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    Cryptopedia by truenrpeace

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         .-=======.   ----------  T       H       E   ----------     ,============.
      .-==/          .-===-.    |=   |=    |====-.    |--   |=   |=       |==
     .-=-/          ==     =    |=\= |=    |=    `=   |=-   |=   |=       |==
     |==|           ==     =    |= \=|=    |=    .=   |=-   '=   |=       |==
     '-==\           '-==='     |=  \'=    |====-'     `-===-    |=       |==
       `===.                                                              |==
          ``-----  ====================================================  .'--`.
        ((   C     R     Y     P     T     O     P     E     D     I     A   ))
                                  //////       \\\\\\
                                   //////     \\\\\\
                           //     ///////     \\\\\\\     \\
                        /////////////////     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
                        ////////////               \\\\\\\\\\\\
                          ///////                     \\\\\\\
                         /////                           \\\\\
                  ///////////         /////^\\\\\         \\\\\\\\\\\
                  //////////      /////////^\\\\\\\\       \\\\\\\\\\
                  ////////      ///////////^\\\\\\\\\\       \\\\\\\\
                     /////    /////////////^\\\\\\\\\\\\     \\\\\
                     ////     /////////////^\\\\\\\\\\\\      \\\\
                    /////     //////               \\\\\\     \\\\\
                 \\\\\\\\            \\\       ///            ////////
                 \\\\\\\\\     \\    \\\\     ////    //     /////////
                 \\\\\\\\\      \\     \\\\.////     //      /////////
                       \\\\       \\               //       ////
                       \\\\\        \\\\\     /////        /////
                     \\\\\\\\            \\.//            ////////
                     \\\\\\\                               ///////
                      \\\       \\                   //       ///
                              \\\\\\\\\\       //////////
                            \\\\\\\    \\\\.////    ///////
                               \\       \\\.///     ///
    version 0.1
    T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S
    I    Introduction                                                       [01000]
    II   Version History                                                    [02000]
    III  From the Game Manual                                               [03000]
         III.i    Story                                                     [03100]
                  -Events leading to Mr. Ford's Assignment                  [03110]
    IV   Level Introduction Transcripts                                     [04000]
         IV.i     Threshold (01)                                            [04010]
         IV.ii    Contagion (02)                                            [04020]
         IV.iii   Enemy (03)                                                [04030]
         IV.iv    Trust (04)                                                [04040]
         IV.v     Gridlock (05)                                             [04050]
         IV.vi    Invasion (06)                                             [04060]
         IV.vii   Homeland (07)                                             [04070]
         IV.viii  Checkmate (08)                                            [04080]
         IV.ix    Closure (09)                                              [04090]
    V    Secret Messages                                                    [05000]
         V.i      Threshold (01)                                            [05010]
         V.ii     Contagion (02)                                            [05020]
         V.iii    Enemy (03)                                                [05030]
         V.iv     Trust (04)                                                [05040]
         V.v      Gridlock (05)                                             [05050]
         V.vi     Invasion (06)                                             [05060]
         V.vii    Homeland (07)                                             [05070]
         V.viii   Checkmate (08)                                            [05080]
         V.ix     Closure (09)                                              [05090]
    VI   Radios and TVs                                                     [06000]
         VI.i     Radio Locations and Transcripts                           [06100]
                  -Threshold (01)                                           [06110]
                  -Contagion (02)                                           [06120]
                  -Enemy (03)                                               [06130]
                  -Trust (04)                                               [06140]
                  -Gridlock (05)                                            [06150]
                  -Invasion (06)                                            [06160]
                  -Homeland (07)                                            [06170]
                  -Checkmate (08)                                           [06180]
                  -Closure (09)                                             [06190]
         VI.ii    Coded Radio Messages                                      [06200]
         VI.iii   TV Locations and Transcripts                              [06300]
                  -Threshold (01)                                           [06310]
                  -Contagion (02)                                           [06320]
                  -Enemy (03)                                               [06330]
                  -Trust (04)                                               [06340]
                  -Gridlock (05)                                            [06350]
                  -Invasion (06)                                            [06360]
                  -Homeland (07)                                            [06370]
                  -Checkmate (08)                                           [06380]
                  -Closure (09)                                             [06390]
    VII  Orange Lights Comic Book                                           [07000]
         VII.i    Transcript                                                [07010]
         VII.ii   Download Link                                             [07020]
    VIII Characters                                                         [08000]
         VIII.i   Michael Ford                                              [08010]
         VIII.ii  Prometheus                                                [08020]
         VIII.iii John Adams                                                [08030]
         VIII.iv  Heather Hampton                                           [08040]
         VIII.v   Gordon Wells                                              [08050]
         VIII.vi  Enemies                                                   [08060]
    IX   Factions                                                           [09000]
         IX.i     The Trust                                                 [09100]
         IX.ii    The Drudge                                                [09200]
                  -Mites                                                    [09210]
                  -Drones                                                   [09220]
                  -Skimmers                                                 [09230]
                  -Scarabs                                                  [09240]
                  -Invaders                                                 [09260]
    X    Collectibles and Gear                                              [10000]
         X.i      The All Seeing Eye (ASE)                                  [10100]
                  -ASE Reactive Items                                       [10110]
         X.ii     Weapons                                                   [10200]
                  -Conventional Weaponry                                    [10210]
                  -Trust Weaponry                                           [10220]
                  -Drudge Weaponry                                          [10230]
                  -Grenades                                                 [10240]
                  -Prototype Weapons                                        [10250]
         X.iii    Drudge Artifacts                                          [10300]
         X.iv     Other Items                                               [10400]
    XI   Seeing-Is-Deceiving Website                                        [11000]
         XI.i     Screens                                                   [11100]
         XI.ii    Wallpaper                                                 [11200]
         XI.iii   Video                                                     [11300]
         XI.iv    Icons                                                     [11400]
         XI.v     Visible Quotes                                            [11500]
         XI.vi    Unusable Codes                                            [11600]
         XI.vii   Conspiracy                                                [11700]
    XII  Special Edition Art Book                                           [12000]
    XIII Alien Language                                                     [13000]
         XIII.i   From the Game                                             [13100]
                  -Title Menu                                               [13110]
                  -The Trust Symbol                                         [13120]
                  -Computer Room in Bunker 13                               [13130]
                  -Multiplayer Maps                                         [13140]
                  -Credits                                                  [13150]
         XIII.ii  From the Special Edition Art Book                         [13200]
         XIII.iii From the Comic Book                                       [13300]
         XIII.iv  From Promotional Material                                 [13400]
         XIII.v   Decoder Download Link                                     [13500]
    XIV  Contributors                                                       [14000]
    XV   Thanks and Legal                                                   [15000]
         XV.i    Thanks                                                     [15100]
         XV.ii   Legal                                                      [15200]
    I    I N T R O D U C T I O N                                            [01000]
    This FAQ was borne of a community effort. There was an expressed desire by the
    Conduit gaming community to have all of the information and history of the game
    rolled into one nice, convenient hot pocket of information: thus, our lovingly-
    titled 'Cryptopedia'.
    This FAQ is, by no means, complete; furthermore, we really don't wish it ever
    to be complete. There is so much information contained within this game, so
    many underlying hints in just simple lines or split-second flashes of images,
    that to get it all will possibly take years of our part-time efforts-- and you
    can bet your bottom dollar that we will do our best to have it here.
    We truly hope you enjoy the fruits of the Conduit Plot FAQ Project's labor. See
    something missing that should be included? Join our effort. Just like with
    Transformers, for the Conduit, there is more than meets the eye.
    We have been so kind as to include an easier search function for cruising the
    guide. To the right of the table of contents entries you will see a code of the
    form [VWXYZ]; just search for that entire term, including the brackets, and
    you'll be taken right to what it is you would like to look up.
    II   V E R S I O N   H I S T O R Y                                      [02000]
    Version 0.1
    -Brought together the basic completed information
    III  F R O M   T H E   G A M E   M A N U A L                            [03000]
    III.i Story |                                                           [03100]
    In the near future, Washington, D.C. is shaken by several strange events
    resulting in heightened local and national tensions. John Adams, the enigmatic
    leader of a shadow organzation known as The Trust, realizes that the nation's
    capital has come under attack. Secret Service agent Micheal Ford,
    hero-of-the-hour for having saved the life of the President, is recruited to
    learn who is behind this assault on Washington, D.C.
    <{ Events leading to Mr. Ford's Assignment }>                           [03110]
    March 19 - Unusual weather system hovers over east coast of United States. This
    results in exceptionally high water levels of various rivers, such as the
    Potomac in Washington D.C.
    April 19 - Strange flu-like illness sweeps through Washington D.C. coming to be
    known as "the Bug". Staffing at government offices drops to minimal levels as
    many stay close to their homes in hopes of not contracting it. This pattern of
    avoidance is the presumed cause of increased numbers of "Missing Person"
    reports in D.C. area during this time.
    August 9 - Terrorist attack on Washington Monunment destroys significant
    portion of its upper surface. It is confirmed that identity cards used in
    attack were stolen from the office of a Pentagon staffer during their recovery
    from "the Bug". Tension levels in United States, Washington D.C. in particular,
    begin to rise.
    September 11 - Presidential Candidate Senator Harriet Reimer assassinated by
    terrorist cell disguised as her own Secret Service detail; autopsies of all
    bodies have been declared classified. Significance of date is not lost on the
    public; tensions in Washington D.C. reach new heights.
    October 1 - President Charles Thompson is almost killed by members of his own
    Secret Service detail. Fortunately, the assassination attempt is thwarted by an
    agent who was not a regular member of the President's protection. This event
    results in a phased evacuation of Washington, D.C. by the Department of
    Homeland Security.
    IV  L E V E L   I N T R O D U C T I O N   T R A N S C R I P T S         [04000]
    IV.i Threshold (01) |                                                   [04010]
    <Ford>: It all begins with a simple question. One that was never meant to be
    answered. Most people will merely ask the question without expecting any kind
    of response. Maybe that's for the best. For the others, the ones who demand
    an answer, it's the start of true understanding. They begin to see the lies
    and conspiracies for what they are, threads and evidence that lead to the
    truth. They see the connections behind seemingly unconnected events and begin
    to learn about the powers that actually shape our world. Random events
    conspire to form the greater picture. It's only a matter of finding how the
    pieces fit and you will see the puzzle for what it really is. After that, you
    can't help what you will become. Some succumb to madness or paranoia, some
    disappear from the world, and others...well...others end up like me. My name
    is Michael Ford. I'm probably the only one left who knows the truth. I know
    because I was there.
    IV.ii Contagion (02) |                                                  [04020]
    <Adams>: Hello, Mr. Ford. It's time to go to work.
    <Ford>: Who is this?
    <Adams>: I am Mr. Adams. I'm part of a clandestine organization, known as the
    Trust. We have safeguarded this country for over 200 years, and we need your
    help. Your performance in the Aero-Evac incident greatly impressed us. As a
    result, I've asked the President for the use of your services to tackle a
    special assignment. My authorization is Kilo Bravo July 2-2-1-7-9-7.
    <Ford>: Authorization confirmed. Proceed with instructions.
    <Adams>: Less than an hour ago, a terrorist known as Prometheus broke into a
    classified facility and stole a valuable prototype. He and his men are headed
    towards Reagan National Airport. I'm pulling in all available agents and
    military personnel. We are going to be waiting for him. The airport should be
    clear of civilians by the time you arrive. If all goes well, you won't even
    have to draw your weapon.
    <Ford>: And if things don't go well, Mr. Adams?
    <Adams>: Then you will take any necessary steps to insure that they do. Have
    I made myself clear?
    <Ford>: Perfectly.
    <Adams>: Excellent. Better get moving, Mr. Ford.
    IV.iii Enemy (03) |                                                     [04030]
    <Adams>: I have a new assignment for you, Mr. Ford. Prometheus is much more
    than a mere terrorist. His ability to turn our own people into his puppets
    makes him a significant threat to national security. During this mission,
    your visor will also be linked directly to the President. It is vitally
    important that he sees exactly what we're up against so that the necessary
    steps can be taken to stop Prometheus once and for all.
    <Ford>: Understood. What's the assignment?
    <Adams>: Prometheus has a base in Bunker 13, an abandoned military complex
    beneath Washington. You need to infiltrate the bunker, access its computer
    network, and download all the data you can. We don't know who you can trust
    right now, so, I'm sending you in solo. The president and I have every
    confidence that you will be able to handle this. Don't let us down.
    <Ford>: I'll do my best, sir. Moving out, now.
    IV.iv Trust (04) |                                                      [04040]
    <Ford>: All right, Prometheus, what's going on here? First you try to kill
    me, and now you're helping me? Who's side are you on, really?
    <Prometheus>: I'm on your side, Michael. I know it's hard to believe, but
    hear me out. Adams has been using you since the beginning. Now that you've
    served your purpose, he wants you out of the picture.
    <Ford>: Why should I believe you?
    <Prometheus>: Right now, you don't need to. You just need to listen. There's
    a Drudge nest underneath the Library of Congress. It has to be destroyed
    before they infest the city, and you're the only one who can do it. I've
    given you a suit of Trust armor that we confiscated from one of Adams' weapon
    caches. I haven't been able to completely activate all its functions yet, but
    it will protect you from some damage and slowly regenerate your health. I
    just hope it's enough.
    <Ford>: Hold on a minute, you still haven't explained what's going on here.
    <Prometheus>: There's no time, Michael. That nest is a ticking bomb, and this
    city is doomed if it should go off. You've got to hurry.
    <Ford>: I'll go along with you for now, but if you're lying to me I'll take
    you down hard. Do you understand me?
    <Prometheus>: I would expect nothing less.
    IV.v Gridlock (05) |                                                    [04050]
    <Prometheus>: Michael, it's Prometheus. I've got the details on our next
    <Ford>: I'm not lifting a finger until you give me some answers.
    <Prometheus>: We don't have time for this, Michael... what do you want to know?
    <Ford>: First off, what is this ASE and why do you and Adams want it?
    <Prometheus>: I don't want it, but Adams does. It's a very powerful artifact
    that is critical to his plans, plans that you, inadvertently, aided him with.
    <Ford>: What do you mean?
    <Prometheus>: The ASE was developed by scientists working for the Trust.
    Through it, I convinced them of Adams' true intentions. Then I helped them
    get it away from him and those puppets he created with the neuro-toxin. But
    then you retrieved the ASE from my men, and through your visor link helped
    Adams convince the President of a vast, powerful conspiracy that only The
    Trust would be able to combat. Your final transmission, facing down the
    Drudge at the memorial, sealed the deal. As a result, wheels have been put
    into motion to grant The Trust unprecedented power, and when the President
    dies they will take control.
    <Ford>: The President is in danger? We have to warn him.
    <Prometheus>: He won't listen, Michael. Adams has convinced him that you've
    been turned into a puppet.
    <Ford>: We'll just have to save him ourselves.
    IV.vi Invasion (06) |                                                   [04060]
    <Prometheus>: Michael, we need to move quickly. Drudge forces are converging
    on the Pentagon.
    <Ford>: If they destroy the Pentagon our defenses will be in chaos.
    <Prometheus>: That's not Adams' goal. The Trust believes that to save the
    country they must control it. If they get their hands on the defense
    mainframe, they'll have all the control they need.
    <Ford>: How many of these schemes does he have in the works?
    <Prometheus>: He's been planning this campaign for a VERY long time, Michael.
    He's planned for every contingency. Now get moving. You've got to reach the
    Pentagon, and I've got to try and activate more of your suit's functions.
    IV.vii Homeland (07) |                                                  [04070]
    <Ford>: The Drudge are crawling all over the city. Haven't you found that
    nest yet?
    <Prometheus>: I've uploaded a geographic profile for the recent Drudge
    attacks to your visor. The pattern indicates that their staging area is
    located somewhere near the river district. I've managed to narrow it down to
    a two-mile radius.
    <Ford>: You want me to wander through miles of hostile territory, poking
    around for a Drudge nest?
    <Prometheus>: It's the only way I can get a precise reading. Something out
    here is interfering with my systems. You'll have to get closer before I can
    pinpoint the location.
    <Ford>: And what happens if they pinpoint MY location with a plasma rifle?
    <Prometheus>: Actually, Drudge weaponry utilizes a unique biomass that can be
    converted into a variety of damage effects. It's far more versatile than a
    plasma core, and several times as deadly.
    <Ford>: You do realize that you're not helping?
    <Prometheus>: And YOU realize that if we can't locate and cripple the source
    of these attacks, the Capitol will be completely under alien control in a
    matter of days.
    <Ford>: Fine. I'll start heading in that direction. See if you can isolate a
    clear entry point.
    IV.viii Checkmate (08) |                                                [04080]
    <Ford>: George Orwell once said, "In a time of universal deceit, telling the
    truth is a revolutionary act." We ask for truth all the time. When that truth
    threatens to tear apart the fundamental beliefs of your world, can you still
    accept it? Even when it's better to remain ignorant, when it's too dangerous
    to reveal, we still demand the truth at all costs, never really understanding
    the price we agreed to pay.
    IV.ix Closure (09) |                                                    [04090]
    <Adams>: I should thank you, Mr. Ford. By killing your only ally, you've
    saved me the trouble of killing him myself.
    <Ford>: You're next, Adams.
    <Adams>: You don't really think you can make a difference in all this, do
    you, Mr. Ford? The Trust has been the bedrock of this country for hundreds of
    years. We have the reach, influence, and technology to restore America to
    dominence in this world, and we will not be stopped, not by nations, not by
    armies, and certainly not by one lone man.
    <Ford>: Sometimes one man is all it takes.
    <Adams>: You know, you've been a great disappointment to me, Mr. Ford. I've
    refrained from killing you in hopes that you would see the error of your ways
    and join us. But you are unable to see past your childish morals and ideals
    and that has made you weak. The fate of our nation is greater than the life
    of one man, or even an entire city. We will succeed, Mr. Ford. When it is all
    over, I will pry the ASE from your corpse.
    V   S E C R E T   M E S S A G E S                                       [05000]
    V.i Threshold (01) |                                                    [05010]
    1. "Colares was more successful than Roswell"
    Location:  In the Hatchery room where you take out the egg sacs.  On the same
    wall as the left node of the organic lock.  Look left of the left node, near
    the dark red pipe.
    Colares is an island of Brazil where an outbreak of UFO sightings occured in
    the late '70s, causing the Brazilian government to launch investigations. Some
    who claimed to have seen UFOs also had burn marks and puncture wounds on their
    bodies. Roswell, New Mexico is the site of recovered materials reportedly from
    a UFO.
    2. "The lesser forms will bow before the Annunaki!"
    Location:  As soon as you walk into the room with the Drones and the first two
    conduits, you'll see a large pillar in the middle of the room.  Scan near the
    "Danger-High Voltage" sign on the pillar.
    Anunnaki are Sumerian, Akkadian, and/or Babylonian gods or deities. It is
    typically used as a collective term.
    V.ii Contagion (02) |                                                   [05020]
    No secret messages in this level.
    V.iii Enemy (03) |                                                      [05030]
    3. "There ought to be limits to freedom..."
    Location:  Go in the second doorway you can enter (Room 313).  Inside are two
    computers on desks.  Scan the wall between the two computers.
    George W. Bush, before his two terms as President of the United States, was
    quoted as saying how "there ought to be limits to freedom" in response to a
    website satirizing him.
    4. "Where is Virginia Dare?"
    Location:  Go left through the heavy door where you saw the guard turned into a
    puppet by the neurotoxin. After walking through the heavy door, enter the first
    door on your right (Room 112).  Scan the right hand wall.
    Virgina Dare was the first white child born in the Americas into the Roanoke
    Colony; the Roanoke colonists famously disappeared without a trace.
    5. "The union of Ellinor and Ananias Dare was the catalyst!!"
    Location:  Before the first regen units you see, enter Room 116 and scan near
    the corner of the right hand wall and the wall that the door is in.
    Ellinor and Ananias Dare were the parents of Virginia Dare, the first white
    born in the Americas into the Roanoke Colony, whose colonists famously
    disappeared without a trace.
    6. "Virginia Dare was the first Puppet of our Master!"
    Location:  After the water/generator area, you enter the "B" corridor.  After
    the corridor bends to the right two times, the corridor straightens out for a
    long stretch.  About halfway down the hall, Mr. Adams talks about Prometheus,
    "Between the bombings, etc..."  Look on the right hand side of the corridor and
    you'll see the letter "B" over an oil drum that's been knocked over.  Scan to
    the right of the letter "B" on the wall.
    As explained above, Virginia Dare was the first white child born in the
    Americas into the Roanoke Colony. Being called a 'puppet' is an implication
    that she was used by some other force as opposed to simply disappearing.
    7. "Puppet error caused Roswell and Shag Harbor!"
    Location:  After you ride the elevator up to the top floor and exit it, there
    is a sign for the Infirmary pointing left.  Fall through the floor and turn
    around 180 degrees.  Scan the left hand wall, across the hall from the unusable
    elevator door.
    The phrase 'puppet error' implies that Roswell, where materials from supposed
    UFOs were found, and Shag Harbor, site of an impact from a UFO, were actually
    mistakes in their being noticed by normal citizens.
    8. "Operation Saucer lulled the sheep back to sleep!"
    Location:  As you enter the Infirmary corridor, the lower wall design goes from
    solid green to small white and green tiles.  The white and green tiles lead to
    a shower/decontamination area (note the showerheads overhead), which lead to a
    set of double doors that open into the Infirmary.  As soon as you enter the
    Infirmary, scan the right hand wall over the knocked-over cabinet with the
    broken doors.
    'Operation Saucer' was the title of the Brazilian government-launched
    investigation of the Colares UFO flap. The idea that it 'lulled the sheep back
    to sleep' was that the investigation was made just to make people feel secure
    in that their government was looking into what had happened.
    9. "Is not an alien force already among us?"
    Location:  After battling your way up a long, straight corridor that looks like
    it's completely made of sheet metal, there is a small landing on the left
    illuminated with a red light.  The red landing is directly before the bust of
    Benjamin Franklin.  Scan the left hand wall of the red landing.  (If you enter
    the corridor that collapses behind you, you've gone too far).
    Ronald Reagan had an 'obsession' of sorts with extra-terrestrials. This was a
    quote from one of his speeches, "I occasionally think how quickly our
    differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from
    outside this world. And yet, I ask, is not an alien force ALREADY among us?"
    V.iv Trust (04) |                                                       [05040]
    10. "MDCCLXXVI"
    Location:  After the second organic lock, you enter a second, rectangular
    library area with five staircases on both sides of the room.  Look to your
    right and you'll see two American flags.  Scan the wall between the two
    American flags.
    MDCCLXXVI is the Roman numeralization of the number 1776, the year that the
    Declaration of Independence for the United States was signed.
    11. "Under the terms of the treaty the Shugurra was returned!"
    Location:  In the third rectangular library area with all the red pulse boxes,
    there is a Therm-Mite hatcher on the far wall between two American flags.  Face
    the hatcher and turn 90 degrees to the right.  Scan the wall between the last
    right-hand set of stairs and the door that you can't go through.
    In Sumerian myth, the 'Shugurra' was a crown; the term means 'that which makes
    go far into the universe'. The character in the myths who wore the crown was
    Mari, who is comparable to Christianity's Mary, mother of Jesus; however, Mari
    predates the Virgin Mary by about 3000 years. The treaty, potentially, refers
    to every 2000-3000 years there is a different 'age' of mankind, and how Mari
    ascended to the heavens upon the conclusion of that age.
    12. "The Condon Committee was ours!"
    Location:  After the ghost mines, you enter an area where you have to go down a
    set of granite steps with a statue of a lady holding a torch/lamp in her hand.
    As you head down the steps, make sure the statue of the lady is on your right
    hand side, and scan the granite wall straight ahead.
    The Condon Committee was an informal title given to the UFO project at the
    University of Colorado, established to study claims made about UFOs as well as
    potential sightings.
    13. "Fight and die for the NWO!"
    Location:  At the end of the first sewer system tunnel there is a large
    circular opening on the left that you enter.  Before entering the circular
    sewer, scan the wall to the right of the circular sewer opening.
    NWO stands for 'New World Order'. There exists a conspiracy theory that uses
    the term 'New World Order' for the advent of a one-world government slowly
    being created.
    14. "Humans should fear the world they call Eris"
    Location:  At you exit the circular sewer section, you see an alcove on the
    left, next to a rusty staircase that leads down.  In the alcove, scan the wall
    to the left of the rusty staircase.
    Eris is the largest (known) dwarf planet in the Solar System, approximately
    27% larger than Pluto. The idea that humans should fear it implies that Eris
    harbors hostile alien life. It is interesting to note that Eris was almost
    named 'Xena,' after the famous TV series warrior princess; Xena: The Warrior
    Princess is a spin-off of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, which starred Kevin
    Sorbo as the titular character- Sorbo voiced 'Prometheus' for the game.
    15. "The Ducaz came before the Drudge"
    Location:  After you exit the circular sewer area with the tentacles, turn to
    your left and you'll see a Drudge turret.  Take out the turrent, and scan the
    concrete section of the left hand wall.  This scan is in the area before you
    get locked in the Drudge Hatchery fight.
    The Reptilians or Ducaz were sent by their "masters", the Nephilim or Elohim
    to fight in wars with other alien races and to serve as their spies,
    bodyguards, and police force.
    V.v Gridlock (05) |                                                     [05050]
    16. "Weep for long lost Nibiru!"
    Location:  Immediately after exiting the first room with blue walls, you enter
    a small area with a white and orange tile floor.  Scan the wall between the
    broken pillars on the left and the doorway you're about to enter.
    Nibiru is both a Babylonian god and celestial object. As a god, Nibiru is one
    of the most important; as a celestial object, Nibiru has been identified as a
    17. "And from the Cat's Eye Nebula they came forth"
    Location:  Go to the end of the hallway where you see your first Skimmer, and
    you enter a red room with a huge hole in the ceiling.  Scan the wall opposite
    the conduit you destroyed in this red room.
    The Cat's Eye Nebula is one of the most complex nebulae observed. It is also
    quite mysterious, namely due to its intricate structure.
    18. "Ad astra per aspera"
    Location:  Past the section where you destroy two Drudge turrets on your left,
    there is an oval shaped room on your left and a room painted red/maroon on your
    right.  Enter the red room on the right and scan the right hand wall above the
    metal filing cabinet that's been knocked over on the floor.
    Translated from Latin, 'ad astra per aspera' means 'to the stars through
    hardships,' or 'to the stars through difficulties. It is written on a plaque
    at the launch site of the Apollo 1, whose astronauts all perished due to a
    Ad astra per aspera = To the stars through hardships
    19. "XXIII"
    Location:  After climbing a set of stairs with blue walls, you enter a room
    with six white pillars and another Drudge turret.  Face the six white pillars
    and scan the right hand wall between the painting of George Washington and the
    door that you just used to enter this room.
    'XXIII' is the Roman numeralization of the number 23. The '23 enigma' is the
    idea that most events and other numbers are related to the number 23 in some
    way, shape or form.
    20. "Darkness seems scarcely different from light..."
    Location:  After the section where you fall through the floor, you walk through
    a few areas with desks and wide screen monitors.  Enter the area where there
    are a bunch of American flags and a stage with a podium.  Face the stage and
    podium and scan the right hand wall after the third large American flag on the
    right hand wall.
    John Ralston Saul is quoted as saying, "We are born with the schizophrenia of
    good and evil within us, so that each generation must persevere in self-
    recognition and in self-control. In ceding to the automatic reassurance of our
    logic, we have abandoned once more those powers of recognition and of control.
    Darkness seems scarcely different from light, with the web of structure and
    logic woven thick across both. We must therefore cut away these layers of false
    protection if we wish to regain control of our common sense and morality.
    21. "You are not paranoid - you are right!"
    Location:  After the stage/podium area, you walk by a small, wood balcony near
    a set of steps that lead down to nowhere.  Walk through the doorway by the
    balcony, and look for a water cooler on the right hand wall.  Enter the first
    door after the water cooler to find a small office.  Scan the wall opposite the
    painting of the mountain.  The secret message will be directly across from the
    lamp on the desk.
    The game concerns itself with several conspiracy theories, and those who hold
    them are often believed to just be paranoid. This phrase asserts that one is
    not paranoid, but correct in their beliefs, no matter how bombastic they may
    initially appear to be.
    22. "People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders!"
    Location:  After the room that has a Trust cache behind a bookshelf, you enter
    a room with two conduits and a Therm-Mite hatcher to destroy.  On the right
    hand side of the hall, look for the china cabinet that contains several
    plates/dishes.  Scan the wall across from the china cabinet.
    Quote from the leaked Banker's Manifesto by Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr, "When
    through the process of the law, the common people have lost their homes, they
    will be more tractable and easily governed through the influence of the strong
    arm of the government applied to a central power of imperial wealth under the
    control of the leading financiers. People without homes will not quarrel with
    their leaders."
    V.vi Invasion (06) |                                                    [05060]
    23. "Norvus ordo seclorum"
    Location:  In the first large stairwell, you enter a door on the 3rd floor that
    leads into an office area.  Immediately turn to your left and scan the left
    hand wall between the door and the green plant on the ground.
    In Latin, 'norvus ordo seclorum' means 'new order of the ages'; it is also
    found on the reverse side of the great seal of the United States of America.
    24. "The sacrilege of Bayan-Kara-Ula will not be forgotten"
    Location:  In the second large stairwell, take a right and go down the first
    set of steps.  On the landing, scan the concrete wall to the right of the large
    Bayan-Kara-Ula is a remote section of the Himalayan mountains. It is the
    supposed crash-landing site o a spaceship of the Dropa; due to its remote
    location, they could not rebuild the spaceship and it was there where they
    25. "The Dropa came down from the clouds..."
    Location:  In the second large stairwell, enter the door on the 4th floor to
    find another office area.  Enter first doorway on the right to find an office
    with a large fishtank.  Exit the fishtank office through the other (left hand)
    doorway.  Scan the right hand wall over the first potted plant on the right,
    between the first two windows on the right hand wall.
    The Dropa are the supposed alien race that landed in China several years ago.
    Such a claim is able to be made due to the discovery of discs that, upon being
    deciphered, told of their existence.
    26. "XLII"
    Location:  You find a hand scanner that Prometheus tells you to hack into.
    Face the hand scanner.  Scan the right hand wall, between the Seal of the
    United States of America and the locked hand scanner door.
    XLII is 42 in Roman numerals. The number 42 was thrust into popularity with the
    science-fiction book series "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," as in the
    book it is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and
    27. "We must join with the others to bring forth a new world order"
    Location:  In the last hallway right before the Situation Room, there is a pair
    of United States of America Seals directly in front of the Situation Room door.
    Scan the left wall to the left of the left Seal.
    An almost identical quote is taken from the Declaration of Interdependence that
    was announced by the World Affairs Council:
    "Two centuries ago our forefathers brought fort a new nation; now we must join
    with others to bring forth a new world order."
    28. "The Attas shall pay for our exile and imprisonment"
    Location:  Enter the first hall after the Situation Room, turn right, and scan
    the wall straight ahead between the United States Seal and the door.
    The Attas exiled and imprisoned the Anunnaki, believed by some to be the
    destroyers of Atlantis.
    29. "Final destiny of the gods (with a chasm and lightning bolt)"
    Location:  In the third large stairwell, enter the door on the 4th floor to
    find another office area.  Go through the first doorway on the left, turn
    right, and walk straight until you come across a Drudge ammo unit.  Turn around
    180 degrees, and re-enter the small office, then scan the wall between the
    doorway and the right hand window.
    Also known as Ragnarok from Norse Mythology, it was a series of major events
    that ultimately lead to the deaths of major figures of the mythology, including
    gods-- notably Thor, who would be one to yield a lightning bolt.
    The chasm referenced is "Ginnungagap," which was the 'cosmic void' that was
    prior to the creation of the world itself.
    V.vii Homeland (07) |                                                   [05070]
    30. "Sapere Aude"
    Location:  At the beginning of the level, look straight ahead and you will see
    a small truck with metal siding.  Scan the side of the truck.
    "Sapare aude," in Latin, means "dare to know." It was popularized and then
    associated with the Enlightenment due to Immanual Kant, a German Philosopher,
    using the phrase in the aptly-titled essay, "What Is Enlightenment?"
    31. "Every valuable commodity fades before Vril!"
    Location:  Walk straight down the first street until you reach the
    intersection.  Turn right, and follow the right hand building all the way to
    the end of the building.  Near the end of the building you'll see a poster
    advertising "Reimer for President".  Scan the wall between the poster and the
    piece of sheet metal sitting on the ground.
    "Vril," the idea of which came to fruition in the novel "The Coming Race" by
    Edward Bulwer-Lytton, is a substance that is incredibly potent-- it can both
    take or replenish life, used as a power source, and can move through solid
    matter. It is interesting to note that the function of "vril" from the novel is
    similar to the ASE in "The Conduit".
    32. "Ducaz are but one of the many servants"
    Location:  After the cutscene with the Skimmers attacking the helicopter,
    follow the left hand wall until you see a large crack in the bricks.  Shoot the
    crack to create a hole in the wall.  Scan the left hand wall near the stack of
    gold bars.
    The Ducaz are servants that were created by the Anunnaki race; they are used as
    a 'brute force' by the Anunnaki.
    33. "Who now watches over the Atu-Waa"
    Location:  Immediately after dropping out of the ruined building, turn around
    180 degrees and scan the brick wall behind you.
    The "Atu-Waa" is an Annunaki 'time-restarting device'; in essence, time must be
    continually restarted to prevent the destruction of all that exists, and the
    Atu-Waa is the device used to achieve that end. It was sent to Earth due to the
    planet's special properties, such as an electromagnetic field, and to keep it
    hidden from other races.
    34. "I have seen the Fnords!"
    Location:  After making your way through the sewers and climbing up the small
    tentacle platforms, you see another hole in the wall.  Go inside and scan the
    left hand wall near another stack of gold bars.
    A 'fnord' is a term that one has been taught to be unable to consciously see;
    therefore, 'to see the fnords' is to be unaffected by the word or any of its
    powers. Furthermore, the phrase 'I have seen the fnords' was graffitied on a
    bridge between Earlsdon and Coventry in the United Kingdom.
    35. "Our masters feed of the Gnosis of the lesser beings!!"
    Location:  After defeating the two Invaders, you walk down the broken escalator
    into the subway.  As you walk down, take the right hand escalator.  Scan the
    right hand concrete wall to the right of the second right hand pulse box you
    This statement alludes to a higher power providing an 'intuitive knowledge of
    spiritual truths' to beings beneath it.
    36. "Annuit Coeptis"
    Location:  After the second hatcher room with the organic lock, you come upon a
    subway car you have to walk through.  After exiting the car, turn around 180
    degrees and scan the left hand side of the subway car near the blue handicap
    In Latin, "annuit coeptis" means "he has approved our undertaking"; it is also
    found on the reverse side of the great seal of the United States of America.
    V.viii Checkmate (08) |                                                 [05080]
    37. "MMXII"
    Location:  The first elevator that you have to ride down has two turrets
    protecting it.  Scan the wall to the left of the left hand number 11.
    'MMXII' is the Roman numeralization of the number 2012. The year 2012 is when
    the Mayans predicted the world would end; such an idea is made all the more
    eerie due to the extreme accuracy of the Mayan's seemingly simplistic
    instruments for calculating other celestial events.
    38. "Death to the Attas"
    Location:  After hacking the second computer, you have to travel down a
    corridor with orange walls that expand and contract.  Scan the right hand wall
    in front of the first expanding and contracting orange wall on the right.
    The Attas, or 'rescuers of the light', keep an eye on the Annunaki; they are
    either gods or aliens, here to protect humans. Jesus Christ is an Atta.
    39. "Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes"
    Location:  Upon exiting the second elevator, you see an array of display panels
    down the corridor in an alcove.  Walk down the corridor and stand on the trust
    symbol on the ground, face the display panels, and scan the right hand wall of
    the alcove.
    'Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes' is translated from Latin to mean 'the war of all
    against all'. It was popularized by philosopher Thomas Hobbes to allude to the
    idea of mankind being in a constant struggle with itself.
    40. "Enlil was victorious at the place humans call Kecksburg"
    Location:  On your way to Lab II, you pass through a corridor that slopes down
    twice.  As you travel down the first slope, scan the left hand wall before the
    floor levels off.
    Kecksburg, Pennsylvania is the location of a reported UFO crash; the United
    States' Army quickly came in and asserted that nothing was found. This would go
    in hand with Adams being revealed to be Enlil at the end of the game.
    41. "CVIII"
    Location:  On the upper floor of Lab III there is a jammer device right above a
    computer console.  Scan the wall to the left of the jammer device and computer
    'CVIII' is the Roman numeralization of the number 108. There are several
    reasons why the number may be included in the game. First and foremost, the
    number is prevalent in several Eastern faiths and religions. Secondly, 108 is
    the measure of an interior angle of a regular pentagon, thus relating to the
    Pentagon as used by the United States Government. Its factorization is also
    unique, given that it is (1^1)*(2^2)*(3^3).
    42. "The world is in a constant conspiracy against the Brave"
    Location:  When you enter the containment area with all the locked doors, walk
    straight until you see the Trust symbol in the ramp wall.  Take a left at the
    Trust symbol, and go straight past more locked containment doors until you hit
    the wall.  Turn 90 degrees to your right and you will see a small opening.
    Scan the right hand wall of the small opening.
    American General Douglas MacArthur is quoted as saying "Last, but by no means
    least, courage--moral courage, the courage of one's convictions, the courage to
    see things through. The world is in a constant conspiracy against the brave.
    It's the age-old struggle--the roar of the crowd on one side and the voice of
    your conscience on the other."
    V.ix Closure (09) |                                                     [05090]
    No secret messages.
    VI  R A D I O S   A N D   T V S                                         [06000]
    VI.i  Radio Locations and Transcripts |                                 [06100]
    <{ Threshold (01) }>                                                    [06110]
    No radios in this level.
    <{ Contagion (02) }>                                                    [06120]
    Radio 2-1:
    *Location: After the first circular bend in the hallway, in the corner on a
    stack of boxes, under a banner that reads "Understand the threat.  Your life
    depends on it."
    *Number of channels: 7
    -Channel 1:
    <Gordon Wells>: Howdee do, boys and girls! You are listening to the true
    voice of PC, the one and only man of the people, Gordon Wells, coming at you
    liiive. Latest scuttlebutt is that the Feds have locked down Reagan Airport
    because of a bomb threat, but some friends of the street have called in and
    reported shots being fired. Now, I may not know much about bombs, people, but
    I do know that bullets are a lousy way to defuse them. If ya' ask me, this
    sounds a lot less like a bomb threat and more like Uncle Sam taking care of
    some personal business. Maybe someone wanted out from under Big Brother's
    thumb and now they're gettin' squashed. It's like...(*quick cut to static*)
    -Channel 2:
    <Timothy Browning>: That proposed law is just another vain attempt to
    appropriate public funds for a cause that is both misguided and
    irresponsible. People, we are under attack. The terrorists want nothing more
    than all U.S. citizens to die. They don't care who you are or what you
    believe in, their goal is to wipe out this country and its way of life.
    -Channel 3:
    <Fang Jorgenson>: You've just heard "Twisted My Love" by Death Driver
    Overkill, followed by "Blood Surly" by the Rigor Mortus Twitch. This is Fang
    Jorgenson, and your ears are bleeding to the Fang Bang Metal Show,
    broadcasting live from the dark heart of Washington, D.C. In rock news today,
    Mitch Angst, of local band Crash Murder, came down with the Bug. He's getting
    treatment at Bradley General Hospital. I've heard that if you get this virus,
    your guts start to melt and you wander around like a ZOMBIE! Huh, METAL!! The
    Bug is probably why everyone's gone missing. But where are they goin'? What
    are they doin'? It's like they're being called by a higher power. It's pretty
    brutal that the virus makes you wander off like that. I've even heard that
    people with the Bug become violent and cryptic. It's as if he's calling us to
    do his work. We've got some Biotoast and Lady Fiend coming up after this...
    -Channel 4:
    <Numbers Station Voice>: (*Random messages*)
    -Channel 5:
    <Autumn Wanderer>: Just been told the National Guard has been authorized to
    use deadly force. I can't believe it! Friends, we must stay mel- low. If The
    Man comes to your house, meet his firepower with flower power. Brothers and
    sisters, remember that material possessions are so much baggage weighing down
    your path to enlightenment. If someone loots your house while you're gone,
    they're doing you a favor. I saw it too! Floating, alone in the sky, like a
    beautiful, white dove, coming to save humanity from itself.
    -Channel 6:
    <Jared X. Fulton>: This is Jared X. Fulton, with American Public Radio. We've
    just received reports of police, in co-ordination with the National Guard,
    evacuating Reagan National Airport. This is being brought on by several
    terrorist threats received earlier today. Ya' know, I don't want to point
    fingers, but these recent terrorist tragedies are a direct result of a lax
    legislation of the GOP. The Republican party has gone out of its way to
    undermine public safety. Their shoot-from-the-hip foreign policy has isolated
    us from potential allies, their loose gun policies have allowed criminals and
    terrorists easy access to weaponry right here in the country! Do you have to
    wonder why we're always under a terrorist threat? A bill drafted by the late
    Senator Reiver would provide much-needed support to public safety. We're
    under constant threat of another terrorist attack. Wouldn't you want to know
    who's buying guns, who's stockpiling guns? Wouldn't you like to see limits
    set to what you can buy in murderous weapons? I would. Senator Reiver would
    have made sure this country was safe. Reforms to gun policy would have kept
    weaponry out of the hands of terrorists and dangerous criminals. The travesty
    here is the Republicans tried to keep the bad guys armed!
    -Channel 7:
    <John Wayne Guy>: Metro rail service has been canceled throughout the D.C.
    area. Now, the reasons the Transit Authority might cancel service range from
    computer malfunction to real safety threats. People have been staying in
    their homes since the curfew went into effect, and this is terrible for
    business. So my inclination is that nothing short of a real threat would
    cause them to cancel Metro rail service. The National Guard has only been
    mobilized a handful of times to protect Washington. Not since Hurricane
    Katrina, in 2005, have we seen such a pervasive guard presence. There's an
    ugly side to evacuating the whole city, and that's looting. Looters can and
    will steal your possessions if you fail to take precautions. Take whatever
    valuables with you that you can. What you must leave behind should be kept in
    a lock box hidden out of sight.
    Radio 2-2:
    *Location: In the middle of the 2nd circular bend in the hallway, on a cart,
    near a stack of explosive gas containers.
    *Number of channels: 6
    -Channel 1:
    <Gordon Wells>: This is only the first stage. Mark my words. The Saudi forces
    have taken control of the Department of the Interior library. THE DEPARTMENT
    OF THE INTERIOR! That is right, they have access to secret geological surveys
    and land analyses. They are looking for something. Let us understand why the
    Saudi Arabian government would want to access the DOI library. Now, could it
    be because these ancient people, these descendants of Sumerian times, have
    preserved knowledge and wisdom from the infancy of mankind? Do they know
    something we do not? Even Dante in his landmark story mentions Ulysses and
    his sailing past the Pillars of Hercules. That's right, past the point of
    known life, and into the realm in which Plato calls Atlantis. Ulysses sees
    land but is caught in a terrible whirlwind that sinks his ship. Can you say
    "defense measures"? This Atlantic ocean has been a mystery for sooo long!
    Underwater creatures that have likely existed and evolved for thousands of
    years. What else do they know? They've created technology beyond our own.
    They have remained hidden. If the Pillars of Hercules are the gateway to
    Atlantis, some "made up island", then why are they featured as supports for
    the Spanish coat of arms? That's right, there they sit, with the phrase "Plus
    Ultra" inscribed upon them. Plus Ultra! FARTHER BEYOND! Now, try to tell me
    this is not some message of alliance or collusion. But let us not forget the
    other sides of these coins. The Bermuda Triangle, long thought a defense
    mechanism of fallen Atlantis? The pyramids, the ziggurats of South America. I
    mean, maybe the Mayans found something. Maybe the floating eye seen in so
    many images was no longer needed by the Mayans. Did they discover something?
    Even Isaac Newton, the great thinker, studied the mystery of Atlantis. And
    how much has already been said of Francis Bacon? Edgar Casey, who had the
    right idea, if not the right dates? What Hyperborean race have we discovered
    to our chagrin? Or is it as Lovecraft would have it? Have they been here
    forever, beyond the reaches of space and time, just kinda sorta watchin' us?
    Or is there a greater conspiracy as Robert Anthon Wilson would have it? Will
    we be shouting, "All hail Eris!" as we struggle against the inevitable demise
    of our race? I am hardly the first to claim the Mayans as a tie to the
    Atlantians. Charles- Étienne Brasseur de Bourbourg, Edward Thompson, Augustus
    Le Plongeon, all matched my thoughts. Helena Blavatsky called them "Mu". We
    should see what links we can find with this "Mu". And was Hitler right? Is
    there a connection between Tibet and Atlantis? If so, does China now have the
    secret? Christopher Columbus, on October 11, 1492, sighted strange dancing
    lights on the horizon and bizarre compass bearings. Was this the first use of
    the Atlantian defense mechanism to dissuade investigation?
    -Channel 2:
    <Timothy Browning>: Folks, this just in. It has been confirmed that there
    have been explosions and gunfire at Reagan National Airport. Where are the
    Democrats on this matter? What have they done to make this country safe? What
    really needs to be done here is the Democrats allowing the GOP to take charge
    in this time of crisis so no more lives will be spent needlessly! Only the
    Republican Party has the gumption to protect our country.
    -Channel 3:
    <Jared X. Fulton>: This just in. There have been confirmed explosions at
    Reagan Airport. The fire department's already on the scene. There is a
    potential firefight between the National Guard and an unidentified group of
    gunmen. We need to put an end to this needless suffering. Terror attacks are
    putting a toll on us all. We can not end up bitter in our ways, becoming
    nothing more than warmongers. We must look for clear and precise thinking
    from our leaders in order to bring about change for the better.
    -Channel 4:
    <Fang Jorgenson>: The Reagan Airport is under attack. Word has it that a
    large mob of terrorists are destroying everything in sight. The military's
    just arrived there, looks like there's going to be a vicious fight. Ahhhh,
    no. Black Zero was supposed to be arriving here in D.C. around now. Let's
    hope their flight got pushed to another airport. They're a good band.
    -Channel 5:
    <Numbers Station Voice>: (*Random messages*)
    -Channel 6:
    <Autumn Wanderer>: A new kind of graffiti is appearing around the city by
    unknown artists. Perhaps, one day, we will come to understand the beautiful
    language. But I'm also told Masonic symbols have been showing up at the
    Library of Congress and elsewhere. It pains me that someone would raise the
    symbol of another white, male hand squeezing humanity from behind the scenes.
    You're listening to Autumn's Earthly Delights. And now, let's groove to this
    psychedelic medley. The sixties are alive and well, brothers and sisters!
    Radio 2-3:
    *Location: After the third circular bend in the hallway, you go down a long
    flight of steps.  The radio is on the back of another cart in the area at the
    bottom of the steps.
    *Number of channels: 3
    -Channel 1:
    <Overwatch>: Bravo 1, be advised. IED spotted on concourse "B". I have free
    EDs confirmed on concourse "B".
    <Bravo 1>: Overwatch, inform all units, volatile-smelling gas all over the
    airport, suspect enemies using bioagents. Bravo team experiencing convulsions
    and confusion. We need a hazmat team down here.
    <Charlie 5>: This is Charlie 5. Charlie 1 and Charlie 4 are down, repeat,
    Charlie 1 and Charlie 4, down.
    <Overwatch>: Charlie 5, we copy you. Hold position at gate "K" and wait for
    evac. Alpha 1, we've got incoming fire from sector 10. Hostiles are dug in
    and hard-headed. Alpha 2 and 4 engaging.
    <Alpha 2>: Man down! Man down! Requesting medical evac. Alpha 1, do you copy?
    We're sustaining heavy fire. Where the h--- is Alpha 4?
    <Overwatch>: Civilians in sector 11. Repeat, civilian presence in sector 11.
    Alpha 5, set up a perimeter. Alpha 3, prepare for civilian evac. Alpha 1,
    we've got a Tango unit movin' to the subway.
    <Alpha 1>: All squads currently occupied in civilian evac, shall we pursue?
    -Channel 2:
    <Dispatch>: Unit 12, this is dispatch. Pentagon says we have to shut down all
    roads into Ronald Reagan. Take the exits route and exercise caution.
    <Unit 12>: Dispatch, Unit 12 at Ronald Reagan. US route 1 is now closed. Unit
    18 is closing Washington Memorial Parkway. Dispatch, this is Unit 12. I see
    explosions coming from the concourse. What the h--- is going on in there?
    <Dispatch>: Fire Crew 13, assess the situation in concourse "B". Air and
    ground traffic have been shut down. The route should be clear.
    <Fire Crew 13>: Dispatch, we have a two alarm, possibly three alarm fire in
    concourse "B". Some guys from the Fed say we can't go in yet. Something's
    still going on in there. We'll report again in ten minutes.
    <Dispatch>: Unit 58, check out a potential vandalism at 1275 K Street. A guy
    says there's some strange graffiti on the wall. Unit 18, proceed with
    caution, they've got hostages in the subway station. See if you can get to
    the hostages.
    -Channel 3:
    <Emergency Alert System>: *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* This is a bulletin from the
    Emergency Alert System. Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is not in
    service. The Washington Metro Rail yellow and blue lines will not stop at
    Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.
    <Emergency Alert System>: *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* This is a bulletin from the
    Emergency Alert System. Residents will be evacuated from Washington, D.C. in
    the following order: Monday, Georgetown neighborhood, Foggy-Bottom
    neighborhood; Tuesday, Anacostia Waterfront neighborhood, Washington Harbor
    neighborhood; Wednesday, Southwest Waterfront neighborhood; Thursday, Adams
    Morgan neighborhood, Dupont Circle neighborhood; Friday, Columbia Heights
    neighborhood, Finn Porter neighborhood.
    <Emergency Alert System>: *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* This is a bulletin from the
    Emergency Alert System. The mayor of Washington has put into effect a curfew
    and quarantine procedures. Citizens must not venture outside their homes for
    any reason. Refer to instructions sent by mail from the chief of police.
    <{ Enemy (03) }>                                                        [06130]
    Radio 3-1:
    *Location: Near the central computer you have to hack inside Prometheus'
    computer room.
    *Number of channels: 7
    -Channel 1:
    <Gordon Wells>: We must, at some point, refer to the Freemasons. Their work
    on the Great Seal, incorporating the delta, the number 13. Do we see some
    link between the Blue Lodge and the balloons of the Spanish in World War II?
    Is this co-incidence? Why does Hamas continually link Freemasonry to world
    domination? These are questions we must ask ourselves as free-thinking,
    intelligent beings. Albert Pike made us aware of a noxious influence within
    the society. We must ask ourselves, "Was he sending us a warning?" We have
    questioned so much. Eleven years ago we listened as Amir told us all that if
    he were to tell the whole truth, the entire system would collapse. He said
    that he knew enough to destroy this country. Was Yitzhak Rabin tied to
    something larger? Did he possibly foresee this impending doom? Maybe this is
    not the first time this has happened. Maybe we've seen this before. We should
    investigate Roanoke and the Croatoan inscriptions. I think there must be
    something there. I'm tellin' you folks, this conspiracy is bigger than
    Watergate, Iran-Contra, and 911 put together! Terrorist attack? Hardly. This
    is the start of an alien invasion. That's right, boys and girls, aliens. H---
    , it's been aliens! (*Static*) Ho, I see by the radar that the Coast Guard is
    closing in, so, this is your favorite pirate, the man of the people, C.J.
    Gordon Wells signing off for now. Remember kids, the invasion will not be
    televised. Stay tuned for the next broadcast from the voice of D.C.
    -Channel 2:
    <Timothy Browning>: Due to the recent conflicts in the Middle East, it could
    be feasible to say that the attacks were initiated by radical extremists
    seeking revenge. Or consider the many countries we have had tensions with in
    the last ten years. I'm saying the list can be varied. Where is immigration
    is this regard? What are we doing to ensure that no-one enters the country
    with the intention to blow it up? We can not continue to have a revolving
    door at our borders. Yet the Democrats want to just let anyone walk in and
    out of this country with no regard for the safety of our citizens. People,
    that's not what I want to see happen. We can no longer afford this loss of
    American life and property.
    -Channel 3:
    <Numbers Station Voice>: (*Random messages*)
    -Channel 4:
    <Fang Jorgenson>: In rock news today, no word on the whereabouts of members
    of the band Black Zero. They disappeared during the Reagan International
    Airport attack. It seems that many people that were coming into the airport
    turned up missing. Today is a black day for Metaldom. There will be a concert
    later this week in Allman Halls for D.C. evacuee metal fans. At the venue
    will be Pain Harvests, Daddy Kootchie Koo, Bangledon, and Great Wash Freak
    Show headlining. The show will cost thirty bucks for a ticket and twenty
    bucks if you are an evacuee. The proceeds of this show will be given to the
    bands. Now, we got another terrorist attack rockin' the streets of D.C. This
    time the Jefferson Memorial is shown no mercy. The terrorists are layin'
    waste to all that is before them.
    -Channel 5:
    <Autumn Wanderer>: If your soul is pure, truly pure, your energy will be
    visible to anyone who truly believes in you. This is why you see our visitors
    glow. You must believe and you will see our visitors are pure. Embrace, true
    believers. Whooaaa, our visitors are at the Jefferson Memorial. And they,
    they're at the airport too! No more, I get it! It's like a sign. They want me
    to put on some (*weird static noise*) and I can dig it.
    -Channel 6:
    <John Wayne Guy>: The military is equipped to handle biohazardous material.
    Members of the National Guard have breathing masks and are trained in their
    use. Airborne pathogens shouldn't be a problem for our military. Residents in
    the Chinatown neighborhood were scheduled to be evacuated today. But
    floodwater is making the evacuation difficult. A fleet of Army National Guard
    vehicles were slated to transport people out of the city, but the water
    clearance on these vehicles isn't enough to ford across the flood zone.
    -Channel 7:
    <Jared X. Fulton>: Today, Americans are faced with a direct challenge in a
    fight for our country. The Washington Monument, Reagan National Airport,
    these latest attacks have left us in fear as to what will happen next. But
    the big question lingers, "Who is responsible for these attacks?" It is true
    that many global factions would wish us ill will. But in the face of
    adversity such as this, we should not respond immediately with a clenched
    fist. We need to understand the motives of our attackers. Not just a
    standardized response to a situation. With understanding, we can come to a
    resolution. The Republican party would have you believe that there are
    countless invaders ready to break into this country and do harm to it. The
    truth is not so horrible. Although the recent attacks were horrible indeed,
    the American people have shown time and again that we can overcome any
    opposition in the past and in the future.
    Radio 3-2:
    *Location: After the water area with the ghost mines, the corridor bends to the
    right twice.  After the two bends, enter the first right-hand door you come
    *Number of channels: 3
    -Channel 1:
    <Overwatch>: Bogey, reaching the main entrance. Fall back! Regroup at the
    safe house! Echo has reached the safe house! Bravo 6, KIA. Bravo 8, KIA.
    Contact lost, Alpha and Delta. Base 14 is ours. All civilians killed or
    evacuated. Recommend Operation Amputate immediately. Operation Amputate is
    go. Scramble the F-22s. Takeoff in five minutes. That's an order, let's go!
    Raptor 34, you are clear for takeoff. Proceed to Base 14 at maximum burn.
    Stand by for weapon authorization codes. Delta 1, we've got confirmed Tango
    activity comin' in near the south bank of the Tidal Basin. Comin' in hot! Oh
    my G--! They're attacking the Jefferson Memorial! Awsh! All squads, converge
    to Ten-Niner-Green, double-time! Alpha 1, it is confirmed Tangos are not
    human. What the h--- are they? Alpha 1, hostiles appear to be some kind of
    bugs! They're packin' heavy firepower I've never seen before. We are
    sustaining injuries. Alpha 1, Jefferson Memorial is lost. Situation's too
    hot, initiating full retreat. Alpha 5, lay down covering fire. Follow the
    squads to fall back.
    -Channel 2:
    <Unit ???>: Got a situation at Jefferson Memorial. Send backup right now! Get
    the Coast Guard, get the Navy, just, get someone here quick! Dispatch, I've
    got this suit telling me I can't enter the Jefferson Memorial lower level?
    Says he's with an agency I haven't heard of, The Trust? Do they have
    jurisdiction, or what?
    <Ambulance 15>: Dispatch, this is Ambulance 15. We've been sitting in traffic
    for thirty minutes. You better get someone else out there.
    <Dispatch>: Unit 28, check out a potential (*weird static noise*) at E Street
    and 10th. Caller claims he's seeing flying aliens. Ambulance 8, we need EMT
    at 2100 Washington Boulevard. Avoid the southwest freeway. It's backed up for
    -Channel 3:
    <Emergency Alert System>: *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* This is a bulletin from the
    Emergency Alert System. The BosWash Water Authority is instructing all
    residents of the D.C. area to avoid water from public sources. Do not drink
    or bathe using water from your home faucet. Bottled water is being provided,
    and is available at schools and hospitals in the area.
    <Emergency Alert System>: *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* This is a bulletin from the
    Emergency Alert System. Flood waters are contaminated with biochemical
    agents. Exposure to floodwater has caused dizziness, seizures, and mental
    confusion. Move to the upper floors of your home to avoid contact with
    flood waters.
    <Emergency Alert System>: *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* This is a bulletin from the
    Emergency Alert System. Some authority figures claiming to represent law
    enforcement, and/or the Federal Government, may be impersonators. Always ask
    to see a badge or other form of identification before following instructions
    from any unknown individual.
    <Emergency Alert System>: *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* This is a bulletin from the
    Emergency Alert System. Interstates 495 and 395 are flooded or otherwise
    inaccessible. Citizens evacuating by car are advised to take Interstate 295
    out of the city.
    <Emergency Alert System>: *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* This is a bulletin from the
    Emergency Alert System. Airborne biochemicals have been detected in the
    vicinity of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. Residents within a
    half mile of the airport are instructed to wear gas masks as a precaution.
    Radio 3-3:
    *Location: On the back of a fork lift before the area with steam coming out of
    the pipes.
    *Number of channels: 7
    -Channel 1:
    <Gordon Wells>: This goes back too far for me to fathom. Maybe we examine the
    happenings around the Jefferson Memorial. Maybe we examine that man's great
    antipathy for another founding father, John Adams. Both died the same day.
    Both hated each other. Yet one rose in wealth and power while one fell
    penniless. I've been receiving calls that the European powers are denying
    entrance to U.S. citizens due to contamination fears from the Bug, and I
    agree. Why have we not heard or learned more of this TERRIBLE epidemic? These
    reports of mass excavations of graves is troubling. I am skeptical, as the
    thought of zombies seems almost too fantastic even for me to believe. Yet, I
    have always warned of the VeriChip Corporation and its ties to MK- ULTRA. I
    am reviewing amateur video from various graveyards regarding excavations. I
    think it is clear that all skepticism of these activities should be
    abolished. We need to take this seriously. And speaking of MK- ULTRA, we must
    note that it contained seventeen goals. SEVENTEEN! The United Grand Lodge of
    England for the Masons has called an emergency meeting. What does this mean,
    and how is it linked? The World Bank has called an emergency meeting in New
    York tomorrow. Two hours prior to this meeting, the New York Masonic Lodge
    has a special invocation meeting. I think we need to see how many people
    travel from the lodge to the World Bank meeting. I would think quite a few
    World Bank members are Masons. L’Enfant, the architect of Washington, D.C.,
    may be the architect that the Archbishop of D.C. once cited in his speech,
    "would shudder to see what has become of his grand design." Of course, he was
    dismissed from the D.C. project when he refused to add Masonic symbolism in
    the metro area design. Revolution will be broadcast, my listeners! Hear the
    truth right here.
    -Channel 2:
    <Numbers Station Voice>: (*Random messages*)
    -Channel 3:
    <Timothy Browning>: Folks, I've just received word that the Jefferson
    Memorial has been attacked. Anyone in the D.C. area, remain calm and stay
    inside your homes. The National Guard has been sent in response. If the
    reports are true, then this would be two national treasures destroyed by
    terrorist attacks in several months. Again, folks, if I can share my views
    for a moment, we need military support and control in all major cities. We
    need to interrogate all suspects, be they citizens or foreign, before they
    can carry out any atrocities. We need more leeway in laws to allow
    authorities to do their jobs. We must be prepared to do whatever it takes to
    ensure our freedom and our way of life.
    -Channel 4:
    <Fang Jorgenson>: We've just received word that the terrorists engaging
    police and military units are not human. They're fighting using strange
    weaponry which seems to launch fire at great distances. They are also very
    resilient to standard weaponry. So it comes down to this, the attacks are not
    done by terrorists after all. They are demons here to take the world for the
    Lightbringer! The Bug has plagued the masses. Demons are attackin' on our
    streets. Death seems to be at every turn. We may live to see the end of days!
    Listen for the trumpets.
    -Channel 5:
    <Autumn Wanderer>: Remember, a little chaos is worth it if the establishment
    is disrupted! Let others face what may come with a closed fist, we will face
    it with an open palm. Sounds as though our visitors are having a bad freak-
    out, but it's cool, and we'll all sing Kumbaya in the sunset.
    -Channel 6:
    <John Wayne Guy>: Witnesses report military fighter jets flying low over the
    city. Based on the information coming in, we suspect the Air Force has
    scrambled F-22 Raptors. The jets can carry a h--- of a payload. So if they
    strike a target in the city, we'll definitely know about it. We're getting a
    rash of prank calls about UFOs and aliens. Normally my policy is to not
    acknowledge unsubstantiated information, but we're hearing similar
    descriptions from multiple sources. Nooo, it's stupid, is what it is. You've
    been watching too much (*weird static noise*) if you're seeing flying
    saucers. Even if they're here, the U.S. Air Force is second to none. We'd
    blast these things out of the sky and be home by dinner.
    -Channel 7:
    <Jared X. Fulton>: Oh my. We have received word that the Jefferson Memorial
    has been hit by a terrorist attack. We ask that the public remain calm. We
    shall overcome this. These terrorists are nothing more than little men with
    little ideals trying to make us clamor in fear. We can acknowledge our fears,
    but we should never succumb to them. The only way to face these adversaries
    is with reason and understanding. In order to make an example to the world,
    we should know when to talk and when to fight!
    <{ Trust (04) }>                                                        [06140]
    Radio 4-1:
    *Location: On a table in a small room right before the pillar hallway infested
    with Hatchers.
    *Number of channels: 7
    -Channel 1:
    <Gordon Wells:> Where are all the bodies from the cemeteries being taken? Are
    they creating puppets to integrate into our society? Are we surrounded by
    agents of this conspiracy? What did we learn from Operation Ember Cliff? Were
    there great secrets kept buried somewhere? Did our government stumble upon
    some secret the Atlanteans deemed too dangerous to allow us to have? I think
    the 1984 Rajneeshee attacks were a prototype of the Bug. I think they are
    preparing us for conversion. Maybe we've been too thorough in uncovering
    mysteries. Before, we had Allen Dulles, J. Edgar Hoover, Earl Warren, Gerald
    Ford, Lyndon Johnson, Ben Franklin, and so many others, ALL Freemasons! Now
    who do we have? Have we rooted out the control of our government too much? Is
    this why we are being attacked? Experts say that humans can live to one
    thousand. ONE THOUSAND!! This sounds unworldly, does it not!? Restricting
    embryonic research, hmm? Maybe because it would uncover governmental
    manipulation of our very DNA? Maybe we are being forced to die! Some
    researcher seems to think so.
    -Channel 2:
    <John Wayne Guy>: This situation shows us that we have to be prepared for
    attacks at any time. We have scattered reports of huge unrest throughout the
    D.C. metro area. We have callers referring to some possible mutation of the
    Bug, or a new wave of terror attacks possibly aimed at our government. They
    speak of people becoming erratic or psychotic in their behavior. All people
    still inside the D.C. metro area should barricade themselves in their homes
    and do not answer their doors. Rescue personnel will find you once the city
    has calmed down and the National Guard have established control in your area.
    I repeat, all listeners still inside the D.C. metro area, barricade yourself
    inside your homes. Do not answer your door. Do not check on your neighbors. I
    have consulted with a former Homeland Security agent who's advised that all
    civilians get to the lowest level of their homes with a flashlight, canned
    food, and water for three days, and a first aid kit. Portable radios are
    advised, and inhabited buildings should place a large "X" using duct tape or
    other materials over their doors to indicate to rescue workers where you are.
    Do not answer your door for anyone. Remain inside during this crisis. Those
    requiring medical attention are advised to tie a strip of red fabric to their
    door handles in addition to the "X". The National Guard is ill-prepared to
    meet this onslaught of violence. Mark my words, this type of attack could
    lead to a lengthy clearing process by which we establish a cordoned area
    around the D.C. metro area. With requirements for CDC testing, as well as
    security of the area in general, we could be looking at more than a year
    before we are even able to return to our homes.
    -Channel 3:
    <Jared X. Fulton>: It has been reported that the fire has been heavy in the
    northwest pavilion of the Library of Congress. No word yet on any casualties.
    Suspicions have quickly surfaced that the fires were deliberately set by
    terrorists in the recent series of attacks that have swept Washington, D.C.
    National Guardsman have been notified and are ready for any kind of response.
    Multiple gunshots have been heard at the Library of Congress. This,
    compounded with the fire, makes this a likely terrorist attack.
    -Channel 4:
    <Numbers Station Voice>: (*Random messages*)
    -Channel 5:
    <Fang Jorgensen>: I've got more news on Mitch Angst of local metal band Crash
    Murder. He was infected recently with the Bug and now it looks like he's gone
    missing from the Bradley General Hospital. Surely he has gone to do the
    bidding of the Dark One. Strange, the Library of Congress is under attack by
    the demonic horde. They seem to be burning into the ground with their blessed
    h---fire. But why? Who knows what rare books may be housed in that building.
    Perhaps the demons were sent there to find a rare, arcane tome for their
    master, and to lay waste to all that stands in their way.
    -Channel 6:
    <Autumn Wanderer>: Hello, my children! This is Autumn's Earthly Delights, and
    I am Autumn Wanderer. Today I'm excited to say we have entered a glorious new
    era as we have finally made contact with extra-terrestrial visitors.
    Communication, though, was initially flawed, due to the visitors being
    attacked by government agencies. The visitors arrived here from across the
    cosmos, choosing the Jefferson Memorial as a location to land upon Mother
    Earth and make peaceful contact with the world. But the patriarch sent his
    bloodthirsty dogs to attack our visitors. All they were trying to do was
    defend themselves. Don't believe their lies! Well, I wouldn't doubt that the
    memorial's destruction was, in fact, the government's fault. I believe this
    is a horrible conspiracy perpetuated by the government in order to control
    the masses. The visitors are not our enemies. The people in power want to
    enslave us so they can live their over-indulgent lifestyles. These beings are
    not trying to kill us, they are our friends.
    -Channel 7:
    <Timothy Browning>: If you're just joining us, folks, there has been
    breaking news of a fire at the Library of Congress. Reports are sketchy, at
    best. But word is that this could be another terrorist attack. If so, this
    will be a costly blow to the American taxpayer. The costs of these attacks,
    in their own right, is staggering. Of course, these costs go straight to the
    taxpayer, which will make life even harder in these tough times. I believe
    that we should explore sponsorships from private industries to make sure that
    our national landmarks are repaired and maintained. Reports have come in
    that, in addition to a fire at the Library of Congress, now we have gunshots.
    There definitely is some sort of conflict happening there. Hopefully we can
    get more information on the terrorists.
    Radio 4-2:
    *Location: After descending a granite stairwell, right before the Organic lock
    that blocks the main reading room.
    *Number of channels: 3
    -Channel 1:
    <Alpha 1>: Delta 6 is rogue, Delta 6 is rogue! Overwatch, he's shooting us!
    Request permission to return fire. Oh my G--, oh my G--! Overwatch, Delta 6
    is down. Delta 6, KIA. Please advise.
    <Overwatch>: Alpha 1, Sector 7 clear. Reporting no Tangos. Repeat, Sector 7
    <Alpha 1>: Proceeding to Sector 8.
    -Channel 2:
    <Unit 20>: Dispatch, Unit 20 and I are at the Library of Congress. We think
    we've found a stash of strange-looking weapons? I don't recognize it, but,
    it's in this tunnel behind a false wall. Please advise.
    <Unit 6>: Unit 6 here, 3rd floor is secure. I've got a suspicious man
    wandering around in the north courtyard. Awaiting orders.
    <Unit 20>: Dispatch, this is Unit 20. I've got some guys here acting like
    Feds but refusing to show identification. They're obviously armed and...whuh,
    -Channel 3:
    <Emergency Alert System>: *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* This is a bulletin from the
    Emergency Alert System. The following agencies of the Federal Government are
    not in operation due to lack of attendance: U.S. House of Representatives,
    U.S. Senate, Department of Agriculture, Department of Commerce, Department of
    Education, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Housing and
    Urban Development, Department of Labor, Department of State, Department of
    the Treasury, Department of Veterans' Affairs.
    <Emergency Alert System>: *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* This is a bulletin from the
    Emergency Alert System. Washington Metro bus service to the Adams, Morgan,
    and Dupont Circle neighborhoods is canceled due to flooding.
    <Emergency Alert System>: *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* This is a bulletin from the
    Emergency Alert System. All residents infected or suspected of being infected
    with the Bug must be added to the new National Registry of Infected Persons
    before receiving treatment. Failure to comply may result in fines up to ten
    thousand dollars and eighteen months in prison for the infected persons and
    the medical professionals who treat them without permission.
    <Emergency Alert System>: *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* This is a bulletin from the
    Emergency Alert System. A terror suspect, known as the "Jade Emperor", has
    escaped from a united States detention center. He is also known to have used
    the alias "Qin Shi Huang". This suspect is considered armed and dangerous.
    Radio 4-3:
    *Location: After entering the D.C. sewer system, on an orange shelf in a barred
    area, before descending the rusty double staircase to the Hatcher infested
    *Number of channels: 7
    -Channel 1:
    <Gordon Wells>: We are being cut off from the outside world. My broadcasts
    are not reaching the rest of my listening nation. Is it because we have some
    huge cover-up? The storm so CONVENIENTLY blanketing us restricts air travel
    and the broadcasts are limited in range. We need to get word to the outside
    world. I have reports that there is some sort of disturbance in the waters
    off the coast of Puerto Rico. We need more information. Any listener with
    information on this matter, PLEASE contact the station. I suspect the clouds
    of the storm to be seeded with the Bug. If it begins to rain, seek shelter
    immediately. The National Archives need to be protected. We KNOW that many
    secrets are held there in the secret wing held by the Masons. Anyone who has
    information, please relay such updates to me directly via my website. My
    signal seems to be experiencing some interference. I'll be off the air
    shortly while I try to track down the nature of the disturbance. The
    revolution continues.
    -Channel 2:
    <Jared X. Fulton>: Several sources, and confirmed video, show that
    individuals inside the Library of Congress, dressed in creature costumes, are
    setting fires and attacking police. What the h--- is going on? The fires have
    been said to be under control for the moment, but gunshots are still being
    heard coming from the national landmark. More to come, after this.
    -Channel 3:
    <Timothy Browning>: We have just received information that the terrorists
    are apparently...(*silence*). Sorry for the interruption, folks. We'll have
    more information as it comes in. The D.C. Fire Department is on the scene and
    it seems that the fires are under control. No word yet of any further
    gunplay. Perhaps when the damage has been assessed and the costs of repair
    are tallied we can obtain a corporate sponsor for the Library's repair.
    -Channel 4:
    <John Wayne Guy>: Baffling reports of inhuman attackers are reaching us.
    Personally, this indicates to me that a hallucinogenic agent or some manner
    of mass hysteria seems to be gripping our survivors. Those owning gas masks
    and water filtration methods should be employing them. We can not be too
    careful. But if you do begin to see these alien images, lock yourself in a
    bathroom or basement and remain calm. Try to regulate your breathing, review
    what you've consumed in the last twenty-four hours. If this is indeed some
    new chemical attack on our people all possible information as to the root of
    the matter will be necessary. I have reports that submarine forces are
    supporting the National Guard refugee efforts. Citizens are being quarantined
    for the time being. Those fears of chemical or biological agents infecting
    the populace at large have been noted. Please co-operate with these
    officials. We are experiencing some bleed through on our signal at this hour.
    Concerns that subversion or interference due to this attack is being
    performed caused us to investigate this matter. Our technicians are checking
    the signal tower and we should have the matter resolved soon. Anyone knowing
    information can...their... ...anyone has been scanning other channels and
    noticed similar interference, please record the exact frequency of the
    interruption or rogue signal.
    -Channel 5:
    <Fang Jorgensen>: We've received reports that the police and military are
    trying to combat the demons. Brave, but pointless. They cannot be stopped.
    There is no way to fight the inevitable. The darkness is approaching, and we
    are charged to join with it. The Fourth Gate has revealed our fate. The Fifth
    Gate has placed us on its path. Will you go through the Sixth Gate? We've got
    Said Velocity, Demenics, and Kilgore comin' up in a second. You are listening
    to the Fang Bang Metal Show with Fang Jorgensen. Stay tuned.
    -Channel 6:
    <Autumn Wanderer>: Listen to the silence and hear the truth from the Earth
    spirits. The other-worldly beings are here to help us see the error of our
    ways, and to bring us the greater truth of our existence. Allow Gaia to help
    you understand! It seems that the military has needlessly attacked our
    visitors yet again. This time, the Government troops have chased the visitors
    into the Library of Congress. Eyewitnesses believe that the troops are trying
    to choke the extra-terrestrials out with tear gas. Let us PRAY to the mother
    for our visitors' safety. In order to prevent the cruel treatment of other-
    worldly beings, I believe we should stage a protest on the steps of the
    Library of Congress. We have to let the Government KNOW that the people will
    not tolerate their lies any more. People from another planet have rights,
    too! Let's stop shooting them and start loving them.
    -Channel 7:
    <Numbers Station Voice>: (*Random messages*)
    <{ Gridlock (05) }>                                                     [06150]
    Radio 5-1:
    *Location: After the red room with the conduit and the hole in the ceiling.
    Walk through the door and enter the room on the right.
    *Number of channels: 7
    -Channel 1:
    <Gordon Wells>: Now, it's only natural that the aliens are gonna start with
    key locations. The White House, the Pentagon, you name it. Then it will be
    the television and radio stations, so they can keep you from hearing the
    word! But I'll be here for you, kiddees. No slimy alien is gonna find me out
    here in the middle of nowhere...(*static*). I'm looking at a brief separation
    of districts. It seems Republican neighborhoods are experiencing much less
    aggression by the invaders than Democrat neighborhoods. I see a connection.
    Something seems to be warping the plant life in the botanical garden. I have
    no footage of this fact, but multiple reports state that the garden area has
    become extremely hazardous. If there is some connection between various
    viruses and sicknesses in Africa and the Bug, I would not be surprised. For
    years, we have used the entire continent of Africa as our testing ground for
    new bioweapons and terror tools. I have a report from Germany that, due to
    Nazi references, my broadcast and website will no longer be accessible to the
    Germans! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! I am trying to warn the people! What collusion
    is this?! The Saudi Arabian embassy has stated that it will respond with
    force to any attempts to enter their sovereign territory. During this time of
    crisis, this can only indicate that they have discovered or are protecting
    something of extreme value! I can only assume it is linked to the protection
    mission they performed in Foggy Bottom. Be skeptical, my listeners. Question
    everything! All phone lines are down, and cellular service is being
    disrupted. I'm posting all of my updates to my website, as my own generators
    are working furiously to keep me on the air. I was prepared, my friends...SO
    prepared. I do wonder if Jack Ruby has anything to do with this. I've always
    felt that the connection between Oz and his attack from Mr. Ruby Slippers was
    a little odd. Especially with the connection to an "emerald green grassy
    knoll". If our water supply is compromised, can we rule out the possibility
    that our crops and livestock have been infected as well?
    -Channel 2:
    <John Wayne Guy>: The power grid in this area seems to be experiencing large
    fluctuations and spikes at this time. We have moved our broadcast to an old
    bunker in the sub-basement of the building and started checking on our
    generators. We have reports of sporadic power surges in various areas of the
    city, and we're attempting to find the cause or source of these spikes.
    Gunfire has erupted near our station. I am currently inside our small bunker
    with the station manager, two technicians, and my producer. The weapons, to
    my mind, sound as though they may be Chinese. But one of our technicians have
    stated the gunfire sounds like the SCAR that's being used by smaller
    government agencies. Again, we are repeating our advice that all residents in
    the D.C. metro area remain indoors and barricaded in their homes. Repeated
    reports that civilians are experiencing psychotic and hysterical episodes are
    coming from all of our listeners able to call into the station. We repeat, do
    not leave your homes. Do not check your neighbors. Do not find yourselves
    unaware or unprepared for what is happening. We are under attack.
    -Channel 3:
    <Timothy Browning>: America's crisis continues as reports are coming in that
    the White House is under attack. I repeat, we have reports that the White
    House is under siege. The President's safety has not yet been verified.
    Folks, I've heard the idiot rumors that the terrorists are, in fact, aliens
    from outer space. This is some crackpot's idea of a joke, brought about by
    our lack of information on the attackers. I refuse to talk further on this.
    If the President does not survive this attack, the reigns of power will fall
    onto the Vice President's shoulders. The Vice President has no experience
    with foreign policy and times of war. In short, he would be unsuitable to be
    the Commander-In-Chief. Let's hope the President survives.
    -Channel 4:
    <Jared X. Fulton>: This is Jared X. Fulton, broadcasting from a shipping
    warehouse near the Washington naval yard. We are currently about thirty
    people, and we are awaiting evacuation. If anyone's listening to this
    broadcast, please send help. I will try to stay on the air while we await
    rescue. Our normal station was overrun by these "things". We evacuated the
    station and headed to the naval yard hoping to find help. The yard seemed
    abandoned, though we found a few soldiers. When we approached them for their
    help, they opened fire on us. Something seemed "wrong" about them. One of the
    people with us is a Detective Paul Pierson from the D.C. police. He has urged
    us to remain here until such time as we can safely move toward a refugee
    area. Please, we need help. Anyone listening, we're near the corner of 10th
    and Water streets in the warehouse.
    -Channel 5:
    <Fang Jorgenson>: You just heard Open Grave performing "Blood Shower", and
    Murder Most Foul performing their hit single "Scream to Black". You're
    listening to the Fang Bang Metal Show, with your host, Fang Jorgenson,
    broadcasting live across the greater D.C. area. Word's out that the White
    House is under attack. This was foreseen by the mad prophet, Shalayat in the
    Book of Ka - "And he of the world's fortunes will be stricken on low as his
    lands wither and his servants have fallen to the great plague. Only then will
    the Master's unholy host devour all that he held holy. War is his name, and
    he's the hunter of the end." So it was written, so it shall come to pass. Now
    we must bask in the future that is to come. May we revel in the knowledge
    that the seat to the highest power in the world is now held by the demonic
    host. Soon the world will have its rightful leaders, those from the beyond.
    Yet, there is still resistance. The police, the military, they still do not
    understand their secret power and oppose their reign. They cannot fight that
    which cannot be stopped! Those that stand against them will be crushed.
    -Channel 6:
    <Autumn Wanderer>: Who are we to judge whether or not these new beings are
    supposed to live or die? We are fighting them only because there's no
    understanding between us. Our friends from the stars are not our enemies. We
    must come to understand them, and only then will they become our teachers.
    From what they say, the visitors are humanoid and show sentience. In a cosmic
    way, we are brothers and sisters to them. We share the same bond in the
    universe. We should find peace within ourselves so we can make peace with
    them. Only then can we both have harmony. We've received word that the
    visitors have arrived at the White House in order to make first contact with
    the President. On this historic day, we can finally put an end to the
    violence and usher in a new era of prosperity and love. Today, we may find a
    peace that will span the stars. The visitors speak with a resonance beyond
    our understanding. We must meditate and attempt to tune our souls to their
    unique frequency. The communication between our species is paramount for a
    new age of love.
    -Channel 7:
    <Numbers Station Voice>: (*Random messages*)
    Radio 5-2:
    *Location: Drop through the floor into a room with blue walls.  Exit the blue-
    walled room and turn to the left to find the radio.
    *Number of channels: 7
    -Channel 1:
    <Gordon Wells>: I suspect we have a new triangle, far larger than Bermuda. I
    suspect we will find answers of Atlantis in Germany, Washington, D.C., and
    China. Ok, let us examine them. In Germany, we must suspect the capitol. We
    must a capitol far more ancient in China. We must suspect that the answers
    lie somewhere forbidden. I've had a little sign of invasion out here in the
    Potomac, but, as a moving target, I feel confident that the enemy can't find
    their way to me. If the government has worked so long and failed to suppress
    Gordon Wells, what chance do these invaders have? The White House seems to be
    under attack at this hour. Does anyone know if the President is in residence?
    How convenient that our Skull and Bones vice-president is out of the country
    during this attack. How VERY convenient! Listeners, my website is being
    attacked by various viruses and hackers. Now, I suspect allies of this
    invasion have attacked us in our quest for the truth. Take all the files you
    can. Store them! Copy them! The truth must be revealed! Has anyone checked
    the sewer system? I think that feels like a perfect vehicle for these
    invaders to move relatively unseen throughout a city. Remember, it is all
    connected. Every answer, every question, every secret. They have ALWAYS been
    connected. Find the leaders and question them. Stay skeptical.
    -Channel 2:
    <Jared X. Fulton>: Joining me on the broadcast is Kylie Simmons. She's very
    brave and she's eight years old tomorrow. Kylie wanted her mom and dad to
    know that she is safe and that she followed the policeman when he told her to
    come with him. For anyone out there, we are still waiting for rescue and
    hoping to find Kylie's mom and dad. Jared Fulton, once again. We are still
    holding our ground in the warehouse, and we're still waiting for rescue.
    Outside our building we are beginning to hear sounds of fighting in the area.
    There is talk of moving northward to the Marine barracks, but Detective
    Pierson seems reluctant to move us out into the open. The government response
    to this atrocity seems to have been blunted by the fact that most of our
    soldiers are abroad, leaving us open to attacks at home. There is discussion
    to be had on this, but, for now, we will be content to merely escape with our
    -Channel 3:
    <Timothy Browning>: Folks, we've just heard that the President has been
    spotted getting into Marine One, and it is being prepped for takeoff. The
    President is said to be out of harm's way from the conflict. It has become
    clear that we need to go on a different course of action to fight these
    attacks upon our land. We need the vigilance of the people. We need to make
    sure that every man, woman, and child is safe! Do what you can, people! Let's
    make this country great again.
    -Channel 4:
    <John Wayne Guy>: If this is a contaminant or agent added to our water
    supply, we need to also be wary of fresh produce harvested from affected
    areas. All residents are advised to eat only canned goods until the situation
    has passed. Those who own firearms are advised to have such weapons nearby,
    but to identify any intruders before firing in case government officials are
    attempting a rescue in your area. Again, place a large "X" using duct tape or
    other material over your doors to indicate to rescue personnel that your
    residence is occupied. We have received communication that our signal, which
    was briefly interrupted earlier, was used to transmit a coded message of some
    sort. Any listener that has recorded or can accurately recall the contents of
    such a message, please contact this station. We need to learn all we can of
    this attack and this may be a vital piece of information. I have reports at
    this time that a huge explosion has occurred in the area of Bolling Air Force
    Base. We are seeking any information as to the nature of the blast. Many of
    our listeners have reported strange shapes in the sky. We are hoping that
    this is an indication of more aid being directed to our area, but no-one is
    able to give concrete details at this time. Much of our information is
    conflicting, and much of it sounds...sounds...quite frankly, insane. We are
    looking into any and all reports. At this time, we can only advise caution
    and vigilance amongst our listeners.
    -Channel 5:
    <Numbers Station Voice>: (*Random messages*)
    -Channel 6:
    <Autumn Wanderer>: It is with great sadness that I inform you that we
    received word that the President's Secret Service has opened fire upon the
    defenseless visitors. Why must humanity fall victim to their violent urges
    and unchecked warmongering? May Gaia give us the strength to resolve this
    tragedy without humanity's need for violence. Blessed be! You are listening
    to Autumn's Earthly Delights, with Autumn Wanderer, the calm within the storm
    beneath this grand oak, the love the world deserves. We'll be back after this.
    -Channel 7:
    <Fang Jorgensen>: There is news of the President fleeing his home and trying
    to escape by air. The sky will not keep him safe, for His minions are
    everywhere! This feeble government will soon topple, and the Anti-Christ will
    take his rightful place on the throne of the world. You're with Fang
    Jorgensen and the Fang Bang Metal Show, broadcasting live in Washington, D.C.
    The only metal show for the new demonic age.
    Radio 5-3:
    *Location: A few rooms before the 2nd Trust cache, there is a conference room
    with two busts of Benjamin Franklin.  The radio is on the table.
    *Number of channels: 3
    -Channel 1:
    <Overwatch>: Confirmed bug activity in Servo 9. Use of explosive deterrent
    limited. Squads 1 and 2, secure the perimeter. 3's on point. 4, set up a nest
    at the secure entrance. Squad 5's on cleanup. Let's get this bug hunt
    underway. Squad 3, we need some crossfire here. Squad 3, do you read?
    <Squad 3>: We've got activity coming from the north wing. Go, go, go! We've
    got a fire spreading in the north wing. The sprinklers are not doin' us any
    good, and the bugs are makin' an exit! We need this contained, double-time!
    <Overwatch>: Secure the area, people! Set up a barrier! I want nothin' comin'
    in or goin' out. Make sure no harm comes to the package.
    <Squad 3>: We've got hostile fliers in the air, layin' down fire. Requesting
    aircab assistance.
    <Overwatch>: All squads, the package is en route to M1, offer support where
    <Squad 3>: Package has been compromised! The package has been compromised!
    We're under suppression. Alpha, we need immediate support, now!
    <Overwatch>: Squad 4, use of explosive deterrents authorized. Take them down!
    -Channel 2:
    <Operator 5>: This is Operator 5. Has anyone else been getting calls about
    giant, flying bugs?
    <Officer Hughes>: This is Officer Hughes at 1600 Pennsylvania. I've got a 581
    in progress, request backup.
    <Dispatch>: Unit 16, respond to a 392 outside First Trinity Lutheran Church.
    Caller says Aero-Evac was supposed to pick them up three days ago, but
    they're still stranded.
    <Officer Hughes>: Sector is not clear, repeat, not clear. Withdraw from the
    south lawn.
    -Channel 3:
    <Emergency Alert System>: *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* This is a bulletin from the
    Emergency Alert System. All regularly scheduled tours of D.C. government
    buildings are canceled until further notice.
    <Emergency Alert System>: *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* This is a bulletin from the
    Emergency Alert System. If your home is currently flooded, and you were
    scheduled to be evacuated, wait on the roof of your house with your family
    and belongings. Airlift evacuation support will be provided courtesy of Aero-
    Evac Incorporated.
    <Emergency Alert System>: *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* This is a bulletin from the
    Emergency Alert System. While marshal law is in effect, the National Guard
    has been authorized to use deadly force. Full compliance with all National
    Guard personnel is mandatory for all persons.
    <Emergency Alert System>: *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* This is a warning from the
    Emergency Alert System. Hostile forces are emerging from the Potomac river.
    They may travel on land or in the air. If you spot invading creatures in your
    area, stay away and contact emergency services.
    <Emergency Alert System>: *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* This is a bulletin from the
    Emergency Alert System. Security checkpoints have been set up on inbound
    lanes of traffic leading into the downtown area. Please be prepared to
    present identification upon reaching one of these checkpoints.
    <{ Invasion (06) }>                                                     [06160]
    Radio 6-1:
    *Location: At the bottom of the 2nd large stairwell.
    *Number of channels: 6
    -Channel 1:
    <Gordon Wells>: Hey kiddies, it's the voice of D.C., Gordon Wells. We are
    still on the air and kickin', baby! Have you heard the news? The cavalry has
    arrived! That's right, a new group of Feds usin' fancy schmancy near-future
    tech have joined the fight against the alien invaders. Now, a lesser sheep
    might be too grateful to question, but your man Gordon, here, ain't never
    been a sheep. It seems awful convenient that we have these fancy ray guns and
    a crack team of secret agents ready to swoop in and save us after the
    National Guard got their a---- handed to them. All I've got to say is this:
    if the d--- government can make guns that spit energy balls, why'd they let
    it get this bad before sending in our would-be saviors? Why drive us, this
    city, and country into a near panic before doing anything? Check your entry
    books, kids, and see how far desperate people will go to save themselves.
    Never let them tell you this is an isolated incident, my listeners, we are
    too smart for that. Europe, Asia, these are next. Never let them make you
    complacent. I've heard reports that Heather Hampton is flitting about the war
    zone without an escort or aid. Just think about that for a moment. She can go
    where the Marines, the National Guard, and we cannot? She must be part of
    this! We have reports of giant alien biomatter in the waters of the Potomac.
    This is just the beginning. While I would like to revel in this moment, we
    should not be surprised at what has occurred. Did you know that Antarctic
    krill comprise nearly 1% of the world's biomass? Then let me tell you, we see
    and hear reports of insectoid creatures, but, to my mind, we are looking at
    cephalopods. Cephalopods, people! Crustaceans! We are seeing a new dawn on
    this planet. With the evidence of underwater creatures in the Potomac, and
    the crustaceous forms of our enemy, we can only assume one thing: we are
    looking at the descendents of the first Atlanteans! Where is the rest of the
    military? We have come under direct attack and I expected thousands of
    soldiers to mobilize in response. We are overextended in the Middle East and
    our troops are not home. We know that these wars were started under false
    pretenses. We know that the terrorist attack upon our nation were a prelude.
    Is this then the whole story? My most recent posts and speculation have met
    with far more than the general "TINC" responses.
    -Channel 2:
    <Jared X. Fulton>: This is normally Democratic talk radio with Jared X.
    Fulton. We find ourselves scared and away from our station at this hour,
    locked with roughly thirty other refugees in a warehouse near the Washington
    naval yard. Our broadcast signal is weaker than normal. The storm system
    swirling over the metro area has further diminished our capabilities. Anyone
    hearing this, we are in need of rescue. Detective Paul Pierson has organized
    us into groups of five or six people and we are ready to move out at a
    moment's notice. In the distance, we can hear gunfire, and our sound
    technician is scanning frequencies for sources of rescue. Currently we are
    monitoring a group of National Guardsmen near Garfield Park. They're trying
    to make their way to us, but they are experiencing increasing resistance the
    closer they get to the naval yard. I have collected all the personal
    information I could on our refugees. I will list their names and attempt to
    let loved ones know they are safe: Kylie Simmons, age 8; Gerald Trake, age
    12; Brad Everet, age 16; Sarah Penn, age 17; Ronald Treeson, age 20;
    Jennifer..., age 22; Pete...(*static*), age 35; Paul Pierson, age 37; Frank
    Foster, age 41; Larry Draper, age 44; Jacques Mennard, age 64. There is panic
    amongst the refugees with me right now. A huge explosion, blowing out the
    glass of our warehouse, has rocked us. We sent a few people to the roof of
    the building to look and they claimed that a huge explosion has erupted in
    the area of Bolling Air Force Base. The sky is orange with the glow of this
    fire and we are scared. Please, anyone with information on how to contact
    rescue personnel, please contact us. We have found some sort of... we think
    it's an egg of some kind... in the back of the warehouse. It was
    approximately the size of a football and coated in a viscous fluid of some
    kind. While most of us advocate tossing it from the windows, Detective
    Pierson wants us to start a fire and burn the egg just in case it is still
    holding a viable embryo of our invaders.
    -Channel 3:
    <Timothy Browning>: This is Republican talk radio, with your host, Timothy
    Browning. We are broadcasting from our studio in South Carolina, where we are
    getting reports, similar to all news outlets today, of an attack on our
    nation's capitol. We will have guests and responses from various GOP leaders
    throughout the day. For those just tuning in, we have reports today of an
    attack on Washington, D.C. Further reports of the already beleaguered city
    are being confirmed by the Department of Homeland Security, who has upgraded
    our advisory system to "Red" for "Severe", and has declared all non-emergency
    air traffic curtailed until further information develops. We will be bringing
    you the latest. Timothy Browning here, giving you the straight talk from
    South Carolina. We are currently at risk level "Red" for "Severe", and have
    received messages to impart to our listeners. Stay tuned to your television
    or radio. Be prepared to shelter in place or evacuate. Expect delays or
    restrictions to all travel. Contact your school or business to determine the
    status of your work or school day. At this time, we're reporting a general
    closing of schools in the South Carolina region, and mandatory evacuations in
    the downtown D.C. metro area. All residents are advised to remain in their
    homes throughout the day and to stay informed as to any developments that
    might arise. Earlier, we were talking with retired Brigadier General Aaron
    Milkin who stated that this unrest seems to be following a general pattern of
    terror-targeted invasions. In his words, "The populace is obviously being
    used as a method of sowing destruction and unrest throughout the invaded
    area. We should expect use of human shields, a complete disregard for rules
    of engagement, and a focus upon increasing the collateral damage of the area,
    including tactics of arson, home invasion, and the use of loud or
    intentionally terrifying weaponry." On a further note, we can also expect
    that possible radiological or biological weapons.... Folks, we are reporting
    at this hour that at the time of the invasion, we estimate that the D.C.
    metro area had been reduced in population to approximately 1.2 million
    people. That's a little more than 1/5 the usual population. This reduction is
    largely due to the strange weather patterns and reports of the Bug, which
    caused most people to move north or east. Many refugees have reached
    Baltimore causing that city to swell to bursting in many of its facilities.
    The questions being asked, however, is how long it will take some of these
    refugees to get back on their feet, as if they were ever on them to begin
    with. We see this in every disaster, folks, where the refugees are given
    hospitality and succor by a city that refused to leave. It is the welfare
    blunder all over again! These smaller, more aggressively socialist "New
    Deals", springing from the chaos and tragedy of disaster only leads us
    further down the road of financial ruin!
    -Channel 4:
    <John Wayne Guy>: Heather Hampton is reporting at this hour that all major
    government officials from the D.C. metro area have either been evacuated or
    killed. Most governmental offices closed due to the Bug. I'd assume the
    losses to be minor, though how many residents are still in the area is
    unknown at this time. Marshal law has been established in the D.C. metro
    area. Curfew has been set to 4:00 in the afternoon. All residents are ordered
    to clear the street under threat of detainment and possible further
    penalties, up to and including death. All residents, please follow our DHS-
    issued suggestion of barricading yourselves in your homes and affixing some
    method of an "X" to your doors, either through duct tape or other means.
    Rescue personnel will find you and you will be rescued.
    -Channel 5:
    <Fang Jorgenson>: This is Fang Jorgenson. Jean the Apocalypse! Dark lord,
    your trumpeter is signaling your coming. Let's rock, follow disciples. LET US
    ROCK! That was some dark pagons to our master. Lemme just say that, until
    today, I wondered if I would be alive when our lord and master broke free of
    his chains and unleashed his dark love upon the world. When I saw this fiery
    darkness descend upon our sky, however, I knew the anti-Christ had ascended
    his throne and we would rule this city. Come, my darklings! Come and join in
    my cry!
    -Channel 6:
    <Autumn Wanderer>: My glorious brothers and sisters, welcome to our time of
    love and peace. I am Autumn Wanderer, sending my loving energy to you. Today,
    the universe has blessed us with new visitors. We are here to welcome our
    brothers from the stars. Our government wants us to fear you, brothers, when
    we know you are here for the love of Mother Earth. Come to us and share in
    our blessings. Callers seem to be confused, as our government seems to think
    our visitors are hostile and aggressive, as if the male psyche has taken hold
    over their judgment. We need to free them, sisters, and let them bathe in the
    feminine ideals. Send them thoughts of the glory of childbirth and womanhood.
    Send them our energy, sisters! Unlock these poor, aggressive animals from the
    prison of their male anger.
    Radio 6-2:
    *Location: As you enter the situation room, turn right and go up the stairs,
    the radio is near the computer you have to hack with your ASE.
    *Number of channels: 3
    -Channel 1:
    <Alpha 6>: We're pinned down! The principles have been evac-ed, but my
    squad's takin' heavy fire. We need additional artillery support on my
    location. We're holding our position at the western facade, but the pillars
    are degrading quickly. The justices are evac, but we need additional
    artillery support.
    <Echo 8>: This is Echo 8. We're leaving the Hoover Building and moving toward
    Federal Triangle. We're experiencing little resistance and requesting
    satellite recon for our position. I repeat, this is Echo 8, we are leaving
    the Hoover Building and moving toward the Federal Triangle. We're
    experiencing little resistance and requesting sat recon for our position.
    <Alpha 6>: Roger, Alpha 2, we are clear of the area, drop the bridge. Alpha
    2, we are clear, you may drop the bridge. The Capitol Building is condition
    "Black", repeat, condition "Black" for the Capitol Building. You are clear
    for artillery strikes.
    <Overwatch>: This is Overwatch. We're set on the roof of the Cairo Building
    and ready for target acquisition. Control, this is Overwatch. Am I clear to
    engage? The RFK building is down! We are "Black", repeat, RFK is down, we are
    <Control>: Roger, field, RFK is down, you are "Black". Proceed to J. Edgar's
    house for assistance and commands. Proceed to J. Edgar's house for assistance
    and commands.
    <Echo 8>: Bravo 4, we have the book in hand and are returning to Control.
    Bravo 4, the book is in hand. We are "Green".
    <Overwatch>: Alpha 6, sit-rep. Alpha 6...come in, Alpha 6...sit-rep to
    <Alpha 6>: Overwatch, we are "Black" and moving towards your position.
    Overwatch, reposition at southwest corner, we are "Black" and closing on your
    -Channel 2:
    <Squad 51>: Dispatch, this is Squad 51, we are escorting civilians south from
    Arlington. Thus far we have no sightings of any incidents.
    <Unit 6>: Dispatch, Unit 6 in Chinatown. This place seems empty. We made some
    checks on doors with "X"s, but no-one is here. Not much in the way of signs
    of struggle, either.
    <Unit 42>: Dispatch, Unit 42. There's some sort of glowing door in the middle
    of Meridian Hill Park...(*static*).
    <Unit ???>: We are escorting responders to a fire. Reports state that the
    U.S. Embassy War Memorial has been...melted. Contact the city and see if we
    have water pressure in that area.
    <Officer Kerrington>: This is Officer Kerrington! Something just came out of
    the water in front of the Kennedy Center. The Marines are evacuating, and I'm
    following! Holy....
    -Channel 3:
    <Emergency Alert System>: *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* This is an alert from the
    Emergency Alert System. Washington, D.C. is under marshal law, effective
    5:00pm local time. All residents inside the city are required to remain
    indoors until sunrise. Repeat, this is an alert from the Emergency Alert
    System. Washington, D.C. is under marshal law, effective 5:00pm local time.
    All residents inside the city are required to remain indoors until sunrise.
    <Emergency Alert System>: *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* This is an alert from the
    Emergency Alert System. A mandatory evacuation is in effect for all areas
    inside Interstate 495, the Capitol Beltway. All residents are to evacuate
    north to Sligo National Park or south to Belhaven Country Club. Residents
    unable to evacuate are to use material to place an "X" on their doors, and
    await instruction by rescue personnel. Repeat, this is an alert from the
    Emergency Alert System. A mandatory evacuation is in effect for all areas
    inside Interstate 495, the Capitol Beltway. Residents unable to evacuate are
    to use material to place an "X" on their doors, and await instruction by
    rescue personnel.
    Radio 6-3:
    *Location: In the 3rd large stairwell, you enter the 4th floor door. Turn
    right to enter an office with a holographic map of the Pentagon. The radio is
    on a table to the left.
    *Number of channels: 6
    -Channel 1:
    <Gordon Wells>: These weapons the invaders use, they seem almost alive of
    their own accord. I advise anyone finding one of these weapons to be wary, as
    they may have built in security measures. Reports of bridges being
    intentionally sabotaged by rogue agents of the military are reaching me at
    this hour. I advise all people to avoid such crossings if possible. The
    similarities between some actions of these invaders seems to be a cover to
    mask their true intentions. We have seen the Saudi invasion of the Interior's
    library, various national monuments desecrated, and the sluggish response of
    our government. We need to look behind the mayhem and pull back this curtain.
    I think it will show that the terrors and secrets of Sydney Gottlieb have
    risen again! We need to stay away from subway tunnels. If these invaders are
    water born to some degree then these easily flooded pathways could serve as
    easy transportation. The obvious connection to Area 51 is seen here, but let
    me be clear. I have always felt the Roswell Landings were faked. I believe
    they were too obvious to be real. They were a screen to divert our attention
    from the real threat - the Atlantean threat! You know what? We need to find a
    way to capture one of these aliens. I suspect we will find that they are
    strikingly similar to ourselves. I truly believe that these are augmented
    humans. They are not space invaders, they are ocean invaders! They are
    remnants of an ancient society. There are reports of humans that have been
    changed by these invaders. They seem to have some sort of neural control
    mechanism that takes control of people! Flee, listeners. FLEE! The Pentagon
    is under attack, but I see a ruse here. The Pentagon is a very well defended
    area. I think this is a joke. This is a smoke screen. Look elsewhere in D.C.,
    my listeners. What else is happening right now? Senator Harriet Reimer's
    assassination so close to this attack seems suspicious. She knew something,
    listeners. She knew something and had to be silenced for it. I...myself have
    been exposed to tragedy. The attack by the vicious creatures of this
    conspiracy took my own wife and child from me. No one ever believed these
    horrible creatures existed. But I knew. I knew, I told you all, and now we
    have seen the truth.
    -Channel 2:
    <Jared X. Fulton>: Four of our fellows here have snuck out of the warehouse
    during the debate about the egg, which was, in the end, burned, and they are
    unaccounted for. We think they may have headed north toward the Marine
    barracks, but at this time we cannot be certain. The group, which we think
    was led by Peter Kilpatrick, did not tell anyone they were leaving, but one
    of the younger boys mentioned seeing a few men climbing out onto the roof. We
    are disassembling crates here in the warehouse to board up windows and areas
    of structural weakness in the building. We heard sounds outside similar to
    scratching along the western wall, and many of the children are scared and
    lack something to do. This gives them a task, breaking down the crates, and
    some of our people are identifying areas where smaller creatures could enter.
    We're trying to stay positive, but it has been awhile since we last heard
    from the National Guardsmen that were making their way towards us. Our morale
    is beginning to flack. Some of us are starting to become more vocal about
    trying to make our way to the Marine barracks. Jacques Mennard is seemingly
    the leader of this group, and they're claiming that if help doesn't arrive in
    the next couple of hours they will make their way north to seek help. They
    say they will send rescue when they reach the base. While Paul Pierson is
    arguing against this action, I can see the merit of the idea. We are getting
    some chatter breaking into our signal of some troop movement in the Anacostia
    area. We sent two of our people to investigate, but the I-295 bridges have
    collapsed. The area around us seems to have thinned out a bit, however, and
    many of the people here are starting to agree with Mennard regarding an
    evacuation toward the Marine barracks.
    -Channel 3:
    <Timothy Browning>: Ahh yes, those were the patriotic sounds of D. Redwood,
    playing "Happy to be in the USA". That song always stirs my heart, and I hope
    it sends a message to these invaders, and to anyone still inside the D.C.
    metro area that might be fighting to keep our country free. Don't make the
    mistake, listeners. This is an attack upon us because they are jealous of the
    freedom and trust shown to our people. God bless the USA. Folks, while I've
    been taking calls from a number of fellow patriots today regarding a
    volunteer militia, I have been informed in no uncertain terms by the military
    and other disaster officials that aid is not required at this time. While I
    admire the bravery and courage of my listeners, we need to give our
    servicemen and women a chance to do their jobs. The tragedy of the
    desecration to our nation's capitol is something we will not soon be able to
    forget. We will move forward, and we will carry on, however, and when the
    perpetrators of this new atrocity are discovered our vengeance will be swift
    and merciless. And we should remember that, and we should also remember that
    with better border protection and control perhaps this crisis could have been
    averted. What failures on a government level, on a voter level, could have
    helped to fuel this tragedy? By showing weakness to the world, by becoming
    less and less the world power and more the world negotiator, have we opened
    ourselves to these attacks. Now, I think we have. While this tragedy is
    possibly the worst in American history, we must recall that this could have
    been prevented if our leaders had not fallen asleep at the wheel. Our lack of
    ability to finish the fight in foreign conflicts, to protect our people, has
    caused us to lose face in the international community. The message this
    country needs to send, moving forward, is that America does not take such
    actions lying down. There will be a reckoning. Never forget that freedom
    comes with a cost, and we must be prepared to fight for what we believe in.
    We have been calling various refugee centers to see if hotlines for those
    rescued from the D.C. metro area have been established. A greater fear,
    however, is the fact that the CDC has issued mandatory quarantines for those
    escaping from the area, spurring rumors of possible biological attack as the
    source of the Bug. Perhaps the two events are unrelated, but we are forced to
    assume the worst. I urge all listeners to follow all directions by government
    officials regarding steps for quarantine and for providing a safe haven for
    those escaping the D.C. area. We need to protect the entire country, and,
    while many people have been through a terrible ordeal, we need to show
    patience and trust in our government.
    -Channel 4:
    <John Wayne Guy>: The Chevy Chase area has been designated as a staging area
    for both National Guard units and the Marines. I would assume this is an
    attempt to mount a rescue response through the city. The Department of
    Homeland Security has promised that military escorts for evacuation purposes
    will occur in phases, clearing the city in a sweep north of the Potomac,
    moving west to east. Be prepared to move quickly. Carry only a single bag or
    suitcase per family. This is a mandatory evacuation, and again, we'll keep
    you updated as information is given to us by government officials. The
    Marines are forming a defensive line along Rock Creek Parkway. Listeners who
    are west of this area should be prepared to aid these soldiers if they need
    to fall back toward the west. Those near the Rock Creek Parkway on the
    eastern side should evacuate toward the parkway immediately. Again, the
    Marines are forming a defensive line along the Rock Creek Parkway. Citizens
    on the eastern side of the parkway should move to the western side behind the
    Marine wall.
    -Channel 5:
    <Fang Jorgenson>: Those, my ghouls and darklings, were the sounds of Boss
    Melbourne, back when he could still speak the Dark One's message. I saw him
    recently, and let me tell you, the lord had struck him mute for his
    blasphemies against him. Now we hear these demons walking the streets, and we
    supplicate ourselves before their glorious forms. Find them, and give
    yourself to them. They know salvation of the dark lord, SATAN! When I write
    for my dark master, I use my unconscious self. I draw on my dark twin inside
    my soul, who calls to my demonic muses. I summon Baeth and Kebble from the
    north. Show me the final key of Menoch. I summon Leviathan from the east to
    reveal the truth.
    -Channel 6:
    <Autumn Wanderer>: Today, the horoscope of Mother Earth defends a time of
    openness and wanderlust. The earth must be prepared to receive new horizons
    and opportunities and to be aware of the love that is waiting for her. This
    is so true, my brothers and sisters, so true! We should all be open to
    receive. We should all be aware of the love waiting for our reception.
    Receive love, brothers! Receive the love, sisters! Our friends from the stars
    seem to be drawn to the crystals holding the energy of untamed love. Share
    with them, my brothers and sisters. Share everything. Show them how we live,
    how we love. Share with them the whole of yourself. Give yourself to them in
    love. Walk with them through Nature's bounty, and they will have no choice
    but to surrender to our Mother Earth's beauty. Help them understand to renew
    our mother goddess. Plant a flower with our starborn visitors. share with
    them everything you can, my brothers and sisters. That is all the time we
    have today for Autumn's Earthly Delight, with Autumn Wanderer. I will be seen
    sharing my love with our visitors, and I urge you to do so too. Please help
    them understand our peaceful, beautiful nature. Until next we meet, under the
    grand oak, goodbye!
    <{ Homeland (07) }>                                                     [06170]
    Radio 7-1:
    *Location: Walk straight down the first street until you reach the
    intersection. Turn right, and follow the right hand building all the way to
    the end of the building. Near the end of the building you'll see a poster
    advertising "Reimer for President". Turn around 180 degrees and the radio is
    in a broken out store window across the street.
    *Number of channels: 6
    -Channel 1:
    <Gordon Wells>: The fires seem to be holding the invaders at bay. If they're
    waterborne creatures, and this would support the idea, I would suggest trying
    electricity or fire to hold off attacks. Use gas mains and fires to your
    advantage. Has anyone had a chance to see any invader remnants? Is their
    exoskeleton bullet resistant? We need more data. I have no response from any
    police station or district in the area. All police officials seem to either
    be evacuating or aiding in the refugee transportation effort. Do not seek
    shelter or aid from police stations. Reports of portals or glowing gateways
    that the invaders emerge from are reaching me at this hour. If you see a
    glowing circle amidst some wreckage, DO NOT investigate! Flee, as invaders
    will be appearing from them soon. I would anticipate this attack to end by
    morning. The United States Government and their allies in this conspiracy can
    only hold off the world media for so long before the collusion with these
    invaders becomes obvious. We can expect this to end soon. Reports of someone
    in a futuristic suit, and armed with alien technology, has reached us. Last
    reports place this individual at Union Station. Anyone with more information,
    PLEASE contact me through my website. Our preparedness for these fires makes
    it seem as though we would respond more efficiently if we had training
    modules or software systems to help train our personnel in responding to
    emergency situations. Why do we not have such products widely spread through
    our governments and municipalities? We're having some technical difficulties,
    but we will be back on air! I never thought I would ever see anything like
    this in my lifetime! This is incredible! Please, get all the footage you can!
    Please, send it to me! The small creatures with bladelike arms seem to have
    an intimate knowledge of our human anatomy. They target hamstrings, tendons,
    and muscles. We need matching knowledge. We need specimens.
    -Channel 2:
    <Jared X. Fulton>: Not much to report at this time. Those scratching sounds
    near the base of the warehouse are back, and this time it sounds as though
    there are more of them. We have four identified weak spots, and the detective
    has stationed a group of people with makeshift weaponry, two pistols, to be
    exact, at these points in case something comes in. I am in the center of a
    cleared space of the warehouse with the children, who are being very brave,
    as we wait for the inquisitive creatures to move away. Don't worry, Kylie,
    we'll be fine. Just think about the stories you can tell your mom and dad
    when we get there. And if we're really lucky, we, we can...ride in a
    helicopter or something neat. Oh, right, sorry, I wasn't aware the mic was
    live. We're still waiting for an "all clear" sign from Detective Pierson and
    our sentries. The children are holding up rather well. Jacques Menard came by
    with some bottled water a few minutes ago, and we are running low on
    supplies. I hope rescue finds us soon, that scratching is starting to make
    everyone edgy. The scratching has died away and Jacques and his group have
    made it clear that they are heading to the Marine barracks. After enduring
    another harrowing round of nerves at the hands of our questing creatures, I
    have started to agree with the assessment that we should go for help. I will
    remain here on the broadcast, as will the children and Detective Pierson.
    Jacques is taking a group of about ten people north with him to the barracks,
    approximately twelve blocks north, and will try to send word or rescue when
    he reaches there. We are waiting here and we are polling our remaining people
    as to their average income or salary. It seems that out of the eighteen
    people left behind, with five of them being of an age where working is not
    the main goal or even legal, only three of these people have health coverage.
    With the spread of the Bug, and the large scale evacuation from the D.C.
    metro area prior to the attack, I would suspect those left behind are the
    ones that have not been afforded the same benefits as the rest of us. It
    certainly seems to be heavily slanted in favor of the less fortunate being
    left behind. Jacques and his group have left us, but we are confident that
    they will make it north to the barracks and send help. Detective Pierson has
    been excellent in trying to keep vigilance and morale up, but we are all
    starting to wear down. The smell of burning fumes is starting to become
    unpleasant, and the sporadic noises in the distance cause us to flinch each
    time we hear them. There are sounds somewhere in between a scream and a
    scrape of nails on a chalkboard that resounds in the warehouse from somewhere
    distant. We all just want to get somewhere safe and somewhere we can sleep
    without fear of not waking up again.
    -Channel 3:
    <Timothy Browning>: We have confusing reports that possible non-human or
    biologically altered specimens are being used in the invasion of Washington,
    D.C. While we have no confirmation of these reports, the thought that illegal
    cloning or biotechnology could be the source of this attack is frightening.
    We should have better control over scientific advancement. Especially as it
    comes into a conflict with many peoples' faith. Technology is a wonderful
    tool, but not at the cost of our souls or our morality. We have reports of
    the Saudi Arabian embassy mobilizing troops in the area of Foggy Bottom. We
    must ask ourselves in the midst of such tragedy what they are seeking, and
    what they are looking for. These individuals clearly do not have our best
    intentions at heart. What records or sensitive material exists in this area
    that might benefit the Middle Eastern states? In addition, are they facing
    any opposition by invading forces, or are we seeing a new step in the
    invasion? Explosions and fire in the downtown Washington, D.C. area are being
    heard as far away as Baltimore in some cases. The glow of a city burning is
    causing many to panic, with hospitals all over the world having epidemics of
    mass hysteria or other health crises. The...(*screeching fuzz sound*)...is
    calling for all volunteers able to aid in any urban or densely populated area
    to report to the nearest...(*screeching fuzz sound*)...facility and help
    where you can. Now is the time for us to come together as a nation. The
    scattered reports of Heather Hampton, a local news reporter in the D.C. area,
    place her in multiple locations throughout the city. It seems Ms. Hampton is
    attempting to broadcast from inside the war zone, and is transmitting images
    of a disturbing and inhuman nature. She, according to reports, continually
    refers to aliens or otherwise inhuman attackers and claims that our military
    forces are losing the battle to reclaim the D.C. area. Now, I find all of
    this hard to believe, quite frankly, and question the veracity of Ms.
    Hampton's reporting. There are reports of coded signals being embedded in
    various radio broadcasts. These signals, experts claim, could provide key
    knowledge of what or who our attackers are. Anyone hearing one of these
    broadcasts are suggested to copy down all relevant information and send it to
    your local police department. Under no circumstances are civilians to attempt
    to broadcast their own signals inside the D.C. area, as the military is using
    most of the bandwidth for command and control. According to our earlier
    reports and expert data from Brigadier General Aaron Milkin, military
    officials should be establishing their "SALUTE" reports. As previously
    discussed, "SALUTE" stands for size, activities, location, unit
    identification, time, and equipment. We currently have no data other than
    that the general location is the D.C. metro area. I am contacting authorities
    in an attempt to gain better data, but, at this time, my calls are going
    unanswered. In Virginia, a growing militia of concerned citizens is forming
    north of Richmond, outside the town of Fredericksburg. This group claims that
    it is forming to ensure that no invading units move south of the D.C. metro
    area, but they are having trouble moving closer to D.C. due to a military
    cordon. All non-military watercraft are forbidden entrance to the Potomac
    river. This ban extends all the way to the mouth of the Potomac and
    Chesapeake Bay, and any craft violating this ban will be warned and then
    -Channel 4:
    <John Wayne Guy>: From our broadcast position near Foggy Bottom, the sounds
    of gunfire've died away. I still maintain that the gunfire was not from U.S.
    issue weaponry. Any event, now that the gunfire has died down, we will be
    investigating the aftermath of whatever occurred outside our station.
    -Channel 5:
    <Fang Jorgensen>: After some review, I can only say I think these are the
    minions of Beelzebub. The lord of flies must've been sent as the harbinger of
    the dark destruction of the world. We know our lord's first soldier, the
    prince of false gods and gluttony, the shaper of cotton man. Give yourself to
    his buzzing glory! Cry out loud, for he is a god. Either he's lost in
    thought, or he's wandered away, or he's on a journey, or perhaps he is
    sleeping and must be AWAKENED! Let me tell you, children, Elijah may mock,
    but guess who just woke up! I think in honor of this waking hour we should
    rejoice in the vengeance upon Count Grishnack that will be visited upon him
    by the great Prince Arset. HAAAIIILLL!!
    -Channel 6:
    <Autumn Wanderer>: 11, 6, 11, 11, 22, 7, 0, 22, 9, 9, 12, 9, 0, 24, 26, 6, 8,
    22, 23, 0, 9, 12, 8, 4, 22, 15, 15, 21, 18, 20, 19, 7, 0, 26, 13, 23, 0, 23,
    18, 22, 0, 21, 12, 9, 0, 7, 19, 22, 0, 13, 4, 12.
    Radio 7-2:
    *Location: After the Invader and dropping down into the sewers, take a left and
    then a right to find the radio near a dead human clutching a green glow stick.
    *Number of channels: 3
    -Channel 1:
    <Delta Control>: This is Delta Control, we are abandoning the hill, repeat,
    Delta Control to Response, we are abandoning the hill.
    <Response>: Affirmative, Delta Control, return to Camp X-Ray. Delta Control,
    proceed to X-Ray. Great Storm, new co-ordinates. Sector E6 requires thunder.
    New co-ordinates, E6. Two minutes, twelve seconds northeast, patching through
    to Charlie Three.
    <???>: Echo Six, I have visual. You are pursued by twelve hostiles. I can
    only engage loud, do I have clearance? Echo Six, I have visual. You are
    pursued by twelve hostiles. May I go loud?
    <???>: Bravo Four, we are at Rendezvous Two. What is your location? Bravo
    Four, we're at Rendezvous Two, book is in hand. Alpha Control, enemies are
    closing on your position, suggest immediate evacuation. Alpha Control, you
    are about to be overrun from the south. The Natural History Museum is under
    assault. Echo Control, what is your situation? Natural History Museum is
    under assault! Focus is clear, Focus is clear! Pull back to fire positions
    and await evac location. Fall back from the monument, fall back!
    <Alpha>: Control, this is Alpha, we need support! Where the h--- are you,
    <???>: Overwatch is in the wind, repositioning for new command. Overwatch is
    in the wind.
    -Channel 2:
    <Ambulance 22>: This is Ambulance 22. We're, uh...we're near the Washington
    Masonic Lodge, and, well, it seems to be blinking. That pyramid on top, it's,
    well, blinking with some sort of orange, uh, glow, I dunno. You might want to
    get someone down here.
    <???>: Dispatch, we are responding to trapped civilians at the Air and Space
    Museum. The Ad Astra Sculpture outside i...is gone. I don't know how, but
    there's nothing there any more, nothing.
    <???>: Engine 22, Engine 23, Squad 32, Truck 3, Battalion 6 due to respond to
    1222 34th Street for a house fire. Cross streets of 34th and Carpenter
    Street, map page 106. 1222 34th Street, National Guard is on scene to provide
    <???>: *D-d-d-doo do do do, D-d-d-doo do do do* Dispatch, we have received an
    emergency call from the Zoological Park. The caller said that the specimens
    were swelling. Caller was scared, but something about rampant mutation and
    distortion. This does not sound like our call, Dispatch.
    -Channel 3:
    <Emergency Alert System>: *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* This is an alert from the
    Emergency Alert System. The Department of Homeland Security has issued a
    change to a national threat level of "Severe" or "Red". All non-military
    aircraft have been grounded. All citizens are to contact their places of
    business or schools in order to determine current status of the workday. All
    citizens are to remain home if at all possible. Repeat, this is an alert from
    the Emergency Alert System. The Department of Homeland Security has issued a
    change to a national threat level of "Severe" or "Red". All non-military
    aircraft have been grounded. All citizens are to contact their place of
    business or schools in order to determine current status of the workday. All
    citizens are to remain home if at all possible.
    <Emergency Alert System>: *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* This is an alert from the
    Emergency Alert System. Current conditions inside the Washington, D.C. area
    are considered dangerous for all citizens. Mandatory evacuation orders have
    been issued. All citizens are to proceed north to Sligo National Park or
    south to Belhaven Country Club. All residents are to avoid the metro rail or
    waterways. Repeat, this is an alert from the Emergency Alert System. Current
    conditions inside the Washington, D.C. area are considered dangerous for all
    citizens. Mandatory evacuation orders have been issued. All citizens are to
    proceed north to Sligo National Park or south to Belhaven Country Club. All
    residents are to avoid the metro rail or waterways.
    <Emergency Alert System>: *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* This is an alert from the
    Emergency Alert System. Mandatory evacuations are under...(*static*).
    Radio 7-3:
    *Location: After you walk through the subway car, you enter a room with four
    conduits.  Look for the radio on a table in a left hand alcove.
    *Number of channels: 6
    -Channel 1:
    <Gordon Wells>: This battle in D.C. will end today, but I promise you this:
    the war will continue. With such an outpouring of resources, we would have to
    suspect it will be some time before they emerge from the shadows again. But,
    we must remain vigilant. News and rumors will give us our answers, but we
    must watch and we must research our foe. Heather Hampton is escorting
    refugees northward toward the SIGLO camp. Anyone who can aid her, please,
    lend assistance, but be wary. I suspect she may be a part of this conspiracy.
    My listeners, I know we're coming to the end of this invasion. Bunker down
    and hide. We're almost through this. Tomorrow will dawn a new morning. Is
    this a first attack? Will the next attack be more dominating in total? Where
    will it be? Look around the world. Where else are powerful military forces
    engaged in wars out of country? Will this leave us vulnerable to further
    aggression by other nations? Is there some connection here to North Korea,
    China, and other countries that will hunt us while we're weak? I am appalled
    at the woeful response of the United States Government to this attack. We
    have been left to fend for ourselves! This can only be collusion at the
    highest levels with this new threat. We need to investigate for ourselves!
    Where will we find ourselves tomorrow? Will we be a new New Orleans? Will
    they pity us? We do not want that! We're stronger than that! This was not
    some random act, this was naked aggression. We must fight! I think we need to
    investigate the historical societies of the Fertile Crescent. I think answers
    are buried beneath the Red Sea, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Sumerian, and the
    Kadian empires. We need to find answers. We need to see the truth here. We
    have been wandering blindly. I have been wandering blindly. We need to see
    the truth behind the lies here. The answers we need are right there! These
    glowing portals, those are the conduits to the truth! We need to find more
    information about these. We...are only a few hours from daybreak. Already, I
    think the invasion is subsiding. Soon, I think, we will be free!
    -Channel 2:
    <Jared X. Fulton>: A few minutes ago, we reached a squad of Marines who are
    operating somewhere between the barrack and our location. We warned them of
    potential survivors heading their way, thought they have said that no-one
    matching the description of Jacques and his group have been spotted. They
    have two humvees and are trying to make their way around the wreckage to our
    position. I feel a faint spark of hope for the first time in a long time. The
    children seem to be getting a bit ill. I try to keep their spirits up, but
    they're running a fever. In giving them a cursory examination, I think they
    may have contracted the Bug. Detective Pierson and our sentries seem to be
    unaffected, but a dull headache is starting for myself and my sock
    technician, Harry Rockwell. We're both hoping that this is hysteria and not
    real sickness, but I think we might be coming down with a little something.
    The children are definitely ill. Their temperatures are raised and they're
    all coughing now. I'm starting to feel an itch at the back of my throat and
    Harry feels fevered to the touch. The Detective and the rest of our
    protectors are keeping their distance, but have been helpful in whatever
    limited means they might. We're hoping the Marines arrive soon. We have been
    able to isolate the sickness to people that drank from the same bottle of
    water. More frightening is the fact that this bottle was given to us by
    Jacques Mennard. I hope he's alright wherever he is. We're still waiting for
    word from the Marines, although they have intermittent radio contact where
    they're able to let us know that they are still en route. Gunfire a few
    blocks to the north hopefully means that the Marines are nearby. We're
    collecting our people into two groups, the first of those who are still
    healthy and the second of those who have been infected by the bug. We're
    hoping to be able to transport everyone in one trip, but with only two
    humvees and an unknown number of Marines, we're not certain. The Marines have
    arrived! We are saved! I have never felt so proud to see our military in
    action. Unfortunately, the evacuation of this warehouse will have to be
    performed in two phases. We are sending the children and those infected by
    the bug, as well as one of our sentries, with the first group. Four Marines
    will remain and stand guard over us while we wait. They said the wait will
    only take a few minutes now that a clear path has been established. It has
    been nearly a half hour since the Marines first left us. We don't know how
    much longer we'll have to wait, but the Marine unit with us has closed us
    inside with Detective Pierson providing some support to them. We're still
    hoping that rescue will come for us soon. Our men are starting to grow
    fearful of the Marine rescue. We seem to be being taunted by someone outside
    that sounds like Jacques Mennard. He is...he keeps saying that no-one will be
    coming for us...I...I don't think we're going to receive help. The Marines
    have abdicated us, moving to high ground inside the warehouse, so this will
    likely be my final broadcast until we are, with hope, rescued. Kylie Simmons,
    if you can hear my out there, tell your mom and dad that I said you were very
    -Channel 3:
    <Timothy Browning>: Other radio personalities are attempting to cover this
    tragedy, but only one person is going as far as getting on the ground access
    to refugees for interviews and details of the experiences inside Washington,
    D.C. Stay with Timothy Browning, bringing you the best in talk radio news and
    opinion. Stocks were silent today as the attack on Washington, D.C. called
    for an emergency shutdown of all domestic markets. We are not expecting the
    markets to reopen for at least one week, with the Fed announcing that until
    further notice the various exchanges would remain closed. Insurance providers
    are already calling various courts and judges seeking a ruling on their "act
    of God" clauses. Foreign attack is something that is not provided for in most
    insurance policies, and insurers are afraid that in the wake of this
    devastation, especially to landmarks and memorials, that pricing and repair
    costs are likely to be inflated. Most companies will likely seek to pay some
    amount based upon general size and weight for national or governmental
    buildings, rather than attempt to accurately price these historical
    structures. Information from Quantico, at this time, is reporting that all
    divisions and personnel are being shipped north to help suppress the attacks
    south of the Potomac. Earlier rumors of a large scale attack on various
    military and civilian airstrips were confirmed by military officials, who've
    stated that the attacks seemed well coordinated and timed to match shifts in
    our overseas staffing who are en route to relieve current soldiers who's
    tours of duty have expired. Military reports are confirming that a hard
    perimeter, using the Capitol Beltway, has been established by military
    personnel. All people are urged to provide a two mile buffer zone around the
    beltway, and, at this time, it is believed that all invaders seem to be
    inside this perimeter, though there is no official word as to the status of
    people or buildings in the area. In addition, officials seemed reluctant to
    speculate as to goals, number, or areas of control for the enemy. Even the
    origin or source of the attack is still under investigation, officials told
    us. Well, it is that time, folks. You know how it is, when Timothy Browning
    has to hand over the reigns to his colleagues in the good fight. So, without
    further adieu, here is my good friend and colleague...(*quick cut*).
    -Channel 4:
    <Fang Jorgenson>: After so long waiting for the darkness, I can scarcely
    imagine anything more glorious than to watch the eyes of our government as
    they realize that this country will be one nation very VERY under God. I can
    wait no longer. I go to join my true brothers in darkness as they ride to
    free us from the governments and the liars! I GO!
    -Channel 5:
    <Autumn Wanderer>: 26, 7, 15, 26, 13, 7, 18, 8, 0, 4, 18, 15, 15, 0, 9, 6,
    15, 22, 0, 26, 20, 26, 18, 13, 11, 6, 11, 11, 22, 7, 0, 22, 9, 9, 12, 9, 0,
    24, 26, 6, 8, 22, 23, 0, 24, 12, 15, 26, 9, 22, 8, 22, 13, 15, 18, 15, 0, 4,
    12, 13, 0, 26, 7, 0, 16, 22, 24, 16, 8, 25, 6, 9, 20.
    <{ Checkmate (08) }>                                                    [06180]
    No radios in this level.
    <{ Closure (09) }>                                                      [06190]
    No radios in this level.
    VI.i  Coded Radio Messages |                                            [06100]
    Radio 7-1:
    11 6 11 11 22 7 0 22 9 9 12 9 0 24 26 6 8 22 23 0 9 12 8 4 22 15 15 21
    18 20 19 7 0 26 13 23 0 23 18 22 0 21 12 9 0 7 19 22 0 13 4 12
    P U P P E T   E R R O R   C A U S E D   R O S W E L L
    F I G H T   A N D   D I E   F O R   T H E   N W O
    Radio 7-3:
    26 7 15 26 13 7 18 8 0 4 18 15 15 0 9 6 15 22 0 26 20 26 18 13
    11 6 11 11 22 7 0 22 9 9 12 9 0 24 26 6 8 22 23 0 24 12 15 26 9 22 8
    22 13 15 18 15 0 4 12 13 0 26 7 0 16 22 24 16 8 25 6 9 20
    A T L A N T I S   W I L L   R U L E   A G A I N
    P U P P E T   E R R O R   C A U S E D   C O L A R E S
    E N L I L   W O N   A T   K E C K S B U R G
    VI.iii  TV Locations and Transcripts |                                  [06300]
    <{ Threshold (01) }>                                                    [06310]
    No TVs in this level.
    <{ Contagion (02) }>                                                    [06320]
    No TVs in this level.
    <{ Enemy (03) }>                                                        [06330]
    Television 3-1:
    *Location: Large screen television inside Prometheus' computer room.
    <Heather Hampton>: This is Heather Hampton, reporting live from the Jefferson
    Memorial. I'm standing just outside the one mile perimeter established by the
    National Guard following this latest attack on our country's historic
    landmarks. There isn't a lot of information available at this time, but the
    administration has released a statement indicating that they believe this
    attack to be tied to the recent incident at Reagan National Airport. They
    have not released the name of the suspected group and none has stepped
    forward to claim responsibility for the attacks, but the President, who is
    commanding from a secure location, assures us that they are pursuing every
    available lead. However, he insists that their immediate concern is retaking
    control of the Jefferson Memorial and the surrounding area. Several National
    Guard units have been mobilized to support local authorities and to assist in
    the evacuation of the National Mall and Memorial Parks. Eyewitness accounts
    of airborne strikes on the Memorial have been dismissed by the military, but
    we've learned that the National Guard has still detained nearly a hundred
    civilians who were present during the time of the attack. People are being
    instructed to stay where they are and not attempt to evacuate the city at
    this time. While there is no clear indication of motives or demands on the
    terrorists' part, they do seem to be only targeting monuments. People are as
    safe at home as anyplace else and it's imperative that the roads stay clear
    for emergency vehicles. We will continue to report on this story as events
    unfold. This is Heather Hampton, reporting for Channel 11.
    <{ Trust (04) }>                                                        [06340]
    No TVs in this level.
    <{ Gridlock (05) }>                                                     [06350]
    No TVs in this level.
    <{ Invasion (06) }>                                                     [06360]
    Television 6-1:
    *Location: At the top of the first large stairwell you enter the 3rd floor
    door. Turn to your right and enter the large office. The TV is in the right
    hand wall.
    <Heather Hampton>: This is Heather Hampton reporting from... oh my G--, I, I
    can hardly describe what's happening out here. These horrific creatures have
    begun an all out attack on the capitol. The police and armed forces have been
    completely ineffective in slowing their advance and the creatures continue to
    expand their area of control. The only effective resistance to this invasion
    has been spearheaded by an unnamed agency using weapons and technology that
    rival that of alien forces. We can only assume at this moment that they are
    on our side. But the question is raised that, if they are indeed part of our
    government, why have these weapons been kept a secret? Officials refuse to
    comment on which branch of the government this agency might report to, or
    even if it exists at all. But despite these concerns, it appears that they
    are the best equipped to handle this situation. What... what is that? I can't
    see much from here. It's difficult to make out clearly but there's an
    enormous creature, far bigger than anything we've seen so far.. and it's
    advancing on the Pentagon. It has completely destroyed the defense lines set
    up by the army. They can't even slow it down... oh G--... I can't.. I can't
    do this! They won't run... they can't win... they...Why won't you run?!!
    <{ Homeland (07) }>                                                     [06370]
    Television 7-1:
    *Location: After the first hidden Trust cache, continue down the alleyway.
    Before the broken building you have to make your way through, look to the left
    for the TVs under the "Television Shop" sign.
    <Heather Hampton>: This is Heather Hampton, Channel 11 News. My cameraman and
    I are part of a large group of civilians still trapped in the central hot
    zone. We've lost the soldiers who were leading us to the evacuation point. If
    anyone can hear me, we are headed to Union Station in hopes of finding a
    train to take us out of the city, or if that fails we can barricade ourselves
    inside. There! There's the entrance... Union Station is right ahead! Run!
    Everybody get inside before this....Oh no no no no! The Drudge they're
    everywhere... we can't... Get inside! Everyone get inside! Oh G--! Ahhhhh!
    <{ Checkmate (08) }>                                                    [06380]
    No TVs in this level.
    <{ Closure (09) }>                                                      [06390]
    No TVs in this level.
    VII   O R A N G E   L I G H T S   C O M I C   B O O K                   [07000]
    VII.i Transcript |                                                      [07010]
    Page 1
    Panel 1
    <Gordon Wells>: Good evening friends, this is the man of the people, Gordon
    Wells, speaking the truth, whether you want to hear it or not.
    Panel 2
    <Gordon Wells>: Let's start tonight's show by discussing the so-called
    "alien invasion" of three weeks ago... first caller, you're on the air!
    Panel 3
    <Caller 1>: Come on Gordon, what's with you? We finally get proof of alien
    life and suddenly you don't believe any more?
    Panel 4
    <Gordon Wells>: Oh, I still believe. I just don't believe that the
    government has told us the whole story.
    Page 2
    Panel 1a
    <Gordon Wells>: If they really were invading aliens, where are their ships?
    Why were there so few of them? And why did they choose the targets they did?
    The Jefferson Memorial? The Library of Congress? None of it makes sense!
    Panel 1b
    <Caller 1>: So, what, there weren't any aliens? We were all just seeing
    Panel 2
    <Gordon Wells>: Maybe... People saw a lot of strange stuff... I've heard
    eyewitness accounts of giant tentacles, dead men coming back to life and even
    a guy in glowing armor carrying a robotic eye in one hand.
    Panel 3
    <Gordon Wells>: I don't know what really happened, but I've just received
    some inside info that may have the answers... once I've examined it, I'll let
    the world know what I've found!
     | Note: there is a package held in his hand, with a mailing label as        |
     | follows:                                                                  |
     |   The TRUTH                                                               |
     |   2345 Pembroke Avenue,                                                   |
     |   Hoffman Estates,                                                        |
     |   IL 60195                                                                |
     | This address just so happens to be the address of High Voltage Studios!   |
    Page 3
    Panel 1
    <Gordon Wells>: Time to move on to our next caller...
    <Caller 2>: I completely agree with you Gordon! They wouldn't travel that far
    just to blow stuff up. Real aliens only want to mate with us so they can
    perpetuate their species!
    Panel 3b
    <[Letter]>: As you know, Heather Hampton and her cameraman were right in the
    middle of that "alien" attack, and saw a lot of things that never made it
    into her broadcasts...
    <[Letter]>: ...unfortunately, when they were rescued by the military, all
    their tapes were confiscated and their damaged camera was thrown in the
    Page 4
    Panel 1
    <[Letter]>: ...found it, I realized that it still had an SD card that the
    goons had missed. I salvaged what data from it that I could and put it on
    this tape.
    Panel 2a
    <[Letter]>: I don't really understand what I've seen on this tape, but it
    doesn't fit with the official story. I'm hoping you'll be able to figure out
    the truth and let the world know... Good luck!
    Panel 2b
    <Gordon Wells>: Okay, let's see what you've got...
    Panel 3
    <Heather Hampton [Tape]>: This is Heather Hampton with Channel 11 News,
    reporting from just outside the military perimeter near the Jefferson
    Page 5
    Panel 1
    <Heather Hampton [Tape]>: For those of you just tuning in, a series of
    explosions have rocked the memorial, possibly the work of the same terrorists
    that recently attacked Reagan International Airport. We'll keep you updated
    as the situation develops.
    Panel 2a
    <Heather Hampton [Tape]>: Come on, let's try to find some way to get closer
    to the action.
    <Roy the Cameraman [Tape]>: Okay boss, lead the way!
    Panel 3
    <Heather Hampton [Tape]>: Son of a-- what are those things?
    <Roy the Cameraman [Tape]>: Either DC's got a real big cockroach problem, or
    those are honest to goodness aliens...
    Page 6
    Panel 1
    <Heather Hampton [Tape]>: Oh thank G--! I see some military forces moving in!
    Wait, what are...
    Panel 2b
    <Heather Hampton [Tape]>: ...Lucky to get out of there in one piece, good
    thing we ran into those police officers.
    <Roy the Cameraman [Tape]>: Good news boss, I got this thing working again,
    looks like we're back on the air!
    Panel 2c
    <Heather Hampton [Tape]>: What the--?
    Panel 3
    <Roy the Cameraman [Tape]>: Looks like something big's going down at the
    Library of Congress...
    <Heather Hampton [Tape]>: Let's go!
    Page 7
    <Heather Hampton [Tape]>: ...Don't know how they could have gotten in here
    long enough to build these... nests, especially with all these agents
    guarding the building.
    <Roy the Cameraman [Tape]>: Man... look at that weird gun he had...
    Page 8
    Panel 1
    <Heather Hampton [Tape]>: Roy, are you getting this? Is this some sort of
    security station or something?
    <Roy the Cameraman [Tape]>: I dunno... And what's with that cylinder thing?
    I've never seen technology like that.
    Panel 2
    <Heather Hampton [Tape]>: Okay, now this is just weird. This must have been
    put in when the library was constructed, but I've never heard anyone even
    mention it...
    <Roy the Cameraman [Tape]>: So... we going down there, or what?
    Panel 3
    <Heather Hampton [Tape]>: What do you think?
    Page 10
    Panel 1
    <Heather Hampton [Tape]>: Hggh... oh... my... G--... that was foul! All that,
    that... slime, and goop... I don't care if your camera wasn't working, I'm
    not going back in there.
    <Roy the Cameraman [Tape]>: Well, I think we found out why this isn't on the
    Panel 2b
    <Gordon Wells>: Nuts, I'm running late...
    Panel 3b
    <Gordon Wells>: Late, late, late...
    Page 10
    Panel 2b
    Note: There is an image of a newspaper article titled 'Three Killed by Coyote
    Attack,' with the word 'coyote' crossed out and replaced with the term
    'chupacabra,' with a picture paperclipped to the article of what appears to be
    Wells and his family, a notion affirmed by him lightly touching the face of
    the oldest female in the picture in panel 2c. The chupacabra is a contemporary
    legend of sorts, relatable to Big Foot and the Yeti; it's name is literally
    'goat sucker,' in that the creature is known to kill goats and drink their
    blood; so far, all reported chupacabra attacks have been typically assigned to
    coyotes instead after investigation.
    Panel 3
    <Gordon Wells>: How do, boys and girls! Gordon Wells here, and I've got
    some big news!
    Page 11
    Panel 1a
    <Gordon Wells>: I've now got video footage from within DC during the
    Panel 1b
    <Gordon Wells>: Turns out there's a lot of stuff they haven't told us about
    this "invasion"... I've seen alien nests, futuristic technology and ancient
    secret passages built right into our government buildings! There's something
    big that they're trying to keep from us, but I'll get to the bottom of it,
    and once I do, I'll put this evidences on my website!
    Panel 2a
    <Gordon Wells>: Looks like we've got our first caller, go ahead, you're on
    the air!
    <Caller 3>: Gordon, I'm a big fan, but you're sounding a little crazy again
    here, like the time you had photographic 'proof' that the vice president was
    an alien.
    Panel 2b
    <Gordon Wells>: Hey, I wasn't the only one fooled by that, kids are getting
    to be experts with digital retouching these days...
    <Caller 3>: And what about when you got obsessed with orange lights, thinking
    that they could control peoples thoughts?
    Panel 3a
    <Gordon Wells>: That's not obsession, it's a scientific fact that the brain
    can be reprogrammed through the optic nerves by using specific wavelengths of
    <Caller 3>: Yeah, but what about the...
    <Gordon Wells>: Look pal, if you don't like what I've got to say, stop
    tuning in and visiting my site.
    Panel 3b
    <Gordon Wells>: Okay, back to my big news: I'll be uploading the entire
    video to my site tomorrow, so in less than twenty four hours, you can all see
    the truth for yourself!
    Page 12
    Panel 1a
    <Gordon Wells>: In the meantime, let me fill you in on some of the stuff
    I've found out so far...
    Panel 1b
    <[Text overlay]>: The next morning...
    Page 14
    Panel 1
    <Heather Hampton [Tape]>: There seems to be some sort of battle going on here
    at the White House. We've seen aliens, soldiers and some sort of mysterious
    armored man, all fighting within the building, but there is, as yet, no word
    of the president's whereabouts. We're going to try and get closer to the...
    Panel 2b
    <Heather Hampton [Tape]>: ...can't believe your d--- camera conked out on
    that shot. Did you at least see what was happening in there? It was like they
    were cooperating!
    <Roy the Cameraman [Tape]>: ...Pant... Less... ...Pant... Talking... More
    Panel 3
    <Heather Hampton [Tape]>: ...From the White House, I repeat, the president
    has been safely extracted from the White House!
    <Roy the Cameraman [Tape]>: I told you those special forces guys would take
    care of it!
    <Heather Hampton [Tape]>: I don't know Roy... You didn't get a clear look in
    there during the battle, I'm starting to think that...
    Page 15
    Panel 1b
    <Heather Hampton [Tape]>: ...Keep that thing running for more than a few
    minutes at a time?
    <Roy the Cameraman [Tape]>: Hold on, I got it, we're up and running again!
    Panel 2
    <Heather Hampton [Tape]>: Do we even know if our footage is getting to the
    <Roy the Cameraman [Tape]>: Of course! The transmitter is brand new. Someone
    would have to be actively jamming public frequencies to keep it from working.
    Uh-oh, the battery is...
    Panel 3b
    <Heather Hampton [Tape]>: ...Your cheap camera konks out on this shot, I'm
    going to toss it in the bay.
    <Roy the Cameraman [Tape]>: Don't worry, I'm getting it. I'll zoom in for a
    better look.
    Page 16
    Panel 1a
    <Heather Hampton [Tape]>: This is the same guy I saw in the White House...
    what's he doing? It's like he's looking for something...
    Panel 1b
    <Heather Hampton [Tape]>: #@$%! That's the thing that wiped out the National
    Guard Forces outside...
    Panel 2
    <Heather Hampton [Tape]>: ARE YOU GETTING THIS? ROY, ARE YOU...
    Page 17
    Panel 1a/2a
    <Heather Hampton [Tape]>: ...Armored man from before used that glowing device
    on the wall, after which he went down this passage and returned, carrying a
    strange weapon. We still don't know who he is, or whether he is friend, or foe.
    Panel 1b
    <Roy the Cameraman [Tape]>: After we saw him toast that giant bug thing I
    think it's safe to say he's a friend!
    Panel 2b
    <Heather Hampton [Tape]>: Maybe, but then why was he...
    Panel 3b
    <Gordon Wells>: Of course! That explains everything! I've got to get this
    footage out to the public right now!
    Page 18
    Panel 1b
    <Gordon Wells>: Gotta get this up on the website...
    Panel 2
    <Gordon Wells>: Grr... ripping this to avi is going to take forever. Knew I
    should have bought that new system...
    Panel 3b
    <Cell Phone [Text]>: (Translated) PROMETHEUS
    Page 19
    Panel 1a
    <Gordon Wells>: Who is this? How did you get this number?
    <Prometheus>: They're coming for the tape, you need to hide it NOW!
    Page 20
    Panel 2
    <Agent> Ah, Mr. Wells... so near, and yet so far. You almost had your proof
    this time.
    Panel 3a
    <Agent> I don't mind telling you, this was a close call for us. The
    information on that tape is not the sort of thing we want the public to know
    Panel 3b
    <Agent> Still... All's well that ends well, isn't that right, Mr. Wells? And
    soon, you will have forgotten all about this videotape, and our little visit,
    just like you always do.
    Page 21
    Panel 1a
    <Agent> Then you can go back to your rabble rousing, getting everyone worked
    up over aliens, zombies, chupacabras, and all that other nonsense.
    Panel 1b
    <Agent> I know you won't remember this in a few minutes, but I would like to
    thank you, Mr. Wells. Thank you for keeping the pot stirred, and the
    populace distracted. If it weren't for people like you, our job would be much
    more difficult.
    Panel 2a
    <Agent> Take care, Mr. Wells, I look forward to hearing your next
    Panel 2b
    <Agent> Maybe you could grace us with more of your theories about Atlantis...
    Page 22
    Panel 1b
    <Gordon Wells>: What the...? I'm late!
    Panel 1c
    <Gordon Wells>: Whoa, hey there everyone, sorry about the late start, I must
    have dozed off. I see we have several callers, so let's just get right to it.
    Okay caller, you're on the air.
    Panel 2
    <Caller 4>: Yeah Gordon, just wondering when you were going to put up that
    video footage you were talking about last night.
    <Gordon Wells>: Sorry caller, I have no idea what you're talking about.
    Let's take another call.
    <Caller 5>: Same question here, Gordon. I really want to see that video. Do
    you have it converted to avi yet?
    <Gordon Wells>: Sorry folks, looks like we've got some crank calls tonight.
    I'm going to hold off on taking calls for a bit, and dig back into a topic
    that was requested by... um... a long time listener... Atlantis!
    The end.
    VII.ii Download link |                                                  [07020]
    VIII  C H A R A C T E R S                                               [08000]
    VIII.i Michael Ford |                                                   [08010]
    Mr. Ford's induction into the ranks of The Trust organization was an unexpected
    event. It occurred after he heroically saved the President's life from an
    assassination attempt. As the only member of the President's Secret Service
    detail who did not turn on their charge, Ford's loyalty and resourcefulness
    were beyond question. For this reason, John Adams of The Trust received
    permission from the President to use Michael Ford in the investigation of the
    disturbing events occurring in Washington, D.C.
    VIII.ii Prometheus |                                                    [08020]
    A former Trust scientist that has stolen advanced technology from the secret
    organization. Prometheus has been labeled a terrorist by authorities and is
    considered to be extremely dangerous.
    During level intros, the following two messages are visible on the outside
    circle of Prometheus' fire image:
    1.) "Sol invictus mithras"
        Background: Sol invictus = Unconquered sun
    2.) Mithras genitor luminis
        Background: Genitor luminis = Begetter of light
    The following can be found in the hidden Trust cache rooms that you unlock by
    doing the simple sliding puzzle and the ASE:
    Loosely translated to the best of German 1 ability:
    Not very far into the game, Prometheus is proven innocent after Adams reveals
    himself to be a traitor to Ford and after Prometheus explains himself to Ford.
    In Greek Mythology, Prometheus was a God who brought fire to the humans. At the
    end of the game, an unknown alien tells Adams that 'the betrayer has given fire
    to the humans,' just as Prometheus of mythology did. In this case, however, the
    'fire' Prometheus gave was the knowledge of The Trust and of Adams' true
    intentions and the ability to fight back against him.
    VIII.iii John Adams |                                                   [08030]
    Mr. Adams is the commander of The Trust, a long-standing shadow government
    organization currently tasked to investigate and defend America from threats of
    a high-tech or extraordinary nature. He believes that he has found the perfect
    conduit to achieving his goals through the use of Mr. Ford.
    Mr. Adams is revealed in the beginning of the game to be a traitor towards
    Ford who desires to put all control of the United States in the hands of The
    Trust, of which Adams is the head. At the end of the game, Adams is revealed to
    be an alien known as Enlil that was sent to Earth over 240 years ago. In
    Mesopotamian myth, Enlil was known as a god of weather, as well as the inventor
    of the pickaxe or hoe. A god of weather, being able to bring forth rain, seems
    apt to be the enemy of a god who delivers fire. Given when he claims he was
    sent to Earth, there is a strong possibility that Adams is the same Adams who
    served as President of the United States. It is also revealed that Adams
    founded The Trust.
    To lend further credence to the idea that Adams is also the former president,
    his authorization that he delivers to Ford is 'Kilo Bravo July 2-2-1-7-9-7'.
    On July 22, 1797, President Adams issued a proclamation that established
    regulation for coinage. Given the Latin phrases found throughout the game that
    are also found on United States coins, as well as the conspiracy theories that
    are concerned with the Federal Reserve, this evidence is hard to ignore in
    establishing that the former President and the head of The Trust are one and
    the same.
    VIII.iv Heather Hampton |                                               [08040]
    Coming soon!
    VIII.v Gordon Wells  |                                                  [08050]
    Coming soon!
    IX  F A C T I O N S                                                     [09000]
    IX.i The Trust |                                                        [09100]
    A long-standing shadow government organization currently tasked with the
    investigation and defense of America from threats of an extraordinary nature.
    The Trust has access to resources and technology not available to normal
    departments and agencies, giving rise to speculation about just how it has
    acquired them.
    IX.ii The Drudge |                                                      [09200]
    An instectoid species of aliens that Mr. Ford discovers is in league with the
    terrorist Prometheus. It appears that they are responsible for the seemingly
    random attacks upon Washington, D.C.
    <{ Mites }>                                                             [09210]
    The smallest forms of The Drudge yet encountered are called "Mites." While
    small, these aliens are still formidable as some can fly and others will even
    explode within proximity of a target.
    Distinctions: Human child-sized, red-orange in color
    Movement:     Rolling
    Weapon:       Self-explosion based upon proximity
    Distinctions: Human child-sized, brownish-blue in color
    Movement:     Bi-pedal
    Weapon:       Warp Pistol
    Other notes:  Can heal themselves and allies
    Distinctions: Large bird-sized, orange in color, worm-like body
    Movement:     Flight
    Weapon:       Diving into the enemy
    Distinctions: Human child-sized, blue in color
    Movement:     Bi-pedal
    Weapon:       Two large claws, one on each arm
    <{ Drones }>                                                            [09220]
    The standard fighters of The Drudge faction.
    Distinctions: Human-sized, gold-gray in color
    Movement:     Bi-pedal
    Weapon:       Strike Rifle
    <{ Skimmers }>                                                          [09230]
    Used for aerial assaults, Skimmers are a flying 'version' of the standard
    Distinctions: Human-sized, gold-orange in color
    Movement:     Flight
    Weapon:       Shrieker
    <{ Scarabs }>                                                           [09240]
    Scarabs are the most dangerous bi-ped members of The Drudge faction. They are
    far larger than the standard Drone, have armored exo-skeletons, and weaponry
    that makes them very powerful.
    Distinctions: Very tall and massive, dark colored; a large-sized drone
    Movement:     Bi-pedal
    Weapon:       Hive Cannon
    <{ Invaders }>                                                          [09250]
    Invaders are the largest members of The Drudge army. They walk on four legs and
    have a huge abdomen, and like a human tank can plow through much of anything in
    their way.
    Distinctions: Large, arachnid-like, several stories tall
    Movement:     Insectoid
    Weapon:       Running charge, power beam
    X  C O L L E C T I B L E S   A N D   G E A R                            [10000]
    The following is found in the game manual.
    X.i The All Seeing Eye (ASE) |                                          [10100]
    The Drudge possess technology to change the phase state of certain items. This
    allows them to operate unseen and intangible until they are ready to strike.
    The ASE not only detects these hidden items, but also brings them into phase
    with our world so that they may be dealt with. The ASE can also be used to
    penetrate human electronic systems and override their functions.
    <{ ASE Reactive Items }>                                                [10110]
    When an ASE Reactive Item is near, an ASE icon will appear on the screen,
    accompanied by a pinging noise to call your attention. This means you are in a
    situation to do one of the following tasks with your multifunctional ASE:
    1.) Open locked doors by destroying hidden bio-locks. Once you find one of the
        hidden keys, press and hold the Fire Button to prime the associated lock.
        Once all locks have been primed, they self destruct.
    2.) Locate hidden caches by solving ASE puzzles. Once you find a puzzle symbol,
        press and hold the Fire Button to enter the puzzle mode. Once in the puzzle
        mode, rotate and line up the three rings along the top of the pyramid so
        the openings are all aligned at the bottom.
    3.) Destroy hidden mines and enemies. Once you locate one, press and hold the
        Fire Button to disable mines or reveal the hidden enemy.
    The ASE was developed by scientists working for The Trust. It apparently has
    the ability of containing one's conciousness, as it does so with Prometheus at
    the end of the game.
    X.ii Weapons |                                                          [10200]
    The weapons that are available during combat vary from conventional firearms,
    top secret Trust models and even alien arsenals of The Drudge. Note that some
    special weapons have dual functions that can be activated by holding down the
    firing mechanism or twisting the Wii Remote, which can produce devastating
    attacks to the enemy.
    <{ Conventional Weaponry }>                                             [10210]
    The conventional weaponry featured in the game is all actual weaponry that is
    in use today.
    USP45 Pistol:
    A top-of-the-line magazine-fed semi-automatic handgun.
    MP5KA4 Sub-Machine Gun:
    Gas-operated magazine-fed machine gun, which is fully automatic.
    SCAR Assault Rifle:
    Gas-operated magazine-fed rifle with semi-automatic burst fire.
    SPAS Shotgun:
    Pump-action combat shotgun, which fires a short conical blast of pellets.
    SMAW Rocket Launcher:
    Man-portable shoulder-fire weapon that fires highly explosive rockets.
    <{ Trust Weaponry }>                                                    [10220]
    Deatomizer Mk4:
    Fires bolts of energy in semi-automatic bursts. When charged, it fires multiple
    plasma shots with a unique capability.
    TPC Launcher:
    Lobs energy cells that detonate on impact to create super-heated plasma bursts.
    TPC likely stands for 'Trust Power Cell,' given how that is the ammunition it
    Carbonizer Mk16:
    Fires a constant stream of energy while the trigger is held. Damage of this
    weapon is determined by how long the enemies are within its beam.
    <{ Drudge Weaponry }>                                                   [10230]
    Warp Pistol:
    This weapon fires a projectile of damaging bio-material that will ricochet off
    of solid objects until they hit the enemy. Your shots can be charged to
    increase their power, but the ricocheting projectiles can also harm you.
    Strike Rifle:
    Semi-automatic energy weapon with a scope. A single shot can be charged in
    order to inflict massive damage upon your enemy.
    Hive Cannon:
    Rapidly fires explosive bugs. The spread of these shots can be adjusted from a
    narrow stream to a wide spray by twisting the Wii Remote.
    Fires a screaming projectile of explosive bio-material. When launched, the
    projectile will follow the movement of the Wii Remote in order to seek your
    target enemy.
    <{ Grenades }>                                                          [10240]
    Standard issue grenades that explode and scour an area with penetrating
    fragments of metal and plastic. They can be bounced off of terrain features in
    order to strike targets behind cover.
    These non-lethal grenades affect a target's sensory organs, resulting in
    momentary blindness and disorientation. They detonate on impact with any
    Alien grenades that contain a section of bio-masses that combine upon impact.
    This results in a sizzling concoction that sticks to the target or surface and
    emits a high level of radiation until the mixture burns itself out.
    <{ Prototype Weapons }>                                                 [10250]
    There are several prototype weapons that are classified, but can be found in
    special secure locations. These high-power weapons are still undergoing further
    testing and evaluation.
    An upgrade to the USP45, it has the added ability of sniping, and its bullets
    result in one-shot kills. 'HVS' likely stands for 'High Voltage Software,' the
    creators of 'The Conduit'.
    Deatomizer Mk9:
    An upgrade to the Deatomizer Mk4, it has the added ability of shooting three
    shots at once and does not charge.
    An upgrade to the Strike Rifle, it replaces the charging capability with a
    rapid-fire one.
    <{ Ammo Caches }>                                                       [10260]
    Trust weapons are largely incompatible with regular Human Weapons and Drudge
    Weapons even less so. Consequently, Ford will encounter three distinct types of
    "Ammo Caches". Any Ammo Caches found will completely restock any weapons of the
    appropriate action (Human, Trust or Drudge) including grenades. However,
    prototype weapons use even more distinctive ammunitions and cannot be restocked
    from Ammo Caches of any type.
    X.iii Drudge Artifacts |                                                [10300]
    Several artifacts of the aliens have been sighted in the D.C. area, and are
    currently under investigation by scientists of The Trust. Most of them are
    dangerous threats to humans, but some are benign and useful for both aliens and
    humans alike.
    Conduit (small):
    The Drudge erect these small one-way portals wherever they need to bring in
    reinforcements quickly.
    Drudge Regen Unit:
    These non-sentient creatures emit waves of healing energy that are mostly
    effective on Drudge, but surprisingly heal humans as well.
    Pulse Box:
    The Drudge are immune to the radiation emitted from these organic objects so
    use them as area-denial weapons.
    X.iv Other Items |                                                      [10400]
    Trust Data Disks:
    Collecting a given number of these cells will unlock concept art galleries in
    the Extras menu.
    Trust Armor Suit:
    Confiscated by Prometheus and given to Michael Ford, the Trust Armor Suit has
    the ability to withstand some damage, slowly restore health, and enhance Ford's
    physical capabilities.
    XI  S E E I N G - I S - D E C E I V I N G   W E B S I T E               [11000]
    The following codes are for use at the following website:
    The format is of code: result of code.
    XI.i Screens |                                                          [11100]
    contaminated: screen_001
    mdcclxxvi: screen_001
    prometheus: screen_001
    bug virus: screen_001
    obelisk: screen_001
    heather hampton: screen_001
    XI.ii Wallpaper |                                                       [11200]
    all is not what it seems: trust wallpaper with foreign characters
    dont drink the water: Washington Monument in Red
    charles thompson: Five B&W Circles
    mdccclxxxv: Greatest Purveyor of Violence
    ad astra per aspera: ASE Symbol
    quarantine: Drudge at Jefferson Memorial
    question everything: TBurst Image
    XI.iii Video |                                                          [11300]
    water authority: video_011
    from the shadows: video_007
    trust no one: video_006
    national mall: video_010
    helena blavatsky: video_008
    seventeen goals: video_005
    robert mills: video_002
    wales forever: video_004
    operation saucer: video_003
    john russell pope: video_009
    XI.iv Icons |                                                           [11400]
    seek the truth: icon_006
    reflecting pool: icon_004
    laus deo: icon_003
    mass hysteria: icon_005
    founding father: icon_007
    portal: icon_008
    XI.v Visible Quotes |                                                   [11500]
    "I have seen the fnordz!"
    "Novus Orde Seclorum" - New Order of the Ages
    "Investigate Fertile Crescent"
    "You are not paranoid - YOU ARE RIGHT!"
    XI.vi Unusable Codes |                                                  [11600]
    evidence is everywhere
    conduit to the truth
    XI.vii Conspiracy |                                                     [11700]
    Code: they are here
    VA Flooding Hits Record Levels
    By Mariam Fulsoni
    March 19
    Washington - An unusually stubborn storm cell has dumped enough rain to cause
    record flood levels in rivers and streams in the D.C. area, according to
    local analysts.
    "The last time the Potomac flooded seven years ago, the water level reached
    11 feet above flood stage," said Doug Phillips, a local hydrologist. "This
    time, we're at over 30 feet above flood stage. And we can't even predict when
    it's going to peak, because it's been raining more or less continuously since
    last Thursday."
    "I've never seen anything like it," said Phillips. "You just don't see this
    level of continuing rainfall, even in the Amazon Basin."
    A number of tourist attractions and businesses near the waterfront have been
    closed due to the flooding.
    -Picture of huge storm and earth curvature- "The D.C. area has experienced a
    record rainfall leading to record flooding in some areas."
    Code: roswell
    Scientists Discover a Rare Strain of the Ebola Virus
    By Brian Munger
    April 3
    Zaire, Africa - A new strain of the Ebola virus has allegedly been identified
    in a small village in Zaire outside of the town of Tomboco. The unique strain
    was uncovered by Dr. Alex Brinly and a team of medical personnel from the
    United States researching the deadly virus. According to the doctor, this
    strain may benefit Ebola research.
    "Strangely enough, this strain has similar qualities to the common flu bug."
    Dr. Brinly mentioned. "This may be the breakthrough we need to develop a
    cure." Dr. Brinly and his team will continue their research at the Bradly
    Medical Facility in Washington D.C.
    Riots in Siberia
    By Brian Munger
    July 12
    Lake Cheko, Siberia - Mass riots have broken out in this small Siberian town.
    Reports of torture and murder have been confirmed as the violence escalates.
    The conflicts were allegedly brought on due to a flu-like virus that has
    incapacitated a large number of the local populous. Riots broke out when
    medication fell into short supply and no government aid was in sight. The
    Russian government declared their intention to intervene in order to restore
    the peace and bring ??????ed medical treatment. The national community has
    criticized Russia for ???. Lake Cheko is known for its recently discovered
    massive deposits ?????.
    -Post-It Note- "Bug virus confirmed"
    Code: mkultra
    Missing Persons Reach New Record
    By Renee Salisar
    June 23
    Washington D.C. - Authorities released a missing persons report today that
    showed an all time record high of 1,842 people missing from the metro area
    this year. This stream of random disappearances has scrambled authorities to
    action in order to prevent any more loss. "Public awareness is paramount to
    prevention," says Police Chief Kaison, "We are doing everything we can to stop
    this." If anyone has information on a missing person, please contact
    authorities at 555-555-7411.
    By Karla Palson
    August 1
    Michelle Arlen, a local Washington D.C. woman, claims she was abducted by
    aliens last week on the steps of the Jefferson Monument. The 22 year old
    woman recounted, "It was late, and I was walking around and stuff...I saw a
    green light and then blacked out. I came to in the morning over at the park
    on K Street. I don't know what happened to me. I feel sick." Reports of
    sightings of green lights appearing over the monument coincide with Arlen's
    account. Ms. Arlen is currently at Washington Memorial Psychiatric Clinic
    seeking treatment.
    Code: the invasion will not be televised
    Top Doctor Researching Cure for "The Bug"
    By Beth Coleman
    June 26
    Washington D.C. - Famed virologist Dr. Alex Brinly has been assigned to
    develop treatment for the recent epidemic of flu virus that is spreading
    throughout the city. Dr. Brinly was given the task after the mayor's office
    was pressured into being more active in the prevention of "The Bug." Dr.
    Brinly stated, "We have already isolated the viral strain, and research is
    currently being performed to create a way to prevent infection."
    Prominent D.C. Doctor Missing
    By Beth Coleman
    July 19
    Washington D.C. - Renowned Doctor of Virology Dr. Alex Brinly was reported
    missing yesterday. Dr. Brinly was tasked by the city to develop a cure for
    the recent flu virus that has plagued D.C. residents. Dr. Brinly is known for
    his developments in treatment for the Ebola Virus and was making headway into
    the disease commonly known as "The Bug." The medical community is shocked at
    Brinly's disappearance, which coincides with a rise in missing persons as of
    late, and hopes for his return. If anyone has any information regarding Dr.
    Brinly's disappearance, please contact authorities at 555-555-7411.
    Code: know nothing
    Terrorists Strike Monument
    By Brandon Wilson
    August 9th
    Washington D.C. - At 10:37AM EST an unidentified object detonated within the
    Washington Monument, severely damaging the tallest structure in the city.
    A high-ranking official, who spoke on condition of anonymity citing national
    security, confirmed the strike was an act of terrorism. He would not specify
    the terrorist group and no terrorist group has publicly claimed
    responsibility for the attack.
    Pentagon officials said in a press conference that the terrorists used
    identity cards stolen from an unnamed Pentagon staffer, who was recovering
    from an illness believed to be "The Bug".
    The Department of Homeland Security has raised the terror alert level to red,
    signifying a severe risk of further terrorist attacks.
    -Picture of bird's eye view of Washington Monument and surrounding area-
    Code: colares
    Aero-Evac Accepts Bid for Medical Evacuation
    By Renee Salisar
    October 4
    Washington D.C. - Evacuation is already underway in Washington D.C. from the
    escalation of terrorist attacks. Aero-Evac accepted a multi-million dollar
    contract in order to be the primary facilitator of medical, equipment, and
    personnel transport for the operation. This has raised many eyebrows amongst
    public officials due to the company's history.
    Many corporate watchdogs consider Aero-Evac to be less then reputable due to
    their performance during the Gulf War. The corporate conglomerate once faced
    charges of negligence, corruption, and obstruction of justice. Prosecutor
    Brian Mills of those proceedings had much to say about Aero-Evac's current
    task. "Although Evac claims to have changed since the war, their policies
    remain the same. They really don't care about the value of human life. Their
    idea of evacuation would be the equivalent of moving cattle. This may be
    Mayor Fergusson's biggest mistake." The mayor's office was unavailable for
    Code: freemason
    Maybe we have been too thorough in uncovering mysteries. Before we had Allen
    Dulles, J. Edgar Hoover, Earl Warren, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, Ben
    Franklin, and so many others...all Freemasons. Now who do we have? Have we
    rooted out the control of our government too much? Is this why we are being
    Freemasonry is a fraternal organization that arose from obscure origins in
    the late 16th to early 17th century. Freemasonry now exists in various forms
    all over the world, with a membership estimated at around 5 million
    (including around 480,000 in England, Scotland, and Ireland alone, and just
    under two million in the United States). The various forms all share moral
    and metaphysical ideals, which include, in most cases, a constitutional
    declaration of belief in a supreme being. [3]
    In international relations theory, the term "New World Order" refers to a new
    period of history evidencing a dramatic change in world political thought and
    the balance of power. However, in conspiracy theory, the term "New World
    Order" (the capital letters are distinguishing) refers to the advent of a
    cryptocratic or totalitarian world government.
    XII  S P E C I A L   E D I T I O N   A R T   B O O K                    [12000]
    Coming soon!
    XIII  A L I E N   L A N G U A G E                                       [13000]
    Throughout the game there are several instances of the Drudge script-- here,
    the instances that were found were translated by the 'Drudge decoder' that was
    made available by http://www.seeing-is-deceiving.com/.
    XIII.i From the Game |                                                  [13100]
    From behind 'The Conduit' logo:
    <{ Title Menu }>                                                        [13110]
    Coming soon!
    <{ The Trust Symbol }>                                                  [13120]
    From the middle of the three rings:
    From the inner disc:
    <{ Computer Room in Bunker 13 }>                                        [13130]
    Coming soon!
    <{ Multiplayer Maps }>                                                  [13140]
    Coming soon!
    <{ Credits }>                                                           [13150]
    Coming soon!
    XIII.ii From the Special Edition Art Book |                             [13200]
    Coming soon!
    XIII.iii From the Comic Book |                                          [13300]
    From page 17, panel 2b, from around the Trust symbol:
    Note: The first, eighteenth, and twentieth glyphs on the Trust symbol are
    either ambiguous or not a part of the given alphabet. It may easily be assumed
    that the glyphs were just interpreted from the given symbol by the artists,
    and as a result the original inscription, 'TRUTH IS THE BEST LIE OF ALL TRUST,'
    was simply compressed.
    From page 18, panel 3b, the call on Gordon Wells' cell phone:
    XIII.iv From Promotional Material |                                     [13400]
    Coming soon!
    XIII.v Decoder Download Link |                                          [13500]
    This decoder was found on the website http://www.seeing-is.deceiving.com/, and
    is now available as a lovely .jpg file at the following url:
    XIII  C O N T R I B U T O R S                                           [13000]
    The following people have contributed, to one degree or another, to the
    XV   T H A N K S   A N D   L E G A L                                    [15000]
    XV.i Thanks |                                                           [15100]
    The team at "The Conduit Plot FAQ Project," as your hours of tireless work will
    no longer remain unnoticed!
    Nintendo, for creating a system that went against the trend and ushered in a
    new era of gaming.
    High Voltage Software, for having faith in the Nintendo Wii to handle a game
    as complex and beautiful as 'The Conduit,' and for optimizing the console's
    Jonathon Chang for his FAQ page aptly titled "omg teh faq page," used for help
    in formatting this guide. Use it yourself, but give credit where it is due!
    XV.ii Legal |                                                           [15200]
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright. Do not copy or alter information from this guide and present it
    as your own. For permission to display this guide, either in whole or in part,
    please send an email to the-conduit-plot-faq-project@googlegroups.com
    requesting permission to do so.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.

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