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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 10/02/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People!! (Wii Version)
    Episode 2: Strong Badia the Free
    A FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ
    Version 1.1
    E-mail: cyricz42 at yahoo.com
    1. Introduction
    2. FAQ
    3. Basics
       3A. Controls
       3B. Menus/Displays
       3C. Hints & Tips
    4. Free Country USA
       4A. The Peoples
       4B. The Places
    5. Hint-throughs
       5A. Part 1: Taking Guff From Nobody
       5B. Part 2: The Place Where the Tropical Breezes Blow
       5C. Part 3: Honor. Valor. Buttor.
    6. Step-by-Step Walkthrough
       6A. Part 1: Taking Guff From Nobody
       6B. Part 2: The Place Where the Tropical Breezes Blow
       6C. Part 3: Honor. Valor. Buttor.
    7. Collectibles
       7A. TGS Ideas
       7B. Game Manual Pages
       7C. Souvenir Flags
       7D. Costume Pieces
       7E. Other List-Completers
    8. Extras
       8B. Math Kickers
    9. Standard Guide Stuff
       9A. Legal
       9B. E-mail Guidelines
       9C. Credits
       9D. Version Updates
       9E. The Final Word
    Hello, everyone.  I'm fantastic CyricZ, with an important-seeming 
    FAQ/Walkthrough for the second of the five episodes of Strong Bad's Cool Game 
    for Attractive People.  In this guide, I pander to the masses and provide you 
    with the means to get through Strong Bad's second day of awesome adventure.  
    In addition to a usual walkthrough and notes about all the extras, I've also 
    provided hint-throughs, giving you just a little push in the right direction, 
    leaving you with some small sense of actually accomplishing something in the 
    game.  That said, let's begin.
    2. FAQ
    Q: What is SBCG4AP?
    A: An episodic series for the Wii and PC, featuring the characters from the 
     popular cartoon website: homestarrunner.net (it's dot com!)
    Q: Do I need to be aware of the cartoons to play this game?
    A: It would certainly help, but it's not required.  A basic knowledge of how 
     everybody does their thing should suffice, which I provide you.
    Q: How can I get this game thingy?
    A: If on the Wii, you need to be online and have access to the Shop Channel.  
     You can purchase this from the Shop Channel for 1000 points.  If you're 
     considerably less cool and have to stoop to getting it for the PC, simply go 
     to telltalegames.com and purchase and download from there.  Ask your parents' 
     permission.  Void where prohibited.
    Q: I have a problem that seems to be specific to the PC version.  Can I ask 
     you about it?
    A: I'd rather you didn't, since I certainly can't be crapped to pay for 
     this game twice.  I reserve that honor only for the highest in Videlectrix 
    3. BASICS
    Here's all the simple information for simpletons.  First tip: Wii-mote does 
    not taste good.
    3A. Controls =
    Pointer: Used to manipulate the cursor on-screen.
    A Button: Used to activate pointer where it's pointing.  Will be used to 
     walk towards stuff, manipulate stuff, talk to stuff, and mash stuff.
    B Button: Used as a cancel button.  Also can be used during any dialogue 
     scene to skip it.  Warning: Skipping Strong Bad's awesome dialogue is 
     considered a crime in multiple states and territories.
    - Button: Access the inventory in your pants.  Most people would say 
     "pockets".  I say "pants".
    + Button: Check your game status, which includes your handy map of FC USA 
     (self-drawn), your collected extra items (self-fulfilled), and your overall 
     stats of stuff you've done (self-loathing).
    2 Button: During the basic run-around gameplay, you can use this to bring up 
     Photo Mode.  In Photo Mode, you can take snapshots to save to your Wii so 
     you can annoy people by sending them.
    Movement: Click a spot anywhere in the field and the big SB will shuffle his 
     tape legs over there.  If you double click, Strong Bad will pick up the 
     pace a little.  Also, holding down the A button will make Strong Bad try to 
     follow your cursor as diligently as a one-legged puppy.
    Interaction: Any time your cursor comes upon a "hot spot", you'll see a small 
     text blurb describing it.  Click on it and Strong Bad will walk over and 
     talk about it, to it, or try to do something with it.
    Dialogue: Click on any of the famous h*r characters to begin negotiations.  
     Sometimes the conversation will be scripted and that'll be it.  Other times, 
     you'll be given a little dialogue window with topics to talk about.  
     Furthermore, you will sometimes be given a little be-halo'd SB, or a horn-ed 
     SB to select.  These can be used to vaguely compliment or rudely berate who 
     you're talking to, respectively.  Safe to say, it's always awesome to try 
    Items: Once you snag and bag an item, it will be in your inventory.  You can 
     access that item by clicking on the inventory button at the upper-left 
     corner of the screen, or by pressing the - button.  Click on whatever item 
     you wish to play with, which will be attached to your cursor.  Then, click 
     on the object or person in the field you want to use it on for maximum 
    3B. Menus/Displays =
    Main Menu -
    New Game: Start a game from the beginning.  Any autosave data you have from a 
     previous game will be erased, so be sure to log that.
    Save/Load: You can pick any of the three files to save your current game to, 
     or you can load 'em up one of your previously saved games, including the 
     recent autosave.
    Settings: Tweak-a-the-game.  I will describe this, forthwith.
    Quit It: Return to the Wii Menu, you quitter.
    Preview: Check out a quick preview of the next action-isode.
    Settings Menu -
    Give Hints: You can set this for "Low", "Medium", or "High".  The higher you 
     set it, the quicker Strong Bad (or another nearby character) will 
     occasionally interject with a hint about what you're supposed to be doing 
    Subtitles: With these on, you'll be able to see and read all The Cheat's 
     "mehs", and all of Pom-Pom's "bubbles".
    Pop-up Text: This is the text that lets you know of a "hotspot".  You can 
     turn it off for a serious pixel-hunting challenge.
    Music/Voice/Sounds: Adjust these sliders to adjust the relative volume of 
     the auditory stuff you will experience in the game.
    Main Game Display -
    The top of the screen contains all the buttons you'll ever need:
    The three in the top left are the Inventory, Map (and status), and Photo 
    The button in the top right scrolls up the Main Menu, which won't remove you 
    from the action, but let you save, or tweak the settings if you wish.
    3C. Hints & Tips =
    Play the tutorial for a hold-your-hand look at how your average adventure 
    game works.  If you're familiar with the concept, it's not really necessary, 
    but there are some elements exclusive to this series you might want to know 
    about.  I don't plan on providing a walkthrough for the tutorial, as they 
    really do hold your hand, and it really is as uncomfortable as it sounds.
    This is a point and click adventure, which automatically means one simple 
    thing: point and click on EVERYTHING.  Hunt everywhere for "hotspots" to 
    interact with, use every item on everything, talk to everyone about 
    Remember, if you feel you're stuck in boring dialogue (rare as it occurs in 
    this game), you can always mash B to skip to the next line.
    Your map is a nice easy way to warp around town.  Although you can return to 
    it by walking out of the current area by any stone-marked pathway, you can 
    also use the + button or Map button in the upper-left part of the screen, 
    select a spot, and immediately jump there.
    And hey, even though it's not required to get through the game, going to 
    homestarrunner.com and viewing some of the awesome cartoons they have there 
    may give you some ideas, or at least clue you in on the habits of these weird 
    animal peoples.
    Heretofore is a quick rundown of the encountering encounters you can expect 
    while traipsing about the game.
    4A. The Peoples =
    Strong Bad - "Look out, world!  I'm an independent girl!  Rolling around like 
      a motorcade!"
     Warrior, poet, wrestleman.  Strong Bad truly is the last great guy.  As the 
     most popular character on h*r, Strong Bad rules over his Internet-based 
     subjects with an iron fist, and a butterscotch tongue.  Can often be found 
     checking his e-mail and reasserting his status.
    Homestar Runner - "One, two.  One, two."
     When there's a goal that needs surmounting, you go to Homestar Runner, 
     unless that goal involves intelligence, tact, ingenuity, memory, or 
     basically anything mental-related.  But, if you've got a race that needs 
     running, or a sport that needs playing, he'll be there, throwing his lack of 
     arms at the challenge.
    Strong Sad - "Here I go!" *foomp*
     Strong Bad's little brother, lifetime member and founder of the Dump Poets' 
     Society.  Always willing to put his best elephant foot forward, except on 
     days when he's feeling downtrodden, depressed, or decrepit, which is pretty 
     much all of them.
    Strong Mad - "DAAHHH!!"
     This large square of a man is Strong Bad's older brother, who speaks more 
     through his actions than his words.  This is largely because he knows more 
     actions than words.  It is advised one not stand in his path, lest ye become 
     the path itself.
    The Cheat - "MEHHH!!"
     Part cheese, part anvil, all squeaky rodent thing, The Cheat is one fine-
     looking young man.  Living up to his name, including the integral article, 
     he's always looking to get an advantage in life, in any way possible.
    Marzipan - *guitar riff*
     Marzipan is unique among all the characters for one very obvious reason: 
     she enjoys organic food.  This purple-dressed stick lady is fiercely 
     independent, or so she claims, and maintains a very consistent on/off-again 
     relationship with Homestar.
    Pom-Pom - *pum pum pum... pum... pum*
     Homestar's main man is a Pom from the Isle of Pom.  Big, round, eloquent, 
     stylish, and with tons of lady friends, it's a bit of a mystery how he 
     fits into the h*r amalgam.  Former Strongest Man in the World after 
     abdicating his title.
    Bubs - "Ooo.  Ah!  A-reek-a-deek-a-deek-a-deek-a-deek-a-deek-a-deek-a-deek-a!"
     The finest representation of capitalism in Free Country, USA, Bubs runs 
     the local concession stand, which supplies the populace with pretty much 
     everything they need except psychiatric help.  Also has knowledge of several 
     funky-fresh dance moves.
    Coach Z - *buzz* "Atta boy!"
     A well-past-his-prime athelete, old man Coach Z is a coach by day, and an 
     aspiring hip hop artist by night.  To accomplish both ends, he immerses 
     himself in the traditional hip hop lifestyle of sleeping in the locker 
     room, avoiding showers, and generally being a creepy old man.
    The King of Town - *munch munch munch munch*
     It's unknown whose authority actually pulls more weight, Coach Z's or the 
     KOT's.  Either way, neither pull much.  Maintaining a castle with several 
     loyal subjects, the King lords over not much more than his own appetite, but 
     believe you me that he lords over it enough for everybody.
    The Poopsmith - *squish squish splort splort*
     Gainfully employed by the KOT, it's easy to see why Poopsmith refuses to 
     speak what with the job he has.  In short: okay guy, crappy job.
    Homsar - "Aaaah!  Aahhhhahhh.  Ahhhhhhaaaahhahhhh!"
     Obviously the only one in town who knows what's going on.
    4B. The Places =
    The House of Strong (aka Bleak House) -
     The starting point, or at least "central hub" of your adventures.  This is 
     totally where the action is.  A lovely three-level abode, the brothers 
     Strong all live here, and the Cheat spends most of his time here as well, 
     catering to the machinations of the patriarch.
    The Field -
     A large field area, this scrolling zone houses several points of interest 
     for the interested pointer:
      Strong Badia - Strong Bad's personal abandoned field-kingdom, which he 
       tends to with a gracious hand.
      Bubs' Concession Stand (aka Concession-stantinople) - Your one-stop shop for 
       goods, services, drinks, snow cones, and other picture postcards.
      The Stick - A true monument to fortitude in the face of adversity, the 
       Stick tends to be a nice meet-up spot.
      Cool Car - This jaunty jalopy has moved about three inches in the last 
       seven years, but is still the hottest ride in town.
      Photo Booth - This space and time warping phenomenom recently popped up in 
       FCUSA, where those who choose to flaunt their fantastic physique get their 
       shot at the big time.
      The Whale - Nine seventeen.  Sever your leg please, sir.  It's the greatest 
    Club Technochocolate (aka Pompomerania) -
     This pwawty cloughb is home to the freshest moves and the stalest drinks 
     to be found in Free Country USA.  Shogun Pom Pom stakes this claim for 
     himself once the episode truly gets underway.
    Odd-Looking Cave (aka Homsar Reservation) - 
     Gravity and brevity are in both in short supply in this strange foreign 
     land, ruled over by Big Chief Running Homsar.
    The Stone Bridge (aka COUNTRY) -
     Prime make-out spot and knife-fight spot, Strong Mad finds a home for 
     himself protecting its borders.
    Marzipan's House (aka The Peoples' Republic of Marzistar) -
     A tribute to all things organic, it's possible her house is made out of 
     recycled animal whatsit, but such rumors are unconfirmed.  What is confirmed 
     is that Marizpan keeps a clean domicile.
    The King of Town's Castle (aka The Municipality) - 
     This be-tongued edifice houses one of the greatest natural disasters in 
     history and his Poopsmith.  It is truly unknown how much food or close-
     enough-to-food is stockpiled within its stoic walls, but the rumors go to 
     the tune of "several small nations worth".
    The purpose of this section is to give you juuust enough of a push in the 
    right direction, so you can at least use a small portion of that crap-heap 
    you call a brain.  They're set up in the style of UHS or "Invisihints", in 
    the sense that you can get vague hints at first, then scroll down to get 
    more specific hints.  You won't get walkthroughs here, so go to that section 
    if you need them, cheater.
    Also, I won't discuss things that have to do with the Extras in this section.
    So, nothing about the Metal Detector, since that's only involved in digging 
    up extra stuff.
    5A. Part 1: Taking Guff From Nobody =
    How can I get out of house arrest?
    - Explore and talk to everyone.
    - Did you hear something coming from outside?
    - Check out the window in the computer room.
    - Talk to the protestors.
    - Looks like they built an effigy of the King of Town.
    - Sort of.
    - They might need some help from you to complete the effigy, in order to 
     properly get their rabble roused.
    How can I make the effigy look like the King of Town?
    - First, you should find yourself a proper plan.
    - That drawing SB made of the KOT near the Lappy should suffice.
    - You'll need four elements to complete the effigy.
    - All four are pretty easy to find.
    - The red robe is the towel in the bathroom (walk left from Strong Sad's room).
    - The crown is in the trophy case in Strong Bad's room on the first flor.
    - The pillow found on top of the washer in the basement covers the "fatness".
    - The couch stuffing sticking out of the couch in the basement can fill in 
     for the beard.
    - Now, just throw all four elements out the window.
    5B. Part 2: The Place Where the Tropical Breezes Blow =
    What's the plan?
    - You need to bring down the "Of Town".
    - Did you get the map, yet?
    - There's a map sitting right in Strong Badia.
    - As you can see from the map, you'll need to gradually progress your way 
     across the map to the ultimate goal at the Castle.
    - You do this by getting each "nation" on your side so you can access the 
     next one.
    How do I annex "The Cheat and Tirerea"?
    - The Cheat has been feeling a bit neglected as of late.
    - He'll need some official standing in the new Strong Badia to pick himself 
    - Have you gone exploring yet?
    - Hunted under any boxes?
    - Go to Bleak House and check the package in the front yard.
    - Give the Pilot Wings to The Cheat.
    How do I take over "Concession-stan"?
    - You can't.  They're neutral.
    - Still, trading with them is possible.
    - Have you found any legal tender?
    - Check the game box in Strong Badia.
    - Use your cash to buy the mini Strong Bad at the Concession Stand.
    - Furthermore, you can now walk behind the stand by clicking on the stone 
    - Talking to Bubs back here suggests he has something, if you bring something 
     good to trade with.  We'll come back to this later.
    How do I claim "Bleak House"?
    - Looks like Strong Sad has set up a very official-looking nation here.
    - Complete with a flag, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.
    - All made out of flammable material.
    - Have you got The Cheat on your side, yet?
    - If you did, you should have the Lighter.
    - Take the Lighter to all three parts of Strong Sad's pathetic nation.
    - Fwooosh!
    How do I ally myself with "Pompomerania"?
    - Speak with the resident diplomats.
    - Pom Pom wants you to put on some funky dancing moves.
    - Of course, it's not just how you dance.
    - It's about what kind of drink you're holding while you do so.
    - You can try any of the Bubs' three drinks, but none will properly do the 
    - You'll need a little extra dazzle.
    - Or glow.
    - Take one of the glowsticks near DJ Teh Cheat.
    - Order a glowing drink, then use the glowstick on it.
    How can I communicate with the good peoples of the "Homsar Reservation"?
    - There's a bit of a language barrier to overcome here.
    - Talk to Strong Sad for some ideas.
    - He mentions that ancient Homsarian artifacts are buried everywhere.
    - Have you found the means to dig up buried junk?
    - Take the Metal Detector from Strong Bad's room.
    - Have you found any clues about where to search?
    - Check the cave paintings near Homsar.
    - One painting has a mailbox, a stick, and a cinder block.
    - Those are the three locations you should search near.
    - Find the Power Strip to the right of the stop sign in Strong Badia.  Find 
     the Tuning Fork to the left of the Stick.  Find the 3-ring Binder to the 
     left of Strong Bad's mailbox.
    - There's one more artifact to find.
    - Bubs has it, and won't give it up without something good to trade.
    - Have you noted he deals in organs?
    - Is there anyone around soon to be seeking medical attention?
    - Strong Sad doesn't look so good hanging around the Reservation.
    - Once you make him sick (see below), you'll have his pretendix.  Give it 
     to Bubs in the black market side of his business for the last artifact.  
    - Place all four artifacts in the pylon.
    - Now, it's just a simple matter of talking to Homsar about Strong Badia.
    How can I make Strong Sad feel sick?
    - He thinks he might be coming down with pretendicitis.
    - He'll describe the symptoms to you.
    - You might need to help him feel these symptoms.
    - First, a high fever.
    - Note how he routinely checks his temperature with the thermometer.
    - Use the lighter on the thermometer.
    - Second, uncontrollabe shaking.
    - Have you found an object that causes shaking?
    - Been to Bubs' recently?
    - Get the mini Strong Bad from Bubs (see a few entries above) and give it 
     to Strong Sad.
    - The last symptom is not understanding language.
    - Simply talk to Homsar and select the Strong Bad with the orange derby.
    - Twice.
    - Strong Sad will return from the doctor's with his pretendix in a jar.
    How can I make nice with "COUNTRY"?
    - A show of force is the only thing that will work here.
    - Do you have a proper weapon?
    - Strong Sad and Pom Pom both have weapons.
    - Strong Sad's is pretty lame, though.
    - Pom Pom won't let you take his.
    - Looks like an old switcheroo is in order.
    - Use the Fake Sword on the Katana.
    - Now talk to Strong Mad (or the Cheat, actually) about allying up and you'll 
     face a "monster".
    - Try to fight the monster as best you can.
    - You can cut off each of the "fire" and "ice" heads with the katana.
    - Of course, "it regrows".
    - Note how "regrowing" occupies Strong Mad, and he'll leave the other head 
    - Have you tried chopping off the ice head while he's regrowing the fire head?  
    - Well, it just fell on that pile of skulls.
    - Highly flammable papier mache skulls.
    - Set the pile of skulls on fire with the lighter.  Now, chop off the fire 
     head, then the ice head.
    - Lastly, chop off the fire head while Strong Mad is occupied with the 
     ketchup bottle theatrics.
    How can I stomp all over "Marzistar"?
    - Negotiations with the "queen" will not go well.
    - You need to get through to the "king".
    - Homestar's your ticket to moving on.
    - He's all gung-ho about invading the Castle.
    - Unfortunately, he needs soldiers to properly make the assault.
    - You need to have conquered all other countries up to this point, having 
     The Cheat, Strong Sad, Pom Pom, Homsar, and Strong Mad on your side.
    - You need one more soldier, though.
    - Have you talked to the two royals about everything?
    - Talk to Homestar about the draft.
    - C'mon!  Big bucks!  No whammies!
    - Unfortunately, you can't rely on just luck to get your last soldier.
    - You'll have to properly cheat.
    - Didn't Strong Mad give you something upon completion of his part?
    - Note what the Draft Wheel has on its back side.
    - You need to weigh down one of those displays to force the wheel onto a 
     specific space.
    - You don't need Homestar in the army, or any of the "Benedettos".
    - Coach Z, lame as it sounds, is your last soldier.
    - You can use trial and error to place the Tony Stony in one of the displays 
     to get Coach Z to come up.
    - Or I can just tell you to place it on the display with the poop.
    - Now, motivate your troops.
    5C. Part 3: Honor.  Valor.  Buttor. =
    How do I get out of this mess I got myself into?
    - Well, you can't leave the castle.
    - You can't move Strong Mad.
    - You'll have to make due with what you have at your disposal inside.
    - Looks like you have a Maps and Minions game board.
    - In the next room (to the right) you have the KOT's computer.
    - Looks like it was HIS e-mail that started this mess.
    - Maybe you can do the same?
    - Note how his e-mail client has a bunch of templates.
    - Remember that this all started with an e-mail tax.
    - Maybe you can tax something the king likes?
    - Use the tax e-mail, make sure to send it to the "oftown@" etc. etc., and 
     to put the object as the Creamy Ding Snack Cakes.  Any dollar amount will 
    - You've got the King riled.  Now it's time to ensure his victory.
    - Head for the Maps and Minions game board.
    How can I win Maps and Minions... for the other team?
    - This requires a bit of trial and error.
    - You have to know how your adversaries act.
    - And how you can counteract them.
    - For Strong Sad, he'll depress just about anyone.
    - Except Homsar.  Get Homsar and Strong Sad in the same place leave Homsar 
    - Strong Mad will pace back and forth in front of the castle.
    - His best bud will be the only thing to placate him.
    - That'd be The Cheat.
    - Lastly, Homestar can walk through just about anyone, and he makes a beeline 
     for the KOT.
    - Fortunately, he's easily outsmarted.
    - Note how the Poopsmith leaves behind a "fog of war".
    - Have both the Poopsmith and the KOT progress up the board, with the PS 
     moving first and the KOT stepping into his fog.
    - Once the KOT reaches the castle, you're done!
    Okay, Cheaty McFailatGames, it seems you need it all spelled out for you, 
    so here's the walkthrough, from beginning to the bitter end of this 
    particular episode.  I'll also bring up a few points about the Extras, but I 
    won't go through them here.  That's later.
    6A. Part 1: Taking Guff From Nobody =
    The House of Strong
    After checking the requisite opening e-mail, you'll find that you are now 
    under house arrest, owing back taxes to the King of Town for e-mails.  
    Despite the flashy collar, it'd probably be best for you to get out of 
    house, since you're trapped inside with Strong Sad.  That said, you do have 
    the complete run of the house, so explore and talk to Strong Sad.  Note that, 
    unlike the first episode, you can now go into Strong Sad's room, and through 
    to the bathroom, but not into Strong Mad's room.  Also, you can check out the 
    window to the right of the computer to speak to those peacefully protesting 
    your imprisonment.
    Frankly, peaceful is NOT how you roll.  The way out of this mess is to inspire 
    the mob into a proper frenzy.  To do that, you need use the not-very-good 
    effigy they made of the King of Town and turn it into something a little 
    more resembling of the Round Mound of Pounds.  SB made a drawing of the KOT, 
    which is now on the wall of the computer room, so use that as a guideline.  
    You need to find four items to match the KOT's attributes:
    1. Crown: Go downstairs and to the left to Strong Bad's room to find a 
     Blubbo's Crown.
    2. Beard: Head down to the basement and take some Stuffing off of the couch.
    3. Heft: Take the Pillow off of the dryer in the basement.
    4. Robe: Take the Red Towel from the bathroom.
    Toss all four of these items at the effigy from the window and The Cheat will 
    take care of the rest.  Oh, sweet five feet from where you just were!
    6B. Part 2: The Place Where the Tropical Breezes Blow =
    All right.  Sufficiently riled, you're ready to launch a counteroffensive on 
    the King of Town.  Only problem is that you and Strong Badia stand alone in 
    your quest, everyone else having seceded and created their own countries.  It's 
    your charismatic task to rally all nations under your flag and bring the 
    fight to the Municipality.
    The Field
    You'll start in Strong Badia.  Begin by grabbing the game map in front of 
    you.  Not quite the same as your old one, but it'll do the job just as well.  
    At the moment, you have access to five places (technically three).  Strong 
    Badia, The Cheat and Tirerea, and Concession-stan are all this one area.  
    Bleak House is the House of Strong, and Pompomerania is Club Technochocolate.  
    You can explore the Field and talk to the Cheat and Bubs, but there's not 
    much you can do at this point.  For the moment, let's go to Bleak House.
    Bleak House
    Strong Sad has set up his nation in his room, largely.  Check under the box 
    in the front yard for a "Pilot Wings" Medal thing.  You can also play Math 
    Kickers on the Fun Machine if you so desire, or go up to the Lappy and check a 
    couple more e-mails, but only the Medal is properly required at the moment.  
    That said, if you want to get a bit ahead of the game, take the Metal Detector 
    from Strong Bad's room, and the Fake Sword in Strong Sad's room so you don't 
    have to come back later.  Head back to Strong Badia.
    The Field
    Give the Medal to the Cheat.  He'll now be on your team and will give you the 
    Lighter.  A subquest is to burn as many things as possible, some of which are 
    required to move ahead in the game.  That said, let's return to Bleak House.
    Bleak House
    Use the Lighter on Strong Sad's flag, constitution, and bill of rights.  
    He'll surrender.  Now you've got the use of his cultural advice, which 
    actually is going to come in handy in a moment.  We could go to Pompomerania 
    at this point, but let's continue on this train of thought for a while.
    Homsar Reservation
    Getting Homsar on your side and passing through requires one very difficult 
    task: understanding the weirdo.  Speak to both Strong Sad and Homsar and look 
    around everywhere.  Points to note are that there are Homsarian artifacts 
    buried around, that Strong Sad is feeling sick, and those cave paintings.  
    One of the cave paintings (with the mammoths) is actually your outlet for 
    Teen (Cave) Girl Squad, but I'll cover that in the Extras section.  
    The painting you should be looking at is the one with the cinder block, the 
    mailbox, and the stick.  That marks three places where three of the four 
    artifacts are buried.  If you haven't got it by now, go to the House of Strong 
    and take the Metal Detector from Strong Bad's room.  Go outside the House of 
    Strong and use the Detector just to the left of the mailbox to find the 3-ring 
    Binder.  Go to Strong Badia and use the Detector to the right of the sign to 
    find the Power Strip, and go to The Stick and use the Detector to its left to 
    find the Tuning Fork.
    That's three artifacts, but you still need a fourth.  Go to the Concession 
    Stand, then click on the path behind it to go around back.  Knock on the door 
    and you'll access Bubs' black market, where he tells you he has an artifact 
    and will trade for it.
    Go back to the Reservation and talk to Strong Sad.  He mentions three 
    symptoms to his imaginary disease.  You need to make him experience these 
    symptoms so he really thinks he's up the creek:
    1. High fever - Use the Lighter on his thermometer.
    2. Uncontrollable Shaking - Go to Strong Badia and check the game box to take 
     the play money.  Use it at Bubs' to buy a Mini Strong Bad, then use it on 
     Strong Sad.
    3. Non Understanding Language - Talk to Homsar.  Click on the icon that has 
     Strong Bad with a little yellow derby twice.
    Strong Sad will leave then come back with his "pretendix" in a jar.  Take it 
    to Bubs' black market to get the last artifact: the piece of Pottery.  Go 
    back to the Reservation and use all four artifacts on the Pylon.  You'll now 
    be able to understand Homsar (probably ruining the joke forever).  Tell him 
    about Strong Badia and he'll join the cause and clear your path.
    At this point, you'll automatically travel to Marzistar.  You can talk and 
    explore here, but you can't do much until you cover the other path, so let's 
    go to Pompomerania.
    To enlist Shogun Pom Pom's help, you'll need to prove to him you have the 
    best dance moves.  Turns out to really have the best moves, you need to 
    actually have a cool drink in your hand.  Typical.  Go to the bar and talk to 
    Bubs.  He'll bring up three drinks.  You can try dancing with each of them, 
    but won't get anywhere.  You need to make a particularly flashy drink.  Take 
    a Glowstick from near DJ Teh Cheat, then order a glowing drink from Bubs.  
    When it's on the counter, use the Glowstick on it, then take it to the floor.  
    Pom Pom will be sufficiently impressed.  Time to move on to the next...
    Oh, Strong Mad.  You and your imagination.  Bringing The Cheat in to translate, 
    Strong Bad will learn that he needs to defeat a monster to pass through 
    the land.  If you haven't taken it yet, go back to Bleak House and take the 
    Fake Sword from Strong Sad's room.  Next, go to Pompomerania.  Use the Fake 
    Sword on the Katana on the wall to perform a deft switcheroo, then head back 
    to COUNTRY.
    To fight the "monster", first light the pile of skulls on fire with the 
    Lighter.  Next, use the Katana on the "fire head".  While Strong Mad is 
    occupied reattaching the head, use the Katana on the "ice head" so it drops 
    into the flaming skulls.  Lastly, use the Katana on the "fire head" once 
    again while Strong Mad is occupied with his ketchup theatrics.
    Strong Mad will join up, now.  He'll give you Tony Stony, his pet rock, and 
    you'll all head over to Marzistar.
    Talking to the oh-so-happy King and Queen, you'll find that Marzipan is not 
    in the mood at all for a war, but Homestar's kinda itching.  Having all your 
    cohorts up to this point, you're able to finish this part off from here.  
    Talk to Homestar about the draft and he'll spin the draft wheel.  More than 
    likely, you won't get anyone good.  What you need to do is force the wheel 
    to land on Coach Z.  To do that, you need to realize that the wheel is on the 
    back of Marzipan's little display setups.  You need to place Tony Stony so 
    that when the wheel is spun, the stone will end up at the bottom and you'll 
    get the spot you want.  Specifically, the spot is the Poopsmith's blob of 
    whatsit.  So, place it there, talk to Homestar about the draft so he spins it 
    again, and Coach Z will finally be enrolled.
    At this last part, simply give your soldiers a good pep talk and you'll 
    all head for the greatest battle FC USA has ever seen!
    6C. Part 3: Honor.  Valor.  Buttor. =
    Or not.  One week later, Strong Bad's feeling down about his five-minute 
    victory and wants out of the crappy King job.  Unfortunately, what remain of 
    his loyal subjects (Strong Sad, Homestar, and Strong Mad) won't let him leave 
    or abdicate.
    Head through the door on the right and you'll find the King's computer, and 
    that it was him who originally sent you the e-mail (and tax) to start this 
    whole mess to get him out of the job.  The best way to get him out is the 
    same way you got in.  Go to his e-mail templates, specifically the tax one.  
    Send the KOT a message saying you're taxing the Creamy Ding Snack Cakes.  Make 
    sure you sent to the proper address (theoftown@etc.)  After sending it, the 
    King will be properly miffed, so go back to the main hall and check out the 
    Maps and Minions game board.
    Strong Bad will now "switch sides" so he can help the KOT resume his throne 
    and thwart Strong Bad's own subjects.  The game board is set up like a map.  
    On your turn, you can move any or all of your units one space.  No two units 
    can occupy the same space (except under special circumstances).  Once you make 
    your move, click "End Turn" and the Homestarmy will make their move 
    When two opposing pieces try to occupy the same space, a battle will commence.  
    The outcome depends on the characters.  Here are the characters and what 
    they can do:
    Rebels -
    King of Town: Is the only one that can capture the castle and win the game.  
     If he gets defeated, the game is lost.
    Poopsmith: Loses to any attacker, but starts a turn with "fog of war" in his 
     space.  Once he leaves, another character can take the space and will be 
     invisible on the Homestarmy's turn.
    The Cheat: Will force Strong Mad into a draw, but loses to anyone else.
    Homsar: Will force Strong Sad into a draw, but loses to anyone else.
    Coach Z: Cannot win any battle, but Homestar will tend to attack him as 
     opposed to other characters.
    Homestarmy -
    Strong Sad: Can depress anyone back a space except for Homsar.
    Strong Mad: Paces back and forth in the two spaces in front of the castle, 
     unless someone gets in attacking range.  Will punch out anyone who gets in 
     range except for The Cheat.  A Strong Mad punch will toss any unit back to 
     Strong Badia.
    Homestar: Cannot be beat or made to a draw in any fight.  Tends to head 
     straight for the King of Town.  However, he can be fooled rather easily by 
     having the KOT hide in the Poopsmith's fog of war.
    So, if two characters get into a draw, the Homestarmy character will not 
    move unless the Rebel character leaves the space.
    Knowing all the above, the plan is rather simple.  Have Homsar stall Strong 
    Sad.  Have The Cheat cuddle up to Strong Mad.  Have the Poopsmith lead the 
    charge to the end, with the KOT following right behind him in his fog, and 
    use Coach Z to distract Homestar when he gets too close.
    Once the King reaches the end, you've completed the game!  Congratulations!  
    Now sit tight and with for Episode 3, round out your collection list, or 
    play Math Kickers until your fingernails bleed.
    Oh, I got a green on my scorecard when I beat the game in 9 turns, but I 
    imagine it'd be a round number, like 10.
    In this section is a list of all the stuff only nerdcore nerdulars care 
    about.  All that extra crap that gets piled on for the sole purpose of 
    squeezing that last drop of fun out of the game.
    7A. TGS Ideas =
    1. After escaping the house, check the bookcase in Strong Sad's room.
    2. Once you get the Lighter, use it on the barred window in the House of 
    3. In the Homsar Reservation, use the Metal Detector just to the right of the 
    4. In the KOT's castle, check the "ex-fish" three times.
    7B. Game Manual Pages =
    1. In the snail-mailbox at the House of Strong.
    2. Under the package near the low white fence in the Field.
    3. Check the mailbox at Marzipan's house (Marzistar).
    4. In Club Technochocolate (Pompomerania) under the box near the bar.
    7C. Souvenir Flags =
    Strong Badia - Check the brick wall in the field.
    The Cheat and Tirerea - After getting The Cheat back on your side, check 
     the Tire.
    Concession-stan - Check the bush to the right of the Concession Stand.
    Bleak House - Check the box on Strong Sad's bed.
    Homsar Reservation - Check the "mysterious bush" near Homsar.
    Peoples' Republic of Marzistar - Use the Metal Detector just right of the 
     onion patch at Marzipan's.
    Pompomerania - After getting Pom Pom on your side, order a can of Bull 
     Honkey from the bar.
    COUNTRY - Use the Metal Detector near "COUNTRY's" flag.
    7D. Costume Pieces =
    Eye Patch - In the Cheat Commandos O's box in the kitchen of the House of 
    Camo Pants - In the dryer in the basement of the House of Strong.
    Strong Badia Shirt - Use the Metal Detector just to the west of Strong Badia.
    King of Town Beard - Check the fridge shelves in the KOT's castle.
    King's Crown - In the KOT's castle, check the Snacky's plug, then take the 
     crown that descends.
    'Lectric Boots - In the KOT's castle, get on his computer and make a food 
     request for the 'Lectric Boots.  The other two entries don't matter.
    Beret - During the Maps and Minions game, move The Cheat into the "Open 
     Field" area.
    Also, if you have a save file from Episode 1, all your found costume items 
    will still be there.  You don't need the actual game on your Wii, just the 
    save file.
    7E. Other List-Completers =
    These last few topics are things to round out the list and make everything 
    Things Set on Fire
    1. The Maps and Minions game box in Strong Badia
    2. The Bleak House Bill of Rights
    3. The Bleak House Constitution
    4. The Bleak House flag
    5. The Smoke Detector in the House of Strong
    6. Strong Bad's bed in the House of Strong (the pile of stuff in the corner)
    7. The Kimono in Pompomerania (Club Technochocolate)
    8. The Mysterious Bush near Homsar
    9. The pile of Papier Mache skulls in COUNTRY
    10. The lone skull to the right of the stone bridge in COUNTRY
    11. The lone skull to the left of the stone bridge in COUNTRY
    12. The unlit candle holder in the KOT's castle
    13. The draft wheel/art display at Marzipan's (after completing the game)
    Characters at Attention
    1. Get the Cheat on your team
    2. During the pre-castle battle pep talk, talk to Coach Z
    3. During the pre-castle battle pep talk, talk to Pom Pom
    4. During the pre-castle battle pep talk, talk to Strong Sad
    5. During the pre-castle battle pep talk, talk to Strong Mad
    Calling Strong Sad Names
    1. Talk to Strong Sad once in Part 1
    2. Talk to Strong Sad about the invisible fence twice in Part 1
    3. Check the shower in the House of Strong
    4. Use the Pillow on Strong Sad in Part 1
    5. Use the Pilot Wings medal on Strong Sad in Part 2
    6. Talk to Strong Sad about Strong Badia once in Part 2
    7. Talk to Strong Sad about Bleak House once in Part 2
    8. Use the Fake Sword on Strong Sad while in Bleak House
    9. Talk to Strong Sad about Strong Badia after burning all his stuff
    10. Use the Tuning Fork on Strong Sad while at the Homsar Reservation
    11. Use the Fake Sword on Strong Sad while at the Homsar Reservation
    12. Talk to Strong Sad when he's at Marzipan's
    13. Talk to Strong Sad in his room after completing the game
    8. EXTRAS
    Here's all the really fun stuff that Strong Bad does when he says he's 
    doing something constructive.
    What's THIS?  No drawing paper!  Looks like you'll have to expectorate your 
    artistic talents in another medium.  Once you gain access to the Homsar 
    Reservation, check out the cave painting with the mammoths to show them 
    prehysterical peoples how it's done!
    The comic is presented in three parts.  In each part, you're allowed to use 
    "ideas", presented at the bottom of the screen, on any one of the girls.  
    Simply click on an idea, then click on the girl you want to use it on.  The 
    idea of this is to slay all the girls in elaborate ways before the comic ends.
    In the lower right corner is a counter stating how many more ideas you can 
    use in this scene before you automatically move onto the next scene.
    First Part (cave era): 2 ideas
    Second Part (Mesopotamian): 2 ideas
    Third Part (Egyptian): 3 ideas
    Here are how all the ideas work, and how they result in death:
    Chisel -
    Tablet - Use both on any one girl at any time.
    Ribbon - Use on any girl during the Third Part.
    Mammoth Skin - Use on any girl at any time.
    Wheel - Use on So and So during the Third Part.
    Machine Gun - Use on any girl during the Second Part.
    Cat - Use on any girl at any time.
    Dog - Use on any girl during the Third Part.
    Egg - Use on any girl during the first part and make sure that girl stays 
     alive to the end.
    Thomas (the alien) - Use on any girl during the Second Part.
    Tar Pit - Use on any girl at any time.
    Charles Darwin - Use the Dinosaur Egg to the end, then use him on any girl 
     at the very last scene.
    Here's an assured way to get the maximum score:
    First Part: Give Cheerleader the Egg and What's her Face the Tablet.
    Second Part: Give What's Her Face the Chisel and somebody the Ribbon (which 
     won't do anything, but will move things forward).
    Third Part: Give So and So the Wheel, the Ugly One the Dog, and anybody 
     Thomas (which again won't do anything, but will move things forward).
    Extra Scene: Use Charles Darwin on anyone.
    8B. Math Kickers =
    Videlectrix keeps the hits coming with this edu-suck-ical fist-fest.  Take 
    control of the Alga Bros., Dex and Ryu, as they tromp through the mean 
    streets, dealing mathematical punishment to their enemies.
    Controls (hold Wii Remote horizontally) -
    Control Pad: Move Dex and Ryu around.
    1 Button: Punch/kick with Dex
    2 Button: Fire energy blast with Ryu
    + Button: Start
    - Button: Quit
    As you watch the opening of the game, you'll see how Dex and Ryu work.  
    As they are set upon by ninjas, Dex subtracts from their number on the left 
    using his fists and feet, while Ryu can add to their number on the right 
    using his energy blasts.  When both sides are equal, you've cleared the fight 
    and can move on.  This will hold for the entire game, only with enemies 
    attack faster as you progress.  Enemies can punch you, or throw X's as 
    Boss fights are incredibly simple.  You don't even have to pay any attention 
    to the polynomial.  Just keep smashing it with 1 and 2.  When it rises up, 
    move down so when it slams down it doesn't hurt you.  Keep smashing and 
    eventually you'll "solve" it and move on.
    When you find manual pages scattered about town (see the Collectibles section 
    to find them all), you'll find secret moves you can employ:
    Logarithmic Attack
    Input: Left, Down, Right, Up, Dex (1)
    Effect: Logs tumble down both sides of the screen.
    Polar Coordinates
    Input: Right, Up, Left, Dex+Ryu (1+2)
    Effect: Freezes several enemies, usually leaving the sides balanced.
    Divide by Zero
    Input: Left, Right, Left, Right, Ryu (2)
    Effect: Ryu tosses a zero that bounces back and forth, hitting ninjas.
    These attacks are kinda cool, but sometimes it's just easier to slap and 
    shoot the enemies
    Personally, my score record turned green when I scored 2222.  So, perhaps 
    the threshold for getting green is 2000?  That's my guess, anyway.
    9A. Legal =
    This FAQ was made 100% by me, and is Copyright © 2008 Scott "CyricZ" 
    Zdankiewicz.  You may not take it in whole or in part and claim it as your 
    own.  You may not alter it in any way, even if you ask me first, and that 
    includes putting it in HTML format.  Please donít post this on your site 
    unless you have express consent by me.  Iíve put a lot of time into this.  
    Give me some credit.
    Currently, the following sites have permission to post my FAQ:
    I'm not going to allow people with small personal sites to post this FAQ.  
    They may post the link on GameFAQs with all the Strong Bad guides, but, trying 
    to keep updates, well, updated, I'll only allow large committed sites that I 
    8B. E-mail Guidelines =
    If you wish to e-mail me, be sure to follow these guidelines:
    - Make ABSOLUTELY sure I haven't already answered your question in the guide.
    - Make sure it has something to do with the Strong Bad game.  I don't want 
    spam, chain letters, offers for friendship.  I also don't really care too much 
    to discuss the h*r site itself through e-mail.  Compliment me on the FAQ all 
    you want, though.
    - Make sure you say "Episode Two" at one point in your e-mail.  I plan to have 
    FAQs for each episode, so make sure you tell me which one you're talking 
    about, since I can't always figure the question out without specifying 
    what game you're asking about.
    - Spell correctly and use proper grammar, please.  If I can't understand 
    your e-mail, it'll be baleeted.
    8C. Credits =
    The Brothers Chaps for their whimsical and hilarious group of characters.
    Telltale Games, for giving a franchise like this the proper game it 
    deserves, with all the humor and setting intact.
    CJayC, SBAllen, and all webmasters, for having this on their sites.
    8D. Version Updates =
    Version 1.0 - 9/16/08 - Well, digested whole!  In two days, no less!  I'll 
     put the rest of the TGS ideas in a bit later.
    Version 1.1 - 10/2/08 - Added the TGS ideas, as promised.
    8E. The Final Word =
    And the Cyric comes in the NIIIIIGHT!

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