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"A Great FPS, Bogged Down By Hype"

The Conduit is a Sci-Fi FPS for the Wii, with a heavy conspiracy theme. It has been noted by many critics because of The Conduit's amazing customization for the controls, and the graphics that the developers wanted to accomplish. You play as former Secret Service agent Michael Ford, and when you get a call from a mysterious Mr. Adams, your adventure begins.

Story: 8.5/10

The game is set in Washington DC and as I have just said, you play as Mr. Ford, a former Secret Service agent. He gets a call from a certain Mr. Adams, who recruits him into the organization called The Trust. Once you begin the game, you see a special orb called the All-Seeing-Eye, or the ASE. All you know is that you must eliminate the Drudge, an alien race, to defend against the invasion. Afterwards, it gets pretty crazy so you'll have to play the game to find out.

Any who, my review. The story isn't anything outstanding, nor is it bad. It's basically an invasion concept used by many Sci-Fi movies and games of old and new. The reason why I gave it an 8.5 is because there are SO many secrets that could be interpreted different ways (i.e. secret writing on the wall seen only by using the ASE). There are plot twists to keep you thinking, but remember, this is an FPS and not an RPG so don't expect any spectacular dialogues but it does include intrigue and the story can be advanced surprisingly through radio broadcasts and televisions scattered randomly around the mission areas. This is a fresh new idea that feels more modern day.

Campaign / Single Player Mode: 7.0/10

Ah, the bane of this game. The only bad (but not all bad) thing in The Conduit is the Single Player Mode. The Campaign is definitely nothing spectacular, and it can get repetitive at times. However, you go into many different areas and there is a significant change of scenery when you go into missions, which makes it a little better, but when you see the similar looking hallways over and over again, it gets boring.

But there's no real solid thing that differentiates the missions other than the scenery, which I mentioned a little bit. It's all the same concept, and there a few gimmicks to it that aren't really enjoyable, but tedious. What I mean are the mines that are scattered around the area after you reach a certain point in the story. You have to blow them up by scanning them with the ASE, it's not exactly the most fun thing to do, especially when you already have an itchy trigger finger and just want to shoot down some aliens. However, it is fairly challenging and expect to die quite a lot even at the default difficulty setting (which you can customize into 5 difficulties). Simply put, there is nothing outstanding in the Single Player Mode.

The good thing is that there are secrets found by scanning the area with the ASE, such as the messages like I mentioned earlier, and also a small but not extremely challenging puzzle which (if you solve it) allows you into a secret chamber with special guns even cooler than the already provided ones, which are pretty amazing and have their own individuality.


Controls: 9.5/10

This one of the best points of this game if not the top. I'm sure many will agree with me. The level of customization in this game is simply staggering and left me speechless. It's not everyday you find a game with basically FULL customization. This is why I left the controls to its own section, since it's too amazing not to.

You can map all your actions on a button. Everything. Want to shoot like in Metriod Prime 3 using the A button? Sure, just customize it on the control screen! Want the melee attack as a button instead of a thrust with the Wii Remote? Sure, just customize it! You can fit the controls in your own play style just with a little bit of time and testing.

I can't forget to mention the other customizable things in The Conduit or else it wouldn't do the game justice. If you wish, you can customize the dead zone (for those new to FPS's, that means how far you aim until you turn around) to your liking. If you want a wide dead zone, you're free to go ahead and change it until you're comfortable. You can also customize the HUD, and you even have the option to not have anything on the screen at all for a more cinematic experience (don't worry about health, you can tell when you're running low by the heavy breathing and color disappearance) and tweak the HUD transparency. You may also adjust the horizontal and vertical sight, the running speed in Single Player, how fast you turn, the Wii Remote's thrust and Nunchuck shake motion sensitivity, and cursor sensitivity. This makes for a very fluid experience.

Graphics: 9.0/10

Another thing that is absolutely top notch in this game. The graphics make for a very apocalyptic feel to it, and since the game is set in Washington D.C, you can imagine all the chaos and destruction happening around you. This game has some of the finest texture work on the Wii. The only gripe about the graphics are that all the hallways look the same, and look dark and boring although the destruction theme.

The guns are well designed; you can see the specific differences from say, the TPC Launcher and the Deatomizer MK 4. They all look very modern, futuristic, and out-of-this-world (Human, Trust, and Drudge weapons respectively).

As a bit of a side note as I won't go too deeply into this, the character models are definitely amazing. It's not easy to get tired of seeing the Drudge with all their different classes, and small details.

Simply said, the graphics are definitely a cut above many Wii games.

Multiplayer: 9.5/10

This will be the main reason why you will want The Conduit. It just never gets old killing other players in Death Matches.

Multiplayer has 3 modes: Free-For-All (basically a Death Match, kill others and try not be killed by them), Team Reaper (kill the other team, at least you have help), and Team Objective (where your team tries to complete certain objectives before the other). Bounty Hunter is also a part of Free For All, in which you are assigned to kill a certain person while watching your back for the person trying to kill YOU.

Multiplayer has to be the best thing in The Conduit. It's simply fun, and you get to play with other people of differing skills. Multiplayer, or MP also includes a ranking system, but no leader boards. You can add friends who also have the game or people you meet online using Friend Codes, which are although irritating, they are a minor annoyance. The modes that you can play definitely will keep you busy for long, and you'll find a favorite in no time.

In a nutshell, people vote on how they will play (Quick Match, Marathon, or Shared Stock), on a weapon set (only certain types of weapons that will be used. For example, Explosive weapons), then on a stage/area. I find the weapon set idea attractive so everyone in the game won't choose his or her best weapon. Instead, they start out with the same two weapons, and then pick up weapons that spawn in certain areas, allowing fairness at the beginning of the match.

There are cons to Multiplayer however. There are a few glitches in Multiplayer, but it's possible you won't experience them. You can read on the message boards for more information. One glitch has been named the "Spawn Glitch" but as I said before, you may not experience them.


Story: 8.5
Campaign/Single Player Mode: 7.0
Controls: 9.5
Graphics: 9.0
Multiplayer: 9.5

Overall: 8.7 or 9.0

I personally (if I didn't have it) would get this game, but not for only the Single Player but the Multiplayer. It's not worth the money unless you have available Wi-Fi access.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/27/09

Game Release: The Conduit (US, 06/23/09)

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