    Now, you can shoot valve 6.  Make sure you have everything scanned thus 
    far, as after the steam pressure is released; the room will collapse 
    and seal you off.  Escape the room by exiting.  Up ahead should be a 
    SMAW. You’re gonna want that one.  Swap it with the MP5, and keep the 
    strike rifle.  Switch to the strike rifle, and go to the door.  Kill 
    the soldiers in the hallway with the scope, and then go up the ramp.  
    Turn left, and kill the drones.  Quickly, scan the wall on the left for 
    Secret Message 9.
    	Go into the hallway, and kill the remaining drones.  Scan above 
    the bust of some guy for Trust Disk 9.  Make sure you got that message 
    and disk, because more of the hall will collapse behind you.  Keep 
    going, and scan the walls on the right and left for more organic lock 
    nodes.  Switch to your strike rifle, and grab the health.  Exit the 
    bunker, and follow the path.  Yeah!!  Mr. Adams and the President are 
    really proud!!  Wait, why would it be a shame… hold on, I’m not dead… 
    What??  More DRONES??  And Mr. Adams wants me dead??  Such a big plot 
    twist!!  Now, keep moving, and hide in the corner on your right… hold 
    on, another voice.  Who is this??  PROMETHEUS??  WHAT?  But he’s a 
    terrorist!!  Oh, he’s not controlling the drones.  Keep shooting the 
    drones, but run when the red therm-mite rolls in.  Shoot it from a 
    distance.  Keep killing drones, and move to the puddle in the center of 
    the stairs to pick up health.
    	Now, start bunny hopping and keep drilling drones.  Make your way 
    into the memorial, and switch to the SMAW.  Leave the SMAW on the wall 
    alone.  Now that you’re in the memorial, no-scope shoot the conduits 
    lying around with the SMAW.  Hop around, as the SMAW reloads slowly.  
    After the conduits are gone, switch to the strike rifle.  Bunny hop 
    around, and kill the remaining drones.  When Prometheus begins to speak 
    again, reload and gather health.  DO NOT EXIT THE MEMORIAL YET!!  Once 
    you’ve restocked and reloaded, pick up the SMAW at the entrance to 
    restock that weapon.  Switch to the strike rifle, and kill the soldiers 
    that dropped down.  Go to your left and scan the alcove in the wall for 
    Trust Disk 10.  Switch to the SMAW and bunny hop towards the water 
    front.  Rock the drones as they appear, and switch to the strike rifle 
    if they all scatter.  Once you clear them all out, head towards the 
    water, and wait for the chopper Prometheus promised.  That’s all she 
    wrote for this level!
    	Checklist of unlockables:
    	“There ought to be limits on freedom” – Secret Message 3
    	Trust Disk 1
    	Trust Disk 2
    	“Where is Virginia Dare?” – Secret Message 4
    	Trust Disk 3
    	Trust Disk 4
    	“The Union of Ellinor and Ananias Dare was the catalyst” – Secret 
    Message 5
    	“Virginia Dare was the first puppet of our master!” – Secret 
    Message 6
    	“Puppet error caused Roswell and Shag Harbor” – Secret Message 7
    	Trust Disk 5
    	“Operation Saucer lulled the sheep back to sleep” – Secret 
    Message 8
    	Trust Disk 6
    	Trust Disk 7
    	Trust Disk 8
    	“Is not an alien force already among us?” – Secret Message 9
    	Trust Disk 9
    	Trust Disk 10
           Now we get a dialogue between Mr. Ford and Prometheus.  Turns out 
    Mr. Adams was lying to you, and he’s the bad guy.  Prometheus is just 
    misunderstood.  Now, kill the two agents that charge you.  Then, turn 
    right and kill the agents shooting at you.  Circle the lower level and 
    take out all the agents that are charging you.  Once the lower level is 
    clear, you can head upstairs.  Remember, with your new trust suit, you 
    can heal on the go, so slow down to regenerate if you’re low on health.  
    Upstairs, take out all of the enemies up there.  Most of them should be 
    on the stairs leading to that painting.  Kill them all, and start 
    scanning for nodes.  Node 1 is on the left pillar farthest down in the 
    hall with the lock.  Node 2 is on the opposite side of the hall between 
    Node 1 and the door.  Continue on towards those stairs with the 
    painting.  Go up, restock, and scan to the right of the painting for 
    Node 3.  Go down to the right, and Node 4 is at the top of the stairs 
    on that side.  Pick up a Deatomizer and switch it with your TPC 
    Launcher.  Restock again at the Trust Ammo dump, and go through the 
    exit.  Kill the three agents in this room, and open the door.  Open the 
    next door, and kill the soldiers.
           Now, scan the two middle bookcases for the nodes.  On the left 
    side of the last bookcase, scan for Trust Disk 11.  Open the door, and 
    kill the soldiers in the next room.  Beware the open door on the other 
    end, which allows soldiers to come and go.  Kill all of them, and go to 
    the entrance.  Scan the wall with the flags for Secret Message 10
           Keep going into the round room and on the far side go scan for 
    Trust Disk 12.  Go to the near side, and restock.  You could pick up 
    the SMAW, but I wouldn’t.  There are a lot of tight corners, and 
    rockets could backfire very easily.  Open the flashing door, and open 
    the next door.  Pick up the health on the table if you need to, and 
    scan the far wall for another ASE puzzle.  Inside are trust ammo, 
    health, radiation grenades, a warp pistol, and the prototype Deatomizer 
    Mk9.  Switch the Mk4 you have with the Mk9.  Switch to your SPAS 12 (my 
    favorite gun in the game!!), and open the next door.  Scan for Trust 
    Disk 13.  Go into the next room, and take out the eggs sacks and agent 
    with your SPAS.  Melee the Tear-mites and shoot the pulse boxes with 
    your SPAS.  Keep going down the hall, taking out the egg sacks, agents, 
    and tear-mites.  Jump over the therm-mites, and let them explode behind 
    you.  Open up the door, and continue opening the doors in the mini 
    halls until you come to a round room.  Take out the egg sacks, and scan 
    the center of the room for Trust Disk 14.  Open the next door, and 
    begin shooting down the pulse boxes.  Jump from stair step to stair 
    step to avoid the hidden boxes, and take out the egg sack on the other 
    side.  Turn around, and destroy the other pulse boxes.  Then, scan the 
    wall to the right of the exit for Secret Message 11.  Go through the 
    door, and take out all of the egg sacks.  Don’t forget the egg sack on 
    the ceiling.  Now, start scanning for nodes.
           Node 1 is on the bookcase facing away from the entrance, on the 
    right side.  Node 2 is to the left of the exit, and node 3 is to the 
    right of the exit.  Node four is on the bookcase facing away from the 
    exit on the right.  Exit the room, and open the next door.  Switch to 
    your ASE, and scan the ghost mines.  Enter the next room, and destroy 
    more ghost mines.  Enter the next room, and take out your SPAS.  Kill 
    the therm mite, and switch to the ASE.  Scan the next ghost mine and 
    switch back to SPAS to take out the next tear-mites.  On the ceiling to 
    your right is an egg sack… you know what to do.  Scan the crack in 
    front of you for Trust Disk 15.  Turn around, and melee the tear-mites.  
    Go down the stairs and scan the ghost mine.  Go to the left and destroy 
    the egg sack and ghost mine.  Return to the room with the stairs and 
    destroy the last egg sack.  Restock your weapon at the ammo box.  Scan 
    the wall at the foot of the stairs for Secret Message 12.  Now, scan 
    the node on the right of the door way, and scan node 2 on the left of 
    the lock.  Exit the room.  Start bunny hopping, and turn to the left to 
    kill the tear-mites.  On the opposite end of the reading room, go 
    behind the book cases and take the left stairs.  Keep killing tear-
    mites if they get to be too much.  Once you reach the blue square, kill 
    the three guards.  Drop back down to the floor, and scan above the 
    middle bookcase for Trust Disk 16.  Return to the blue square (pulse 
    the ASE if you must).  Scan the square, and then scan the computer 
    terminal inside.
           A failsafe has been activated, and you MUST survive!  Bunny hop 
    around and kill tear mites and therm-mites for the next 90 seconds.  
    After the time is up, go back to the circle room and clear any 
    remaining mites out.  Now, you’ll see a cut scene in the library.  Kill 
    the para mites that appear in a swarm.  Once you kill them, more will 
    come from the center bookcase.  Don’t worry about these enemies, but 
    enter where they spawned from.  Go down the tunnel, but beware the med-
    mite when you turn right.  Continue down and kill him.  Enter the 
    tunnel, and turn left at the exit to scan for Trust Disk 17.  Go down 
    the sewers.  Go to the wall on the right of the first pipe, scan for 
    Secret Message 13.  Enter the sewers and kill the enemies.  Swap the 
    SPAS for the warp pistol (you’re probably pretty low on ammo), and exit 
    the pipe.  Kill the med-mite on your right, and turn around and kill 
    the other one.  Swap the warp pistol for the SPAS on the ground, and 
    restock in the small room that was on the right.  Exit, and go to the 
    left.  In a small room there is a scan for Secret Message 14.
           Continue down the stairs, and take out the egg sacks.  Then, take 
    out the turret looking thing in the middle of the pipe.  On the wall 
    opposite the turret, with water pouring out, scan for Trust Disk 18.  
    Continue down the sewer, and take the right stairs.  Take out the egg 
    sacks, and follow the board that crosses the sewer.  Take out the other 
    egg sack, and go down the mini stairs.  Interact with the flashing 
    green valve there, and a new door will open.  Jump back down into the 
    sewers, and go to the next room.  Before entering the pipe, scan for 
    Trust Disk 19.  Enter the pipe, and turn right at the exit.  Take out 
    the first egg sack, and then scan to your left to destroy the ghost 
    mine.  Kill the second egg sack.  Go down the right side, and take out 
    the ghost mines on the side and in the water.  Once you reach the egg 
    sack on the right, take that one out and the one on the left.  Destroy 
    the ghost mine on the left by scanning it.  Destroy the last two egg 
    sacks, mop up any remaining mites, and scan the ghost mine at the foot 
    of the stairs.   Go up the stairs, and take out the egg sacks on the 
    right with your SPAS.  Restock with the ammo box, and cross the boards.  
    Take out the egg sack and turn around.  Kill the two med-mites in the 
    tunnel, and then the tear-mites coming through.  Exit the tunnel and 
    kill the enemies straight ahead.  Cross the boards and take out the egg 
    sacks.  Cross back over, go down the mini stairs, and twist the 
    flashing valve.
           Jump back down and follow the sewers.  Exit pipe one and enter 
    pipe two.  Exit pipe, and kill the mites and the turret.  Along the 
    roots, scan for Trust Disk 20.  On the wall behind you, scan for Secret 
    Message 15.  Continue following the pipe, and when you reach the grate, 
    finally switch to the Mk9.  Go to the center, and take out all of the 
    egg sacks you can see.  If the tear-mites and para-mites get to be too 
    much, melee and shoot them, but not too much.  The egg sacks will be in 
    front of, behind, and on either side of you.  Then, check the corners 
    for one more.  At this point the maximum number of egg sacks left 
    SHOULD be 11.  Reload, and ascend the stairs.  Circle the upper level, 
    and take out the last eleven sacks and any other drudge.  These sacks 
    will be in crevices on all four sides.  After that, you’ve finished the 
           Checklist of Unlockables:
           Trust Disk 11
           “MDCCLXXVI” – Secret Message 10
           Trust Disk 12
           Trust Disk 13
           Trust Disk 14
           “Under the terms of the treaty, the Shugurra was returned” – 
    Secret Message 11
           Trust Disk 15
           “The Condon Committee was ours!” – Secret Message 12
           Trust Disk 16
           Trust Disk 17
           “Fight and Die for the NOW” – Secret Message 13
           “Humans should fear the world they call Eris!” – Secret Message 
           Trust Disk 18
           Trust Disk 19
           Trust Disk 20
           “The Ducaz came before the Drudge” – Secret Message 15
    	Well, now it appears that the President is in trouble.  But since 
    Adams has convinced him that you are now part of the enemy, there’s no 
    talking to him. You’re going to have to speak through your actions.  At 
    the start of the level, go straight ahead, and take out the soldiers 
    there.  Bunny hop straight, and grenade the first conduit.  Turn left 
    and bunny hop down the passage way, killing the drones in the chairs.  
    Reach the back of the room, and blow up the second conduit.  Return to 
    the beginning of the level.  In the small waiting room with the rubble, 
    scan the wall for Secret Message 16.  Keep going straight until the ASE 
    beeps.  Scan the wall for another ASE puzzle.  Go down the stairs, and 
    there will be human ammo, flash grenades, an HVS pistol, and the 
    Carbonizer.  Switch your pistol for the Carbonizer, and then switch to 
    the MP5.  Head back up, and scan the top of the stairs for Trust Disk 
    21.  Go back down the long passage way and exit through the flashing 
    doors.  There will be a cut scene with a skimmer.  Turn right, and take 
    out the turret with the MP5.  Turn around, bunny hop, and kill the 
    soldiers.  Turn back around, switch to the Carbonizer, and kill the 
    remaining soldiers.  Go back to the little alcove with the bookcase, 
    and scan the back corner for Trust Disk 22.
    	Go down the hallway, and turn to the right.  Blow up the conduit, 
    and look above you.  Kill the skimmer with the MP5, and then scan 
    behind you for Secret Message 17.  Open the door and go to the right, 
    eliminating any opposition.  Go to the right and behind the desk in the 
    back, to restock.  Go back to the door, and start eliminating enemies 
    through the door.  Switch to the ASE and take out the ghost mine.  
    Switch back to the MP5, and take out the turret.  Go back to the room 
    with the desk and ammo box.  There, in the corner next to it in front 
    of the door, scan for Trust Disk 23.  Return to the turret room, and go 
    through the opening.  Go straight up the stairs, and grenade the 
    conduit up there.  Turn left and destroy the egg sack.  Turn right and 
    destroy the regen unit.  Scan for Trust Disk 24.  Take the Carbonizer 
    out, reload, and take out the turrets to the right on the bottom of the 
    stairs.  Switch back to your MP5, turn left, and kill the soldiers, 
    drones, and regen unit.  Grenade the conduit, and turn around and go 
    down the hall.  On the right wall near the cabinets, scan for Secret 
    Message 18.
    	Follow the hall and go through the door.  Go up the stairs, and 
    kill the guard.  Continue up the stairs, and open up the door.  Kill 
    the guards, and the drone turret.  On the other side of the room, 
    behind the pillars, blow up the conduit there.  Return to the beginning 
    of the room, and scan to the left of the door for Secret Message 19.  
    Go through the flashing door, and scan for the ghost mines.  In the far 
    left of the room, go scan for Trust Disk 25.  Go through the doorway on 
    the right, and go to the far wall.  Make sure to hug the perimeter.  
    Kill the drones and guards in the room, and switch the MP5 for a strike 
    rifle from the fallen drones.  Scan the room and destroy the ghost 
    mines.  Go through the door, drop down the hole, and kill the therm-
    mite that comes in.  Go straight ahead, and kill the drone in the small 
    office.  Return to the center lobby, and mop up the resistance and 
    destroy the conduit.  Go back to the small office, and scan for Trust 
    Disk 26.  Go through the flashing door.
    	Kill the forces there, and keep going straight.  Go into the 
    conference room, and kill the remaining forces.  Go back, and head down 
    the stairs.  Restock, and scan for Trust Disk 27.  In the conference 
    room, scan the wall to the right of the podium for Secret Message 20.    
    Scan behind the podium for a small square.  This is an odd Easter egg 
    that cues some weird music.  Follow the hallway, and destroy the regen 
    unit and conduit.  Clear the small office rooms of troops, and return 
    to the dead end on the stairs.  In the first office on the right after 
    leaving the stairs, scan the room for Secret Message 21.  Open the 
    flashing door down the hall, and clear out the enemies.  Return to the 
    entrance, and scan to the right for Trust Disk 28.  Continue down the 
    hall, and after passing the conference room with statues, turn to the 
    right at the next door.  Inside that room, go scan for Trust Disk 29.  
    Turn around, and go straight until the ASE beeps.  Scan the wall for 
    another ASE puzzle.  In the cache are a Shrieker, grenades, HVS pistol, 
    and health.  Take what you want from the room, but retain the 
    Carbonizer.  Exit through the flashing door, and turn right.  Blow up 
    the conduits and the egg sack.  Turn around and walk towards the 
    entrance again.  Scan the right wall for Secret Message 22.
    	Exit the hall, and kill the soldiers in the next room.  Hey look!  
    It’s the oval office!!  No time for that now, as we have to scan the 
    desk for Trust Disk 30.  Then, scan to the right and left of the desk 
    for nodes 1 and 2.  Scan above the fireplace for the final bio node.  
    Now, take a good look at that cut scene.  See that large alien in the 
    back?  That’s a scarab (check the enemy guide).  Now, before leaving, 
    reload your Carbonizer. You’re gonna need this bad boy.  Exit the room, 
    and bunny hop straight over to the Scarab.  Lock onto him, and sear him 
    through with a long and painful Carbonizer blast.  Then, switch to the 
    strike rifle and kill the drones.  Go back to the porch and grab the 
    health on the left side.  Then, take out the egg sacks.  Now, see those 
    giant “growths”?  Prometheus notices them too.  Good job, fake 
    terrorist!!  Anyway, shoot it with the strike rifle.  
    	Well, turns out that they are nerve clusters to the tentacles 
    holding down the President’s chopper, and to free him you have 7 more 
    growths to kill.  Growth two is on the left side of the garden.  Make 
    sure to keep bunny hopping, as the skimmers are relentless.  Kill only 
    one of them, and switch the Carbonizer for the Shrieker the skimmer 
    left behind.  Switch back the strike rifle, and restock your drudge 
    weapons.  Then, go up to the gate and shoot growths 3, 4, and 5 near 
    the chopper (2 on left, 1 on right).  Now, switch to your Shrieker and 
    aim at the corner of the White House.  
    	Blast off three missiles and point at one of the growths.  
    Continue doing this until the growth is destroyed.  Rinse, wash and 
    repeat for growths 7 and 8.  Now, turn around and wipe up the drudge.  
    Hopefully now the President will appreciate the magnitude of the 
    situation, and start thinking.  But leave it to Prometheus to be the 
    bearer of bad news.  The President, having seen only a man in a Trust 
    suit take out an entire alien force, believes in Mr. Adams now, as he 
    thinks Mr. Ford is still with Mr. Adams… looks like the plan backfired.  
    Well, now we have to come up with a new plan, but not before the level 
    	Checklist of Unlockables:
    	“Weep for long lost Nibiru” – Secret Message 16
    	Trust Disk 21
    	Trust Disk 22
    	“And from the Cat’s Eye Nebula they came forth” – Secret Message 
    	Trust Disk 23
    	Trust Disk 24
    	“AD ASTRA PER ASPERA” – Secret Message 18
    	“XXIII” – Secret Message 19
    	Trust Disk 25
    	Trust Disk 26
    	Trust Disk 27
    	“Darkness seems scarcely different from light…” – Secret Message 
    	Easter egg – Weird Music (not necessary)
    	“You are not paranoid – you are right!” – Secret Message 21
    	Trust Disk 28
    	Trust Disk 29
    	“People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders” – 
    Secret Message 22
    	Trust Disk 30
    	Prometheus is just not a fun guy to talk about.  Turns out he’s 
    alerting you to an invasion of the Pentagon that threatens the national 
    security.  Mr. Adams wants the defense codes so he can control the 
    military, as he believes totalitarian rule is the only way to save the 
    country.  You start the game with a new trust suit (see Other Gear 
    section), and you’re… all alone.  The Drudge have taken out all 
    resistance, and therefore you are tasked with succeeding where the US 
    Army failed… piece of cake, right?
    	Now, go up and open the door.  Turn to the right, and scan the 
    top corner for Trust Disk 31.  Exit the room, and go forward down the 
    alley until you find a conduit.  Blow it up.  Continue on, and blow up 
    the conduit on the left and the one further on down to the right.  Turn 
    around, and kill that annoying skimmer that’s been buzzing around.  
    Return to the entrance, and begin scanning for nodes.  Node 1 is behind 
    the dumpster on the right, node 2 is on the right wall past the car, 
    and node 3 is on the left wall next to the car, behind a breakable box 
    (break with a melee attack).  Don’t get too close to the car, or you’ll 
    be burned.  Node 4 is to the right of the second conduit, on the left 
    wall.  Now, exit the alley, and go down the stairs.  Kill the soldiers 
    and interact with the valve.  Go up the stairs to floor 5, and switch 
    the MP5 for the SMAW.  Drop down five floors to the basement again, and 
    go up to floor 3.  Clear the room of all enemies, (NOT with the SMAW), 
    and then face the entrance.  Scan the wall to the right of the entrance 
    for Secret Message 23.  Go to the office on the left, and scan for 
    Trust Disk 32.  Go across the office to the room with tentacles, and 
    scan for Trust Disk 33.  Exit the room.  Now, take out the pulse boxes 
    and the soldier on the right.  Scan the memorial of America’s Heroes 
    for Trust Disk 34.
    	Exit the room.  Take out the SMAW you have, and destroy the 
    drones.  Go to the end of the hall, and take out the egg sack.  Scan 
    between flags for Node 1.  Now, switch your other weapon to a strike 
    rifle, and restock through other rifles.  Now it’s time to deal with 
    those annoying skimmers.  Shoot out the windows with single bursts, and 
    then kill the skimmers.  Looks like some soldiers joined the action as 
    well, so snipe through the window and kill the soldiers.  Return to the 
    entrance, and scan above the couch for Node 2.  Walk over the SMAW to 
    restock, and then scan between the windows on the left for Node 3.  
    Node 4 can be found on the wood paneling on the right by the exit.
    	Exit this room, and you’ll see a cut scene.  Remember that enemy 
    in the tutorial that you couldn’t fight?  The invader?  Well, they’re 
    here too, and lucky you, you get to fight it!  But not just yet.  Now, 
    snipe the drudge soldiers on the streets, and then drop down to the 
    streets.  DO NOT PASS THE TANKS!!  Instead, take out the conduit on the 
    left with a scoped strike rifle.  Now, switch to the SMAW, and then 
    pass the tank.  A scarab will crash through the wall on your right.  
    Target it, and take it down with rockets.  Continue on down, and take 
    out the other conduits with the SMAW.  Now, a second scarab is at the 
    other end.  Blow him away with the SMAW.
    	After you destroy the conduits, swap the SMAW for the hive 
    cannons the scarab dropped.  Return to the wall that the scarab made.  
    Scan for an ASE puzzle.  Inside are health, human ammo, flash grenades, 
    and the striker.  Change out the strike rifle for the striker.  Switch 
    back to the cannon.  Exit the room, and then exit the alley.  Go down 
    to the bottom, and scan the pipes for Trust Disk 35.  Scan the wall on 
    the stairs between basement and level 1 for Secret Message 24.  Go up 
    to level 4, and open the door.  Clear out the office with the striker, 
    and switch to the ASE to eliminate ghost mines when necessary.  In the 
    first office on the right, switch the striker for the SMAW.  Now, go 
    out of the office through the other door, and scan above the plants for 
    Secret Message 25.  Exit the room.  Shoot the drone in the window with 
    the SMAW.  Drop down to the street, and switch the hive cannon for the 
    	Walk along the right side of the alley, and take out ghost mines.  
    Shoot the Scarab that appears with the SMAW.  If you need health, it’s 
    behind the dumpster on the right.  Turn right at the hole at the back 
    of the alley, and blow up the conduit.  There should be a scarab there 
    too, so take him out.  Turn right, and scan for Trust Disk 36.  Now 
    turn around, and destroy the other conduit.  Take out the egg sack on 
    the ceiling as well.  Scan to the right of the hand scanner at the end 
    of the hall for Secret Message 26.  
    	Hack the scanner with the ASE, and interact with the pad.  Take 
    out the pulse boxes and four turrets.  Interact with the next pad.  
    Take out the eggs sacks, and scan the left wall for Secret Message 27. 
    Interact with that pad.  Go up the stairs on the right.  After the 
    dialogue, hack the modules in that small room.  Drama drama drama!!  An 
    invisible Scarab will emerge, and stop at the stairs.  Wait for him, 
    and go down when the ASE beeps.  Scan him, and he will be stunned for a 
    short period of time.  Take him down with the SMAW and grenades, but be 
    careful not to kill yourself from the back lash.  Exit the stairs, and 
    go straight across.  Restock your human ammo, but don’t use the health 
    just yet.  Instead, go to the computer banks and hack the locked 
    module.  Take out the turret at the ceiling, and another wave will hit.  
    Fight it off with the hive cannon, and at some point switch it out with 
    the MP5.  Now, go back and get that health.  Go over to the holographic 
    globe upstairs, and scan for Trust Disk 37.  Now, go up the stairs to 
    the right of the globe, and hack the last module.  Exit through the 
    door back down by the computer bay.  Scan the wall there in the next 
    room for Secret Message 28.  Keep going through the mini halls until 
    you reach a flashing door.  Go in the door, and kill the egg sacks on 
    the stairway, along with the soldiers.  Go to the fourth floor, and 
    inside quickly can for Trust Disk 38.  Now, take out the soldiers and 
    conduits in the room.  Scan the table in the room on the right with the 
    projection of the Pentagon for node 1.  Go forward, and scan the 
    cabinets in the server room for node 2.  Scan the office across from 
    that for node 3, and Secret Message 29.  Finally, scan the outside of 
    that office for node 4.  Exit the room, and drop down to the bottom 
    stairs to restock.
    	Go all the way up to level 5, and scan the area outside the door 
    for Trust Disk 39.  Exit the stairwell at level 3 and kill the skimmer 
    through the hole.  Scan that hole for Trust Disk 40.  Drop down, and 
    start shooting drones.  Now, take out the ASE, and scan when it beeps 
    to reveal a scarab.  Blow it out of the water, or…err, um pavement?  
    ANYway, switch the MP5 for a strike rifle.  A second invisible scarab 
    will emerge, to be promptly revealed and killed by you.  Finally, an 
    invader will appear.  Holy expletives Batman!!  That thing is huge!  
    Well, shoot at it with the strike rifle.  Then, when it rears up on its 
    hind legs, let fly with the SMAW.  Continue doing this until the 
    invader finally dies.  That’s the end of level!!
    	Checklist of Unlockables:
    	Trust Disk 31
    	“Novus ordo sectorum” – Secret Message 23
    	Trust Disk 32
    	Trust Disk 33
    	Trust Disk 34
    	Trust Disk 35
    	“The sacrilege of Bayankora Ula will not be forgotten” – Secret 
    Message 24
    	“The dropa came down from the clouds” – Secret Message 25
    	Trust Disk 36
    	“XLII” – Secret Message 26
    	“We must join with the others to bring forth a new world order” – 
    Secret Message 27
    	Trust Disk 37
    	“The Attas shall pay for our exile and imprisonment” – Secret 
    Message 28
    	Trust Disk 38
    	“The final destiny of the Gods” – Secret Message 29
    	Trust Disk 39
    	Trust Disk 40
    	Well, we’ve sure come a long way, and yet we haven’t seen much of 
    the city side of DC.  Well, now we get our chance!!  Prometheus 
    believes there is another nest around here somewhere, but he’s not sure 
    where.  So Mr. Ford has to peruse the streets of DC until Prometheus 
    can lock in on a signal.  So, let the tour of fun (and danger) begin!!
    	Move forward through the street.  Almost immediately, you’ll 
    encounter drones.  Bunny hop around for protection, and take them all 
    out.  Pick up a strike rifle in place of the SCAR, and snipe the drudge 
    in the window.  Once Prometheus gives the all clear, return to the gray 
    truck at the beginning of the level.  Scan the side of it for Secret 
    Message 30.  Now, go to the right and get to the first porch at the 
    beginning of the level.  There should be a box there.  Jump on it, and 
    use it as a platform to jump on the awning next to it.  Keep climbing 
    the building until you come to a roof.  Across the roof is a cracked 
    wall.  Shoot it and scan the inside for Trust Disk 41.  Drop down onto 
    the streets, and go left to restock.  Turn around, and head down that 
    street.  Shoot the entire drudge there, while bunny hopping.  Beware 
    the cars, as they can hurt you and they also provide cover for the 
    drudge.  After the area is clear, go to the right.  A piece of fallen 
    concrete has formed a ramp that you can climb.  Ascend and jump onto 
    the ledge on the right for health and to scan for Trust Disk 42.
    	Return to street level.  Go up to the ramp that leads to the 
    alley, but don’t go up it.  Instead, turn around.  There is a poster on 
    the wall you are now facing.  Scan the wall for Secret Message 31.  Go 
    back to the alley ramp and drop in.  Oh thank god, a chopper.  Wait, 
    wait…. OH NOESSS!!!  THE DRUDGE TOOK OVER THE CHOPPER!!  It’ll crash 
    out of sight, and you’re left to clear out all the enemies in the area.  
    Start with the alley, and clear out those drones as well as the drones 
    on the fire escape.  Then, go out into the streets and clear out those 
    enemies.  Do not go into the building at the end of the street yet, 
    however.  Instead go back to the alley and shoot the cracked part of 
    wall on the right.  Scan inside for an ASE puzzle, and scan to the left 
    for Secret Message 32.  
    	Inside the armory room are a SPAS, human ammo, health, SCAR, and 
    striker.  Trade your pistol for the SPAS and return to the street.  Go 
    through the house at the end of the street, and take out the egg sack.  
    Scan the corners for Trust Disk 43.   When you reach the ammo dumps, 
    reload.  Drop through the hole onto the street.  The good news is you 
    found a bridge across DC.  The bad news??  There’s an invader in your 
    way.  First, turn around and scan the wall behind the tank for Secret 
    Message 33.  Then, use grenades to take out the invader. If you run 
    out, go behind the tank to the ammo box and restock.  After defeating 
    the invader, use your strike rifle to take out the skimmers.  Advance 
    towards the street and scan for ghost mines at the end of the bridge.  
    Take out the drones with either gun, but take out the scarab with 
    several close-up SPAS shots.  Make sure to bunny hop for protection, 
    and be careful not to back up into the ghost mines.  After the music 
    changes, continue moving.  Turn left, and towards the sewers.  Be 
    careful of the drones that jump up from the hole.  Drop in and take out 
    the Med-mites.  Restock your weapons with the ammo box.  On the last 
    walkway over the water in the sewer, pass over it and scan under it for 
    Trust Disk 44.  Walk up the ramp, and pop up in the streets.  Take care 
    of the conduits with grenades, and use your shotgun to dispatch the 
    scarab.  Return to the sewer hole, but instead walk into a hole in the 
    wall.  Scan for an ASE puzzle, and scan to the left for Secret Message 
    	Inside the cache are a SCAR, ammo, Shrieker, Striker, and a 
    pistol.  Exit and return to the site of the conduits.  Keep going 
    through the alley and take out the drones in the alley and on the fire 
    escapes.  Keep fighting, but the pathway behind you will collapse.  
    Next, there will be ghost mines.  Scan for the ghost mines, and also 
    scan to your left for Trust Disk 45.  Switch back to your SPAS and take 
    out the egg sacks in the alley.  You will now come upon 2 invaders!!  
    Oh dear….  Go over to the ammo box and restock.  Throw grenades at the 
    pair of them, and keep restocking and spamming the grenades.  If they 
    rear up, it might help to shoot them with a shotty.  Also, beware the 
    para-mites and missiles that come from the invaders.  There’s health to 
    the left, and health and ammo on the two porches.  After destroying 
    them, head down to the subway station at the end of the street.  
    Destroy all of the pulse boxes using the scope on your strike rifle.  
    Halfway down the escalator on the right, scan for Secret Message 35.  
    Take out the ghost mines at the turnstile and the first platform.  At 
    the back of the subway car is a box.  Jump on it, and jump on the car 
    to scan for Trust Disk 46.  Follow the tracks into the tunnel, being 
    careful for mites chasing you.  When you reach the tunnel, scan left 
    for Trust Disk 47.  Keep going, but beware of therm-mites and drones 
    behind cover.  Prometheus will point you towards a door on the right.  
    Enter and eradicate the egg sacks.
    	Restock inside of this room, and then continue on.  Eliminate the 
    drudge here, at the next platform, and take the stairs on the right.  
    Scan beneath for Trust Disk 48; go up the staircase to destroy the 
    drudge.  On the left side, there’s a small room with a terminal and an 
    egg sack.  Destroy the egg sack and hack the terminal.  The subway car 
    will move away.  Does this look familiar yet??  In case you didn’t know 
    yet, we’re back in real time before the 5 day flash back, as we have 
    returned to the tutorial stage.  However this time, the drudge are 
    upping the ante.
    	Turn right towards the door, and eliminate the egg sacks.  Go by 
    corner by door, and scan under egg sack for Trust Disk 49.  Now, scan 
    for the nodes.  Node 1 is across the opening, node 2 is under the vent, 
    node 3 is on the wall under the egg sack and vent, and node 4 is on a 
    locker opposite the door.
    	Exit the door, and enter the subway car.  Scan on the right for 
    Trust Disk 50.  Again, snipe the mites, and kill the mites coming from 
    the vents.  Scan the left edge of the subway car outside for Secret 
    Message 36.  Restock at the end of the tunnel, and enter the door.  
    Take out all of the conduits and the drones, and turn left after 
    exiting the room.  Take out the pulse boxes by the platform, and start 
    destroying the waves of drudge. Begin at the bottom, and then go up top 
    and bunny hop around.  Destroy the scarab with a SPAS, and do the same 
    for the next scarab.  Health packs are on the side ways facing DC ads 
    below, in case you get in over your head.  Go back up top and bunny hop 
    around while killing each wave that comes from the giant conduit.  
    There are more drones this time than in the tutorial.  Prometheus will 
    let you know when the swarm is over, and then, you can enter the 
    conduit.  We’ve finally come full circle back to the beginning, and it 
    only took about 3/4ths of the game to do!!  Yep, with only two levels 
    left (one of which is only two rooms), you’re in the homestretch now!!
    	Checklist of Unlockables:
    	“Sapere Aude” – Secret Message 30
    	Trust Disk 41
    	Trust Disk 42
    	“Every valuable commodity fades before Vril” – Secret Message 31
    	“Ducaz are but one of the many servants” – Secret Message 32
    	Trust Disk 43
    	“Who now watches over the Atu-waa?” – Secret Message 33
    	“I have seen the fnords” – Secret Message 34
    	Trust Disk 44
    	“Our Masters feed on the gnosis of lesser beings” – Secret 
    Message 35
    	Trust Disk 45
    	“Annuit Coeptis” – Secret Message 36
    	Trust Disk 46
    	Trust Disk 47
    	Trust Disk 48
    	Trust Disk 49
    	Trust Disk 50
    ---------------------------- Checkmate					
    	After a powerful reading from Mr. Ford, you’re thrown right into 
    the action.  This is a really intense moment, so I recommend you bunny 
    hop constantly.  Go right, and look up.  There is a yellow jammer up 
    there that is preventing communication between you and Prometheus.  
    Shoot it down.  Go left, and look up on the other side for jammer 2.  
    Go to the right side of the conduit, and go down to the floor where 
    jammer 3 is.  Start to clear out the enemies.  Remember to bunny hop.  
    Make your way up the ramp and to the left, and shoot the last jammer.  
    Go up the the ramp on the right, and kill the guards on the catwalks.  
    Beware dead guards, as their bodies will self destruct.  Now go to the 
    trust ammo dumps and turn around.  Charge up your Mk4, charge shots, 
    and scope shoot the two yellow circles down below that are turrets.
    	Next go in front of the Conduit on the catwalks, and hack the 
    terminal.  This will shut down the conduit, and prevent the Trust from 
    gathering reinforcements.  Go to the left catwalk and scan the area 
    next to where jammer 1 was for Trust Disk 51.  Finally, go to the 
    center hub and hack the computer.  Turn around and kill the guards.  
    Scan the wall to the left of the elevator for Secret Message 37.  Get 
    into the elevator, and interact with the pad to go down.  Oh, how nice, 
    Mr. Adams is back!!  And what do ya know; he wants me to join him!!  
    After some ill wishes from Mr. Ford, the door behind you will open.  
    Spin around, and move to the right.  Let the guards come slowly, and 
    take them out with your SPAS.  Once they stop coming, move out.  Throw 
    a flash grenade at the group of them, and clear out the stunned guards 
    with your SPAS.  Move to the left area of the hub, and take out the two 
    egg sacks in the back as well as the mites there.
    	Switch to your Mk4 and wait for enemies to come around the 
    corners.  Once you have a clear moment, shoot the two jammers in the 
    area and run across the compound.  Take out the two turrets, and keep 
    moving.  Get to the other egg sacks, take them out, and destroy the 
    other two jammers.  Go back to the first drudge area, and scan the 
    lobby for an ASE puzzle.  No armory this time, just a secret panel with 
    an Mk9.  Switch the SPAS with this weapon, and go hack the main 
    terminal.  Switch to Mk4 and take out the guards that emerged from the 
    elevator, and then move on.  On the right wall of the moving barrier 
    tunnel, scan for Secret Message 38.  Then, go to the elevators, turn 
    left, and scan for Trust Disk 52.
    	Enter the elevator and interact with the pad.  Doors open behind 
    you again, so spin around and destroy the turrets and scientists.  To 
    the right of the elevator, scan for Trust Disk 53.  To the right of the 
    main desk, scan for Secret Message 39.  Go to the left, and enter into 
    the lab.  Once in, switch to your Mk9.  Go up the stairs on the left, 
    and start taking out the guards.  Shoot all of the enemies, and go back 
    down the stairs.  Take out remaining resistance, and return upstairs.  
    Go into the side room on the right.  Scan the corner for Trust Disk 54.  
    Go onto the center circle platform, killing the guards there.  Press 
    the triangle button beneath the main monitor.  Take out guards and 
    enter the lab II doors.  Scan the left wall for Secret Message 40.  If 
    you need to, grab the health packs there.
    	Next, go into lab II, and repeat the procedure.  Go up the left 
    stairs, take down the enemies, go down and mop up the rest.  Return to 
    the side room, and press the button on the right to activate the 
    walkway.  Then, scan above the main monitor for Trust Disk 55.  Hop up 
    on the control panel to the right of the monitor, and walk down the 
    support.  Go to the edge, and scan for Trust Disk 56.  Return to the 
    monitor and activate lab III.   Enter the corridor, and then lab three.  
    Go to the left in lab III, and kill the guard and jammer in the small 
    room.  Drop down to the floor and kill the guards on the main level.  
    At the same time, destroy the last three jammers that are located on 
    the center terminal.  Go to the opposite end of the entrance, and scan 
    behind some boxes for Trust Disk 57.  Return to the first jammer 
    upstairs, and scan to the left for Secret Message 41.  Replace the Mk9 
    with the Carbonizer.  Go to the main terminal in the center, and hack 
    the main monitor.  A failsafe has been activated, and the labs will 
    shut down.  Exit the lab through the lab II door.  When in lab II, go 
    to the right and up the stairs.  Follow the stairway, quickly.  
    QUICKLY!!!  QUICKER!!! OH NOESSS!!!  WE DIDN’T MAKE IT!!  But good old 
    Prometheus, he knows a way to restart the power.  Continue to Lab I 
    while fighting off the mites that emerged.  
    	In lab I, scan the scarab and kill him with the Carbonizer.  Do 
    this to the second scarab that emerges.  Go to the side room upstairs, 
    but go towards the ledge.  Jump onto the fallen support, and walk to 
    the center.  Scan for Trust Disk 58.  Return to the side room and scan 
    the computer.  Now, exit lab I.  Head to the counter in the lobby, and 
    hack the module.  Go towards the containment chambers on the left.  
    Start taking out these guards with the Carbonizer.  When all of the 
    guards are dead, return to the entrance.  Adams now will open the 
    containment chambers.  Stand your ground and melee the mites and other 
    drudge that emerge.  When the door to your left opens, scan inside for 
    Trust Disk 59.  Then, move across the compound and to the right.  Scan 
    behind the passage for your final Trust Disk, Trust Disk 60.  Then go 
    straight across the compound and scan the wall in the other passageway 
    for Secret Message 42.  Congratulations, you’ve completed all 
    unlockables!!!  Now, scan and reveal the scarabs that are invisible, 
    and kill them with the Carbonizer.  Go to the center, and restock as 
    necessary.  Now, go to the big window.  Turns out, Prometheus……… was a 
    	Turns out that Prometheus was a drudge, and he was captured by 
    Mr. Adams and used as a blueprint for the entire army.  Prometheus 
    gathered together some men to stop Adams, but now he realizes that the 
    only way to stop Adams’ army is to kill the template.  So with tearful 
    (not really) goodbyes, hack the terminal next to Prometheus and kill 
    him.  Go behind the terminal, and enter the elevator.  Interact with 
    the pad, and that’s all.  You’re done…. Except for the final push.
    	Checklist of Unlockables
    	Trust Disk 51
    	“MMXII” – Secret Message 37
    	“Death to the Attus” – Secret Message 38
    	Trust Disk 52
    	Trust Disk 53
    	“Bellum Omnium Corta Omnes” – Secret Message 39
    	Trust Disk 54
    	“Enlil was victorious at the place humans call Kecksburg” – 
    Secret Message 40
    	Trust Disk 55
    	Trust Disk 56
    	Trust Disk 57
    	“CVIII” – Secret Message 41
    	Trust Disk 58
    	Trust Disk 59
    	Trust Disk 60
    	“The world is in a constant conspiracy against the brave” – 
    Secret Message 42
    	Now, the second the elevator is opened, you’ll face a room full 
    of guards.  Start bunny hopping around the room, and use flash grenades 
    to stun the soldiers.  Take out the guards with your SPAS.  Once the 
    checkpoint is reached on your status box, switch the SPAS for a strike 
    rifle, and the Deatomizer for a Carbonizer.  Stock up on health, and 
    then descend stairs.  Now, this is where I leave you, for a time.  
    There will be wave after wave of drudge, and the only way around them 
    is to fight through them.  The waves will get progressively worse, 
    until there several scarabs at once.  Here are some tips:
    	-Stay in the back room and let them come to you
    	-Bunny Hop
    	-Always pick up health canisters
    	-If aliens group up in center, shoot one of the bumps on the 
    rails above the center floor to 	release a plasma burst
    	-Bunny Hop
    	-If you run out of ammo for a gun, the identical gun is on the 
    opposite side of the first 
    	room to let you restock
    	-Bunny Hop
    	-Take out the scarabs with the Carbonizer
    	-Did I mention Bunny Hop???
    *twiddles thumbs*
    *sips tea*
    	Once Mr. Adams voice returns, you are safe.  There is another 
    failsafe in place that will lock you in.  However, turns out Prometheus 
    uploaded his consciousness into the ASE, and he tells you to hack the 
    modules in the room to divert power to a conduit so you can escape.  DO 
    NOT HACK THE MODULES IN THE MAIN ROOM!!!!  Instead, go under the stairs 
    and hack the main module, and then the three servers.  With about two 
    minutes left, open one center stasis module at a time and kill the 
    scarab with the Carbonizer and strike rifle.  After four stasis modules 
    have been opened, the power will be returned.  Quickly, run over to the 
    one conduit that is open, and enter.  You’ll see a cut scene where the 
    drudge try to stop you, but you’ll escape.  CONGRATULATIONS!!!  YOU 
    BEAT THE GAME!!  One last thing of importance… listen to the voice over 
    in the credits to find out that Mr. Adams has a devious plan with a 
    drudge warrior, and they are not done yet.  Can anyone say sequel??
    	Checklist of Unlockables:
    Multiplayer Guide								[MPLFAQ]
    Weapon Sets.............[MPWPFAQ]
    Tips and Strategies.....[MPTSFAQ]
    Matchmaking									[MPMCFAQ]
    	When choosing the Friends option, you can play with people that 
    you have added to a friends list.  This can be done in one of two ways: 
    A)	Add gamers by exchanging friend codes that were given to you 
    when first connecting to the Nintendo Wifi Connection
    B)	Add gamers by friend requesting those who have exchanged Wii 
    codes and have The Conduit.  You can then go to the friend 
    request menu and see who has requested you, or choose the Wii 
    friends option from the add friends menu
           No modes are taken away from the Friends mode, and one player can 
    host a room while other friends join the room.  Friend matches also 
    enable Wiispeak, and allow players to talk either to the six closest 
    players during Free For All, or their teammates during Team matches.  
    Friends can also speak to each other if they join a public room 
    together, as friends can see who on their friend list is online and 
    what rooms they are in, with an option to join.  64 Friends can be 
    added to the friend roster, 32 from Friend Codes and 32 from Wii Codes.
    	Regional matches retain all of the modes of normal matches, but 
    pair you up with other players in your country or region. When choosing 
    games, democracy rules as each player votes on which map, weapon set, 
    and game mode should be played.  Although chances are more likely that 
    the more votes an option gets the more it will be picked, it is 
    possible for a minority vote to be chosen.
    	Worldwide matches retain all of the modes of normal matches, but 
    pair you up any other player in the world that has chosen worldwide and 
    is online. When choosing games, democracy rules as each player votes on 
    which map, weapon set, and game mode should be played.  Although 
    chances are more likely that the more votes an option gets the more it 
    will be picked, it is possible for a minority vote to be chosen.
    Customization							[MPCTFAQ]
    	When choosing what model to represent your player in multiplayer 
    matches, there are four standard choices and an extra unlockable skin 
    (see unlockables guide).  The four skins are:
    --Agent: The agent is dressed in the standard suit of all Trust 
    agents.  They have a helmet, body suit, and long pants with a 
    visor.  Adjusting the primary color adjusts the body piece and 
    helmet colors, while the secondary color adjusts the visor color 
    and slight details on the body suit.
    --Drone: The drone skin is the normal appearance of drudge drones 
    in the single player campaign.  Adjusting the primary color 
    changes the color of the drone’s body, while adjusting the 
    secondary color changes the color of the drone’s eyes and other 
    details on the body
    --Guard: The guard is a slightly altered suit from the Agent body 
    piece.  The main difference is that the Guard’s helmet is 
    slightly more squared when compared to the Agent’s form fitting 
    helmet.  The primary color adjusts the body piece and helmet 
    colors, while the secondary color adjusts the visor color and 
    slight details on the body suit.
    --Scientist: The scientist skin is a basic hazmat suit with an 
    oversized visor.  The primary color adjusts the color of the 
    hazmat suit, while the secondary color adjusts the color of the 
    oversized visor.  
    --Secret Agent: The secret agent is the unlockable fifth 
    multiplayer skin.  It is an agent in a suit and gasmask, with no 
    head protection.  The primary color adjusts the suit’s color, 
    while the secondary color adjusts the color of the undershirt 
    that the agent wears.
           The color choices you make will be visible during all free for 
    all matches.  During team matches, the two teams don plain red or blue 
    uniforms to differentiate team. However, your model choice is still 
    visible during multiplayer matches
    Modes										[MPMDFAQ]
    	After choosing which Matchmaking category you wish to play on, 
    you can choose one of three general modes.
    --Free For All
    	FFA matches pit every single player against each other in a 
    winner takes all event.  The modes available to vote on in FFA are:
    -Quick Match: A mode where the time is shortened, and the first 
    person to reach the kill limit wins the match.
    -Marathon: This mode is a twenty minute match with no respawn or 
    kill limits, and whoever has the most kills at the end of the 
    twenty minutes wins the match.  
    -Three Strikes: This mode is a survival match with a shortened 
    time limit and only two respawns are allowed.  The respawn time 
    is lengthened to allow players to stay in slightly longer, but 
    the last man standing with a life wins the game.
    -Last Man Standing: Last Man Standing is an expanded version of 
    Three Strikes, where instead of three total lives the player has 
    -ASE Football: All players compete to hold onto the single ASE 
    the longest.  Whoever has reached 99 seconds wins, or whoever has 
    the longest time with the ASE at the end of the time limit.  Each 
    second is a point, and time held is the only way to affect points
    -Bounty Hunter: Bounty Hunter is a mode that discourages shooting 
    from the hip at everything.  You are assigned one target.  If you 
    kill that target, you gain two points.  At the same time, someone 
    is hunting you.  You do not know who is hunting you, but you can 
    kill them at no penalty.  However, if you kill someone who is 
    neither a target nor a hunter, you will lose a point.
    --Team Reaper
    	Team reaper matches pit one team against the other in death match 
    style fights.  The modes available to vote on in Reaper are:
    -Quick Match: Whichever team reaches the score limit first in the 
    time allotted or whichever team has the most kills at the end of 
    the shortened time period wins the match
    -Marathon: A twenty minute death match in which the team with the 
    most kills after twenty minutes wins
    -Shared Stock: Each team is allotted fifty lives to be shared 
    among the team members.  Whoever loses the lives first will lose 
    the match
    --Team Objective
    	Team Objective matches focus on capturing the ASE rather than 
    killing.  Although killing does gain you points in some modes, it is 
    not the focus of the matches.  The modes available to vote on in 
    Objective are:
    -Quick Match: Whichever team captures the others ASE five times 
    and brings it back to their base wins.  Otherwise, the team with 
    the most captures in the shortened time period wins
    -Marathon: Whichever team captures the most ASEs in the twenty 
    minute time limit wins the match.  If there is a tie, a small 
    overtime is allowed
    -Killing Override: This mode allows a winner after five team 
    captures or seventy-five kills, whichever comes first
    -Single ASE: One ASE is placed in the middle of the map, and both 
    teams compete for captures
    Maps										[MPMPFAQ]
    There are seven maps in total to choose from, each of varying size and 
    design.  Each map is based off of locales in the single player 
    campaign.  Each map also has respawn points for each weapon in the 
    chosen weapon set, as well as ammo dumps located around the map for all 
    three weapon types.  For the most part, the weapons are mirrored, and 
    have flipped symmetry.  This helps with memorization and navigation, as 
    knowing one half of a map can lead to extensive knowledge of the full 
    	The Complex is a large map that has two identical sides.  There 
    is a back base at ground level with branching tunnels that connect both 
    bases.  There are also small middle grounds that provide connection to 
    the middle of the map, and stairways to the rest of a base, as well as 
    human and trust ammo dumps.  The third and top level provides areas for 
    snipers on either side of a barrier, as well as trust ammo dumps, and 
    connects to the other bases sniper areas through tunnels on the side of 
    the map.  There are two subway-style tunnel entrances in the middle of 
    the map on ground level with a barrier separating them, an open walkway 
    surrounding these tunnels, and sheltered side tunnels that connect to 
    stairways that lead to the middle and upper levels of the base
           The Pentagon is another large level with four different heights.  
    The top level has an area in the far end of the map that shelters 
    objectives and also has branching hallways on each side with a catwalk 
    connecting the paths that also allows for snipers.  The next level down 
    also has tunnels and stairways up and down, a human ammo dump, as well 
    as a ramp made of rubble that allows for easy transport to the street 
    below.  This second highest level’s side halls connect to a center 
    checkpoint structure that connects both bases and provides windows for 
    sniping.  The streets provide paths under the checkpoint with trust and 
    drudge ammo dumps, as well as entry ways to stairs that will take the 
    player either up or down.  The underground portion of the level is 
    accessed either through a side stairway or a manhole in the streets, 
    and connects both ends of the level
    	The Sanctum is a slightly large area with a central arena that is 
    in full sight of an upper balcony, as well as catwalks up above.  The 
    catwalks are accessed from boxes stacked up against each other, and the 
    balconies are accessed by stairs to the central arena or side tunnels.  
    These side tunnels allow for access to the upper, mid, and lower 
    levels, as well as points for human ammo dumps.  The mid levels serve 
    as access tunnels to the main arena, where as the lower levels provide 
    access to stairways that branch throughout the level, as well as ammo 
    boxes for trust and drudge weapons and weapon respawn points
    	The infirmary is for the most part a single level map.  The level 
    has many rooms and twisting halls, which provide close quarter combat.  
    Human, drudge, and trust ammo dumps can be found in the medical bays on 
    either side of the map.  Next to these bays are long hallways with 
    desks for cover.  The inside bays have a middle connecting stairway 
    that allows players to move from one part of the bay to the other 
    without risking the inevitable firefights of the long hallways.  There 
    are also hidden shower locations that provide players with cover, but 
    make it very easy to be trapped by a power weapon
    	The warehouse is a two level map. The upper level has a ramp that 
    connects the ground level to a ledge on which players can snipe down 
    below and refuel with human ammo boxes.  There are also catwalks on the 
    upper level that can provide access to the other side for players that 
    jump across the small gaps.  The lower level at it’s outermost reaches 
    circles around the rest of the map with drudge and ammo dumps.  Inside 
    of that is a section that splits into three parts, but are open to 
    attack from above at all times.  Finally, entrances to the access ramps 
    are on the ground floor
    	The Street level is the smallest level in the game.  A single 
    main street provides access to all areas of the map, but is also open 
    to sniping from across and above.  At each end of the street is a pile 
    of rubble that allows for sniping.  Each side of the street also has an 
    enclosed business office that provides human ammo, shelter, and 
    sniping, a semi-opened garage with trust ammo and a ramp to a second 
    floor window that if jumped can provide access to the second floor of 
    the office, and an alley that connects the two buildings and has drudge 
    ammo caches.  Several cars in the streets provide limited cover, but 
    otherwise players who wish to remain hidden are best kept hidden in the 
    	The bunker is a large level with branching tunnels on the sides, 
    side rooms with upper and lower levels, and a central hub with 
    connections to above and ground level.  The tunnels connect each back 
    end base to the sides of the level, and the base has human ammo dumps.  
    The upper tunnels have trust and drudge dumps, while each side room 
    connects to the hub, the tunnels, and also provides pillars that when 
    jumped allows deep penetration into enemy territory.  The central hub 
    has sheltered side walkways, a large staircase structure, and a middle 
    open area that allows for combat.  The back region can be reached 
    either through the tunnels, or a ramp that is found at the ends of the 
    hub and go straight to the back of the base.
    Weapon Sets									[MPWPFAQ]
    There are several different weapon sets to choose from in the 
    multiplayer area of the game. Each set is generally balanced with 
    weaker and stronger weapons in limited supply, and the basic weapons 
    are given to you from the start.  There are usually weapons that work 
    better up close and from far away, and each weapon set allows for an 
    intense multiplayer showdown.
    	The human weapon set has all of the human weapons in the game, 
    including the MP5, the USP45, the SCAR, the SMAW, the SPAS, and frag 
    	The drudge weapon set has all of the drudge weapons in the game, 
    including the strike rifle, warp pistol, Shrieker, hive cannon, and the 
    radiation grenades.
    	The trust weapon set has all of the trust weapons in the game, 
    including the Deatomizer, Carbonizer, TPC Launcher, and flash grenades.  
    There is also the inclusion of the USP45, to provide a pistol for the 
    	This set incorporates weapons of all three types, with the common 
    denominator that they are all best suited for close combat or sniping.  
    Such weapons include the SPAS, the Strike Rifle, SCAR, MP5, and Frag 
    and Rad grenades.
    Close Combat:
    	The close combat set includes weapons that would be best suited 
    for, well, close combat.  This set includes the SPAS, the USP45, the 
    Carbonizer, the MP5, and the Frag grenades.
    Long Range:
    	The long range set includes weapons that work better from a 
    distance.  This set includes the SCAR, the Strike rifle, the 
    Deatomizer, and frag grenades.
    	The chargeable weapon set includes weapons the can be charged for 
    greater results.  This set includes the Strike rifle, the Deatomizer, 
    the MP5, the Warp Pistol, and grenades.
    	This set focuses on big explosions rather than tactical fighting.  
    Heck, the weapon you start off with is the rocket launcher! This weapon 
    set includes the SMAW, the Hive Cannon, the TPC launcher, and the 
    Tips and Strategies							[MPTSFAQ]
    Now, this section is all about advice when playing multiplayer matches.  
    There are many different methods to winning a match, but some work 
    better than others.  The most important rule of thumb is to play to 
    your strengths.  If you aren’t a good sniper, you probably won’t win a 
    lot of matches with a SCAR.  Know how you play, and focus on your 
    strengths and how to translate that into winning.  Above all, have fun.
    	-Keep Moving!  In every match, even if you are sniping, you want 
    to remain mobile.  Sitting in one place not only gives away your 
    position, but lets others plan ways to trap you.  It is near impossible 
    to take a “last stand” attitude by backing yourself into a corner and 
    letting the enemy come to you.  This could bring about swift death, or 
    it could backfire.  If people see you are adept at fighting in tight 
    places, they will avoid you.  Movement keeps the game interesting, and 
    allows for different situations that expose all the sides of a player.
    	-Bunny Hopping is your friend.  In most if not all matches, bunny 
    hopping is the best way to move around.  By moving around constantly 
    and subtly changing directions, you create a harder target.  However, 
    don’t let this hopping frenzy prevent you from focusing on the enemy, 
    or losing track of him.
    	-Find the power weapons, but don’t rely on them.  In every set, 
    there is a power weapon.  Some are more effective than others, but they 
    are always there.  To give everyone an even shot at playing with the 
    power weapons, there is only one on the map, located in the middle.  
    Some are up high or down low, but they will always be in a spot that 
    gives everyone a chance at them.  If you don’t get the power weapon, 
    however, don’t fret.  Each weapon has a draw back like low ammo or long 
    reloads.  Know the weaknesses of each power weapon and exploit them in 
    	-Don’t keep going to the same place.  If you are killed in one 
    spot multiple times, don’t return there.  If someone is looking for 
    you, that is most likely the first place they’ll look.  If you are 
    skilled enough, hide so that you can trap someone who goes into that 
    area, giving you an easy kill.
    	-Use your team mates wisely.  In team matches, don’t go solo.  
    It’s a team match for a reason.  Either go in pairs or trios, and 
    always work together.  This way, you won’t be swarmed by the enemy and 
    have a better chance at killing someone or gaining an objective.  
    Playing solo and contributing what you can to the team may be more fun, 
    but it’s a surefire way to get killed quickly.
    	-Keep to the shadows!  Don’t go down the middle of a wide open 
    area and expect nothing to happen.  They are wide open for a reason.  
    If you play FFA, stay in the background and pick off survivors of a 
    firefight, or play hit and run by shooting and moving.  Going out in 
    plain sight will unite your enemies in a common goal: killing the easy 
    prey.  The same goes for Team matches, although there will not be as 
    many people searching for you.
    	-Finally, Keep Playing!  Many aspects of multiplayer games evolve 
    over time as opinions change on aspects of the game, or new methods are 
    discovered.  Often, if you play the game and then leave for several 
    months, coming back will be an interesting experience.  Don’t stay 
    stuck with one playing method, but go with the flow.  Not only with 
    this keep the match interesting, but allow you to stay with the pack.
    Hidden Message Meaning/Conspiracies					[HMCFAQ]
    	Although the plot of The Conduit is pretty straight forward, if 
    you delve deeper into the back story you find out that really the plot 
    is convoluted and based on hinge theories and spiritual beliefs.  
    However, this plot (like the elements in it), is not widely publicized 
    and instead must be hunted for.  This section gives a little insight to 
    the meaning of the hidden messages (the locations of which can be found 
    in the single player walk-through), and wraps up to the section with 
    what I believe is the full story behind The Conduit.  You can thank 
    yours truly for the research he did, but the sites with the real 
    information are credited at the bottom.
    	The following section is a slippery slope between factual 
    information and personal vindications.  Although the following 
    information was researched on actual websites, the information is not 
    usually official, and is instead derived from witness testimony and 
    interpretations.  There are many people who believe the following 
    information as fact, while others believe that the theories are not 
    true and should not be listened to.  In this section, I simply am 
    relaying information that I found on various sites having to do with 
    conspiracies, and then by assuming the information to be true for the 
    in-game scenario, am drawing conclusions about the game’s fuller plot.  
    I am not saying that any of the following information should be taken 
    literally, and I am not giving my personal bias or opinion about any of 
    the following artifacts.  Any emails questioning the authenticity or 
    truth about the following information will be disregarded.
    Hidden Messages
           Each message is listed in the order by which they appear, with a 
    short explanation underneath.  Citations for the research can be found 
    at the end of the section.
    Message 1: “Colares was more successful than Roswell”
    -Each of the events listed, Colares and Roswell, are events where 
    UFOs were spotted.  The Colares incident, in 1977, was a period 
    of four months where researchers cited seeing various flying 
    objects submerge and emerge from the mouth of the Amazon river in 
    northern South America, near the small town of Colares.  Roswell, 
    which happened thirty years earlier in New Mexico, is an incident 
    where UFOs and alien bodies were found.  However, the UFOs 
    crashed and supposed the US government covered up the incident.  
    This incident suggests that whatever happened under the waters 
    near Colares was more beneficial to alien life forms than the 
    crash in Roswell, New Mexico.
    Message 2: “The lesser forms will bow before the Annunaki”
    -The Annunaki, also known as Jedi, were assigned by the God of 
    Christian and Jewish religions to watch over the original humans 
    of Earth.  However, they rebelled and defiled the human women and 
    enslaved the men to create large structures.  It is believed by 
    some that this enslavement helped create the pyramids in Egypt 
    and Central America, and that it supported the advanced cultures 
    in the modern-day Middle Eastern region.  It was believed in 
    Sumerian culture that the Annunaki came from the planet Nibiru, 
    and that the crash between their planet and an object in our 
    solar system caused the creation of Earth.  Afterwards, the 
    remaining Annunaki (the Remnant), enslaved the humans.  In both 
    cases, the lesser forms (human-kind) bowed down before the 
    Message 3: “There ought to be limits on Freedom”
    -This message mirrors the obvious sentiment of the Annunaki, as 
    they enslaved humanity for their own desires.  This sentiment 
    also explains why, in the game, John Adams wishes to control the 
    government, so he could control the country and limit their own 
    personal freedoms.
    Message 4: “Where is Virginia Dare?”
    -	Virginia Dare was the first colonist born in America, whose 
    father Ananias Dare assisted the governor.  Settled on Roanoke 
    Island, the whole colony disappeared during the three months 
    in which Ananias returned to Britain for supplies.  
    Supposedly, Ananias told the settlers to carve the name of 
    their attackers into a conspicuous post if it caused them to 
    go into hiding, and to cross out the name if they were going 
    to be killed.  When Ananias returned, the uncrossed word 
    “Croatoan” was found on a post, suggesting that the colonists 
    were not killed.  Therefore, it was not known what happened to 
    the newborn Virginia, or where her fellow colonists went.
    Message 5: “The Union of Ellinor and Ananias Dare was the catalyst”
    -	This suggests that the union between Ellinor and Ananias 
    (which created Virginia) set into motion or “catalyzed” a plan 
    of the Annunaki.  As I will explain later on, it is my belief 
    through my research that Virginia Dare was used as a go-
    between for the Annunaki and the humans, and therefore her 
    conception would set into motion the Annunaki’s plan to 
    subjugate the humans.
    Message 6: “Virginia Dare was the first puppet of our master”
    -	Assuming that the powerful Annunaki controlled the Drudge, 
    therefore the “master” in this phrase would be them.  Virginia 
    Dare, being the first puppet, most likely did the bidding of 
    the Annunaki and therefore it can be believed that the 
    disappearance of the Roanoke colonists was linked to the 
    Annunaki’s actions.  Virginia Dare became their slave, and 
    therefore could possibly have helped further the Annunaki’s 
    plans for world domination.
    Message 7: “Puppet error caused Roswell and Shag Harbor”
    -	Roswell and Shag Harbor were both incidents involving UFOs.  
    Roswell, as already documented, was a UFO crash in New Mexico.  
    Shag Harbor was also a crash in Nova Scotia, where an UFO was 
    seen by villagers in the small fishing town of Shag Harbor to 
    have crashed into the nearby ocean.  Apparently this submerged 
    vessel was caught on Naval radar traveling to the Submarine 
    base Government Point, where a second UFO joined it.  Here it 
    is believed that the second UFO gave aid to the first UFO.  
    After several days of observing the event on radar, the Navy 
    gave chase.  At this point, both UFOs fled the scene and, 
    after breaking out into the waters past the state of Maine, 
    broke the surface and flew off into the sky.  However, as both 
    incidents could be classified as accidents, it could be 
    concluded that errors in the behavior of those controlled by 
    the Annunaki caused each accident.
    Message 8: “Operation Saucer lulled the sheep back to sleep”
    -	Operation Saucer was an initiative taken by the Brazilian Air 
    Force in 1978 to determine the cause of the Colares incident.  
    This operation lulled the sheep (humans) back to sleep (a 
    state of ignorance), as the operation yielded very little 
    information and therefore led people to believe that Colares 
    was another vague conspiracy theory.
    Message 9: “Is not an alien force already among us?”
    -This message several meanings, all of which are not definite.  
    The first suggests that the humans on earth are not the same as 
    they were, and are therefore foreign or alien.  This would 
    support the stories that the Annunaki tampered with the DNA of 
    humanity by defiling the early women they were charged to watch.  
    The other meaning, which will be discussed later in depth, is 
    that when God flung the Annunaki out of heaven, they landed on 
    Earth or under the Earth in hell, and therefore are still among 
    humanity.  Finally, the message could mean that puppets like 
    Virginia dare and those that caused the errors at Roswell and 
    Shag Harbor could still live among us, as they seem to be human 
    due to the mysterious loss of human colonists linked with the 
    puppet Virginia Dare.
    Message 10: “MDCCLXXVI”
    -	In Roman numerals, this message translates to 1776, the same 
    year that America declared its independence.  One of the 
    people involved was famed revolutionary John Adams, the 
    driving force behind the creation of the Declaration of 
    Independence.  Although Jefferson penned it, many of the ideas 
    were brought to the table by Adams.  Adams may also be 
    familiar as the leader of the shadowy trust organization.  As 
    I will discuss later on, I believe that through research and 
    the ending cut scene where the voice of Adams says he hasn’t 
    been “waiting for 200 years”, that the John Adams of the 
    revolution was a puppet of the Annunaki and therefore 1776 was 
    a major turning point for the aliens.  It would seem logical 
    (at least in game), that the Annunaki would place a foothold 
    in society by controlling the man who played possibly the 
    largest parts in forming one of the largest and most powerful 
    countries in the world.  As with other numbers you’ll find, 
    this may be on of the key figures in Annunaki history, and 
    their plan to dominate Earth as their new home world.
    Message 11: “Under the terms of the treaty, the Shugurra was returned”
    -	According to legend, the Shugurra was the crown of divinity 
    worn by the goddess Inanna.  She descended from the heavens to 
    the underworld, where she lost her crown to the demons at the 
    gates.  Although she returned to the over world, the Shugurra 
    was not with her when she returned.  This implies that the 
    Drudge or someone related to them made a pact with the demons, 
    where one of the bargaining pieces was the crown.  Therefore, 
    due to the stories of the Annunaki being thrown from the 
    heavens by God, I believe that this research points to the 
    fact that Inanna was an Annunaki.
    Message 12:  “The Condon Committee was ours!”
    -	The Condon committee was a committee formed in 1966 to 
    research the occurrences of UFOs for a two year period, and 
    then report back to the US government their results.  After 
    the two year period, the committee concluded that UFOs and 
    alien life forms did not truly exist, and it was not worth the 
    time of the government to look into such phenomena.  However, 
    rumors abound that the committee actually found conclusive 
    evidence of extraterrestrial life, and their conclusion was 
    actually a cover-up.  Therefore, this message could mean that 
    the cover-up was actually orchestrated by the Annunaki using 
    the Condon committee as puppets, similar to Operation Saucer’s 
    lack of results.
    Message 13:  “Fight and Die for the NOW”
    -	Obviously, this was probably the most difficult message to 
    research, due to the fact that the acronym NOW actually is a 
    common word in the English language.  Several searches only 
    provided links to money-saving websites and information on 
    women’s organizations.  Therefore, I must use contextual 
    evidence to find the meaning.  By saying fight and die FOR, it 
    suggests that the NOW is actually an organization of alien 
    origin.  This is supported by NOW being called THE NOW.  One 
    possible link could be the saying New World Order, referenced 
    elsewhere in the game, and the letters were misspelled by 
    Drudge.  However, this seems like a stretch, and therefore it 
    is more probable that the NOW is simply an alien organization.
    Message 14:  “Humans should fear the world they call Eris”
    -	After a little bit of research, I found that Eris is actually 
    a legitimate dwarf planet on the edge of our solar system.  A 
    small body outside of Pluto, it remained a dwarf planet when 
    Pluto was removed from the Solar system for its size.  More 
    interesting, however, was that Eris was actually part of the 
    Sumerian’s calculations of astronomical beings, considered the 
    12th celestial body, after the nine planets, sun and moon.  
    Therefore, by accepting Eris as a legitimate part of our solar 
    system, it could be this planet that the Annunaki fled too 
    after the crash landing Nibiru made in the solar system.  On 
    Eris, they could be building up forces to return to Earth to 
    reunite with the Remnant and conquer Earth for their new home 
    base, which should cause fear among the human race. 
    Message 15:  “The Ducaz came before the Drudge”
    -	The Ducaz, like the drudge, were reptilian aliens that came to 
    Earth.  The Ducaz were part of the remnant on Earth after the 
    crash landing of Nibiru, or their exodus from heaven 
    (depending on which story you find more credible).  Because 
    the Ducaz are being compared chronologically to the Drudge, 
    common foot soldiers of the Annunaki’s plan, it could be 
    reasonable to infer that the Ducaz are not the master race, 
    and instead are modeled after the Annunaki on Eris.  This 
    could also bring into question if the Ducaz are the templates 
    used by John Adams to create his Drudge army, and therefore it 
    could be reasonable to infer that Prometheus is actually one 
    of the Ducaz.
    Message 16:  “Weep for the long lost Nibiru”
    -	Reference earlier, the planet Nibiru was believed to have been 
    the tenth planet in the solar system.  It had an oblong 
    elliptical orbit that set it on a crash course for something 
    between Mars and Jupiter (possibly the asteroid belt), which 
    created Earth.  It is also believed that the Annunaki lived on 
    Nibiru.  Therefore, connections can be made between the 
    Annunaki on Nibiru and the Annunaki on Eris: both were far off 
    from Earth, both were on the fringe of the universe, and both 
    were relatively unknown.  After the destruction of Nibiru, the 
    Annunaki may have returned to the same place to try and 
    rebuild for another assault on Earth.
    Message 17:  “And from the Cat’s Eye Nebula they came forth”
    -	A Nebula in the constellation Draco, this Nebula gained its 
    name from its Cat’s Eye appearance.  This imagery comes from 
    the gas rings emitted from the central sun that form 
    concentric circles, which form a cat’s eye.  This phenomena, 
    happening for a thousand years, may have begun destabilizing 
    the planets long before.  If such an environment was unlivable 
    for any alien races, such as the Annunaki, they may have come 
    forth from the Nebula in search of other worlds to conquer.
    Message 18:  “AD ASTRA PER ASPERA”
    -	When translating, each phrase that came up was actually 
    written as PER ASPERA AD ASTRA, which means “through 
    difficulties to the stars”.  AD ASTRA means “to the stars”, 
    and therefore this message could be translated as “To the 
    stars through difficulties”.  Being written by the Drudge, it 
    would more than likely come from the perspective of the 
    Annunaki, whose home planet was far away.  Looking from their 
    sky, our system would look like a cluster of stars to them, 
    and their difficulties (escaping the Cat’s Eye Nebula, the 
    crash on Nebula, the banishment by God) would be the 
    difficulties they experienced on their way to the stars. 
    Message 19:  “XXIII”
    -	Translated as 23, this most likely references the 23 enigma, a 
    belief that all events in the universe are connected to the 
    number 23, a permutation or change to the number 23, or 
    another number related to 23.  This type of mathematical 
    approach to the universe could speak to the Annunaki’s 
    advanced society, and how they approach life.
    Message 20:  “Darkness seems scarcely different from light...”
    -	This message could also mean several things.  The darkness 
    could refer to ignorance, and therefore light, or knowledge, 
    does not really change the lives of those who have seen the 
    light.  Another meaning could be that the darkness of space 
    that the Annunaki traveled through could be scarcely different 
    from the light of the planets, or that the darkness of Eris is 
    not that much different from them living in hiding on Earth.
    Message 21:  “You are not paranoid - you are right!!”
    -	This message could have been written to reassure those who 
    were trying to find the answers to what was going on around 
    them in the game.  Some may have discovered through research 
    what is being discussed here.  However, they may have felt 
    paranoid about their findings, as they were unusual and most 
    likely unacceptable to common society.  Therefore, it seems as 
    though the Annunaki almost are looking forward to a meeting 
    between them and humans, as they are encouraging anyone who 
    has discovered their story.
    Message 22:  “People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders”
    -	Another bit of Annunaki philosophy, this belief could be 
    rooted in their own experience, wandering through space to 
    find a new home.  If they quarreled with their leaders, they 
    could have easily been left behind and therefore would have 
    died.  By listening to everything their leaders said, the 
    Annunaki were assured life on a new planet.  This may then be 
    their belief for control, where those who have nothing left 
    must depend on those who can give something to them: their 
    Message 23:  “Novus Ordo Seclorum”
    -	Translated as “A New order of the Ages”, this saying is 
    written on the dollar bill under the picture of the unfinished 
    pyramid with an eye (which interestingly enough is called the 
    “All Seeing Eye”).  This inclusion of Drudge terms on a basic 
    currency of the country suggests that the Annunaki were part 
    of the foundation of this country and its systems.  This would 
    support the idea that the John Adams of the revolution and the 
    John Adams of the Trust are actually one and the same, an 
    Annunaki bent on taking over the world.
    Message 24:  “The sacrilege of Bayankora Ula will not be forgotten”
    -	These mountains on the border of China and Tibet apparently 
    were the site of a mass burial, discovered in 1938.  The 
    burial site, a cave cut into the mountain side squarely, was 
    described as looking like “some heat source” had created it.  
    This heat source wouldn’t have been available at the time at 
    the time of the burial, and therefore suggests the advanced 
    technology of the Annunaki.  Inside the burial ground are 
    skeletons of four foot tall creatures with disproportionate 
    heads, which match the legends of the region that small people 
    descended from the clouds onto the region and were hunted down 
    by humans.  This hunting could be the sacrilege referenced in 
    the message.  Something else to note: in the burial ground 
    were roughly 900 small discs that were punctured in the middle 
    by a small hole.  Around the discs were small grooves that at 
    first were thought to be phonograph grooves, but later it was 
    identified that they were words written in mysterious, 
    Egyptian-like hieroglyphics.  This could suggest again the 
    work of the Annunaki, who may have used those discs as 
    primitive CD-ROMs, like how CDs today have layers of 
    information written around the discs.  The deaths of the small 
    people apparently angered the Annunaki, and therefore will not 
    be forgotten.
    Message 25:  “The Dropa came down from the clouds”
    -	One of the discs at Bayankora Ula was apparently translated by 
    a scientist close to forty years after the discovery of the 
    burial grounds.  According to him, this disc talks of a small 
    people, called the dropa, who came from the clouds and, with 
    peaceful intentions, began to live among humans.  Supposedly, 
    the humans felt sorry about the Dropa’s predicament, and even 
    tried to help them repair their craft.  However, due to some 
    unknown incident, the humans began hunting the Dropa, causing 
    the burial ground and sacrilege at Bayankora Ula.
    Message 26:  “XLII”
    -	Translated as 42, this number continually crops up in 
    mathematical expressions used to understand the universe.  
    Anything from the number of seeds on a plant to measurements 
    of the world seem to relate back to the number 42, and 
    therefore this number is believed to be the meaning of the 
    universe.  This is another numerical expression written by the 
    Drudge that could signify the mathematically aligned minds of 
    the Annunaki.
    Message 27:  “We must join with the others to bring forth a new world 
    -	Again suggesting the Annunaki’s wish to control human kind, 
    this also seems to hold tones in the founding of America as a 
    new world order in the 1700s.  Until then, democracy was 
    relatively unknown and the establishment of a country on this 
    principle created a new world order.  Not only does this point 
    to an Annunaki take-over, but also supports the idea that the 
    Annunaki were part of the creation of America.
    Message 28:  “The Attas shall pay for our exile and imprisonment”
    -	Although reference to the Attas was made when describing the 
    Ducaz (the name given to them by the Attas), there is no 
    concrete evidence to who the Attas truly are.  The one thing 
    known about them is that they are preventing the Annunaki’s 
    return to the home planet, and therefore may possibly be 
    keeping the remnant from bolstering the forces on the home 
    planet and bringing about the demise of humans.
    Message 29:  “The Final Destiny of the Gods”
    -	Written with a lightning bolt cut down the middle, this 
    suggests that the Annunaki wish to destroy or tear apart the 
    Gods.  This would make sense, as according to legend the 
    Annunaki were cast aside by God.  Whether this lightning is a 
    force of nature or a new weapon is unknown, but it is 
    important to remember that in the story trailer at the 
    beginning of the game, odd storms appeared before “The Bug”.  
    This could lead to evidence that the Annunaki are capable of 
    harnessing the weather.
    Message 30:  “Sapere Aude”
    -	Translated as “dare to know”, this seems to go against the 
    beliefs of the Annunaki, who seem intent on keeping their 
    subjects in the dark.  However, it is important to remember 
    that the Drudge wrote that the darkness was scarcely different 
    than the light, which could mean that humanity would still be 
    ignorant if they knew of the Annunaki.  Finally, this could 
    mean that the Annunaki wish for humanity to know, as it might 
    cause such chaos that the Earth’s civilizations would collapse 
    and the Annunaki would be able to easily control the Earth and 
    wipe away the human race.
    Message 31:  “Every valuable commodity falls before Vril”
    -	In the Book “Vril: The Power of the Coming Race” by Sir Edward 
    Bulwer-Lytton, Vril is an energy force that keeps alive a 
    subterranean race of aliens, and also powers it’s 
    technologically advanced society.  This reference to a 
    subterranean would fit nicely into the theory that the 
    Annunaki are actually in the realm of the under-world, and the 
    fact that Vril powers their society means that every other 
    resource, or commodity, must be used all up before Vril can 
    run dry, as Vril is the true source that keeps the species 
    alive.  Whether Vril is gained from conquering planets is 
    unknown, but such a powerful resource must be connected 
    somehow to Earth.
    Message 32:  “Ducaz are but one of the many servants”
    -	Along with the Ducaz, it would seem through the message that 
    the Annunaki created several other groups to serve their 
    purposes.  One of these, we know, is the Drudge group, and 
    another is the human puppets that have been recorded thus far.  
    It is unknown if even more groups were created or used to help 
    the Annunaki, but from the sounds of the final dialogue 
    between a Drudge leader and John Adams, there are many other 
    servants mobilizing to take over the Earth.
    Message 33:  “Who now watches over the Atu-Waa?”
    -	The Annunaki used a device called the Atu-Waa to restart the 
    time flow at convenient times, a job given to them at some 
    point in history.  When the impending doom of Nibiru became 
    evident, the Atu-Waa was moved to the planet Earth.  Reading 
    this message, it seems evident that the ownership and location 
    of this all-powerful device is unknown, and could be another 
    motive for the Annunaki’s takeover of Earth.
    Message 34:  “I have seen the Fnords”
    -	Although it sounds like gibberish, Fnord is an actual word 
    that means “a representation of disinformation intending to 
    mislead or point away from”.  Therefore, the Fnords are 
    actually false trails meant to throw the scent off of more 
    important matters.  Supposedly, in a sort of experiment, 
    schoolchildren were taught to not read the word Fnord, 
    effectively hiding it from them even though the word was 
    there.  Therefore, in real life, a Fnord is a piece of 
    evidence that is looked over to mislead someone.  By seeing 
    the Fnords, whoever saw them was not mislead and therefore 
    understands a truth that was supposed to be hidden.
    Message 35:  “Our Masters feed on the gnosis of lesser beings”
    -	Gnosis is a life energy or force in other creatures.  Because 
    the masters of the Drudge are the Annunaki, the lesser beings 
    would be humans, animals, and any other life on Earth.  It is 
    possible that this gnosis is Vril, and part of the reason the 
    Annunaki are here on Earth.  Even if it isn’t, the Annunaki 
    clearly need some sort of aura-like sustenance to keep them 
    alive, and have chosen Earth as a sort of feeding ground for 
    their race.
    Message 36:  “Annuit Coeptis”
    -	Translated as “He favors our undertakings”, this phrase is 
    found on the dollar bill.  Supposedly, the placement of this 
    saying on common currency had to do with the influence of the 
    Masons, a powerful secret society at the time of the 
    Revolution.  Seeing as how the Annunaki seem to have had a 
    hand in the formation of the United States, this saying may be 
    a subliminal message to prove to people that the Annunaki are 
    in the right.
    Message 37:  “MMXII”
    -	Surely to become more common in the coming years, this phrase 
    translates to “2012”.  This number holds significance, as it 
    is the year that the Mayan calendar abruptly stops.  This is 
    due to the fact that the equinox, galactic equator, and the 
    path of the sun all cross on exactly December 21st at 11:11 pm.  
    Although there are arguments that this year does not 
    officially end the calendar, many more believe that the 
    ancient predictions of a far superior race may prove to have 
    catastrophic ends.  Since there are similarities between Mayan 
    and Egyptian pyramids, although in separate parts of the 
    world, and the Mayans were a highly advanced society, this 
    2012 doomsday prediction may be the work of the Annunaki.  As 
    the game is set in the “near future”, it is possible that 2012 
    was the deadline for the Annunaki’s takeover of the Earth, and 
    thus when all human life would officially cease to exist.
    Message 38:  “Death to the Attus”
    -	Probably the same group as the Attas, this group seems to have 
    angered the Annunaki in their attempts to prevent the Annunaki 
    from leaving the planet.  By vowing death against them, the 
    Annunaki seem to be determined to annihilate the race, group, 
    or person who is behind the name Attas.
    Message 39:  “Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes”
    -	Translated as “The war of all against all”, Thomas Hobbes used 
    this saying to describe the human existence in the state of 
    nature through experiment.  It is said that the Annunaki 
    experimented with the genetics of the human race when defiling 
    the women in early history, and therefore this saying may 
    prove that the humans will be fighting against all, which 
    seems to be connected to the all powerful Annunaki.
    Message 40:  “Enlil was victorious at the place the humans call 
    -	Kecksburg was another UFO incident, a crash in Pennsylvania in 
    1965.  The military was called in to cordon the area, but the 
    official statement was that there was no problem.  Despite 
    this statement, the military did block off the entire forest 
    that the UFO crashed into, but not before several people snuck 
    in.  They reported that a saucer with Egyptian-like 
    hieroglyphics written on it was in the forest, glowing blue.  
    Enlil, in Sumero-Babylonian myth, is the God of air, wind and 
    storms.  He holds the tablets of destiny, and controls the 
    cosmos.  Since he was victorious, it would seem that a strong 
    wind or storm caused the UFO to crash.  If his victory was an 
    apparent defeat for the Annunaki, it would seem that Enlil was 
    opposing the Annunaki, and was apparently a member of the 
    Message 41:  “CVIII”
    -	Translated as the number 108, this number holds sacred meaning 
    to the Hindu and Buddhist religions, and is also an important 
    number in science.  The sun’s diameter is 108 times that of 
    the Earth, the distance between the sun and the Earth is 108 
    times the diameter of the Earth, and the distance between the 
    Earth and the moon is 108 times that of the diameter of the 
    moon.  This numerical saying may support the advanced and 
    analytical minds of the Annunaki.
    Message 42:  “The World is in a constant conspiracy against the brave”
    -	Again using the world in a larger sense, I believe that this 
    message ties into Thomas Hobbes description of humanity’s 
    existence.  The brave would be the biggest threat to the plans 
    of the Annunaki, and therefore the world, or all controlled by 
    the Annunaki, would be conspiring against those brave 
    individuals.  As we saw throughout the game, one brave man was 
    able to push back the attempts of the Annunaki, and therefore 
    the reason why the Annunaki must conspire against the brave.
    	So, what does all of this mean exactly??  Why should all of these 
    messages matter, other than to unlock special extras in the game??  The 
    developers put in these specific messages to let players interested in 
    the back-story work out a version that best suit their needs.  If they 
    really wanted to know everything they could, the gamer most likely 
    would have the internet at their finger tips and could research these 
    messages to unravel their meanings.  Other players might be satisfied 
    with a simple “bad aliens, shoot to kill” story, and the minor plot 
    twists in-game would be enough for them.  
    	For those interested in the true meaning of the game, with the 
    back-story and possible future of the scenario, this section is for 
    you.  I will take all the research compiled from my time spent 
    understanding these messages, and (assuming them to be true for the 
    sake of a coherent story), will piece together the puzzle to understand 
    just what was going on in the world of The Conduit.  So here it is, for 
    you conspiracy buffs and avid gamers everywhere.
    - Back-story:
    	The story of The Conduit begins with the creation of the Earth.  
    This creation story, as with the debate in the real world, has two 
    sides: spiritual and scientific.  However, as in the debates raging 
    over how to interpret the beginning of life on our planet, the stories 
    intertwine.  Conveniently enough, a race of non-human creatures exists 
    in both realms.  Although not necessarily named in spiritual texts, it 
    has become an understanding that these creatures are called the 
    	Looking first at the spiritual story, we must understand that the 
    Annunaki were guardian angels, created by the God of Christian and 
    Jewish belief to watch over his newly appointed masters of Earth: 
    humans.  The Annunaki, however, were not content to simply watch, and 
    they descended upon Earth and began to rebel against God’s wishes.  
    They defiled the women, tampering with the DNA of future races.  They 
    also enslaved humans to create structures modeled after their own 
    desires. God became so enraged, that he cast the Annunaki from the 
    heavens, and they descended into Hell and toiled on as demons.  
    Although a possible stretch, seeing that Satan was once an angel (like 
    the Annunaki), and he was cast off into Hell, it is possible that the 
    devil himself is an Annunaki.
    	From a scientific standpoint, the story goes slightly 
    differently.  The Annunaki were an alien super race living on the 
    planet Nibiru.  They were a race that lived off of the aura of others, 
    called Vril.  Their planet, however, had an odd elliptical orbit that 
    set them on a crash course with our solar system.  They crashed into 
    the area around Mars and Jupiter, and supposedly either formed the 
    Earth or helped bring it to life.  Since they had to move their all 
    powerful time-restarting machine to Earth prior to the collision, it is 
    more likely that the collision brought life to Earth.  The Annunaki 
    then began tampering and experimenting with humans, and enslaving them 
    to create structures after their desires.  This would explain the 
    similarities between the pyramids of Mexico and Egypt, built around the 
    same time but thousands of miles apart at a time when the humans of 
    Earth could not travel across the world.  However, most likely due to 
    some uprising, the Annunaki were forced to flee.  Some went beyond the 
    reach of humanity and settled on a dwarf planet known as Eris.  Others, 
    the remnant, stayed behind and settled underground, still requiring 
    Vril.  However, the Atu-Waa had been lost, and therefore one of the 
    goals of the Annunaki was to find it again.
    	Now that we’ve gotten down both versions of how the Annunaki 
    appeared, this is how they began influencing human life.
    - Influence:
    	At some point between the culture of the Egyptians (where the 
    Annunaki could have been the Gods that Egyptians worshipped due to 
    their aid in creating the civilization) and the colonization of 
    America, a group of aliens related to the Annunaki in some way crash 
    landed in the Bayankora Ula Mountains near China and Tibet.  This race, 
    known as the Dropa, was comprised of small creatures that piqued the 
    interest of the settlers around the area.  According to records later 
    found at a Dropa burial site, the humans felt bad for the plight of the 
    Dropa and even offered to help. However, for whatever reason, the 
    humans were angered and began hunting the Dropa, killing off most of 
    the race.  This discovery was made in the 1938, as a burial site cut 
    cleanly into the mountain using alien technology was found, with 
    skeletons matching the bodies described in the legends.  Also, small 
    discs with holes in them, similar to CD-ROMs or Phonographs, were found 
    around the site with small hieroglyphic-like writing around the bottom 
    of the disc.  When translated, it was found that the Dropa had come in 
    a probe sent to explore Earth, yet when the probe crashed they were 
    unable to return.
    	We have found out previously that one of the forces keeping the 
    Annunaki from rejoining with the remnant was the Attas, a mysterious 
    and relatively unknown group that may have some connection with the 
    Gods.  Throughout history, ancient civilizations had myths about many 
    Gods, with each society having similar Gods for similar realms.  Since 
    one of the Gods in Sumero-Babylonian lore was credited as stopping the 
    Annunaki at one point, it is reasonable to assume that these Gods could 
    be the Attas.
    	Now, between this event and the colonization of America, the 
    Ducaz were created by the Annunaki as servants, and were reptilian in 
    design.  This template would explain why the future servants of the 
    Annunaki, the Drudge, also took on the reptilian/insectoid design.
    	From this point, the Annunaki go unrecorded until the 1600s, when 
    the island of Roanoke is colonized by British settlers.  One of the 
    settlers, Ananias Dare, left for Britain to get supplies for the new 
    colony.  When he returned, the entire colony, including his baby 
    daughter Virginia, were gone and the only thing left for Ananias was a 
    mysterious carving on a post.  It read Croatoan, and was not crossed 
    out.  This, being a signal Dare and the colonists had worked out, meant 
    that whoever or whatever Croatoan was, it had forced the colony to flee 
    but not die.  However, Dare could not find his colony and they remained 
    	Turns out, the Annunaki were the ones behind the disappearance, 
    possibly using the Croatoan as servants.  Virginia Dare, one of the 
    colonists, became a puppet for the Annunaki and once again game them a 
    foothold in human society.  For about a hundred years, the Annunaki go 
    silent once more, until a turning point in history that would lay new 
    ground for the world: the creation of America.
    	Due to coded messages and secret symbols throughout documents and 
    structures in early America, the influence of the Annunaki is apparent.  
    Also, it appears that the Annunaki had an ace in the hole this time: an 
    influential statesmen and future president, John Adams.  Adams had a 
    major say in the creation of the Declaration of Independence, and 
    therefore allowed the Annunaki to have a say in the future of an 
    influential country.  This time, it appears that the Annunaki went 
    unopposed, as the country and Adams work flourished.  It seems as 
    though the plans for world domination were being put into effect.  
    However, they would not come to fruition for several centuries.
    	Starting in the 20th century, it would seem that the Annunaki 
    were mobilizing for some offensive.  Several separate incidents were 
    reported around the western hemisphere during the 1940s, 50s, 60s, and 
    70s where UFOs were seen flying or crashing.  It is important to note 
    that in many of the accounts, the UFOs were going in and out of water.  
    The Colares event, deemed a success by the Annunaki, centered on some 
    unknown point of interest under the Amazon River.  Shag Harbor saw an 
    UFO crash and receives aid under the water.  Even in the Kecksburg 
    crash, the UFO had been going south and turned suddenly to the East 
    around Pennsylvania, possibly to enter the water for aid.  This would 
    support the belief that the Annunaki, or at least part of the race, 
    lived under the Earth.
    	Then, the events of the game occurred.  John Adams, quite 
    possibly the same John Adams that helped found the country, ran a 
    secret government organization that tricked the President into giving 
    them complete power.  They did this by unleashing the next servants of 
    the Annunaki, an alien warrior race known as the Drudge.  Finally, 
    after 200+ years, the Annunaki finally had total control of one of the 
    strongest countries on Earth.  However, before the invasion of the 
    United States could begin in earnest, a single man repelled the threat 
    and shut down the Earth base of operations (or at least one of them) 
    with the help of a traitor Annunaki.  After his creations were 
    destroyed and his portals shut down, Adams admitted that the fight was 
    not yet over, and that the Annunaki were mobilizing for a full out war 
    with the humans.
    	However, with the threat of alien life publicized after the 
    invasion, Earth may be a bit more prepared for the 2012 deadline for 
    the Annunaki attacks, which would effectively wipe out the human race 
    and give complete control of Earth to the Annunaki, who had been living 
    there for thousands of years in hiding.
    	So, that is the story so far.  We will never know what happens 
    next without a sequel, but we can guess that humanity is in for a major 
    fight against the Annunaki.  Michael Ford may have stopped a small 
    scale US invasion, but stopping the entire Annunaki race may prove to 
    be more difficult.
    	Here are the links to the different sites that I used to research 
    the information; put into the order I used them in.  
    	Phew, that’s all of them!!  Thanks to these sites for their help 
    in aiding my research.  If you find any broken or incorrect links, or 
    you would like to find out more about these theories and messages or 
    even offer up your own theories, email me at crazycelticblue@aol.com.  
    However, do not email me debating whether or not any of this is real.  
    I do not honestly know if it is, but for the sake of furthering the 
    plot of the game it works for what it’s needed for.  If you want to 
    have an authenticity debate, take it up with High Voltage Software.
    THANKS 								[THNKFAQ]
    Thanks to GameFAQS.com for hosting my FAQ.  This is my first, but 
    hopefully not my last FAQ, and I hope they will be accepting of all my 
    future guiding endeavors
    Thanks to High Voltage Software for developing what in my opinion is a 
    great game.  Without them, my guide would not be possible
    Thanks to Sega of America for publishing this game, and hopefully they 
    will back future games of this or greater caliber
    Thanks to the following people for pointing out grammatical errors or 
    questioning the wording of my guide.  With over 40 pages of guide to 
    write, I wouldn’t be able to check it all word by word myself.  Due to 
    obvious reasons, I will simply put the screen names of those who have 
    given me feedback, and not the full email address.
    Also, if you head up to the conspiracies section, you will find a 
    lengthy list of website links.  These websites all deserve credit for 
    the information they provided in my quest to understand the hidden 
    messages.  Make sure you check out the sites, as you can delve even 
    further into the story and discover even more.  You find something and 
    email it to me, it may even make it into the guide!!
    Finally, thanks to you for reading this.  I hope that you enjoyed this 
    FAQ and this helped you with your game playing experience.  Remember, 
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