Review by FLCLKris

"Not the definitive Wii FPS"

This game is worth a rental at best. Only if you own the Wii and nothing else, and are thirsty for anything to whet your appetite would I recommend this as a purchase. The campaign is not very exciting, though it's not so bad that you can't stand it. Most importantly, the story did not compel me to progress whatsoever. I simply kept going for the heck of it.

A minor flaw I saw in the controls was that for all the customization it offers, oddly enough you could not map whatever action you please to the motion controls. I personally wanted to map other actions to the motions than the default ones, but you only have the option of swapping the melee attack and grenade throw which seemed silly considering the amount of control you have otherwise.

I found the difficulty widely unbalanced as well. One gun is a pistol that is dead accurate and can kill enemies in one shot. I used it to take down a boss in about 3 clicks without any difficulty. I found myself changing the difficulty in the menu constantly either because it had suddenly become too easy or because a section was too suddenly too hard compared to previous sections.

The multiplayer also is not very fun. You can't choose your starting weapons, and the maps are not tactical at all. They mostly funnel everyone into the center of the map. With grenades being thrown everywhere and the plasma bullets that fly slowly and can cause damage over time, the deaths always end up piling up all at once with three or more people dying on each side in a big pile all at once, over and over.

I was extremely disappointed at this game because I've been waiting for it ever since it was announced, and I've especially been gearing up by playing Call of Duty World at War for the past few weeks in anticipation. Unfortunately it looks like I'll be heading back to Call of Duty for my online FPS fix because this just doesn't do it for me. The lack of pacing, tactical maps and weapons for online multiplayer just blew it for me. And since I only own the Wii, I feel the pain even more.

The bottom line in my opinion, is that this game was made by an inexperienced crew, and in just about every department it shows. However, they obviously made it with passion, and I hope that their next game is more polished. If you're looking for anything new, I guess you could buy it, but I think in a couple weeks you will be tired of it.

I should note that of course this game just came out this week, so none of us have really had much time to experiment with it. That said, I don't think my opinion will change much.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/30/09

Game Release: The Conduit (US, 06/23/09)

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