How do I solve tino's survey?

  1. I cant figer out Tino's survey

    User Info: gamer2057

    gamer2057 - 8 years ago


  1. I'm guessing your playing the wii version (the pc one asks if they like paprica). You have four guest and three questions for each. The questions are as follows:
    Side of the bed they get up on
    Planet they most identify with
    Side of the bed they most get up from: You're the maid! When cleaning their rooms in the morning, you will see their slippers on the side of the bed they get up on. ( I will tell you the answers at the bottom though i have heard you have to find them yourself to get them to work)
    Planet they most identify with: This one is simple. Ask them! go up to the guests and an option will come up asking them this.
    Hometown: this is found in the computer under guest registry.

    GC: left, Los Angeles, Earth
    LT: Both, Brea, Planet X
    BK: Right, Toronto, Mars
    YV: right, Eladssaet, Pluto

    User Info: 98sns

    98sns - 5 years ago 0 0

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