What and where are the secret targets?

  1. I just want to know what levels, where, and how to get the secret targets for the stamp "A Secret For Everybody". Thanks.

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    thanks KRUNKSTER. big help

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  3. Clarification Request::
    In beginer the first on is an orange next to the waterfall, in the second one go the not so far left and you will see a watermelon i dont no where the 3rd level one is & on the last level its a strawberry on top of a white stand in the bottom right corner-ish

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  1. beginner
    stage 1-next to waterfall on right(aim for the slant on the rock)
    stage 2-in between 2 trees on left (aim about half way up the trees but in the middle of them)
    stage 3-melon behind the left target post (aim a little above the tree)
    stage 4- cake on bottom right(if the wind is blowing left aim towards the top slant on the rocks behind it)

    stage 1- orange in tennis court its on the right next to the palm tree right in front of u u can see it when not taking aim under the wind thing (aim slight above the fence that u can see next to the tree)
    Stage 2- watermelon on the bridge to the left (aim in between the first and second row of clouds)
    stage 3- cantalope to the right below the tree blends in eith castle (have the second floor window at the left edge of the circle)
    stage 4- bread, to the right on top of the cliff (aim above the the bread by about 1/4 of the circle above the bread)

    stage 1-orange to the right on the beach (aim abot halfway up the trees wit the bricks and fence in the circle)
    stage 2-watermelon to the right behind the hill (aim have the hill in ur circle at the bottom its the closet secret out of al of them)
    stage 3-cantalope above the target on the doorway thing ( aim a little above the cantalope)
    stage 4-clock, to the bottom right be hind the rock (have the rock pillar in the left of the circle and the wlakway thing in the bottom of the circle it blends in cuz the edges are red)

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  1. www.videogamesblogger.com

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  3. They are fruits. Theres one on every archery level.

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  4. Beginner Level:
    First- To the right, on the ground near the waterfall; it's an orange
    Second- To the left, through the trees, up on the cliffside path; it's a watermelon
    Third- Almost directly behind the left pole that holds the target (you have to shoot past it), near a tree; it's a melon
    Final- Way down to the right, it's a cake.

    Keep in mind that they are all really really far away. And unless you get fairly close to hitting them, the game will count it as a miss. If you get pretty close, the camera follows the arrow so you see how well you did.

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