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"As great on the Wii as it is on that other console!"

First of all, I must mention that I have played Dead Rising for the Xbox 360 and I loved it! Unfortunately this game has to undergo constant reminder that it was first released on a more powerful console. But if people can remember as I did that the Nintendo Wii has never claimed to be as powerful as the 360 then they will perhaps realize that for the limited capability of the Wii system this is a GREAT game!

You are Frank West, a photo journalist out to search for clues behind a mysterious zombie infestation. You are dropped off by helicopter on the roof of a large mall to search for answers. During your search you must rescue any possible survivors while combating an endless number of zombies. If you liked the movie "The Dawn of the Dead" then you will love this story!

Dead Rising CTYD makes excellent use of the Wii's remote and nunchuk. Aiming a gun is very easy as all it entails is a simple point and shoot. The remote is also used to swing any of the various melee weapons. Pressing the 'A' button will give the weapon a basic swing while actually using a swinging motion powers your swing up a bit. Should you choose to swing your arms as opposed to pressing 'A' it is still easily done by remaining seated or while standing if that is your thing. Shake the remote to perform special attacks with certain melee weapons and to shake zombies off of you.

Interacting with things like doors and items requires pushing the 'A' and 'Z' buttons at the same time. A little odd that they didn't make it a single button but I was able to get used to it extremely quickly.

One of the most talked about problems people had with the Xbox 360 version was the save system. In Dead Rising CTYD there are multiple save points throughout the mall. There is also no time limit like there is with the 360 version, allowing you to complete more and all objectives a lot easier. Should you decide you want to free roam the mall a bit, you are free to do during a mission. However, the amount of time you spend on each mission effects your overall grade for that mission and ultimately the game when completed. But you can always choose to complete the game first with the best possible grade you can, then start another play through with you level and abilities still in tact and just have at it then.

One of the most debated topics regarding the 360 version vs the Wii version is the number of zombies on screen at once. Obviously, as a more powerful system, the 360 has a lot more. But contrary to popular belief, CTYD has PLENTY of zombies on screen and in the game. And personally, while I was playing the 360 version, I don't ever remember being in the middle of a group of zombies and pausing to admire the fact that I was able to see zombies way off in the distance. The zombies in CTYD appear as you move. I would say that once you get within 30-40 game feet from them they apear in front of you. And they can appear in small numbers and even, believe it or not, large numbers. Also, the harder the difficulty level you choose to play on, the more zombies there are to fight. It seems that a lot of the gameplay videos that started the on screen zombie rate to begin with were taken while playing on easy mode.

The only problem I have with the gameplay are the number of zombified poodles and parrots at the beginning of the game. But it seemed to me as I played through to the end that the number of poodles and parrots dropped off as new specialty zombies were added in to the mix. So it can be a bit of a pain at first but it is a very short pain.

Despite rumors, there is NO drop in frame rate anywhere that I noticed.

Cut scenes in CTYD consist of cut scenes imported from the 360 version. The look has been downgraded only very slightly. Everything still looks great! Zombie deaths, be it having body parts shot off, getting sawed in to pieces, getting blown up and more look great with lots of blood! Definitely not something parents want their young kids to be exposed to.

The different areas of the mall look great. From the food court to the little indoor amusement park. The HUGE outside courtyard. Everything looks so good that one would be surprised the Wii can pull it all off.

Classic zombie sounds right from the time you select the game from you Wii's main menu! Blood splatter sounds, explosive explosions and intense music during boss battles!

There is a lot of bias out there about this game and it comes from both sides. If things like the number of zombies on screen matter to you then at least rent it but play it with an open mind and not with the intention of only pointing out it doesn't compare to the 360 version. If you have a Wii but not a 360, but you have played the 360 version elsewhere and loved it, you WILL love this game!

One must remember, Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop is a WII game! Anyone who plays this game with the intention of comparing every little aspect to the more powerful 360 version is just robbing themselves of a great experience.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/04/09

Game Release: Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop (US, 02/24/09)

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