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    FAQ/Walkthrough by GameDestroyer23

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    Version 1.0 -100% original FAQ! "If this FAQ had thumbs, It'd be stickin' them
                up it's armpits!!!!!"
    Table of Contents:
                       1.Title Page!!!
                       2.Table of Contents (?)
                        4.1 House of Strong
                        4.2 The Cheat and Tirerea/ House of Strong
                        4.3 Bub's Stand (I refuse to call it anything else) & Area
                        4.4 House of Strong
                        4.5 Pompomerrennia
                        4.6 Country
                        4.7 Homsar Revervation/ Bub's Stand
                        4.8 Marzistar/ Homezipan
                        4.9 King's Castle
                       5.Teen Girl Squad Guide
                       6.Collectables locations
                         6.1 Teen Girl Squad Ideas
                         6.2 Math Kickers Manual Pages
                         6.3 Souvenir Flags
                         6.4 Costumes 
                       7.FAQs (and contact info!!!)
                       8.Lawyer's Catnip (aka Legal Stuff)
                       9.Hit List (aka Acknowledgements)
                      10.History Lesson (Version History)
    Hello, and welcome to GameDestroyer23's FAQ...ways. I'm GameDestoyer23, but you
    are allowed the privalege of calling me GD. Only, not GoD. That's offensive to
    me and a third of the planet. So, no. Anyways, you may have seen my last work,
    my guide for SBCG4AP 1. If not, and you HAVE got SBCG4AP 1, go read that now.
    And tell all your friends, too. Please note, on a smaller scale, that this gui-
    -de assumes you are intellegent enough to both: a) wrap your head around the 
    controls, and b)have the courage to play the tutorial. Don't be scared. It's
    funny enough to make you want to RE-play it. You are now able to play your Wii
    game in total, spoilers-ruined saftey.
    1. House of Strong
    You start the game off awnsering e-mails, same as always, when Strong Bad is 
    caught making fun of the King of Town, Free Country USA's self-proclamed (and
    obese) ruler, henceforth refered to as the KoT. You now must escape from your
    house without decap- WHAT THE?!? Is that a rally? Look out the window to the 
    right to find a protest group, not willing to illeagally remove the fence outs-
    -ide your house, but more than willing to burn the KoT. Hmmm... if you could 
    get them to burn their pathetic attempt at a Guy Fox-type dummy, then maybe you
    could escape!!! So now you must collect a few things around the house, THEN run
    for the door. OK! Go as far left as you can, until you see a red towel. Grab it
    ,then use it on the dummy with the peanut gallery outside. Now, go downstairs,
    and go to the easternmost room, then grab the crown on the shelf. Grab the met-
    -al detector and the shovel, too, in the exact same room. Weird. Go downstairs
    to the basement. Now, grab the purple pillow on the dryer. Head right to the TV
    room and grab the stuffing from the rip in the couch. Now, in the same way as 
    the towel, use the crown, the pillow, and the couch stuffing on the dummy. Oh,
    bUUUrrn, KoT!!! Now you are free to rebel against the KoT! Hooray!!!
    2. The Cheat and Tirerea
    Great. Now even the Cheat's against you! Disloyalty can only mean one thing:
    The Cheat must get spoiled- er, promoted. But, you can't prove it, yet. So, we
    need to see if there's any thing around here... look at the game board (next to
    the stop sign and cinderblock) to get a map, then at the game box (next to the
    tire) to get Strongbadian currency (that is, Monopoly money), then, finally, 
    use the metal detector in, er, easten Strongbadia (than is, the eastenmost half
    of Strongbadia) to find an ancient... powerstrip? Weird. Now, use your new map
    to go to the House of Strong (marked as the Bleak House). There's a box of pins
    ,er, medals, there, that'll make a great reward for the Cheat! But, the formal
    music... scares me. Go upstairs to Stong Sad's room. Oh, great. That explains
    the bad name. Grab a souvenir flag from the box on his bed, then go back to, er
    , the Cheat and Tirerea, then use the, er, medallion on the Cheat. He'll give
    you a lighter (which you can use on the Maps and Minions game box), then put an
    end to Strongbadia's civil war. Yay!!!
    3. Concessionstandtinopal (see why I don't like it?) and Area
    Go left of Strongbadia and you'll find the neutral country, Concessi- no, Bub's
    Stand is better for me. Anyway, talk to him about his stand twice and you'll 
    get a neat (weird, broken) Strong Bad doll. Another seemingly useless item.
    Go left until you see a stick (called The Stick) and use the Metal detector to
    find a tuning fork. Use it on Strong Bad to hear the horribly familiar (and
    weird) voice of Homsar. Things are getting Homsar'd, recently...
    4. House of Strong
    Alright, Strong Sad, move aside! But, first let's get some stuff. Use the ligh-
    -ter on the barred window in the living room to get a Teen Girl Squad idea (see
    section 5 for that), then go into Stong Sad's room (snagging anther idea from 
    his shelf), and light his flag on the wall and his 'leagal documents' on the 
    table on fire with the lighter. Strong Sad and Strong Bad will have a glorious
    battle of wits and determination- aw, who'm I kidding? Strong Sad fearfully gi-
    -ves up his poor politics and puts another victory under your belt. Hooray!!!
    Grab his totally fake sword on the way out, you'll need it soon. Also, use the
    metal detector outside to find a 3-ring binder... seemingly with a picture of
    Homsar on it.
    5. Pompomerennia
    This pwarty club is the perfect place to emphisise your reign of coolness...WH-
    WHAAT!?! NOT COOL ENOUGH? THE NERVE! Oh, that's it. Swap the real sword for the
    fake one, grab a glow stick from The Cheat's DJ booth, then talk to Bubs about
    drinks. Get the last one on the list, the green one, then, before grabbing it,
    use the glowstick on it. The glowy magnitude is more than enough to prove your
    coolness. Grab it and Pompom will join you before Strong Bad can bust a single
    move. Another country's yours! Grab the box's item, then ask Bubs for a Bull 
    Honkey (the caffiene drink), then move along to Strong Mad's Country... Country
    is the only thing he, apparently, could think of. What a blockhead.
    6. Country
    Attempt to comunicate with Strong Mad to make the Cheat show up, then talk to 
    the Cheat about Strongbadia to launch Strong Mad's pathetis attempt to create a
    boss battle- the Tarantula!!! The actual outfit is too cool to kill directly, 
    so you must cut off it's heads (the ones Strong Mad's holding). The 'ice' head
    'regrows' everytime you hit it, but do so anyway. Strong Mad'll be too busy 
    keeping the head on, you can safely decapitate the other one, sending it flying
    into the river. Now, light the pile of paper skulls on fire, then, while Strong
    Mad simulates spurting blood, cut off the remaining head. The Tarantula 'boss'
    has been defeated. Country is now a proud part of Strongbadia's republic!!! As
    proof, you get Tony Stony, the vice president of Country. I don't beleive it. 
    Use the detctor to the left of the stone bridge to get a flag from this shabby 
    Country, then leave before you lose anymore IQ points. Now, hopefully the next 
    country won't be so... nope, it's the Homsar Reservation.
    7. Homsar Reservation/ Bubs' Stand
    Daaah! is all you'll get out of Homsar right now. So examine the mysterious bu-
    -sh for a flag (then burn it), use the detector near the outer cave painting to
    get another Teen Girl Squad idea, examine the cave painting inside the cave to
    start Cave Girl Squad (actually Teen Girl Squad), then talk to Strong Sad about
    cold ones, then about the thermomiter twice. He'll mention surgery if 3 sympto-
    -ms appear: shaking, high fever, unable to understand language. Use the lighter
    on the first-aid kit, then use the Strong Bad doll on him, then talk to Homsar
    about Strong Bad with a Homsar hat. Strong Sad'll get his pretendix removed and
    jarred. Grab his pretendix. Go to Bubs' Stand, then use the path next to it.
    Look at the shady door, and Bubs'll open the black market. He's out of anything
    in stock, execpt for an artifact (probably it'll be useful here). Use the pret-
    -endix on him, and he'll trade. Strong Bad thinks he got ripped off, but we'll
    need this more. Talk to Strong Sad about Homsar to find out that the Homsar 
    language (if you'd call it that) can be deciphered, with the help of 4 artifac-
    -ts. So, drop the pot piece, the power cord, the binder, and the tuning fork in
    the large, gem-covered rock. Homsar now speaks English, or, in reality, Strong
    Bad speaks Homsar. Talk to Homsar about everything, then back out. Homsar and
    Strong Bad'll destroy the cave's barrage and go into... Marzipan's house?!?
    8. Marzistar/ Homezipan
    I have some fruit to declare! Rally the troops! Rally th- oh, wait. We don't 
    have enough men to make an army. Shoot. Talk to Homestar until he mentions a 
    draft wheel. It's a game show-like draft, but it's quite risky, as only 1 pers-
    -on on the board can be drafted (Coach Z). While it may be possible to randomly
    select the daft Coach, the fastest (and best) way is to put Tony Stony in the
    Poopsmith's spot on the model UN (the one with the crap), then Coach Z will jo-
    -in the invasion, and Homestar & Marzipan will break up (again). The seige is 
    sucessful- unusually sucessful, as took only 5 minutes to overthrow the KoT.
    Let's skip ahead a week...
    9. The KoT's Castle
    Ungh, mabye taking over Free Country, USA was a bad idea. Sooo boring... light
    the eastern candles on fire, then look at the fish skeleton three times for the
    last Teen Girl Squad idea, then go through the east door. Use the Snacky 187 to
    discover it was all a sinister plot!!! By the KoT!!! It's time to pay, Kingee!
    Pay... what a great idea! Use the Snacky again, go to 'templates', then to 'Tax
    decree'. Fill the first blank with theoftown@strongbadshouse.res,and the second
    Creamy Ding Snack Cakes (the third isn't specific, fill it with whatever), then
    press send. The KoT goes nuts, then you can look at the Maps & Minions board to
    start the battle! *Note: After playing & winning the game once, you can replay
    it, and trust me, you should activate every battle sequence!*
    In this minigame, you must get the KoT to the castle, while avoiding the Homes-
    -tarmy. Each character has his own ability. Have Homsar clash with Strong Sad 
    to draw and stop them both, and the same with the Cheat and Strong Mad. Coach Z
    attracts the attention of the Homestarmy (if he and another rebel are the same
    distance apart, the Homestarmy member will go to him), The Poopsmith creates a
    stink cloud where he last stood, which the KoT can hide in to become invincable
    to the Homestarmy. Likewise, each Homestarmy member is unique. Strong Sad is
    close to the rebels, and just goes for whoever's nearest (or Coach Z). While he
    won't avoid a character next to Homsar, he won't ever attack him directly. In
    the same way Strong Sad avoids Homsar, his weakness, Strong Mad won't attack
    The Cheat. Strong Mad, however, gaurds the Castle, so you MUST defeat him befo-
    -re the KoT gets there. Homestar Runner always goes for the King, unless he's 
    in the Poopsmith's cloud. He cannot be stopped. 
    The best strategy is to have the Poopsmith escort the King, while Coach Z is 
    near, should Homestar find you. Homsar should make a mad dash for Strong Sad, 
    and The Cheat for Strong Mad. If the Poopsmith is captured by Homestar, be sure
    Coach Z can cover for the extra step, even if it means getting caught (don't
    worry, if Homestar or Strong Sad capture you, you'll just go back 1 sqare).
    If the Poopsmith is caught by Strong Mad, use Coach Z to make Homstar use deto-
    -urs by standing in front of him, while double-timing the Cheat. Be sure Strong
    Mad doesn't capture the KoT!!!
    Now, after winning, the Kot will take back his throne, repeal the E-mail tax, 
    and undo everything he planned for. Congradulations, you win!!!
    Teen Girl Squad Guide
    The Cave Girl Squad minigame is a lot harder than it's preceeder, with the hid-
    -den cards being minor deaths AND majors, a hidden scene activated upon all the
    major deaths, with a few moderates, and no indication if there's a combo or a
    wrong awnser. It took me a while to figure it out, but I've finally done it!
    Here's the awnsers, divided by death type (Minor, Major),idea type (combo, cha-
    -racter, scene, one-hit-KO) and how to use (HTU). A star (*) means that the 
    card is hidden. Let's go!
    Stone Tablet: Major, combo. HTU: Use with the chisel.
    Ribbon: Minor, scene. HTU: Use during scene 3.
    Mammoth Skin: Minor, one-hit-KO-scene. HTU: During any scene, diffrent during
    scene 1.
    Wheel: Major, character-scene. HTU: Use on So-and-so during scene 3.
    Machine Gun: Minor, scene. HTU: During scene 2.
    Cat: Minor, one-kit-KO. HTU: During any scene.
    Wolf: Major, scene. HTU: During scene 3.
    *Dinosaur Egg: Major, scene. HTU: During scene 1,keep girl alive until scene 4.
    *Alien: Minor, scene. HTU: During scene 2.
    *Tar pit: Minor, one-hit-KO. HTU: During any scene.
    *Charles Darwin (fish on screen): Major, scene. HTU: During hidden scene 4.
    There are many things to collect in SBCG4AP. Here they are:
    1. Teen Girl Squad Ideas
    There are 4 TGS ideas in the SBCG4AP world. Here's where I found them:
    -Use the lighter on the barred window in the House of Strong. 
    -Look at the bookshelf in Strong Sad's room.
    -Use the metal detector outside of the cave in the Homsar Reservation.
    -Look at the fish skeleton in the KoT's castle 3 times.
    2. Manual Pages
    Again, there are 4. And you can find them at:
    -In Strong Bad's 'Snailmail' mailbox.
    -Under a box next to the Fence, in the Field where Bubs' Stand & Strongbadia
    -Under a box in Pompomerennia, near the bar.
    -In Mazipan's mailbox.
    3. Souvenir Flags
    There are 8 flags, 1 in each nation, and here they are:
    -Behind the wall in the Field (Strongbadia)
    -In a bush behind Bubs' Stand (Concessionstandtinople)
    -Behind the Tire (The Cheat and Tirerea)
    -Under the box in Strong Sad's room (Bleak House)
    -Served with Bull Honkey (Pompomerennia)
    -Use the metal detector to the west of the stone bridge (Country)
    -In the mysterious bush (Homsar Reservation)
    -Use the metal detector next to the onion garden (Marzistar/Homezipan)
    4. Costumes
    There are 7 costume items to be found. Here they all are:
    -In the dryer of the House of Strong.
    -In the cereal box in the Kitchen in the House of Strong.
    -In the grass left of Strongbadia.
    -In the right door of the KoT's throne.
    -Unplug the Snacky 187, then grab the crown.
    -Use the Snacky to send a food order for some 'Lectric Boots. They will be in a
    box beside the computer.
    -Have The Cheat go to the space marked 'An Open Field' during Maps & Minions.
    FAQ's/ Contact Info
    Hey! If you liked this guide, be sure to e-mail me at mattys4@msn.com! Here are
    some FAQ's going around:
    Q:Why didn't you mention the blue shirt?
    A:Because, as it isn't listed on the collection menu, I consider it, like the
    yellow shirt, a tech glitch or an easter egg.
    Q:What's the blue/yellow shirt? 
    A: Shirts obtained by walking off the edge of the photo booth 3 times, then 
    walking around for a while until a shirt is put on Strong Bad.
    Q:The status screen says there's more things to collect!!!
    A:Yes, to raise your awesomeness level, you have to yalk to Strong Sad at every 
    oppertunity, and to set everything you can on fire. As these are not collectab-
    -les, they have no place in this guide.
    Legal Stuff
    Copyright 2008 John Mattys
    -Videlectrics, for assuring that SBCG4AP is legit.
    -Mike and Matt Chapman, for creating such awesome characters and the HR world.
    -Telltale Games, for making Strong Bad come to life.
    -GameFAQs, for hosting this guide.
    -And the wise men/women who read/used this guide. Thanks!
    Version History
    09/18/08- Version 1 finished & submitted.

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