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"The Other Side of the Conduit"

Let's get this out of the way immediately... this game is not perfect, it has its flaws, and I'm going to tell you what they are... But don't get me wrong, this game is not bad, its almost perfect, and its addicting. I'm going to divide the game into 6 parts: Story, Sound, Gameplay, Visuals, Innovation, and Multiplayer... I feel a game should have all of these working together to form a great game!

Story 8/10: This game's story is not great, it isn't fantastic, it isn't even wonderful... it is however, good... I'm not gonna say much about it as you have heard it before... you can piece together the whole story with the words; Aliens, Attack, Washington D.C. actually... in almost every way, the story is literally that aliens attack Washington D.C., with just a hint of conspiracy, which is quickly resolved and the good guys and bad guys are established from an early level.

Sound 7/10: The sound in this game is not impressive... its good, but not great... The music in the background does a fine job of adjusting its pace to the events in the game, but its not fantastic and mind-blowing. Playing online and hearing the sexy female voice say "ASE Taken" "ASE Dropped" every few seconds is irritating as is the alerting beep when you are near a secret or a Ghost Mine. The Gun sounds however, sound just like you would expect them to sound. The human weapons all sound... well, human! The Trust weapons all have an electrical ring to them which sounds phenomenal, especially the Carbonizer, the Trust heavy weapon. The Drudge weaponry honestly sounds disgusting and biological as it should. The only problem with weapon noises is that almost all the actual shots sound the same...

Gameplay 9/10: Not much to say about gameplay, as it doesn't bring anything really new to the table, with the exception of the ASE, a unique device that unlocks secret rooms and spots hidden mines and enemies... IMO, this device acts as more of a cheap gimmick than anything... Where this game really shines is the controls... nearly EVERYTHING is customizable... granted you can't set buttons that need to be held down to a shake from the wiimote/nunchuck, everything else is at your fingertips... While this game doesn't really bring anything new to the table, it does a fantastic job of perfecting and utilizing what wii shooters already have done... an excellent addition to the wii shooter list in single player and especially multiplayer...

Visuals 10/10: For effort... By far the best looking wii game, utilizing the Quantum 3 engine for the wii. As expected it doesn't reach the Gears of War or inFamous level of graphics and capabilities, but for a wii game, it is INCREDIBLY realistic... even the alien weapons utilize textures that have been unseen in previous wii titles, the exoskeleton of The Drudge looks almost lifelike... this is the second place where the game really shines, the other is the controls, as previously mentioned. The animations in the game are also fantastic! The locations visited in the game are quite fascinating although when looking out a window, the background city looks VERY fake... but I can't give visuals a 9 for that, they are too impressive in every other way!

Innovation 9/10: Let's be real... This game doesn't bring a whole lot to the table... so why a 9? why not a 6? or a 5? well here's why... this game may not bring anything new to the table in terms of gameplay, or even visuals compared to the PS360 systems out there... but this game serves as a stepping stone to a whole new generation of wii games that will shine and glimmer like Microsoft and Sony's consoles... this game marks the beginning of a whole new wii phenomenon... a welcome addition to the game lists of hardcore wii gamers... we have not been forgotten!

Multiplayer 10/10: Ask me to describe MP in 1 word... I answer Addictive... As a WoW player, I think I know addictive... and I do... this game is so fun, I can't put it down (except to write this review of course!) There is almost never any lag in MP and when there is, it is sudden and barely noticeable... I can't really say much more because I don't want to detract from how great the MP is... The Ranking system works much like the RPG element of "leveling up". you start at rank one (a bronze triangle) and work your way up building a more and more elaborate and colorful pyramid, as a personal opinion, I like this system, I know some don't, but I do...

In conclusion, the game doesn't bring a whole lot in terms of game play or audio, but it stands apart from other wii titles, and even some other console titles in terms of customization of controls, and effort in visuals. The storyline in singleplayer was hardly worth mentioning as it wasn't fantastic, but it wasn't awful, it was just... ok...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/29/09

Game Release: The Conduit (GameStop Exclusive Special Edition) (US, 06/23/09)

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