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    Walkthrough by miluda

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/08/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Another Code: R - A Journey Into Lost Memories
    Walkthrough written by Miluda
    Version 1.1 - 08/07/11 - Added a couple of things.
    Version 1.0 - 06/08/09
    If you have any questions or comments then email me at miluda@gmail.com. 
    Chapter 1: Sudden Flashback........................[CHT1]
    Chapter 2: Matthew's Story.........................[CHT2]
    Chapter 3: I Want You To Know......................[CHT3]
    Chapter 4: Secret of the Lake......................[CHT4]
    Chapter 5: Silent Clock Tower......................[CHT5]
    Chapter 6: Uncovering the Truth....................[CHT6]
    Chapter 7: Heartless Deception.....................[CHT7]
    Chapter 8: To My Sweet Daughter....................[CHT8]
    Final Chapter: Doorway to Memories.................[CHT9]
    New Game Plus......................................[NGPL]
    Website Puzzle.....................................[WEB0]
    Chapter 1: Sudden Flashback                                            [CHT1]
    We start off with the DAS start up screen, follow the simple instructions to 
    start the game.
    Path to the Camp
    Check the door to the guesthouse on your left to discover it's locked. Walk 
    along the path and Ashley will notice another, path take it and talk to the 
    man there, Dan the Ranger. When he asks what size bag was lost; it does not 
    matter what you choose, but the correct answer is the left option, the big 
    bag. After talking to Dan the guesthouse will now be open so head over there.
    Guesthouse - Shop
    Inspect the blinds and peek through them to see the shopkeeper. Look at the 
    employees only door to get him out. With the camp ID card you can go on a 
    spending spree! You can buy two packets of crisps, two cans of Cool Pop, a 
    t-shirt, a mug, a brown cap and a figure of the Lake Juliet mascots. Make 
    sure you take a pamphlet from the table from the left of the room - it's 
    your ever faithful map. Tommy tells you about the Rainbow Stone by the door. 
    Its only purpose is to introduce you to the camera function of the DAS. Take 
    a photo of the stone and look at the picture on the DAS. Ooh it's all 
    Camp Gate
    Use the camp ID card on the lock on the right to open the door.
    Richard's Campsite
    Take the Orange Cool Pop on the blue cooler and drink it. Richard will tell 
    you to go recycle the empty can using the recycler you saw on the path 
    before you turned into the campsite. Go to the recycler, use the can and 
    simply pull the handle. You'll receive a token that can be used at the 
    gumball machine in the guesthouse shop.
    Go back to Richard and he'll give a nice little overview of what happened in 
    the DS game, a music player and a mysterious device Ashley's mother made, 
    the TAS. When you try to listen to the music player you'll discover that it 
    doesn't work, and the item inspect screen will turn up. Rotate the music 
    player onto its back and Ashley will note that it doesn't have a battery. 
    On the picnic table there is conveniently a battery so combine it with the 
    music player. Once you've done that you can use the music player any time to 
    listen to music from Another Code: R, as long as you have heard it in the 
    Guesthouse - Shop
    Peek through the blinds to see a boy rummaging through the shop food stocks, 
    and you are forced to take a picture. Check the lock of the stock room door 
    so you can chase after the kid. The TAS will beep so use the TAS on the lock 
    and it will give you the code to unlock the door.
    Press A B Up 1 and + on your wiimote to open the door. Head out of the back 
    The path is blocked by a fence. Click on the dog, pick up the beef jerky on 
    the floor and place it through the upper right hole in the fence.
    Tommy will appear and Ashley will have to prove her innocence. Show him the 
    photo you took earlier of the boy and Tommy will believe you.
    Or you can say that you don't have any evidence and will be forced to find 
    some in the storeroom. Click on the muddy footprints and then click on the 
    empty plastic bottle on the floor.
    Back in the shop you get the charcoal and can now buy chocolate almonds and 
    beef jerky. They are both on the shelf behind the till. Head back to the 
    Chapter Quiz
    Q. What did he send me with the invitation?
    A. A DAS
    Q. Who did I meet near the campsite gate?
    A. Dan
    Q. Who did I see in the storage room?
    A. A boy with a teddy bear
    Memory Quiz
    Q. Where was Ashley's mother when Ashley had a flashback after looking at the
       music player?
    A. In a room with the J.C Valley logo.
    Chapter 2: Matthew's Story                                             [CHT2]
    Richard's Campsite
    Look in the tent that's on a wooden platform for some matches. Put the 
    charcoal in the barbecue and use the matches. To light it you have to hold 
    the match for a couple of seconds over the paper that's on the charcoal. Fan 
    the flame using a piece of cardboard by the cooler.
    Talk to the blonde girl.
    Pick up Richard's hat and bag and Ryan's briefcase. Exit and head north.
    Path to the Lakeshore
    Talk to Dan. You can see Ryan and Elizabeth at the other campsite so give 
    him back his briefcase. After talking to them head north again and you'll 
    spot the kid from the storeroom. He went to an old shack south west.
    Path to the Shack
    Inspect the door. Click on the middle plank of the door so the hand icon 
    grabs it and slowly move it to the left. Move through the old shack and exit.
    Back Lane to the Shack
    Follow the path to a well. Click on the teddy bear by the well. Open the 
    well. After Matthew runs off go back into the shack.
    Shack North
    You are prevented leaving by the shaggy dog. Click on the dog and then click 
    on the crates. Lift the top box up until Ashley gives up. Head to the villa.
    Path to the Villa Remains
    TAS the lock. The lock code will have parts where you need to press two 
    buttons at the same time. So 1 stacked above 2 means you have to press 1 and 
    2 at the same time.
    Villa Remains
    Look at the charred remains and check the papers in the ground on the bottom 
    left. After chatting to Matthew head go north to the lakeshore and take the 
    right path eastwards.
    Path to the Boathouse
    Walk to the boathouse and Ashley will start talking to Matt. Inspect the 
    boathouse door lock and tell Matthew to look around. TAS the lock. You will 
    need to enter a 3 and I'm sure you've noticed that your Wiimote does not have
    a 3 button, but it does have a + button. Press 1 + 2 to get your 3.
    Boathouse - Reception
    Turn right and exit through the door by the desk.
    Boathouse Pier
    Walk to the end of the pier, look at the water and look at the object 
    floating in the water. Go back inside the boathouse and enter the other room.
    Boathouse - Storage
    Look at the shelf unit and take the rope on the lowest shelf.
    Boathouse - Reception
    Pick up the life ring that's on the floor by the table. Head back to the 
    Boathouse Pier
    Combine the rope and the life ring and use it on the winch. Fling the life 
    ring around the bag and winch it in. 
    Look at the bag and the lock and Ashley will try to open it. Talk to Matthew 
    to get his family photo. Turn the picture over to see the names on the back 
    and if you rotate it a little the names line up to show the word LAKE. Use 
    the code to open up the bag.
    Chapter Quiz
    Q. Then he told me the kid's name. What was it?
    A. Matthew
    Q. What did I find at the villa remains?
    A. Twin Lion door knocker
    Q. What was floating in the lake?
    A. Matt's dad's bag.
    Memory Quiz
    Q. Where was Ashley's mother when Ashley had a flashback after looking at the
       picture in Matt's dad's bag?
    A. By a door with a crest on it.
    Chapter 3: I Want You to Know...                                       [CHT3]
    Boathouse Pier
    Head to the old cottage Dan mentioned. It's south east to the boathouse.
    Old Cottage
    Follow the suspicious muddy footprints to the study. Look at the trapdoor by 
    the bed. Go back to the living room and look at the kitchen area. Check the 
    left cupboard under the sink and look at the lever. The trapdoor is now open 
    so go down there.
    Old Cottage - Cellar
    Look in the drawer, the sheet of paper and then the pink ink. Pick up the 
    paper and use it with the hotplate on the left of the screen. Simply move 
    the paper around until the image appears. Don't worry, you can't burn it. 
    After the lights go out, flip the switch up. The switch is on the far right 
    in the middle of the screen. Look at the picture of Ashley's parents (if 
    you've played Hotel Dusk then make sure you look at the other photos).
    Old Cottage - Living Room
    Matt mentions the book on the table. It is just there as a tutorial to 
    superimposing pictures and is completely optional. Look at the book, take a 
    photo of both pictures, go to the DAS menu and look at one of them.  On the 
    right there is a button that says "superimpose", click on it and choose the 
    other photo. Ta da. The two pictures are now superimposed. You should see a 
    heart shape.
    Exit and head north.
    Path to the Covered Bridge
    After running into Elizabeth and Richard, Matt will run off again. Head to 
    the big tree that's left of the boathouse.
    Path to the Lonely Oak
    Talk to Matt. After a chat he wants Ashley to find his treasure. Take 16 big 
    steps to the left. Look at the rock that's shining slightly at Ashley's feet. 
    Go west to the mine.
    Path to the Mine Entrance
    Look in the crate and pick up the handkerchief. If you bought some beef 
    jerky from the shop you can give it to the dog, but it doesn't matter if you 
    didn't. Head to the old shack.
    Shack - North
    With Matthew we can now get the music player we were unable to get earlier. 
    Lift up the box. Head past the boathouse and north, towards the cottages.
    Path to the Covered Bridge
    Follow Sunglasses Man to the mermaid statue and Ashley will have another
    flashback. Look at the clock tower. Go pick up Matt in the small cabin 
    TAS the bridge lock. The code requires you to tilt the Wiimote. The icon
    indicates which way to tilt and will turn orange when you have done it 
    correctly and then just press the button.
    Path with Roundabout
    Richard's cottage is the first you see on the left. Inspect the intercom and 
    he'll open the door for you. Go upstairs to the bedroom.
    Richard's Cottage - Bedroom
    Matt wants to look up his dad on the internet so inspect the laptop on the 
    desk. Use the DAS on the laptop. Pick up the phone when it rings, and open 
    the bedside drawer for batteries that can be used with Elizabeth's music 
    player. Look at the laptop again. Look at the water pictures, and look at the
    notes (make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom until Ashley comments). 
    To find the email password look in the left drawer and at the piece of 
    paper in there. Fold the paper and let the writing on it guide you. The first
    fold is the lower right corner to the top left. It says 0691 but you're 
    reading it upside down so the real code is 1690. Enter the code in the 
    laptop to snoop through Richard's email. Open DAS and click on Connect 
    (top row, right).
    Chapter Quiz
    Q. What was [the photographer's] name?
    A. Gilbert Moss
    Q. Where was the door with the crest?
    A. Clock tower
    Memory Quiz
    Q. Where was Ashley's mother when Ashley had a flashback after looking at 
       the picture in Gilbert Moss' cottage?
    A. Mermaid statue
    Q. Who did Ashley remember standing at the mermaid statue?
    A. Guy in cap
    Chapter 4: Secret of the Lake                                          [CHT4]
    Richard's Cottage - Bedroom
    Open the right drawer for a small box, a pH tester. Head to the mermaid 
    Path to the Mermaid Statue
    Look at the security camera, it's like a white lamp post. Look on Connect for
    Matt, then check Connect for Ashley and then check for Matt again. Go to the 
    mermaid statue.
    Mermaid Statue
    Use the pH test on the water. Add the chemical by tipping the wiimote slowly 
    left, stopping when you get to the red line. Hold the wiimote vertically and 
    gently shake to mix the liquids.
    Now you have to do another water test and you have a choice of three places 
    to do so: the stream before the shack, the boathouse pier and the puddle 
    before Gilbert Moss' cottage. The puddle is the closet choice.
    After doing the second test you get another message from Richard so head back
    to his cottage.
    Richard's Cottage
    Click on the door to let Dan in. If you told him earlier that you lost a big 
    bag then he'll give back Ashley's bag. If you said you lost a small bag then
    Dan will bring a small bag, the wrong bag. You can choose to keep the small 
    bag but Dan will bring the right bag back to Ashley shortly afterwards.
    Inspect everything in the bag and talk to Dan. Click on the bathroom door to 
    get Matt. Head to the half built cottage, it's north east of Richard's 
    In front of the Half Built Place
    After overhearing Mr Smith on the phone Matt will run after him. Follow them 
    north and you'll meet Charlotte. Drop off Matt at Richard's cottage and then 
    back to the half built place to retrieve the guitar pick.
    Inspect the area in front of the cottage and look at the drain, specifically 
    the small pink thing at the bottom. Look to the left of the cottage and pick 
    up the hose. Use the hose with the tap. Attach the hose and twist the 
    wiimote anticlockwise to open the tap. The hose will leak so head back to 
    Richard's cottage to look for something to repair it with.
    Richard's Cottage - Bedroom
    Open the left drawer of the table with the laptop on. Pick up the roll of 
    tape. Head back to the half built place.
    In front of the Half Built Place
    Combine the tape and hose. Use the taped hose on the tap, turn the tap on and
    pick up the guitar pick case. Head to Bob's Diner, which is east of Richard's
    cottage and loud music can be heard outside.
    Look at the photos on the wall, the first one right of the menu will trigger 
    a flashback. Just outside to the left of the diner there will now be a can 
    in front of Bob's car. Pick it up and crush it, making sure you use the 
    recycler in front of the diner. You will get a special souvenir token. Go to 
    Richard's bedroom.
    Richard's Cottage - Bedroom
    Give Matt the burger. You can give him other foods before the burger but it 
    doesn't do anything special. Check the pink and green magazine on the floor 
    and flick through the pages. Answer the door when the bell rings and then 
    talk to Matt. Head to Ryan's cottage, the light green one.
    Ryan's Cottage
    Click on the intercom and click on the door. When Ryan is done talking follow
    him to the study.
    Ryan's Cottage - Study
    Pick up the kaleidoscope on the shelf unit next to Ryan. Hold up the wiimote
    and rotate to see the image, as if you're looking through a real 
    Head back to Richard's cottage and on the way Ashley will run into Elizabeth 
    and Janet.
    Richard's Cottage
    Pick up the phone.
    Chapter Quiz
    Q. What was missing from [Ashley's] bag?
    A. Pick case
    Q. What did [Ryan] show me?
    A. Kaleidoscope
    Q. Who was the other person [Ashley ran into after visiting Ryan]?
    A. Janet
    Memory Quiz
    Q. What was Ashley's mother holding?
    A. Kaleidoscope
    Chapter 5: Silent Clock Tower                                          [CHT5]
    Richard's Cottage
    Head to Elizabeth's home, which is just next door.
    Alfred Residence
    Follow Janet upstairs to Elizabeth's room.
    Alfred Residence - Elizabeth's Room
    Check the music box on the dresser next to Janet. Click and hold A on the 
    key and twist the wiimote to wind it up. Open the lid. Ashley will then drop 
    the box. Turn the piece that fell out over, peel off the note and slide the 
    piece back into the lid. Go down to the dining room.
    Alfred Residence - Dining Room
    Talk to Janet. Go to Rex's room which is opposite the dining room.
    Alfred Residence - Rex's Room
    Talk to Elizabeth. Inspect the fallen drawer and look at the fishing photo, 
    the picture of a young Elizabeth and the letters. Head back to the dining 
    Alfred Residence - Dining Room
    Talk to Janet. Go back to Richard's bedroom.
    Richard's Cottage - Bedroom
    Check the bedside table for a note from Matt. Exit the cottage.
    Path with Roundabout
    Talk to the dog. Click on the dog again and give it Matt's note. Head for the
    clock tower.
    Path to the Clock Tower
    Click on the dog to say thanks and then talk to Matt. Head back to Richard's 
    cottage, and on the way Matt will get sick.
    Richard's Cottage
    Look in the drawers by the bed and the drawers in the bathroom for medicine. 
    Look in the freezer's ice tray. Head to Bob's Diner.
    Talk to Bob. He'll tell you to ask Mrs Graham, so head up north.
    Path to Charlotte's House
    Try to enter the greenhouse. Mrs Graham will give Ashley a medicine recipe 
    and a pestle and mortar. Go inside the greenhouse.
    The red herbs are on a table to the left. Pick some up. Go back to Richard's 
    Richard's Cottage
    Pick up the plastic kettle on the kitchen top. Now to get the pure water. 
    Head to the stream by the shack.
    Path to the Shack
    There is a little stream just before the shack. Fill your jug with the water 
    here. Go back to Richard's cottage.
    Richard's Cottage
    Combine the mortar and pestle with the herbs. Hold the wiimote vertically and
    pound the herbs into a powder. Put the powder and water into the pot on the 
    stove. Give the mixture to Matt.
    Richard's Cottage - Bedroom
    Click on Matt and give him the medicine when prompted to. Show him the recipe
    from Mrs Graham. Head to Mrs Graham's house.
    Path to Charlotte's House
    On the way you're forced to talk to Lucy, Mrs Graham's niece. After talking 
    to her knock on the door of the house and enter.
    Charlotte's House - Living Room
    Talk to Charlotte. Go to the shed that's to the left of her house.
    Use the key on the door and enter. Look at the table in front. Look at the 
    object under the cloth - it's a scale with two keys attached to it. On the 
    left of the scale there is a plate to place the weights. If you can't see 
    the plate press the gold middle button and the plate will move. 
    To the right of the table there is a cupboard, look at the small box to pick 
    up some weights. Use the weights with the scale and exit the screen. 
    Use either the J and L badge (red gumball prize) or the souvenir token (from 
    the recycler outside the diner) on the scale with two big weights. Free the 
    keys from the top and go back to Charlotte's house.
    Charlotte's House - Living Room
    Talk to Charlotte. Go through the door behind Charlotte and in front of 
    Charlotte's House - Back Room
    Check the right of the room for a cabinet. Look at the book on the bottom 
    and flip through the pages. Go back to Charlotte to give her the envelope.
    Chapter Quiz
    Q. What was it [that Ashley touched making Elizabeth angry]?
    A. Music box
    Q. What else was there [in the dropped drawer]? 
    A. Fishing photo
    Q. Where did I find Olivia's flower key?
    A. In Gilbert Moss' photo album
    Memory Quiz
    Q. Who was the man Ashley remembered wearing the bracelet?
    A. Rex, guy with the facial hair.
    Chapter 6: Uncovering the Truth                                        [CHT6]
    Go pick up Matt at Richard's Cottage and then head to the clock tower. Use 
    the keys on the clock tower door and enter.
    Clock Tower - Base
    Inspect the stairs on the left. On the table, third drawer down pick up the 
    box of nails. Look at the cupboard in the corner, on the second self down 
    look in the box and pick up the hammer. Use the hammer/nails on the stairs. 
    Bang the nails in gently.
    Before we go up there are clues here to solve a puzzle. Take a photo of the 
    mostly blue picture by the stairs and a photo of the clock above the table. 
    Read the book in the cupboard, and note the last diagram has a picture of a 
    clock with the hand at five. Now go upstairs.
    Clock Tower - Clock Room
    In the middle of the room is the clock mechanism. Check the panel on it and 
    you'll see three keyholes for your three keys. The solution to this puzzle 
    lies in the photos we just took. Open the DAS and superimpose the empty 
    clock picture with the blue one. Three numbers will be highlighted, but 
    that's not the solution as the diary said the hand must be at 5. So rotate 
    the picture (using +/-) until the clock hand is at 5. You'll get Moon 1, 
    Sword 4 and Flower 6.
    Use the keys with the keyholes. Insert the Moon, Sword and Flower keys in 
    that order. Turn the Moon key once, then the Sword key four times and 
    finally, turn the flower key six times. The clock will now be turned on.
    Ashley will try to get the puzzle box out from the moving gears. Exit the 
    screen as you can't at the moment. In a corner there is a small wooden table,
    pick up the wiper and a small pin badge nearby on the floor. Use the wiper 
    to get the puzzle box out. Poke the box to move it off the gear.
    You can go up the ladder to the bell, but there's only a crack on the column 
    wall to look at.
    Head for Charlotte's house to give her back the keys. On the way you'll meet 
    Elizabeth and then Tommy.
    Charlotte's House - Living Room
    Talk to Charlotte, and after a long chat follow her to her bedroom.
    Charlotte's House - Bedroom
    Look in the third drawer on the right side of the dressing table. Pick up 
    the chamber and combine it with the kaleidoscope. Rotate the wiimote to see 
    the pretty butterflies. Talk to Charlotte again and then go back to her 
    living room.
    Charlotte's House - Living Room
    Charlotte will go and open the back door. Follow her and exit the house.
    Back Lane to Charlotte's House
    Follow the path to go to the area above the cottages. Head north to the 
    former Crusoe Resort Offices.
    Path to the Abandoned Building
    Matt will mention the security camera inside the fence perimeter. Check 
    Connect on the DAS, then check the fence door and rope. Walk right and check
    the two tunnel entrances. Check Connect again. Look at the tunnel entrances 
    again and Matt offers to go through them. Choose the right option, the tunnel
    closest to them. Walk left and Matt will come up on the other side of the 
    fence. Examine the rope. Check Connect for a picture of the building. Check 
    Connect again for a picture with a saw in view. Check the rope again and 
    show Matt the DAS. Matt will go get the saw. Use the saw on the rope. Keep 
    wiimote horizontal and push and pull the saw to cut the rope.
    TAS the lock on the right. The combination will change after a few seconds, 
    so be quick. Enter the building.
    Abandoned Building - Hall
    There are only two rooms you can go in. Go to the room closest to the exit 
    and next to Matt.
    Abandoned Building - Office
    Check the cardboard box on the table directly in front of Ashley and pick up 
    the key. Check the big poster on the wall. Go to the other room.
    Abandoned Building - Reference Room
    Check the set of lockers nearest to the door, and then the second locker on 
    the left with a single large red bear sticker on it. Check the shelf. Kelly's
    doll is on the other side of the shelf. You have to flip the shelf slowly 
    and carefully to get it. Talk to Matt and show him the doll. Move Ashley 
    around until you see the ghost.
    Abandoned Building - Hall
    Show Davis the puzzle box and he'll give you the key to open the box. Talk to
    Matt and he'll run off. Matt went south to Capulet Point, past the JC Valley 
    Path to Capulet Point
    Talk to Matt and he'll ask Ashley to open the puzzle box. The note you want
    must be on top, so for a red note to register the red face will be top. Tilt 
    the wiimote as if it was the box.
    Once it's open give the report to Davis and show him the pin found in the 
    clock tower. Head to JC Valley.
    Path to JC Valley Entrance
    Look at the intercom and then the door. Walk away and a woman will come.
    Chapter Quiz
    Q. Matt found something in the clockwork. What was it?
    A. Puzzle box
    Q. What did she give me [after returning the keys]?
    A. Butterfly chamber
    Q. What did I find in the locker in there?
    A. Kelly's doll
    Memory Quiz
    Q. Where was Ashley's mother when Ashley had a flashback after hearing the 
       clock tower bell?
    A. Clock tower
    Q. What did Elizabeth's dad give Ashley's mother?
    A. Pendant
    Chapter 7: Heartless Deception                                         [CHT7]
    Follow the woman and enter the elevator.
    JC Valley B1F
    Just past the entrance you'll see an information board. Inspect it to get a 
    map. Enter the meeting room.
    101: Meeting Room
    TAS the lock and you'll get a surprise. Inspect the TAS and turn it over. On 
    the desk at the back of the room pick up the cordless phone. The battery in 
    the phone is dead, so put it in the charger on the desk. Ashley will 
    automatically remove the now charged battery so combine it with the TAS.
    Now TAS the lock. The code is the room number: 101. Get the 0 by using 1 - 1.
    JC Valley B1F
    The shutter is closed so the only place to visit is the reception, the first 
    room you passed.
    Check the big JC Valley logo behind the desk. Ashley will see another room 
    behind the glass. Check the door to the right, and look at the panel covered 
    in lipstick. Head back to the meeting room and Ashley will automatically look
    at Judd's profile and have another flashback.
    101: Meeting Room
    Near the door there's a small cupboard in a corner. Check the bottom cupboard
    and take the can on the right that has a green label that says cleaner. Back 
    to the reception.
    Use the cleaner on the panel. Shake the can and then press A to spray. The 
    code is eight digits long, a date. The two profiles on the wall have dates 
    but are red herrings. Check the reception desk for a small plaque with the 
    date Aug 25 2007. Enter the date on the panel, remembering that Americans 
    like putting the month first, so the code is 08252007. Press enter and the 
    door will open. Follow the path to the next room.
    Security Room
    Check the panel on the wall in front of Ashley, it's a video communications 
    device. Press "202: R Robins" to call Richard. The Connect feed will now 
    change to show pictures from the cameras inside JC Valley. Look at the 
    pictures on Connect and exit. After more talking check Connect for the 
    picture from Richard's room. Call "103: M Tyler/G Barnes". Press 103 when 
    Mike calls back.
    Show Mike Connect when he turns up. Check Connect for the picture from 
    Richard's room. Head to Mike's room, 103.
    103: Mike/Gina
    Look at the desk on your right, the one closet to the door. On the left side 
    of the desk look at the photo frame and Mike will enter the room. Check the 
    desk on the back and look at the name tag on the left of the desk. Talk to 
    Mike. When Mike leaves, try to leave the room too. The comms will ring, so 
    press 203 on the comms panel. After that exit.
    JC Valley B1F
    There are two more rooms on this floor, the Seminar Room and Lounge. The 
    Lounge has a recycler and gumball machine, but you don't need it any more. 
    Both rooms have nothing important in them, so take the elevator down.
    JC Valley B2F
    Walk along the hall and Sofia will run off, closing the shutter behind her. 
    Go to 202, Richard's room. TAS the lock. One of the characters in the code 
    will be hidden. Just point the wiimote away and the missing code will be 
    revealed. Enter Room 202.
    202: R Robins
    Click on Mike, hold down A and waggle the wiimote to wake him up. Check the 
    computer monitor behind Mike. Check Connect for the room Gina went to. Exit 
    the room.
    JC Valley B2F
    Check the shutter Sofia locked - books have prevented it from completely 
    closing. Look at the gap under the shutter and check the name tag on the 
    floor. Ashley will mention that the card lock is on the other side.
    TAS the lock of room 201. The code will have N E S W which stand for north, 
    east, south, west. So for N just press up. Enter 201.
    201: Researchers
    On the desk to the right grab the mirror, which is right of the laptop and 
    small and pink. Go back to the shutter.
    JC Valley B2F
    Use the mirror on the shutter gap. Back to 201.
    201: Researchers
    On the desk on the left grab the fishing pole. Go back to the shutter.
    JC Valley B2F
    Use the fishing pole to poke the mirror until you can see the lock in the 
    mirror's reflection. TAS the mirror. 
    TAS door 203. The circle in the code means you have to rotate the wiimote 360
    degrees before pressing the button. The icon will turn orange and make a 
    sound when you've got it right. Enter 203.
    203: S Callaghan
    Check Gina, shake her until she wakes up and then talk to her. Call Room 202.
    Check the small panel on the bottom right side of the door, and open it with 
    the guitar pick. Note the colour of the flashing light. Talk to Mike on the 
    video comms again and if the light was blue, have Ashley point to her 
    trousers. If it was red have Ashley point to her top instead. Press the 
    button Mike tells you to. If the light was red, press the button under the 
    blue light and vice versa.
    Exit and head to room 103 with Gina.
    103: Mike/Gina
    Decode the mail by scanning the blocks in one swoop. Start with the block the
    arrow points to. Every block has a white space that shows the direction the 
    next block you should scan. So if there's a block that looks like a C, then 
    the next block to scan is the block to the right.
    Like this: http://oi25.tinypic.com/wjvsrr.jpg
    Once you've swiped all the blocks press the conversion button.
    Chapter Quiz
    Q. Who was it [who locked Ashley in a room]?
    A. Sophia
    Q. What did I use to contact [Richard]?
    A. Video conference
    Q. What did we use to crack the code?
    A. Scanner pen
    Memory Quiz
    Q. Who opened the door and let Ashley's mother in?
    A. Judd, the older guy
    Chapter 8: To My Sweet Daughter                                        [CHT8]
    JC Valley B1F
    Head to Ryan's room on the floor below.
    JC Valley B2F
    Follow Ryan to his office.
    205: Ryan Grey
    After Ryan stops talking and leaves, you get an incoming call on the video 
    conference panel. Press the glowing icon to answer. Check Ryan's desk for 
    two interesting things: a familiar pin on a pile of books and check the 
    TAS the lock. The code will look quite different to the other codes, with 
    characters you can't actually enter like T. The first part of the code is 
    the main clue: it's the Home icon. Press Home on the wiimote and the true 
    code will be revealed. Note it down, press Home again to exit the screen and 
    enter the code. (If you are having trouble figuring this out then I have put
    the code at the very bottom of the page.)
    Head to 204, Rex's room, on the left.
    JC Valley B2F
    TAS Rex's door. The code to enter is really long! Enter the room.
    204: Rex Alfred
    Check the book on the desk, photographing the last two pages with the black 
    lines. Check the celestial globe on shelf behind the desk, to the right. The 
    globe has two movable lions and a rotating dial with the alphabet. 
    Superimpose the photo with the three black blocks onto the other photo from 
    the book. Click the right button to shift the photo to the right slightly, 
    keep clicking right and note down the combinations. This tell you which way 
    to turn the statues and what letter to use.
    Look at the secret compartment and the small case inside. After Rex arrives 
    head to the elevator down.
    JC Valley B3F
    There is only one place to go: the Another lab. Check the door and then check
    the sensor on the right. Keep the hand over the sensor to open the door.
    "Another" Lab
    Head to Richard's room.
    202: R Robins
    Check the bottom right desk drawer. Check the chocolate. Check the chocolate 
    again. And again. 
    Pick up the chamber and combine it with the kaleidoscope. Look through the 
    kaleidoscope, noting down the shapes you see. Stop when the shapes repeat. 
    Click the mysterious box. The shapes seen through the kaleidoscope correspond
    to the shapes on the box, and the box represents your wiimote. To open the 
    box press the buttons at the same time. It must be done at the same time or 
    it won't open.
    Combine the item from the box with the TAS and then head back to the Another 
    Chapter Quiz
    Q. What did Ryan show me?
    A. Twin Lions clock.
    Q. What memory data was stored in the fluid?
    A. Memories of the day I was born.
    Q. What was in the box?
    A. TAS upgrade module.
    Final Chapter: Doorway to Memories                                     [CHT9]
    "Another" Lab
    Choose Ashley's memories. The game will not let you choose the memories from 
    Ashley's mother.
    Go to the control room.
    "Another" Control Room
    Look at the control panel. Use the TAS on the middle circular section. Insert
    the TAS by hold your wiimote vertically, button facing you and very still. 
    Hold for a few seconds and it'll go in. (If you are having problems try 
    placing your Wiimote on a table.)
    Go back to the lab.
    "Another" Lab
    Write a J on the laptop, just as Ashley saw in the flashback. Back to the 
    control room.
    "Another" Control Room
    Call Gina. Take the elevator down to go after Ryan.
    JC Valley - Tunnel
    Keep going left.
    Path into the Cave
    At the end of the path examine the door. Take the other path.
    Cave - Opening
    Examine the rocks and Richard will move them. Exit the cave.
    Path out of the Cave
    Head for the spring as Richard forces you to.
    Secret Spring
    No you can't test the water here! Exit and follow the path left to the wharf.
    Click on the boat.
    Keep following the path and watch the scenes.
    Congratulations! You've beaten the game. After the credits save your game so 
    you can play again with minor changes. Your saved game will now have a star 
    by it.
    New Game Plus                                                          [NGPL]
    Here's what changes on the second playthrough:
    - Press and hold A and B to zoom through the text.
    - Richard will send Ashley messages about Lake Juliet.
    - Some puzzles will have different solutions.
    - Kelly's doll is now a ninja.
    - You can see a dragon at the top of the clock tower.
    Website Puzzle                                                         [WEB0]
    Go to the NoE Another Code: R website (http://www.nintendo.co.uk/NOE/
    using your Wii's internet channel and click on the link to the special 
    It's that box again! Use the Wiimote to solve it and you will be rewarded 
    with art from the game.
    F.A.Q                                                                  [FAQ9]
    Q. Where are the cans located?
    A. From the shop x2, camping x2, boathouse desk, Richard's desk, in the water 
       by the mermaid statue, outside the diner after meeting Bob, Mike's desk x3  
       and Richard's lab desk.
    Q. Does answering questions change anything?
    A. Nothing major. It all leads to the same path.
    Q. Do I need the red gumball prize?
    A. No, as you can use the souvenir token instead.
    Q. When is Another Code: R coming out in America?
    A. Probably never.
    Q. What happened to Cing?
    A. They are gone :(. Rika Suzuki and some of the other ex-Cing people now
       make digital online novels for Bellwood inc.
    Q. What was up with Matt in the ending?
    A. Well, Cing had plans for Matt so it was left open.
    This walkthrough may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission.

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