Trinity Acts - how does it decide which one to use?

  1. How doe sit determine which trinity act you get?

    does it have to do w/ the elements of the EA you use? how much AP you use? how much SP you use? which characters are in it...or soemthing else??

    the "in-game" description made it sound like it was dependant on what characters where in your party... but that doesnt appear to be how its calculated XD

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    Bunny_Man_OC - 7 years ago

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  1. Basicly you'll have to do a bit of math with this one...

    The trinity acts are activated based on total score of the SP of the excel acts that are used. Such as using a 25%, 75%, and 100% excel acts will activate the individual character's attack depending on who started the trinity, such as L'arc's Disaster Fang.

    200% total score is the cut off for the character's trinities while 150% is for Geo Impact....anything less is Mystic Fortune.

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    watervivi - 7 years ago 1 0


  1. It really has to do with the percentage of SP used when using your EAs. I guess it calculates the average for your three characters's SP percentage and if the average percentage is below 30%, the TA used will be Mystic Fortune. Between 30 and 60 (or 70)% will be Geo Impact, and above 60 (or 70)% it's a personal TA, like Leslie's Crimson shoot and Serge's is Million Regret.
    Take note that the personal TA used depends on who's activating the ETA.

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  2. The Trinity Acts; Mystic Fortune and Geo Impact are decided based upon how much total SP you use.

    Excel Trinity Acts are decided by who goes first and how much SP you use. Specifically, if you pass 200 SP and say, L'Arc goes first, you get his Excel Act.

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