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    FAQ/Walkthrough by dontyoulookatme

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    Nintendo Wii FAQ/Walkthrough
    -Intro and tips
    STAGE [0]
    STAGE [1]
    STAGE [2]
    STAGE [3]
    STAGE [4]
    STAGE [5]
    STAGE [6]
    STAGE [7]
    Hello, welcome to the guide. Right off the bat, let me explain something about
    the Sin and Punishment series: they are challenging. Most of the time to
    succeed you have to have fast reflexes, and it takes a lot of trial and error.
    Some things to take note of when playing the game are some simple tips that
    will get you far.
    In most cases, dodging and evading takes priority over attacking. Unless you're
    attacking a boss and see his health really low, or unless you know what's next,
    it's best to preserve as much health as you can, that way even if you do make a
    mistake, you'll have enough strength left to learn from it and correct it
    without starting again. Also the darting evasive maneuver is best for avoiding
    projectiles that come too close to you, and that seem like you won't have
    enough space to dodge from. Charged shots are very helpful in this game. The
    charged blast can send back bosses, deal good damage to a boss' weakspot before
    they hide or become harder to hit, and it's a great obstruction clearing
    device. The first stage, Stage 0, is actually a tutorial. It's highly
    recommended to pay attention to the information given outside of movement.
    STAGE 0 [0]
    You'll be shown the basics as you assume the role of your character. Use the
    nunchuck analog stick to move around, and press the B button to (held) to
    shoot. Shoot through the breakable objects that impede your path, and head
    straight through the door, paying attention to the on screen tutorials. Head
    through and to the right corner.
    You'll be taught how to perform melee attacks. Take out the little baddies
    through shooting or melee. Head through the next room, and shoot through the
    enemies. Be sure to strafe up and down, and round through the level, to avoid
    taking damage. Also, shoot through the item cases. Move through the area, and
    dodge through the blue lasers. Head through, and there will be more on screen
    prompts. Keep it moving, and shoot the enemies.
    Moving along, you'll be in a room with heat syncs moving through. Dodge them
    and attack, the enemies along with the red dot in the middle. Breaking it will
    allow you access through the door. Do the same thing in the next room, while
    using your evasive maneuvers to get away from the heat.
    Avoid the barrels that will occasionally come through the bottom, and make use
    of charged shots. Keep moving through to the wide open area, taking advantage
    of the useful information that the game is providing you with. After the short
    cut scene, you'll square off with a mech enemy. Strafe round the long legs, and
    shoot the middle part of the enemy.
    Use charged shots as well as your normal attacks, and be sure to avoid the
    heat, and deflect the projectiles that may come your way. When the baddy
    collapses head in and unleash as much hits as you can with the opportunity.
    There will be a sporadic arrangement of shots that will be fired at you. Make
    it your priority to dodge and fire back. Keep on the offensive and you'll be
    done with that boss, thus ending the preliminary stage.
    STAGE 1 [1]
    You'll start the level off running. Aim for the flying by bots and fire at
    them. Be sure to take out the far away turrets and cannons. Fire the missiles
    that slowly float by quickly before they have the opportunity to do any form of
    damage. You'll eventually be airborne again.
    Fire down at the enemies, and now you'll be in a better position to move around
    the screen freely, thus increasing your dodging capabilities. Avoid the
    projectile fire. If you keep moving around, however not frantically, you should
    be able to avoid most of the fire. Concentrate your shots on single enemies,
    but when there are clusters of enemies, you can fire at will.
    You'll face off against the large helicopter. It should be fairly simple to
    avoid its attacks. Aim for the cockpit, and fire away. When you're done, you'll
    move further down the city scape. Shoot the enemies on the building that are
    capable of shooting at you first, THEN take care of other annoyances. Move
    through hte area, and make use of your evasive maneuvers.
    Past the gigantic bird, you'll trigger a cut scene. Avoid the large barrage of
    bullets, and take your time aiming. When you move again, things will be upside
    down for a while. Don't worry about that, just worry about avoid the enemy
    rapid fire by strafing. Then take on the enemies. Shoot the white truck and
    keep an eye out for perched, distant enemies. You're aim will gradually get
    better as you play the game, however, you can't slouch even on the easier
    To succeed here, you'll have to prioritize dangerous enemies first before you
    take on the other enemies that won't really bother you in the mean time. When
    you close up and spiral the tall building, avoid the heat swipes, and take on
    the helicopter for a second time. You'll trigger a checkpoint when it goes
    down; fire the truck down as well as the walking enemies.
    You move easier with floating, but be sure to evade as well. Here's a spot
    where melee helps too. Alternate your shots with firing at the tanks and then
    the upcoming enemies. The order doesn't matter: what does it avoiding taking
    damage from the tank's shots. After you take it out, there'll be a brief cut
    scene. The enemy will initially be surrounded by a spherical orb, and your
    shots will bounce off him. Focus on avoiding his blue projectiles first.
    He also has an electric wave attack, but it's fairly simple to avoid. Watch
    when he swings his arm to know when he's going to try to use this attack. Now,
    keep firing at the boss, for his shield isn't always up. He teleports from time
    to time, and when he's not encased, you can charge shots and land them on his
    head. The balled projectiles he throws at you can be deflected back at him with
    melee attacks. Keep firing at enemy when he teleports, he is usually
    vulnerable, so this is your change to strike.
    Don't give the enemy a chance to attack you back. He has a wave attack that
    unleashes a stream of blue orbs that disperse and close in on you. Remember to
    deflect the red glowing orbs back at him. After you've got a good grasp on his
    attack patterns, all you'll have to do is keep at it, and he'll eventually go
    down. Spawning a cut scene. After the checkpoint, you'll be free falling down a
    large tunnel.
    You'll have to avoid taking fire from the falling giant. Sticking towards the
    middle is best for doing just that. When you finally have spacing you'll get a
    better view of the enemy. He'll throw out missiles from his back at you. They
    are large, so they should be fairly simple to avoid. Keep your shots aimed at
    the monster's head. The other attack you should watch out for is the one where
    numerous rocks pour down the screen.
    You can break them apart with your melee slashes. The boss also spits, and
    spews flames at you through his mouth and shoulder. The shoulder stream of fire
    is easier to avoid, but the one through the mouth may take some more dodging.
    To get a momentary rest, keep shooting at the enemy's head while evading to get
    it to recoil. Watch for the enemy's slash attack by paying attention to when he
    moves his limbs.
    Dash to the other side of the screen when this happens, and get ready to move
    again, as he usually slashes more than once. It's possible to deflect the
    slashes with good timing. After dealing enough damage, you'll fall through the
    large vacuum again and will have to watch for the enemy's fire. Move into the
    spacious, hole area the bullets provide, and shift slightly towards the
    direction the enemy goes. Staying in one place will yield you taking damage, so
    follow along to the safe spots. Don't relent when it comes to shooting the
    enemy's head.
    When he stops spinning and pulls his head out, be sure to get some charged
    shots in if possible. Deflect or avoid the next batch of missiles that the
    enemy will shot at you. Now that you know the enemy's movies it's only a matter
    of time before he kicks the bucket. You'll complete the stage.
    STAGE 2 [2]
    Now you'll continue your shenanigans under water. Fire at the small enemies in
    the distance as you move through the tunnel. Take out the rudimentary enemies
    before you are faced with subs. Dodge, deflect or shoot their missiles out of
    the way. Avoid the purplish orbs, but shoot pretty much everything else. Some
    surfing clowns will join the party.
    Shoot them, but evade their projectiles. Avoid the large leviathan that will
    show up near the checkpoint, after shooting through hordes of the surfers. The
    sea monster will pop its head out periodically through out the surf. You'll
    have to still fire at the surfers while doing this. Evade the monster while
    shooting into its mouth. When it's on the side of you, fire into it's eyes.
    Shoot the school of fish prior to the checkpoint before facing the amoeba foe.
    Shoot into the middle of it, and avoid its attacks. The large orb attacks are
    easier to dodge, but remember to keep firing. Eventually it'll shoot bullets at
    you. When you finally take the foe down, grab the goodies, and proceed. Aim
    down and fire into the source of the bullets when you're heading downwards.
    Take out the lantern fish and fire at the leviathan again. Shoot the innocent
    looking bubbles, and keep firing at the enemies.
    They'll bunch around you and do some damage if you don't shoot them from a
    distance first. Now you'll have more than one of the sea monster to take on.
    When you finally fire them more than they can handle, grab the goodies and move
    on. Melee the bubbles, and avoid the obstacles and lasers as you continue your
    way through the tunnel. Fire at the monsters again (yes, there's more of them)
    and keep moving and shooting. Now you'll face off against a machine. Avoid the
    electric waves, and aim your shots into the middle of it.
    When it forms together and shoots at you through its turrets, fire at them
    immediately while fast dodging from the bullets. When it moves to a different
    position it will fire lasers and waves at you. Keep on the offensive, and
    you'll be done with the machine in no time. Grab the goodies when it blows up,
    and you'll move into another area.
    It's quite different than what you'd expect, considering you're under water,
    but none the less, fire at the turrets on the spiraling mechanical column.
    Swipe the yellowish orbs back at the column, and fire while avoiding its shots.
    Eventually it will spew a large flamethrower shower at you. Keep firing while
    avoiding the heavy flames. When all the turrets are gone, you'll trigger a cut
    scene. Next you'll have another batch of turrets to take out.
    Avoid their electric waves and shoot at the cannons. When you deal enough
    damage, it will change the shape of the wave attacks. Take your time dodging,
    and you should get hit much, if ever. Don't miss the opportunity to fire at the
    teal orb on the mechanism. Don't let your finger off the trigger at all,
    actually, as after a short while, it will be able to take no more.
    After the checkpoint, you'll be on the surface again, but still near water.
    You'll have to fight a man in a cloak. Doesn't sound to threatening, albeit
    mysterious, however he does have some tricks up his sleeves. Break apart the
    buoys for goodies, and avoid his shadow attacks. Eventually, believe it or not,
    he'll turn into a giant man ray. Aim for his eye while dodging or deflecting
    the numerous floating particles in the area. Deflect the missiles, though, as
    they do decent damage. Hang in one spot when the electric columns start to
    fall, and prioritize not getting hit before actually doing damage.
    He'll shoot a beam from his eyes, but it's easily avoided. After dealing enough
    damage, he'll turn into a weird creature. Aim for the chest and fire, while
    keeping an eye out for the lasers and also focus on taking out the individual
    little blue orbs that are connected to the creature. Alternate between taking
    on the orbs, and landing charged shots at his chest.
    It's very easy to take a little too much damage here, so don't get greedy with
    the attacking; take your time and attack only when there's an opening. Avoiding
    taking damage should be what's on your mind first, then pepper in some shots
    here and there. Be very weary of the water walls he puts up. Move along the
    opened path, and avoid the purple projectiles. Keep on the offensive all the
    way to when he turns into a bunch of balls again.
    Shoot them off to reveal the boss' human form.
    He'll flee, and then you'll be tasked with firing at the floating black
    dolphins. Head in through, or avoid the hoop obstacles, and fire at the main
    porpoise that's doing most of the swimming. Eventually a bunch of them will
    shoot up from under water, and will start performing lethal tricks with balls.
    Watch the timing of the balls coming at you, and then deflect them back by
    using melee attacks. When they disappear, immediately charge up a shot.
    The group with come at you, so release the charged shot to take them all down a
    notch at the same time. Keep focusing your aim on the animals and you'll
    whittle down their collective health down enough to trigger the main dolphin.
    He's the one that's swimming away. Keep firing before he gets away and you'll
    have to face his friends again. Shoot down the black sludge-looking balls
    before they get too close to you. You'll see a bunch of them grouped together.
    Take them out and you'll reveal the man in the beginning in his human form.
    This signifies his defeat, and the stage's completion.
    STAGE 3 [3]
    There will be mechs, and lots of floating debris for you to shoot. There should
    be no reason besides physical discomfort, for you to take your finger off the
    trigger. Though fairly easy to avoid, there will be some projectile fire to
    watch for. When the arena turns old school with the side scrolling view, I find
    the best strategy is to keep shooting, not really worrying too much about aim.
    Then focus on getting higher or lower to avoid the fire.
    You'll avoid the enemy fire, and shoot down enemies in the way in the process.
    Charged shots work well also. Don't be taken by surprise by the mechs on the
    ground. They appear lifeless, but they aren't. When there are a lot of them on
    screen, and things get hectic, use charged shots.
    The next batch of enemies you face as the screen slowly advances aren't much to
    be afraid of. However, know that one of the robotic enemies has a pretty long
    reach with his hand. Charged shots, people; charged shots. Watch for the mechs
    on stilts. They're easily taken out, but can get you in a bad position if you
    get too close to them. Throw back the large missile by melee, and keep
    advancing and unloading. The brunt of the action will start to be on the
    ceiling, and there will be far more bullets to watch out for.
    However it's very manageable if you prioritize evading. Things will start to
    get hectic. When the spinning wheel nears you ( the one that fires the long
    blue columns), shoot at the tips to prevent it from harming you. Then move on
    and do the same until you're out of harm's way. You'll soon come across two
    spinning wheels. It's a boss fight. Get a shot charged up, and fire it when the
    enemy rears its head. Keep your attacks centered and don't relent with the
    shooting. Pay attention to where you are in space, because there will be faint
    blue outline indicators to let you know where NOT to be.
    Enemies and objects will be thrown into the fray. This makes things
    significantly harder. The problem lies more with the projectiles rather than
    the foot soldier mechs. If you can avoid the bullets, while timing your space
    to coincide with the safe spots (then the blue beams are fired) you should be
    golden. When the boss is no more, keep moving and appease that itchy trigger
    Fire your way through the large moving cog panels and melee the mechs if they
    get too close. Keep it moving, and you'll unlock a checkpoint. Now you're going
    to be moving forward, and fast. Keep shooting the enemies while darting from
    side to side. Keep an eye out in front, because there are obstructing panels
    that you have to avoid. You'll move down to a different section in a bit. Swipe
    back the missiles when you can, but focus on shooting the projectiles.
    You'll move through another section, and some mechanical behemoth will start
    popping out from the sides. Shoot and whack him back whenever he pops his head
    out, and watch for the heat lasers. You'll move through another section and
    will keep moving fast. Take on the projectiles and then the view will change
    once more. Now you'll have panels to avoid again, but they'll come at break
    neck speeds. You'll want to really be observant here to succeed.
    After that, you'll have flame waves to avoid. It shouldn't be too hard, but
    just remember to keep shooting. Finally, you'll receive a well deserved
    checkpoint. This next section should be fairly easier, as you'll have a wide
    open space to move through, and the pace won't be too bad. There will be
    numerous enemy soldiers perched up on platforms shooting at you.
    You'll want to fire at them, but be sure to avoid their projectile fire. Fire
    down the columns, and watch for the yellow beams that will decimate your health
    if not avoided. You'll know the waves are coming when you've shot down the
    steel columns. Keep going and the view will change again. Unfortunately, so
    will the pace. There will be numerous missiles to avoid, but you're better off
    swiping them back. Slash up the moving machines that are firing at you, and if
    you can keep your cool, you'll have to avoid dropping projectiles, before you
    move into a more wide open space.
    Now in this wide open space, shoot up the columns that have take the liberty of
    shooting at you. This part can be difficult, so this is what you need to keep
    in mind; the enemy fire will come down in an angle at you. You can see it and
    avoid it. The panel usually right next to it will spew yellowish-red waves at
    you in different patterns.
    When it's on the screen (the panel), the other one tends to be off screen, so
    whatever the pattern, you should be able to focus your attention on where to go
    to avoid taking damage. Remember, fire on the open panels(they're usually
    behind one of the other panels). It can be a little hectic, but the strategy
    remains the same; it's manageable. Deal enough damage, and you'll be done with
    the mayhem. Now you'll have another person to fight with.
    Seems like you're not that good at making friend in an apocalyptic
    setting...anyway, wait for her to strike, and then melee to push her back. When
    she's stunned, approach her by firing, then seize the opportunity an slash at
    her before she recovers. The key here is timing, as she may strike quickly
    after you push her back. When you have spacing, shoot at her. Eventually she'll
    start shooting projectiles as well.
    Be sure to avoid them, and retaliate. Getting too close to her, she'll use a
    grapple attack on you, so be sure to keep moderate distance. Though she can get
    you by surprise, if you stick to the program, she should go down fairly
    quickly. There will be a cut scene, and you'll be face to face with a fairly
    disturbing creature. Fire at the missiles, or hit them back, and then you'll
    soar higher.
    Shoot through the brown breakable blocks, and maneuver your way through before
    it's too late. Take on the enemies that will impede your path, and move
    through. Fire on the enemy's chest to avoid taking missile fire. Eventually,
    he'll start swinging his arms and causing wanton destruction. Charged shots
    work well on bunched up blocks. Eventually you'll have to maneuver across
    flaming blocks. You'll have to be very careful, and take your time.
    The enemy will make another appearance once you've made it through. Keep
    shooting at the bugger, and avoiding the falling blocks. They can be broken.
    Fire away on his head, and get your charged shot up and ready for when he
    indicates that he's going to move his hands down. Then let loose, and keep
    There will be a lot of different attacks and swipes, and projectiles to watch
    for. However...I have faith in you.....I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!! Also, he isn't too
    hard once you've got the patterns down. And that's exactly what you should do
    if you find yourself getting hit too much. Keep an eye out for his over head
    swipe with his hand, then dodge. When he roars and moves his hands apart,
    blocks will fall. Also, he'll start to sketch out a path for the heat waves, so
    be careful.
    Shooting the pink dots on the blocks that contain them will cause an explosion.
    This can be used to your advantage when there are numerous blocks. As you watch
    his health dwindle, you'll see the fruits of your labor. The boss should go
    down if you keep your cool.
    STAGE 4 [4]
    In this next stage, you'll start off in a dark area. You can illuminate the
    path by aiming your weapon. Shoot the purple enemies that frolic to and fro and
    dodge the fast moving projectiles. You'll then move forward and take on the
    other enemies that move through. It's possible to shoot out and destroy the
    source o the flame throwing. Move on, and be sure to light up the path when you
    can't see what you're doing. You'll then run back while shooting back at the
    Slash the purple and red enemies when they get too close, but for the most
    part, you'll want to shoot down virtually everything in sight, including the
    houses. You'll soon face purple face enemies ,and other kinds of foes They're
    still easily taken out from a distance, but a fair share of dodging and evading
    is still necessary. If they get too close, send them packing with slashes.
    Shoot the disgusting membrane sacs at the top before they become a nuisance.
    You'll come across a large purple ball. Waste no time: shoot that son of a gun,
    and then take note of your surroundings. You'll have to do some dodging if you
    want to fell this boss. Keep aiming for that spot on the enemy, and get in some
    charged shots when you can. The enemy will go down soon.
    Move through and shoot through the numerous arms that sprout from the ground
    and other parts of the environ. You're going to move through a field filled
    withe enemies. Watch the blades that will be thrown at you. Dodge them, or hit
    them back. Two houses will come into view, and will open to launch enemies and
    projectiles at you. Take them on to show them who's house this is, and watch
    for the flame streaks that pop out from the ground.
    You'll soon face a frog like enemy. The main thing to watch for is its fire
    breath. Other than that, keep shooting the oversized tadpole, and keep aiming
    for that thing on the top of it. He'll be dead before you know it. Proceed
    along, and take on the new species of enemy. Get a charged shot ready for the
    large amount of frog enemies. There will also be flame spewers to watch for.
    There can be a lot of action on screen in this section, but it's short lived;
    you'll be running through the woods again in no time.
    Through the next few sections, there will be a lot of little enemies to shoot
    up. There will also be a lot of little debris and things to dodge. You'll be
    flying along side a large blue sea creature that's spewing all sorts of
    nastiness. Keep shooting, and you'll move over ground where there will be a lot
    of other sea enemies. Avoid the light orb enemies, and you'll get to a water
    fall soon. Now after a very short pause, a lot of stuff will get thrown at you.
    Fire one the multitude of enemies and assortments, and aim for the enemy's
    mouth when it starts to fire the purple beam at you.
    When it lands on the bridge, head over to it and slash away. After it roars and
    chucks the numerous little things at you, melee a couple of them back at him
    ,and charge shot his face when he gets his charge attack ready. Get good at
    avoiding the many things on screen, and you'll basically be accustomed to this
    boss' attack patterns. Keep on the offensive, and it will go down. You'll gain
    a check point, and will have to start running through the woods again.
    Get to firing right away. Keep moving onward, and you'll reach a cut scene
    point by some form of temple. Now you'll have to fight some sort of witch with
    a mask. As if you didn't have enough problems. Fire at her, and get out some
    charged shots. Her attacks consist of crows that come towards you, and roses
    the grow larger and come at you. For the former, quick shots are best.
    For the latter, charge your shots immediately when you see three flames
    standing out, then unleash when the roses are formed. Keep firing at her when
    you have the chance. When the birds get too close, the shift in dimension, and
    zoom across the screen. Again, charged shots take care of that problem. She'll
    also run super fast across the water, and come near you. When she does this,
    slash at her quickly, and when she stops, if she's still far away, use firing
    power to take her down. She is much easier than the previous enemies you've
    fought in succession. But.....but since when is life that easy? Yes, she's got
    another form. She'll grow hideous arm structures and will try and crush you
    with one attack. Dodging or charge shotting is good for that. Aim for her face.
    Most of her attacks comprise of her trying to clap, or crush you. There aren't
    much in the way of projectiles YET, so if you dodge well, you should be fine.
    When she does want to send projectiles at you, though, there will be rifts in
    the air, where missile shaped rocks come at you. Charge your shot, as they're
    going to fall down to where you're standing. Be sure not to let them pin you.
    Now there will also be the bird enemies to add to your headache.
    Charged shots are your friend in this segment, as they help for basically all
    of her attacks. She'll also start to hurl large rocks at you. They are easily
    avoided, and it's a great way to land easy shots on her. She isn't too
    difficult, so you should be done fairly soon.
    STAGE 5 [5]
    NOW you're riding in style! Start off by taking out the enemies over head, and
    the other riders that come up from behind you. Shift lanes from right to left,
    and let to right, as you shoot the enemies. Keep moving and there will be a
    brief scene. Now you're going to be chased. Dodge from side to side when the
    large cat tries to slash you. Fire back at him when you've got a few ways
    That's not to say that there won't be things to avoid other than the
    cat...cause there will be. The cat's got a mean fire breath, so you'll need to
    avoid that. It'll move to the side eventually, and use its tail to hurl sand at
    you. Shouldn't be much of a problem, and the cat should go down soon. You'll be
    back to dodging other rides and little mechs. As you're moving on a
    predetermined plane, it's best to prioritize dodging. You won't have to kill
    every enemy, but you will take a lot of damage if you're not careful.
    There will be air riders with missiles to take note of as well. Jump over the
    red circles on the road, and avoid the fire from the riders. You'll shift to
    the sands soon before heading back on land. I'm sure you've noticed that
    lengthy creature. Wanna guess whether or not you're going to fight it as a
    boss? After the little cut scene, you'll be faced with a soaring bird like
    boss. It will give chase, but it's a fairly large target, so landing shots
    shouldn't be too hard. Watch for the gunk it spews, and drop charged shots at
    It also launches flame streams at you, but for the most part its fairly simple
    to avoid taking any damage with this boss. You can slash the blue orbs it sends
    at you when it's in front of your vehicle. The bird brain will be out for the
    count soon. Back on the road, the place isn't any safer. There's still a lot of
    stuff to watch for. As you continue through, you'll have to have adequate
    reflexes and hand eye coordination, for there are numerous things in your way.
    Though they're not too hard to avoid individually, when they're all thrown at
    you together like that, you may have a hard time making it through without
    taking a good chunk of damage. On the sand, watch for the tornadoes, and jump
    over the little obstructions. Though it may seem like forever, there will be a
    cut scene soon....and it's not one that will make you happy. Now a hybrid of
    the two bosses you've already fought, this boss packs a whallop.
    Dodge its preliminary flame thrower attack when it moves back into the
    distance. Tornadoes and purple orbs will be thrown at you by this boss, but you
    should be able to avoid them easily. Hit the orbs back at the big dude. Slash
    the enemy's arms when it tries to slash you and avoid it's flames to keep in
    the game. Though he hits hard, he's quickly taken out.
    STAGE 6 [6]
    Head straight in the new setting, and take out the enemies overhead. Take out
    the enemies perched on the top of the building structures. When things slow
    down, take out the enemies waiting on the carrier of sorts. There will be
    bullets flying everywhere. It may be problematic to see some of them when they
    are on the same background as the lava. Dodge periodically and take out the
    enemies. Though there's still a lot on screen, it's not as hectic as some of
    the battles you've had before. In the still space, take your time with the
    As you aren't moving, forward, dodging should be slightly easier. You'll start
    moving again after a while. Numerous boulders will start dropping down from
    above. You can repel the flying enemies with enough shots combined with charged
    shots, or with slashes. A tanker will emerge from the lava. Fire on the turret
    canons. As you move on from the side of the tanker, aim your shots and avoid
    enemy fire. You can't melee back bullets, as I'm sure you've noticed.
    When you make your way towards the back, watch for the blue beams as well as
    the other bullets. You'll have your hands full here, but you can lessen the
    amount being shot at you by shooting at the source of the bullets. Keep taking
    out the canons on deck, and right before the checkpoint, you'll see that the
    tanker has a more powerful trick up its sleeve.
    A huge wave is going to take up the majority of the screen. You'll have to
    carefully follow through if you want to make it out without taking damage.
    While doing so, slash back the blue orbs, but be sure not to get hit by the
    huge wave blast. Keep doing so, and be patient, and the boss will eventually go
    down. Head on through after the checkpoint, and shoot the faces of the lava
    creatures if you don't like em. Move on, and there will be numerous tentacles
    that will try to whack you and spew fire.
    To the side, take on the enemies on the rail cart, as well as the other enemies
    in the area. Slash through the enemies as you're running through, and head
    through the drawbridge. There will be numerous aerial enemies, and pipes to
    dodge to and from. Take on the airborne mechs and dodge their purple wave orbs.
    There will be a cut scene. You're going to be chased by a large enemy, but it
    won't be your primary concern. Take on the enemies in front of you, including
    the persons manning the turret. You'll eventually come across the large enemy.
    He'll spew flame balls at you. Dodge them and he'll leave shortly. Now you'll
    be on the rail carts, and avoiding the enemy's fire. What you can do here is
    run through and slash at the levers to connect the path for you to walk on.
    You'll have to do this while avoiding taking flame damage. Take on the next
    batch of turrets. Dodge the enemy's second flame helping, and continue to
    connect the tracks. The enemy will go down after it crashes into enough of the
    carts. After the short scene and checkpoint, shoot the red little spinning
    mechanism to get the platform to move up. Then do so wit the right.
    Basically where the middle bar is pointing. You'll have to do this while
    avoiding a multitude of projectiles, though. When done, you'll have to face a
    boss in a side scrolling view. Unload shots and charged blasts at the enemy's
    face, and avoid it's flame attack variations. Also, it has a purple wave beam
    that takes up the majority of the left screen. It rolls periodically to where
    you are, but this can be avoided by taking flight. You'll also have to watch
    out for the flames and boulders that drop towards you.
    When it's dazed you can head towards it and melee for some quick damage. Do
    this only when you have no fear of retaliation. The boss also has a long jump
    rolling attack that may take a while to avoid before he gets back to normal.
    He'll go down soon. Head on after the checkpoint. Take on the enemies in the
    distance. Keep on and there'll be a scene. Head up and dodge the firing squad's
    fire, and slash back the missiles, and take on the boss.
    Don't get caught by the blue wave beams. Be sure not to miss any missiles, for
    they do a good amount of damage. Watch for the structure's red waves. Charged
    shots on the boss work wonders as well, but only if you have the spacing for
    it. When the next battle begins, target the boss and start firing away. Dodge
    the bullets that will come your way, and slash through the explosive blocks.
    That and charge shots will make short work of this battle.
    Head towards the enemy after the scene, and prepare for some fisticuffs. Strike
    the enemy, and head back when he appears to be ready to retaliate. Jump and
    attack him to catch him off guard, and just keep fighting him till he's done
    for. You'll be done in no time.
    STAGE 7 [7]
    Now you're in space. There will be numerous blue projectiles to dodge and hit
    back. When the column starts to spit out red lasers, you should shoot the
    little circles. Take out all the turrets that hide in the circles, and you'll
    gain a checkpoint. The next angle requires a similar strategy; shoot the
    circular openings. Move through the wave tunnel and be careful not to hit any
    of them. The path is not without obstructions, you should know.
    Keep on the path and avoid taking damage from the numerous blue streaks, and
    you should come across a space ship. Fire at the structures on the craft while
    avoiding its beams to do damage. Charge shot right into its face as well for
    some efficiency. You're going to have to fight past bosses now. First up,
    you're going to have a lot of projectiles to avoid.
    Aim right into the boss' noggin, and land a couple charged shots at 'em.
    Avoiding the numerous items on screen shouldn't be too hard, but the boss does
    have a lot of health. You'll want to charge and blast whenever you have the
    chance. Quick side dodges make dodging simpler. Be sure to avoid the boulders.
    Soon the baddy will go down. Next up on the list is dude-who-liked-to-turn-into-
    Start off by shooting directly into the enemy's mouth, and keep shooting there,
    knowing that it's the boss' weakspot. Avoid the structure columns that come at
    you from the sides rapidly. Keep firing at it, and when its health gets to a
    certain degree, it will flee, and you'll be tasked with taking out the moving
    arm like structures.
    Take them out individually, and do so with charged shots. When the boss shows
    his face again, a couple charged shots to his noggin will send him packing.
    Next up on the list, you should first avoid the fire of the two moving columns
    on the top and bottom. Then start firing on the head of the boss.
    There will be two moving columns with purple beams coming out from them. They
    can be shot through. When the numerous little explosive orbs come at you, slash
    them away, as there's virtually no place to hide from them. Avoid the purple
    swishing orbs on the under belly of the enemy. Break apart the back side of the
    space craft when the view shift to such. When you come back to the front of his
    face, fire away. If you can easily avoid taking damage, this fight isn't very
    difficult. Next up, you'll have TWO foes to take out.
    Charge up your shots, and move about to avoid their ring damage and other
    attacks. Fire away, it doesn't matter which of the two. The plane will shift,
    and the enemies will be a little more colorful in their attacks, but you should
    be able to take their health down fairly quick. After they go down, you've got
    something coming... This next enemy will start off with waves of electricity.
    To beat this boss, aim at him and fire while moving really quick away from the
    numerous colored orbs on the screen. He'll take a lot of hits to go down, but
    you won't even get a chance to take him down if you don't take care not to take
    too many hits. If you can place yourself between the pink columns, that's a
    great way to get in some quick hits. However, the enemy will start to use a
    large variety of attacks to take you out.
    Keep a quick eye out while you're still firing. You'll want to use charged
    shots from time to time. There will be AN INSANE amount of things to dodge,
    however, when you account the amount of things you've dodged already, it should
    still be fairly manageable. Keep firing and the enemy will relent.
    There will be a cut scene. After the checkpoint, remain on the offensive;
    you're almost done. What you'll have to do here is make sure to melee back all
    of the projectiles that the boss will shoot at you. Try not to let any get to
    the side, or Kachi will suffer. Keep at it until his health is done...and
    you'll have done it....congratulations, you've just beat the game!
    Thanks to gamefaqs.com, and my boy Clive T. Took a while to make this guide,
    and your strategy help really did wonders. I'd like to thank you guys for
    reading this guide, and for taking the time to read this part of it :)
    This guide is copyright (c)of 2010 Jim Jememies Dontyoulookatme
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     ######   ##  ## ## ##    ##     ## ## ## ## ##     ## 
          ##  ##  ##  ####    ######### ##  #### ##     ## 
    ##    ##  ##  ##   ###    ##     ## ##   ### ##     ## 
     ######  #### ##    ##    ##     ## ##    ## ########  
    ########  ##     ## ##    ## ####  ######  ##     ## ##     ## ######## 
    ##     ## ##     ## ###   ##  ##  ##    ## ##     ## ###   ### ##       
    ##     ## ##     ## ####  ##  ##  ##       ##     ## #### #### ##       
    ########  ##     ## ## ## ##  ##   ######  ######### ## ### ## ######   
    ##        ##     ## ##  ####  ##        ## ##     ## ##     ## ##       
    ##        ##     ## ##   ###  ##  ##    ## ##     ## ##     ## ##       
    ##         #######  ##    ## ####  ######  ##     ## ##     ## ######## 
    ##    ## ######## 
    ###   ##    ##    
    ####  ##    ##    
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