How do I beat Lancelot the second time?

  1. After beating the main game, there is a rematch against him. I need some pointers for this tough battle.

    User Info: Great_Morgil

    Great_Morgil - 8 years ago

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  1. I beat him but it took a long time, both methods require same Preparations.
    (I prefer the alternate method)


    First you need at least one herb of toughness (two works better, if you don't have a second one use a herb of strength instead), next you will need gauge bonus (the more the better) and Soul Barrier unlocked in knight style or in Paladin Style.

    Durring the Fight

    Try to start by lunging at him just before he gets to you if you can do this you can get in some good hits then just keep doing that until he teleports to you then use soul surge before he attacks and that should finish him.

    Durring the Fight (alternate method)

    Start by using Soul surge before he gets to you after this either get hit to get more soul energy or jump back to avoid his chaos blast. If you got hit repeat until he starts teleporting to you. if you dodged keep backfliping unitl he gets close then try to aerial slash him (if you get hit use soul surge) until he starts teleporting to you. When he starts teleporting to you etiher BLOCK!!! Then slash at him or use soul surge before he attacks and jump back before attacks until he's finished.

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  1. All I did was block his attacks and used Soul Surge on him. It was just luck. That's all I know.

    User Info: Blade_Maker

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  2. What I did was use Sonic (Knight Style), and perfect block his small chaos balls to fill my gauge a little, and when he was about to use them again, I'll activate Soul Surge in the air and perfect hit him every time.

    I never attacked him directly with my sword.

    User Info: _Taidow_

    _Taidow_ - 8 years ago 0 0
  3. Firstly, make sure to block his lunge attack and his 3-strike attack. Then, I find it best to activate Soul Surge as he flips back to start his attack again. As he gets up, make sure to cancel the Soul Surge and block/backflip to avoid his Chaos Blast. As you do more damage, he'll throw more Chaos Spears (To the point of throwing around 14). But the strategy is the same. As he gets to his last leg, he'll use his 'Chaos Punishment' to attack one more time, before backflips again. Curiously, I couldn't activate Soul Surge when he backflipped at that time. However, the oppurtuntity to finish him off will arise after he uses Chaos Blast, because he'll backflip before throwing his Chaos Spears. If you get Perfect hits, you should finish him off by this time. On a side note I used Knight Style with a high Proficcency level, and I didn't need to use items that increased my stats.

    User Info: Statyx

    Statyx - 8 years ago 1 0
  4. All I do is Atack him.
    The Upward slash can block most of his atacks, while in that, you can spin-air sword atack to make him crush on the ground. then you can upward again making him to get up and get damage, and redo the spin-air sword atack.
    later on, when he starts to throw lots of energy balls. you can take distance, to force him to use the Chaos Control, and do the upward slash again, so you can bring him down.
    I got hit only one time doing this, my mistake x_x got only 4 star because of that =/

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  5. A really cheap way to win (this got me 5 stars, and I used no equipment) is to stand still and jump just before he gets really close and use the verticle mid-air spin attack. You have to practice the timing awhile, but it's really easy this way. Block when he shoots 3 chaos spears, backflip when he shoots more or attempts swings. Jump and spin a final time when he teleports. This is really the easiest way to get 5 stars.

    User Info: Caleb_Womack

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  6. I lunged at him in the beginning, and aerial attacked and used the sword spin the rest, with a few clash wins. I recomend starting a clash as sooooooooooon as possible, and win and lunge as soon as you get a chance after a clash to start another.

    User Info: keyblade_lord

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  7. This is by far the most difficult boss in the entire game, so be sure to equip paladin style and any items that increase your offense or defense. When the fight starts, instantaneously use Soul Surge if you have the proper skills. Be sure to get perfect hits both times. Then try and stay back. He will use chaos blast, (surprise surprise...) so whenever you see him glow red and throw his arms up, put your guard up. This will probably give you soul energy. The second the blast wears off, use soul surge again (perfect hits, like always.) If you back up, be sure not to go to far backwards, or he will use a form of chaos spear on you. Also, be sure not to lock swords with him unless you are highly skilled with those clashes, as he wins on this battle almost all the time. As he gets closer to being disgraced, he will try as hard as hedgehogly (?) possible to destroy you. He will make a second line of spears when he uses it, his attacks will come far more often and his movement speed will double. Just use soul surge whenever possible, and be sure to maintain a distance when he attacks.

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  8. You see what I did is also like what AngelTails did. I blocked the chaos balls and got my gauge up, then I used surge when he started to use another chaos ball attack. and repeat.

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