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"High Voltage Software Succeeded with excitement and gameplay experience"

First of all, Here is my report card. I will go down the list with many different grades and scores for every aspect of the game. This is an ONLINE MULTIPLAYER Report Card.

Characters: 10/10 Perfect Score. You can choose from Agent, Guard, Suit, Drudge, or Scientist. It really keeps it fun seeing all of the different suits online and distinguishing them rather than most Wii games where you run into the same exact character as you. The designs are also very detailed on each skin, and obviously well thought out by High Voltage Software.

Maps: 7/10 There are two sides of the story here. There is one side saying "I hate symmetrical maps, they're boring." And then there is the other side saying "I love what HVS did to the maps. It keeps the gameplay more fair between whichever team you're on and makes the game more enjoyable." So I'll give it a 7/10. Although I do believe it was mainly for the better to make the maps symmetrical so the gameplay is fair. However, more maps would have been exciting.

Weapons: 10/10 There are many different weapons. There are a variety of close range, long rang, medium range, and explosive weapons along with 3 different types of grenades - Radiation Grenade (Sticky), Human Hand Grenade, and the Flashbang. Also, every single weapon is extremely well balanced and fair. Unlike games like Call of Duty World at War, if you have a huge weapon like the Rocket Launcher, there are still many other weapons that can easily take you out. It has great weapon balance along with excellent reload and gun animations (Thankyou Tony Mecca)

Game Modes: 10/10 Free For All, Team Reaper, Team Objective, Marathon, ASE Football, Bounty Hunter, Killing Override, Single ASE, Quick match, Three Strikes, Last Man Standing, and more. There are so many different game modes, and there is a lot of variety between modes. Hop in one of three main modes (Free For All, Team Reaper, Team Objective) And then you and up to 11 other players vote on what exact mode to play. This keeps the game fun and exciting and hardcore.

Wii Speak: 10/10 Obviously the first First Person Shooter to incorporate Wii Speak, and while many complained about only being able to talk to friends as well as friends of friends, that is not their fault. Nintendo wouldnt let them talk to random people in Public Matches. But there are many different settings to get your Wii Speak perfect, and it makes gameplay so much more hardcore talking to friends to create strategies and chat about the match.

Controls: 10/10 You can adjust the controls to EXACTLY how you want them, you can change everything. It really puts you in control.

Animation: 10/10 Great explosives animation, jumping animation, reload animations, death animation, and everything else. Thankyou HVS Tony.

Glitches: 8/10 There are only a couple glitches, one in which you can get under the base on one of the maps, but it's not that big of deal, and it is extremely hard to do. Other than that HVS was solid with preventing under-map glitches, floating glitches, etc. However, there are some hackers, but it's very rare to come across one, and Nintendo and HVS are doing their best to stop this.

Bugs: 6/10 There is a fairly frequent "Spawn glitch" where you first enter a match and you are stuck inside a wall or under a map, however you can either wait until the end of the match or reset your Wii. Playing Regional makes this bug pretty much never happen though, and this bug gets less frequent everyday, HVS knows about the problem and is thinking of ways to fix it.

Matchmaking: 9/10 It takes around 1-2 minutes to join a match, but there is NO LAG, and your connection to everybody is great. There is no sudden ending of matches like in Call of Duty World at War whenever the host leaves, because if the host leaves, the servers simply find another host without you even knowing. There is no lag shooting, and the host doesnt have even the slightest advantage like in COD:WAWii.

Last thoughts: Hopefully in The Conduit 2 (The sequel which is expected in probably 2-3 years) HVS either creates their own servers, or partners up with somebody like EA to use their servers. No Wii gamer likes Nintendo's servers because of connections, and also because of how strict Nintendo is. If HVS were to partner up with EA for The Conduit 2, it would allow FULL Wii Speak support, and there would be no friend codes or boundaries.

This game is definitely a good buy as even the single player is incredibly hardcore and exciting, I've already beaten it 3 times and it never gets old or boring. Definitely get this game as it is without a doubt the best First person Shooter so far on the Wii (More HVS games in the future might be better), and in my opinion the best game overall ever on the Wii. Hardcore gamers on the Wii, this is your chance to get a real Hardcore game. And High Voltage Software isn't even done yet. Within the next 2-3 years we see 3 more incredible games being made by High Voltage Software to make the Wii even more Hardcore (Gladiator A.D., The Grinder, The Conduit 2)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/20/09

Game Release: The Conduit (US, 06/23/09)

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