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"When there is no more room in hell, the dead will stalk ur wii"

Well here we are with Dead Rising: Chop Til You Drop for the Nintendo Wii. Most people are aware that there has been a version of the game available for the Xbox 360 since 2006. So how does this port hold up?

First off, I want to get a couple of things out of the way for the readers. This game is designed to be a completely different experience for the Wii audience. It wasn't designed to just be a port. This game was rebuilt on the ground up for the Wii on the Resident Evil 4 game play engine. So a lot of things have changed with the play mechanics. I won't be comparing this to the 360 version. You want to read about that version; I have a detailed review of that on the 360 board.

This is for people who have never played Dead Rising.

This game takes place over the span of 3 days (and maybe longer...depends on the ending you get) as you play the role of Frank West. Frank is a photo journalist who has gotten a tip that there is going to be a big story in a town that has been blocked off by the National Guard. Frank gets in via helicopter and has to discover the secret of the zombie outbreak. The game is set up very nicely to allow the player time to experience Frank's story. After the initial introduction to the zombies, Frank begins working with others and saving lives of others trapped in the mall. The story is standard B-movie stuff...there is some funny lines that both the main character and supporting characters say....its your job not to laugh and take the game as being a game, not a experience that will change your life. Along the way, Frank will encounter "psychos" spread around the mall that creates the games boss battles. Most of these fights can be avoided, but it goes to give you insight into the inner workings of a persons mind when they think the world has ended. You are also given objectives via your phone which lead you to rescuing survivors.

This game runs on 480p which is nice. However, the cut scenes look like they are m-peg files that were just put on the disk and aren't real time. Part of the fun of this game is changing Franks costume and the immersion factor is lost when the cut scene triggers and Frank is back into his old clothes. The game has a blurry effect while playing; it's hard to describe it any other way. Franks character model and that of the other main characters look good while playing, but the enemy models look still and dull...and very low resolution. The mall is a pretty big place and there are several stores you can go into. Also, almost anything can be used as a form of defense. Attacking enemies with pies or bowling balls, you will see realistic animations depicting zombie killing goodness. The game has almost 20-30 enemies on screen at certain times, which is fun. There is also some pop in while running in big areas, which can sometimes lead you to running into a crowd of zombies you didn't see there before. The games camera angle follows behind Frank and switches to over the shoulder view when Frank uses guns. Some of the bigger areas such as the malls indoor park suffer the most from pop in. Still a pretty game, just not the best on the Wii.

Game play:
This game is fun to play and easy to master. Set up exactly like the Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition, you use the Wii Remote to point your gun and fire. While lacking the body part specific details like shooting legs or things out of enemies' hands, it is detailed enough for head shots. Movement is done by the analog stick and the camera can be controlled somewhat via the D-pad. Almost anything can be used as a form of defense during the game. Examples are bats, skate boards, bikes, knifes...I also found a teddy bear can be used as a defense, just not a good one. Due to the hardware limitations of the Wii, the mall isn't as open as one could expect though. It seems that a lot of parts are closed off, forcing the player to go into crowds of respawning enemies. The zombies move slow, however some zombies are very similar to the "Dawn of the Dead" remake zombies and move quickly. Also, zombie dogs and birds room the mall, forcing players to remove them first while still handling the zombies. A plus to the game is that there is a gun system which allows players to carry a shotgun, handgun, pipe bomb and sniper rifle. Also, each of this guns can be upgraded via the gun shop and collecting money. Ammo is available after killing zombies along with the money, so you really have no excuse to not upgrade or use the guns.

Voice acting is okay for a B-Movie game. Frank West is voiced well and the other voice actors follow his lead. The game has a good feel to the mall as you hear mall music and announcements during the play time. When the mall is closed, the music shots off as you would expect. Again, good quality music set up.

Replay ability:
You will be coming back to this game after completing it. The game is very fun to play and encourages players to incorporate different methods to accomplishing tasks. Unlockables include mini-games (which unlock other features such as costumes and the ultimate zombie killing gun, the mega blaster).

Overall, a very good Wii game which players will enjoy. It's a unique experience and something that will keep your system busy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/04/09

Game Release: Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop (US, 02/24/09)

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