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    Jill Walkthrough by KG21

    Version: 5.0 | Updated: 06/14/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Resident Evil 
    for Nintendo GameCube
    Version 5.0
    Written by: Stephen Townsend (GameFaqs username: KG21)
    Copyright 2002 by KG21
    E-mail: lxKG21xl@hotmail.com
    This FAQ was created for the sole purpose of making a speed walkthrough in order 
    for people to achieve different game modes and secret weapons. These are listed 
    later in the FAQ. This FAQ covers Resident Evil US Version. This unofficial FAQ 
    is also officially copyrighted by KG21. 
    --------   INTRODUCTION   --------
    This FAQ covers various methods of the fastest possible way to complete Resident 
    Evil. It takes a main course, and the game should be played as Jill. If this FAQ 
    is successful, a later FAQ for Chris will be added. For the time being, take 
    advantage of Jill's two extra item slots and the ability to use the GRENADE LAUNCHER 
    (and it's secret, mentioned later) and choose her.
    This FAQ is to only appear on gamefaqs.com, neoseeker.com, 
    http://www.angelfire.com/darkside/re_central/, worthlessgaming.com, or 
    gamecentralnetwork.com unless a personal e-mail addressed by Stephen Townsend 
    gives permission to use it.
    --------   TABLE OF CONTENTS   --------
    1. Update Information
    2. Game Controls
    3. Weapon Information
    4. Walkthrough (Jill Valentine only, for now)
    5. Secrets
    6. Thanks
    7. Copyright Information
    --------   UPDATE INFORMATION   --------
    MAY 09, 2002
    Made FAQ today. It is rather slim, but I will beef it up if people would like me 
    MAY 11, 2002
    Added Item Box support. Added full Game Controls list and Weapon Information. Made 
    small tweaks in the FAQ to make it more appealing and easier to read. Also, Thanks 
    section added. 
    MAY 14, 2002
    Many e-mails complaining about the failure to do the Grenade Trick have led me to 
    revise how to do it. 
    May 19, 2002
    Mainly I just added new permission uses to two more sites. I also changed my e-mail 
    to a hotmail account, because I think my dad has been deleting some e-mails regarding 
    the Grenade Launcher trick (which has been giving people some problems).
    June 13, 2002
    Most likely the last update to the FAQ. I finally fixed the Grenade Launcher trick. 
    It should work flawlessly now. 
    --------   GAME CONTROLS   --------
    JOYSTICK - Move forward to move forward, Move backward to move backward, Move left 
    to turn left, and move right to turn right.
    L TRIGGER - Change aim, Use a Defense Item (when Defensive Items are set to MANUAL)
    R TRIGGER - Aim
    Z TRIGGER - View map
    Y BUTTON - View Status Screen
    X BUTTON - Not used
    A BUTTON - Fire weapon, Confirm, Check
    B BUTTON - Hold to run, Cancel
    C STICK - 180 degree turn
    START - Options List
    DOWN + B - 180 degree turn
    --------   WEAPON INFORMATION   --------
         I use the HANDGUN in my Walkthrough, then switch to the GRENADE LAUNCHER (using 
    the glitch, which is mentioned in the walkthrough). Therefore these strategies are 
    for those of you who wish to beat the odds and earn the secrets the "right way". 
    Good luck.
    SURVIVAL KNIFE - This weapon performs a slash approximately every one second. It 
    does not require ammunition, and should only be used in one part of the game (that 
    part does not relate to this FAQ). Should you run out of ammo, this is what you'll 
    use. However, dodging is actually better than using the SURVIVAL KNIFE. Using the 
    SURVIVAL KNIFE on Yawn is effective.
    HANDGUN - This Custom 9mm Beretta has 15 shots per magazine. It takes approximately 
    7 shots to kill a zombie, more to kill Crimson Heads and bosses. Use this weapon 
    for backup until you have sufficient Shotgun ammunition.
    SHOTGUN - The SHOTGUN will be your weapon of choice in Resident Evil. The SHOTGUN 
    takes approximately 3 shots to kill a zombie, hunter, or crimson head. Bosses vary. 
    When facing a zombie, not a crimson head, aim up and wait until it is about to attack 
    you. It's head will go flying off and you'll be eased knowing a crimson head won't 
    appear there anymore.
    ASSAULT SHOTGUN - This is Richard Aiken's weapon of choice. It holds four more shells 
    than the SHOTGUN, for a total of ten shells. It also fires at a slightly faster 
    rate. Use this as your primary weapon after you receive it.
         (Not regarding to my Walkthrough) If you are playing Jill's game then you can 
    obtain the ASSAULT SHOTGUN by saving Richard and facing Yawn. In Chris' game, you 
    must save Richard and you will receive it at the Shark Tank.
    GRENADE LAUNCHER - This weapon, which is an exclusive to Jill, is definitely one 
    of the better weapons in the game. However, unless you do the "Grenade Trick" 
    mentioned in the walkthrough and the Secrets section, you will be left with little 
    ammo. Therefore only use it against bosses. Use the ammo while you can, because 
    the Magnum is actually preferred over this weapon. Don't be afraid to use it against 
    early bosses (Crimson Head Elder, Yawn 1).
    .357 MAGNUM - This is definitely one of THE BEST weapons in the game. The MAGNUM 
    kills everything in one hit, except for bosses. Save all the ammo you find. Once 
    you start encountering Hunters, go ahead and have some fun. I would save all your 
    ammo for the last part of the game, though. You'll need it.
    .44 MAGNUM - If you are playing as Jill and do not give Barry his MAGNUM back, you 
    will receive it. It only has six rounds, and you cannot put more ammo in it or receive 
    more. It is basically a .357, if not a little more powerful.
    SELF-DEFENSE .22 MAGNUM DERRINGER - This is also another great specialty weapon. 
    Use it when your desperate. I would use it against Neptune personally, but since 
    Neptune is so easy to kill by electrocuting him, use it against Yawn 2 or Tyrant. 
    FLAMETHROWER - Exclusive to Chris, the FLAMETHROWER is only used for a short period 
    of time. VERY short. It's fun while it lasts though. You will acquire it pretty 
    much automatically when you need to. Have fun burning up some spiders.
    ROCKET LAUNCHER - This Mark I is the most powerful weapon in the game. When do you 
    get it? You will receive it pretty much automatically when the time comes. Have 
    fun with it while you can...because you won't have it for long.
    *SAMURAI EDGE - This M29F Custom Handgun has infinite bullets and fires in rounds 
    of three quick bursts. Read the Secrets section for more information.
    *ROCKET LAUNCHER - The Mark II (Anti-Tank) is one of the best weapons. Arguably, 
    you can't blow anything up to pieces, but it's firepower and just the LOOK of it 
    makes you drool. Read the Secrets section for more information.
         *These weapons are secret weapons, and must be achieved by beating the game 
    within a certain time limit (hence this FAQ). Please refer to the Secrets section 
    for more information. 
    --------   WALKTHROUGH   --------
         Please note this walkthrough is only for Jill Valentine. You may use the base 
    of the walkthrough for Chris, but during this FAQ I mention little to no ammunition 
    pick ups (since I will be using the GRENADE LAUNCHER trick, which will be mentioned 
    in the FAQ) or Health pickups. If you see a health pickup and in the FAQ I do not 
    mention it, pick it up if you don't already have one. Also, sometimes when I mention 
    a cardinal direction (North, South, East, West) it will mean the direction according 
    to YOU, NOT the map OR Jill.
         Also, this walkthrough is divided, fairly vague, and based on Normal 
    difficulty mode. You'll will be required to read semi-fast, so good luck. If you 
    see something you already know, disregard it and continue. DO NOT read parts of 
    the FAQ you know how to do. This should be your second or third time playing through 
    the game and you should have a strong grasp on how to complete SOME tasks. Do not 
    treat this as a normal walkthrough and read it word by word. If you do, you will 
    not get the three hour mark, but you MIGHT get the five hour mark. You will have 
    to know a little about the mansion and your whereabouts to get along. It will not 
    consist of bulky paragraphs, but rather of semi-quick listings. If you get stuck, 
    save, and quit. Come to the boards, IM me, or e-mail me and ask me what to do. 
         DO NOT let the game run for more than 2-3 minutes. Bathroom breaks are OK, 
    but you should really keep playing non-stop. Read as you are opening doors or running, 
    but watch out for surprises. I will leave NOTES throughout the walkthrough. The 
    walkthrough will eventually get less descriptive. I may change that in the future, 
    but you will be notified when that time comes. Let's begin, and remember, skip all 
    cutscenes and read as you play!!
         After going into the Western Corridor, run back into the room with Barry. He 
    will kill the zombie. This is my last reminder, if you think it'll be close to 5 
    hours by the time you finish, skip the cutscenes!! I watched a couple, and I had 
    14 minutes to spare. 
         Head back to the Main Hall, when asked to search for Wesker, run to the NE, 
    down the steps, go through the cramped corridor, up the steps on the opposite side. 
    Run towards Barry to quickly end the investigation. Run back to where the zombie 
    was. Go through the door next to the disfigured body.
         Run down the hall, grab the HANDGUN BULLETS on the first desk you come to, 
    and grab the GREEN HERBS next to the steps. Combine the herbs and head up the steps 
    and into the door leading to the Mirror Hallway.
         Dodge the first zombie, and also dodge the second one. If you get injured (which 
    you probably will) then use your herb mixture, it's OK. Do NOT waste any bullets 
    on these guys. Grab the ARROW from the angelic figure after you dodge the first 
    zombie. Also, grab the HANDGUN BULLETS next to the mirror. Run past the second zombie, 
    and enter the door on the right.
         Take the dagger to your right. Run through the double doors at the Eastern 
    end of the room. From here, run down the steps, but don't go down the central steps. 
    Open the door at the top of the central steps. It leads you to the graveyard.
         You shouldn't have shot at anything by now. That's good. Kill the first zombie 
    you encounter. Run past where the zombie was standing, and ignore the second zombie 
    behind the fence, but watch out, it might come after you. Examine your ARROW and 
    acquire the ARROWHEAD. Use the ARROWHEAD on the statue and descend to the Crypt 
    of Fire. Quickly run to the south, acquiring a BOOK OF CURSE. Examine the back of 
    this book to acquire a MANSION KEY. If you examine the MANSION KEY's backside, you 
    will acquire the SWORD KEY. 
    	From the Graveyard, go back inside the mansion. When you arrive at the top 
    of the central steps, go down them, and enter the room on the right. After you enter 
    it, exit it. Barry will appear and give you ACID SHELLS. Go back up the central 
    stairs and take a right and go up to the Eastern side of the mansion. Go through 
    the door on the left and dispatch the two zombies in this corridor. I will refer 
    to this as the "U-Shaped Corridor" from here on out, so keep this in mind. 
         After killing (or dodging) the zombies, run all the way around the corridor 
    to a room at the end. Enter this room. Grab the DOG WHISTLE on the desk to your 
    right. Run out of the U-Shaped Corridor the way you came. When you arrive back on 
    the Eastern Balcony run straight across the hall and enter the double doors.
         Run across the balcony above you, and enter the door on your left. From here, 
    enter the door directly below you. When you enter this area, use the HERB Planter 
    to heal your wounds, and blow the dog whistle. Use all your remaining HANDGUN BULLETS 
    to kill the dogs. Use the HERB Planter afterwards and check on one of the dogs. 
    One will have a COLLAR.
         Examine the COLLAR and acquire a Jewel. Examine the back of the Jewel to receive 
    IMITATION OF A KEY. Return to the hallway, discarding the Dog Whistle. Venture south, 
    where you will meet some zombies. When you have a choice of going down the steps 
    or to the south, go south, dodging the zombie if possible. Enter the door at the 
         You are now in the Mirror Corridor once again. QUICKLY run through the opening 
    across from the door you just exited, as there is a zombie lurking near. As you 
    pass over the dead zombie it transforms into a Crimson Head, run North, through 
    the door, and QUICKLY.
         Keep running around this area until you reach a case with a key inside. Grab 
    the key, and replace it with the IMITATION OF KEY. Further examination reveals this 
    to be the ARMOR KEY. Return to the Mirror Hallway. Go straight across, through the 
    door, down the steps in the bird room, and through the door. Go through the Dining 
    Room and up the central staircase. 
         If you have no free item slots, follow these steps. Quickly head through the 
    double doors on the 1F Main Hall. From there, head through the only door in the 
    room. Through this corridor, keep running until you reach the end. Run through the 
    next area, being watchful for anything out of the ordinary. Enter the first door 
    on your left as you exit this area and then head into the Eastern Stairwell. Dodge 
    these zombies for now, and run into the Eastern Stairwell Storage Room. Deposit 
    the ACID SHELLS and SURVIVAL KNIFE and go up the stairs. From there, take a right, 
    past the zombie, into the last door. Head south, all the way around to the Main 
    Hall. Proceed.
         Take a right, up to the Main Hall Eastern Balcony, and this time go in the 
    room to the RIGHT. From here, walk around the Balcony, and examine the man slumped 
    against the wall. Grab his GRENADE LAUNCHER, and don't venture further. You must 
    dispose of this man if you do. Quickly return to the Main Hall.
         Go down the central staircase, and go through the door you went through earlier 
    before you received the ACID SHELLS. This door is on the right side. Go through 
    the door on the right. Push the second chest forward to receive a dagger. Ignore 
    the other chests and keep running. From here, keep running. If you have a slot to 
    spare, enter the door on your left in this next hallway. Examine the wheelbarrow 
    and grab the CHEMICAL. If you don't have a slot to spare, waste your Bullets if 
    you have any, you won't be needing them for long.
         Return to the hallway, and keep running, ignoring the other doors. Zombies 
    MAY crash through the windows here, just keep running. Enter the double doors at 
    the end of this hallway. Quickly enter the first room to your left. Dodge the zombie 
    in this stairwell and enter the Eastern Stairwell. Take out the Ink Ribbons and 
    save. Doesn't that feel good?
         Now, before you do anything else, grab the INCENDIARY SHELLS on the ground. 
    Put EVERYTHING in your Item Box. Put the GRENADE LAUNCHER in the upper-left slot 
    and INCENDIARY SHELLS in the upper-right slot. Close out of Item Box, open your 
    Inventory. Equip the GRENADE LAUNCHER. Close out of Inventory and open your Item 
    Box. Highlight the INCENDIARY SHELLS and click A Twice. Highlight the Acid Shells 
    in your inventory and click A twice. You will multiply grenade shells and be left 
    with a hefty amount of INCENDIARY SHELLS.
         If this method IS NOT WORKING for you, try making it so the first item that 
    you see when your open your Item Box is the Acid Rounds. So say you open up your 
    Item Box and the Survival Knife is selected in your Item Box. Switch this with the 
    Acid Rounds INSIDE your Item Box and repeat.
         If that method doesn't work, then use this method sent to me by Paul Richards:  
    Press LEFT twice. Also it works best if the item spot in the storage box is left 
    blank...instead of having to "Highlight the Acid Shells in your inventory and click 
    A twice." All you have to do is highlight the INCENDIARY SHELLS, hit A twice then 
    hit left twice then A twice again. 240 everytime. 
         From this point forward, I will not mention any zombies you may need to kill. 
    You have INCENDIARY SHELLS which burn them, which eliminates Crimson Heads. You 
    should have NO PROBLEM killing them now. If you choose NOT TO DO this secret, you 
    will have to find your own ammo and weapons, which could mess you up. Let's proceed.
         Grab your GRENADE LAUNCHER, SWORD KEY, ARMOR KEY, CHEMICAL, and take some 
         Go up the stairs (remember, I'm not telling you to kill zombies now. They should 
    be EXTREMELY easy to kill and you shouldn't need help killing them). And enter the 
    door at the end of the hall to the right. This leads to the U-Shaped Corridor. 
         If you entered the wrong door, go back and enter the right one. If all else 
    fails, press Z and see which door to open (You are looking for a Corridor shaped 
    like a 'U'). Now, go south, and enter the two double doors with your ARMOR KEY. 
    This is the Armory Room. Push the Far Right statue first (3 pushes is required) 
    then the Close Left one, then the Close Right one. Now press the switch in the middle 
    of the room to acquire the DEATH MASK.
         Return to the Eastern Stairwell. From here, go east, the door will say the 
    doorknob looks like it is about to fall off. From here, enter the door on the left. 
    You are now in a picture puzzle room. Click the button closest to you as you enter, 
    ignore the crows. Go around to the other side. Click the buttons in the middle and 
    on the right. The colors should be Orange, Purple, and Green. Run to the picture 
    at the end of this area and press the button. If you got the colors wrong, the crows 
    will attack you. Leave and try again.
         From here, grab the DEATH MASK and open the graveyard door. Go back to the 
    main hall through the graveyard.
         If you haven't gotten the CHEMICAL, get it now. It is in the first room past 
    the Dog Hall. Refer to an earlier section of the FAQ.
         Go to the 2F Dining Room. Enter the door on the left. Going through the corridor. 
    This time, go down the steps. Aim down and torch the body by the door. Head into 
    the door to the next save point.
         Head out of the Save Room after saving, depositing any items so you have one 
    slot free. Go south, then turn and go through the door at the end of the hall (NOT 
    the door on the right). Now, grab the BATTERY PACK on the floor and run to the end 
    of the hall. Enter the room here. Use the CHEMICAL on the water tap then switch 
    the Pump to RED. This kills the plants. Grab the DEATH MASK and leave. 
    	Return to the Save Room, discarding your DEATH MASKS. Go to the Main Hall 
    Eastern Balcony and into the U-Shaped Corridor. Enter the first room on your right. 
    You find Richard. If you try to enter the door past him, it won't work. Go ahead 
    and get the Serum from the Western Stairwell Save Room. Return to Richard, skipping 
    cutscenes as usual. This time, go in the room where you got the dog key, the last 
    room in the U-Shaped Corridor. Retrieve the LIGHTER from the desk to the left. 
         Proceed through the door past Richard. Enter the room down the small hallway 
    lighting the candles once inside. Move the Cabinet on the EAST wall SOUTH. Dispatch 
    the zombie here, and grab the MUSICAL SCORE (you cannot retrieve this MUSICAL SCORE 
    if you don't light the candles). Return to the 1F dining room and retrieve the WOODEN 
    EMBLEM from the wall. From here, enter the door next to you and go right. Keep going 
    until you stop. You will have gone down steps. This is the Kitchen. Use the SWORD 
    KEY, discard it, and run back (do NOT enter the Kitchen). When returning through 
    the hall, enter the first door on your left. This is the Piano Room.
         Go to the Northeast corner and move the shelf. Retrieve the second SCORE. 
    Combine the two scores to get the COMPLETE SCORE. Use this object in front of the 
    piano. From here, enter the secret passageway, take the GOLDEN EMBLEM, use the 
    WOODEN EMBLEM, and return to the 1F Dining Room. Use the Gold Shield where the WOODEN 
    EMBLEM once was. From here, go to the clock (just turn around and run, you'll see 
    it) and turn the LARGE GEAR twice EITHER left OR right. Grab the SHIELD KEY behind 
    it when it moves. 
         Return to the corridor past where you saved Richard. Use the KEY you just 
    received on the door here. You face Yawn. Simply retrieve the DEATH MASK in the 
    Northeastern corner and leave. Richard dies if you leave or stay to fight, so it 
    really doesn't matter. Go into the Eastern Stairwell from here, and retrieve the 
    other DEATH MASKS and deposit your LIGHTER. Go through the Picture Puzzle Room and 
    into the Crypt of Fire once again. Place all four DEATH MASKS in their appropriate 
    places, and inspect the coffin that falls.
         The Crimson Head Elder appears!! Kill him with your INCENDIARY ROUNDS easily, 
    and examine the coffin's innards. Grab the STONE&METAL OBJECT. Return through the 
    Picture Puzzle Room. Once you exit it, run directly across to the small alcove. 
    Enter the door here. As you run through this area, a dog gives chase. Ignore it, 
    or blow it to pieces. 
         Place the STONE&METAL OBJECT in the placeholder. Go through the door here. 
    Go down the small steps to your left (grab a BATTERY PACK on your way down) and 
    enter the door here. You will spot a Red Weathervane. Stop it when it points WEST. 
    Shortly thereafter you will spot a Blue Weathervane Stop it when it points NORTH. 
    Enter the gate that unlocks.
         Run straight and enter the gate on the other side of this area, ignore the 
    other pathway. Run through the twists and turns until you reach a Cabin area. Enter 
    the cabin, and run through it to reach a typewriter and Item Box. Save, and then 
    insert your ARMOR KEY into the box, as well as any other unnecessary items (any 
    assorted ammo besides your SINGLE GRENADE LAUNCHER. The GRENADE LAUNCHER does not 
    require separate ammo to be carried, but repeat the trick if it's running low.
         Jump down the small wooden platform and grab the Crank at the end. As you exit, 
    you get knocked out cold by Lisa. When you re-awaken, RUN!! Do not look back, keep 
    running. Head all the way back to the shed where you received the BATTERY PACK. 
    Enter the double doors this time.
         As you enter the Garden, shoot everything in your way. Run up the steps on 
    the opposite side.
         I will not attempt not to be so "in-depth" with things. You'll still get the 
    general idea, but just not as much. This will also require less reading. Also, the 
    rest of the game will not have you be picking up many items, so keep everything 
    you have. Many of the items will be discarded shortly (such as keys). This is I 
    will not be providing Item Box support. If you do however need to make a short stop, 
    do so, but do it quickly.
         Use the crank to drain the water. Run through the tank and up the other side. 
    Run around the twisting pathways and reach the next garden area. Run to the elevator 
    on the left, go up, and enter the shed shortly thereafter.
         Head into the shed. Run past ROOM 001 and enter the double doors. Kill the 
    spider, and run into the fenced in area. Grab the RED BOOK off the bar. Return to 
    the main hall. Push the box over a hole. Climb over it. Enter the door. Run to the 
    last room. Enter it. Grab the ROOM 001 KEY inside ROOM 002's bathroom. Enter ROOM 
    001, and grab the CONTROL ROOM KEY from the bathroom (disregard the Self Defense 
    Gun, it's wasted space). Return to ROOM 002. Move the cabinets in the back to reveal 
    a ladder, go down.
         Move these boxes to create a bridge. Cross over it. Head into the water, around 
    the shark tank, and into the CONTROL ROOM. Turn around, and examine the whiteboard. 
    See which pump it says to press, remember this pump. There consists of three consoles 
    here. One is by the exit of this room, one is in the middle, in front of the right 
    glass window, and one is behind the ladder. Hit the middle console. Switch the Right 
    Console. Switch the Left Console. Exit the room and press the correct Oil Pressure 
    Switch from the tanks (Item is nearby, ignore it for now, pick it up later). Switch 
    the Right Console. Switch the Left Console. Switch the Middle console. There you 
    go, dead sharks galore!!
         Kill the shark that's hopping around if you haven't killed it already. Keep 
    running, and run around Neptune (the big *** great white). Push the green box in 
    the water after examining the station. Neptune attacks! After pushing in the green 
    box, flip the switch on the right, say good night, Neptune. Grab the Gallery KEY 
    from behind him, and return to the Shed.
         Enter the Gallery Room (it's right by ROOM 002) from Room 002. Run past the 
    bees, and inspect the man lying in the corner. Get the INSECTICIDE SPRAY. Return 
    to the Hallway. Go to the end of the hallway, PAST Room 002. Take the map. Use the 
    INSECTICIDE SPRAY, killing the bees. Return to the Gallery Room. Grab the ROOM 003 
    KEY from the Bees Hive (past the man in the corner). Use it to enter the door adjacent 
    to where the man is lying.
         Run to the bookshelf to the North. Replace the white book with the Red one 
    you have. Replace book 1 with 4. Book 2 with 6. and Book 3 with 7. Enter the door 
    revealed. Use your grenades and keep running. Plant 42 should be no match for your 
    INCENDIARY SHELLS!! After it's dead, grab the key from the fireplace. On your way 
    out, save your game and return to the mansion. Return to the Western Stairwell. 
    Enter the room at the top of the steps to your left. Push the chest to the RED GEMSTONE, 
    NOT YELLOW, THE RED!! and make the owl follow you until it locks on to the yellow 
    gemstone. RUN quickly to the red one, taking it before the owl looks at you.
         Go to the Main Hall. Enter the door in the Northeast Corner, next to the door 
    that leads to the room which leads to the Dog Hall. Run south, then enter the door 
    at the end. Kill the zombie, and grab the Jewelry Box here. Also, pick up the Dagger 
    lying on the ground. Combine the Red Gem with the Jewelry Box and solve the puzzle, 
    if you don't know how, quickly located a Save Room (Eastern Stairwell, preferably) 
    and Save. Then mess around with it until you know how to solve it. Once you figure 
    it out, reset, load your game, and solve it without wasted time.
         You receive the Broach from the Box. This turns into a EMBLEM KEY. Enter the 
    U-Shaped Corridor from the 2F Main Hall Eastern Balcony. Now run around and go 
    through the door leading back to the Eastern Stairwell Storage Room. Act like your 
    going there, but instead of running down the steps, enter the door at the end of 
    the hallway. From here, enter the door IN this room via the HELMET KEY you received 
    in the shed. 
         Push the Statue as far as it will go, do not worry about the advancing walls, 
    they can't hurt you if your behind the statue. Once it reaches the end, turn around, 
    and go BEHIND the Eastern wall. Flip the switch, quickly turn around (DOWN+B) and 
    run back to the Statue. Place it on the floor panel to the left, to unlock the next 
    area. Go down the hole, and snag the book on the ground. Disregard any documents 
    you find. Examine the book sideways and retrieve the EAGLE MEDAL. Examine the grave 
    at the end and go down.
         From here, continue down the hallway. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ONE ITEM SLOT LEFT!! 
    Kill the spiders located here, but watch out for their poison acid they spit after 
    they die. Enter the door on the left of this hall, dispatch some zombies, and enter 
    through the gate to the north. Run south, activate the power, and run back. Go to 
    the left, and enter the door to the kitchen. Avoid the zombies here, and go up the 
    elevator located at the other end of the room. After riding it up, kill the zombies 
    here. Go through the door to your right, grab the BATTERY and exit. Go through the 
    door to the far north. You are back in the Mirror Room. 
         From here, return to where you got the ARMOR KEY. Go past the pedestal where 
    the IMITATION OF A KEY is located, and enter the room. Here, you will be in a library. 
    You will have to face Yawn again. Grab the herbs if you need them, and defeat Yawn 
    (it is relatively easy). When it dies, it shakes the bookcase, revealing a WOLF 
    MEDAL. Grab this.
         Run to the Eastern Stairwell. Go into the room that connects the Garden/Picture 
    Puzzle Room/and Eastern Stairwell. Enter the door with a Lion on it with the EMBLEM 
    KEY. Turn on the lamp, and grab the MEDAL OBJECT.. Keep this and the EAGLE MEDAL 
    in your inventory, for now. 
         Go through the door to your right as you exit the door with the Lion on it 
    (it's the door in the alcove that leads to the garden). Go through the door, through 
    the shed, and into the garden. If you haven't killed the dogs here do so, and then 
    run through the tank, up the other side, and back into the area with the two elevators. 
    Dispatch the dogs here if you haven't.
         This time, go south, and place the BATTERY in the small space next to the 
    elevator. Go UP the elevator, back to the tank, and use the crank to fill up the 
    tank. Go BACK DOWN the Elevator, and this time when you run north you will see a 
    newly created passageway.
         Enter this area and go down the ladder. Enter the first door on your right 
    as you enter. It is DIRECTLY by the ladder. Run past the elevator, and enter the 
    door at the far end. Keep running north and you will enter a room with Enrico. Skip 
    this cutscene, examine Enrico, and get the HEXAGONAL CRANK. Return the way you came, 
    dispatching all the Hunters that pop out at you. 
         This time, when you reach the ladder you came down from, go south. You will 
    reach a typewriter and Item Box. Save your game, deposit the old CRANK and take 
    the CRANK Enrico gave you. Use the CRANK on the small hole next to the tunnel. Now 
    you may proceed. Go into the next room. Run towards the boulder, then run back, 
    into the alcove you originally came through. It barely misses you!!
         Run through the passageway the boulder created. You will face a Giant Spider 
    here. Your GRENADE LAUNCHER will make short work of it AND the two other spiders 
    here. Avoid picking up the knife, to save space. Use your grenades to get rid of 
    the webbing by the door. Once you have done this, enter the door. Use the CRANK 
    three times on this next hole, and as you finish a boulder comes loose. Run quickly 
    into the passageway to your left. 
         Use the CRANK on the hole on the wall after you have pushed the statue over 
    the extruding wall portion. You must push the statue twice onto the middle part 
    that rotates it. Then push it back like the other one is. Grab the CYLINDER SPROCKET. 
    Return all the way back to where you started, and enter the door next to the ladder 
    again. This time, take your first left. Combine the CYLINDER SPROCKET with the SHAFT 
    and insure this. Enter the code by pressing 4,2,3,1. This activates the elevator. 
    Enter it.
        Once you get to this next area, expect to take some damage. If you do not have 
    any healing items, then simply run and if you see Lisa coming at you turn around 
    and take the other route, this room circles around so it isn't hard to avoid her. 
    Run down the Southern Path first, flipping the Switch on your way. The switch is 
    in the middle of the Southern Path. Once you get to what seems like the end, check 
    your map. Enter the room to your left. Push the box here to the left, then up. Push 
    it on to the device and press the button, sending it to where you started.
         Return to where you started, quickly, and go down the ladder next to your Item 
    Box (run south). Push the crate into the pit and press the button activating the 
    Garbage Disposal. After this is done, grab the Broken Flame-thrower and return to 
    the corridors where Lisa is. Go to the Northwest. If you haven't flipped the switch 
    in the Southern corridor yet, do so now. In the Northwest you will find you can 
    place the Flame-thrower onto the protruding hooks to unlock the door. 
         Run through the water-filled corridor. Enter Lisa's inner chamber. Grab the 
    box to your immediate right and examine it. Take the Stone Circle there and combine 
    it with your current Medal piece. Go up the ladder located in this room and back 
    through the woods to the Stone Shed. Exit the shed to the North, and grab your other 
    Stone&Medal object. You now have two, good job. 
         Go back to the main hall, and go underneath the central staircase. You will 
    find a door with two slots. Insert your two Stone&Medal pieces. Grab your two medals 
    and save your game. Enter this next area. If Barry if still alive, I would suggest 
    not giving him his gun back. This way you can quickly dispatch the Tyrant later 
    on, and you won't have to face it a second time (Thanks to usagent76 for this 
    information). If you DO give it back to him, proceed as normal, I'll mention killing 
    the Tyrant a second time later. Push all the stones in the four corners of the edge 
    to make Lisa jump off the edge at the sight of her mother. Now, enter the newly 
    opened room. Here you must enter the WOLF MEDAL in the northern slot of the fountain 
    and EAGLE MEDAL in the southern slot of the fountain. Enter the secret lab.
        Your almost there!! Save your game. Kill all the zombies in your way. Go down 
    the steps. Kill the two zombies in this area and go into the Northeastern room. 
    Go to the computer in the corner and enter Log-in name as JOHN and password as ADA. 
    The password for unlocking B2 rooms is Cell. The other doors don't need a password. 
    Go back up the stairs you just came down, and go through the door across the hall. 
    Go to the small console to your immediate right as you enter. Enter the numbers 
    8462 and enter the small room. Grab the Lab KEY. Go down the steps and enter the 
    Southeastern door of this area. This leads to a corridor with a Storage Room. Kill 
    the zombies in this corridor. Head south. Enter this room. 
         From here, take the northern passage, killing all the Chimera on the way. Take 
    the FUEL SUPPLY CAPSULE at the end. DO NOT go down the south passage yet. Exit the 
    way you came. If you haven't killed all the zombies in the B2 area yet, DO SO NOW!!! 
    Act like you are going BACK UP the stairs but this time enter the door to the left 
    of them. Grab the First Aid and enter the room on your right further down the hall. 
    Kill any zombies in here, and examine the strange looking display in the corner. 
    Fill up the FUEL SUPPLY CAPSULE with Nitrogen.
         WALK!! DO NOT RUN!! Back to where you received the container. Place the 
    container in it's place to restore power. Now act like you are going to exit this 
    room and take the southern passage. From here, kill the Chimera if you want (I dodge 
    them) and run into the nearby door. Go south, ignoring the MO Disc Reader to the 
    east. Keep running through the doors, ignoring the Chimera or blowing their brains 
    out (just keep running, don't bother with them, it saves time). Once you reach the 
    end you will find the elevator terminal. 
        Press the switch here, activating the elevator. Return to the Save Room. Save 
    your game and take ALL THE HEALTH YOU HAVE!! If you have Barry's magnum, take this 
    as well. Also, make sure you have ATLEAST 20 grenade rounds left (you should have 
    well over 100, however). Now, go north from the save room, down the elevator. You 
    meet up with Barry if he is alive. Go down it, and skip all these cut scenes that 
    are about to take place. You find yourself alone with the Tyrant walking towards 
         Shoot it with Barry's magnum if you have it, if you don't, waste it with some 
    grenades, and keep running, don't let it corner you. Once you've killed it check 
    on Barry if you gave him his gun back. If you didn't give him his gun back, check 
    for a Master Key near Wesker. Flip the switch in the Northeast, and leave through 
    the Northwest. Run back to where you started this level, QUICKLY. Chimera jump out 
    all over the place!! After you reach the save point area, save and bring all your 
    health. Go up the ladder, and enter the door to your immediate left. Keep walking 
    through the walkways and grab the FUSE UNIT on the floor. If anyone is alive they 
    will hold of an immediate threat while you go on ahead. Put the FUSE UNIT in the 
    outlet around the corner, skip the cut scene, and ride up. Get the SIGNAL ROCKETS, 
    shoot them off, and face the Tyrant once more.
         If you DID NOT give Barry his gun back, you will NOT have to face the Tyrant 
    (assuming you didn't save Chris, either). In this case, pray you got it. Now if 
    you DID give Barry his gun back... (Thanks to usagent76 for this information).
         Hopefully you have enough healing items to withstand it's attacks. If not, 
    then watch out for it's charge attack. After you get the MARK I ROCKET LAUNCHER 
    run behind it and blast it to pieces. And pray that you did it all in time.
    --------   WALKTHROUGH SUMMARY   --------
    OK, so you got 6-7 hours. I bet your cussing me out because it's my fault I wrote 
    so much and screwed you over, right? Well, I spend my time on this FAQ, so don't 
    blame me for it. However, if you don't happen to make it, use this checklist next 
    time. It's a lot shorter, but incredibly vague. You must know the whereabouts of 
    every item and room, but after playing the game, you should know where they are.
    --------   WALKTHROUGH CHECKLIST   --------
    ____ Acquire SWORD KEY.
    ____ Acquire DOG WHISTLE
    ____ Acquire IMITATION OF A KEY.
    ____ Acquire ARMOR KEY.
    ____ Acquire GRENADE LAUNCHER.
    ____ Acquire four DEATH MASKS.
    ____ Acquire first STONE&MEDAL OBJECT.
    ____ Acquire CRANK.
    ____ Acquire HELMET KEY from Plant 42 encounter.
    ____ Acquire WOLF MEDAL, EAGLE MEDAL, and Medal Object.
    ____ Acquire HEXAGONAL CRANK.
    ____ Acquire STONE RING to make complete STONE&MEDAL OBJECT.
    ____ Acquire other STONE&MEDAL OBJECTS and defeat Lisa Trevor.
    ____ Complete the laboratory part of the game (I know, this one is vague, but it's 
    the easiest part, and doesn't take hardly any time to beat...good luck!!)
    --------   SECRETS   --------
    INFINITE GRENADE TRICK - Place the GRENADE LAUNCHER in the upper-left slot and 
    INCENDIARY SHELLS in the upper-right slot. Close out of Item Box, open your 
    Inventory. Equip the GRENADE LAUNCHER. Close out of Inventory and open your Item 
    Box. Highlight the INCENDIARY SHELLS and click A Twice. Highlight the Acid Shells 
    in your inventory and click A twice. You will multiply grenade shells and be left 
    with 200+ INCENDIARY SHELLS, the best type (they burn on impact).
         If this does not work, make sure the first item that is selected in the Item 
    Box when you open it is your Acid Shells. This should solve the problem.
         If that doesn't work, use this method by Paul Richards: Press LEFT twice. Also 
    it works best if the item spot in the storage box is left blank...instead of having 
    to "Highlight the Acid Shells in your inventory and click A twice." All you have 
    to do is highlight the INCENDIARY SHELLS, hit A twice then hit left twice then A 
    twice again. 240 everytime.  
    ONCE AGAIN MODE - Beat the game once with any character on any difficulty. This 
    serves as a CLEAR GAME file which you save over to carry over any secrets or costumes 
    you've unlocked.
    HARD MODE - Acquire Once Again Mode to be able to play the game on Hard difficulty.
    REAL SURVIVOR MODE - Beat the game once on Normal Mode.
    INVISIBLE ENEMY MODE - Complete the game on Normal or Hard with Chris and Jill, 
    or beat Real Survival Mode.
    COSTUME CHANGES - Each time you complete the game regardless of difficulty you 
    unlock a new costume for that person. Jill and Chris each have 3 costumes, that 
    includes their original one. If you are wearing your second or third outfit as Chris, 
    Rebecca will automatically where her alternate outfit.
    SAMURAI EDGE - Beat the game within five hours on Normal or Hard. The weapon is 
    then available in "Once Again" mode.
    ROCKET LAUNCHER (Anti-Tank) - Beat the game within three hours on Normal or Hard. 
    The weapon is then available in "Once Again" mode.
    ONE TOUGH ZOMBIE - Complete the game with Jill and Chris on either Normal or Hard 
    SECRET FILES - Complete the game on Invisible Enemy Mode, but be wary, you cannot 
    view these files after you've been the game and have saved it, so keep a file just 
    before the last boss if you want to view these at your leisure.
    --------   THANKS   --------
    Thanks to usagent76 for pointing out that you can cut your time by not giving Barry 
    his gun back. 
    Thanks to Paul Richards for giving more information on Grenade Launcher Trick.
    Thanks to Daniel Engel for providing information to Paul Richards in order to fix 
    the Grenade Launcher Trick.
    --------   COPYRIGHT INFORMATION   --------
    (c) Copyright 2001 KG21. If you would like to use this FAQ on your own site, please 
    e-mail me at lxKG21xl@hotmail.com. Do not alter this FAQ's appearance or text, claim 
    it as your own, sell my FAQ in order to make a profit of money, or use it in any 
    way other than its primary purpose, without receiving written permission from 
    myself. If you would like to contribute to this FAQ e-mail me and I will give you 
    credit under a "credit section". If you have any comments or suggestions, e-mail 
    me at the above address. This is just the beginning of the FAQ, it will get 
    increasingly better, I hope. As of 5/19/2001, the only web sites allowed to post 
    this FAQ are gamefaqs.com, neoseeker.com, 
    http://www.angelfire.com/darkside/re_central/, worthlessgaming.com, or 

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