"Con U Du It?"

As a player I feel... wow, pretty comfortable playing such a game. Why? Well it's certainly a welcomed addition to the library by all Wii owners, considering it's the first GOOD Wii first-person shooter let alone exclusive. No guys, Metroid Prime 3 is a first-person adventure. Does The Conduit have what it takes? Let's examine.

Story (10/10)
You are a badass agent; Michael Ford, working under an organization known as The "Trust". You are on a mission to find information on why the alien-enemy forces; The "Drudge", have invaded Washington D.C. Before such missions, though, he worked for The "Secret Service", and even protected the president himself, before being recruited by The Trust. Yep, Obama's still in office. Will Mr. Ford find out what ever happened to Washington D.C., and stop the Drudge? The story is there for a reason, for you to uncover it.

Gameplay / Controls (10/10)
I can assure you one thing, this tops any 360 shooter you guys know and love. Well, why? The Wiimote. The perfect device for uses of shooting. That's not even all of it. Not only are there different sets of controls, but you can make your own customizable set of controls. Anything. You can jump using any button, you can switch around your scope, etc. One thing that makes this game better than all other first-person shooters. Get comfortable. Not all? No, you can turn your turn speed, your running speed, where you want your radar and gun indicators. Anything in The Conduit, is possible. Hey, even the guns are evened out in power. Well... that is except the rocket launcher. But... it's a rocket. You would get pummeled by it in one blow too. Everyone has their own opinions on weapon choices.

Single Player / Replay Value (9/10)
There are 9 missions, which altogether will last you a good 5-8 hours alone. There are also many secrets to unlock with the ASE (All-Seeing Eye), hidden on walls, and the works. Even adding on to the replay value is a radical achievements system, with many such as, killing a certain enemy 500 times, and such. You'll easily rack up 8-10 hours now.

Multiplayer (8/10)
Though this game lacks split-screen multiplayer, I can guarantee you'll have a blast online. The better your connection, the more fun you'll have. It's starts out like this, you have 3 different modes. Team Reaper (which is straight-up killing between teams). Team Objective (which contains such games like Capture the ASE; The Conduit's equivalent to Capture the Flag). Then there's Free For All. Just your typical go-it-your-own mode. Lots of games inside all of these I won't spoil. Outside of that, there's Worldwide, Regional, and Friends (private games, join your friends if they are already in public matches, etc). About the online customization, there's your model/character, where you can be a Suit Guard, Drudge, Scientist, and Agent. You can pick any two for your primary and secondary colors. Then there's Audio, Wii Speak options, etc. Speaking of Wii Speak, you can only talk to friends you have added, you can only add other people you don't have added in-game in private matches only, and you can mute yourself or anyone else at any convenient time. It's fun... I can say that with confidence.

Version Differences
The only differences in the Special Edition version, are the box cover, an exclusive art book, and unlockables mode, in-game. It doesn't sound like much, anyway, so don't be disappointed if you don't find it. It's not enough to make a difference.

Final Thoughts
While some people may think this is quite shallow for the Wii's first respected exclusive first-person shooter, some people think that it doesn't live up to the hype. I partly agree, but it doesn't make this game bad. It's a buy in my book. One of the best Wii games on the market, and well... let's just say things will get even better with the sequel soon to come, hm? I give The Conduit a 8/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/31/09, Updated 08/07/09

Game Release: The Conduit (GameStop Exclusive Special Edition) (US, 06/23/09)

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