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    FAQ by BlackSight6

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    By Jeremy Prader (BlackSight6)
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     ( T | a | b | l | e ) ( o | f ) ( C | o | n | t | e | n | t | s )
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    -Contact Information
    -Helpful Notes
    -----Speed Slice
    -----Frisbee Dog
    -----Frisbee Golf
    -----3-Point contest
    -----Pick up Game
    ---Table Tennis
    -----Return Challenge
    -----100-Pin Game
    -----Spin Control
    ---Power Cruising
    -----Slalom Course
    -----Speed Challenge
    -----Road Race
    ---Air Sports
    -----Island Flyover
    -Frequently Asked Questions
    -Special Thanks 
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     ( V | e | r | s | i | o | n ) ( 1 | . | 1 )
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    Version 1.1 -- Minor corrections, added a user tip to canoeing, and
    		more tips to speed slice, as well as another user tip.
    Version 1.0 -- Guide posted.
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      / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \  
     ( I | n | t | r | o | d | u | c | t | i | o | n ) 
      \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   
    Hello and welcome to my third guide ever written.  I decided to write 
    this guide to help others easily collect all of the stamps. This guide
    is Copyright 2009 me (Jeremy Prader), though honestly I don’t care if
    you reproduce it or “steal” it or whatever.  I wrote this guide to help
    people with this game, and so the more people that see it the better.
    If you do post it somewhere else, I would much prefer it if you gave me
    credit, but I'm not going to lose any sleep if you're so pathetic you
    feel the need to make yourself feel better by claiming my intellectual
    property as your own.  I do request that if you want to post my guide
    somewhere else you email me to tell me.  Thank you, and I hope you find
    my guide helpful.
    Note that this guide will not explain how the Wii Motion plus works or
    the controls of the various games.  I assume you know how to play, and
    if not, each sport has a tutorial and practice mode to help you much 
    better than I could do in writing.  It is more a list of stamps and then
    couple tips on how to get them.  I am by no means an expert at all the
    games and in some I downright suck, so if you have some tips that I
    missed, feel free to email me and I will give you credit in the special
    thanks section.  Also, if you see any errors (besides spelling), go
    ahead and write me about them.
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     ( C | o | n | t | a | c | t ) ( I | n | f | o | r | m | a | t | i | o | n )
      \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
    Note:  Before you contact me make sure you read the ""Frequently Asked
    Questions" section.  There is a chance your answer is in there.
    If for some reason you need to contact me, my email is 
    BlackSight6@aol.com.  If it is about this guide make sure to say so in 
    the title, or I will probably delete it.  BlackSight6 is also my AIM
    name (althought I'm barely ever on).  
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     ( S | p | o | r | t | s )
      \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
    You cannot get stamps (or ratings) if you are playing against another
    person.  In games with an opponent (like table tennis/speed slice/etc) you
    must play agianst the computer.  Turn based games (like 3-point Contest/
    Golf/Wakeboarding) can be played by yourself or with others and you will
    still be able to get stamps.  The two exceptions are canoeing and
    cycling.  Canoeing, incidentaly, pretty much NEEDS to be played multiplayer
    for any hope of getting some of the stamps.
    -Cliff-Hanger: Get to the tie breaker round by winning/losing/drawing or
    		by drawing three times.
    -Straight to the Point: Push your opponent out of the ring with jab.
    -Met Your Match: Reach the tie breaker round and draw.
    -One-Hit Wonder: Push your opponent out of the ring with only one strike.
    -Last Mii Standing: Defeat the champion in a duel.
    Tips: Get the Met Your Match stamp as early as possible.  Just block the
    	entire time.  This will also get you Cliff-Hanger.  Get the One-Hit
    	Wonder next by blocking until your opponent is pushed to the edge,
    	then strike.  Use a jab and you'll also get Straight to the Point.  
    	Thats four stamps in two fights. The Champion of Duel (along with
    	the champion of all versus sports) appears when you are at or close
    	to 1500 rank.
    	In the first couple rounds, you can win just by swinging wildly. 
    	Note that the quicker and wider the swing, the further the opponent 
    	goes back.  At higher levels, you will need to block and then
    	counter attack.  To block, your sword must be perpendicular to their
    	swing.  If you ever get parried, IMMEDEATLY BLOCK!  Your higher
    	level opponents will.
    	Once you reach pro, your opponents will pretty much be blocking the
    	entire time, so you need to do an attack I call the block break.  
    	Pretend their sword is an arrow as if you were in speed slice, and 
    	attack parallel to it.  Along with a little luck, this makes even
    	the champion a breeze.
    	Also note that when blocking, you will slowly strafe in the
    	direction that your sword is pointing.  Use this to your advantage.
    Special: At pro, you will get new armor with shoulder and thigh pads.  When
    	you beat the champion, you will get his samurai armor.  Also after
    	you beat him, hold 1 at the loading screen to get his purple sword.
    	You can also hold 2 at the loading screen at any level to fight in
    	the evening (which you will anyway when fighting to get pro rating
    	and when fighting the champion).
    *Speed Slice*
    -Slice and Dice: Win the contest without slicing the wrong way or failing
    	to slice within the time limit (you don't have to win 10-0, just not
    	make any mistakes).
    -Slicing Machine: Correctly slice at least one of each of the 18 types of 
    -Psychic slice: Slice an object in the correct direction before it hits the
    -Double Time: Slice the alarm clock when the two digits on the display are
    	the same, such as 8.8, 7.7 or 6.6.
    -A Cut Above: Beat the Speed Slice champion.
    Tips: Just be careful for slice and dice.  Slicing machine you'll get after
    	enough matches.  For psychic slice, if you don't get it through
    	luck, just do a slice like bottom right to top left on every object,
    	you do not need to win the match to get it.  Same for double time,
    	you can let your opponent get the point and then calmly wait for the
    	timer to be where you need it.  Champion appears at level 1500.
    Tips from d.e.scott.1987: Pause the game right as the object enters the
    	screen to get a look at the arrow.  Unpause and slice.
    Special: At pro, you will get new armor with shoulder and thigh pads.  When
    	you beat the champion, you will get his samurai armor.  
    -Not a Scratch: Clear any stage without taking hits.
    -Sword Fighter: Beat Stage 10.
    -Perfect 10: Clear Stage 10 without taking hits.
    -Swordmaster: Beat Stage 10 reverse.
    -Untouchable: Clear Stage 10 reverse without taking hits.
    Tips: Not a scratch is obviously easiest on the first stage.  You will face
    	five types of enemies throughout all of the stage, and luckily for
    	you they will ALWAYS only attack one at a time:
    	-Green Armor: One hit, never block.
    	-Brown Armor: One hit, block constantly.
    	-Red Armor: Two hits, block constantly.
    	-Purple Armor: Same as red.
    	-Black Armor: Three hits, block constantly.  Always the last enemy
    		of the stage.  Early on there is only one per stage, but
    		there are more and more as you get further.
    	You need to beat the first 10 stages to unlock the reverse stages.
    	Against green enemies, you can pretty much swing wildly, but you
    	must be careful against others.  Up until stage ten, you can parry
    	and attack any enemy easily, but later on even the brown enemies
    	will start to counter block parrying.  You will need to make heavy
    	use of the block break attack in the reverse stages.  The enemies
    	attack in groups.  Whenever you clear one group and head to the
    	next, be in block stance, as they will often try to get an attack
    	in just as you reach them.
    Special: At pro, you will get new armor with shoulder and thigh pads.  You
    	will get the samurai armor after clearing Stage 10 reverse.
    -Huge Air: Score 100 points on a single jump.
    -Bag of Tricks: Execute 7 or more different kinds of jumps on a single run..
    -Smooth Landing: Land correctly on the water 10 times in a row.
    -Master Carver: Get 1000 points or more on the Expert level without hitting
    	any obstacles.
    -The Long Way Home: Wakeboard all the way around Wuhu Island and do 50
    	successful jumps in Free Cruising Mode. You have to complete a course
    	afterwards to get the stamp.
    Tips: You don't have to flick the remote RIGHT as you jump.  You can shake it
    	the entire time.  When in the air, you will do the trick automatically
    	so as soon as you are airborne focus on keeping the remote even.  You
    	will get Huge Air and Bag of Tricks without trying too hard.  If you
    	are having trouble with Smooth Landing, note that you do not need to
    	do tricks, just jumps.  For Master Carver, remember that Red poles
    	will always be on your right, green on your left.  If you fail at
    	first, keep going.  Memorizing	the course will help.  Once you have
    	1000 points, you can just ride out the time in the wake of the boat to
    	stay safe.
    	I'm not sure if you need to land the 50 jumps for Long Way Home in a
    	row, but I did.  Note again that you need 50 JUMPS, not TRICKS.  Just
    	go back and forth over the wake counting to 50, and then just relax
    	and cruise.  The boat increases its speed after each consecutive jump
    	but slows all the way down when you miss, so if you keep fooling
    	around and have a bad landing, you might not make it all the way
    	around the island.
    *Frisbee Dog*
    -Good Dog: Throw the Frisbee right into the center of the target to make the
    	dog jump up and catch it in mid-air.
    -Balloon Animal: In Practice Mode, pop all nine balloons in ten throws or
    	less. You have to complete a game of Frisbee Dog afterwards to get
    	the stamp.
    -A for Effort: Score 10 points with each of your 10 throws.
    -Perfect Target: Hit the centre of the target area and score 100 points with
    	each of your ten throws..
    -Golden Arm: Score 100 points with every throw and pop every balloon.
    Tips: Good Dog will usually happen eventually.  To get Balloon Animal, just
    	work on learning when to release/flick your wrist.  It is possible
    	to get all 9 balloons in three throws, so getting them in ten just
    	takes practice.  After ten throws the balloons are replaced, so you
    	don't need to start over if you don't make it.  Remember that, like
    	throwing a real frisbee, you need to use your shoulders to aim where
    	you want to throw.
    	To get the bonus balloons, you need to learn to curve your throws.
    	Remember that aiming the remote up will make the frisbee curve
    	towards you and aiming it down will make it curve away from you.
    *Frisbee Golf*
    -Under Par: Finish any course under par.
    -Lucky Skip: Get this stamp when a Frisbee bound for a water hazard skips
    	across the surface of the water and lands safely on the other side.
    -On a Roll: Throw the Frisbee from outside the green to make it hit the
    	ground and roll into the target area.
    -Hole In One: Get the Frisbee into the target area with just one throw.
    -Straight and Narrow: Play an 18-hole round of Frisbee Golf without ever
    	throwing the disc out of bounds or into a water hazard.
    Tips: Do a three hole course for Under Par.  Hole in one is actually not
    	that difficult.  I, at least, have gotten one on four or five
    	different holes.  For on a roll, get just outside the green, and
    	then do a slow overhand swing (as if throwing an axe).  Try Resort
    	C for Lucky Skip.
    	You do not need par, or anywhere near it, for Straight and Narrow.
    	In other words, make heavy use of the wedge and putter in tricky
    	spots.  Also remember that The wedge is usually good for 110-120
    	and the putter good for up to 50, despite their given average.
    	The good thing about Frisbee golf as opposed to regular golf is
    	that the "hole" is a huge column of light that you just need to
    	fly through, and sand traps and the rough don't affect your throw.
    Special: Hold 2 at the loading screen for advanced mode.  Get under par
    	in all three hole courses to unlock 3 more holes.
    -Bull Stampede: Hit the bull's-eye with all 3 arrows of one round.
    -Sure Shot: Hit the target with all 3 arrows in each of the 4 stages.
    -Century Shot: Hit the target with 100 arrows.
    -A Secret to Everybody: There is a secret target in every stage of every
    	difficulty level. Hit all the secret targets in every level to
    	get this stamp.
    -Sharpshooter: Score 10 points with every arrow in each of the 4 stages.
    Tips: Most of the stamps are fairly easily achieved, especially by
    	playing on begginer.  Sharpshooter will take a bit of practice
    	to learn how high you need to aim, but on easy, wind wont be a
    	factor except for the fourth target.  Remember to account for
    	gravity and aim a little up.  The farther back you are, the
    	further up you need to aim.
    	The aim circle will slowly shrink until it blinks and then
    	go away as you lose focus.  As far as I can tell, whether or not
    	the circle is big, small, or not there does not affect where the
    	shot goes, just your own personal reference point.  If you ever
    	are not feelin confident in a shot, releasing A will take you
    	back to rest so you can start over.
    Secret Targets:
    	The secret targets are an orange, watermelon, and cantaloupe in
    	stage 1, 2, and 3 of all difficulties, respectively.  The stage
    	4 target in begginer is strawberry short cake, a loaf of bread
    	in intermediate, and an alarm clock in expert. The locations
    -Beginner: 1- To your right, on the left side of the waterfall.
    	   2- On a cliff ledge to the left between two trees.
    	   3- Directly behind the left target support beam.  You will
    		not be able to see it in aiming mode.
    	   4- Down in the valley to your right.
    -Intermediate: 1- You can see the top of it in the tennis courts to
    		your right.
    	       2- High on the bridge to your left.
    	       3- At the castle bridge to your right.
    	       4- High on a cliff to your right, next to a tree.
    -Expert: 1- On the beach far to the right (you need to aim fairly high).
    	 2- You can see the top half over a ledge just to the right.
    	 3- On a roof to the left.
    	 4- Far to the right, on the right side of the pillar, aim low,
    		just high enough to not hit the path.  You cannot see
    		the target.
    Special: Press 2 at the loading screen for advanced archery.
    *3-Point Contest
    -Hot Streak: Get five consecutive shots in the basket.
    -Bonus Plumber: Get all five bonus balls in the basket.
    -Quick Draw: Score 20 points or more with at least 10 seconds left.
    -Hot Hand: Get all 25 balls in the basket.
    -Pure Shooter: Get all 25 balls in the basket with at least 15 seconds
    Tips: Not much to say here other than practice, practice, practice.
    	You need to find a rhythm that works for you.  One thing to be
    	aware of is that with the exception of the back board angle, it
    	is the same shot from each station (and your shots shouldn't be
    	using the backboard anyway) so sometimes it can help to not be
    	looking at the screen once you are in your flow.
    *Pickup Game*
    -Triple Dip: Make a three pointer.
    -Rim Rattler: Score five slam dunks in one game.
    -Lights Out: Score five three pointers in one game.
    -Buzzer Beater: Win with a shot that goes in after the buzzer sounds.
    -Hoop Hero: Defeat the champions in a game.
    Tips: Get Rim Rattler as early as possible, as dunks are much harder
    	later in the game.  You need to take a shot from inside the
    	blue with no one directly between you and the basket. A method
    	for three pointers that works for me is to fast dribble after
    	passing, which  usually causes your mii to step into the three
    	point area around mid court.  Just pass back and shoot. For
    	buzzer beater, you need to be behind or tied, and win with the
    	shot.  Champions appear, as usual, at 1500.
    	Some other techniques that work for me: At the start, wait for
    	a teamate to get open, then immedeatly pass and shoot.  Also,
    	especially at high levels, if you wait and raise the remote
    	slowly, you can fake out your blocker into jumping early 99%
    	of the time.
    Special: Hold 2 at the loading screen to play at night.
                                     **Table Tennis** 
    -In Your Face: Hit your opponent's face with the ball.
    -Back From the Brink: Successfully return a ball that hits the edge
    	of the table and bounces at an unpredictable angle.
    -Epic Rally: Keep up a rally for 30 hits or more.
    -Perfectly Matched: Draw with your opponent in single player mode. A
    	match is declared a draw if neither player can get two points
    	ahead of the other and the score reaches 20-20.
    -Table Titan: Beat the table tennis champion in a match.
    Tips: The first two stamps will come eventually with a bit of luck, the
    	Epic Rally stamp is easiest against a lower level, around three
    	to five hudred, computer.  Just don't do any tricky shots.
    	Perfectly Matched is easiest when done against the lowest level
    	computer, just score, then throw a point, and repeat.  The
    	champion appears at 1500.
    	If the ball is coming at you in a corkscrew pattern, it means
    	you will be able to do a power return.  Like in tennis from WII
    	Sports, hitting the ball early sends it accross your body, and
    	hitting it late sends it away from you.  Twisting the remote
    	while hitting will curve the ball.
    Special: Hold 2 at the loading screen to play an 11 point game.  Hold
    	1 to use a shoe instead of a paddle.
    *Return Challenge*
    -50 Pointer: Get a score of 50 points or more.
    -100 Pointer: Get a score of 100 points or more.
    -200 Pointer: Get a score of 200 points or more.
    -Recycler: Knock the can off the table with a ball 30 times in one game.
    -Save Face: Get a score of 100 points or more without the ball ever
    	hitting the server's face.
    Tip: The best advice is to practice.  Also, try to avoid spin and just
    	focus on hitting the ball in bounds.  I personally have found
    	that using my dominant stance the whole time rather than switch
    	constantly from backhand to forehand worked better.  One thing
    	to keep in mind with recycler is that the cans don't appear
    	until 10 hits, and they are worth 3 points.  Combined with the
    	point for the returned ball and the additional ball you'll hit
    	in the time it takes a new can to respawn, thats about an
    	average of 5 points per can.  Adding the 10 point start, you'll
    	need 160 point minimum if you hit the can as soon as it appears
    	every time.  However, you'll likely get it if you can get the
    	200 point stamp.  Or at least be close.
    -Under Par: Finish any course under par.
    -Chip It In: Get a "chip in" when a chip shot, a short shot used to get
    	the ball onto the green, falls or rolls straight into the hole.
    -King of Clubs: Finish a course at 9 under par.
    -Ace of Clubs: Finish a course at 18 under par.
    -Hole-In-One: Get a hole in one.
    Tips: I suck at the new golf.  With the added Wii Motion Plus, not only
    	can your shots curve wildly if your power excedes the gage, but
    	the gage itself can curve.  A tip I found, but did not test, is
    	that if you press B to calibrate your starting position with
    	the remote straight in front of you (like frisbee) you can use
    	a side to side swing instead of the normal golf hit.
    Special: Hold 2 at the loading screen for advanced golf.  Get under par
    	in each three hole course to unlock 3 more holes.
    -Gobble Gobble: Bowl three strikes in a row to get a turkey.
    -Split Spare: Complete a spare after getting a split on your first throw.
    -Pro Bowler: Get a score of 200 points or more.
    -Pin Dropper: Score a strike or a spare on every frame.
    -Perfect Game: Score a strike on every round.
    Tips: Anyone who played Wii Sports should find the first four stamps
    	easy.  If you can get Pin Dropper, you will likely get Gobble
    	Gobble and Pro Bowler.  Split spare is easy with a 6-7 or 4-10
    	split.  Perfect game is a true test.  Find a method that works
    	for you to get strikes.  Me, I like moving a bit to the right of
    	the head pin and granny bowling (spread leg stance, like an 80
    	year old).  It keeps the spin off.
    Special: Get a stary bowling ball when you get pro rating.  When playing
    	one player, hold left at the loading screen to play with the
    	second player's red ball instead of your blue one, hold down for
    	the third player's green ball, and right for the fourth player's
    	gold ball.
    *100-Pin Game*
    -Super Strike: Get a 100 pin strike.
    -Split Spare: Complete a spare after getting a split. 
    -Off the Wall: Hit the gutter guard once and then get a strike.
    -Secret Strike: Get the ball to roll all the way down the lane on one of
    	the guard rails.  Requires just a touch of spin.
    -Pin Dropper: Score a strike or a spare on every frame.
    Tips: Once again, just try to find a way that works for you to get
    	strikes or at least knock down a lot of pins for spares.  The
    	splits are pretty forgiving, so the split spare shouldn't be a
    	problem.  Off the wall just takes a bit of trial and error, and
    	you'll get a strike eventually.  Secret strike is tricky.  Move
    	almost all the way to one side, angle towards the rail, and toss
    	with just enough spin to keep the ball on the rail the whole way
    	down the lane.
    *Spin Control*
    -One for All: Knock down at least one pin in every frame.
    -Split Spare: Complete a spare after getting a split
    -Head First: Knock down the headpin in every frame.
    -English Major: Score 170 points or more without hitting a single barrier.
    -Pin Dropper: Score a strike or a spare on every frame.
    Tips: You really need to learn how to master spin here.  However, much
    	of the time you can get away with a clever angle and a granny
    	bowl.  You can't even nick a barrier to get enlish major, but it
    	doesn't matter for pin dropper.  Split spare will be easier with
    	earlier lanes, and Head First will get you One for All.
    	One thing to note, if you get strikes and spares, especially
    	multiple times in a row, the difficulty ramps up and the game
    	starts putting in additional barriers.  For Pin Dropper and
    	English Major, you better step up your game.  However, for Head
    	First and One for All, it will help you out if you throw gutter
    	balls with your second ball if your first already hit the target.
                                     **Power Cruising** 
    *Slalom Course*
    -Ringmaster: Go through every single bonus ring on one course.
    -5000-Pointer: Get a cumulative score of 5000 points or more overall.
    -Power Cruiser: Get a score of 170 points or more on all courses.
    -Power Jumper: Go through all the bonus rings in the final course.
    -Leisure Cruiser: Find all five time balloons in free-cruising mode. You
    	have to complete the Slalom Course afterwards to get the stamp.
    Tips: Don't boost until the gage is full and red.  Also, boosts don't
    	work if you are in mid air after hitting a wave.  Rings will not
    	go away unless you pass them, just stop at 1.  So if you really
    	suck, you can still get Ringmaster by going slow.  For Power
    	Jumper, remember to save your boosts when coming up on a midair
    	bonus ring.  You really need to hit all of the bonus rings to
    	get 170 points in some of the levels.  In the harder ones you
    	might have a margin of error of one missed ring.
    	The rings in Cavern are placed very close together, making for
    	an easy time of racking up points.  If you hit all the bonus
    	rings, you should get around 200 per run, making this my course
    	of choice for the 5000-pointer stamp.
    	The Cavern is also good place to try for Leisure Cruiser, as
    	each stage has your start out Free-Cruising mode in a different
    	location.  From the start, head a little to the right.  The
    	first balloon is in front of the rocks near the Gateway to Wuhu
    	rock arch.  Turn left about 90 degrees towards Needle Point
    	spire, and go into the Sea Serpent Cavern.  The second balloon
    	is inside.  Once you are out the other side, head left again,
    	past the Cabana Lagoon towards the Barnacle Arch.  The third
    	balloon is in it.  Curve left around the lighthouse and head
    	towards town.  The fourth baloon is between the docks and the
    	Queen Peach cruise ship.  Now 180 and head towards wedge island.
    	You should have plenty of time to reach the last baloon, out in
    	front of the peninsula pointing towards the town.
    Tips: No stamps here, just race to the finish.  Note that only one of
    	you needs to go through the checkpoint rings, but the winner is
    	who gets to the finish first.  If your opponent is heading
    	towards a ring, you can cut the corner to get ahead of them.
    	Really irked me when I was the first through every single
    	ring but my friend won the race by cutting the last corner to
    	the finish line.
    *Speed Challenge*
    -Beginner Licence: In single player mode, get to 200yd in begginer.
    -Intermediate Licence: In single player mode, get to 300yd in
    -Expert Licence: In single player mode, get to 400yd in expert.
    -Ducks in a Row: In Free Practice Mode, find all the stray ducklings
    	and lead them back to their mother. You have to complete the
    	Speed Challenge afterwards to get the stamp.
    -Cut the Red Tape: Reach the Red Tape in all difficulties.
    Tips: For Ducks in a Row, just row around the lake looking for the
    	10 lost ducklings.  If you hit a barrel, and ducks following
    	you leave.  You can bring any you find back to the mommy
    	duck for safe keeping while you search out the rest.  Some
    	are out of bounds, so you just need to row near the edge
    	until they see you.
    	Long smooth strokes are better than small rapid ones.  Keep
    	the oar close to your body and alternate sides for the best
    	speed and forward movement.  Row away from you to turn
    	faster.  In multiplayer, you all row the same canoe, and
    	you WILL need help for the Red Tape stamp.  And remember,
    	no matter what it may look like, rowing around obstacles is
    	almost always faster than trying to go through them.
    Tips from tux5959: to avoid obstacles on tight turns, paddle on the
    	very inside of the turn past the boundaries.  I also found
    	that I go faster if I paddle twice on one side and twice
    	on the other.
    Tips: No stamps, and no tricks as far as I know.  May the best man
    *Road Race*
    -Last Gasp: Finish a race when you're out of breath (blue faced).
    -First of Many: Finish in first place.
    -1-Stage Master: Finish all 1-stage races in first place.
    -3-Stage Master: Finish both 3-stage races in first place.
    -6-Stage Master: Finish the 6-stage race in first place.
    Tips: If you can't get First of Many, go find a different sport.
    	The multi stage races are actually easier than the one
    	stage races.  You only have to finish first on the last
    	race and can use the others to simply move up the ranks.
    	There are 30 racers in one stage races, 50 in three
    	stage, and 100 in the six stage.  For multi stage, try to
    	avarage moving up about 20 a day, so that you start the
    	final race in 15th place or better.
    	Falling off a cliff or running out of breath is a game
    	killer in the one stage races.  You might as well start
    	over.  It is possible to recover in the multi-stages.
    	Banana peels, oil slicks, and rocks are always in the
    	same place, so learn their positions and avoid them. Most
    	are mere annoyances, but some are garenteed to  send you
    	off a cliff if you hit them.
    	The key to success is drafting.  You will not win without
    	it.  At the start of any race, peddle like crazy until
    	you reach the first person ahead of you. Draft them until
    	you have two hearts if you can see the next person, all
    	three if you cannot.  Like a real race the cyclists tend
    	to pack together in groups.  The  strategy here is to
    	just sprint to a group, draft until you are rested, then
    	sprint to the next.
    	The placement of groups is completely random, and some
    	races where the first place person is all by themselves
    	way ahead of the second to fourth place cyclists, are
    	pretty much unwinnable.  So there is a bit of luck
    	involved.  In the final stretch, you don't need to pass
    	through the finish to win.  You can pass beside it to cut
    	the corner and save time, just be careful not to ram into
    	the pole.
    	Never, ever, ever, EVER peddle if you have no hearts
    	left, unless you are trying to get the last gasp stamp.
    	Also, steering is mostly unecessary, except for sharp
    	curves, as your Mii will keep to the course and even
    	draft other people fairly automatically.  Finally, there
    	are only two times you should ever use your brakes.  The
    	first is in the curve before the bridges in the third
    	race.  The second is if you ever find yourself next to
    	the first place cyclist and you still have about a
    	quarter of the race left.  In that case, brake as
    	necessary to stay in second or third until the finish is
    	in sight or just around the corner.  If you get ahead of
    	the first place cyclist, they will draft you until the
    	finish is close and sprint around you at the last second,
    	stealing your victory.
    Tips: Unlike real cycling, ramming an opponent will not cause
    	you both to fall off your bikes.  With this in mind,
    	try to take the inside track on turns and ram the
    	other player into walls or off cliffs.
                                     **Air Sports**
    -High Five: Catch and link up with 4 other Mii characters and
    	make sure everyone's face is visible.
    -For the Birds: Take a photo with a bird in it.
    -Friends in High Places: Catch at least 29 Mii characters
    	during your dive, then join them for the final
    	formation and have a picture taken.
    -Camera Shy: Don't catch anybody for a picture with the
    	photographer at the end.
    -200 Point Dive: Get a score of 200 points or more.
    Tips: For the Birds involves more than a little luck.  Birds
    	appear once the distance countdown has begun.  Just
    	try to find one and grab somebody to take a picture.
    	High Five is easy with a little practice.  Just
    	remember to get those faces in the picture.  Camera
    	Shy is trickier than it sounds.  After jumping, just
    	hold the remote straight up and down to shoot to the
    	ground.  You wont see any other Mii's.  Once it is
    	time to form up, the photographer comes out.  This is
    	the tricky part, as her circle is very small and she
    	moves around a lot.  Don't aim for the circle.  You
    	need to try and predict where it is GOING to be.
    	Also, try flattening out when the counter is around
    	300 so you aren't going as fast.
    	Don't worry about faces in Friends in high Places.
    	Twisting to make faces visible will cause you to fall
    	faster, losing precious time.  Also remember that you
    	don't need to get all four people from the same group.
    	if another foursome of divers is closer, head there.
    	For the 200 point Dive, practice makes perfect.  Every
    	group of four people is potentially worth 28 points.
    	If you get four people, you get an extra picture.  If
    	all four and your Mii are facing the camera each time,
    	thats 20 points.  Plus 8 more in the final formation
    	if they are facing the camera (4 people+4 faces).  Of
    	course this means you need at LEAST 7 full groups,
    	making this a feat indeed.
    *Island Flyover*
    -Island Hopper: Get and i point on Wedge Island (the golf
    -Pop Frenzy: Pop 150 balloons in the course of one flight.
    -Follow That Plane: Follow Miguel's guide plane around the
    	island for at least three minutes.
    -Wuhu Tour Gide: Collect all the i points in the daytime,
    	evening and night.
    -Balloonatic: Pop every white balloon at all times of day. Once
    	popped, white balloons will be a different colour.
    Tips: Island Hopper is simple, as is Pop Frenzy once you have
    	unlocked the double blasters.  Just aim for the big
    	balloons in the air, as well as large vehicles like
    	the blimp, boats, air planes, and actual balloons.
    	For Follow that Plane, just find Miguel and fly in his
    	smoke trail for the enitre time, just to be safe.
    	Balloonatic is only for the extremely patient and
    	tedious among you.  You really need to comb over
    	every inch of the island.
    	Wuhu Tour gide is easy once you've found all of the
    	points for one time of day, so I suggest you stick
    	with daytime until you have.  After that, the chart
    	at the end of the run tells you wich ones you have
    	found in which time setting.  Also, make sure you 
    	fly THROUGH the icon.  Getting close enough to read
    	it does not count.
    	If you don't want to find them all on your own, here
    	is a list of them, with a map and pictures:
    Tips: Always beeline for the extra balloons when they appear,
    	even if you already have the max of 30, simply to
    	prevent your opponent from getting them.  If you and
    	your opponent keep circling around eachother, try
    	braking.  It makes your turns smaller and will help
    	you get behind him.  Just be sure to boost if you
    	start to stall.
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     ( F | A | Q )
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    Haven't been asked anything yet.  Once again, feel free to
    email me any tips or tricks I failed to mention here.  I'm
    especially in need of tips for golf, bowling, and canoeing.
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     ( S | p | e | c | i | a | l ) ( T | h | a | n | k | s )
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    Thanks to tux5959 for his advice in canoeing, and
    d.e.scott.1987 for his speed slice tip.
    Thanks to Nintendo for making this game and giving me hours
    of fun.  Thanks to GameFAQs for putting up another one of
    my guides.

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