What is the difference between wii sport and Wii Sports Resort?

  1. Could someone tell me the difference? pls!

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  1. Wii sports was an original collection of sports mini games that was packaged with the Wii. It was made to demonstrate the Wii Remote and Nunchuck add on. The games were Tennis, Bowling, Golf, Baseball, and Boxing.

    Wii Sports Resort is a newly released "sequel" of sorts designed to show off the new Wii Motion Plus accessory. The Wii Motion Plus accessory is a device that is plugged in to the bottom of a Wii remote to make the remote more responsive and allow perfect readings of all user movement. The Wii Sports Resort package includes one copy of the Wii Motion Plus accessory and a copy of the Wii Sports Resort game, which includes a total of 12 different sports (10 new sports, 2 old ones - bowling and golf). The 10 new games include Ping Pong, Swordplay, Archery, and more games designed to show off the WM+.

    They are two separate games, both designed to show off different sets of hardware. While there is some overlap, the two games are completely different collections and the Wii Sports Resort is full of secrets and special features that make it a full fledged game, as opposed to a pack-in like the original Wii Sports.

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  1. Wii sports resort is the sequal to wii sports and increases the roster of games to 12. It also comes bundled with wii motion plaus which increase the accuracy of the wii remote to 1:1 movement recognition.

    Hope that helps

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