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"It's not Halo and no it's not Call of Duty either"

The Conduit

The Conduit is a rusted master piece. It was influential when it came out and was entitled ‘Best FPS on the Wii' of 2009. Sadly the game production was rushed at the end and was called incomplete by the developers. Having narrow corridors and hampered online play it was highly criticised. So with out further ado let's not delay the review any longer.

Story 9/10

The overall story for this game is actually pretty good for an FPS. They did a good job at the very beginning of the game convincing you of what you are going to be doing through out the rest of the game. Then they snatch it away with betrayal leaving an impending alien invasion on its way. So they pretty much filled the game with surprises and having one point when my jaw hit the ground. Seriously my jaw hit the f*cking floor. So all in all it's a good concept they threw in a few twists and turns with the plot and it works well so I'll give it a 9/10 for doing us right.

Gameplay 7/10

The game play is one of the many things this game suffers from. The controls are decent but lacking. Crouching is a pain in the ass, and the AI is just nearly complete.

AI: There will be the occasionally single self destructing thermal mite that acts as a suicide bomber but the AI doesn't suffer all too much. All the time enemies will be advancing towards your position trying to kill you at every turn. Although failing at ambushes they do a good job of messing you up. They are hell bent on killing you and will stop at nothing to complete their objective. Unfortunately to you there is no such thing as a ‘friendly' to help you out its just you and a mysterious voice called Prometheus that guides you on your way. AI takes cover and utilises regeneration units. There is the occasional grenade to the face but hey at least they avoid shoot each other and they don't have unlimited amounts of ammo either.

Controls: Although the controls take a while to get used too and it fells like the floors are as slippery as ice they do work. That's what matters most of all.

Other: Your heath bar is a major priority, well at least for the beginning of the game. You see later on in the game you get Trust armour which self regenerates your health. The difficulty level also really affects your health for there are five difficulty levels to choose from. Low being the simplest level and severe being the highest to choose from. I seriously recommend that you play the game first time on the guarded difficulty being that it is the default. Now onto to another subject, there is something in the game that I just have to complain about is the cross hair it's so small and stays the same for each weapon. The thing that makes it even worse is that you have to use them because the game does not have iron sights (unless if you have a scope), so you are stuck with using sh*tty cross hairs! So the game play is not too good not to bad and it deserves a 7/10.

Graphics 8/10

The graphics, for a Wii game, are actually pretty good. The game has okay blood effects not something that is extremely awe inspiring but it's enough to be a tad bit realistic. Just the occasional spray of blood that appears for a few seconds and then it dissipates. One of the major things that are mind blowing is the way the way the Drudge look. The Drudge are extremely detailed, having points and how each type of Drudge looks completely different than the other. Lag is (almost) non existent. Well that is until you play the multiplayer. So they did somewhat of a good job with the graphics, so I give them an 8/10.

Sound 7/10

The sound in this game is fitting for the type of game play this game has. Although the music can get kind of repetitive it's mostly drowned out by gunfire and other such loud noises. So with that said the gunshots and other things in that manor are extremely fitting for the type or class the weapon you are using. Such as the propelling noise that you hear after you fire the SMAW rocket launcher and of course the occasional stock audio. Something I found kind of disappointing though is that the explosions have a kind of zoning out affect. It's easily noticed but hard to explain. So the sound in this game is good enough and hasn't really done anything wrong 7/10.

Multiplayer 4/10

Oh no the multiplayer was a mistake! Sure it's online and you can use the Wii head banger headset but who cares. If you can glitch through walls and turn a rocket launcher automatic than you got some problems. Lets say you join a match and the count down is 5…4…3…2…1 then nothing. Yeah the game sometimes glitches before a match starts. WTF you haven't even seen the other n00bs hacking away but you still get screwed over. Now when you actually make it into a game be prepared to get pissed off. Majority of the time it takes 5 minutes to sync in every one. That time isn't worth the wait because most of the time every one will vote for close/far distance weapons and the streets map. In the match you'll find that a lot of people will run at you with shotguns, get in real close and shoot you which is a one hit kill. So either hackers or moron strategy will ruin your online experience.

Playtime 5 hours

This is not a long game at all. It has about 9 levels and that's it and there not even that long. One of the few reasons that this game is short is that most of the game is long corridors or small rooms with small alternate paths that mostly lead to dead ends. So because of this linear game play it makes it really short. Although there are things that could prolong the game play such as the TRUST data disks and the graffiti writing but not enough to span the game play out. So pretty much the game is about 5 hours long an hour short of a typical FPS. They should have put in a bonus level or something but they didn't.

Replay Ability: Small

There really isn't much that will keep you coming back for more. Sure you have the TRUST data disks but after a while they start to be a pain in the ass. We can't forget the graffiti writing that sh*t takes 10x longer to find. They hid them so well that it's almost impossible to find them all. So there a small chance for you to play through the game again.

Rent or Buy

You should at least rent the game and if it meets your qualities then by all means buy it.

This game at its time in 2009 was the best shooter on the Wii. That time has past and this game just another FPS on the Wii. High Voltage and Sega did a good job on this game. It was innovative for its time and should be know as the first FPS on the Wii done right. So with out further ado I give this game an 8/10 for standing tall against Halo and opening the gate way for future Wii shooters. So that raps up my review of The Conduit, see you guys next time.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/26/11, Updated 08/01/11

Game Release: The Conduit (US, 06/23/09)

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