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    Chris Walkthrough [Hard Mode] by marshmallow

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/26/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    A strategy / walkthrough guide written by marshmallow
    for the Gamecube title... 
     ___        _    _         _     ___      _ _    
    | _ \___ __(_)__| |___ _ _| |_  | __|_ _ (_) |   Version 1.0
    |   / -_|_-< / _` / -_) ' \  _| |  _|\ V / | |   Date: 5/26/02
    |_|_\___/__/_\__,_\___|_||_\__| |___| \_/|_|_|
               R   E   B   I   R   T   H
              Chris Redfield Walkthrough 
                  Scenario: "HARD"
    New horrors in old places. Old horrors in new places. Powers yet to be 
    unleashed, a motley crew of dogged heroes, and a mansion full of bloodthirsty 
    genetic bio-weapons in ridiculously over extravagant Gamecube glory await you 
    in this, yes, BRAND NEW (or close enough) Resident Evil game...now was that a 
    run on or what?
    But this isn't just any lame-brain, shabby, thrown together or stolen 
    walkthrough! Oh no! That would be far too simple...
    1. Introduction
    2. Meet the Star
    3. Guests for Tea
    4. Chris Walkthrough
        - Chapter 1
        - Chapter 2
        - Chapter 3
        - Chapter 4
        - Chapter 5
    5. Variable Tree
    6. Ammo List
    7. Revision History
    8. Legal / End Notes
       1.   INTRODUCTION
    Summer, summer, free from the toil of school and life. Free to write, free to 
    play. Free to entertain you all night and day! I wanted to come back with a 
    Nintendo game. Preferably one that's not Dr. Seuss. Resident Evil: Rebirth 
    just seemed appropriate. Problem: too many walkthroughs. Problem: too many 
    n00bies. Problem: Nintendoholic blatantly stole my trademark layout because 
    he's too lazy to make his own (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and 
    all of that I suppose). Problem: Quizmaster seriously used up all my ideas in 
    terms of funny "ha ha!" jokes to use throughout the game and wrote a quality 
    Jill guide! No fair! 
    But there's still one last refuge left for a washed up writer like myself. A 
    foreboding, empty corner where only two things are evident: Chris Redfield is 
    the star. And his game makes the n00bies cry to Mommy.
    I'm there.
       2.   MEET THE STAR
    Chris Redfield! he's our man, if he can't do it, no one can! Unfortunately, 
    not very many people enjoy his game. Why? Well....
    1. Six item slots compared to Jill's cavernous eight. Forget using herbs.
    2. Instead of using a pin like the master of unlocking, us poor Chris players 
       must collect 'old keys' to open up locked doors. 
    3. No grenade launcher. 
    4. Can not collect the shotgun early like Jill can. He has to lug around the 
       broken shogun and make like Indiana Jones with the switch-a-roo (unless you 
       enjoy becoming pizza).
    On the otherhand...
    1. Chris is nearly twice as strong as Jill. Proof: Jill can only survive one 
       super lunge from the Tyrant 2. Chris can survive two, and he'll still have 
       life left for a small smack! Chris can take some serious abuse. This makes 
       up for the lack of room for herbs.
    2. Chris can get out of a zombie's grip faster than Jill can in most 
       circumstances (keep tapping 'A' and rolling the stick).
    3. Rebecca Nurse is better than Barry in that she will heal you completely in 
       certain locations.
    4. Hand grenades anyone? This is easily the best defense weapon. Instant 
       decapitation for zombies and (if you can get them to grab you) Hunters. 
       Sweet animation, sweet result. I'm dying of a stomach ache over here.
    5. Old keys are very close to where they are needed and, in fact, add depth to 
       the game because you get to explore exotic, fun filled places (like the 
       bathroom for Jill is optional; here, giving a Zombie a bath is needed). 
    6. Shotgun rapage. Chris gets more shotgun ammunition than Jill AND can easily 
       acquire the assault shotgun, which is an extra 10 rounds for free, fires 
       faster, and is about 1.5x as powerful. This makes the old shotgun look like 
       a corkgun. Bring out the boom stick baby!
    7. Chris doesn't have tantalizing breasts or an ass to stare at while climbing 
       high ladders. This makes it easiest to concentrate (uh huh!).
    8. No matter what, you get to see Wesker skewered by his own creation like a 
       speed induced Mexican kid killing his pinata with a shish-ka-bob spike. No 
       more of that "Premature!" and silly slapping aside stuff. 
    Chris's game rocks! The only reason to play Jill's game after becoming 
    familiar with Chris is to do speed runs (or to be a pervert). The grenade 
    launcher, frankly, makes the game super easy even on hard, because it has 
    about the same power as a magnum. Chris, on the other hand, only gets the 
    magnum and shotgun. So let's rock this crap!  
       3.   GUESTS FOR TEA
    Zombie: This is what happens when your regular jo-shmoe is infected with the 
            T-Virus, a rotting walker of death with a taste for warm flesh. 
            Zombies make their main mark in the first half of the game, but then 
            quickly diminish in number once you start acquiring heavy firepower. 
            However, until then, all you have to defend yourself from their 
            rotting teeth is a pistol and any knives or hand grenades you can 
            There are three ways to deal with zombies. (1) The hardest but by far 
            most economical and reasonable way is to avoid them. There are several 
            ways to do this...if you are in a tight space, try to lead the zombie 
            to one side of the hall. When they are about to get you, run on the 
            opposite side. Always remember: you can touch their back or side, just 
            don't get near their outstretched arms. That's when you get trapped in 
            their grip! If this happens, tap A and furiously wiggle the control 
            stick, this way you can get free as fast as possible. Sometimes you 
            can run by their arms and they won't grab you, but it's risky. 
            (2) Pump them full of pistol rounds until they fall. This is the most 
            common in tight hallways or areas in which dodging them is made all 
            the more difficult by the surroundings. Once they fall quickly run by. 
            Most zombies only take 4-5 bullets until they trip over themselves. 
            Also, if you're really caught offguard by a zombie, aim down at their 
            legs. Sometimes only one shot will cause their knee to give way! AND 
            if you blow their knee cap out (you'll hear a loud splat noise) they 
            will die instantly and NOT turn into a Crimson.
            (3) Shoot them until they die. With the pistol, this can take an 
            insane amount of bullets (almost a clip) due to their immense strength 
            as opposed to other RE titles. This is also a VERY bad idea unless you 
            decapitate them (with the pistol it is pure luck, with the shotgun it 
            happens about 8/10 times if you aim up at their melon head). Why? 
            Because later you'll have to deal with Crimsons (see below), which 
            aren't very good at tea parties.
    	  An interesting note about zombies in this game is that they can follow 
            you...e.g. sometimes if you run in another room they will burst 
            through doors and chase you down! This happens frequently in the first 
            half of the game.
                             *             *                *
    	  BUT, overall, I find that capping zombies in the leg is the best 
            strategy with the pistol. With only 2-4 shots the zombie will usually 
            fall or at least stop in its tracks, allowing you to run by. And about 
            1/3 of the time you will blow their kneecaps out, meaning they die 
            instantly and you won't have to worry about Crimsons. The chance of 
            blowing their knees out seems much higher than getting a headshot! 
    Crimson: Crimsons, code name V-ACT, are zombies that have fallen and have 
             metamorphisized like a butterfly. But the end result isn't too 
             pretty...Crimsons are superficially about the same as zombies, but 
             with small differences. For one, they have lost most of their flesh. 
             Also, their skin is reddish, especially their head which appears in a 
             dark red, almost purple tone (Durrr, maybe the color of crimson?). 
             The most obvious change are their foot long claws dangling from their 
    	   Crimsons do not resurrect after a certain amount of time, only after 
             a certain event. For example, any zombies dead when you acquire the 
             Armor Key will become a crimson. Later in the game, you can exit/re-
             enter a room and any zombie that died will be a crimson instantly. 
             Whatever the cause, you want to put them down fast. Crimsons do twice 
             the damage of a zombie and can run as fast as you, and will chase you 
             up staircases and all over the place. A shotgun shell to the face is 
             the best antidote, sending his red head rolling across the floor like 
             a bowling ball. Crimsons, once killed, are dead for good.
    	   Note: to make sure a Crimson does not resurrect, you must decapitate 
             or burn the original zombie. Burning is out of the question: Chris 
             has no grenade launcher and no time for silly fuel! So just run past 
             zombies and if you happen to knock a head off trying to get by, well 
             just giggle like a schoolgirl and move on.
    Cerebus: By their appearance, I'd say these mutts want their doggy-chow and 
             they want it NOW! Flesh falling off, inflamed eyes, and a taste for 
             delicious flesh drives these four legged zombie dogs to annoy the 
             living shit out of you as you attempt to make your way through their 
             areas. Chris can take a ridiculous amount of hits from a dog and 
             still be in fine mode, unlike Jill. Throughout the entire game you 
             only have to kill the dog that has the collar around his putrid neck. 
             Every other cerebus can be avoided by running in a zig-zag pattern.
    Crow + Bee: More annoying than dangerous, these T-infected vermin will swarm 
                and bite/sting constantly. However, running full tilt usually 
                leaves them in the dust. You'll find that bees can be taken care 
                of in a special way! Ooooh Orken man! 
    Adder: Tiny poisonous vipers that rain from the sky or waft in the water, 
           Adders tend to find some inexplicable way to poison you even if you're 
           no where close to them. Shrugging in confusion and using a blue herb 
           that is always near by is the best answer. Don' even bother to kill 
           these waste of polygons.
    Neptune: A great white with a nasty infection, they reside in the aqua ring 
             and will chase you in an attempt for some delicious Chris chyme! 
             Don't bother shooting at them; you'll get yours when you drain their 
             life source. Ho, ho, ho!
    Woolies: Woolly tarantulas with a poisonous grip! Terrifying, until you 
             realize their AI is broken. Feel free to run by their gaping jaws 
             and watch in wonder as they sit there, doing their spider thing, 
             spinning their spider web. Yawn!
    Hunter: These bad boys are the cream of the genetic crop. Engineered bio-
            weapons meant only for one thing: killing. These guys remind me of 
            velociraptors from Jurassic Park: they emit a bone chilling shriek and 
            then leap 20 feet across gaps or stair railings! A hunter can kill you 
            fast with a leap to your head, usually ripping out the jugular with 
            their huge, curved claws. However, armed with the boom stick, these 
            guys will fly. 2-3 shells will put them down for the count. However, 
            be careful and try to do this from a distance. Sometimes a hunter will 
            not stall from the power and will keep running or jumping at you 
            regardless! Once a Hunter is air-borne MOVE because they can not be 
            stopped and your health will be evaporated. One magnum round will kill 
            them if you're desperate.
            Hunters appear in the mansion after plant 42 is killed. They also
            infect the Catacombs. 
    Chimera: A grotesque splicing of human and insect genetic material results in 
             this terrible abomination. Chimeras hide in vents until you run by, 
             then they spill out en masse and tear you apart with long, sickle 
             tipped arms. Solution? RUN! The streams that come out of the vents 
             are INFINITE anyway. The only chimera you have to kill is the one 
             near the area you plug the power capsule into.
             Note: Chimeras love to dangle on the ceilings and begin to strangle 
             you! However, let yourself get caught in their arms and a grenade 
             will result in quite a funny death animation.
    Bosses: These guys aren't too nice. You'll find giant Mario style piranha 
            plants, Anaconda-esque size snakes, Jaws's grand daddy, and the 
            ultimate killing machine meant for military application in a new world 
            order. I will discuss them individually in the walkthrough as I come 
            to them.
    I'm going to assume you know the layout of the mansion fairly well and 
    understand how to access the major items of the game (otherwise how did you 
    get all the way to hard mode?). However, there's one thing you must realize 
    when following my walkthrough: NEVER EVER pick something up unless I say it's 
    OK. I will hold your hand the entire way so don't worry, everything I say has 
    a logic behind the insanity (usually). With that said, pick hard, pick Chris, 
    and SPARKLE! SPARKLE! Off we go...
    The game can be divided into five recognizable and logical parts. The first 
    piece of pie has been served...
    ************       Chapter One:   The Spencer Mansion          *************** 
    ************  ------------------------------------------------ ***************
    ************ /                                                \ **************
    =============                                                  ===============
    In my humble opinion this is the most difficult part of Chris's game. Lots of 
    items to collect, few inventory spaces, TONS of difficult zombies yet a lack 
    of ammunition and herbs. However, with this walkthrough you'll be much better 
    off, especially in terms of running out of space.
    Collecting the "Handgun":
    Items we will find:
    OK, I'm confused...in the introductory cinema Chris saved Jill with his 
    pistol. Now he doesn't have one? That makes a lot of sense! Anyway, I'm going 
    to assume you have the rocket launcher (since it can't be turned off once you 
    earn it) so this walkthrough will take that into account. It shouldn't be a 
    problem -- JUST DON'T USE IT! Have some self respect. Don't worry about it 
    "stealing" a space from you...without the rocket launcher you'd have the knife 
    Chris starts off in the dining room. Run along the table and open the door, 
    then turn left. This triggers the movie of the zombie tearing Kenneth limb 
    from limb -- insert your tail in-between your legs and run! Go all the way 
    back to the dining room, and exit into the FOYER. This is the main hall of the 
    mansion. After another cinema, the HANDGUN will be right in front of you. 
    Collecting the "Swordkey":
    Items we will find:
    Golden Arrow
    Handgun clip
    Book of Curse
    Sword Key
    Return to Kenny's body, the zombie is gone for now. Enter the door, run 
    through the raven room (ignoring the herb), run up the stairs, and enter the 
    yellow hallway. Run past the mirror, the fat/bald zombie is easy to get past 
    because he's facing the wall. See that nice, shiny item sticking out of the 
    statue? Tap it for the GOLDEN ARROW. Once you see the handgun clip get ready 
    because a zombie will be shambling from around the corner -- 4-5 rounds will 
    make him fall, so quickly collect the clip and enter through the top door (the 
    other is locked from the other side).
    You now stand in the second floor of the dining room. Return to the foyer 
    through the double doors. Go down the staircase and enter the small door at 
    the top of the stairs to enter the graveyard. The first zombie is avoided by 
    running around the long way, or wherever his long arms aren't pointing. 
    Quickly run up to the edifice, go to the inventory screen and examine the 
    golden arrow to get the ARROWHEAD. Use this to open the secret door in the 
    grave, run down the long stairs, and collect the BOOK OF CURSE in the flame 
    crypt. Examine the book and twirl the view so you can see the backside -- pull 
    the key from the back. This is the SWORD KEY.
    Reaching the first "Safe Room":
    Items we will find:
    Old Key 
    Quickly run back up the stairs, away from the fire crypt. Nine out of ten 
    times the zombies will be nice and allow you to run through without a hassle, 
    but if they want a hug you may have to knock them down with some pistol 
    rounds. Regardless, run back into the foyer.
    Run down the stairs to the ground level, run to the right and into the double 
    doors. This is the art room; ignore the map and the dagger in the back room is 
    usually used on the zombie that comes to get you, so I skip it. Unlock the 
    door with your shiny sword key of justice to enter the checker floored hallway 
    (AKA dog hallway). No dogs for you, however, unless you come in the other way. 
    The first piece of furniture can be moved to get a valuable DAGGER. Everything 
    else is empty so run to the end...
    The metal door to the left is locked. Solution? Bathroom! We need a break 
    anyway. Unplug the tub to let the water out and oh my dear my little Louie! A 
    zombie falls out. As you regain control run to the tub, search for the OLD KEY 
    (everyone's favorite item), do a 180 spin and GET THE FARK OUTTA THERE! No 
    need to even shoot that zombie once. Unlock the metal door and enter the 
    outside garden. Collect a green herb and the red herb and make an ultra herb. 
    Collect the CHEMICAL (full inventory) and enter the mansion again. Run all the 
    way down the hall (the zombie from the bathroom will break out, but don't 
    worry we won't see it the rest of the game) and all the way to the end where a 
    set of double doors await! Through them, open the door on the left.
    Welcome to the eastern stairwell. Nice and bright from the chandelier and the 
    lightning helps as well. From here everything on the east side of the mansion 
    is accessible, more or less. The door you just came in from is funny. If you 
    go back through (DON'T) two times the doorknob will break, which means you'd 
    have to go the long way. But getting to the point...go forward and quickly run 
    past the zombie in the center and into the safe room underneath the stairs.
    OK we're in the safe room, now what?
    Collecting the "Armor Key":
    Items we will find:
    Old key
    Handgun clip
    Dog Whistle
    Imitation Key 
    Green Herb
    Armor Key
    Safe room again remember? Well first off go to the magic box and dump off the 
    rocket launcher or knife (whichever you have), ultra herb, and chemical. Pick 
    up the old key on the table, ignore the fuel canteen, we don't have the space 
    or the time to be bothered about burning zombies. Leave with the following:
    1. Handgun
    2. Handgun clips
    3. Sword key
    4. Old key
    5. empty
    6. empty
    As you exit the safe room hug the wall and run down FAST! You will barely miss 
    the zombie's arms. Run up the stairs and turn right, peeking around the corner 
    to get the zombie's attention. As he sees you do a 180 and run back to the top 
    of the stairs, then shoot him until he falls, then run by fast. Open the door 
    behind him to enter the red hallways (AKA Richard hallways or U corridor). A 
    zombie will be right on top of you. Wait until he turns in your direction, 
    then run straight to the wall your character is facing and run along his side 
    to avoid his arms. Open the door at the end to enter the study, collecting the 
    shiny DOG WHISTLE and the not so shiny handgun clip near it. Exit the same way 
    you came in.
    As you get back into the red hall, you will see the zombie's back, and he is 
    slowly turning. Run along his backside and go all the way and turn the corner. 
    Begin shooting a zombie you can't see until you hear him fall, then go all the 
    way to the end. Open the door using the sword key and VOILA! We're back in the 
    foyer, second floor. Continue across, open the double doors, and we're on the 
    balcony to the dining room. Go up and unlock the far door, again using the 
    sword key. 
    This is the WESTERN STAIRWELL! Unlike the eastern stairwell it is dark and 
    gloomy. With the power of the old key, you may open the way to the dog 
    terrace. If you need so, use the herb patch, if not let it be. Run until you 
    see the stairs going down...don't go down them, but continue until you see a 
    door. Unlock it, then turn a 180 and blow the whistle via your inventory. Two 
    canines thirsty for human delight will come romping in...begin shooting your 
    pistol before you see them for maximum damage before it comes for melee 
    battle! And this is a nice spot, because the dogs will get stuck on each 
    other. Once they are both dead pick up the shiny, sparkly item to collect the 
    DOG COLLAR. Run back to the herbs, refresh yourself, and go back into the 
    western stairwell. Discard the dog whistle as prompted.
    Knock down the zombie to get past, retreating slightly if necessary. Go around 
    the stairs, ignore the door, and unlock the door at the end. We are back 
    inside the yellow corridor...go past the mirror, ignore the herb, and open the 
    door at the end (don't even bother trying to fight the Crimson that awakes). 
    As Quizmaster noted, this is the overly ambitious and waste-of-cash trap o' 
    death! This should be familiar by now. Jack the ARMOR KEY, examine the collar 
    to get the coin, examine the back of the coin to get the IMITATION KEY, slap 
    that in Indiana Jone's style and we are free to leave in one peace.
    Saving Richard darling:
    Items we will find:  
    Death Mask
    Handgun clip
    Jewelry Box
    Old key x2
    Exit the death trap into the yellow corridor, grab the herb, turn left and 
    FASTER THAN GREASED LIGHTNING open the door back into the western stairwell. 
    If not, prepared to get mauled by being in the center of a crimson/regular 
    zombie sandwich. Go down the stairs, evading the vomit zombie, and open the 
    door with your new armor key. This is what I call the dark corridors, which 
    happens to connect to the corridor where you saw the first zombie. Turn left 
    and open the door in the middle of the wall -- across from the tiger room -- 
    to access the bedroom of some workers. Collect the pistol clip from the bed 
    and hey, someone is locked in the closet! Let's rescue them! *ambush by two 
    zombies* Well isn't that a dandy. You won't be able to avoid taking damage 
    from the first zombie unless you aim down and are lucky enough to hit his 
    knees enough, otherwise just let him nibble on you, then push him down and 
    quickly grab the old key from the closet. Do a 180 and with luck you won't get 
    hurt by the zombie near the entrance. Use the herb from the golden corridor to 
    Unlock the door at the end and you'll find yourself back in the first corridor 
    with Kenny's body. See the zombie in the distance? Shoot until he falls (about 
    1/2 the time I get a headshot for some reason) and run past, all the way to 
    the end, to get to the beautiful (but desperately in need of some MR. CLEAN 
    action) kitchen. Discard the sword key as prompted. Grab the annoyingly bright 
    SUPPPA SPARKLY old key from the shelf and attempt to exit back into the dark 
    hallways. A zombie will enter, and another will flank you from behind 
    (although he is a crawler). Don't even fire a bullet, just run back to the 
    crawler, back to the table, and wait for the upright zombie to choose a side. 
    Then you go around the other side -- simple eh? 
    Return to the foyer via the dining room. Go up the stairs and unlock the door 
    in the back on the second floor and collect the dagger on the bench near our 
    departed Forrester. Return to the foyer and enter the red hallways. Ignore the 
    first door and be careful of the zombie around the blind corner (lure it out 
    then drop it). Unlock the heavy metal doors with the Armor Key and be prepared 
    for a terrible puzzle...
    push the statues back in a crazy random order!
    Back right
    front left
    front right
    back left slides into place
    Trigger the switch and collect your prize: A JEWELRY BOX! Oh baby. Examine the 
    long sides to find switches, activate both to open the box and claim your 
    second prize of the evening: a death mask. Fun for the entire family! Exit 
    into the red hallway, return to the door I told you to ignore. Unlock it with 
    the armor key and you'll have an objective: save Richard by collecting the 
    serum! Which is in the safe room of the western stairs...no problem!
    Steps back: 
    1. Run back to foyer
    2. Run to double doors up top.
    3. Go across the top of the dining room.
    4. Voila! 
    Go into the safe room and collect the serum from the shelf after putting the 
    death mask into the box. Then go backwards and to Richard. After a series of 
    cinemas, you will be teleported across the mansion back into the safe room of 
    the western stairs...which is a GOOD THING.
    Rebecca needs her "practice":
    Items we will find:
    Broken shotgun
    Hand grenade
    Death mask
    Handgun clip
    Music notes 2x 
    Moonlight Sonata
    Rebecca will heal you, then you should do some item re-arranging. Leave with 
    the following items:
    1. Handgun
    2. Handgun clips
    3. Armor key
    4. Chemical
    5. Old keysx2
    6. empty
    Exit the safe room and run in the opposite direction of the stairs, drop the 
    zombie, and open the locked door (leaving you one old key left). Inside, 
    collect the grenade and the broken shotgun. Exit, and use the grenade on the 
    zombie that is around the corner -- he is so tough and takes forever to knock 
    down it seems, and you'll keep coming around this area anyway. Go through the 
    door into the dark halls and go straight ahead, opening the door to the garden 
    Put the CHEMICAL into the water pump and then feel free to collect and use a 
    herb with your free space if you need the health. When you're ready, turn the 
    switch to red and the mutant plant tentacles guarding the death mask will be 
    killed. Collect said mask and exit, backtracking to the safe room (keep 
    running even as the zombies break through the windows). Store the death mask 
    and broken shotgun into the magic box for later.
    Climb the stairs, go around (dropping any would be threats) and return to the 
    foyer via the dining room balcony. Before that, however, find a way to push 
    the statue with the sparkling item off the side without the zombie messing you 
    up -- by this time in the game he will be waiting for you to come out the 
    western stairs door, instead of hanging around the statue, so it's cake. Drop 
    the statue and then continue to the foyer, 2f. Go across and enter the Richard 
    hallway and go to where Richard used to be, then through the next door. The 
    zombie here is almost impossible to avoid and a waste to drop, I just let him 
    nibble on me then throw him down. 
    Then there's the dark service room. Collect the handgun clip from the table 
    then use the lighter (Chris has it all the time, check the upper right of the 
    inventory screen) on the candle so you can examine things. Push the cabinet 
    out of the way and UH OH! The zombie from the hall came in! Quickly go behind 
    the cabinet and NOOOO! Another zombie! Lure this one out and play keep away as 
    you slowly wait for the zombies to move around the table until you can go back 
    behind the cabinet and collect the MUSIC NOTES from the shelf. You should have 
    one item space left (unless you have no reserve pistol clips). Quickly exit 
    this claustrophobic death trap. Use the herbs on the ground if you're in 
    caution. Return to the foyer.
    Go to the ground level and enter the dining room, ignoring the sparkle from 
    the statue you pushed over the ledge. We'll come back for that much later in 
    the game. Instead, go into the Kenny hallway and shoot the zombie at the end 
    until he falls, then unlock the door on the left wall using the Armor Key. 
    This is the grand piano room! Push the shelf that sticks out so you can 
    collect the other MUSIC NOTES. 
    Combine with the other music note to form the MOONLIGHT SONATA. Stand in front 
    of the piano and use this and Rebecca will come. Since Chris is tone deaf it 
    is up to her to save the day!!! Oh wait she sucks as well. We'll let her 
    practice and come back later, maybe she'll get some l337 piano skillz. Or 
    Clearing out the East Wing:
    Items we will find:
    Bee Specimen
    Bee Lure 
    Wind Crest
    Death mask
    Red Herb
    Your inventory should look like this as you leave the piano room:
    1. Handgun
    2. Handgun clips
    3. Armor Key
    4. Old key
    5. empty
    6. empty
    Return to the foyer, climb the stairs, and enter the Richard hallway. Several 
    zombies will burst from doors, your job is to run if possible but if you need 
    to, drop them with the pistol to the legs (and I hope you have some defense 
    items). There's a LOT of zombies here...fight and scratch your way to the 
    eastern stairs. Instead of going down the stairs, open the door nearest it 
    using the armor key. Open the locked door with the last old key and enter the 
    Collect the hook from the far wall, then the bee lure (yellow) from the panel. 
    Combine these to form the bee lure. Do not hit the switch yet. Collect the 
    other red bee -- the "bee specimen." Put the bee lure where the specimen was 
    and put the specimen where the lure was resting. Now hit the switch, the panel 
    will lift, and the WIND CREST is yours for the taking. This allows you to get 
    the uber-powerful magnum revolver later. Exit before the single wasp stings 
    you in the balls.
    Collect the red herb, then go to the other door to enter a bedroom. Circle 
    behind the bed and keep hitting the action button to acquire the herb 
    (impossible to see, but it's there). Combine red + green for an ultra herb, 
    then get the old key from the shelf. If you did everything correctly and in 
    the right order you will have enough space. Now return to the stairs, run 
    down, evade the zombie's grasp, and enter the safe room. Collect the handgun 
    clip and health spray (thanks Wesker). Arrange your inventory so it looks as 
    1. Handgun (no extra clips needed)
    2. Armor key
    3. Old key
    4. Broken shotgun
    5. empty
    6. empty
    Evade the zombie again and open the door with the cracked door knob (ground 
    level). Go through the double doors in the foreground and enter the shotgun 
    room. Collect the dagger, collect the SHOTGUN (boom, boom, baby!) and put the 
    broken shotgun in its place. Retreat through the double doors and unlock the 
    door to the LIGHT PUZZLE ROOM EXTRAVAGANZA! This will also be, finally, the 
    death of the Armor Key as long as you used it on the door to the Forrest 
    balcony (Where Jill gets the grenade launcher). If you didn't do this, you're 
    terrible at following directions, should be shot, gagged, etc. Thankfully I 
    took the handgun clips out of the list...I thought a lot of people would mess 
    up like that. CUZ YOU SUCK! 
    We all know how to solve the light puzzle, right? If not...
    1. Turn the first painting RED.
    2. Turn the last yellow painting GREEN.
    3. Turn the second-to-last painting PURPLE.
    4. Activate switch
    Use the old key on the gate, freeing yourself of old keys forever. Then pick 
    up the death mask and stroll into the graveyard.
    Hey, I wonder if Rebecca is done yet...?
    Collecting the Final Death Mask:
    Items we will find:
    Golden Emblem
    Shield Key
    Death Mask
    From the graveyard head into the foyer, down the stairs, into the dining room, 
    GRAB THE EMBLEM, go into the dark hall, drop the zombie, and into the piano 
    room we go. After the hidden door opens collect the GOLDEN EMBLEM. Then 
    replace it with the regular emblem to escape. Return to the dining room and 
    put the golden emblem where the regular emblem rested above the fireplace. 
    With the power of pixie dust, the grandfather clock will open. Go over there 
    to investigate this, Dick Tracy style. 
    Another puzzle...that makes no sense. Random numbers time!
    Move the LARGE gear to the RIGHT two times in a row. Then refuse to move 
    anymore. After some little effects and lightning, the SHIELD KEY is yours. 
    Go foyer --> Richard/Red/U hallway --> Richard's old resting place
    Use the shield key to open the large doors, then discard as prompted. After 
    the awesome cinema showing Yawn, the giant, Anaconda shaming SNAKE OF DOOM AND 
    DESTRUCTION! He also enjoys walks on the beach. Simply run by and collect the 
    death mask of death (oh yeah) in the back corner. No need to fire a single 
    DON'T get bit. If you do, you'll play as Rebecca and have to get Chris serum. 
    Which is really, really boring and a waste of time. So don't be stupid and get 
    bit, eh?
    Collecting the "Stone and Metal Object":
    Items we will find:
    Shotgun ammo
    Stone and Metal Object
    Exit Yawn's domain, avoiding zombies, and go to the eastern stairs (bright 
    light!). Enter the safe room and set up your inventory as so.
    1. Shotgun
    2. Death mask 
    3. Death mask  
    4. Death mask
    5. Death mask
    6. Wind crest
    Exit through the shattered doorknob door -- it is now broken from that side, 
    but it's OK because we don't need it anymore. Go into the light puzzle 
    painting room, graveyard, and down into the fiery crypt. Place the death masks 
    on the appropriate faces and the coffin will fall to reveal... 
    No silly goose! 
    No silly bear!
    He's just the first Crimson Head ever (you'll get a note on this later). And 
    he's friggin' TOUGH. It takes three shells before he falls down, so you need 
    to be more mobile than in other difficulty settings. Strategy: fire one 
    shotgun blast --> run --> fire shotgun blast --> repeat
    After four or five shells he will die, again. Actually that's his third time 
    dying (person -> zombie -> crimson -> really, really dead. Really!). Grab the 
    STONE AND METAL OBJECT from the coffin and hit the switch to open the exit.
    As you reach the top, circle around to the adjacent area next to the fiery 
    grave entrance. This plot of land is seemingly empty, but some shotgun shells 
    are in the back corner. Keep tapping search, you'll get them.
    WHATEVER YOU DO!!!!!...
    DON'T reload the shotgun. Later we'll get a much better boom stick and any 
    shells in this weaker version can't be used in the newer one. So yeah...this 
    shotgun should have maybe one or two shells, depending on random chance. Go 
    through the light puzzle room, use the last shells to clear the zombies 
    blocking the metal door (DON'T RELOAD) and go through. Deselect shotgun so you 
    won't accidentally reload. :) Then insert the stone and metal object into the 
    hole to open the door.
    ************       Chapter Two:   The Residence                *************** 
    ************  ------------------------------------------------ ***************
    ************ /                                                \ **************
    =============                                                  ===============
    This stretch of Resident Evil is mostly puzzle related. The enemies are 
    sprinkled lightly, and most can be avoided easily. The amount of zombies can 
    be counted on one hand...the only thing to really watch out for is the final 
    boss for the section, plant 42! 
    Collecting the "Crank":
    Items we will find:
    Health spray
    Hand grenade 
    Shotgun shells
    Sun Emblem
    Star Emblem
    Moon Emblem
    Magnum revolver
    Square crank
    We now stand in a gardener's shed. Pick up the health spray, hand grenade, and 
    the shotgun shells and go through the door at the bottom of the stairs. We'll 
    come back for the other door later.
    We are now outside the mansion, otherwise known as the COURTYARD. How 
    quaint...what's to stop Chris from running through the forest and to safety, 
    again? I forgot...Anyway, the idea of this next puzzle is to control the dog 
    statues so they face opposite directions. To do this, make the red weather 
    vane face WEST and make the blue vane face NORTH. This is insanely easy to 
    remember due to the fact that they are both in the lower right hand corner 
    when you go to select it (weird!). Stroll through the now open gate.
    This graveyard is infested with Hitchcock's favorite pet, but they'll prove to 
    be of little threat, mostly just cawing at you. Head over to the right hand 
    tombstone and insert the WIND CREST, forcing the tumbler to rotate, revealing 
    three more crests: SUN, MOON, and STAR. Take all of these and go to the left 
    hand tombstone. Open up your inventory screen and examine the backside of each 
    crest -- push all the buttons and protruding lines will extend, allowing these 
    crests to fit in the tombstone. After all the crests are fitted into the left 
    tombstone the tumbler will rotate, revealing the GODLY AND UBER 
    POWERFUL...revolver magnum. Don't plan on using it for quite awhile, however. 
    Exit through the gates.
    After jogging the equivalent of a marathon, Chris reaches the mysterious Cabin 
    of mysteriousness! Although you should know who owns it ANYWAY. Maneuver 
    through the twisty path until you reach the magic box, put EVERYTHING inside. 
    Then do a 180, jump down, and collect the SQUARE CRANK from the woodpile. 
    Everyone's favorite item, right? EVER!
    Reaching the "Residence":
    Items we will find:
    Ready for some serious running? I hope so! Break out the Gatorade action.
    Run all the way back to the gardener's shed. Then open the double doors...then 
    run past the dogs, up the steps, and through the rusty gate. Next, run to the 
    pillar and insert that hot and heavy crank in the hole for some turning action 
    (this also drains the water). Climb down the ladder, run across, climb the 
    next ladder, and run to the elevator. Down we go!
    I hope you're not winded yet. Pansy.
    Run past the dogs, around the waterfall, and through the door. Then run, 
    Forest, RUN!!!! Down the path! Snakes will fall mysteriously from the sky but 
    that's OK, the Residence is up ahead...can you make it through the door? UhhH!
    Collecting the "Control Room Key":
    Items we will find:
    Red book
    First Aid Box - Mixed herbs
    001 Room Key
    Self defense gun
    Control Room Key
    Residence is soooooo easy compared to the mansion, you don't even need a gun. 
    Run to the far double doors, then run to the left (avoiding the giant spider 
    about to pounce) and pick up the herb. Go back and around, up the stairs, down 
    the middle stairs, and collect the RED BOOK and the first aid box. Examine the 
    top of the box to get a blue/green herb mix. Exit into the main hallway.
    See the hole where the tentacle of PAIN AND ANNOYANCE comes out of if poor 
    Chris tries to cross? See the box that fits over the hole? I think it's pretty 
    easy to solve this "puzzle." Push the box over the hole, climb over the box, 
    and through the door.
    I'll call this the twisty hallway. Mainly because it is...twisty...and stuff. 
    Go to the 002 room, go to the bathroom, collect the 001 Room Key, and exit 
    back into the main hall. Use the key on the...001 door? OF COURSE! It makes 
    sense almost. Before heading in, however, go to the safe room and grab the 
    hand grenade. Stroll on over to the magic box and leave with this...
    1. Magnum
    2. Red book
    3. empty
    4. empty
    5. empty
    6. empty
    Head into the now unlocked 001 dorm room, where we're all familiar with the 
    scientist who shot his friend and then hung himself due to zombie infection. 
    Hey! Let's grab that gun, the "self defense gun." We'll need it later. Then go 
    into the bathroom, drain the water, and grab the CONTROL ROOM KEY. Bolt out of 
    this place as the zombies come to life...they will not follow, however. Return 
    to the 002 room in the twisty hallway.
    Collecting the "Gallery Key":
    Items we will find:
    Green herb
    Magnum clip
    Assault shotgun
    Gallery Key
    Once in the 002 room, note the zombie that came out of NOWHERE. I blame the 
    Clinton administration. This zombie is brain dead (even for a zombie!) because 
    I can usually run right by his arms and I won't get grabbed. If not, your hand 
    grenade will rip him a new one. Push the bookcases out of the way and climb 
    down the ladder.
    Welcome to the aqua ring! Now for a puzzle that a retarded orangutan without 
    hands could solve. Push the crate nearest the water into the gap. Then push 
    the 2nd closest crate into the gap...then the last crate into the gap. NOW YOU 
    CAN CROSS THE GAP! *audience gasps in amazement* Wait until you see the next 
    Pick up the herb and enter the ring itself, you'll find yourself knee deep in 
    water. Richard (WTF is he doing here? And how?) will sacrifice himself so you 
    don't get eaten by Jaws's great grandfather. Well, technically it's the BIG 
    MAMA NEPTUNE! Quickly run around the ring to the first door you see. If you 
    get bit -- which you probably will unless you luck out -- use the green herb 
    to get back to fine. Enter the control room.
    This puzzle is fun, and in hard mode it'll be cut fairly close. 
    1. Read the white sheet of paper to get the correct valve number.
    2. Go to the far window and attempt to drain the water.
    3. Release the safety lock (console to the right).
    4. Release the shelter mechanism by pulling down the lever on the console to 
    the left. This will fail.
    5. Go to the oil pipes and turn whichever number was on the white sheet.
    6. Release the pressure again.
    7. Pull down the emergency shelter mechanism lever again. This will work this 
    8. Go to the far window console and drain the water. Yay all the sharkies are 
    Exit through the door. This is a garbage dump, apparently. Before going to the 
    bottom of the shark tank be SURE not to miss the MAGNUM CLIP before the door. 
    It's sparkly as hell but can be confused for a reflection from the lights if 
    you run past without paying attention. Now, don't worry about the baby shark 
    that's flopping all over the place. Just laugh at its misfortune and pick up 
    the ASSAULT SHOTGUN next to it. This sexy thang is more powerful, shoots 
    faster, and holds 10 shells compared to the regular's six. Rock it baby, rock 
    We all know about the BIG mama Neptune, right? Climb up, attempt to get the 
    key, it falls because of Neptune, push the console into the water, flip the 
    switch, watch Neptune become a main dish for Long John Silver's (we need some 
    hush puppies and those crunchy things and we're all set), then collect the 
    orgasmically refreshing GALLERY KEY.
    Did I just say that? Nah.
    Collecting the "Helmet Key":
    Items we will find:
    Insecticide Spray
    Room 003 Key
    Helmet Key
    Backtrack to the trash room where you got the magnum clip and exit through the 
    metal double gate. Climb the tall ladder (I prefer Jill for this. Not sure 
    why...ahem) and unlock the door, dumping you to the ladder that leads back to 
    the Residence. Heading on up...
    This zombie likes us and we can run past and have about 1/10 chance of not 
    getting caught. I wuv you too!
    Open the gallery door with the gallery key, discard as prompted. Run through 
    the hornets, around the corner, and inspect the dead body to collect the 
    INSECTICIDE SPRAY. Run back to the curvy hallway and run all the way to the 
    end. Collect the map off the wall but do NOT look through the hole (trust me 
    on this one). Use the spray through this hole and all the wasps will die 
    painful deaths. That's what you get for being annoying fodder enemies...
    All right then, the order of the day is to pick up the ROOM 003 KEY from the 
    wasp nest (near the dead guy that was stung to death). Use this on the...003 
    room door? Yes! Good job chimpy. 
    Go to the bookshelf and prepare for the greatest puzzle in Resident Evil 
    history. Pull the white book out and insert the red book (you've been carrying 
    it long enough). Notice the pictures on the sides? It's your job to rearrange 
    the books until they form the picture of a Roman style, naked woman. Nekkid 
    lady is right. If you can't do this without help you need to have a serious 
    talk with your parents. In the meantime...
    (book at the left end is 1, right end is 8)
    exchange book 1 with 4
    book 2 with 7
    book 3 with 8
    Ta da. Your chronic masturbation delight. The shelf slides aside to reveal the 
    door to Plant 42's domain. 
    BOSS FIGHT: Plant 42
    Run up the staircase directly in front of the single door (not near the double 
    door exit). At the top of the stairs equip the SELF DEFENSE GUN and wait until 
    you hear the plant's core open up, then run and shoot the single bullet (it 
    has the power of several magnum rounds), then select the regular magnum and 
    you'll be able to get at least one shot off. As the core closes run back to 
    the top of the stairs...you are safest in this corner as you wait for the core 
    to open again. 2-3 more magnum rounds will kill it. Using this strategy it is 
    entirely possible to not even get hit once.
    Total: one self defense gun shot, 4 magnum bullets. 
    After the death animation (which is nice and juicy) walk to the fireplace and 
    collect your prize for the ENTIRE RESIDENCE SCENARIO....the "Helmet Key." 
    Returning to Spencer Mansion:
    Items we will find:
    Red herb
    Blue herb
    Shotgun shells
    Exit the plant 42 room via the double doors and pick up the red herb that's 
    right there. Rebecca will come out and unlock the chemical room and give the 
    option of healing you. Whatever you do, go back to the safe room at the start 
    of the Residence. Arrange your inventory as such...
    1. Assault shotgun
    2. Shotgun shells
    3. Helmet key
    4. empty
    5. empty
    6. empty
    It's time to return to the mansion. Before leaving the Residence, be sure to 
    get a blue herb, because you will likely be poisoned on the way back. And if 
    not, just use it anyway. Better to be safe than sorry. Once back into the 
    gardener's shed you will get some shotgun shells and a dagger thanks to 
    Wesker. He also fixed the broken doorknob door by the east stairs! WESKER IS 
    THE MAN! Heil Wesker!
    Go through the door...
    ************   Chapter Three:  Return to Spencer Country       *************** 
    ************  ------------------------------------------------ ***************
    ************ /                                                \ **************
    =============                                                  ===============
    This entire chapter can be done with only the shotgun and visiting one magic 
    box. Just listen to everything I say and it'll go smooth like butter and the 
    boomstick will be your new GOD.
    Collecting the "Emblem Key":
    Items we will find:
    Dagger x2
    Jewelry Box
    Blue Gemstone
    Shotgun shells 
    Red Gemstone 
    Emblem Key
    As soon as we step into the mansion a Hunter bursts in behind us, two or three 
    shells will put him down. Thank god there's not such a thing as CRIMSON 
    HUNTERS! That'd be fun though. Enough rambling, go into the LIGHT PAINTING 
    PUZZLE ROOM and go into the graveyard. Head into the foyer, go down the stairs 
    to ground level. Unlock the door next to the art room (double doors) using the 
    Helmet key and head inside, revealing another quasi-art display. Maneuver 
    through the tangled path of objects and go through the hall to enter a mirror 
    room with a single zombie. I prefer to ignore him, but a decapitation can be 
    fun for all. Pick up the dagger and JEWELRY BOX. Ignore the herb unless you 
    need healing for some reason. Exit back into the foyer.
    Enter the dining room and collect the BLUE GEMSTONE that we knocked over the 
    edge a long time ago. Enter the dark hallway and go to the tiger room and 
    insert the gemstone into the tiger head, revealing some shotgun shells (you 
    should have almost 30 by now! This sounds like a lot but it'll just be enough 
    for this entire chapter). Exit the tiger room and go into the WESTERN 
    STAIRWELL (decap the zombie blocking the door).
    Go up the stairs, go right, and unlock the door using the Helmet key. Inside, 
    turn off the lights via the light switch and collect the dagger from near the 
    yellow gem (the other sparkly is a useless handgun clip). Push the cabinet 
    against the red eyed moose head and then run to the other side of the room, 
    allowing the security cameras disguised as eagle statues to focus on you. Now 
    run UNDER them, climb the cabinet, and collect the RED GEMSTONE from the moose 
    head. If you do this too slow you'll need to try again...running under the 
    eagles make them ignore you. 
    Open up the inventory screen and combine the red gemstone into the jewelry 
    box, opening up a nice little puzzle. I'm gonna be an ass and just say to use 
    the puzzle solution graphic in GameFAQs...no point in wasting my time with 
    crappy ASCII solutions. :) 
    Once opened up, you receive the broach. Examine the broach to get the SPENCER 
    EMBLEM KEY. Oh baby where have you been all my life?!
    Rescuing Rebecca / Unlocking the Spencer Treasure:
    Items we will find:
    Shotgun shells
    Hand grenade
    Metal object
    Exit the animal head room and run around the stairs, finding your way to the 
    balcony of the dining room. Watch out, a pair of Hunters are making their 
    rounds here, but only one is in your way, and a single shotgun blast will 
    knock it down. Run by and exit into the foyer.
    Run across the second floor and go into the Richard/Red/U hallways. Several 
    zombies and Crimson heads have teleported here since you were in the 
    Residence, but we have the boomstick, and their heads are so loosely attached 
    to their shoulders. Make them all pay...and enter the EASTERN STAIRWELL 
    (bright light!). Wait by the door and two hunters will leap to your position; 
    need I remind you how much the shotgun owns these two guys? Run down the 
    stairs and go through the fixed door (formerly the broken doorknob door, AKA 
    formerly known as Prince Jacob Heimer Smith Jr.). See the door with the fancy 
    smancy markings? Open it with the Spencer Key and enter his office. 
    Rebecca needs help! But she can wait. Turn on the light and collect the 
    shotgun shells in the drawer, the hand grenade on the shelf (it's semi hard to 
    see because it doesn't sparkle as usual) and the METAL OBJECT next to it. 
    Go into the fixed door, back into the eastern stairs. Go into the safe room 
    and dump the metal object into the magic box. Run up the stairs and go into 
    the Richard/Red/U hallws, go up, and into the room where we originally got the 
    dog whistle. Rebecca cowers in fear as the slowest Hunter in history 
    slowly...walks...menacingly. Doing that Hunter jive. Three shotgun shells 
    later and Rebecca will be back to dry humping Chris as per usual. 
    Without her, the last part of the game sucks worse than the Lakers (e.g. no 
    ultra cool Tyrant II fight).
    The Tale of Two Books:
    Items we will find:
    Last Volume Red 
    Last Volume Blue 
    Shotgun shells x2
    Hand grenade
    Magnum clip
    Exit through the door Rebecca is closest to and run ALL the way down the 
    hallway and open the door here, far from the light of the chandelier. Use the 
    herb on the ground only if you're injured, we need every inventory space we 
    can muster. Unlock the door using the Helmet key.
    In this squeezing room of fun, push the statue of the naked woman all the way 
    to the wall. Don't worry, the statue will keep you from getting killed by the 
    walls. Now backtrack and run behind the right wall, flick the switch to reset 
    the walls, do a quick 180 and run back to the statue in the middle. Push it to 
    its final resting spot (the dark square in front of the empty cavity) before 
    the walls come back and make you a Chris sandwich (I'd prefer a Jill sandwich 
    myself!). This causes a secret door to open, so go in and fall through the 
    hole in the floor. Collect the LAST VOLUME (red).
    Here rests George Trevor...hey let's deface his grave! Push the button and 
    climb down the ladder. Uh...nice grave! More like underground hallways filled 
    with hairy spiders. In the fork, turn RIGHT and go all the way to the end and 
    collect the shotgun shells near the cardboard boxes (a LOT of people miss 
    these). Go back to the fork and turn left, going through the door.
    Use the blue herb if you were poisoned, if not skip it. Kill these zombies so 
    easily it's not even funny, pick up the dagger, and run through the gate. OK, 
    this is the generator. It is in 4 inches of water and is, apparently, ruined. 
    "Reset power? Yes / no." Yes makes the power go back on. UHHHHH...sure. It's a 
    video-game --> as believable as zombies I suppose. :)
    Try not to trip over the zombies and then unlock the door here. Well spank my 
    ass and call me Susie Anne Meyers...we're back in the kitchen! AND IT STILL 
    NEEDS MR. CLEAN ACTION! Regardless, go to the back, blow the zombie away and 
    activate the now working elevator (or lift for you British bastards). Take it 
    down to a hallway filled with 2-3 zombies, all but one that is easily avoided. 
    Ignore the herbs and the double door (since it can't be opened and the herbs 
    are a waste). Go through the single door to find a TREASURE TROVE! We get: 
    magnum clip, shotgun shells, hand grenade, and the BATTERY. Your inventory is 
    now full and should look like this...
    1. Assault shotgun
    2. Assault shotgun shells
    3. Last volume (red)
    4. Magnum clip
    5. Battery
    6. Helmet key
    Exit the treasure room, blow away the zombie, and unlock the door. Another 
    surprise: we are back in the yellow corridor! And it's full of zombies and a 
    crimson. But you have the stick of boomdom, they shall cower from your powah! 
    Make your way to the room with the overly useless and ambitious trap (where 
    you got the Armor key near the start of the game). Unlock the door at the very 
    end using the Helmet key and discard when prompted, leaving you one precious 
    item space left. Go in and...UH OH!!!!
    BOSS FIGHT: Yawn
    Yawn bursts through a window behind you, so quickly do a 180 and climb down 
    the ladder. Yawn is just behind ya! The main trick to this battle is to keep 
    moving and stay in the direction he ISN'T looking at, and when he starts 
    looking at you maybe shoot one more shot then move somewhere else...simple, 
    yet effective. Try to be close enough so you can aim up at his head, however. 
    If you shoot there he takes more damage. Depending on where you hit him, he 
    dies in anywhere from 8-14 shotgun shells (the tail or body being the least 
    damage, head/neck being the most). You should have 20+ shells so this is no 
    As Yawn dies the bastard messes up the library!!! But he also reveals the 
    shiny object of our most secret desires: the LAST VOLUME II (blue). 
    Unlocking the "Catacombs":
    Items we will find:
    With Yawn's death we are finished with the Spencer Mansion proper. Backtrack 
    all the way across to the EASTERN STAIRWELL (if you need directions still you 
    should give up) and go to the safe room. Dump the two books and the magnum 
    shells, exit with this set-up...
    1. Assault shotgun
    2. Assault shotgun shells *
    3. Battery
    4. Crank (sorry)
    5. empty
    6. empty
    * Depending on your skill, this number might be very low, or if this is your 
    first time, you might have no shells left after Yawn. With practice you should 
    have at least five reserve shells. But if you have none or very few, put the 
    magnum here.
    Go through the fixed door and go into the gardener's shed, then through the 
    double doors. Run past the dogs, up the stairs, through the rusted door, down 
    the ladder, across the bridge, up the ladder, and take the elevator to the 
    waterfall area. Go to the broken elevator across the waterfall and put the 
    battery into the slot, then use the elevator, which returns you to the dog 
    garden area. Go to the area where you drained the water and use the crank to 
    make the water come back (hot and wet baby). 
    Return to the dog garden and use the new elevator to return to the waterfall 
    area. But instead of a waterfall, there is a gaping tunnel. And at the end of 
    this hot and steamy hole of love is...a ladder. What else were you expecting 
    you? Sick fuck.
    ************       Chapter Four:  Catacomb Boredom             *************** 
    ************  ------------------------------------------------ ***************
    ************ /                                                \ **************
    =============                                                  ===============
    I hate this part of the game, it is so boring and pointless. Also short, 
    thankfully. There is a total of four hunters, only two which really have to be 
    killed. There is a boss, but the flame-thrower will make it bow down. Then 
    there's useless puzzles. Oh well...go us!
    Collecting the "Hexagonal Crank":
    Items we will find:
    Hexagonal Crank
    As you climb down the ladder from the entrance go through the door that's 
    right there. Run all the way to the end of the various rooms until you find 
    that Enrico guy. Watch the cinema, inspect his body, and collect the HEXAGONAL 
    Collecting the "Cylinder":
    Items we will find:
    Survival Knife
    Blue herb
    First Aid Kit (health spray)
    Attempt to exit Enrico's room and be careful as a Hunter bursts through the 
    door -- one shotgun shell will stun him, so run past. In the room with the 
    staircase two hunters will totally block your path, let them line up for you 
    and several shotgun shells or your magnum will put them down with ease. Run up 
    the stairs and exit back to the entrance of the catacombs.
    Run forward to the safe area. Dump your magnum if you used it and also dump 
    the regular square crank, we don't need that anymore. Go up to the pillar and 
    use the HEXAGON CRANK on it to reveal the new path. Go across, collect the 
    herb before the door, and go inside. Here, take the FLAME-THROWER off the 
    hooks (this locks the door behind you). Run up to the huge boulder, do a 180, 
    and RUN as the Indiana Jones music plays (or it should) and the boulder rolls 
    behind you. Find safe haven by the door alcove and the boulder will slam into 
    the fragile wall, creating a new path to the...
    BOSS FIGHT: Giant Spider of Anti-Climatic Moments
    You have the flame-thrower. He is an eight legged freak. Fire vs. hairy beast. 
    Who wins? I don't know, but 4-5 seconds of flames to the spider's body will 
    kill it with no effort. Viva la flame-thrower!
    Collect the survival knife in the corner by the boxes and use it to slash away 
    the webbing blocking the exit door. Use the blue herb or green herb as needed. 
    Set the flame-thrower into the hooks and the next door will unlock. Oh great! 
    We get to use the HEXAGON CRANK on the hole THREE TIMES! Then the path will 
    open and oh no...another boulder *yawns*. Run to the now open path to avoid 
    the boulder. If you want, go to where the boulder was resting before it came 
    down to get a first aid kit (inside is a health spray). Go through the next 
    door and it's...
                          !!! ULTRA SUPER HAPPY PUZZLE TIME !!! 
    Another naked woman statue pushing puzzle, how quaint.
    The objective is to push the statue back to its cavity. Problem: it's facing 
    the wrong way. Push it to the dark slit on the far wall, then use the HEXAGON 
    CRANK on the hole. This causes the statue to be pushed away from the wall by 
    the dark wall. Now push the statue away from the wall and on to the golden 
    circle in the middle of the room. This will turn the statue 90 degrees. Push 
    the statue off the golden ring, then push it back on to cause it to turn 
    another 90 degrees, finally facing the correct direction. Push the statue off 
    the circle and all the way to the cavity. Shove that lady in there baby.
    Our prize? A cylinder. Gag me with a monkey spoon.
    Collecting the "Stone and Metal Object 2":
    Items we will find:
    Cylinder shaft 
    Green herb x2
    Hand grenade
    Broken flame-thrower
    Jewelry box
    Stone Ring
    Stone and Metal Object
    Backtrack all the way to the safe area at the start of the catacombs. On the 
    way back you'll find a Hunter, but the path is so wide open you should be able 
    to run around if you're fast. Arrange your inventory as so:
    1. Cylinder
    2. Metal object
    3. Empty
    4. Empty
    5. Empty
    6. Empty
    Return to the foot of the ladder and go through the door, run down the stairs, 
    and go to the far side of the third room. Open the elevator console and take 
    out the SHAFT. Combine the shaft and cylinder to get the...CYLINDER SHAFT? 
    Makes sense in a sick sort of way. Insert this into the console and enter the 
    numbers: 4 2 3 1 in that order and the elevator will be operational. Going on
    Go through the door and welcome to the Lisa hallways. At the fork, turn left 
    and Lisa will appear on that side. But we really want to go on the right side 
    -- haha, tricked you stupid logic machine! Run down the short stairs and 
    collect the two herbs, combine for a super herb. Go back up the stairs and go 
    through the door on the left side. Here, push the crate onto the transport 
    machine and press the shiny red button to send it to a far away land. Climb 
    the boxes to find two shiny objects. One is a pistol clip, which is useless. 
    The other one is a hand grenade, which is fun even for blind people! So let's 
    get that.
    Exit back into the Lisa hallway. Backtrack to the elevator.
    Run down the wooden path, climb down the ladder, and get ready for some down 
    and dirty hardcore pushing action. Push the crate from the transport machine 
    to the crushing machine, then push the shiny red, M&M like button that flashes 
    in a seductive way (who could resist?). The box is crushed and the BROKEN 
    FLAME-THROWER is yours. 
    Go back to the Lisa hallway. Use the same trick (feint going left, but go 
    right) and activate the large phallic lever on the wall. This causes a set of 
    hooks to extend from nearby. Go down the stairs and follow the path, then set 
    the broken flame-thrower on the hooks to unlock the heavy iron door. Do you 
    need an invitation silly?
    Go around this creepy room, into the sewers with the snakes that never hit you 
    unless you stop dead in your tracks and await 20 seconds. Into Lisa's bedroom 
    (mmm!) and collect the JEWELRY CASE from the shelf. Examine the case -- no 
    stupid puzzle required -- to collect the STONE RING. Combine the STONE RING 
    with the METAL OBJECT to acquire the...STONE AND METAL OBJECT. Yes. 
    Finding the Path:
    Items we will find:
    Stone and Metal Object 1
    Eagle Medal
    Wolf Medal
    Climb the two ladders in a row to go through a secret trapdoor and be back in 
    Lisa's cabin in the courtyard. Dare I say, return to the mansion? 
    I'll wait.
    Back yet? Great! Go through the blue door in the gardener's shed and collect 
    the STONE AND METAL OBJECT from the cavity (no need to go back to the 
    courtyard). Go through the LIGHT PUZZLE PAINTING ROOM, through the graveyard, 
    and into the foyer. Run down the stairs to the ground level and go behind the 
    staircase. Examine the heavy double doors to get the creepy sounds, then 
    insert both STONE AND METAL OBJECTS to unlock these mysterious doors. Don't be 
    afraid...run on in!
    Rush down the stairs and open the item box, taking out both LAST VOLUME BOOKS 
    (red & blue). After running down 3,123 sets of stairs and ladders you will be 
    in the altar where Lisa's mom is buried. Wesker will distract Lisa, allowing 
    you to push all four pillars off the side. When all four are down Lisa will 
    throw herself off the side and the door will open.
    At the end of all of this fancy smancy stuff is a huge water fountain with two 
    large statues on either side. One is a wolf, the other is an eagle. Examine 
    the middle pages of both books and you will find the EAGLE MEDAL from the red 
    book and the WOLF MEDAL in the blue book. Insert each medal into their 
    appropriate place and the fountain/lake will drain, revealing a secret 
    elevator at the end of a spiral staircase.
    Going on down... 
    ************       Chapter Five:  Hidden Agendas               *************** 
    ************  ------------------------------------------------ ***************
    ************ /                                                \ **************
    =============                                                  ===============
    Disc 2. If you know what you're doing, all of this takes about 10 minutes. 
    Remind me again why they didn't make each disc for the specific character? 
    E.g. Jill Disc and Chris Disc. Oh well, too much logic I suppose!
    Collecting the "Power Key":
    Items we will find:
    Hand grenade
    Power key
    Climb down the ladder to the safe room, leave with the following.
    1. Magnum
    2. Assault shotgun
    3. empty
    4. empty
    5. empty
    6. empty
    Exit the safe room. In my run I had five hand grenades and 4 knives...so 
    zombies won't be a problem! You could kill them all with hand grenades, but 
    it's not necessary since they're cake to dodge. Run down the stairs and open 
    the double steel doors.
    Turn to Chris's left and shoot the zombie with the magnum, instant decap. You 
    could also use a hand grenade, but make sure this zombie is dead. Run down the 
    corridor and open the double doors here.
    Run behind the body bags hanging in the freezer and get the hand grenade off 
    the shelf (shiny thingy). Then go to the computer and it's time for some l337 
    |-|4x0r1Ng. Oh god yes.
    Login Name: JOHN 
    Password: ADA 
    I love these sound effects.
    Unlock floor B-2F. Password: CELL 
    Unlock B-3F. No password required. Cancel, exit. We just unlocked two doors, 
    hooray. Exit the room, backtrack to the long stair area with the zombies, and 
    open the door in the back. 
    Go to the white console on the wall. Password: 8 4 6 2
    Bing! Go the secret entrance that opens and acquire the POWER ROOM KEY.
    Restoring power to the lift:
    Items we will find:
    Shotgun shells
    First aid kit (green herb)
    Fuel supply capsule 
    Nitro core
    Hand grenade
    Backtrack down the stairs and go down the corridor to Chris's left and ignore 
    the double doors and go to the two locked doors, unlock them both using the 
    power key and then discard as prompted. GO into the double doors and push the 
    shelf back, then pick up the box of shotgun shells on the side. Exit and go 
    through the single door this time.
    Go straight and you will be in a naked zombie sandwich (ewww). One guards the 
    broken elevator and will disappear later, so just kill the one guarding the 
    Chimera halls. One magnum round will send his head rolling. Go into the 
    Chimera halls.
    In the first room go up (Chris's right) and use another magnum round to send 
    the Chimera here flying back. Go up to the console and pick up the FUEL SUPPLY 
    CAPSULE. Run back to the double steel doors that lead to the zombie stair 
    area. Go through the door to the left of this, pick up the first aid kit box 
    (ripoff of one green herb inside) and go into the other door (not the x-ray 
    OK this zombie needs to put some pants on! Send it to zombie paradise with a 
    magnum round, then insert the capsule into the refueling station. Now WALK 
    (try running if you want some explosive death suicide fun action!) all the way 
    to where the capsule was. Insert the capsule to restore energy. Now run 
    through all the Chimeras (picking up the hand grenade if you want, it's in a 
    corner of the red room. You may get mauled trying to get it though) and in the 
    final orange room you must push the button on the computer to reactivate the 
    Fighting the Tyrant I:
    Items we will find:
    Shotgun shells
    Health spray
    Return to the broken elevator except be sure to take a detour into the safe 
    room right before. Pick up the health spray and shotgun shells. Exit with the 
    1. Magnum revolver
    2. Magnum clips
    3. Assault shotgun
    4. Assault shotgun shells
    5. Health spray
    6. empty
    Take the elevator down, down, down. 
    BOSS FIGHT:    Tyrant I
    This guy is a bad ass! And I love Chris's game -- always a skewered Wesker 
    This fight is easy because the Tyrant is just waking up. Run past his right 
    side to get behind him right at the start. Go to the corner and for some 
    reason Tyrant will sit there, allowing you 3-4 free shots with whatever weapon 
    you want. After he starts moving you better too, fall back down the side of 
    the capsules holding immature Tyrants and give the Tyrant coming your way 
    everything you have. He should fall right before he gets to you. It takes 
    roughly 7 magnum rounds or 9-10 shotgun shells to kill him (try aiming up with 
    the shotgun for more damage once he gets close, then you can do as many rounds 
    as the magnum). It's easy to not even get hit here.
    After the fight, deactivate the locking mechanism and wake up Rebecca.
    Escaping the Spencer Mansion:
    Items we will find:
    Signal Rockets
    Run to the start of the laboratory, Rebecca will set off the emergency self 
    destruct system. Climb the ladder in the first safe room and open the heavy 
    doors that are now unlocked. Run all the way to the end and grab the fuse. 
    Insert the fuse in the elevator's electrical plug and take the elevator up. 
    Take the signal rockets and use it on the ground and...!
    The Final Confrontation AKA TYRANT II BATTLE:
    Items we will find:
    This is really fun to mess around with. Allow the Tyrant to grab Rebecca and 
    you can splurge all your magnum bullets into him at once, doing serious 
    damage. Then switch to the boomstick and let him have it. Don't let him hold 
    Rebecca too long or he will do a really sick and sweet looking skewering of 
    her that made Wesker's death look normal by comparison. You should see it at 
    least one...lol!
    The trick is to use Rebecca to make sure the Tyrant is always distracted by 
    her so you can stay nice and healthy. If he starts walking towards you...RUN! 
    He's gonna do that running bitch style smack of death that sends you flying 30 
    feet, which is not a good thing in most circumstances. Also, it can be amusing 
    to let him grab you. Usually he would instant kill you with his 5 foot sword 
    arm, but if you have grenades or knives you can actually deal him a lot of 
    Chris can take 2 hits from Tyrant and live, 3 = death. Use healing items after 
    2 hits of any kind.
    After he takes enough damage or you stall long enough, Brad drops the rocket 
    launcher of Tyrant ownage. Sometimes he can block it, but he's only delaying 
    the inevitable.
    Game over man, game over.
       5.   VARIABLE TREE
     CAUSE: Letting Richard die to snake poison
    EFFECT: When you reach plant 42 you will take control of Rebecca and be forced 
            to make the J-VOLT chemical, which is boring and pointless. Especially 
            since Chris will have to fight plant 42 anyway. 
     CAUSE: Not saving Rebecca from the hunter
    EFFECT: No Tyrant II fight. This will make baby Jesus cry and throw a tantrum.
     CAUSE: Collecting all 3 MO discs and rescuing Jill via the Gamecube consoles. 
    EFFECT: Slightly "better" ending where Jill talks some and uh...yeah, it's not 
            worth it! Maybe do it once just to see it. 2 MO discs are out in the 
            open in the Umbrella Labs, the other is obtained by getting the YELLOW 
            GEMSTONE (same room and method as the red gemstone) and putting it in 
            the tiger statue. 
            The GameCube consoles are what you put the MO discs into to deactivate 
            one of the three locking mechanisms. One is on a desk near the door to 
            the room where the power key is. Another GameCube is in the red room 
            of the Chimera hallways (from the entrance, go straight ahead and 
            you'll find it in a dead end). The last GameCube is in the other door 
            unlocked by the power key that I ignore in the walkthrough. You'll 
            need to kill some Chimeras and push some shelves to get to it.
    I will only list ammunition for the shotgun and magnum, for Chris's hard mode. 
    There is no need to even list the handgun clips...
    Magnum Revolver:
    1. First clip is in the magnum when you find it.
    2. Second clip is in the aqua ring. After draining the water there is a room 
       full of trash bags and boxes. Look at the floor, and wait. See it? A 
       flashing icon of ORGASMIC PLEASURE! It's so easy to blend in because it 
       looks like a reflection. But it is, in reality, the most often missed 
       magnum clip in the game...mainly because it is only there as Chris, on hard 
    3. Same room as the battery pack.
    Total: 18 magnum rounds 
    Shotgun / Assault Shotgun:
    1. Shotgun by default (six shells)
    2. Assault shotgun by default (10 shells)
    3. There's a box in the seemingly empty square of land in the graveyard. Keep 
       checking the far back corner, you'll get it.
    4. Push the statue in the second floor of the dining room so it crashes and 
       breaks. Pick up the blue gem from the debris and insert it into the tiger 
       statue (across from the Keeper's bedroom). Result: box o' shottie shells.
    5. Found in the gardener's shed right before the courtyard.
    6. Found in the gardener's shed after Wesker does his second drop.
    7. Found in the Spencer office room, the one that requires the Spencer Broach 
       Key (search the desk drawer).
    8. In the secret tunnel found beneath George Trevor's grave that has all the 
       spiders, there is a fork in the path. Turn RIGHT and go all the way to the 
       end to find a pile of cardboard boxes. Search these for the shotgun shells. 
       This is missed by most people.
    9. The treasure trove where the battery is located.
    10. Go through the double doors in the laboratory that requires the power key. 
        Push the shelf out of the way and the shotgun shell box will be shining 
        brightly in the corner.
    11. Last safe room, located near the elevator that leads to Tyrant I. 
    Total: 70 shotgun shells
    Note: Newer updates will appear on top, pushing older updates towards the 
    Sunday, May 26th, 2002 (Version 1.0):
    Version 1.0 released.
       8.   LEGAL / END NOTES
    This FAQ cannot be used in magazines, guides, books, etc. or in any other form 
    of printed or electronic media involved in a commercial business, in part or 
    in whole, in any way, shape, or form, PERIOD. It may not be given away freely, 
    as a "bonus" or "prize", or given away with the game itself, etc. This FAQ 
    cannot be used for either profitable or promotional purposes, regardless of 
    the situation. Breaking any of these rules is in direction violation of U.S. 
    and international law. Any characters, names, places, or miscellaneous objects 
    are copyright their respective companies. I am in no way affiliated with 
    Nintendo, Capcom, nor any companies that were/are involved with this game. 
    This document is (c) 2002 marshmallow (David Gibbons)
    All rights reserved
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