How do I get 100% on my file?

  1. My file is stuck at exactly 98.7% and I've completed everything I can possibly think of:

    - Beaten the game on Beginner, Normal, and Hard
    - Beat all 30 Balance Board levels (Using the Wii Balance Board)

    - 60/60 stump temple parts on Beginner
    - 60/60 stump templet parts on Normal
    - 70/70 green crystals on Normal
    - 100/100 ants on Hard

    - Gotten enough Gold/Platinum trophies to unlock every single ball
    - Unlocked every song
    - Unlocked every junk fusion recipe
    - Built every possible custom stage part

    - Completed all 10 Ranking Stages
    - Completed all 6 Hudson stages available so far (Didn't affect file percentage at all, so I doubt that I have to wait for the rest of them to be released)

    I've done all of this, and I can think of nothing more to complete - Why is my file still 98.7%???

    Some other notes:

    I've completed some stages in the "Free Mode" but this doesn't affect my percentage at all. (Why should it, it's just the same stages that are in the game)

    I've gotten about 20 more gold trophies after unlocking the last ball to see if my percentage would continue to rise with more trophies - it doesn't.

    Help!!!! My OCD won't allow for 98.7%!


    User Info: paavostubstad

    paavostubstad - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Have you gotten all the faces for the Figure Roller? Those are gotten by getting trophies on Hard, and count towards percentage.

    If you have, the only thing I can think of is to double-check that you did build every stage builder part.

    User Info: Jigpuff

    Jigpuff - 8 years ago 0 0

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