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    Trivia Question Guide by hiller101

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    Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2
    Trivia Question Guide
    By: Chris Hiller “Hiller101”
    Copyright 09-22-09
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Act 1 Questions
    3. Act 2 Questions
    4. Act 3 Questions
    5. Act 4 Questions
    6. Closing, Legal, and Contact Info
    1. Introduction
    This guide is simple. I wanted to make this guide for people that want 
    to get all the XP from the trivia questions. There are a total of 200 
    trivia questions broken up into four acts. I didn’t bother to put the 
    “Act 5” questions in this guide because it is all the questions put 
    together. I hope this helps out all who read this guide. Thank you for 
    reading. Enjoy!
    2. ACT 1 Questions
    XP earned per question: 50
    Total XP earned in Act 1: 2,500
    Q. What is Spider-Man’s secret identity? 
    A. Peter Parker
    Q. What is the criminal identity of Obadiah Stone?
    A. Iron Monger
    Q. What is Captain America’s Real Name?
    A. Steve Rogers
    Q. What is the secret identity of the Gray Goblin?
    A. Gabriel Stacy
    Q. Where was Speedball working when he gained his powers?
    A. Hammond Research Laboratory
    Q. What is Songbird’s real name?
    A. Melissa Gold
    Q. Where did Charles Xavier locate his school for gifted youngsters?
    A. Westchester, New York
    Q. What is the name of the newspaper founded by Daredevil confidant Ben         
    A. Front Line
    Q. What is the criminal identity of Otto Octavius?
    A. Doctor Octopus
    Q. What is Daredevil’s real name?
    A. Matt Murdock
    Q. What is Luke Cage’s real name?
    A. Carl Lucas
    Q. Which member of the X-Men can build anything they can imagine?
    A. Forge
    Q. The Fantastic Four call what city home?
    A. New York
    Q. Before he was a hero, Spider-Man briefly called himself a…
    A. Wrestler
    Q. When the character was first created, Wolverine was intended to be 
    A. A wolverine mutated to human form
    Q. What job does Peter Parker do for the Daily Bugle?
    A. Photographer
    Q. What letter does Captain America traditionally wear on his forehead?
    A. A
    Q. What price did Invisible Woman agree to pay Doctor Doom for 
    delivering her baby safely?
    A. Doom could name the baby
    Q. Which team is Wolverine not a part of?
    A. Warbound
    Q. Captain America is a member of which team?
    A. Avengers
    Q. Thing is a member of which team?
    A. Fantastic four
    Q. Who is known as the “man without fear”?
    A. Daredevil
    Q. What is Ms. Marvel’s real name?
    A. Carol Danvers
    Q. What is Wolverine’s real name?
    A. James Howlett
    Q. Which of these is the secret agent who aided the X-Men before dying 
    in a plane explosion?
    A. Michael Rossi
    Q. Which Team is known as “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”?
    A. Avengers
    Q. Which team is known to be “Uncanny”?
    A. X-Men
    Q. Wolverine received his adamantium skeleton as part of what program?
    A. Weapon X
    Q. What is Hulk’s Real Name?
    A. Bruce Banner
    Q. Blade’s mother was attacked by what creature?
    A. Vampire
    Q. What war did Captain America Fight in?
    A. World War II
    Q. What are the Fantastic Four’s uniforms made of?
    A. Unstable molecules
    Q. Spider-Man first appeared in what issue of ‘Amazing Fantasy’?
    A. 15
    Q. What is Gambit’s real name?
    A. Remy LeBeau
    Q. What is Iceman’s real name?
    A. Bobby Drake
    Q. What was Jean Grey’s original X-Men team name?
    A. Marvel Girl
    Q. Spider-Man’s Costume does NOT have which of these colors?
    A. Yellow
    Q. What is Psylocke’s real name?
    A. Elizabeth Braddock
    Q. What is Cyclops’ real name?
    A. Scott Summers
    Q. How is Spider-Man related to Spider-Woman?
    A. Not related
    Q. Reed Richards is also known as…
    A. Mister Fantastic
    Q. Which of these women has NOT been Spider-Woman?
    A. Jean Grey
    Q. What is the name of the human that shares Thor’s Body?
    A. Donald Blake
    Q. Luke Cage works as a bodyguard for Matt Murdock with whom?
    A. Jessica Jones
    Q. Where was Jean Grey’s father employed?
    A. Bard College
    Q. What is Nick Fury’s middle name?
    A. Joseph
    Q. Who was the man Psylocke was telepathically linked to when he was 
    A. Tom Lennox
    Q. Daredevil is of what descent?
    A. Irish-American
    Q. After traveling through time, what pirate identity did Thing adopt?
    A. Blackbeard
    Q. In the comics, which super-villain killed Gwen Stacy?
    A. Green Goblin
    3. ACT 2 Questions
    XP earned per question: 200
    Total XP earned in Act 2: 10,000
    Q. What is Luke Cage’s old superhero name?
    A. Power Man
    Q. In which comic did Wolverine first appear?
    A. ‘The Incredible Hulk’ 180
    Q. What was Ms. Marvel’s name in the House of M?
    A. Captain Marvel
    Q. Who shot and killed Steve Rogers?
    A. Sharon Carter
    Q. Who has not been one of Daredevil’s love interests?
    A. Betty Brant
    Q. What was the name of Marvel Comics before it was Marvel Comics?
    A. Timely Comics
    Q. Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben was…
    A. Shot
    Q. Complete this sentence: With great power there must also come 
    A. Responsibility
    Q. What is the name of the book Ben Urich wrote about the Green Goblin?
    A. Legacy of Evil
    Q. How old was Mister Fantastic when he first met his wife Sue?
    A. 19
    Q. What superhero has romantic feelings for Penance?
    A. Squirrel Girl
    Q. What is Daredevil’s day job?
    A. Lawyer
    Q. Wolverine’s skeleton is covered with what alloy?
    A. Adamantium
    Q. What materials were in the shield Franklin D. Roosevelt presented 
    Captain America?
    A. Steel and Vibranium
    Q. Who Raised Daredevil?
    A. His father
    Q. Which Avenger was found frozen in a block of ice?
    A. Captain America
    Q. Who is the publisher of the Daily Bugle?
    A. J. Jonah Jameson
    Q. In what year was Wolverine’s first appearance published?
    A. 1974
    Q. Where does Thor live?
    A. Asgard
    Q. What is the name of Tony Stark’s Father?
    A. Howard Stark
    Q. What is the name of Ms. Marvel’s cat?
    A. Chewie
    Q. Who was the Super-Skrull created to destroy?
    A. Fantastic Four
    Q. What are Doctor Doom’s robots known as?
    A. Doombots
    Q. What is the Name of Thor’s Hammer?
    A. Mjolnir
    Q. What does Cyclops wear to control his powers?
    A. Glasses
    Q. Who is Best known for saying, “It’s Clobber’n Time!”?
    A. The Thing
    Q. What is the name of Tony Stark’s personal assistant?
    A. Pepper Potts
    Q. Who originally bore the name “Human Torch”?
    A. An android
    Q. What color was Ben Grimm’s Hair?
    A. Brown
    Q. Thor is not immortal, but must eat golden apples picked by whom?
    A. Idunn
    Q. What is the name of Eddie Brock’s Ex-wife?
    A. Anne Weying
    Q. Who was Bruce Banner’s wife?
    A. Betty
    Q. Who is Storm’s husband?
    A. Black Panther
    Q. Where was Gambit Born?
    A. New Orleans
    Q. What is Deadpool’s real name?
    A. Wade Wilson
    Q. What is the real name of the assistant of the doctor who 
    experimented on Deadpool after he washed out of Weapon X?
    A. Francis
    Q. Which Goddess is Thor’s mother?
    A. Gaea
    Q. Which of the following has NOT been a host to the Venom Symbiote?
    A. Matt Murdock
    Q. Which of these is not a relative of Cyclops?
    A. Norman Summers
    Q. Which of these is a known ally of Professor Mendel Stromm?
    A. Seward Trainer
    Q. In what city was Blade born?
    A. London
    Q. Which of these was NOT a founding member of the Avengers?
    A. Spider-Man
    Q. What is Iron Man’s real name?
    A. Tony Stark
    Q. In the original comic story, in what country was Tony Stark held 
    A. Vietnam
    Q. Which super-villain once refused to pay Luke Cage for his work?
    A. Doctor Doom
    Q. In which town did Sue and Johnny Storm grow up?
    A. Glenville
    Q. Which of these women is Gabriel Stacy’s sister-in-law?
    A. Liz Osborn
    Q. What is the highest level of education completed by Jessica Drew?
    A. High School Dropout
    Q. Which of these was once an alias of Edwin Jarvis
    A. Crimson Cowl
    Q. Which of these was not the name of Frank Castle’s wife, son, or 
    A. Helen
    4. ACT 3 Questions
    XP earned per question: 450
    Total XP earned in Act 3: 22,500
    Q. Who is the super-villain Scorpio’s brother?
    A. Nick Fury
    Q. In what issue of ‘The Uncanny X-Men’ did Psylocke join the X-Men?
    A. 213
    Q. The Hulk gained his powers after being exposed to what radiation?
    A. Gamma
    Q. Who is Captain America’s greatest villain?
    A. Red Skull
    Q. What is Sue Richards’ maiden name?
    A. Storm
    Q. What is the Human Torch’s real name?
    A. Johnny Storm
    Q. What country is ruled by Black Panther?
    A. Wakanda
    Q. Who is Matt Murdock’s law partner?
    A. Foggy Nelson
    Q. What is Storm’s real name?
    A. Ororo Munroe
    Q. What is the name of Norman Osborn’s son?
    A. Harry
    Q. Who is Psylocke’s brother?
    A. Captain Britain
    Q. What college did Reed Richards attend?
    A. Empire State University
    Q. What was the name of Captain America’s teen sidekick?
    A. Bucky
    Q. What metal is mined in Wakanda?
    A. Vibranium
    Q. Who is known as the “merc with a mouth”?
    A. Deadpool
    Q. Who made Spider-Man’s costume?
    A. Peter Parker
    Q. How long can Grey Gargoyle turn something to stone?
    A. 1 hour
    Q. In what comic did Iron Man first appear?
    A. ‘Tales of Suspense’
    Q. What is the name of Hulk’s cousin?
    A. Jennifer Walters
    Q. Who was the crime lord that hired Slaymaster to kill Psylocke and 
    the other S.T.R.I.K.E. PSI-Divison agents?
    A. Vixen
    Q. What is the name of Storm’s mother?
    A. N’Dare
    Q. Whom did Gambit approach for help after his powers became active?
    A. Sinister
    Q. What was the name of Daredevil’s first love?
    A. Elektra
    Q. Complete this name: Xavier’s School For Gifted…
    A. Youngsters
    Q. Deadpool was once investigated by what interdimensional law firm?
    A. Landau, Luckman, and Lake
    Q. Thor’s enemy, Surtur, is from what plane of existence?
    A. Muspelheim
    Q. Eddie Brock lost his job at the Daily Glove after fabricating a 
    story about who? 
    A. Sin-Eater
    Q. Ben Grimm is also known as…
    A. The Thing
    Q. What country does Doctor Doom call home?
    A. Latveria
    Q. Who is the mother of Norman Osborn’s son Gabriel?
    A. Gwen Stacy
    Q. What rank was Cyclops’s father in the United States Air Force?
    A. Major
    Q. Penance has a suit that causes how many points of pain?
    A. 612
    Q. Who is the founder of the X-Men?
    A. Charles Xavier
    Q. Who Built the Iron Man armor?
    A. Tony Stark
    Q. What is the name of the Fantastic Four’s home?
    A. Baxter Building
    Q. What was Songbird’s wrestling stage name?
    A. Screaming Mimi
    Q. Who was the leader of the Bloodshadows
    A. Lamia
    Q. Who did Tony Stark claim Iron Man really was?
    A. His bodyguard
    Q. Where is the Baxter Building located?
    A. 42nd St. and Madison Ave.
    Q. What college did Iceman attend?
    A. UCLA
    Q. How old was Jean Grey when her powers first manifested?
    A. 10
    Q. Rick Jones was the friend of what scientist?
    A. Bruce Banner
    Q. Iceman once pursued a romantic relationship with Polaris. What name 
    did Polaris use first?
    A. Magnetrix
    Q. In 1780, Jean Grey’s ancestor was a Hellfire Club Queen in what 
    A. Philadelphia
    Q. Which agency has Nick Fury not worked for?
    A. FBI
    Q. Which of these is NOT a color the Hulk has turned?
    A. Yellow
    Q. Ms. Marvel’s lover, William Wagner, was revealed to be a member of 
    what alien race?
    A. Kree
    Q. Captain America was shot and killed in ‘Captain America’ Volume 5, 
    Issue 25, which was published in what month?
    A. March 2007
    Q. While Human Torch was appearing in the pages of ‘Strange Tales’, 
    what was the name of his girlfriend?
    A. Dorrie Evans
    Q. What religion is The Thing?
    A. Jewish
    5. ACT 4 Questions
    XP earned per question: 800
    Total XP earned in Act 4: 40,000
    Q. What religious affiliation is Penance?
    A. Presbyterian
    Q. Who is Songbird’s great love, Beetle, also known as?
    A. Abner Jenkins
    Q. What is The Thing’s middle name?
    A. Jacob
    Q. Which of these is not one of Hulk’s multiple personalties?
    A. Bannerman
    Q. As a young girl, Storm was a Thief in what city?
    A. Cairo
    Q. Daredevil’s arch nemesis, The Kingpin, was first an enemy of what 
    other character?
    A. Spider-Man
    Q. What is the name of Luke Cage’s daughter?
    A. Danielle
    Q. What is the name of the Avengers’ Butler?
    A. Edwin Jarvis
    Q. What newspaper did Norman Osborn buy?
    A. Daily Bugle
    Q. For a time, Hulk was known as Joe Fixit and worked as muscle for 
    what casino owner?
    A. Michael Berengetti
    Q. Gambit married Bella Donna Boudreaux and was forced to do battle 
    with her bother. What was his name?
    A. Julien
    Q. What is Penance’s real name?
    A. Robbie Baldwin
    Q. What fear does Storm suffer from?
    A. Claustrophobia
    Q. What is the name of Peter Parker’s Uncle?
    A. Ben
    Q. After Jean Grey’s death, Cyclops signs onto a fishing boat. Who was 
    the captain of this boat?
    A. Lee Forrester
    Q. What street gang did Blade join as a young man?
    A. Bloodshadows
    Q. At what age did Tony Stark begin attending MIT?
    A. 15
    Q. What is the cover date on ‘Amazing Fantasy’ 15?
    A. August 1962
    Q. When Doctor Doom was deposed as leader of Latveria, who took 
    A. Zorba
    Q. What was Ms. Marvel’s Air Force call sign?
    A. Cheeseburger
    Q. Mister Fantastic’s 40th century descendant, Nathaniel Richards, is 
    also known by what name?
    A. Kang the Conqueror
    Q. Ms. Marvel battled the Brood single-handedly in what Georgia town?
    A. Spaulding
    Q. What is the name of Peter Parker’s Aunt?
    A. May
    Q. What is the identity of the Captain America impostor the Human Torch 
    A. Acrobat
    Q. Which of these government agencies has Wolverine not worked with?
    A. NSA
    Q. What did Hank Pym discover?
    A. Pym Particles
    Q. Why did Sue Storm’s father go to prison?
    A. Accidentally killed a man
    Q. Whom did Gambit help a de-aged Storm defeat?
    A. Amahl Farouk
    Q. Songbird controls her powers with technology developed by what 
    A. Klaw
    Q. What member of the X-Men was Iceman?
    A. Second
    Q. Where did Jean Grey go to college after leaving Xavier’s school?
    A. Metro College
    Q. Who created the Infinity Formula?
    A. Dr. Berthold Sternberg
    Q. Psylock originally had what powers?
    A. Telepathy
    Q. What is the name of Daredevil’s ninja master?
    A. Stick
    Q. Which team has Luke Cage not been a member of?
    A. X-Men
    Q. Cyclops’s wife Madelyne struck a bargain with what demon
    A. N’astirh
    Q. Who is the only vampire hunter other than Blade to survive Ogun 
    Strong’s Battle with Dracula?
    A. Musenda
    Q. Captain America was part of what World War II era super team? 
    A. Invaders
    Q. Which of the following has not been one of Wolverine’s aliases?
    A. Weapon Omega
    Q. In High School the Invisible Woman was captain of what?
    A. Girls Varsity Swim Team
    Q. What is the name of Human Torch’s friend who convinced him to be a 
    A. Mike Snow
    Q. The Fantastic Four gained their powers after being hit by what?
    A. Cosmic Rays
    Q. What is the name of The Thing’s older brother, who was killed in a 
    street fight?
    A. Daniel
    Q. What is the name of the great love that rejected Deadpool because of 
    his healing factor?
    A. Death
    Q. What amnesiac World War II hero did Human Torch encounter after 
    quitting the Fantastic Four?
    A. Namor
    Q. Thor’s enemy Fafnir was once king of what?
    A. Nastrond
    Q. What was Penance’s superhero identity before he was Penance?
    A. Speedball
    Q. Who was Bobby Drake on a date with when his powers first manifested?
    A. Judy Harmon
    Q. What is the name of the woman who came to possess a Yellow Venom 
    A. Donna Diego
    Q. What is the Superhuman Registration Act also known as?
    A. HR 421
    6. Closing, Legal, and Contact Info
    I created this guide for the Wii version of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 
    2. This guide does not work for the 360 or the PS3. Thank you for 
    reading. I hope my guide helped out everyone who read this.
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use 
    of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display 
    is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Contact Information: Hilla04_2004@hotmail.com
    Copyright 2009 Chris Hiller a.k.a. Hiller101

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