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                  FFFFF  III  SSSSS   H   H   III   N     N  GGGGGG        
                  F       I   S       H   H    I    N N   N  G            
                  FFF     I   SSSSS   HHHHH    I    N  N  N  G  GGG            
                  F       I       S   H   H    I    N   N N  G    G            
                  F      III  SSSSS   H   H   III   N     N  GGGGGG            
                  M     M     A     SSSSS   TTTTTTT  EEEEEE  RRRRRR          
                  MM   MM    A A    S          T     E       R    R            
                  M M M M   AAAAA   SSSSS      T     EEEE    RRRRRR       
                  M     M  A     A      S      T     E       R   R               
                  M     M  A     A  SSSSS      T     EEEEEE  R    R       
                        W     W  OOOOOO  RRRRRR  L      DDDDD                  
                        W     W  O    O  R    R  L      D    D                   
                        W W W W  O    O  RRRRRR  L      D    D                    
                        WW   WW  O    O  R   R   L      D    D                   
                        W     W  OOOOOO  R    R  LLLLL  DDDDD                  
                          TTTTTTT  OOOOOO  U    U  RRRRRR                      
                             T     O    O  U    U  R    R                    
                             T     O    O  U    U  RRRRRR                       
                             T     O    O  U    U  R   R                         
                             T     OOOOOO   UUUU   R    R                  
                                FFFFF     A      QQQQQ      
                                F        A A    Q     Q       
                                FFF     AAAAA   Q  Q  Q             
                                F      A     A  Q   Q Q            
                                F      A     A   QQQ Q           
                            :...          ..iY5Yi.                      
                           ,YvULr7rvL7r: YPNF5kN5GMBB2                :.  
                      .i1F0BBMB00ZBEGBBBBBBBMO0FYirJZBZ           ,YNBB.  
                   70BBBBBNPFUYuYFZ1j1Xq212OBMMB8PLY7qBi        7BBMkMB   
                YMBBBBBP0BOOBMOMMZMqS50X2juXOUP8MMGU:::       1BBBZSPB8   
             .::7L21MM57j7;:irv7J77YYYFYYFFUUr7ii,ijr.         vBBB0ZMB.  
                   ...:iiL7i,ii7iiiv777LL7:i7ii7L1GBEFi          .YEMBBU  
                          BBL,.             :BBBBBZXGP.              ,ur  
                           5SYi,               .LN51L.                    
    About This Guide......................[ATG]
    Basic Tips/Hints......................[BTH]
    Advanced Tips/Hints...................[ADH]
    Fishing Guide.........................[FGU]
         North America....................[NRT]
         South America....................[SAA]
         Isle of Mystery..................[ISM]
    Fishing Holes/Strange Places..........[FHS]
    Credits/Final Thoughts................[CRD]
    Legal Jargon..........................[LGL]
    I must begin by saying I'm a huge fan of fishing video games. I'm the poor
    soul who bought a fishing rod controller for my Xbox back in the day
    (a fishing rod controller did exist and was terrible). The first fishing game
    I recall playing was The Black Bass on the Nintendo Entertainment System.
    From that moment onward, I've always been fascinated with catching digital
    On to the guide. Having played many fishing games over the years, I must say
    most fishing games fall short of my expectations. Fishing Master World Tour,
    while not perfect, is certainly worth some playing time on your Wii.
    I've tried my best to make this guide useful for the Fishing Master World Tour
    novice and expert alike.  For the beginner I highly recommend only reading the
    Lures section [LRS] and Basic Tips/Hints section [BTH] to prevent spoiling any
    For the Fishing Master World Tour veteran there is a wealth of information.
    The Fishing Guide will likely be your first destination as it details how to
    catch every fish in the game.
    Movement is performed by using the d-pad or the Wii nunchuck joystick. While
    walking around the fishing spots your pet will sometimes dig up a lure or
    reward/punish you with a surprise. Movement is primarily used to position
    yourself for a good cast.
    Casting if performed by hitting the B button to bring up the casting screen.
    In the casting screen you can aim your lure left or right. By flicking the
    Wiimote towards the screen you can perform a cast. How hard you flick the
    remote determines power and how far you cast.
    By pressing the B button while your lure is being cast you will thumb the rod
    causing the lure to drop in the water short of it's maximum power. The most
    effective way to hit a particular spot is to use a maximum power cast and
    just hit the B button to thumb for distance control.
    Setting the Hook
    After a fish bites the bait simply yank the Wiimote upwards and you will hook
    the fish.
    The lure can be slowly reeled in by shaking the Wii nunchuck.
    The lure can also be slowly reeled by pressing/holding the Z button.
    The lure can be quickly reeled in by pressing/holding the C button.
    Tilting the Wiimote left while reeling will steer the bait to the left.
    Tilting the Wiimote right while reeling will steer the bait to the right.
    Fighting Fish
    After hooking the fish a meter appears on the screen. The far left of the
    meter represents a slack line where too little tension (reeling) can result
    in the fish getting away. The far right of the meter represents your line
    breaking. If you reel too much with the meter on the right, the line will
    break. If you don't reel enough with the meter on the left, the fish will
    Occasionally while fighting a fish an arrow will appear on the right or left
    side of the screen. At this point you must quickly jerk the Wiimote in the
    direction corresponding to the on-screen arrow. At this point the fish will
    momentarily tire giving you a window to reel in the line.
    Landing the fish
    After the fish gets very close to the shore an upwards arrow will appear.
    Yanking upwards on the Wiimote will land the fish. On rare occasions very
    large fish will require you shake the Wiimote vigorously in order to land
    the fish.
    Changing Lures
    Lures can be changed by pressing the 1 button or the 2 button. Likewise,
    lures can be changed by accessing the tackle box in the game menu.
    LURES  [LRS]
    The 35 lures in Fishing Master World Tour are broken up into two categories,
    saltwater and freshwater baits. The following descriptions are taken directly
    from in-game text from the tackle box screen. While not critical to review
    this section, it can certainly be helpful if trying to catch a certain fish
    without referring to the Fishing Guide section.
    Saltwater Baits
    Lugworm - You'll never run out of these babies.
    Prawn - Tasty fish such as Striped Beakperch, Yellowtail
            and Brassy Trevally are known to chomp on this.
    Possum Shrimp - Popular saltwater fish go crazy for this bait.
    Sea Lice - Mainly tiny fish, and fish of the Sea Bass family, bite this bait.
    Spoonworm - Use this to attract fish like the 5-Ray Yellowtail,
                Amberjack or Convict Grouper.
    Baby Lonia - Catch tasty fish like Mackerel, Okhotsk Atka Mackerel
                 and Japanese Conger.
    Ghost Shrimp - Great for catching Righteye Flounder, Black Seabream,
                   and Boxfish.
    Palolo Worm - Saltwater fish are drawn to this, such as Halibut,
                  Largehead Hairtail, and Gray Mullet.
    Shore Crab - Various fish bite this bait, such as Bonito and Sea Bass.
    Straw Worm - Horse Mackerel, Halfbeak and Dorado will often bite this bait.
    Cuttlefish - Large ocean fish such as Trevally, Bastard Halibut,
                 and Convict Grouper can't resist this.
    Sea Minnow - A wide range of fish, from medium-size to large,
                 can be caught with this simple bait.
    Plankton - not often used as bait, but it's good for catching
               Flying Fish and Pacific Herring.
    Sea Lure (S Fish) - This lure can catch all kinds of ocean fish, from
                        Spear Squid and Rockfish to Barracuda.
    Sea Lure (Worm) - Use this lure to catch large fish, such as Tuna or
                      Giant Sea Bass.
    Jellyfish - Most fish can't stand this bait, but there is one type
                that apparently likes it.
    Raw Meat - Only carnivorous fish will bite into this fat, juicy slab
               of raw meat.
    Crown - Only creatures of royal blood will touch this bait that's fit
            for a king.
    Fiend Lure - This is exclusively for catching a certain type of amazing fish.
    Mitt - You can "catch" almost anything with this. No one knows
           if it'll catch fish though.
    Freshwater Lures
    Earthworm - You'll never run out of these babies
    Stonefly - This lure attracts freshwater fish, such as Rainbow Trout
               and Archerfish.
    Ant Lion - White-Spotted Char and Sweetfish will bite this. It's often
               used for river fishing.
    Grub - Use this to catch White-Spotted Char, Angel Fish, and Immature Salmon.
    Red Worm - A lot of freshwater fish will nibble away on this typical
               freshwater bait.
    Frog - Yes, some fish even chomp on frogs. Give it a shot!
    Dough-Ball - Chomped on by popular freshwater fish, especially Carp.
    Mealworm - Many large freshwater fish love this bait. It's great for
               fishing anywhere in the world.
    Freshwater Set - This set of minnows is a favorite among the larger
                     freshwater fish.
    Fresh Lure (S Fish) - Large freshwater fish like Salmon and Huchen, or
                          river fish like Japanese Charr will bite into this.
    Fresh Lure (Worm) - Use this to catch the major freshwater fish, such as
                        those of the Bass family or Taimen.
    Waterweed - Not many fish like this bait, but a select few have been
                known to nibble on it.
    Ham Hock - Meat-loving fish will nibble this bait down to the bone.
    Magnet - This won't catch you any normal fish, but metallic creatures
             will surely be drawn to it.
    Cucumber - This juicy vegetable is particularly loved by a certain
               creature of the water.
    Fishing Master World Tour is pretty straight forward. You travel to various
    fishing locations throughout the world and try to catch every type of fish.
    After picking your desired location you're standing on the bank with lots of
    fish shadows in the water. There are various sized fish shadows in the water
    and these represent the different fish. Generally speaking there are about
    four different sizes of fish shadows ranging from tiny to huge. Each fish
    type fits into one of these categories.
    After casting into the water a fish will eventually bite the lure. At this
    point, the fish that bites the lure will disappear from the screen. If
    successfully hooked and landed, you have now caught a fish.
    It really doesn't get much more complicated than that. Note some fish only
    bite certain lures, and early in the game you will not have access to all
    lures. Therefore, you are better off coming back to an area to catch all
    fish types rather than trying over and over again with the same bait.
    - When in doubt choose C - The C button is the most effective way to reel in
                               tough fish. While shaking the Wii nunchuck is more
                               realistic, it makes it very tough to catch
                               aggressive fish. The C button is hands down the 
                               easiest was to catch fish.
    - Overcast - It is often times easiest to catch a fish by casting past it's
                 shadow then reeling to the fish's mouth. While casting directly
                 on the fish can be effective it's much more difficult than just
                 overshooting the cast a little and reeling in the difference.
    - Pink Nightmare - Pink fish are hard to catch. They are normally worth lots
                       of catch points, and very hard to reel in. Pink fish are
                       often available only in certain seasons and only bite one
                       specific lure. 
    - Hit Ripples - By successfully casting onto a ripple created by a fish you
                    can increase your chances of getting a bite. The words 
                    "Good," "Great," or "Excellent" will appear on the screen if
                    you're successful. This is primarily useful when trying to
                    catch pink fish that can be very stubborn even if using the
                    correct bait.
    -Use Your Tackle Box - By hitting the A button to bring up the menu screen and
                           choosing the tackle box you reset the fish on the
                           screen. By continually entering the tackle box with the
                           A button and then pressing the B button to exit you can
                           quickly reset the fish on the screen. This is most
                           effective to get Pink fish to show up on the screen.
    -Boycott PETA - By hitting certain animals with your lure, you can cause an
                    exclamation mark to appear above their head. This action may
                    cause certain pink fish to appear. While not confirmed, I feel
                    it's a good idea to cast a lure into the animals early in the
                    day just to make sure.
    -Quick Reeling - After casting in the water if you hit the A button you will
                     immediately reel your line back in. While this may not seem
                     overly important it is very helpful when trying to catch
                     elusive fish. If your cast doesn't go exactly where you want
                     it to, just hit the A button to quickly cast again.
    -Trolling - On the levels where you're in the open ocean and can't see fish
                shadows, cast on the splashes. This is the easiest way to land
                the tough fish in these areas. Use the tackle box trick to 
                quickly reset the screen to look for the huge splash. These are
                often the elusive fish.
    -Patience is a Virtue - When trying to catch a particular fish sometimes you
                            have to avoid bites from other fish. This is simply
                            done by not yanking the Wiimote after the undesirable
                            bites. For example, when trying to catch pink fish
                            you will sometimes get bites from several other fish
                            before the pink one bites. Only set the hook when you
                            see the pink fish shadow disappears. The fish that
                            disappears is the one that's biting.
    -Yellow Gold - !!SPOILER ALERT!!  If you don't want a slight storyline to be
                   given away then skip this tip. You've been warned. After 
                   catching the Fiend Fish in Easter Island Grandpa will turn
                   every fish you haven't caught bright yellow! This makes it
                   SO much easier to complete the fish journals. It's worth
                   noting that Grandpa will NOT turn pink fish you haven't caught
                   yellow. If you combine Grandpa's yellow fish with the Tackle
                   Box Reset you can fill the fish journals much easier.
    Ah, the meat and potatoes. This is where you can find out what catches EVERY
    fish in the game. One thing you must understand:
    The Baits, Points, and Seasons CAN vary!
    The information I have provided is merely what I caught the fish on during
    my playthrough. I by no means provide this list as the only way to catch
    certain fish. There are actually many fish that will bite multiple lures.
    The points included are merely a rounded estimate. The number can vary greatly
    based on number of combos successfully performed, and size of the fish.
    All season can be variable unless noted with Only [certain season]
    The following abbreviations have been used:
    Sea Lure S = Sea Lure (S Fish)
    Sea Lure W = Sea Lure (Worm)
    Palolo W.  = Palolo Worm
    Possum Sh. = Possum Shrimp
    Fr. Lure S = Fresh Lure (S Fish)
    Fr. Lure W = Fresh Lure (Worm)
    Freshwater = Fresh Water Set
    JAPAN                         [JPN]                                       JAPAN
    Nagoya Port       Lugworm     Grass Puffer            10  Summer
    Nagoya Port       Lugworm     Horse Mackerel          80  Summer
    Nagoya Port       Lugworm     Rockfish                50  Spring
    Nagoya Port       Lugworm     Black Scraper           90  Only Autumn & Winter
    Lake Yamanaka     Earthworm   Silver Carp             40  Only Spring
    Lake Yamanaka     Redworm     Amur Minnow             50  Only Spring
    Lake Yamanaka     Redworm     Carp                    90  Only Spring
    Lake Yamanaka     Redworm     Kokanee                130  Only Spring
    Lake Yamanaka     Ant Lion    Rainbow Trout           80  Only Spring
    Lake Yamanaka     Frog        Largemouth Bass        130  Only Spring
    Arashiyama        Ant Lion    Eel                    280  Summer
    Arashiyama        Earthworm   White-Spotted Char      70  Summer
    Arashiyama        Ant Lion    Rainbow Trout           80  Autumn
    Arashiyama        Ant Lion    Brown Trout             70  Summer
    Arashiyama        Redworm     Root                     0  Summer
    Arashiyama        Earthworm   Key                    100  Spring-Yellow Fish
    Sea of Okhotsk    Baby Lonia  Convict Grouper        300  Winter
    Sea of Okhotsk    Lugworm     Sweet Seabream         110  Winter
    Sea of Okhotsk    Lugworm     Rudder Fish             90  Winter
    Sea of Okhotsk    Lugworm     Scorpionfish            70  Winter
    Sea of Okhotsk    Baby Lonia  Darkbanded Rockfish     90  Winter
    Sea of Okhotsk    Baby Lonia  Okhotsk Atka Mackerel  400  Autumn
    Sea of Okhotsk    Baby Lonia  Pitted Stingray        280  Winter
    Sea of Okhotsk    Baby Lonia  Marbled Flounder       110  Winter
    Sea of Okhotsk    Lugworm     Surf Smelt              50  Winter
    Sea of Okhotsk    Baby Lonia  Halibut                700  Winter - Pink Fish
    Sea of Okhotsk    Lugworm     Empty Can                0  Winter
    Appi River        Ant Lion    Cherry Salmon          410  Only Summer & Autumn
    Appi River        Redworm     Dark Chub               80  Summer
    Appi River        Ant Lion    White-Spotted Char      70  Summer
    Appi River        Redworm     Silver Carp             50  Summer
    Appi River        Frog        Largemouth Bass        130  Summer
    Appi River        Ant Lion    Root                     0  Summer
    Appi River        Cucumber    Water Imp              970  Summer - Pink Fish
    Tokyo Bay         Lugworm     Japanese Conger        670  Summer
    Tokyo Bay         Lugworm     Halfbeak               200  Summer
    Tokyo Bay         Lugworm     Black Cardinalfish      90  Summer
    Tokyo Bay         Lugworm     Sardine                 50  Summer
    Tokyo Bay         Baby Lonia  Scorpionfish            70  Winter
    Tokyo Bay         Lugworm     Grass Puffer            10  Summer
    Tokyo Bay         Lugworm     Moon Jellyfish           0  Summer
    Tokyo Bay         Sea Lice    Fairy Basslet          230  Summer
    Tokyo Bay         Lugworm     Tripodfish             170  Only Summer & Autumn
    Tokyo Bay         Cuttlefish  Stone Flounder         110  Winter
    Tokyo Bay         Plankton    Mega Telescope Eye    1300  Spring - Yellow Fish
    Tokyo Bay         Lugworm     Empty Can                0  Summer
    Shimanto River    Redworm     Dark Chub              100  Autumn
    Shimanto River    Stonefly    Rainbow Trout           90  Autumn
    Shimanto River    Redworm     Amur Minnow             50  Spring
    Shimanto River    Dough-Ball  Silver Carp             40  Autumn
    Shimanto River    Ant Lion    Sweetfish              300  Autumn
    Shimanto River    Ant Lion    Eel                    250  Autumn
    Shimanto River    Ant Lion    Cherry Salmon          380  Only Spring - Pink
    Shimanto River    Dough-Ball  Rosy Bitterling         70  Spring
    Shimanto River    Frog        Snakehead              400  Autumn - Pink Fish
    Inland Sea        Baby Lonia  Bastard Halibut        290  Winter
    Inland Sea        Shore Crab  Convict Grouper        370  Autumn
    Inland Sea        Sea Lure S  Amberjack              270  Autumn
    Inland Sea        Sea Lice    Black Seabream         300  Winter
    Inland Sea        Palolo W.   Largehead Hairtail     290  Winter
    Inland Sea        Cuttlefish  Stone Flounder         110  Autumn
    Inland Sea        Lugworm     Sweet Seabream          90  Autumn
    Inland Sea        Lugworm     Horse Mackerel          80  Autumn
    Inland Sea        Lugworm     Grass Puffer            10  Autumn
    Inland Sea        Lugworm     Darkbanded Rockfish    100  Winter
    Inland Sea        Shore Crab  Bonito                 460  Summer
    Inland Sea        Cuttlefish  Longtooth Grouper     1230  Autumn
    Inland Sea        Cuttlefish  Giant Sea Bass         360  Autumn
    Inland Sea        Lugworm     Rudder Fish            100  Autumn
    Inland Sea        Raw Meat    Super Sturgeon        1090  Autumn - Pink Fish
    Kanmon Straights  Palolo W.   Tiger Puffer          1050  Only Autumn & Winter
    Kanmon Straights  Sea Minnow  Goosefish              770  Winter
    Kanmon Straights  Sea Lice    Righteye Flounder      430  Winter
    Kanmon Straights  Cuttlefish  Giant Sea Bass         430  Autumn
    Kanmon Straights  Cuttlefish  Comet Grouper          260  Autumn
    Kanmon Straights  Straw Worm  Redlip Morwong         140  Spring
    Kanmon Straights  Straw Worm  Saury                   90  Summer
    Kanmon Straights  Prawn       Flat Amberjack         600  Winter
    Kanmon Straights  Spoonworm   Convict Grouper        270  Winter
    Kanmon Straights  Baby Lonia  Darkbanded Rockfish     90  Winter
    Kanmon Straights  Shore Crab  Humpnose               250  Winter
    Kanmon Straights  Shore Crab  Black Rockfish         290  Spring
    Kanmon Straights  Baby Lonia  Rainbow Rockfish       930  Winter - Pink Fish
    Yakushima         Lugworm     Black Scraper          N/A  Summer
    Yakushima         Cuttlefish  Convict Grouper        N/A  Winter
    Yakushima         Cuttlefish  Rosy Dwarf Monocle     N/A  Winter
    Yakushima         Prawn       Parrotfish             N/A  Winter
    Yakushima         Possum Sh.  Redlip Morwong         N/A  Spring
    Yakushima         Possum Sh.  Comet Grouper          N/A  Spring
    Yakushima         Straw Worm  Humpnose               N/A  Spring
    Yakushima         Straw Worm  Dorado                 N/A  Spring
    Yakushima         Sea Lice    Red Soldierfish        N/A  Winter
    NORTH AMERICA                 [NRT]                               NORTH AMERICA
    Hawaii            Lugworm     Horse Mackerel          80  Spring
    Hawaii            Possum Sh.  Sardine                 50  Autumn
    Hawaii            Sea Lure S  Spear Squid             70  Summer
    Hawaii            Prawn       Yellowtail             150  Spring
    Hawaii            Lugworm     Saury                   90  Spring
    Hawaii            Sea Minnow  Harlequin Snake Eel     50  Spring
    Hawaii            Cuttlefish  Amberjack              280  Autumn
    Hawaii            Cuttlefish  Striped Beakperch      110  Spring
    Hawaii            Plankton    Manta Ray              380  Spring
    Hawaii            Cuttlefish  Trevally               100  Spring
    Hawaii            Prawn       Sailfish               130  Spring
    Hawaii            Possum Sh.  5-Ray Yellowtail       210  Spring
    Hawaii            Shore Crab  Yellowfin Goby         100  Spring
    Hawaii            Shore Crab  Bullhead Shark         400  Summer
    San Francisco     Possum Sh.  Tarpon                 140  Summer
    San Francisco     Sea Lure S  Sea Bass               100  Summer
    San Francisco     Plankton    Pacific herring         90  Winter
    San Francisco     Lugworm     Whitefin Trevality      90  Summer
    San Francisco     Lugworm     Lobster                450  Summer
    San Francisco     Baby Lonia  Mackerel                80  Autumn
    San Francisco     Shore Crab  Red Stingray           220  Spring
    San Francisco     Shore Crab  Scorpionfish            80  Spring
    San Francisco     Lugworm     Empty Can                0  Summer
    San Francisco     Mitt        Home Run Ball          150  Summer - Pink Fish
    Detroit           Earthworm   Largemouth Bass        130  Spring
    Detroit           Ant Lion    Smallmouth Bass        150  Summer
    Detroit           Freshwater  Catfish                100  Only Spring
    Detroit           Stonefly    Rainbow Trout           80  Autumn
    Detroit           Redworm     Bluegill                70  Autumn
    Detroit           Frog        Lamprey                540  Spring
    Detroit           Frog        Northern Pike          280  Autumn
    Detroit           Dough-Ball  Carp                    80  Only Spring & Summer
    Detroit           Fr. Lure S  European Perch         200  Autumn
    Detroit           Magnet      Blue Metal             430  Winter - Pink Fish
    Detroit           Magnet      Black Metal            470  Winter - Pink Fish
    Detroit           Magnet      Pink Metal             500  Winter - Pink Fish
    Detroit           Magnet      Green Metal            400  Spring - Pink Fish
    Detroit           Magnet      Rusty Metal            390  Winter - Pink Fish
    Detroit           Magnet      Silver Metal           420  Autumn - Pink Fish
    Detroit           Magnet      Yellow Metal           440  Summer - Pink Fish
    Detroit           Magnet      Red Metal              420  Winter - Pink Fish
    Detroit           Ant Lion    Tire                     0  Spring
    Campbell River    Ant Lion    Rainbow Trout           90  Autumn
    Campbell River    Ant Lion    Brown Trout             80  Autumn
    Campbell River    Redworm     Immature Salmon        630  Autumn
    Campbell River    Redworm     Chinook Salmon         250  Only Autumn
    Campbell River    Ant Lion    Princess Trout         350  Only Autumn - Pink
    New York          Lugworm     Bastard Halibut        N/A  Autumn
    New York          Shore Crab  Black Sea Bass         N/A  Summer
    New York          Shore Crab  White Sea Bass         N/A  Summer
    New York          Prawn       Tarpon                 N/A  Autumn
    New York          Shore Crab  Sea Bass               N/A  Spring
    New York          Sea Lure S  Spear Squid            N/A  Spring
    ASIA                          [AIA]                                        ASIA
    Mekona River      Mealworm    Archerfish             150  Summer
    Mekona River      Mealworm    Arowana                220  Summer
    Mekona River      Mealworm    Huchen                 550  Summer
    Mekona River      Earthworm   Mekong Giant Catfish   460  Only Summer & Autumn
    Mekona River      Mealworm    Sturgeon               460  Only Autumn
    Mekona River      Dough-Ball  Clown Loach             90  Winter
    Mekona River      Frog        Catfish                100  Winter
    Mekona River      Waterweed   Grass Carp             190  Autumn
    Mekona River      Mealworm    Pot                      0  Summer
    Mekona River      Dough-Ball  Humanface Fish Male   1040  Winter - Pink Fish
    Mekona River      Mealworm    Taimen                 700  Only Summer & Autumn
                                                              Pink Fish
    Indian Ocean      Lugworm     Gray Mullet            280  Winter
    Indian Ocean      Lugworm     Boxfish                170  Summer
    Indian Ocean      Plankton    Flying Fish            230  Winter
    Indian Ocean      Lugworm     Sea Urchin              20  Only Autumn & Winter
    Indian Ocean      Possum Sh.  Regal Tang             100  Spring
    Indian Ocean      Lugworm     Rockfish                60  Winter
    Indian Ocean      Prawn       Parrotfish             280  Spring
    Indian Ocean      Shore Crab  Bullhead Shark         350  Summer
    Indian Ocean      Possum Sh.  Coelacanth             700  Only Autumn & Winter
    Indian Ocean      Plankton    Megamouth Shark        640  Only Spring & Summer
    Indian Ocean      Sea Lure S  Goosefish              720  Autumn
    Indian Ocean      Baby Lonia  Pearl-Spot Chromis     340  Winter
    Indian Ocean      Baby Lonia  Clownfish               40  Winter
    Indian Ocean      Possum Sh.  Sawshark              1010  Autumn
    Yangtze River     Fr. Lure S  Salmon                 420  Only Autumn
    Yangtze River     Fr. Lure S  Barramundi             330  Only Spring
    Yangtze River     Dough-Ball  Carp                    80  Summer
    Yangtze River     Dough-Ball  Rosy Bitterling         60  Summer
    Yangtze River     Dough-Ball  Wakin                   30  Summer
    Yangtze River     Dough-Ball  Telescope Eye           30  Summer
    Yangtze River     Waterweed   Grass Carp             190  Summer
    Yangtze River     Earthworm   Mekong Giant Catfish   470  Summer
    Yangtze River     Earthworm   Catfish                130  Summer
    Yangtze River     Fr. Lure W  Redfin                  40  Spring
    Yangtze River     Mealworm    Sturgeon               450  Summer
    Yangtze River     Earthworm   Pot                      0  Summer
    Yangtze River     Fr. Lure W  Snakehead              400  Spring - Pink Fish
    Yangtze River     Mealworm    Taimen                 640  Only Spring - Pink
    Yangtze River     Mealworm    Humanface Fish Female  930  Only Summer & Autumn
                                                              Pink Fish
    Mongolia          Dough-Ball  Carp                    80  Autumn
    Mongolia          Ant Lion    Rainbow Trout           80  Autumn
    Mongolia          Mealworm    Sturgeon               460  Spring
    Mongolia          Fr. Lure S  Barramundi             310  Spring
    Mongolia          Mealworm    Taimen                 740  Autumn - Pink Fish
    Mongolia          Mealworm    Giant Taimen          1500  Autumn - Yellow Fish
    Mongolia          Redworm     Root                     0  Autumn
    EUROPE                        [ERP]                                      EUROPE
    North Sea         Lugworm     Amber Scad             370  Winter
    North Sea         Lugworm     Sardine                 50  Winter
    North Sea         Lugworm     Horse Mackerel          80  Winter
    North Sea         Sea Lice    Righteye Flounder      430  Summer
    North Sea         Plankton    Pacific Herring         90  Autumn
    North Sea         Sea Lure S  Spear Squid             90  Summer
    North Sea         Cuttlefish  Bluefin Tuna           670  Summer
    North Sea         Sea Lure S  Giant Squid           1230  Summer- Pink Fish
    Loch Ness         Frog        Largemouth Bass        120  Spring
    Loch Ness         Ant Lion    Rainbow Trout           90  Winter
    Loch Ness         Ant Lion    White-Spotted Char      80  Winter
    Loch Ness         Earthworm   Catfish                110  Winter
    Loch Ness         Ant Lion    Eel                    260  Autumn
    Loch Ness         Frog        Northern Pike          250  Winter
    Loch Ness         Redworm     Sturgeon               530  Winter
    Loch Ness         Ant Lion    Brown Trout             90  Winter
    Loch Ness         Ham Hock    Dinofish              1340  Spring - Pink Fish
    Venice            Ghost Sh.   Lobster                510  Spring
    Venice            Sea Lice    Righteye Flounder      450  Spring
    Venice            Plankton    Pacific herring         80  Spring
    Venice            Lugworm     Horse Mackerel          80  Winter
    Venice            Lugworm     Scorpionfish            60  Winter
    Venice            Lugworm     Sardine                 50  Winter
    Caspian Sea       Mealworm    Sturgeon               430  Spring
    Caspian Sea       Ant Lion    Brown Trout             80  Winter
    Caspian Sea       Dough-Ball  Carp                    80  Winter
    Mediterranean Sea Sea Lure S  Flat Amberjack         500  Spring
    Mediterranean Sea Lugworm     Gray Mullet            280  Spring
    Mediterranean Sea Lugworm     Sardine                 50  Summer
    Mediterranean Sea Lugworm     Halfbeak               240  Spring
    Mediterranean Sea Sea Lure S  Trevally               100  Spring
    Mediterranean Sea Lugworm     Horse Mackerel          80  Spring
    Mediterranean Sea Spoonworm   Red Soldierfish        240  Summer
    Mediterranean Sea Sea Lice    Righteye Flounder      390  Summer
    Mediterranean Sea Sea Lure S  Orca                  1160  Only Summer & Autumn
    Mediterranean Sea Sea Lure S  Remora                1010  Spring - Pink Fish
    Mediterranean Sea Sea Minnow  Spear Squid             80  Summer
    Mediterranean Sea Sea Lure S  Goosefish              760  Autumn
    Mediterranean Sea Jelly Fish  Ocean Sunfish         1120  Only Summer, Autumn,
                                                              & Winter
    Paris             Baby Lonia  Posh Halibut           N/A  Spring
    Paris             Baby Lonia  Bastard Halibut        N/A  Spring
    Paris             Sea Lice    Righteye Flounder      N/A  Spring
    AFRICA                        [AFC]                                      AFRICA
    Nile River        Earthworm   Nile Tilapia           240  Winter
    Nile River        Mealworm    Arowana                280  Only Spring & Summer
    Nile River        Redworm     Leopard Ctenopoma       90  Winter
    Nile River        Mealworm    Marbled Lungfish       380  Winter
    Nile River        Frog        Nile Perch             400  Only Winter & Spring
                                                              Pink Fish
    Lake Tanganyika   Earthworm   South American         400  Winter
    Lake Tanganyika   Earthworm   Compressed Cichlid     200  Winter
    Lake Tanganyika   Dough-Ball  Electric Yellow Cichlid 60  Summer
    Lake Tanganyika   Redworm     Daffodil               210  Spring
    Lake Tanganyika   Redworm     7-Stripe Frontosa      340  Spring
    Lake Tanganyika   Redworm     Carp                    70  Spring
    Lake Tanganyika   Redworm     5-Bar Cichlid          300  Spring
    Lake Tanganyika   Redworm     Spotted-Tail Cichlid    60  Spring
    Lake Tanganyika   Waterweed   Duboisi Cichlid        220  Summer
    Lake Tanganyika   Frog        Electric Catfish       920  Only Summer & Autumn
                                                              Pink Fish
    Cape Town         Possum Sh.  Rubyfish               200  Autumn
    Cape Town         Cuttlefish  Trevally               100  Winter
    Cape Town         Lugworm     Horse Mackerel          80  Autumn
    Cape Town         Sea Lure S  Spear Squid             70  Summer
    Cape Town         Prawn       Swordfish              670  Autumn
    Cape Town         Palolo W.   Gray Mullet            260  Autumn
    Cape Town         Possum Sh.  Sardine                 60  Winter
    Cape Town         Lugworm     Rosy Dwarf Monocle     250  Autumn
    Cape Town         Possum Sh.  Giant Trevally         350  Autumn
    Cape Town         Cuttlefish  Bluefin Tuna           750  Winter
    Cape Town         Possum Sh.  Coelacanth             750  Winter
    Cape Town         Plankton    Megamouth Shark        680  Only Spring & Summer
    Cape Town         Prawn       Striped Marlin         750  Winter
    Savanna           Mealworm    Arowana                N/A  Autumn
    Savanna           Mealworm    Leopard Ctenopoma      N/A  Autumn
    Savanna           Freshwater  Marbled Lungfish       N/A  Summer
    Savanna           Fr. Lure S  Electric Catfish       N/A  Autumn - Pink Fish
    Savanna           Mealworm    Skull                  N/A  Autumn
    OCEANIA                       [OCN]                                     OCEANIA
    Sydney            Prawn       Swordfish              660  Spring
    Sydney            Sea Minnow  Barracuda              690  Summer
    Sydney            Straw Worm  Flat Amberjack         520  Winter
    Sydney            Baby Lonia  Boxfish                160  Spring
    Sydney            Prawn       Sailfish               110  Spring
    Sydney            Sea Lure S  Spear Squid             70  Spring
    Sydney            Possum Sh.  Horse Mackerel          90  Spring
    Sydney            Lugworm     Sardine                 60  Summer
    Sydney            Sea Lure S  Giant Trevally         330  Winter
    Sydney            Lugworm     Scorpionfish            70  Summer
    Sydney            Lugworm     Tripodfish             170  Summer
    Sydney            Sea Minnow  Blue Marlin            910  Winter
    Sydney            Prawn       Striped Marlin         690  Autumn
    Sydney            Possum Sh.  Dorado                 680  Winter
    Sydney            Plankton    Spotted Garden-Eel     490  Winter
    Sydney            Cuttlefish  Chameleon Parrotfish   400  Winter
    Sydney            Shore Crab  Yellowfin Goby         110  Spring
    Sydney            Sea Minnow  Harlequin Snake Eel     40  Winter
    Sydney            Prawn       Small-Fry Army        1270  Spring - Pink Fish
    Tasmania          Fr. Lure S  Salmon                 380  Summer
    Tasmania          Frog        Barramundi             300  Spring
    Tasmania          Frog        European Perch         230  Summer
    Tasmania          Redworm     Rainbowfish            220  Summer
    Tasmania          Redworm     Archerfish             160  Summer
    Tasmania          Ant Lion    Rainbow Trout           80  Summer
    Tasmania          Dough-Ball  Carp                    80  Summer
    Tahiti            Prawn       Striped Marlin         850  Autumn
    Tahiti            Prawn       Swordfish              670  Autumn
    Tahiti            Sea Minnow  Barracuda              780  Autumn
    Tahiti            Sea Minnow  Trevally               100  Summer
    Tahiti            Sea Lure S  Goatfish               300  Summer
    Tahiti            Sea Lure S  Spear Squid             90  Summer
    Tahiti            Baby Lonia  Scorpionfish            70  Autumn
    Tahiti            Possum Sh.  Whitefin Trevality      90  Autumn
    Tahiti            Possum Sh.  Starfish                 0  Summer
    Tahiti            Sea Minnow  Hammerhead Shark      1080  Autumn
    Tahiti            Raw Meat    Great White Shark     1470  Spring
    Tahiti            Sea Lure S  Humphead Wrasse        650  Summer - Pink Fish
    Antarctica        Prawn       Dusky Notothen         330  Summer
    Antarctica        Possum Sh.  Patagonian Toothfish   280  Summer
    Antarctica        Possum Sh.  Icefish                190  Summer
    Antarctica        Sea Minnow  Emerald Rockcod        160  Summer
    Antarctica        Shore Crab  Antarctic Toothfish    400  Summer
    Antarctica        Possum Sh.  Cod Icefish            530  Autumn
    Antarctica        Sea Minnow  Blizzard Icefish       600  Summer - Pink Fisk
                                                              (very faint pink)
    Antarctica        Crown       Emperor Squid         2000  Summer - Yellow Fish
    SOUTH AMERICA                 [SAA]                               SOUTH AMERICA
    Amazon River A    Lugworm     Angelfish              250  Summer
    Amazon River A    Frog        Pirarucu               640  Winter
    Amazon River A    Frog        Peacock Bass           450  Winter
    Amazon River A    Dough-Ball  Neon Tetra             240  Summer
    Amazon River A    Frog        Piranha                 70  Winter
    Amazon River A    Dough-Ball  Guppy                   90  Winter
    Amazon River A    Freshwater  Golden Dorado          840  Winter - Pink Fish
    Lake Baccarac     Earthworm   Largemouth Bass        130  Summer
    Lake Baccarac     Ant Lion    Smallmouth Bass        140  Summer
    Lake Baccarac     Ant Lion    Bluegill                90  Summer
    Caribbean Sea     Prawn       Swordfish              620  Spring
    Caribbean Sea     Sea Lure S  Barracuda              560  Spring
    Caribbean Sea     Sea Lure S  Flat Amberjack         550  Spring
    Caribbean Sea     Prawn       Sailfish               120  Spring
    Caribbean Sea     Sea Lure S  Trevally               100  Spring
    Caribbean Sea     Sea Lure S  Spear Squid             70  Spring
    Caribbean Sea     Lugworm     Whitefin Trevality      70  Summer
    Caribbean Sea     Prawn       Striped Marlin         820  Spring
    Caribbean Sea     Sea Lure S  Baby Bluefin           630  Spring
    Caribbean Sea     Raw Meat    Hammerhead Shark       970  Summer
    Caribbean Sea     Possum Sh.  Whale Shark           1710  Spring
    Caribbean Sea     Crown       Treasure Chest         750  Summer - Pink Fish
    Amazon River B    Freshwater  Redtail Catfish        340  Summer
    Amazon River B    Grub        Angelfish              250  Summer
    Amazon River B    Redworm     Porcupine River        150  Summer
    Amazon River B    Dough-Ball  Pacu                    80  Autumn
    Amazon River B    Earthworm   Tambaqui               240  Summer
    Amazon River B    Earthworm   South American         380  Summer
    Amazon River B    Freshwater  Electric Eel           620  Summer
    Amazon River B    Freshwater  Alligator Gar          760  Summer
    Amazon River B    Freshwater  Tiger-Shovelnose       410  Autumn
    Amazon River B    Ham Hock    Bellicose Piranha     1420  Summer - Pink Fish
    Easter Island     Sea Lure S  Barracuda              640  Autumn
    Easter Island     Prawn       Flat Amberjack         520  Autumn
    Easter Island     Sea Lure S  Giant Trevally         340  Summer
    Easter Island     Prawn       Sailfish               130  Autumn
    Easter Island     Plankton    Spotted Garden-Eel     530  Autumn
    Easter Island     Possum Sh.  Whitebar Surgeonfish   170  Autumn
    Easter Island     Possum Sh.  Horse Mackerel          90  Autumn
    Easter Island     Possum Sh.  Whitefin Trevality      90  Autumn
    Easter Island     Possum Sh.  Sardine                 60  Autumn
    Easter Island     Prawn       Hammerhead Shark       930  Winter
    Easter Island     Prawn       Striped Marlin         780  Autumn
    Easter Island     Sea Lure S  Swordfish              600  Autumn
    Easter Island     Fiend Lure  Fiendfish             3000  Summer - Pink Fish
    ISLE OF MYSTERY               [ISM]                             ISLE OF MYSTERY
    Dragon Palace     Sea Lure S  Striped Marlin         820  Winter
    Dragon Palace     Sea Lure S  Patagonian Toothfish   330  Spring
    Dragon Palace     Sea Lure S  Goatfish               300  Winter
    Dragon Palace     Sea Lure S  Sailfish               110  Spring
    Dragon Palace     Sea Lure S  Spear Squid             90  Winter
    Dragon Palace     Possum Sh.  Lookdown               570  Winter
    Dragon Palace     Possum Sh.  Porcupinefish          410  Spring
    Dragon Palace     Sea Lure S  Brassy Trevally        310  Winter
    Dragon Palace     Sea Minnow  Hammerhead Shark      1220  Winter
    Dragon Palace     Sea Lure S  Rock Starfish            0  Winter
    Dragon Palace     Sea Lure S  Nomura's Jellyfish     330  Winter
    Dragon Palace     Plankton    Megamouth Shark        850  Spring - Pink Fish
    Dragon Palace     Sea Minnow  Humphead Wrasse        660  Autumn - Pink Fish
    Dragon Palace     Cuttlefish  Gold Toothfish        1010  Autumn - Pink Fish
    Dragon Palace     Fiend Lure  Twisted Fiendfish     3340  Spring - Pink Fish
    Pirate Ship       Sea Lure S  Striped Marlin         730  Spring
    Pirate Ship       Sea Lure S  Barracuda              650  Spring
    Pirate Ship       Plankton    Spotted Garden-Eel     440  Spring
    Pirate Ship       Shore Crab  Bullhead Shark         350  Spring
    Pirate Ship       Sea Lure S  Yellowtail             170  Spring
    Pirate Ship       Sea Lure S  Spear Squid             90  Spring
    Pirate Ship       Sea Lure S  Rockfish                60  Spring
    Pirate Ship       Sea Lure S  Giant Trevally         370  Spring
    Pirate Ship       Plankton    Megamouth Shark        700  Autumn - Pink Fish
    Pirate Ship       Raw Meat    Super Sturgeon        1160  Autumn - Pink Fish
    Pirate Ship       Sea Minnow  Giant Squid           1310  Summer - Pink Fish
    Pirate Ship       Crown       Treasure Chest         570  Spring - Pink Fish
    The captain will occasionally give you quests to perform. Ten times out of ten
    he wants you to catch a certain type of fish. Upon completing this quest he
    will provide you with additional catch points. It should be noted that the 
    location he requests you get the fish from DOES NOT have to be the location
    you actually catch it at. If the fish can be found in multiple locations you
    can choose to fish whichever location you want and still get the reward. Worth
    possibly noting, the rewards aren't that great. You only net 4000 catch points
    at most for completing a quest.
    As taken straight from the in-game text:
    Your First Quest - First catch me 2 fish. Any kind will do.
              Bait: ? ? ?
    Catch a Grass Puffer - Catch a Grass Puffer out at Nagoya Port.
              Bait: Lugworm, Straw Worm, etc.
    Char a la Meuniere - Catch a White-Spotted Char out at Arashiyama.
              Bait: Earthworm, Red Worm, etc.
    A Japanese Fish Overseas - Catch a 5-Ray Yellowtail in Hawaii.
              Bait: Possum Shrimp, etc.
    Striped Beakperch - Catch a Striped Beakperch in Hawaii.
              Bait: Prawn, Baby Lonia, etc.
    Land a Good-Sized Mackerel - Catch a Mackerel that's at least 10 inches long
                                 in San Francisco.
              Bait: Possum Shrimp, Baby Lonia, etc.
    Catfish Instincts - Catch a Catfish in Detroit.
              Bait: Earthworm, Frog, etc.
    Chinook Salmon - Catch a Chinook Salmon in Campbell River.
              Bait: Ant Lion, Red Worm, etc.
    Okhotsk Atka Mackerel - Catch an Okhotsk Atka Mackerel at least 1.5 feet long
                            in the Sea of Okhotsk.
              Bait: Baby Lonia, shore Crab, etc.
    Mystery Monster - Fish the Water Imp out of Appi River.
              Bait: Cucumber
    Japanese Conger - Catch a Japanese Conger at least 2 feet long in Tokyo Bay.
              Bait: Possum Shrimp, Baby Lonia, Shore Crab, etc.
    Asian Huchen - Catch a Huchen at least 3 feet long in the Mekong River.
              Bait: Mealworm, etc.
    Catch Some Flying Fish - Catch 5 Flying Fish from the Indian Ocean.
              Bait: Plankton
    Mekong Giant Catfish - Catch a Mekong Giant Catfish at least 6.5 feet long
                           from the Yangtze River.
              Bait: Frog, freshwater Set, etc.
    A Fish Seldom found - Catch a Taimen in Mongolia.
              Bait: Mealworm, etc.
    A North Sea Delicacy - Catch an Amber Scad at least 1.5 feet long
                           from the North Sea.
              Bait: Lugworm, Possum Shrimp, etc.
    Sturgeon Eggs - Catch a Sturgeon from Loch Ness.
              Bait: Earthworm, Red Worm, Mealworm, etc.
    Lobster Mania - Catch a Lobster at least 2 feet long in Venice.
              Bait: Lugworm, etc.
    Brown Trout Galore - Catch 5 Brown Trout from the Caspian Sea.
              Bait: Ant Lion, Fresh Lure (S Fish)
    Show Me an Ocean Sunfish - Catch an Ocean sunfish from the Mediterranean Sea.
              Bait: Jellyfish
    Arowana of the Nile - Catch an Arowana at least 2.5 feet long
                          from the Nile River.
              Bait: Earthworm, Red Worm, Mealworm, etc.
    Electric Catfish Fury - Catch an Electric Catfish from Lake Tanganyika.
              Bait: earthworm, Frog, etc.
    Land Some Nice Rubyfish - Catch 3 Rubyfish in Cape Town.
              Bait: Possum shrimp, shore Crab, etc.
    Sweetfish Around the World - Catch 3 Sweetfish from the Shimanto River.
              Bait: Ant Lion, Dough-Ball, etc.
    Catch a Giant Bonito - Catch a Bonito at least 2 feet long from
                           the Inland Sea.
              Bait: Shore Crab, Cuttlefish, Straw Worm, etc.
    Catch a Tiger Puffer - Catch a Tiger Puffer from the Kanmon Straits.
              Bait: Lugworm, Palolo Worm, Straw Worm
    Show Me a Barracuda - Catch a Barracuda at least 5 feet long in Sydney.
              Bait: Sea Minnow, Sea Lure (S Fish)
    Rainbowfish - Catch a Rainbowfish in Tasmania.
              Bait: Red Worm
    Great White Terror - Catch a Great White Shark in Tahiti.
              Bait: Raw Meat, Prawn, Spoonworm, etc.
    An Arctic Legend - Catch a Blizzard Fish in Antarctica.
              Bait: Sea Minnow, etc.
    The World's Largest freshwater Fish - Catch a Pirarucu at least 10 feet long
                                          at the Amazon River (A).
              Bait: Frog, Freshwater Set, etc.
    Bass Fight - Catch a Largemouth Bass at least 2 feet long out at Lake Baccarac.
              Bait: Earthworm, Stonefly, Fresh Lure (Worm), etc.
    How to Catch a whale Shark - Catch a Whale Shark in the Caribbean Sea.
              Bait: Possum shrimp, Plankton, Sea Minnow
    Creature of the Amazon - Catch an Alligator Gar in the Amazon River (B).
              Bait: Frog, Freshwater Set, etc.
    Bring Me a Large Catch - Catch 5 Whitebar Surgeonfish at Easter Island.
              Bait: Lugworm, Possum shrimp, cuttlefish, etc.
    Treasure Sleeps Beneath the Sea - Go fish for Treasure near the Pirate Ship.
              Bait: ? ? ?
    Giant Squid - Catch a Giant Squid at the Pirate Ship.
              Bait: ? ? ?
    Catch Me a Megamouth Shark - catch a Megamouth Shark at the Pirate Ship.
              Bait: ? ? ?
    The Golden Fish - Catch a Gold Toothfish at Dragon Palace.
              Bait: ? ? ?
    Return of the Fiendfish - Catch the Twisted Fiendfish at Dragon Palace.
              Bait: ? ? ?
    You will receive an email about Strange Places from Lewis Gossip Jr. He
    informs you that you can catch multiple fish with one cast at certain
    locations. It appears to be random how many fish you actually pull out
    of these holes. The locations are as follows:
    Strange Place 1
    Detroit - North America
    Standing to the far right you must cast just in front of the ship to your
    right. I find it easiest to cast where you're actually hitting the boat,
    then keep aiming more to the left until your lure actually goes past the
    boat. Once here just reel the lure in until you're right at the tip of
    the boat. You can catch multiple European Perch here. Fresh Lure S Fish
    works well along with Frogs. 
    Strange Place 2
    Appi River - Japan
    Stand to the far right and aim at the rightmost waterfall. Aiming slightly to
    the left of the waterfall cast an ant lion bait on the rock and let it fall
    in the water. It's hard to describe exactly where, but cast approximately
    to the edge of where the white ripples from the waterfall start to dissipate.
    You can catch multiple White-Spotted Chars here.
    Strange Place 3
    Yangtze River - Asia
    If you stand on the dock to the left and look towards the island to the left
    you should see a fish that frequently splashes. Hit this splash with almost
    any bait and you'll pull up multiple pots. Now ask yourself what you need 
    multiple pots for.
    Strange Place 4
    Venice - Europe
    Cast to the left side where there is a gondola. If you cast to the front of
    the boat you should be able to get multiple Pacific Herrings with Plankton.
    I couldn't seem to find a sweet spot that worked every time but if you go to
    the tackle box and return to the spot there should be a visible fish in that
    area. Just aim towards the front of the boat and cast slightly right. That
    seemed to work best for me.
    Strange Place 5
    Lake Tanganyika - Africa
    Move all the way to the right and as close to the shore as possible. Now aim
    a little to the left and look for a really dark shadow in the water. If
    you have problems seeing the dark shadow in the water then rest until noon.
    The shadow stands out much better when the sun is highest. Now go to the menu
    and enter the tackle box. After exiting the tackle box as quickly as possible
    aim for the dark shadow. The fish shadow between the dark shadow and you is
    multiple Electric Yellow Cichlids. If no fish appears to be between the shadow
    and you, then go back to the tackle box and try again. This one is tricky as
    the fish moves around quickly, but with a few cast using the Dough-Ball you
    should be able to catch it. If you simply can't get it to work just cast the
    Dough-Ball near but short of the dark shadow and hope the Cichlid bites.
    Strange Place 6
    Tasmania - Oceania
    Move all the way to the left. The only fish by the waterfalls and close to
    the shore is the Archerfish. Multiple Archerfish to be more exact. Use a 
    Stonefly to pull out as many as you want. Worth noting, the Archerfish is
    normally very close to the shore.
    Strange Place 7
    Amazon River (B) - South America
    Move all the way to the left. Aim for the left side of the waterfall. If
    aimed correctly with full power your lure should hit the very left side of
    the waterfall. Or to be more exact, if you were to go down the waterfall in
    a barrel as far to the right as possible it's where your barrel would land.
    Throw a Redworm there and you should be pulling up multiple Porcupine River
    Stingrays all day long.
    There are a total of 30 Trophies you can acquire in Fishing Master World Tour.
    I will present these in a slightly spoiler-free method providing what nets the
    trophies, but not exactly to what extent.
    Catch Every Fish in Every Location ......... 18 Trophies
    Rack up Catch Points .......................  3 Trophies
    Go Quest Crazy .............................  1 Trophy
    Avoid Breaking Your Line For a While .......  2 Trophies
    Go Combo Crazy .............................  3 Trophies
    Take Your Pet on a Walk ....................  2 Trophies
    Fish up Lots of Trash ......................  1 Trophy
    Fish Length Leaderboards
    Want to land the biggest Largemouth Bass online? Here are the leaders as of 
    Largemouth Bass - 2.2 ft long
       Found in: Lake Yamanaka, Appi River, Detroit, Loch Ness, and Lake Baccarac.
       Recommended Lure: Frog or Fresh Lure Worm
    Sea Bass - 4.2 ft long
       Found in: San Francisco and New York
       Recommended Lure: Sea Lice or Shore Crab
    Convict Grouper - 3.9 ft long
       Found in: Sea of Okhotsk,Inland Sea, Kanmon Straights, Yakushima,
       Recommended Lure: Cuttlefish, Shore Crab, Spoonworm, or Baby Lonia.
    Mekong Giant Catfish - 9.8 ft long
       Found in: Mekona River and Yangtze River.
       Recommended Lure: Earthworm
    Bluefin Tuna - 9.8 ft long
       Found in: North Sea and Cape Town.
       Recommended Lure: Cuttlefish
    Striped Marlin - 22.9 ft long
       Found in: Cape Town, Sydney, Tahiti, Caribbean Sea, Easter Island, Dragon
                 Place, and Pirate Ship.
       Recommended Lure: Prawn and Sea Lure S Fish
    Bonito - 3.2 ft long
       Found in: Inland Sea
       Recommended Lure: Shore Crab
    Barracuda - 6.5 ft long
       Found in: Sydney, Tahiti, Caribbean Sea, Easter Island, and Pirate Ship.
       Recommended Lure: Sea Lure S Fish and Sea Minnow
    Pirarucu - 14.7 ft long
       Found in: Amazon River A
       Recommended Lure: Frog
    Whale Shark - 64.7 ft long
       Found in: Caribbean Sea
       Recommended Lure: Possum Shrimp
    Catch Points Leaderboard
    National Leaderboard
    As of 3/2/09 the leader has a mere 3,001,120 catch points. That's not bad. You 
    should be able to get that many points in a day or two right?
    It makes me happy to see someone with more free time than me!
    Well it's been fun, exciting, and infuriating at times! After the countless
    hours trying to catch all the fish, I've finally done it. 100% completion.
    I hope you all have gotten some use out of the information contained herein.
    Keep catching them!
    Well that about sums it up. I don't imagine I'll be performing many updates
    to this FAQ but all questions/concerns can be sent to:
    Please do NOT send me questions regarding how to catch a certain fish. I've
    included a bait and season guaranteed to catch every fish. I don't care to
    get into much more detail (unless you're one of the 3 thanked below).
    Please DO send me grammatical error corrections or huge mistakes I somehow
    overlooked. If you're 100% sure I mislabeled a fish or got a color wrong then
    by all means fill me in.
    Dark Evil - For asking the questions that never should have been asked and
                peaking my interest in this FAQ. A Fishing Warrior!
    plsrepli - For helping me catch that Damn Coelacanth in Cape Town.
    stoperat - For helping me catch that Damn Harlequin Snake Eel in Hawaii.
    My dog Duke for being there for every catch in digital form and on the couch,
    my girlfriend for allowing me to waste this much time, and my roommate for
    missing many hockey games because I was too busy fishing.
    This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Copyright 2009 Nathan Cooke

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