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    Tekkaman Blade by VirjeBlackcross

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    		Tatsunoko Vs Capcom
    		   Ultimate All Stars!
    		Tekkaman Blade Guide
         	Written by Atlas of Team Supernovas
    <If you wish to use this guide outside of Gamefaqs.com simply ask ^_^>
    Note: If you have any information you may want to add, feel free to email me
    (see bottom) and I can add the info for you. You will be credited appropriately.
     Table of Contents
    0 - Version History & Changes
    I - Intro 
      - Why Blade?
      - Pros and Cons
    II - Basic Tekkaman Blade Info
      - Normals
           - Ground
           - Aerials
      - Specials
      - Supers
    III - Combos
      - BnB
      - A-BnB
    IV - Strategies for T-Blade
    V - Credits & Contact Info
    		   --- 0. Version History ---
    1.0 - 6th, Feb 2010 - Sat down with a drink, prepped for TvC guide writing. 
        - Added Intro and started basics.
        - Finished ground part of basics. 
        - Finished All Basics
        - Finished Specials and Supers.
        - Added combos and some strategies.
    1.1 - 7th, Feb 2010 - edited some things
        - Changed basic info around and added to it
        - Added Taunts, colors and intros
    1.2 - 8th, Feb 2010 - more fixes
        - decreased line length for fitting
    1.3 -a dded some combos and changed the line sizes
    1.4 - 16th, Feb 2010 - new combo
    	- More editing and line reduction
    To come
        - Refined edit
        - Gathering more information
        - Tidying up any loose areas
    	- Adding properties to normals, specials and supers.
    Never ending 
        - Searching for combos
        - Editing and cleaning
        - Prettifying everything
    			--- I. Intro ---
    Greetings fellow gamers! Welcome to Atlas' guide on Tekkaman Blade.
    Here I plan on covering everything that is the speedy character; T-Blade. 
    Why I chose to play T-Blade: Simple, nostalgia.
    I only chose to play as him because I knew who he
     was from the anime, but once I started to play I quickly found
    out that his speed and combos make him an extraordinary fighter.
    His speed coupled with his ability to cross up with Falchion will keep
    even the most defensive player on their toes for if they aren't paying
    attention, they will be eating a combo with plenty of sides.
    Pros of T-Blade
       - Excellent speed and damage
       - High cross up ability
       - Great range
       - Very nice combo ability
       - High normal jump.
    Cons of T-Blade
       - Odd ground and air dash
       - Cross up methods can be unsafe
       - Unsafe supers on block. 
    		--- II. Basic Tekkaman Blade info ---
    Real name: Takaya Aiba./ D-Boy (Dangerous Boy)
    Height: 7'6 (In armor)
    Weight: 178 lbs (In armor)
    Origin: Space Knight Tekkaman Blade
    Best characteristics - Speed and range
    Worst characteristics - Range can make combos hard to get into without
    a corner.
    Tekkaman jumps into battle with his trusty lance while yelling either;
    "TEK SETTA!"(Tek Set!),
    "TEKKAMAN BURADO!" (Tekkaman Blade)
    "Tekkaman...Datou?" (Tekkaman...Right?) <Vs Tekkaman>
    Blade holds the lance forward while either saying "Kakatte Koi!" (Come!) or Ha!
    1: Standard blade with white and red armor.
    2: White and blue armor.
    3: White and green armor.
    4: Black and red armor.
    I'm assuming that the reader already knows the basic terminology and
    inputs of the game, so I'll save some time and jump straight into this. 
    (Note: I'm familiar with the ABC system,
    so I will refer to L = A, M = B, H = C ) 
    Attack (Dmg in billions)
    Range (1-5. 1 being shortest)
    Speed (1-5. 1 being slowest)
    5A:  (.94)
    Blade stabs his opponent with his hand quickly. 
    Range: 2-3
    Speed: 3
    2A: (.94)
    While ducking, Blade angles his hand upwards 
    towards the opponent with a quick thrust.
    Range: 2
    Speed: 2
    5B: (1.8)
    Blade snaps his lance in half and slaps the taste
    out of his opponent's mouth with them before reconnection.
    Range: 3
    Speed: 2
    2B: (1.78)
    Blade scoots forward while kicking the opponent.
    This moves Blade forward which increases its already long range.
    Range: 4-5
    Speed: 3
    5C (2.85)
    Blade delivers a turnaround slash with the lance.
    This also moves Blade forward.
    Range: 5
    Speed: 2
    4C  (3.08)
    A lifting spin slash with the lance.
    It lifts the opponent slightly. 
    Range: 4-5
    Speed: 2-3
    2C (3.02)
    A ducking, spinning stab to the knee caps
    provided by the lance. Knocks down opponent.
    Range: 5
    Speed: 2
    3C (3)
    Blade slams the lance into the ground,
    creating a wave of nickelodeon green energy that launches opponent.
    Speed: 3
    Forward (5.600)
    Blade gets a bit friendly with the lance and stabs the opponent with both
    ends of it before kicking them to the ground. 
    Air Forward (6.936)
    Blade climbs up the opponent before spinning and slashing them into the
    dirt with the lance.
    Backwards (5.432)
    Blade flips his opponent; spatula to pancake style before flying under them
    and Pele kicking them across the stage.
    Air Backwards (8.691)
    With one rotating smack and another with a stab this time, Blade chucks his
    opponent to the ground in style.
    J.5A  (1.8 - 1.95 depending on when hit)
    Blade plants his knee into the opponent.
    Range: 1-2
    Speed: 5
    J.5B  (1.550-1.694 Same as A regarding when hit)
    Blade asserts himself with his hand, slapping the opponent.
    Knocks opponent upward slightly when hit in the air.
    Range: 2
    Speed: 4
    J.5C  ( 1 hit 2.80 - 2 hits 4.56)
    Blade spins with both parts of the lance, hitting completely around him
    before snapping them back together. 
    Range: 3-4
    Speed: 3
    J.2C  (3.5)
    Similar to Tekkaman's 2C, Blade falls down with the lance aimed at the ground.
    Range: 1
    Speed: 4
    Shamshir A - 4 hits (3.255) B - 5 hits (4.318) C - 7 hits (6.184)
    Rapidly press any attack button
    Blade spins the lance around his area, smacking the opponent multiple times. 
    Range: 3
    Speed: 4
    <Okay in air>
    Baselard A (2.3) B 3 hits - (4.38) C 3 hits (4.38)
    236 Attack
    Blade separates the lance and throws both ends at the opponent. A version
    flies straight and only hits once. B flies at a 32 degree angle upward and
    leads into an auto combo. C flies straight and does the same as B.
    Range: 5
    Speed: 3
    Katzbalger A- 4 hits (3.522)  B - 5 hits (4.537)  C - 12 hits (6.495)
    [2] 8 Attack
    Blade spins the lance above his head, hitting multiple times and lifting the
    opponent. A and B are the same with varying hits. C lifts and carries the
    opponent completely across the screen.
    C version causes wall bounce which can lead to combos.
    Range: 3-5
    Speed: 4
    Falchion A - 4 hits (3.85) B - 5 hits (4.699) C - 7 hits (6.247)
    214 Attack
    Blade dashes foward, leaving the lance behind him as it spins until
    he pulls it to him, hitting the area behind him. Can cross up.
    Does more hits depending on distance from opponent, the closer, the more hits.
    Range: A - 2-3, B- 3, C- 4,
    Speed: 3-4
    <Okay in air>
    Crash Interlude  25 hits (9.958)
    Blade surrounds himself in nickelodeon green energy and smashes into the
    opponent while yelling CRASH! INTERLUUUUDE!
    He flies back and forth at high speed, slamming into the opponent
    before ending with a display of his wings on the final 2 hits.
    Range: 5
    Speed: 3
    Voltekka 10 hits (13.987)
    Blade opens his shoulder compartments and unleashes a giant beam at
    around 45 degrees. 
    Range: 5 (hard to catch with without opponent being in the air)
    Speed: 3-4
    <Okay in air>
    Omnidirectional Super Voltekka/Blastor Voltekka 16 - 32 hits(20.350 - 22.051)
    VOL!....TEKKAAA! Blade exerts a force of energy around him in a
    360 degree area.
    If the opponent is caught by the radius it moves to a cutscene of T-Blade
    shattering his Tek crystal to unleash a hellish blast of Vol Tekka goodness.
    If the 360 radius does not make contact, Blade simply fires the beam
    and falls to his knees, leaving him extremely open.
    Range: 4-5
    Speed: 2
    Variable counter (2.400)
    Blade storms out of the blue yonder with his 4C animation to throw the
    opponent back.
    Crossover Air Raid (2.953)
    Blade adds a bit of glamour to his J.5C animation which on contact
    brings the assist partner in.
    Variable Assist (4.333)
    Blade leaps out with the B version of Baselard. Can be used in a
    combo that involves knockdown to allow time to addon to said combo.
    Variable Hyper Combination - When used for a VHC, Blade unleashes
    his Vol Tekka super.
    		---III. Combos---
    BnB - Bread n Buttah: Standard combo that you'll utilize a lot.
    Baroque - Cancel tech that uses red health to deal more damage. A/B/C + P
    djc - Double jump cancel. Jump out of an aerial combo
    [ ] - Hold. Hold the direction or button enclosed.
    The BnB I usually stick to is fairly simple and can lead into a multitude
    of possibilities. 
    (J.C)5A, 5B, 2B, 5C - BnB. Now with this little bitty combo,
    you can chain in some amazing Tatsunical combos with the right partner.
    The J.C is optional.
    5A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 3C, 8/9, J.A, J.A, J.B, J.B, J.C -Aerial BnB.
    This one is also a gateway dru...I mean combo. 
    Now children, lets get into some heavy bang bang!
    5A, 5B, 2B, 5C - Baroque - 5A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 3C, 8/9, J.A, J.A, J.B, J.B,
    djc, [2]C -land- 8C: From this point you have some options here. 
    	- 623AB
    	- 5B, 5C, 236AB
    	- 63214AB
    	- 5B, 3C (Relaunch into Aerial 236AB or 236A, 63214AB)
    <Caution, the timing of the J.B, J.B can be strict so if you happen to do
    [2] C and it doesn't connect, a falchion can get you out of any sticky mess
    that might come from the ill timing.> 
    Now if you really wanna get saucy; toss in a well placed C Falchion for cross
    up to start and time the BnB after the last hit of falchion. 
    (Corner) J.C, 5A, 5B, 2B, 5C[2], 8B, 5A, 5B, 5C, 3C, -delay- 9, J.A, J.B,
    J.B, 236A, J.B, 9, [2]C -land- 8C.
    Alternate way to combo into the Katzbalger combo.
    This one is rather tricky to pull off because of the charging and the delayed
    jump. As soon as you press C, immediately hold down until the C's motion is
    complete. Then just press 8C and watch T-Blade ventilate whoever's in the way. 
    For the delay, once you launch wait about 2/3's of a second before jumping.
    The key is the make sure the B connects right after the Baselard and then
    press 9 then 2 almost immediately. 
    If you're having problems with the 5A, 5B, 5C after Katzbalger, just remember
    to press A as soon as Katzbalger ends and connecting it should be fine. 
    	---IV. Strategies for T-Blade---
    Tekkaman Blade isn't you standard dash in and throw moves around
    character....Mainly because his dash is angled. 
    However, don't fret! For his dash can be used to get the drop
    in on opponents by executing normals relatively close to the ground for
    combo opportunities.
    Falchion use: Now you may be thinking "Hey! Cross ups!? I'm in!" 
    But let me tell you, trying ot use falchion at every turn will surely
    lead to your demise. While its good in general, T-Blade is completely
    vulnerable while using the attack and if ill timed, he can be thrown before
    the lance spins towards the opponent.
    I personally use Falchion after a whiffed J.2C, as the opponent is standing
    from knockdown, after blocking a bad tag in, or after half the opponent's team
    is defeated; just as the other is coming out.
    Baselard: I call this the giant swatter. The B and C version
    will keep them at bay, but don't just toss it about all
    willy nilly or you will be the one swatted. 
    In the aerial combo the A version of Baselard can combo into the
    Blastor Vol tekka, but the timing and input down is strict something fierce!
    Crash Interlude: This super has some of the greatest startup time I've seen
    for a super. So much super flash stun that you can input the super after a
    jab and it will still connect.
    Though it lacks in power, it can be a great finisher to a combo to just carry
    the damage over the kill point. This can be used on any successful hit of
    just about all attacks T-Blade has to offer. 
    In conjunction with falchion, CI can be a great fakeout tool.
    Start up falchion and when your opponent begins blocking the opposite
    direction to stop your advance, input the CI just before crossing over.
    It leaves little to no time to react with the quick startup. 
    Vol Tekka: A great anti air super with decent damage, if blocked it will 
    leave T-Blade down for a second to recover. This super is best used after
    the wall bounce of [2]8C
    Omnidirectional Vol Tekka/Blastor Vol Tekka: An extremely damaging
    level 3 super, but comes with a drawback of a pretty lengthy recovery.
    The initial burst must connect for maximum damage and there are a few
    ways I know of to combo into this super. 
    -Wall bounce with Katzbalger: Use the BnB into the aerial combo which
    leads into the C version Katzbalger. When the wall bounce occurs,
    let loose the super. 
    -Aerial combo: Using the A version of Baselard in the air in a combo and
    quick timing, the Blastor Voltekka combos for a nice finish.
    Timing is key with this one though. 
    -Partner: Any partner that has a good portion of stun stapled to
    their assist can help T-Blade pull the super off.
    I haven't personally used a normal assist, but Soki's level 2 charge
    offers enough stun to connect with the ODVT.
    Shamshir:I personally don't mess with Shamshir as I rarely remember
    to mash the buttons. If anyone can come up with a good method of using this,
    I'd be glad to hear it. You will be credited for your contributions.
    		---V. Contact info and Credits---
    Atlas(Me) - Atlas.Supernovas@hotmail.com
    TvC and all of its characters are property of both Capcom and Tatsunoko
    as well as Team Karas respectively. 
    None of these characters belong to myself or anyone in the Supernova team. 

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