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"If you take it for what it is, you'll have a blast."

First off, The Conduit is a fun game. Please keep in imnd that at the time of this review, I have yet to play multiplayer, so I'll review singleplayer.

I have learned that I can't really care to much about the graphics when I get a Wii game, but these are actually pretty good for the Wii. The enemies are all highly detailed and the war torn environments of Washington, D.C. look pretty good. There is the occasional glitch, but it's really not that big a deal. Now, the art direction is pretty awesome. Every enemy that you fight looks really cool (my favorites are the marines) and look spectacular. The weapons themselves look nothing short of awesome, particularly the Drudge weapons. The reload animations are highly detailed, and never miss a frame. Finnaly, the ASE or All Seeing Eye looks pretty cool too. 9/10

I don't know what people's problems are. They all say this is a generic story, but I think it's quite good. After a brief tutorial level which actually takes place towards the ending of the game, it flashes back to 5 days earlier. Michael Ford is a secret service agent who has been sent on an assignment by an organization known as the Trust. Trust is a highly secret organization that operates at the discretion of the president and has been protecting America ever since it was born. Mr. Ford is sent to an airport to hunt down a terrorist known as Prometheus. The reason he's sent is because Trust's strike teams have lost contact with headquarters. Mr. Ford soon runs across the strike team members and is attacked. He has no choice but to retaliate. He soon finds out that they're being controlled by Prometheus' neurotoxin. I almost forgot to mention that Prometheus stole an important artifact known as the ASE. So launches a series of twists and turns. While who the bad guy is may be predictable, I thought that the twist in the second to last level was a good part of the story. I'm looking forward to fighting the Drudge or a new alien species altogether in the Conduit 2. (Which, judging by the ending, there will be.) 9/10

The voice acting is fairly good and the weapons and enemies all sound great. The music, however is either not well done or nonexistent. 7/10

You can customize just about everything in this game about the controls... you can even customize the dead zone for you aiming reticule. As such, I'm giving this part a perfect score simply because you can customize everything to your specific needs. 10/10

This is ONLY for singleplayer.
This game does not hesitate throwing you right in the action. The gameplay mainly consists of blowing you enemies into oblivion. However, you will occasionally stop to solve puzzles. Using the ASE, you can find hidden switches that unlock doors, or find the Trust insignia on the wall. The ASE beeps when you get near something, so you'll never be wandering around for a really long time looking for switches. The mentioned Trust emblem launches a minigame in which you must align certain parts of the emblem in order to open a secret passageway. There have been as far as I have seen 2 of these in each level, except for the early ones. You can also use the ASE to find hidden disks that I'm guessing you get a reward for finding all of them. There are also hidden messages on the wall with it. My only complaint is that you can beat the game in one sitting, but it's still fun to go back and use cheats on the levels and laugh at how weak the enemies are. 8/10

All in all, you just can't expect something earth-shattering when you play this game. It isn't very innovative and it's short, but if you except it for what it is, you'll have a blast, at least for a time. I am going to try and play multi player soon.

Final score:

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/06/09

Game Release: The Conduit (US, 06/23/09)

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