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    Real Survivor Mode Walkthrough by Martacus

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/13/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                     RESIDENT EVIL
                             "Real Survival" Walkthrough  
    Table of Contents:
    I. Introduction
    II. Before You Begin...
    III. Zombie Dodging 101
    IV. Chris' Walkthrough
    V. Jill's Walkthrough
    VI. Closing Remarks
    VII. Version History
    VIII. Legal/Contact Information
    This is my second guide here at Gamefaqs. A long time gamer, I was introduced to
    the Resident Evil series when Resident Evil 2 was first released for the
    Playstation. I was instantly hooked. Since then, I have beaten all of the main
    games in the series, and have become quite proficient at them. When I found out
    that the original one would be remade and released on the Gamecube, I knew I had
    to get one. I never buy new systems for a single game, but this was a big
    deciding factor in my decision to get a Cube rather than a PS2 or Xbox.
    So why a guide for this game, and this mode in particular? There are quite a few
    guides already available for this game, many are quite good and more thorough
    than this will likely be, but only one other one for the "Real Survival" mode. I
    thought I'd take it upon myself to write up a really good, fairly detailed
    guide that goes through both Chris' and Jill's scenarios, not relying on cheats
    to get through.
    Basically, "Real Survival" is the way the game originally had been designed.
    Automatic aiming is disabled, and the item boxes are not linked--if you put an
    item in a particular trunk, you can only retrieve it from that one. As item
    management is already a big part of winning, this element will throw quite a
    wrench into even the most refined runs through the game. Furthermore, there is
    only one difficulty setting for this mode: Hard. With the high difficulty level,
    unlinked item storage, and manual aiming, getting through this mode can be quite
    a task.
    Why play through this mode? Several reasons. First, beating it in under five
    hours automatically unlocks "Invisible Enemy" mode. Of course, you could also
    unlock that by beating a standard Normal or Hard game for each character. So
    here are several other reasons to justify this task:
    1) The challenge is there. Only the best (or those who save constantly) will
    2) It is more realistic than the other modes. At least, as realistic as any game
       about escaping from a haunted mansion infested with zombies created by a
       genetically engineered virus possibly can be.
    3) It tests not only your gaming ability, but your worth as a human being.
       Remember, fear is the mind-killer.
    So without further ado, let's get on with it!
    Some things to keep in mind while you play:
    1. Conserve your ammunition.
    This is your number one consideration as you proceed. Naturally, you'll be doing
    quite a bit of killing throughout the game, but how are you going to kill that
    upcoming boss when you used up nearly all your ammo getting there?
    2. Don't get hit.
    Okay, this one is a given, and it's inevitable that you will be hit, but it's
    generally best to try to be in the best shape you can. You don't have that much
    health, and healing items can be few and far between. Most of the time your
    inventory will be too full for you to pick up any herbs you come across.
    3. Watch your inventory.
    This is doubly important in Real Survival. Try to remember where you put stuff,
    so you won't have to page through your maps, trying to remember just where you
    put that damn crank or whatever else it was.
    4. When in doubt, save.
    Unlike the previous games, the only measurement of success the game takes into
    account is time. You've got more than enough ink ribbons for even the most
    paranoid and neurotic gamer, so use them. Try to keep at least one set of ink
    ribbons in each trunk you come across if possible.
    5. Get familiar with Hard difficulty.
    Real Survival mode is basically the standard Hard game with a few changes thrown
    into it. Most item and enemy placements are the same, so if you can beat that,
    you should be able to get through this without too much trouble.
    6. Learn to improvise.
    One thing no guide can fully take into account is human error. You may sometimes
    find yourself taking a hit here and there that you hadn't counted on, and will
    have to go out of your way to find an extra herb or something. If you're going
    into a risky situation, feel free to do so. If, for some reason or another, you
    must leave an item somewhere other than where you were going to put it, put it
    there and remember where you left it. If you find a better, faster way of going
    through than what I write here, go that way.
    7. Some caveats.
    The main one I'm putting in here is that the paths I follow will entail saving
    both partners (Rebecca/Jill or Barry/Chris). I realize that not saving them
    will shorten one's time and open up inventory space (no MO Disks to lug around).
    If you don't want to save them in the interest of saving time, then don't save
    them. Like I said above, improvise. But don't tell me I've left out that option;
    I know about it and deliberately omitted it. Also, I can get pretty technical	at
    times--labeling rooms as, say, "1F East Hallway". Given the uneven layout of the
    mansion and its outlying areas, the labels may sometimes seem arbitrary. I have
    tried to be consistent in my labeling; at one point I had maps, but I decided
    eventually to ditch them. Anyone going through this mode has beaten the game at
    least once already, and should be able to figure out where I'm talking about.
    Finally, there was quite a long space of time between the writing of each of the
    walkthroughs. Sime six months or more, in fact. So if the walkthrough for Jill
    seems more casual and/or rushed than Chris', that's because it probably is. In
    the interest of getting this thing up and making things easier on myself, I'm
    simply going to assume that you will read through Chris' walkthrough first, then
    Welcome, class. As conserving ammo is an important part of the game, it's useful
    to learn the best ways to avoid enemies. Zombies are the most plentiful enemies
    in this game, and the easiest to avoid, so I prepared this small primer on basic
    zombie avoidance techniques. You will be approaching them (and they will be
    approaching you) from a wide variety of angles. So, you'll have to know how best
    to avoid them as you come across them. There are five methods covered here:
    1: Bait and Switch
    2: Shoulder Tapping
    3: Stairmaster
    4: Playing Keep Away
    5: Stick and Move
    1. Bait and Switch
    So called because it involves luring the zombie towards you before you act. This
    strategy generally is used when approaching a zombie from its front in a fairly
    narrow space. Let us take the example of the zombie in the hallway where Kenneth
    has fallen:
    ______						 |  |
    []    |						 |  |
    --    |_________[]_______________[]________|  |
     |          C               Z			    |
    []= Door
    C = Chris
    Z = Zombie
    Suppose that Chris needs to get to the door on the far right. What we will have
    Chris do is walk towards the zombie. The zombie will start shambling towards
    ______						 |  |
    []    |						 |  |
    --    |_________[]_______________[]________|  |
     |          C ------->C     <--Z              |
    At this point, Chris has two options.
    Option 1: Retreat to an open area
    ______						 |  |
    []C _ |						 |  |
    -- |\ |_________[]_______________[]________|  |
     |   \---------------C  <--Z			    |
    Chris retreats to the open area by Kenneth's body. The zombie follows slowly. As
    the zombie enters the larger area, Chris runs around the zombie and down the
    _____							|  |
    []C  |                                    |  |
    --| Z|_________[]_______________[]________|  |
     | \---------------------------->C           |
    This method is safe, but fairly time-consuming. If you don't want to wait, there
    is another option:
    Option 2: Fake him out
    ______ 						 |  |
    []    |						 |  |
    --    |_________[]_______________[]________|  |
     |                   C<-C<----Z		    |
    Here, Chris stops and waits for the zombie to come to him. As the zombie lunges,
    Chris takes a step back and the zombie misses him. The missed lunge gives Chris
    enough time to run around the zombie to the door (pardon the poor ASCII art, but
    this is hard to draw).
    ______ 						 |  |
    []    |						 |  |
    --    |_________[]_______________[]________|  |
     |                   CZ---------->C		    |
    This method is more dangerous, and can fail if timed wrong, but it is faster,
    and often is the only option available.
    2. The Shoulder Tap
    I call this the "Shoulder Tap" method because it involves sneaking up on the
    zombie from behind and running past, often making contact and sending the zombie
    lunging in the wrong direction. It is easy to do and seldom fails. Again, we
    use the same example, because this particular zombie is a complete rube; also
    because cutting and pasting is easier than drawing a totally new hallway.
    ______						 |  |
    []    |                                    |C |
    --    |_________[]_______________[]________|  |
     |                          Z			    |
    Say that Chris is coming around the bend from the kitchen. The zombie is facing
    the opposite direction. All Chris needs to do is hug the wall to his right and
    keep running straight. The zombie does a 180 degree turn and lunges in the 
    direction Chris was coming from. By the time the zombie turns around, Chris
    is already in the dining room (Again, pardon the ASCII art).
    ______						 |  |
    []    |                                    |C |
    --    |_________[]_______________[]________|| |
     |         C<--------------Z->Z-------------/ |
    Again, this is quick, easy, and seldom fails. Just don't run straight into the
    zombie's back.
    3. Stairmaster
    An odd quirk about zombies is that they cannot lunge while they are on a
    staircase. While there are only two or three zombies you can use this tactic
    against, it is still handy. For this example, we will use the west staircase
    adjacent to the dining room balcony.
    In this example, Chris is descending the staircase, while the zombie downstairs
    is coming up towards him. The two continue on their collision course.
    As Chris and the zombie collide, the zombie stops to vomit on Chris, the only
    attack it can make while on the stairs. Chris continues moving, hugging either
    the rail or the wall as he pushes past the zombie. The zombie vomits and misses,
    while Chris safely descends to the west save room.
    This method isn't foolproof; if you veer one way or another too soon, the zombie
    may face the same direction and you won't be able to push him out of the way in
    time to avoid soiling your clothes. But when there are stairs nearby, it is both
    easier and safer than using the bait and switch method.
    4. Playing Keep Away
    This basically involves staying the hell away from a zombie. In any room with a
    circular or square path around an object, all you need to do is stay on the
    opposite side of the object. The easiest example is the dining room balcony,
    where a single illustration will do:
    | _ C    Z---->Z         |
    | /|/----------------\  C[]
    ||  \_________ ______/  /[]
    | \--------------------/ |
    Use this same strtategy whenever you find yourself in similar circumstances, and
    you'll never need to fire a shot in these rooms.
    5. Stick and Move
    Sometimes the only real way to get past a zombie in your path is to put it down.
    Suppose Chris is getting the Old Key from the downstairs bedroom and the zombie
    has just burst out of the closet (sorry about the incorrect orientation).
    | Z       Z|
    |    BBB   |
    |  C BBB   |
    B = Bed
    k = Old Key
    Chris has very little room to maneuver here. But he does have a dagger. Chris
    goes forward and takes the zombie lunge. The dagger stuns the zombie long enough
    for Chris to retrieve the key and move past the bed to the door. The second
    zombie is facing the wrong direction in the corner, allowing Chris to move past.
    |  C----\ Z|
    |  X BBB \ |
    |    BBB C |
    X = stunned zombie
    Note that alternately, Chris could use his handgun to knock the zombie over
    without killing it, saving a few bullets. Generally it works best to aim for the
    legs when doing so, as it tends to take only two or three shots. A third option
    is to simply take the hit, throw the zombie to the ground, grab the item, and
    Anyways, now you know the basics. They will take you far, young grasshopper.
    I was a bit petulant trying Chris in this mode the first time. With only six
    item slots and no linked boxes, I was afraid I would have to do a whole lot of
    backtracking. Not so, I found. To be sure, Jill doesn't need to backtrack as
    much, but Chris doesn't have things so bad inventory-wise as one might think.
    Even with his limited inventory space and the need for Old Keys, Chris can still
    follow a straight, efficient path through the mansion. Anyway, by now you should
    be familiar with Chris, and his various strengths and weaknesses.
    1. He tends to be sturdier than Jill, able to take a few more hits.
    2. He can run faster than Jill, I think.
    3. He doesn't have to juggle as many weapons as Jill.
    4. His flash grenades are better than Jill's stun gun.
    5. Rebecca can provide full healing at several points in the game.
    6. He knows how to hold a shotgun properly, if only during boss fights.
    1. He only has six item slots, compared with Jill's eight.
    2. He has to carry around Old Keys, rather than using a lockpick.
    3. He has to use the broken shotgun to get the regular shotgun.
    4. He gets lousy combat support from Rebecca and Wesker.
    5. One of his alternate costumes looks way too similar to his default one.
    6. The voice acting in his scenario isn't improved much over the original.
    Of course, you probably know all of this. So let's get on with it already!
    IMPORTANT NOTE!!!!!!: When I tell you to move in a certain direction (say, right
    or left), I will be referring to directions as they apply TO THE CHARACTER, not
    according to things as they appear on screen. So if Chris is facing you, and I
    say "go right", push the stick left to turn him to the right.
    You know the drill. Zombie dogs, big chase, Brad flies off, yada yada yada.
    You're in a big house. Enter the survival horror and all that. After the cut
    scene, you'll be in the dining hall, with the following:
    Items: Knife
    There's not much to do here. Just run to the door in the far corner, taking
    you to the 1F Southwest Hallway. Turn to the left, run up the hall, and turn the
    corner. After the cutscene, ignore the zombie and go back the way you came. Go
    through the double doors to the Main Hall 1F. Wesker and Jill are gone. Pick up
    the handgun lying on the floor and go back to the dining room.
    Items: Knife  Handgun
    Pick up the Ink Ribbons on the table and head through the door to the 1F West
    Items: Knife        Handgun
           Ink Ribbon
    Go towards Kenneth's body and go through the nearby door, to the NW stairs.
    Ignore the green herb. Go up the stairs and through the door, to the 2F West
    Hallway. Turn the corner to the right, then left. Turn right again; the zombie
    should still be looking in the mirror, giving you lots of room to head down the
    hallway. Grab the Golden Arrow, then the Handgun Magazine. At about this point,
    the second zombie should be aproaching you. Fake him out by backing up when he
    lunges, then run past him around the corner and unlock the door to the dining
    hall balcony.
    Items: Knife         Handgun
           Ink Ribbon    Golden Arrow
           Handgun Mag.
    Turn left and run straight along the balcony to the double door, leading to the
    Main Hall 2F. Turn left and head down the staircase to the central landing, then
    through the door heading into the Backyard. Go down and around the steps. Go
    around the approaching zombie as you turn left and head up the narrow passage.
    Examine the Golden Arrow in your inventory to get the arrowhead. Use it on the
    relief carving at the end of the passage to reveal the way down to the boiler
    room. Descend the long staircase and turn right at the bottom. Pick up the Book
    of Curse laying on the pedestal and examine it in your inventory. Turn the book
    around to reveal the Sword Key. Go back up the stairs to the Backyard.
    Technically speaking, you never left the backyard; remember that stairs now link
    floors, rather than separating them as in the original. That zombie you dodged
    around earlier was heading back towards you while you were in the boiler room
    getting the Sword Key. However, for some strange reason he cannot go down the
    stairs. So wait near the top of the stairs for the zombie to approach. When he
    reaches the stairs, he will immediately stop and turn around. This is your cue:
    run right past him when he turns around and he'll never notice you. Run straight
    back to the Main Hall and descend the stairs to the Main Hall 1F.
    Items: Knife        Handgun
           Ink Ribbon   Sword Key (4 uses left)
           Handgun Mag.
    At the bottom of the stairs, turn left and hit the double doors into the art
    supply room. There's nothing to do here at this point really; you don't need the
    map and the dagger in the back isn't worth getting--the zombie that surprises
    you is nearly impossible to avoid. Run across the room, unlock the door with the
    Sword Key and go through to the 1F Southeast Hallway. Here, the second cabinet
    you come to can be moved; push it forward a bit to reveal a dagger. Pick it up
    and continue on to the door at the end, leading to the 1F Northeast hallway.
    There will be a locked door in front of you on your right side. Follow the hall
    to the left and enter the door to the bathroom. Unplug the drain in the tub when
    prompted. Bet you didn't see this one coming. After the cutscene, quickly grab
    the Old Key from the bottom of the tub and get out of the bathroom before the
    zombie gets up. Back in the hallway, go back to the locked door and unlock it
    with the Old Key. Go out to the patio and grab the herbicide from the
    wheelbarrow. Return to the hallway. Follow it to the door at the end, to the 1F
    East Hallway. Ignore the zombie that busts out of the bathroom; we'll deal with
    him later. Right now, in the 1F East Hallway, hit the first door on your right,
    into the 1F East Stairwell.
    Items: Knife        Handgun
           Ink Ribbon   Sword Key (3)
           Handgun Mag. Herbicide
    Run straight forward and begin heading up the stairs. Stop and let the zombie
    follow. As he begins ascending the stairs, run back down past him to avoid the
    vomit. Go around the staircase to the E Storage Room. This is a safe room; there
    is a typewriter for saving, and an item box. Right now, go to the item box and
    deposit your knife and the herbicide. If you want to save now, do so; I would
    recommend it. Drop the Ink Ribbon in the box too once you're done with it. Pick
    up the Fuel Canteen on the floor and fill it up from the canister by the door.
    Grab the Old Key from the typewriter stand before you leave the room.
    Items: Handgun      Sword Key	(3)
           Handgun Mag. Fuel Canteen
           Old Key
    Since the zombie is facing away from you, you can run past him on his left side
    and go around and up the stairs unopposed. Once at the top, turn right. There
    will be a zombie coming toward you around the corner. There are two ways to
    handle him: either dodge him or kill him. He tends to take quite a few bullets
    to kill, but he can also burst through into the next hallway, and if he does so
    will be very inconveniently placed whenever you enter that hall. You're going to
    be through here a number of times, so I recommend killing him. Be sure to burn
    the body before going on to the 2F East Hallway. Upon entering, there will be a
    zombie approaching from your right. Back up against the cabinet and run around
    his right side when he gets close. Go into the Study. Here, turn imediately to
    the right, taking the Handgun Magazine from the desk and the Dog Whistle from
    the table next to the chess set. Go back out the way you came.
    Items: Handgun      Sword Key	(3)
           Handgun Mag. Fuel Canteen
           Old Key      Dog Whistle
    Back in the 2F East hallway, run past the zombie and turn the corner. The next
    zombie should be facing one wall or another, so run behind him; you'll have
    plenty of room. Continue on to the end of the hallway, unlock the door with the
    Sword Key, and go through to the Main Hall 2F. Run straight across to the Dining
    Hall Balcony. There, take the right side of the balcony, and go through the
    second door, using the Sword Key. You'll be in the 2F West Stairwell. Head
    right around the corner, and use the Old Key to unlock the West Balcony. Here,
    follow the balcony to the door leading to the 2F Main Hall; don't go through.
    Turn around (use the quickturn), use the Dog Whistle, and start firing that
    handgun. You probably won't kill either dog before they get to you, and you'll
    probably get hit once or twice, but you should be able to kill them without too
    much trouble. Pick up the collar, and if your health is in orange Caution or
    Danger, use the planted herbs near the doorway. Go through, into the Stairwell.
    Discard the Dog whistle when prompted.
    Items: Handgun      Sword Key	(1)
           Handgun Mag. Fuel Canteen
    Immediately around the corner is a zombie. Believe it or not, he is actually
    pretty easy to fake out. Do so, and run around the railing and head to the 2F
    West Hallway. Here, turn left around the corner and head up the hall to the
    doorway. The zombie that was lying there will get up, but ignore him. You're
    in the Third Floor now. Head up the steps, until you reach the plate with the
    Armor Key. Pick it up. Oops. Examine the collar, flip the coin you find inside
    and examine it. Use the resulting Fake Key to prevent Chris from getting ground
    into Grade S.T.A.R.S. hamburger. Head back to the 2F West Hallway.
    Items: Handgun      Sword Key	(1)
           Handgun Mag. Fuel Canteen
           Armor Key (7)
    Head back down the hallway, and get ready for one hell of a left turn. Remember
    that zombie that got up eariler? He was a Crimson Head, and now he's waiting for
    you around that corner. So make a big running left turn, and hit the door to the
    2F West Stairwell ASAP. Don't let the Crimson Head's charge startle you. In the
    next hallway, descend the stairs. A zombie will be coming up, so go around him
    as you descend. Don't worry about that zombie you hear entering; he's upstairs.
    Anyway, run to the end of the hall and unlock the door at the end with the Armor
    Key. In the 1F West Hallway, turn right heading down the hall. Enter the bedroom
    on the right. Inside, burn the zombie lying on the floor, and grab the Handgun
    magazine from the bed. Open the closet for a little surprise. You haven't got
    much space to maneuver in here, so just use a dagger to stun him, grab the Old
    Key from the closet, and high-tail it out of that room. Head back to the 1F West
    Stairwell, and use that Old Key to unlock the West Storage Room. In here, grab
    the Broken Shotgun and the Flash Grenade. Whatever you do, DON'T USE THAT
    GRENADE! It's the only one you'll find until you leave the mansion, and you'll
    want to save it for the second boss. Anyways, head to the medical supply room at
    the base of the stairs. If you hug the outside wall, you should be able to get
    around the zombie right outside the Storage Room without too much trouble. The
    Medical Supply Room is another safe room. There aren't any Ink Ribbons here, but
    for now we'll want to drop off the Sword Key and Fuel Canteen. If you want to
    change your costume, you can take along the Closet Key. Changing clothes takes
    time, though, so don't bother if you're going for speed.
    Items: Handgun       Handgun Mag.
           Armor Key (6) Broken Shotgun
           Closet Key (optional)
    Head out into the 1F West Stairwell. Use the pillar in the middle of the hallway
    to get around the zombie coming your way, and head into the 1F West Hallway. Go
    back past the bedroom and open the door to the 1F Southwest Hallway (where we
    found Kenneth). Go to the dining room, then across the Main Hall, into the Art
    Supply Room (again). If you brought the Closet Key, change your clothes now. Go
    behind the curtain and use the key on then painting in front of you (the hidden
    door to the closet). Change your clothes and head through the 1F Southeast
    Hallway. Still nothing coming through those windows, so continue on. Outside the
    bathroom, kill the zombie who crashed through the door earlier. Don't mind the
    four zombies crashing into the room further on; just keep going and go through
    the door on the right when you come to it. Nothing in this room with the mural,
    so go on into the living room. Take the dagger on the coffee table, and the
    shotgun from the wall mount. Put the broken shotgun in its place to disable the
    trap in the mural room. Head out and proceed to the 1F East Hallway.
    Items: Handgun       Handgun Mag.
           Armor Key (6) Shotgun
    Go to the end of the 1F East Hallway. Unlock the door to the gallery, but don't
    go in. A zombie will bust out of the previous hallyway; put him down, but don't
    kill him. Head to the East Stairwell upstairs and turn left down the hallway.
    Unlock the door in the middle of the hall, and go into the bedroom to the right.
    Get the Old Key from the dresser and use it on the door on the other side of the
    small empty room. In here, grab the Bee Lure to your immediate left, and the
    Fishhook from the far wall. Combine the two and take the Bee Specimen from the
    case next to the door; put the Lure in its place. Put the Bee in the case to
    the left of the door; push the button when prompted. Grab the Wind Crest, and
    get to the door ASAP after the cutscene to avoid getting stung. Head back into
    the Stairwell.
    Items: Handgun       Handgun Mag.
           Armor Key (4) Shotgun
           Wind Crest
    Go back downstairs and get into the storage room. Grab the Handgun Magazine and
    the First Aid Spray left by Wesker, deposit the Wind Crest, Shotgun, and First
    Aid Spray in the box, and take out the Herbicide. Now is a good time to save, so
    go ahead and do that if you wish. Leave, run past the zombie, and head back
    Items: Handgun       Handgun Mag.
           Armor Key (4) Herbicide
    At the top of the stairs, turn right and around the corner (dodge the zombie if
    you left him alive), and enter the 2F East Hallway. Head left and around the
    corner to the right, unlock the door but don't enter, and keep going to the next
    door. Unlock this one and enter. After the cutscene with Rebecca and Richard,
    head to the Main Hall. Head across to the Dining Hall Balcony. Now, the zombie
    stands between the two doors in the northwest, so we'll take the left branch.
    Push the statue forward a few spaces and then off the balcony. Continue to the
    West Stairwell. Make your way around the railing (the zombie here should be easy
    to dodge around) and downstairs to the Medical Supply Room. Take the serum from
    the shelves and the Sword Key from the box. Head back to where you found Richard
    and you'll wind up back at the Med Room.
    Items: Handgun       Handgun Mag.
           Armor Key (2) Herbicide
           Sword Key (1)
    If you're hurting, go back into the Med Room and have Rebecca take care of you.
    Go around the corner and use the pillar to evade the zombie again as you proceed
    to the 1F West Hallway. Head straight and into the Conservatory at the end. Dump
    the herbicide into the hopper and turn the switch to red. Now that the tentacles
    are out of the way, you can grab the Death Mask from the far wall. Head out and
    back down to the 1F Southwest Hallway (with Kenneth, you know).
    Items: Handgun        Handgun Mag.
           Armor Key (2)  Sword Key (1)
           Death Mask
    Head to the left, fake out the zombie, and unlock the door to the Lounge, but
    don't go in just yet. Continue on around the two corners and down the staircase
    into the kitchen; discard the Sword Key when prompted. In the kitchen, grab the
    Old Key from the shelves--its very shiny, you can't miss it--and head back out.
    Or try to, at any rate. Run around the island to evade the zombie (watch out for
    the crawling one) and get out of there.
    Items: Handgun       Handgun Mag.
           Armor Key (1) Death Mask
           Old Key
    You were headed back up the stairs, right? Of course right. So head around the
    two corners again, hug the right wall as you run past the zombie, and head
    through the Dining Hall to the Main Hall. Head upstairs, unlock the door in the
    southeast corner, and say goodbye to the Armor Key. Follow the path until you
    find Forest, and take the dagger from the nearby bench. Let him rest in peace
    and head back to the Main Hall.
    Items: Handgun    Handgun Mag.
           Death Mask Old Key
    Go into the east wing, and take the door to the 2F Souteast Hallway, where we
    found Richard and Becky. There's a zombie around the corner; fortunately there's
    also a big old pillar that you can use to easily circumnavigate him. Head into
    the next hallway and kill the zombie coming your way from the branch. Take that
    branch and go into the small dining room at the end. In here, add the Handgun
    Magazine on the table to your ever-growing stockpile and light up the candles
    (you've got that free lighter, remember?). Push the highboy aside to reveal what
    looks like a small pantry. With a zombie looking for a midnight snack. Back out
    and get him to chase you around the table. Duck into the pantry, get the Musical
    Score, and make your way back to the Main Hall. Head downstairs.
    Items: Handgun       Handgun Mag.
           Death Mask    Old Key
           Musical Score
    Go through the Dining Hall, fake out the zombie in the Southwest Hallway, and go
    into the lounge. Go around the piano and push aside the shelves to reveal the
    rest of the Musical Score. Combine the two parts, use it on the piano, and laugh
    at Chris' pathetic attempt to play some Beethoven. Rebecca is better, but she
    still needs work. Let her practice. In the meantime, head back to the Dining
    Items: Handgun    Handgun Mag.
           Death Mask Old Key
    Grab the Wooden Emblem from the mantle over the fireplace, and run across to the
    Main Hall. Once there, turn right around, return to the lounge, and watch
    Rebecca's mad skillz raise the roof. Go into the secret alcove and take the Gold
    Emblem. Put the Wooden one in its place, and head back to the Dining Hall.
    Items: Handgun     Handgun Mag.
           Death Mask  Old Key
           Gold Emblem
    Put the Gold Emblem over the fireplace, and solve the Amazing Grandfather Clock
    Puzzle. In case you forgot, simply give the large hand two good turns in either
    direction and claim your shiny Shield Key. Go to the Main Hall and head up the
    stairs yet again.
    Items: Handgun    Handgun Mag.
           Death Mask Old Key
           Shield Key
    Head to the 2F Southeast Hallway, likely dodging the zombie who burst into the
    East Hallway earlier. No matter. In the next hallway, head up the steps,
    use the Shield Key, and get rid of it. Welcome to the attic. Head to the wall
    across from the door and follow it, until...
    All of a sudden, this big-ass snake just showed up out of nowhere. Fortunately,
    you followed my directions and are along the right wall. You are, aren't you?
    If you did, Yawn will start turning in a big circle around that pillar in the
    center of the room. In other words, he can't get you. Take the time to make a
    left turn, grab the Death Mask from the corner, and head back to the right wall,
    where you should be able to run past his tail and get out of the room unscathed.
    HOWEVER, if you were naughty and went up on the left side of the pillar, you'll
    certainly get bitten unless you do some fancy and very time-consuming footwork.
    But no matter. You got that Death Mask and got out of the room without firing a
    shot, right? Good.
    Items: Handgun    Handgun Mag.
           Death Mask Old Key
           Death Mask
    Alright. If you got hit, you won't make it very far before you collapse and take
    over as Rebecca. If that's the case, have Rebecca run to the Medical Supply Room
    (you should know the way by now), take the serum form the shelves, and return to
    Chris. Once that is done, or if you didn't get hit in the fight, run straight
    forward through the door. That zombie you killed earlier came back as a Crimson
    Head, and he's mad. But he can't follow you. Go to the 2F East Hallway (use the
    herbs behind the pillar in the Southeast Hallway if you're hurt at all) and turn
    right, around the corner, and into the armor gallery you unlocked so long ago.
    You remeber the order, right?
    |     |
    |4   1|
    |  X  |
    |2   3|
    Push statues 1, 2, and 3 in that order, and the fourth one slides into place.
    Push the button and take the Jewelry Box. Examine the box, and push the buttons
    on the front and back to reveal a third Death Mask.
    Items: Handgun    Handgun Mag.
           Death Mask Old Key
           Death Mask Death Mask
    Upon exiting the room, watch out for the zombie that's right there in your face.
    Get around him somehow and get to the Stairwell. Go downstairs and into the 1F
    East Hallway. Enter the door at the far end going into the gallery. Another easy
    puzzle. Push the button on the first painting you come to, then go around to the
    other side and push the buttons on the other two paintings. Push the button on
    the big painting at the end of the path to reveal the fenced-in area of the
    Backyard. You'd think they could have randomized some of these puzzles for
    variety's sake. But I digress. Use that last Old Key that's been burning a hole
    in your inventory for so long, and pick up the Death Mask before going through
    the door.
    Items: Handgun    Handgun Mag.
           Death Mask Death Mask
           Death Mask Death Mask
    Hey...where did the zombies go? Oh well, we've got work to do. Go down to the
    boiler room and set the Death Masks in their place. I'll leave it up to you to
    figure out the order. Now, remember that grenade? You DID save it, didn't you?
    Equip it now if you've still got it, and go over to the old, rotten, flimsy
    wooden casket, which miraculously stayed intact after falling about ten feet to
    the floor and falling backwards.
    You know, vampires are supposed to be in coffins. Frankly, I'm disappointed.
    Anyways, after the cutscene, you'll be across the room from the old man, whoever
    he is. Strangely, he is walking towards you rather than charging as most Crimson
    Heads do. Take the initiative and run straight into him so he'll grab you.
    Decline his offer to dance, but leave him with a live grenade to remember you
    by...if he can find the pieces of his brain after they splatter all over the
    walls and on Chris (and he just had his bulletproof vest cleaned, too! Damn!).
    If you don't have the flash grenade anymore, or simply don't want to be
    incredibly cheap, here's what you'll want to do: Before going to the gallery,
    stop by the East Storage Room and replace your handgun with the shotgun. As the
    fight starts, run forward a little and give him a level blast with your shotgun.
    This may or may not knock him on his back; if it does, run up to him and shoot
    him again while he's down. Once he gets back up (or if he didn't fall), he will
    begin charging at you. From this point on, do the following: Run past him on his
    right so he will swipe at you and miss, then do a quickturn and give him a shell
    in the back. Go for headshots if you can; you may be able to cut down on the
    number of shells you use. 4-6 ought to do it. If you're feeling really macho, do
    it with the handgun. Or the knife, if you're insane.
    No matter which strategy you use, once he's dead examine the coffin again. Push
    the button, take the Stone & Metal Object and the shiny handgun clip next to the
    coffin, and say goodbye.
    Items: Handgun      Handgun Mag.
           S & M Object (hehe)
    Go through the backyard, through the gallery, and through or around the silly
    zombie who is still trying to block your path to the East Stairwell. Don't let
    him. Get back into the Storage room near the stairs, and take the Shotgun and
    Wind Crest (or grab the handgun and handgun ammo if you used the shotgun to kill
    the boss). Save your game, say good-bye to the zombie guarding the storage room
    for the last time, and head out into the East Hallway.
    Items: Handgun   Handgun Mag.
           Shotgun   S & M Object
           Wind Crest
    Get rid of the zombie here if you didn't before, and lure the other zombie
    guarding the back door out so you can get around him. Follow the passageway, put
    the Stone and Metal Object on the slab, and get in the tool shed before the dog
    running up behind you tears off your ankle.
    And welcome to Section 2. Be thankful that the toughest part of the game is
    behind you.
    So, when we left off, you had just entered the tool shed, carrying:
    Items: Handgun  Handgun Mag.
           Shotgun  Wind Crest
    Good for you. Turn right and grab the grenade from the shelf (leave the First
    Aid Spray for now) and head down the steps and through the door.
    There's nothing on the first leg of the path, except for the weathervane puzzle.
    The first one should point West, and the second one North. Oh, there's also a
    distress signal from Wesker. Now continue to the gate, and into the graveyard.
    Don't mind the crows, just turn right down the path (one of the crows will take
    off) and put the Wind Crest in the grave on the right. Take the Sun, Moon, and
    Star Crests; examine the backs of each and put them in the left grave to reveal
    the .357 Magnum, which we will gladly take. As you head back up the path, that
    crow will probably hit you; just shrug it off and turn right onto the next
    section of the path through the woods.
    Items: Handgun  Handgun Mag.
           Shotgun  .357 Magnum
    Spooky cry...but nothing to concern you just yet. Just follow the twisty path
    as best you can, until you reach the cabin. Go inside and make your way to the
    back. Put the magnum in the box here, and pick up the Square Crank from the very
    back. Remember that cry I told you not to be concerned about? Be concerned. In
    fact, just as you were about to leave, you got clocked by a mysterious pair of
    shackled hands. Why Lisa Trevor doesn't just kill you right now, I don't know.
    But anyways, she'll be ready to do so when you wake up. Try to get around her on
    the left. You may or may not get hit when she swings at you (I get hit about
    half the time), but keep going and don't stop till you get out. Just don't shoot
    her; it's a useless gesture and you'll only waste bullets and time.
    Items: Handgun  Handgun Mag.
           Shotgun  Square Crank
    So you made it out of the cabin intact. Good. Start heading back to the shed. A
    zombie will be in the path, but a quick detour around the tree to the left will
    leave it wondering what the hell just happened. So you're back in the tool shed.
    Take the First Aid Spray from the shelf, equip your shotgun, and go through the
    double doors.
    Items: Handgun    Handgun Mag.
           Shotgun    Square Crank
           F.A. Spray
    Dogs. I hate dogs...well, in this game at any rate. Three dogs, six shotgun
    shells, and two shells to kill a dog. Coincidence? Maybe, but don't think--kill!
    Most people advise you to just avoid them, but I say get rid of them. You'll
    be coming back through here four more times throughout the game, and the fewer
    chances they have to hit you, the better. Especially with three of these damn
    things running around. Anyways, your shotgun should be depleted now, which is no
    problem at all. Just go through the gate at the back. If you're in poor health,
    don't use that spray yet. Even if it's in Danger. There's nothing that will be
    hitting you anytime soon if you keep moving. So, at the reservoir, turn left
    and use the square crank at the end of the path, opening a new one. Go down the
    ladder and across to the other side. Follow that path to the elevator and head
    down. At the bottom, the lower level of the garden, turn right immediately and
    make a beeline for the gate at the far end. A crow will chase you, but it won't
    catch you. One more path. Little snakes will drop down out of nowhere along this
    passageway, but none of them will hit you if you run all the way to the door.
    Once through, you're safe in the Residence, at least for the time being. First
    things first, go into the first door on the right, another tool storage room.
    Take the Flash Grenade and Ink Ribbon from the shelf, and save your game. Drop
    the Ink Ribbon, Square Crank, and Shotgun in the item box, and return to the
    Items: Handgun    Handgun Mag.
           F.A. Spray
    Run up the hallway, past the box and into the billiards lounge. Now, if you're
    hurt, there is a green herb to the right you'll want to pick up and use. Go down
    into the bar area to the left of the door, and pick up the Red Book. Ignore the
    green First Aid Box. Run around the spider in front of the doorway and hit the
    Items: Handgun    Handgun Mag.
           F.A. Spray Red Book
    Push the small crate in front of you three spaces forward, and then down the
    branch in the hall, up against the other crates. Climb over the crates to get to
    the other side, or you'll get a face full of tentacle. Follow this next, central
    hallway until you see a door with "002" enscribed over it. Go in, and enter the
    door to your immediate left. Forget about finding a plumber this late at night;
    just grab the key from the shelf by the toilet and leave before a zombie enters
    and traps you in these close quarters. Turns out, this key opens room 001, which
    was right across from the storage room. So head back that way.
    Items: Handgun    Handgun Mag.
           F.A. Spray Red Book
           001 Key
    Climb back over the crates, unlock room 001, and throw away the key. Now, the
    powerful, 1-shot Self Defense Gun is in here, but getting it is inconvenient, as
    it will be taking up a needed space later on, and you can get by without it.
    So forget about it, and go into the bathroom. Unplug the drain and take the
    Control Room Key before the zombie gets up off the floor.
    Items: Handgun    Handgun Mag.
           F.A. Spray Red Book
           C.R. Key
    Once more over the crates, my friend. Once again to room 002, in fact. This time
    there is a zombie in your path; feed him one of your grenades to teach him a
    lesson. Push the bookshelves out of the way and head down the ladder into the
    Water Ring area. Push the crates in the access corridor into the water, starting
    with the closest and working back. Cross over, pick up and use the green herb at
    the end (you should now be in at least yellow Caution; if so you're fine), and
    head through the doors. Poor Richard, he should have known better than to wander
    around a shark-infested pool with that open wound of his. Too late to help him
    now, I guess. But not too late to save your own hide. Run along the outside of
    the Water Ring and try not to get hung up on the wall or railing. This can be
    hard to do, and you may get slowed down. Your target is the double doors at the
    far end; one of the sharks will most likely hit you once on your way across
    (though it is possible to avoid getting hit). They hit pretty hard, which is why
    I had you save that First Aid Spray all this time. If you're Fine and don't get
    hit, use it anyways, as you'll need that inventory space. So, you got to the
    door, used the Control Room Key, got rid of it and went through. Now what?
    Items: Handgun  Handgun Mag.
           Red Book
    Well, now you go down that ladder there. Look at the big white sheet of paper
    on the table for some important information and head to the opposite side of the
    room. Start the draining process, and laugh at how badly you screwed up, pushing
    buttons when you know there's been a major mechanical failure. Anyways, use the
    console on the right to release the lock on the pressure seals, and the opposite
    one, which will fail to lower the seals all the way. Now go to the pipes in the
    back, and open whatever pressure valve was indicated on that big white sheet of
    paper. Release the locks again, and lower the seals properly. You're safe for
    now, but there's still all that water to deal with. Use the center console again
    to drain it all away. Now you can head through the pressurized door at the back.
    So much for whatever Umbrella had stored away down here. All that's left is a
    speedloader of .357 Magnum bullets on the floor. Pick them up and go through the
    nearby door to the lower level of the Water Ring.
    Items: Handgun  Handgun Mag.
           Red Book Magnum Rounds
    What do you call a fish out of water? Dead! Ha ha! Pick up Richard's Combat
    Shotgun from the floor and keep moving. Seems the big shark is lying right over
    the drain. Never mind, just climb up on that observation deck and take the key
    hanging up there.
    Oh, it wasn't dead? And it knocked that key you needed into the water. Great.
    But at least it can't hurt you as long as you are up here, which is good. It
    can't move, which is also good (except for its big mouth). So you could just sit
    there and shoot the thing until it's good and dead. Or, you can push that
    electrical console sitting there into the water, and then hit the switch for
    a good, old-fashioned fish fry. You want to conserve your ammo, so use the box.
    Once it's dead, pick up the shiny Gallery Key lying next to it and leave the
    Water Ring.
    Items: Handgun    Handgun Mag.
           Red Book   Magnum Rounds
           C. Shotgun Gallery Key
    Back in the flooded storage area, head to the door at the end of the hall.
    Follow the path to the ladder, climb up, and head out into the access corridor.
    Take the ladder back up to the Residence. Exit room 002 to the Central Hallway.
    Use the Gallery Key on the door up the hall and discard it. Now in this next
    room, bees will come swarming at you. Run straight forward, turn left down the
    hallway to the dead guy in the corner with the Insecticide, grab it, and run all
    the way back out of the Gallery. If you kept running and did not stop, you
    probably didn't get hit. But you still have to take care of them. Run to the end
    of the hallway, take the map off the wall (don't look into the hole) and use the
    Insecticide. Problem solved. Return to the gallery.
    Items: Handgun    Handgun Mag.
           Red Book   Magnum Rounds
           C. Shotgun
    No doubt you noticed the Handgun Magazine lying there on the table. Now, if you
    have more than about forty bullets left total (and you should), don't bother to
    pick it up. If you need more, take them. But you will have to take the key for
    room 003 lying on the desk in the back by that monster beehive. Use it on the
    door to Room 003, near one end of the hallway. Don't bother with the bathroom;
    there's nothing in there. Just head to the bookcase in the back, take the V-Jolt
    instructions, and put the Red Book in its place. Rearrange the spines in the
    appropriate (or inappropriate, for the more puritanical gamers out there) order,
    and enter the newly revealed doorway.
    BOSS 4: PLANT 42
    From the look of things, this probably used to be a ballroom. Now it is home to
    Plant 42. Head straight up the steps after the cutscene. Time to whip out your
    Handgun and show this monster just what that little pea-shooter is capable of.
    Watch for the large bulb in the center of the room to open up, and pump about
    two or three shots into it, until it closes or one of the tentacles tries to
    attack you. Speaking of which, it has two attacks to watch out for: One, it will
    sprinkle acid or something over your head (but it doesn't poison you), and two,
    it will whip you with a tentacle. Neither attack is very powerful, but you
    can get worn down if you keep getting hit. Learn the timing of the periodic
    attacks, keep moving to dodge them, and stop and shoot a few bullets when the
    bulb opens. That's all there is to it, really. Some thirty to forty bullets will
    do the job, less if you happen to get a power shot or two. It may take as few as
    twenty or twenty-five, if that is the case.
    When the plant is dead, grab the Helmet Key from the fireplace and head through
    the double doors to meet up with Rebecca.
    Items: Handgun       Handgun Mag.
           Magnum Rounds C. Shotgun
           Helmet Key	(4)
    After the cutscene, follow Rebecca into the small lab and have her fix you up;
    I'm sure you'll need it after that fight. Head into the Central Hallway, meet up
    with Wesker, and continue to the Entryway. The plant is dead, so you don't need
    to worry about tentacles in the floor anymore. Go into the storage room, pick
    up the Square Crank, and say goodbye to your handgun for good. Also ditch any
    remaining bullets. Time to return to the mansion and use that shiny new key!
    Items: C. Shotgun   Magnum Rounds
           Square Crank Helmet Key (4)
    Pick up the blue herb sitting in front of the front door, and head out into the
    cool of the night. Cuss at your broken radio, and head into the lower level of
    the garden. The crows have been replaced by two dogs. Don't let sleeping dogs
    lie, kill them! Or if you're good at dodging them (unlike me), you can save four
    shells and just avoid them. You'll only be down here twice more, so it's not as
    big a risk as leaving the three from the upper level. At any rate, take the
    elevator back to the reservoir. Snakes will drop down, and there is one in the
    path which is nearly impossible to avoid. You'll just have to take the hit. Once
    down the ladder, check your status. If you're poisoned, use the blue herb. If
    not, don't bother, as we'll be coming back once more and it may come in handy.
    Cross the garden and go into the Tool Shed. There, the Residence wasn't so evil,
    now was it?
    Right about now you might be wondering why I didn't have you pick up any shotgun
    shells earlier. Not just here in the tool shed, but any others you might have
    seen. Well, you didn't need them before, now did you? But you'll need them now,
    so start picking them up. Start with the two boxes in here. One from before, and
    one left by Wesker. Take the dagger he left as well. Proceed down the passageway
    back into the mansion.
    Items: C. Shotgun    Magnum Rounds
           Square Crank  Helmet Key (4)
           Blue Herb (?) Shells
    No sooner do you turn the corner than something mean, green, fast, and intent on
    slicing your head off sneaks up behind you. Run from the first Hunter in the
    game and go into the East Stairwell. Guess what: Two of these guys are waiting
    here for you. Take them out one at a time; three shells apeice will do it. Go
    into the Storage Room and leave the Magnum Rounds, the Crank, and the Blue
    Herb if you still have it. Now head up the stairs and head left down the hallway
    into the sitting room (with the fireplace).
    Items: C. Shotgun  Helmet Key	(4)
    Use the green herb here if you need it, and unlock the door. In the next room,
    push the statue through the doorway and against the wall. Don't worry about
    the closing walls; as long as that statue is in the way you're safe. Head around
    the back of the right wall, hit the switch you see there and get back to the
    statue as quick as possible. Push the statue to the left and hear it click into
    place, stopping the trap and opening a new passage. Go through there and drop
    down the hole you see. Pick up the Last Book Vol. 1 sitting on the ground, and
    examine the gravestone at the end of the passage. Push the button and climb down
    the ladder.
    Items: C. Shotgun  Helmet Key	(3)
           Shells      Last Book 1
    There's nobody down here but three spiders. When the hallway branches out, turn
    right and into a dark dead end to pick up a box of Shotgun Shells. Turn around
    and take the left branch, avoiding the spiders on your way to the door. Don't 
    worry if you get poisoned, as there is a Blue herb in the next room. If you
    didn't get poisoned, leave it be. Kill the two zombies here, pick up the dagger,
    and trip the circuit breaker in the back to reactivate the elevator. Unlock the
    door at the end of the hallway and you'll find yourself back in the kitchen, with
    a zombie shambling toward you from the elevator. Give him a face full of buckshot
    (or run him around the table if you're aboslutely opposed to using shells
    needlessly) and use the elevator in back. Now upstairs, turn the corner to the
    right and blast the zombie headed your way. Go into the closet and take the
    Magnum Rounds, Shotgun shells, Flash Grenade, and most important, the Battery.
    Head around the corner to the left, unlock the door, and you'll find yourself in
    a familiar place: the 2F West Hallway. Take the door to the Dining Hall Balcony
    and from there the door to the West Stairwell.
    Items: C. Shotgun    Helmet Key (3)
           Shells        Last Book 1
           Magnum Rounds Battery
    Go downstairs into the Medical Supply Room and drop the Battery, Magnum Rounds,
    and Last Book in the item box. Head back upstairs and continue on to the 2F West
    Items: C. Shotgun    Helmet Key (3)
    Remember that Crimson Head you had to run past earlier? He's still there, so now
    you get to do the same thing in reverse. Run forward and to the left as he
    charges, slashes, and misses you. Run to the third floor. Head up the stairs
    along the hall, and unlock the door at the very end. You are now in the upper
    level of the Library. There's nothing to see yet, so run along until you meet up
    with an old friend.
    Yes, he's back, but without any new tricks, and minus the ability to poison you.
    As soon as you see him, turn around and show him your new toy. Then turn around
    again and get down the ladder, with Yawn in hot pursuit. He will be coming out
    from behind the bookcase. Aim a shot at his head, then turn and run around the
    opposite side of the bookcase. When you see him again, give him another lead
    injection and continue circling around the bookcase. Continue this little game
    until he convulses and dies. It takes about 8-12 shells; you should have enough.
    Slamming his head into a bookcase dislodges a bunch of books. Among them is the
    Last Book Vol. 2. Pick it up, and head back up the ladder to the 3F Hallway.
    Items: C. Shotgun  Helmet Key (2)
           Shells      Last Book 2
    Back to the 2F West Hallway it is. Outrun the Crimson Head a final time, and go
    into the Den. Push the two cabinets against the north and south walls, and grab
    the dagger in the northwest corner. Turn the lights out and take the yellow and
    Red Gemstones from the trophies. Watch out so that the rotating eagle statue
    doesn't lock the Gemstones in place before you get to them. Once you have them,
    go downstairs and put the Last Book with its mate in the item box. Take the
    Battery with you.
    Items: C. Shotgun      Helmet Key (1)
           Shells          Red Gemstone
           Yellow Gemstone Battery
    Head down the hallway and around the corner. Two Hunters will crash through the
    windows, but you can get to the door before they can catch you. In the 1F West
    Hallway, turn right immediately to avoid that zombie who's breathing down your
    neck. Take the left turn and duck into the little closet with the tiger statue.
    Put the yellow Gemstone in, but leave the MO Disk where it is for now. Leave the
    closet, and head to the 1F Southwest Hallway. Get rid of the zombie if you wish.
    Items: C. Shotgun  Helmet Key	(1)
           Shells      Red Gemstone
    Run through the Dining Hall to the Main Hall and unlock the door to the Art
    Storage Room. Get rid of the key and enter. Nobody is in here, so head to the
    door at the very back.
    Items: C. Shotgun   Shells
           Red Gemstone Battery
    Blast off the head of the zombie coming towards you when you enter this spare
    room; pick up the dagger and use the green herb if you need it. Then grab the
    Jewelry Box and combine it with the Red Gemstone. Solve the puzzle (just do it
    yourself) to get a Brooch. Examine the Brooch (no, it's not spelled "Broach", no
    matter what the game says. It's an entirely different word) to get an Emblem
    Key. Back in the Art Storage Room, get a set of Ink Ribbons from the small
    cabinet behind the shelf. Head to the main Hall, up the stairs and through the
    door to the Backyard.
    Items: C. Shotgun  Shells
           Battery     Emblem Key
           Ink Ribbon
    From the Backyard, go through the door to the Gallery, and onward into the
    East Hallway. That Hunter is still there waiting for us, so get to the door to
    the Office befoer he reaches you. Drop the key once you use it, and go on in.
    Rebecca will scream, but she'll wait for you to clean this room out. Turn on the
    lamp on the desk, and take the Shotgun Shells out of the left-hand drawer. Take
    the Metal Object from the cabinet and the Flash Grenade lying next to the door.
    Now it's time to save Rebecca.
    Items: C. Shotgun   Shells
           Battery      Ink Ribbon
           Metal Object
    Leave the hunter in the dust again as you race to the stairwell. Go upstairs and
    into the 2F East Hallway, then get past the zombie and into the study, just in
    time to save Becky's hide with three well-placed shots. Use the one-way door and
    head down to the Storage Room. Save if you wish, then drop the Ink Ribbon. Take
    the Square Crank and Blue Herb if you didn't use it before. Head out with the
    Items: C. Shotgun   Shells
           Battery      Square Crank
           Metal Object Blue Herb (?)
    Now you have to get past that pesky hunter again. Give him an injection of
    buckshot and head out to the tool shed.
    Head out to the upper level of the garden and cross the reservoir. Head down
    to the lower level, and use the blue herb if you get poisoned by the snake and
    you still have it. Heck, use it anyways if you've got it, poisoned or not. It's
    one more inventory space. On the lower level, dodge the dogs if you didn't kill
    them earlier and place the battery in the fuse box next to the other elevator in
    the southeast corner. Use the working elevator to go back to the upper level.
    Go to the reservoir, close the floodgate with the crank, backtrack to the
    elevator and go back down. Head down the passage behind the waterfall and climb
    down the ladder into the mining area.
    Items: C. Shotgun   Shells
           Square Crank Metal Object
    First things first, ditch the Square Crank in the item box here and head back to
    the door next to the ladder. Turn left down the short path and through the door
    to the Elevator Shaft. Run around the pit and head through the door down the
    hallway. Turn the corner and talk to Enrico. Take the Hexagonal Crank from his
    body after the cutscene, and go back up the hallway. When the Hunter jumps in
    your path, give him one shot to put him on his back, then run past him to the
    door. Head back to the other door in the Elevator Shaft area, and in the next
    hall you will find two Hunters. Don't waste any time; just hug the right wall as
    you run and make a right turn to hit the door before either of them can hit you.
    Items: C. Shotgun  Shells
           Hex Crank   Metal Object
    Back in the main hallway of the mining area, head around the corner, drop your
    extra shells in the item box, and use the hex crank to rotate the hall(!) so you
    can get through. In the next hall, take the flamethrower from the wall mount and
    head down the hall toward the large boulder-shaped object. It is, in fact, a
    boulder. Make like Indiana Jones and duck back into the area by the door as it
    goes crashing past you, revealing a door. Equip the flamethrower and go through
    This fight is fairly straightforward. As soon as the fight starts after the
    cutscene, start firing your flamethrower at old Boris here. You'll probably take
    a hit or two, but as long as you're in good health, you have nothing to worry
    about. Just keep that stream of fire on him until he dies.
    Torch the other two spiders if they decide to come down and play, then pick up
    the knife lying nearby and use it to cut open the webbing on the opposite door
    before you go through. Note that if you try to get rid of the webbing with the
    flamethrower, it will be completely drained instantaneously no matter how much
    fuel is left.
    Items: C. Shotgun   Hex Crank
           Metal Object Flamethrower
    If you got poisoned during the boss fight, there is a blue herb sitting right
    here for you. Use it if you need to, then head down the hallway, put the
    flamethrower in the wall mount, and open the door. Head around the corner and
    give that wall some crank. You need to use it three times, then run straight
    forward into the side area as the boulder dislodges. There's a handy-dandy door
    right here, which is where we wanted to go anyways.
    Items: C. Shotgun  Shells
           Hex Crank   Metal Object
    I hate this puzzle. It's not complicated or difficult in any way; it's just that
    it's SO time-consuming. Push the statue along the wall, then use the crank
    to push the statue away form the wall. Push the statue onto the plate in the
    floor ro rotate it, push it off, and push it on once more to rotate it AGAIN.
    Finally it's facing in the right direction, so push it into the alcove to reveal
    the all-important Cylinder. Finally we're done in here. Go back through the
    hallway, pick up the flamethrower again, and head back to the Spider's Den.
    Items: C. Shotgun  Metal Object
           Hex Crank   Knife
           Cylinder    Flamethrower
    Go through the now-empty Spider's Den, and shoot the Hunter guarding the wall
    mount once, then  drop off the flamethrower and hit the door before the hunter
    figures out what just hit him. Leave the knife and Hex Crank in the item box,
    pick up your shells, save using the nearby Ink Ribbon if you wish and head back
    to the Elevator Shaft. You still don't need to kill the two Hunters in the
    preceeding passage, so don't. Just get to the Elevator Shaft, go to the control
    box, remove the Shaft, combine it with the Cylinder, and put it back. Punch in
    the code 4, 2, 3, 1, and take the elevator down.
    Items: C. Shotgun   Shells
           Metal Object
    Get off the elevator and go through the door in front of you and to the left,
    into the Mining Tunnel. Turn left at the fork, and you'll see Lisa Trevor coming
    your way. Turn around and take the right fork, and continue until you see the
    door on Chris' right. Go in and push the crate at the back of the room onto the
    freight transport and hit the button. While you're at it, climb up on the boxes
    behind you and grab the Flash Grenade. Return to the Mining Tunnel and head down
    the steps to find Lisa making her way towards you again. Turn around and head
    back to the elevator shaft. Unfortunately, the elevator appears to have gotten
    fried somehow...I think it was sabotage. At any rate, go down the nearby ladder
    to find your freight carrier with the crate on it. Push it to the far wall and
    into the nearby pit. Push the red button to start the trash compactor and reveal
    the Broken Flamethrower. Pick it up from the pit and take it back to the Mining
    Tunnel. As before, turn left so Lisa will come from that direction, then turn
    around. Pull the lever on the wall around the corner to reveal some hooks on the
    panel by another door, and make your way there. Put the broken flamethrower on
    the hooks and go through the door. Pick up the green herbs at the base of the
    stairs if you need them.
    Items: C. Shotgun   Shells
           Metal Object
    Here's a creepy shrine that Lisa appears to have made...awfully creative for a
    zombie. There's nothing in here, so just wade through the watery passageway to
    Lisa's bedroom. Never mind the snakes in the water as they can't follow you out
    of it. Grab the jewlery box and open it for a Stone Ring and a picture for your
    files.Combine the Stone Ring with the Metal Object, go up the ladder, and head
    right for a blue herb if the snakes somehow managed poison you; otherwise just
    head left and up the ladder into the Cabin. Now remember the very important item
    we left in here so very long ago? That's right, the Magnum is in the item box
    here, and now is the time to take it. There's nothing else to do here, so leave.
    Head back down the path and around the tree by the zombie to the graveyard. The
    crows in the graveyard have been replaced by a couple of zombies, only one of
    whom is in your path. Dodge around him and head up the next part of the path to
    the toolshed. In the passageway leading back to the mansion, take the Stone and
    Metal Object from the wall mount and head into the Mansion.
    Items: C. Shotgun   Shells
           Magnum       S & M Object
           S & M Object
    Head into the East Storage Room, and drop off the Magnum. Now go to the gallery,
    and take the shortcut through the Backyard into the Main Hall. Go down the steps
    and put the Stone and Metal Objects in the door under the staircase on the back
    side. Now go into the Dining Hall, pick up the Blue Gemstone, and go through the
    Southwest Hallway into the West Hallway. Dodge the zombie or wipe that smirk
    off his face--heck, wipe off his face period. At any rate, go into the closet
    with the tiger statue, take the MO Disk sitting there, and put the Blue Gemstone
    in the statue. Pick up the Shells that it reveals and head to the Medical Supply
    Room. Kill the Hunter in your way, and once in the supply room take both Last
    Books and the Magnum Rounds. Now turn around and head back to the Main Hall.
    Items: C. Shotgun  Shells
           MO Disk     Magnum Rounds
           Last Book 1 Last Book 2
    Time to go through that door. You know what the moaning means by now. Head down
    the staircase and through the door to the Altar. Go down the ladder in front of
    you to find that valiant knight Wesker bravely holding off someone familiar.
    Well, there are two ways of handling this. One, you and Wesker can shoot her
    until she falls off the altar into the pit. Or, knowing how much firepower that
    would take, you can do what every other sensible person would do and avoid her,
    pushing those four pillars in the corner off the altar, which you would have to
    do to move on in any case. Might as well save time and take care of them now.
    Just be careful not to get hit at all; if you do, you'll probably fly off the
    altar and it's Game Over, man, Game Over. You'll have to do some fancy footwork
    to accomplish this, as Wesker is abolutely useless and will hardly ever shoot at
    her, it seems, even if he has a clear shot. So just push the pillars off, watch
    out for Lisa (especially around the upper right-hand pillar; it tends to be the
    easiest spot for her to knock you off), and when that is done, Lisa will see
    what's left of her mother that didn't get attached to the back of her head and
    jump, apparently to her doom. You'll never see her again, thank God.
    After the fight is over, the door at the back should be open. Go through and up
    the elevator at the back which takes you to the Well. Examine your Last Books to
    reveal the Eagle and Wolf Medals and put them in the mounts under the statues to
    reveal yet another elevator. But we have to do some backtracking now. Head ALL
    the way back to the East Storage room, grab the Magnum, the other Magnum Rounds,
    and the First Aid Spray, then head ALL the way back to the Well and go down the
    Elevator. Swap disks and go on to the last leg of the game.
    When you came down the elevator, you should have brought with you the following:
    Items: C. Shotgun  Shells
           Magnum      Magnum Rounds
           MO Disk     First Aid Spray
    See how nicely that worked out? Go down the ladder and put the Magnum, Magnum
    Rounds, and the First Aid Spray in the item box. Head through the door.
    Items: C. Shotgun  Shells
           MO Disk
    Kill all the zombies here and head down the staircase to the Third Basement. Get
    headshots if you can. In the Central Hallway of the third basement, kill the
    zombie to the left and head down that hall, going into the examination room
    through the door on the left. Operate the computer here; login as JOHN and enter
    the ultra-secure password "ADA". Unlock the doors on both floors; enter the
    password "CELL" when prompted. There is a Flash Grenade on the shelves in the
    back if you're interested. Head back upstairs and into the A/V Room. Enter the
    code "8462" into the panel on the left, and take the MO Disk from the nearby
    shelves. Go to the newly revealed monitoring station and get the Power Room Key.
    Get the thrid MO Disk from the desk in the Hallway and head back downstairs.
    Items: C. Shotgun  Shells
           MO Disk     MO Disk
           MO Disk     Power Room Key
    Head around the hallway where you killed the zombie, and turn the corner again.
    Use the Key on both doors here and get rid of the key. Go into the room you've
    been running around, a cadaver storage area. Push the shelves in from of you
    forward and take the Shells form the adjacent set of shelves. Now hop up on the
    bench and go through the air vent into a disused Operating Room. Without getting
    off the bench in here, turn left and go through the vent on the other wall, into
    the back of the cadaver room. Go straight past the locker and use an MO Disk on
    the...uh...computer to the right. Two more to go. Head back to the Central
    Hallway using the vents; you'll avoid encountering any Chimeras if you take that
    route instead of pushing yet another set of shelves out of your way. Back in the
    central hallway, enter the other door you unlocked.
    Items: C. Shotgun  Shells
           MO Disk     MO Disk
    In the B3 East Hallway, kill both zombies in the hall and turn right into the
    power room. Here, follow the corridor to the right and kill the Chimera blocking
    the passage. Make damn sure he is dead, dead, dead. If you don't, you'll get
    killed later. So kill him, and take the empty Fuel Supply Capsule from the
    console behind him. Head back to the Central Hallway.
    Items: C. Shotgun    Shells
           MO Disk       MO Disk
           F. S. Capsule
    Again, go around using the north branch, where you killed the zombie. Head into
    the door in front of you and into the door on the right. A zombie is in here--
    kill him, use another MO Disk on the Gamecube sitting on the desk, then put the
    Fuel Supply Capsule into the filling station. Nothing like carrying a canister
    full of liquid nitroglycerin--who uses that stuff to power an elevator, anyways?
    So WALK, don't run, all the way back to the console in the power room. I'm an
    impatient fellow, and hate this part too; it slows you down needlessly. Another
    word of caution: if you get attacked by an enemy or fire a weapon, you are dead.
    Which is why you should have killed that Chimera earlier. Since you have done
    this, and the zombie in the hall hasn't turned into a crimson head yet because
    you are doing things so quickly, you should have no problem doing this. Put the
    Capsule in the console and breathe a sigh of relief because you can run again.
    Items: C. Shotgun  Shells
           MO Disk
    But we're not through in the Power Room yet. Now go around to the other side of
    the room. Two Chimeras will be climbing down out of the vents, but you'll be
    through the door before they make it to the floor. In the second section of the
    Power Room, run straight forward and use your last MO Disk on the console. A
    Chimera will be coming up behind you as you no doubt noticed; wheel around and
    give him a couple of shells to mull over. Keep following the passage--another
    flash grenade is on the floor here if you want it, but you probably already have
    plenty--and head into the final part of the Power Room. Go around the machinery
    in the center and operate the console on the south side to turn on the elevator.
    Chimeras will be chasing you, so work quickly and run back through the three
    sections of the Power Room all the way back to the hallway.
    Items: C. Shotgun  Shells
    Almost done here. Back safely in the hallway, check your shells. You're probably
    running pretty low; if you have less than seventeen or so (including what's
    already loaded in your gun), you should duck in the Records Storage Room at the
    junction and take the box of shells in there. Grab the First Aid Spray while
    you're at it; you might need it. Head out and up the hallway to the elevator,
    where Rebecca will join you as you go down. Turn the corner at the bottom and
    watch the Black Knight exclaim "It's only a flesh wound!" Time for a fight.
    One of the easiest bosses in the game, but he is a little tougher without the
    benefit of auto-aiming. Still, all you need to do is quickturn at the start of
    the fight and start running around the set of tubes in the middle of the room.
    The Tyrant will follow, ever so slowly. But he takes big strides, so he'll reach
    you quicker than you might think. Give him two or three blasts with your shotgun
    once you reach the wall, and run down and around the outside to your starting
    position. You can't see him, but turn around and give him one or two more shots
    before you repeat the cycle. He should go down after about twelve shells or so;
    my count may be off a bit. But he's no big deal.
    After the fight, release the electronic lock usign the computer on the north
    wall, then wake up Rebecca and head up the elevator. Time to save Jill and get
    Items: C. Shotgun First Aid Spray
    Head to the B3 West Hallway. Ignore any Chimeras climbing out of the vents on
    your way there. Run to the end of the hallway and operate the three locks on the
    door. Go through and down the steps to release Jill from her cell. Now, funny
    enough, there is a box of shells sitting in her cell. But, too little too late.
    You should have at least five or six shells left, which is more than enough to
    get you safely upstairs. So head up the steps to the second basement and watch
    out for any Crimson Heads that may come your way. As I said, you should have
    enough ammo left to take out what little opposition is left. Get to the safe
    room, say goodbye to Richard's trusty shotgun, and get out your Magnum and its
    ammo. Also take the other First Aid Spray you left in the box. There is an Ink
    Ribbon lying on the floor by the typewriter, and there is no better time to save
    your game than now. Do so if you wish, and ditch the Ribbon before going up the
    Items: Magnum          Magnum Rounds
           First Aid Spray First Aid Spray
    Run down the hallway and pick up the Fuse Unit. Put it in the fuse box in the
    wall by the elevator and head up with your three minute warning. Once you reach
    the Heliport, take the Signal Rockets sitting in front of you and use them to
    signal Brad, who's flying around somewhere in the chopper and can't seem to find
    a huge mansion with a large helipad without your help. Naturally, it will also
    signal something else to come your way.
    This is it, the big one, and also the toughest boss fight in the game. Now when
    the fight starts, the Tyrant will have his back turned to you, having set his
    sights on helpless little Rebecca over there who is fiddling around with her
    empty handgun. Let him grab her before you unload the entire contents of the
    revolver into his back, or you'll get a face full of claw). Reload. He will now
    charge at you in all likelihood, sending you clear across the helipad and taking
    off about half of your health. Use one of your sprays, and get in close to him.
    Let him grab you and then use a Flash Grenade. You can't stuff it in his mouth,
    as he doesn't want to eat you, but you can drop it at his feet to stun him long
    enough for you to pump him full of even more lead. Reload again. If he hasn't
    done so already, Brad will drop the Rocket Laucher in the middle of the Heliport
    after a few more shots. Get it and fire at the Tyrant. If the first shot doesn't
    kill him (how does one knock a live RPG out of the air without detonating it,
    anyways?), the second one will.
    And you're done! Have a safe and enjoyable flight home. Remember to return your
    trays to their full upright and locked position, and turn off any cell phones or
    other electronic devices you may be carrying. Thank you for flying Brad Airways,
    serving you for two more games.
    One thing about Jill that really appeals to us male gamers is her huge...
    inventory. Seriously. Being able to hold two more items may not seem like much,
    but it actually does make a bit of difference. Also not having to deal with
    those pesky Old Keys is handy. Overall, there's less backtracking with Jill, and
    you'll probably take less time, but probably not as much as you'd like. So, her
    pros and cons:
    1. She has more inventory space than Chris.
    2. She doesn't have to muck about with that handgun as long as Chris does.
    3. Richard and Barry provide much better combat support than Wesker or Rebecca.
    4. Grenade launchers are pretty cool.
    5. The voice acting is much better than the original game's.
    6. She's an amazon.
    1. She seems to have less health than Chris.
    2. Her stun gun is much less effective than Chirs' flash grenades.
    3. There's no one else there to heal her when she gets hurt.
    4. In this mode, flame grenades don't appear until after they're most useful.
    5. She'll break her arm someday holding a shotgun like that.
    6. Girls have cooties.
    Jill starts out the game much the same as Chris does. However, she also has a
    full handgun in addition to her knife at the start.
    Items: Handgun Knife
    As usual, cross the dining hall and view in terror the blood on the floor, then
    go through the door and gasp in horror at Kenneth's fate (You bastard!). Run
    screaming back to Barry who'll mop up after you. Head back to the Main hall, up
    the steps to look for Wesker, then back down to become the master of unlocking.
    Ignore Barry's advice and follow him back into the dining room. He must move
    fast, because he's gone already. Take the Ink Ribbon, go into the 1F Southwest
    hallway and step carefully around Kenny's body as you make your way to the door.
    Items: Handgun    Knife
           Ink Ribbon
    Go up the stairs to the second floor and wind your way through the hall
    on your way to pick up the Golden Arrow and the first handgun magazine. I don't
    know if it's just me, but the zombie around the corner seems to hit me here more
    often when I use Jill than when I use Chris. It's probably just me. Get past it
    and into the dining hall balcony.
    Items: Handgun      Knife
    	 Ink Ribbon   Golden Arrow
    	 Handgun Mag.
    In the balcony, we'll do things a little different. Lure the zombie out towards
    you, then run around the balcony so you can push the statue off. We're doinng it
    now because we likely won't have time later on. From here, head into the main
    hall and go through the door to the back yard. Dodge around the zombie, examine
    the arrow, and put the head in the relief to gain access to the boiler room.
    Take the Book of Curse and do the same trick to get out as you used with Chris,
    waiting for the zombie to turn around to make your move past him. Remember to
    examine the book for the Sword Key.
    Items: Handgun      Knife
           Ink Ribbon   Sword Key (4)
    	 Handgun Mag.
    Go downstairs and into the art supply room. Again, getting the stuff here is a
    waste of time, so just unlock the door and go to the Southeast hallway. Grab the
    dagger from underneath the cabinet and keep going. Go into the bathroom again to
    get a free dagger and to purge your system. Unlock the patio and pick up the
    herbicide. Since you have the extra space, take the red herb and combine it with
    a green one. Use the other green one if you got hurt somewhere along the way.
    Items: Handgun      Knife
    	 Ink Ribbon   Sword Key (3)
    	 Handgun Mag. Herbicide
    	 R/G Herb
    One last thing to do before we move on. Go and pick up the shotgun and dagger
    from the living room. Barry will save you from the trap, naturally. Move on to
    the stairwell and duck around the familiar old zombie on your way to the save
    room. Drop off the knife, shotgun, mixed herb, and Ink Ribbon after saving. Get
    the canteen and fill it with kerosene.
    Items: Handgun   Handgun Mag.
    	 Herbicide Sword Key (3)
    Again, kill the zombie at the top of the stairs. You can't burn him yet, so move
    on to the 2F East hallway. Dodge around the zombie into the study. Take the Dog
    Whistle, handgun ammo and the lighter. Return to the hallway and kill at least
    one of the zombies; I recommend the one in front of the armor room as he can
    be harder to dodge around than the other. Burn the zombie and head back to the
    stairwell. Burn the other zombie you killed earlier and go down to the save room
    to deposit the lighter for the later, and the canteen for...uh, not later.
    Items: Handgun     Handgun Mag.
    	 Herbicide   Sword Key (3)
    	 Dog Whistle
    Head back up the stairs and into the East hallway. Make your way round the bend,
    watching out for the zombie in the way, and unlock the door to the main hallway
    to pick up some acid rounds from Barry. Say thank you and head across to the
    dining hall balcony.
    Items: Handgun	 Handgun Mag.
    	 Herbicide	 Sword Key (2)
    	 Dog Whistle Acid Rounds
    Head right around the balcony and unlock the door to the stairwell. Unlock the
    door to the West Balcony, run to the end, use the dog whistle, and send the pups
    to doggy hell. Get the collar and ditch the whistle.
    Items: Handgun	 Handgun Mag.
    	 Herbicide	 Sword Key (1)
    	 Acid Rounds Collar
    Fake out the zombie around the corner and head to the next room. Get to the door
    going upstairs before the Crimson Head wakes up. Take the Armor Key, examine the
    collar a few times, and put the fake key you get back to disarm the trap. Head
    back downstairs.
    Items: Handgun	 Handgun Mag.
    	 Herbicide	 Sword Key (1)
    	 Acid Rounds Armor Key (7)
    Watch out for the Chargin' Mad Crimson Head as you turn the corner and hit the
    door. Head down the stairs and into the medical supply room. Now, you don't need
    the Sword Key anymore, as the kitchen is completely empty, so drop the key here.
    Nothing else to do in here for now, so head out into that scary hallway.
    Items: Handgun	 Handgun Mag.
    	 Herbicide	 Armor Key (7)
    	 Acid Rounds Closet Key (optional)
    Head around the corner and into the storage closet. All you are here to pick up
    is a battery pack for your stun gun. The Broken Shotgun is useless, as is the
    kerosene, and the Ink Ribbons aren't worth backtracking to the med room to use.
    Just get the battery and unlock the 1F Northwest hallway. Go down the hall into
    the bedroom and get the handgun ammo form the bed. The stun gun battery in the
    closet isn't worth the risk in my estimation, so leave it. Go to the solarium
    and use the herbicide to get the Death Mask From the wall. Heal yourself with a
    couple of herbs before heading out.
    Items: Handgun     Handgun Mag.
    	 Death Mask  Armor Key (6)
    	 Acid Rounds Closet Key (optional)
    Head out of the solarium as the windows shatter around you and head towards the
    Main Hall via the dining room. Cross the hall and change clothes if you wish,
    then unlock the East Balcony, but don't pick up the grenade launcher yet. We'll
    save that for later.
    Items: Handgun          Handgun Mag.
    	 Death Mask       Armor Key (5)
    	 Acid Rounds
    Go into the 2F East Hallway and unlock the first door you come to. Move on for a
    moment. Continue rounding the corner after you leave and duck into the next
    locked door, where you can don suits of shiny new armor. Or just push them into
    the walls. Grab the jewelry box with the death mask and watch out for the zombie
    in your face as you leave, if you didn't kill him earlier. Now head back to the
    first door and meet up with Richard, who needs some serum to care for a minor
    wound. He'll just have to wait.
    Items: Handgun	  Handgun Mag.
    	 Death Mask	  Armor Key (3)
    	 Acid Rounds  Death Mask
    We have some things to do, and do quickly before Richard bites the big one
    (which, incidentally, just bit him). Go back around the bend and into the
    stairwell. Cross the hallway and unlock the small room sandwiched between the
    small study and a bedroom. Go into the study and do the puzzle with the bee and
    lure to get the Wind Crest. There's an Ink Ribbon in the bedroom if you want to
    get it, but I wouldn't, at least not now. Make your way to the save room and
    drop off the Wind Crest, Death Masks, Acid Rounds, and the Ink Ribbons if you got
    them. You may need the extra set in this room, since you come here so often. But
    you'll have an opportunity to pick them up later. Speaking of Ink Ribbons, I
    wouldn't bother saving now. It's a good spot to do so, but it takes too much
    time. Take the lighter before you go, however. Grab the Handgun ammo lying on
    the floor, but leave the First Aid Spray.
    Items: Handgun Handgun Mag.
    	 Lighter Armor Key (2)
    You're probably getting worried about Richard by now. So let's go unlock the
    gallery and open the shortcut to the front of the mansion. Do the light puzzle
    and get the death mask at the end. Unlock the gate and watch out for the
    zombie when you emerge into the back yard. Go up the steps into the Main Hall.
    Items: Handgun    Handgun Mag.
    	 Lighter    Armor Key (1)
    	 Death Mask
    Go upstairs and into the dining hall balcony. Push the statue off the balcony
    if you didn't before and continue on around to the 2F West stairwell. Circle the
    railing and go down the stairs into the medical supply room. Get the serum from
    the shelves and go right back to Richard, who is hopefully still alive. Now, you
    may be wondering why I had you get the Jewelry Box before meeting Richard. Can't
    you pick it up afterwards on your way? Well, not if you want to save Richard. My
    first draft of this walkthrough had Jill doing so, but when I tried it that way,
    I simply couldn't save Richard no matter how quickly I tried to do everything.
    So I did the statue puzzle before meeting Richard, and that gave me enough time
    to save him. It wasn't that far to backtrack, anyways. But anyhow, back to where
    we were. Continue on down the hallway into the passage to the attic. Knock off
    the zombie in here and go to the dining room. Get some Zippo action going and
    light up the place. Grab the handgun ammo in here before letting the zombie out
    of the pantry with the sheet music. Take it and go.
    Items: Handgun    Handgun Mag.
    	 Lighter	Armor Key (1)
    	 Death Mask Musical Score
    Head out through the hallways to the Main Hall, go downstairs and get the Wooden
    Emblem from the mantle in the dining hall. Fake out or kill the zombie in your
    path (don't worry too much about ammo at this point) and unlock the lounge to
    get rid of the armor key. Push the shelves out of the way to get the other half
    of the Musical Score, combine the two, and do some tinkling. Replace the Gold
    Emblem in the alcove with the Wooden one, and place the Gold one over the mantle
    in the dining hall. Get the Shield Key from the clock and go back upstairs.
    Items: Handgun	Handgun Mag.
    	 Lighter	Death Mask
    	 Shield Key
    Head on into the 2F East Hallway and make your way to the attic. Unlock it with
    the Shield Key and get rid of the ugly thing. As in Chris' scenario, follow the
    right wall of the attic as you make your way back, because...DUN DUN DUN!
    Yes, here he is in all his scaly glory. But you've got an ace up your sleeve; if
    all went according to plan, Richard shows up and starts getting gun-happy. Use
    the time to grab the final Death Mask while he covers you. Once you get it, keep
    moving around the room, and help Richard finish it off if you have room to move.
    Once it falls, Richard does his hero thing when it revives, leaving you with his
    shotgun. Pick it up and leave.
    We're almost ready to move on here. You should have the following:
    Items: Handgun    Handgun Mag.
    	 Lighter	Death Mask
    	 Death Mask C. Shotgun
    Anyway, head into the 2F East hallway, killing any zombies in your path. There's
    no point in conserving handgun ammo as we're about to get rid of it. Go into the
    bedroom near the stairwell and grab the Ink Ribbons. Now go down the stairs into
    the save room. Congratulations, your handgun is now worthless. Save your game,
    take the First Aid Spray, and drop it in the box along with the Ink Ribbons, the
    handgun, its bullets, and the lighter. Take the other two Death Masks and head
    out and into the gallery.
    Items: Shotgun	C. Shotgun
    	 Wind Crest	Death Mask
    	 Death Mask Death Mask
    	 Death Mask
    Go into the now-vacant back yard and down into the boiler room. Start the blood
    flowing by putting the Death Masks in their places, and go over to the coffin to
    pay your respects.
    Poor Jill. She doesn't have a cheap and easy way out of this fight like Chris.
    You'll just have to do it the hard way. You can use the stun gun if you like; it
    may save you a shell. So stun him, and shoot him while he's down with the Combat
    Shotgun. One or two more shells ought to do it when he gets back up.
    Once that epic battle is over, take the Stone and Metal Object from the coffin
    (forget about the shiny handgun clip) and get out of there. Take the shells in
    the yard and head back through the gallery to the back of the mansion.
    Items: Shotgun      C. Shotgun
    	 Wind Crest	  Shells
    	 S & M Object
    Getting out of the gallery, there is a zombie in front of you, if you haven't
    forgotten. Lure him from the narrow passage and go around to get to the path to
    the tool shed. Put the Stone and Metal Object in its place and head on into the
    tool shed.
    So here you are in the tool shed, carrying:
    Items: Shotgun     C. Shotgun
           Wind Crest	 Shells
    So, first of all head pick up the shells in the left corner, then go  right and
    down the steps. Take the First Aid Spray and battery pack from the shelves and
    head out the door to the forest path. Do the Weathervane puzzle (West, then
    North) and head into the graveyard. Ignore the crows and turn right to the two
    gravestones. Put the Wind Crest in its place; pick up the other three and do the
    same with them (after examining the backs, of course). Claim your Colt Python,
    shrug off the crows who have finally caught up with you, and head to the Cabin
    In The Woods.
    Items: Shotgun  C. Shotgun
           Shells   F.A. Spray
    Just as in Chris' scenario we're going to drop the Magnum off in the chest here
    to retrieve on our way back from the mine. Drop off the lighter while you're at
    it; you don't need it to get into the chem lab. Grab the Crank from the back and
    get the smack laid down upon thee by Lisa Trevor. I asked before why Lisa didn't
    kill you right away; now I ask you, why didn't that knockout blow hurt you at
    all? But no matter--we'll just let her wallow in her freakish misery for now.
    Hightail it out of the cabin (remember, get around on her left side) and don't
    stop until you get back to the safety of the tool shed.
    Items: Shotgun  C. Shotgun
    	 Shells   F.A. Spray
    You're safe, but not for long. Arm yourself with the regular shotgun, and head
    into the courtyard to deal with the three dogs. Six shots, three dogs, don't
    reload. You've still got seven in the Combat Shotgun anyhow. So head out to the
    reservoir and feed it some crank. Head across and down to the lower level of the
    courtyard. Get chased by a crow to the next door, and then by little snakes till
    you reach the Residence proper. Head into the storage room around the corner to
    the right to take stock of your situation. First off, pick up the battery pack
    from the shelves. Don't bother with the Ink Ribbons for now; there isn't enough
    danger in this part of the game to warrant saving until you're done here. Just
    put away the Crank and the empty shotgun and call it good.
    Items: C. Shotgun  Shells
    	 F.A. Spray
    Having done your thing in the storage room, head down the hall to the lounge.
    Grab the Red Book from the bar and get out of there. Ignore the big, fuzzy,
    harmless spiders.
    Items: C. Shotgun  Shells
    	 F.A. Spray  Red Book
    Back in the hallway, push the box against the bigger box so Jill can get across
    unmolested by tentacles. Hentai is just gross. Anyway, in the central hall, Jill
    will hear voices coming from Room 002. Go in and give Barry a stern talking to.
    Go in the bathroom and get the Room 001 key from the shelf. Get out before your
    privacy is invaded.
    Items: C. Shotgun  Shells
    	 F.A. Spray  Red Book
    	 001 Key
    So, head back to the entry hall and over the boxes. Unlock Room 001 and throw
    away the key. Now unlike Chris, we have enough space to hold the "self-defense
    gun" lying on the desk in here. Its firepower will come in handy, so pick it up.
    Go into the bathroom here, unplug the drain and get the Control Room Key. Exit
    before the awakening zombie grabs you.
    Items: C. Shotgun  Shells
    	 F.A. Spray  Red Book
    	 C.R. Key	 Derringer
    Over the boxes and through the hall, to Room 002 we go...Stab the zombie and
    push the shelves out of the way so you can go downstairs. Don't use the shotgun,
    because a headshot is no longer a guaranteed decapitation. He'll be a Crimson
    Head when you come back up if his head doesn't burst, which would be a pain. So
    don't do it yet. Just move on by for now. Downstairs, push the boxes into the
    water to make a bridge, and head across into the water ring. Use the green herb
    here if it will keep you alive after a probable shark bite, and start sloshing
    on over to the Control Room. Use the First Aid Spray whether you got hit or not;
    you won't be getting hit again for a while and it's just burning a hole in your
    inventory. And let's face it, you probably DID get hit, didn't you? Oh well. Go
    down the ladder and drain the Water Ring after doing a little puzzle-type thing.
    Items: C. Shotgun  Shells
    	 Red Book	 Derringer
    Now that you can access the lower level, go through the pressurized door. You
    can find a speedloader of perfectly dry, usable Magnum rounds down here, so go
    on and pick them up. Proceed into the Water Ring and go to the platform at the
    very end, where another key is waiting for your grubby little nubbies.
    Or not. Not yet, at any rate. He's not much of a boss, after all. Just push the
    box into the water, add bread crumbs and throw the switch. Instant fish sticks.
    Jump back off the box and claim your Gallery Key.
    Items: C. Shotgun     Shells
    	 Red Book	    Derringer
    	 Magnum Rounds  Gallery Key
    So after beating that non-boss, head back to the disused storage room. Turn the 
    corner through the double doors at the end and head up the ladder. And another
    ladder. Now you may attempt to blow that zombie's friggin' head off. Don't worry
    if it doesn't come off; he won't have time to revive before we return. Unlock
    the Gallery from the hall and pitch the key. Run to avoid the bees, pick up the
    DDT sprayer and head back to the hallway. Take the map so you can kill the hive
    from a safe distance and return to the now-empty gallery.
    Items: C. Shotgun    Shells
    	 Red Book	   Derringer
    	 Magnum Rounds
    Now, we're going to mix up some V-JOLT. The process of making and using it is
    time-consuming, but it conserves ammo, so it is worth it, in my opinion. But we
    have to get into the chem lab first. Now you could have lugged that lighter all
    the way out here and used it in the lounge to figure out what number corresponds
    to which eye, but then, the three numbers are always the same--3,5, and 6--only
    the order is randomized. So there are only six possible combinations:
    Now, it will probably take less time to try all six combinations than to run up
    and down all those stairs, lighting each lamp and checking the eye shadows, then
    comparing it to the billiard balls. So I had you get rid of the lighter at the
    most convenient item box. Now that you're in the chem lab, start making sense of
    this mess. Pick up three of the bottles and start mixing. There are chemicals 3
    and 6, and water from the tap counts as 1. V-JOLT is number 20. So start
    mixing chemicals. The instructions are written on the wall. Now that you've got
    your V-JOLT, it's time to do some weeding.
    Items: C. Shotgun  Shells
    	 Red Book	 Derringer
    	 V-JOLT	 Magnum Rounds
    	 Bottle	 Bottle
    So return once more to Room 002 and go down to the Water Ring. You'll have to go
    down the second ladder and back up through the Control Room, since draining the
    water eliminated your box-bridge. So go down and up and into the upper level of
    the Water Ring, and head left into a disused locker room. Time for Jill to
    get to the ROOT of the problem! Use the V-JOLT on the roots growing in here and
    discard the bottles when prompted. Make your way back up to the Gallery.
    Items: C. Shotgun     Shells
    	 Red Book       Derringer
    	 Magnum Rounds
    Now that that little task is done, you can get the Room 003 Key from over by the
    hive, do the Red Book puzzle, and go into the ballroom.
    BOSS 4: PLANT 42
    Or not. Looks like the plant done shriveled up and died on us, ma. Well, not
    completely. But no sooner do we get ready for a boss fight than Barry comes in
    with a flamethrower and finishes the job for us. Thanks, Barry!
    So now that that pathetic creature is out of our way, we can pick up the Helmet
    Key and get out of this dump!
    Items: C. Shotgun     Shells
    	 Derringer	    Magnum Rounds
    	 Helmet Key (4)
    Go through the gallery and into the central hall for a conference with Wesker.
    Stomp on the dead bees if you wish on your way to the entry hall. Go into the
    storage room and take the Crank. You shouldn't need to save, so leave the Ink
    Ribbons where they are. Grab the herb near the door and leave the Residence.
    Items: C. Shotgun     Shells
    	 Derringer	    Magnum Rounds
    	 Helmet Key (4) Crank
           Blue Herb
    Nothing but a dead radio blocking your path to the Courtyard, so head there and
    take care of the two dogs roaming the lower level. By my count you should now
    have two shells left in the gun and twelve in reserve. So no worries. Just head
    up to the reservoir, cross over, and use the blue herb if a snake poisons you.
    Only the undefended upper courtyard now stands between you and the toolshed; I
    think you can make it.
    So here you are in the tool shed again, where Barry has left you a dagger and a
    box of shotgun shells. How helpful of him. Take them and head down the passage
    into the mansion. Turn the corner in the hallway and get ready to dodge your
    first Hunter. Run into the East Stairwell and take down the two hunters here.
    Remember to reload your shotgun from the inventory screen. Once those two punks
    are gone, go into the save room. Drop off the Crank, the Derringer, and the
    Magnum Rounds for now, along with the blue herb if you still have it. You might
    want to save your game while you're here; it's a good spot to do so. Remember to
    put the Ink Ribbons back when you're done with them. The last thing to do is
    to take out the Acid Rounds. We'll be needing them shortly.
    Items: C. Shotgun   Shells
    	 Acid Rounds  Helmet Key (4)
    Head back into the hallway and take down the Hunter that tried to jump you a
    moment ago. Head through the Gallery, through the Backyard, and into the Main
    Hall. Go upstairs and out to the west balcony to pick up the Grenade Launcher at
    long last. Now head back downstairs and use the Helmet Key to unlock the Art
    Storage Room. Head through the back hallway into the spare room. Decapitate the
    zombie here and get the dagger and the Jewelry Box. Head back across the Main
    Hall and into the Dining Hall.
    Items: C. Shotgun   Shells
    	 Acid Rounds  Helmet Key (3)
    	 Jewelry Box  Grenade Launcher
    In the Dining Hall, pick up the Blue Gemstone from the fallen statue. Go across
    to the West Hallway and into the room with the tiger statue. Place the gemstone
    to get another box of shotgun shells. Now head back to the SW hallway (Kenneth's
    hallway) and up the back stairs. Once in the Mirror hallway upstairs, head
    straight up to the Third Floor. Twist and turn around the bends, and unlock the
    door to the Library. Load your Grenade Launcher with the Acid Rounds and proceed
    until something sneaky crawls up behind you...
    This is it. Now you can get your revenge on the vile serpent for what it did to
    Richard. And there is no better weapon for the job than acid grenades. A mere
    four of the yellow beauties will put him down for good. Use the same tactics as
    Chris: get down off the balcony first thing, then get the snake circling the
    bookcase, taking a shot when you've got an opening. He should go down quickly.
    Again, the boss' dying convulsions dislodge the Last Book Vol. 2 from the shelf.
    Pick it up and head back out the way you came.
    Items: C. Shotgun       Shells
    	 Jewelry Box      Grenade Launcher
    	 Last Book 2      Helmet Key (2)
    	 Explosive Rounds
    Time to dodge that Crimson Head around the corner again. Head downstairs, around
    the first corner, and hit the door. Wow, that was exhilarating! But now back to
    business. Unlock the Den, grab the dagger in the corner and turn off the lights.
    Get the Red Gemstone from its trophy first and combine it with the Jewelry Box.
    Do the puzzle and get the MAGICAL HAPPY TRANSFORMING BROOCH OF POWER! Then get
    the yellow gemstone. Head downstairs, run past the Hunters trying to crash your
    party, and head into the Tiger Statue closet, to trade your Yellow Gemstone for
    an MO Disk. Head back to the Main Hall via the Dining Hall.
    Items: C. Shotgun		 Shells
    	 Emblem Key		 Grenade Launcher
    	 Last Book 2	 Helmet Key (1)
    	 Explosive Rounds  MO Disk
    Your inventory has't been this full in quite a long time, has it? Well, don't
    worry, we'll make some space soon enough. Head through the backyard and into the
    gallery again, and use the Emblem Key to unlock the private office. In here, you
    can, once you turn on the lights, pick up some more shotgun shells, a battery
    pack, and a Metal object, which is useless now, but is of course necessary to
    continue later on. For right now lug all this stuff into the save room next to
    the stairs. Drop off the Metal Object, the MO Disk, and the Last Book. Go up the
    stairs and down the hallway, unlocking the door to the Art Gallery OF DOOM! For
    verily it is trapped indeed. Be glad you're down to four items in your inventory
    now. You know the drill: Push the statue, run around, push the button, and get
    the statue into position so you can jump down the rabbit hole. Get the Last Book
    Vol. 1 and open up the passageway to the basement.
    Items: C. Shotgun		 Shells
    	 Grenade Launcher  Explosive Rounds
    	 Last Book 1
    Ignore the spiders as you take the right branch for the Shotgun Shells, then the
    left branch for the door. Use the blue herb down here if one of the spiders
    somehow managed to poison you. If not, leave it. Lure the two zombies close to
    each other so you can take them both out with one shotgun blast. Nab the dagger,
    turn the power to the elevator back on, then head to the kitchen and take the
    elevator up. Once you get off, turn right and blow through the zombie blocking
    the path to the closet. It's a virtual treasure trove, isn't it? Shotgun shells,
    Magnum ammo, a battery pack, and the Battery you'll need to operate the lift in
    the Courtyard. Score!
    Items: C. Shotgun		 Shells
    	 Grenade Launcher  Explosive Rounds
    	 Last Book 1	 Magnum Rounds
    Take your stash and head around the corner, through the two doors and into the
    Dining Hall balcony. Run past the Hunter into the Main Hall before he can get
    you. Now we need to visit the East save room again befoer we go on. Go through
    the upstairs East hallway and down the stairs to get there; it's shorter than
    going through the backyard yet again. The hallway should still be as you left it
    the last time you were through here. Go through the door to the stairwell and
    downstairs into the save room. Leave the Last Book and Magnum Rounds, and take
    the Crank and the Derringer. If you have the blue herb yet, great. Take it too.
    Head out the back way to the tool shed with this stuff.
    Getting to the mines should be easy enough. There's no opposition except those
    more or less harmless snakes. They might poison you, but oh well. So go across
    the reservoir and down to the lower level. If you're poisoned and don't have the
    blue herb anymore, just hang in there. Your health will probably drain slowly
    enough for you to make it through the next boss fight alright. Anyhow, use the
    battery on the lift and go up. Crank the reservoir closed again and head back
    down the way you came. Descend into the mines. Right away, you should drop off
    the Crank. Save your game with the Ink Ribbons you find here and deposit them as
    well. Go through the door you passed on the way down here, and wind your way to
    another door, around the elevator shaft. Meet up with Enrico, who I sense is
    destined to die soon. Pilfer the Hex Crank from his corpse and head back. Floor
    the Hunter who jumps out of nowhere and move on. Run past the next two hunters
    who are standing around picking their noses. Back to the safety of the central
    Items: C. Shotgun		 Shells
    	 Grenade Launcher	 Explosive Rounds
    	 Hex Crank		 Derringer
    We're going to get into a fight soon, but first we need to clear a path. Crank
    the hallway to go to the next area, then trigger the boulder to roll crashing
    into the wall behind you, exposing the way forward. Enter the door.
    Finally, a real boss fight! Look out for the poison it spits at you, and for its
    fairly powerful charging attack. Start things off by punching a hole in it with
    the Derringer. It's small, but powerful. Now start emptying your remaining Acid
    Rounds into him. Load up the Explosive Rounds and use them to finish him off,
    along with the other spiders if they come down as well.
    Pick up the knife after the fight and cut your way through the webbing to get
    through the door. You were probably poisoned during the fight, so use the blue
    herb here to heal yourself if you were. You don't need to mess around with the
    flamethrower here, so move on to the next hallway. Crank it three times, and run
    before the boulder flattens you. If you're hurt bad, there is a First Aid Spray
    beyond where the boulder was. At any rate, now you have to do the boring statue
    rotating and pushing puzzle. It's so boring I won't even bother going over it
    again. You'll get the Cylinder for your efforts. Go you. Return to the central
    hallway; shoot the Hunter blocking your path to teach him a lesson. Drop the
    Hex Crank, the Knife, and the Derringer for good and move on.
    Items: C. Shotgun		 Shells
    	 Grenade Launcher  Cylinder
    There's still no reason to bother trying to shoot the next two Hunters, so just
    run past them to to Elevator Shaft. Grab the Shaft from the console, combine it
    with the Cylinder, and replace it. Enter the code and meet up with Barry on your
    way down.
    Items: C. Shotgun		 Shells
    	 Grenade Launcher
    Time for more Lisa Trevor action. In the circular tunnel, turn left and then
    back to the right once you see her, to the next door. Push the crate onto the
    lift and push the button. Watch it go off into the sunset and return to Lisa's
    tunnel. Fake her out again on your way to the Elevator Shaft, just in time
    to see Barry abandon you. Good for him. Go down the ladder and smash your crate
    to get a smashed flamethrower. Fake out Lisa one more time, throw the switch and
    deposit the flamethrower on the hooks. She won't follow you. It's like she WANTS
    you to raid her bedroom. Follow the path and take the Jewelry Box. Open it for
    a Stone Ring before you head up to the Cabin. Retrieve your Magnum and head back
    crashing through the woods.
    Items: C. Shotgun		 Shells
    	 Grenade Launcher  Stone Ring
    Make your way along the path, passing any zombies in your way, and head back to
    the tool shed. We're done with everything behind us, so pick up the Stone and
    Metal Object that's been sitting here for so long. Follow the pasageway for the
    last time back to the mansion, and into the East save room. Take out the Metal
    Object, combine it with the Stone Ring, and take out both of the Last Books as
    well.	Go through the Backyard, down and around behind the staircase in the Main
    hall, and put the S & M Objects in their place. Go down the stairs, through the
    door, and down the ladder to meet up with Barry. Seems he has some explaining to
    do. But not now!
    It's up to you whether you want to let Barry live or not. I would, personally,
    since he can help you a bit now and later on as well. Just push the pillars off
    the altar as he covers you. Maybe it's just me, but it seems 1) Barry seems to
    fire at Lisa more often than Wesker does, and 2) Jill seems to not get knocked
    off the altar as easily as Chris does. At least I've never been knocked off as
    Jill. At any rate, Lisa will give up the fight once all four pillars are gone.
    Forget about Barry for the time being and go up the lift. Examine the Last Books
    and put them in place. Now, go back all the way to the East Save Room. It's the
    last time you'll be here; isn't it sad? Take out the Magnum Rounds, the MO Disk,
    and the First Aid Spray and Green/Red Herb that have been sitting there getting
    stale for so long. Head back through the altar and down to Disc 2.
    You should have entered the Laboratory carrying the following:
    Items: C. Shotgun		 Shells
    	 Grenade Launcher  Magnum
    	 Magnum Rounds	 MO Disk
    	 G/R Herb		 F.A. Spray
    This is going to play out much as it did in Chris' game. For now, go down the
    ladder and deposit everything except the shotgun, shells, MO Disk, and grenade
    launcher. Pick up the Ink Ribbons, save your game, and toss them in the box as
    well. In the next room, waste the three zombies with whatever grenades you have
    left; use the shotgun on the rest if you run out of grenades. Go downstairs and
    through the door after picking up the green herb.
    Items: C. Shotgun		 Shells
    	 Grenade Launcher  MO Disk
    	 Green Herb
    Turn left and kill the zombie in your path on the way to the dissection room.
    Operate the computer (JOHN, ADA, CELL) and unlock the doors. Take the stun gun
    battery before you leave. Go back upstairs, pick up the MO Disk off the desk,
    and enter the briefing room. Take the third MO Disk and enter the code "8462" on
    the keypad, get the Power Room Key and go back downstairs.
    Items: C. Shotgun		 Shells
    	 Grenade Launcher  MO Disk
    	 Green Herb 	 MO Disk
    	 MO Disk		 Power Room Key
    Let's get rid of some of this stuff. First, use the Power Room Key on both the
    doors it unlock and discard it. Enter the cadaver storage room, push the first
    set of shelves forward and take the shotgun shells sitting there. Make your way
    through the ducts to use one of your MO Disks. One down, two to go, and two free
    spaces in your inventory. Not bad. Make your way back out through the ducts to
    avoid encountering any Chimeras.
    Items: C. Shotgun		 Shells
    	 Grenade Launcher	 MO Disk
    	 Green Herb 	 MO Disk
    Go through the other door you unlocked. Head straight forward into the file
    storage room. Take the First Aid Spray and Incendiary rounds, which you should
    load into your grenade launcher right away. Kill the two zombies in here
    and head through the southern door, into the power room.
    Items: C. Shotgun		 Shells
    	 Grenade Launcher	 MO Disk
    	 Green Herb 	 MO Disk
    	 F.A. Spray
    Turn right and kill the Chimera blocking the path. Use the shotgun--you should
    have plenty of ammo and we're going to save the flame rounds. So once it's dead
    pick up the empty Fuel Capsule and start heading back.
    Items: C. Shotgun		 Shells
    	 Grenade Launcher	 MO Disk
    	 Green Herb 	 MO Disk
    	 F.A. Spray		 Fuel Capsule
    Head back around the cadaver storage, and through the door to the West hallway.
    Go through the second door you come to. Kill the zombie here and use an MO Disk
    to open the second lock. Refill the Fuel Capsule, and walk, don't run, back the
    way you came. Pick up the first aid box on your way, and combine the green herb
    with the other in your stash. Keep walking all the way back to the power room to
    put the Fuel Capsule back in its place.
    Items: C. Shotgun		 Shells
    	 Grenade Launcher	 MO Disk
    	 Green Herb (x2)	 F.A. Spray
    Blaze a trail further into the depths of the power room. Go through the first
    door, then straight ahead to use up the last MO Disk. Turn around and take out
    the Chimera coming behind your back, then pick up the battery pack as you turn
    the corners. Turn the elevator's power back on in the next room, and make your
    way back to the hallway. Call the elevator and head down with Barry. Turn the
    corner once you reach the bottom and go into the lab to meet with Wesker.
    Don't be intimidated by him. This is why you saved those flame grenades. Six
    of them will knock him out. You have six grenades, so do the math. At any rate,
    do as you did with Chris: lead him around the test tubes, turning and taking a
    shot at him. I only recommend taking one shot at a time with Jill, as there is
    more down time between shots using the launcher than there is with the shotgun.
    Of course, you could use the shotgun too, as you should have plenty of shells
    Once the beast has been put to sleep, open the lock in back and wake Barry up.
    Items: C. Shotgun 	 Shells
    	 Grenade Launcher	 Green Herb (x2)
    	 F.A. Spray
    Let's get this show on the road. Head up the elevator (automatically) and go all
    the way to the West hallway. Operate the levers at the end of the hallway and go
    through the door to release Chris from his jail cell. There is another case of
    Incendiary grenades in there, so you can take them and load them up if you wish.
    You can use them to knock out Crimson Heads on your way upstairs. In the save
    room at the bottom of the ladder, put away your trusty shotgun and shells, and
    pull out the Magnum and its ammo, and the healing items you had stashed here
    earlier. Save your game, say goodbye to the Ink Ribbons, and get the hell out of
    Items: Magnum		 Magnum Rounds
    	 Grenade Launcher  Green Herb (x2)
    	 F.A. Spray		 F.A. Spray
    	 G/R Herb
    There isn't much to say from here on out. Go up the ladder, take the first aid
    box and combine your herbs. Follow the path, take the fuse, and put it in its
    place to start the end sequence. Signal Brad so you can get out of there.
    Well, with four full healing items, eighteen magnum rounds and some 3-5 flame
    rounds left, possibly six, the Tyrant shouldn't be too much trouble here either.
    Just remember to use a healing item right away if he smashes you halfway across
    the heliport, as Jill can't take a second blow like Chris can. But you shouldn't
    have too many worries. Unload your Grenade launcher right away, then start with
    the Magnum. I usually have five flame grenades left at this point; those and six
    magnum bullets are enough to get Brad to drop the Rocket Launcher. Once that
    happens, of course, it's practically all over.
    And you've done it! Sit back and enjoy the ending cutscene, in which Jill rests
    while Chris watches Barry reload his gun and KILL EVERYONE ON BOARD THE CHOPPER!
    HA HA HA HA! Just kidding. Grab a beer or something.
    I hope you enjoy playing through this mode as much as I do; it's the only way I
    play the game anymore, when I do. Time, boredom, school, and especially the dawn
    of Resident Evil 4 have delayed this guide quite a bit. I'm glad it's finally
    over and done with. I hope you, the masters of unlocking out there, find it
    useful. In closing, I'd like to thank:
    Shiji Mikami and all the guys at CAPCOM who worked on this.
    The same bunch for making Resident Evil 4.
    Yoshiyuki Tomino for making Zeta Gundam.
    CJayC for GameFAQS, and, I trust, hosting this guide.
    My parents for putting up with me all these years.
    Anyone else I may be forgetting.
    V. 1.0--Initial release; July 13,2005. My contributor status grows by one entry.
    This guide is the property of myself, Mark Schmidt, AKA Martacus, and protected
    under copyright law. Feel free to copy this for your own personal use, as long
    as it is not used for commercial purposes and this notice remains intact. The
    most recent version of this guide can be found at www.gamefaqs.com.
    If you wish to contact me, drop me a line at schmma02@ipfw.edu. Please put "RE:
    Resident Evil guide" in the subject line, or I'll simply disregard the message.
    I can also occasionally be found lurking the boards at Gamefaqs as 
    "Martacus Mk 2", so you can get my help that way too.

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