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Reviewed: 08/11/10

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Around the announcement of Conduit many Wii owners were intrigued by the idea of High Voltage Software’s First Person Shooter game, I was one of them myself. Was the game a big hit and deserved the massive amount of hype or was this game a colossal failure?

Story: The Conduit has one of the worst stories I have ever seen. Half the story you have to decode from the gimmicky ASE (All Seeing Eye). Basically Mr. Ford is attacked by some anonymous group and you must find out who it is. Mr. Adams sets Michael Ford on a mission to find out the likes of Prometheus and what he is doing. Later on Mr. Adams apparently was the one causing trouble and Prometheus was the good guy. Now it’s your job to stop him… It pretty much one of the most generic storylines I’ve ever seen for a game. Then to find out more you have to use that ASE to decode conspiracies, these were just crap. It’s like High Voltage Software just used Wikipedia for sitings of UFOs, aliens and somehow connected these storylines into an even worse story. However, you would never know the stories unless you actually wasted your time to figure it out and decode everything with the lame ASE.

Controls: This is probably the only good thing about the game. You actually feel like you have free aim and such, however, it wasn’t the first game to have controls like this so I can’t give it much credit (see Call of Duty World at War and Medal of Honor Heroes 2). The presets are just about the crappiest so you basically have to waste about a half hour configuring them till you final get it to your pleasing. I give it some credit though as everything is pretty much customizable.

Audio: The music is pretty much terrible too, other than the engaging menu music nothing was really memorable. Hell the menu music was only memorable because the online had you waiting about five minutes in the player matchup room just to play its multiplayer. There was really nothing great at all about its music as the tunes got repetitive and reused throughout the game.

Gameplay: The game play was atrocious in this FPS nothing was really good about it at all. The game had you going through long rooms that were about three of characters width. You should just call the game Hallways: The Game, It made me feel like I was claustrophobic; this game was merely a generic FPS with nothing new. I wouldn’t even dare to call the ASE innovative at all either because it was just used to scan walls for secret messages, trigger switches and find mines. If anything this slowed down the gameplay because while in a gun fight they would have invisible mines placed so I’d have to actually use the ASE while getting shot at. The mines were a must to take down as they took down a chunk of your health that would leave you to die. The weapons were stuff I already seen which was nothing amazing at all. The AI was pretty terrible too; they had to be some of the dumbest aliens I have ever faced. You could just jump around while shooting and you would almost never get hit. I beat the last level in about 5 minutes because of the stupid AI.

Graphics: When IGN first showed the Quantum 3 engine by these developers they promised good graphics and physics. I was hoping for something good, however, this game also didn’t have good graphics. The skyboxes were something out of like the first quake, and the levels had bad textures. They also happened to play a skybox right in your face by a window and it was a very blurry mess in one of the levels. The only good graphics were the character models, but even then the art style was mediocre. They also failed to please me on this.

Multiplayer: After reading this whole review do you get where this is going? The online added nothing but more failure to the game. The online was glitchy and about half the time when I started a match I would spawn in a floor and actually have to reset my Wii. There were also glitches that the fanboys would call advance techniques when it was practically an online breaking glitch just like the spawning in the floor. Adding to that the game was hacked day one which made unfair matchups, HVS said they were trying to fix it but they never delivered. They also made it so that we would actually have to vote for weapon sets and most of the time I played the same matches of explosives in this level called “Streets”. Oh and the multiplayer maps? They were just symmetrical corridors that made me feel claustrophobic like the single player. Adding to that they just put random crates in the maps everywhere used as platforms and they were the same exact crates.

Conclusion: As you can see I really didn’t like this game at all, I anticipated the release of this game and it was beyond mediocre. High Voltage Software just made a cheap cash in when they actually promised a hardcore experience for the Wii. High Voltage Software doesn’t even have a good track record of games, they’re known for their terrible shovelware. This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. As you can see they lied and failed to deliver with Hallways and Corridors: The Game. They call themselves High Voltage Software? I like to call them High Voltage Shovelware, I give this game a 2/10 because there was nothing good about this game other than the controls but other wii fps games already have just as good controls. I feel sorry for all of us who actually played through this game because it was boring, glitchy, had a mediocre story, multiplayer was horrible, it had bad music and it was just a generic FPS by HVS. I say AVOID, Hell, I say AVOID anything that High Voltage Shovelware milks out as their games are just cheap cash ins.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Product Release: The Conduit (GameStop Exclusive Special Edition) (US, 06/23/09)

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