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    Walkthrough by pokemonfreak97

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/10/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Pikmin Walkthrough—Version 1.0
    Main Walkthrough
    Enemies ---NME---
    Bosses ---BLX---
    Challenge ---CHL---
    Main Walkthrough
    Day 1-The Impact Site
    •	Find Red Onion.
    •	Have Bud Pikmin (Optional—Flower Pikmin)
    •	Move Box obstacle.
    •	Break white gate.
    •	Bring back Main Engine.
    Goal 1: Find Red Onion
    Walk around the area. The Red Onion should be easy to find. Only pick Pikmin
    once they are buds. (If doing the Optional Goal, wait until they are Flower 
    Pikmin) Proceed to return pellets to Red Onion. Once all pellets are 
    collected, continue to next goal. 
    Goal 2: Move Box obstacle
    The Box obstacle requires 10 Pikmin to move. If you collected all those 
    pellets, you should have enough Pikmin already, but if you don’t, get all 
    the pellets. Move the box by putting Pikmin on it. Good job!
    Goal 3: Break white gate
    Near the Onion, you should see a ledge. Toss your Pikmin up onto the ledge.
    Go to the round area where you found the 5 pellet after you moved the box.
    Call your Pikmin, move them to in front of the white gate, and dismiss them. 
    When you are done, call your Pikmin back and continue to next goal.
    Goal 4: Bring back Main Engine
    The Main Engine is our first ship part! It needs 20 Pikmin. Put all 25 
    Pikmin on it, and carry it back to the ship.  We’re done for today.
    Day 2-The Forest of Hope
    •	Bring back Eternal Fuel Dynamo.
    •	Find Yellow Onion.
    •	Bring back Whimsical Radar.
    Goal 1: Bring back Eternal Fuel Dynamo
    Outside of the gate, you will find another part. It requires 40 Pikmin. Put 
    all you have on it. Once it’s back, proceed to battle the Spotty Bulborb 
    (Large). How to handle large Spotty Bulborbs is in the Strategies section of
    the walkthrough.
    Goal 2: Find Yellow Onion
    Past the Bulborb is another gate. Take this down for a mini Spotty Bulborb, 
    a large one, and the Yellow Onion! Cultivate Yellow Pikmin, who can use 
    bomb-rocks. Bomb both nearby walls.
    Goal 3: Bring back Whimsical Radar
    This is our second part today. It is behind one of the bomb-walls nearby. 
    Defeat the Mini Spotty Bulborbs, and carry back the Whimsical Radar. This 
    part weighs 20 Pikmin. Spend the rest of the day growing yellows. You’ll 
    need them. 
    Day 3-The Forest of Hope
    •	Bring back Extraordinary Bolt
    •	Bring back Nova Blaster
    •	Bring back Shock Absorber
    Goal 1: Bring back Extraordinary Bolt
    This part is behind a bomb-wall. The wall is by where the Whimsical Radar 
    was. Take nine bombs, and blow up the black wall. Use 30 or more Pikmin to 
    carry it back. Continue
    Goal 2: Bring back Nova Blaster
    This part is guarded by Bulborbs. Battle the large Bulborb guarding a wall. 
    Tear it down, and defeat a mini Bulborb, and another large one, for the Nova 
    Blaster. It will need 30 or more Pikmin. You should get a new area now. 
    Goal 3: Bring back Shock Absorber
    No swimming without lifeguards. And no swimming with them, either. Pikmin 
    can’t swim. Water will be a problem for many of your Pikmin throughout your 
    adventure. Toss up all the Pikmin you have left to the ledge above the Nova 
    Blaster. Move through the water (without Pikmin) to where the Pikmin are. 
    Battle the Bulborb, and return the Shock Absorber. Use the end of the day 
    to increase Pikmin numbers.
    Day 4-The Forest Navel
    •	Find the Blue Onion
    •	Get the #1 Ionium Jet
    •	Get the Automatic Gear
    •	Get the Gravity Jumper
    Goal 1: Find the Blue Onion
    Don’t worry, it is the last one. This one is in water, of all things. Guess 
    you’ve got to wait until tomorrow to handle Blue Pikmin. Nope. These are 
    waterproof Pikmin. Grow them, and watch out for the Breadbug. This guy will 
    drag back 1 pellets that have 1 Pikmin, but if you have 2 Pikmin, then you 
    will drag the Breadbug right back to the Onion. Defeat him for a later part,
    the Space Float.
    Goal 2: Get the #1 Ionium Jet
    Grow 15 blue Pikmin. They can find the #1 Ionium Jet. Take it back to the 
    ship. That was easy.
    Goal 3: Get the Automatic Gear
    What, are you tired yet? This part’s easy as pie. Near the Onion area, there
    is a stick. Build it, and send 15 Pikmin to get the Automatic Gear. 
    Goal 4: Get the Gravity Jumper
    Go into the cave portion of the Forest Navel. Build a bridge with your red 
    Pikmin near some water to reach the Gravity Jumper. Take it back with 25 
    Day 5-The Impact Site
    •	Get the Positron Generator
    •	Grow TONS of Pikmin
    Goal 1: Get the Positron Generator
    Remember Day 1? If you’ve been playing this without breaks, that was an hour 
    ago! The red Pikmin have had their glory here. Get your yellow Pikmin and 
    grab some bombs from that box. Blow the bomb-wall open. You will see three 
    clams, a red 20, a blue 20, and an open gate. Why is it open? You opened it 
    on Day 1! Bomb the clam on land, and carry the pearl back. Get your blues, 
    and attack the clam with something that isn’t a pearl. It’s the Positron 
    Generator! Pull it out. Return it to the ship with 20 Pikmin.
    Goal 2: Grow TONS of Pikmin
    Pikmin pellets, etc. are all over the Impact Site. Each of the two pearls is
    worth 50 Pikmin each! Carry everything back. End the day once you’ve carried 
    everything back. You don’t need to come back here-we’ve cleared an area.
    Day 6-The Forest of Hope
    (Day of the Blues)
    •	Get the Sagittarius
    •	Mini-Boss 1: Burrowing Snagret
    •	Get the Geiger Counter
    •	Preparations for Mini-Boss 2: Armored Cannon Beetle (FoH) (Radiation 
    •	Extra goal: Defeat Mini-Boss 2
    •	Super-Extra goal: Return the Radiation Canopy
    Goal 1: Get the Sagittarius¬
    Two bridges are near your starting point. Toss Pikmin onto the island that 
    contains the Sagittarius to build the second bridge. Carry it back with 20 
    Pikmin. You need blues due to water.
    Goal 2: Mini-Boss Battle 1 
    Battle the Burrowing Snagret. To reach it, toss Pikmin up from the location 
    of the Eternal Fuel Dynamo. For info, go to the Bosses section.
    Goal 3: Get the Geiger Counter
     Once done beating the Snagret, carry the Geiger Counter back with 20 blues 
    (through water). This should unlock a new area, but ignore it for now.
    Goal 4: Prepare for Mini-Boss 2
    Near where you found the Nova Blaster, there is a gate in water. Use your 
    blues to break it down, and the black gate blocking Mini-Boss 2. If you have 
    ¼ or more remaining of your day, battle the Armored Cannon Beetle (FoH). For 
    info, go to Bosses. Use the rest of the d¬¬ay to bring back the Radiation 
    Canopy if you beat the bug.
    Day 7-The Forest of Hope
    •	Mini-Boss Battle 2-Armored Cannon Beetle (FoH) (if already complete, 
    	proceed to Day 8 or go to Impact Site to grow Pikmin)
    •	Get the Radiation Canopy
    Goal 1: Mini-Boss Battle 2
    The walls you destroyed in yesterday’s last goal cleared the way to the 
    Armored Cannon Beetle.  How to beat him is in the Bosses section.
    Goal 2: Get the Radiation Canopy
    Near the Armored Cannon Beetle is an odd object that appears to be a casing 
    for something. Use 30 Pikmin to return the Radiation Canopy to the ship. 
    Grow Pikmin for the rest of the day, and you’ll be done with the 
    Forest of Hope.
    Day 8-The Forest Navel
    Day of the Reds
    •	Get the Space Float.
    •	Battle Mini-Boss 3: Puffstool for the Omega Stabilizer.
    •	Prepare for Libra and Analog Computer.
    •	Extra: Prepare for Guard Satellite
    Goal 1: Get the Space Float
    Remember the Breadbug? He has the Space Float. If you beat him, just use 25 
    Pikmin to move back the Space Float. If you haven’t, carry him back on a 
    couple of 1 pellets to KO this lame enemy.  Then, carry it back.
    Goal 2: Mini-Boss Battle 3
    The Puffstool is deep in the cave here.  Go past all the Blowhogs and 
    Wollywogs to find him. He will give you the Omega Stabilizer. Look at 
    Bosses if you want. Carry back with 25 reds (due to fire)
    Goal 3: Prepare for Libra and Analog Computer
    Defeat a lot of Fiery Blowhogs in the cave. There is a gate (black, not 
    bombs) by the water. Break it down, and proceed to the bridge. Once it’s 
    unrolled, you’re ready for tomorrow.  If you have time (and yellow Pikmin), 
    proceed to the Extra Goal. Otherwise, end day once you have all of them.
    Extra Goal: Prepare for Guard Satellite
    The Guard Satellite is behind a bomb-wall in the cavern. Get at least 6 
    bomb-rocks and blow up the wall. DO NOT GO IN TODAY. End day once this is 
    Day 9-The Forest Navel
    •	Get the Libra
    •	Get the Analog Computer
    •	Get the Anti-Dioxin Filter.
    •	Prepare for Guard Satellite
    •	Extra Goal: Boss 1-Beady Long Legs/Get the Guard Satellite
    Goal 1: Get the Libra
    Throw 20 blue Pikmin back to the area with the red flower. NOT in the 
    flower, by the flower. Throw 20 yellow Pikmin by the bridge you built 
    yesterday. Take 60 red Pikmin through where the wall was. Go get ONE blue 
    (avoiding fire) to open the vent. Toss your yellows up, take the vent, and 
    toss them again. Put 25 of your reds on the Libra once it’s down.
    Goal 2: Get the Analog Computer
    Take your blue back, and take all 20 blues to the patch of water nearby. 
    Get the Analog Computer out of the water, put the blues on the stick by the 
    red flower, and put the leftover reds on the part.
    Goal 3: Get the Anti-Dioxin Filter
    The Anti-Dioxin filter needs 40 blue Pikmin. It is in the patch of water by 
    the gate entrance. Bring it back.
    Goal 4: Prepare for Guard Satellite
    You will need 6 bombs to blast open a wall in the cave.  Now, you’re ready 
    for the Guard Satellite.
    Extra Goal: Boss 1: Beady Long Legs
    For this guy, you’ll need yellows. See the Bosses section. Once he’s beat,
     use 20 reds to bring back the Guard Satellite.
    Day 10-The Forest Navel
    Boss Battle
    •	Beat Boss 1: Beady Long Legs
    •	Get the Guard Satellite
    Goal 1: Boss Battle 1: Beady Long Legs
    This guy is behind that wall you blew up yesterday. He’ll be in the Bosses 
    Goal 2: Get the Guard Satellite
    The Beady Long Legs will drop the Guard Satellite. Use 20 reds to take it 
    back. GROW MORE PIKMIN! You’ve cleared the Forest Navel!
    11 parts…
    20 days!
    Day 11-The Distant Spring
    •	Get the Repair-Type Bolt
    •	Get the Massage Machine
    •	Get the Gluon Drive
    Goal 1: Get the Repair-Type Bolt
    You saw this part as we landed. Throw blues up on the ledge by the Yellow 
    Onion, call them, and walk them to the part. Dismiss them when they’re there. 
    Return the part to the ship. Easy!
    Goal 2: Get the Massage Machine
    There is a bridge on an island, past the frogs. Beat the Shearwigs and build 
    the bridge. On the way to the part you encounter a… wait, what is that? 
    It’s no Bulborb, because it’s black with red spots. It is a Large Spotty 
    Bulbear.  See Strategies for this guy. Bring back the Massage Machine. 
    Goal 3: Get the Gluon Drive
    Two bridges that form one bridge are weird. Beat the Wollywog, and build 
    the bridges. Use 50 Pikmin to carry back the Gluon Drive. Good job.
    Day 12-The Distant Spring
    •	Get the Interstellar Radio
    •	Get the Zirconium Rotor
    •	Preparations for more parts
    Goal 1: Get the Interstellar Radio
    Deep in the expanse of water, there is a Puffy Blowhog. Beat it, and use 20 
    blues to get the Interstellar Radio. AVOID THE EGG! DO NOT TOUCH IT! Once 
    the part’s back, proceed.
    Goal 2: Get the Zirconium Rotor
    Beat a Wollywog or two, and take down a white gate. Behind it is the 
    30-blue Zirconium Rotor. Return it to the ship.
    Goal 3: Prepare for More
    There is a black gate near the Rotor’s former location. Take it down. You’ll 
    find more gates and bridges behind it. Take them down. 
    Day 13: The Distant Spring
    •	Get the Pilot’s Seat.
    •	Mini-Boss 4: Armored Cannon Beetle (DS)
    •	Get the Bowsprit.
    •	Get the #2 Ionium Jet.
    Goal 1: Get the Pilot’s Seat
    In a section beyond the black gate, in what appears to be a hollow tree, you 
    find the Pilot’s Seat. It needs 20 Pikmin to carry.  Once it’s back, 
    continue to the next goal.
    Goal 2: Mini-Boss 4: Armored Cannon Beetle
    This guy is just like the other Armored Cannon Beetle you fought, and is 
    also in Bosses. Battle him the same way you beat the other Armored Cannon 
    Goal 3: Get the Bowsprit
    The Bowsprit, needing 30 Pikmin, is in the Armored Cannon Beetle’s remains. 
    Carry it back with 30 Pikmin.  Make sure you have 20 blue Pikmin (about) or 
    15 (minimum). 
    Goal 4: Get the #2 Ionium Jet
    ¬Through the water (watch out for Water Dumples) is the #2 Ionium Jet on a 
    ledge. Toss blues on the perpendicular ledge, and from there, to the part. 
    Carry it back. Good work!
    Day 14-The Distant Spring
    •	Get the Chronos Reactor
    •	Get the UV Lamp
    Goal 1: Get the Chronos Reactor
    In the water, near where you found the #2 Ionium Jet, there is a ledge 
    a Yellow change-flower. Make 20 yellows, toss them to an island nearby, 
    toss them up to the part and first lug down the Chronos Reactor, then 
    re-transform the yellows to blues and carry the part back.
    Goal 2: Get the UV Lamp
    This part should be easy to locate. It’s the only one left. Wait! That’s 
    part 29, of 30! Where is part 30? Not here! Take 10 or more yellows to the 
    location. Perform some throwing, it’ll amaze me too. Get 10 yellows on the 
    part. Carry it back. YOU UNLOCK A NEW AREA for tomorrow. Grow Pikmin for 
    your final test—the Final Trial!
    Day 15-The Final Trial
    •	Complete the final trials
      o	Trial 1: Blue Pikmin
      o	Trial 2: Yellow Pikmin
      o	Trial 3: Red Pikmin
    •	Break the walls
    Trial 1: Blue Pikmin
    Two bridges across water need building. Use your blue Pikmin to build them. 
    You will need to toss some Pikmin for the second bridge (there’s a bomb-wall 
    in the middle)
    Trial 2: Yellow Pikmin
    Already guessed this during the blue trial? You need to blow up the 
    bomb-wall separating the two bridges.  To get bombs, you need to toss the 
    yellows a bit.
    Trial 3: Red Pikmin
    Guide them along the fiery path with your whistle. Send at least 10 for the 
    Goal 2: Break the walls
    Your only encounter with “Bulblax Walls” which are the weakest walls in the 
    game is here. Two of them are surrounding this area. DO NOT go near the 
    patch of grass until tomorrow. You need no bombs. 
    Day 16-The Final Trial
    •	Beat Boss #2-the Final Enemy
    •	Return the Final Part
    Final Trial: Battle the Final Enemy
    Test your courage, ingenuity, and the strength of your Pikmin against the 
    Final Enemy. He’s also in the bosses section. No blues are necessary. Once 
    Final Goal: Return the Final Part
    40 Pikmin are needed. 95 Pikmin are the maximum amount. Congrats. 
    Enemies ---NME---
    Basic Enemy (Land)
    To defeat a Basic Land Enemy, (which is a small Bulborb/Bulbear or any 
    Shearwig/Sheargrub) swarm it with red Pikmin. Red Pikmin should easily 
    defeat this quality of enemy.
    Basic Enemy (Water)
    To defeat a Basic Water Enemy, (which is a Wogpole or Water Dumple) swarm 
    it with blue Pikmin. Much like the last category, this should be easy.
    Enemy (Air)
    There are only 3 air enemies-a flying Shearwig, a Swooping Snitchbug, and a 
    Puffy Blowhog. Toss Pikmin up at them. If a Pikmin hits a Shearwig, the 
    enemy will die. The other two, toss Pikmin on until they fall to the 
    ground, and swarm and defeat them.  One Puffy Blowhog has the Interstellar 
    Large Spotty Bulborb
    These guys… well; I included something special for them because they’re the 
    toughest thing you’ll find on your first two days in the Forest of Hope. 
    Just treat them like a tough Basic Land Enemy. Swarm them with red Pikmin. 
    Take them back.
    This guy is unique. The only way he can beat Pikmin is by pulling them to 
    his hole. The only way he can pull a Pikmin to his hole is if it’s alone on 
    a 1 pellet. Get this dork out of the way fast. Put 2 Pikmin on a 1 pellet 
    he’s pulling. Do that twice, and he’s dead. He has the Space Float.
    Fiery Blowhog
    Something that can actually get rid of a swarm of Pikmin! Yes! OK. I lied. 
    He breathes fire to beat Pikmin. Reds can’t burn. Beat this 
    one-step-above-a-Breadbug enemy with Reds. Watch out for when he throws 
    them off. 
    This is your first tough enemy. FINALLY! This guy jumps on Pikmin. 
    He’s tough, so swarm him with reds (unless he’s in the water) once he lands. 
    Pearly Clamclamp
    This guy has a 50¬-Pikmin pearl in its mouth. You need to fight it for the 
    pearl, but he’s easy. Toss Pikmin on the pearl, then call them off before 
    this Clamclamp clamps. One protects the Positron Generator. Others protect 
    Large Spotty Bulbear
    This guy can’t be swarmed. So, toss them on instead! Toss Pikmin on his 
    back. This guy is TOUGH. Use red Pikmin, no matter what. 
    Bosses ---BLX---
    Burrowing Snagret
    Stand near where the Eternal Fuel Dynamo was. Toss up red Pikmin. A 
    bird-creature will pop up. Keep throwing Pikmin.  They will latch on to the 
    bird-creature and defeat it.  It will leave behind the Geiger Counter.
    Armored Cannon Beetle
    This guy is annoying. He shoots out boulders, and he is invincible. Toss a 
    Pikmin in his blowhole when he sucks in air. Then, throw Pikmin on his back. 
    Soon, you should have a Dead Cannon Beetle. One grants access to the 
    Radiation Canopy. One holds the Bowsprit.
    The evil mushroom is tough. Ever heard that before? It’s true. Swarm his 
    back to flip him, and then toss Pikmin on his underside. Hello, Omega 
    Beady Long Legs
    He has giant legs and a spherical portion of his body. The creature is too 
    high to toss your boss-standard red Pikmin on, so use your high-flying 
    yellow Pikmin. Only his sphere is vulnerable. Once you defeat this 
    monster-the first true boss-you get the Guard Satellite. 
    BEGIN SPOILERS—Final Enemy/Final Part
    Emperor Bulblax (Final Enemy)
    This is a giant Bulborb with perfect-defense legs and back. This doesn’t 
    sound good. You have to toss them on the side of his head. Use about 30 
    Pikmin at a time. Toss them on the side of his head, avoid his lick attacks, 
    and once his HP is about half, watch out for his mega jump. When you beat 
    him, you get the Secret Safe (Final Part)
    END SPOILERS-Final Enemy/Final Part
    Challenge Mode ---CHL---
    In Challenge Mode, you will face modified versions of the areas with a 
    single goal: to grow as many Pikmin as possible. I will describe hazards 
    and starting Pikmin.
    If you have not played Challenge Mode before, but have played the game, you 
    will think to start at the Impact Site. However, you should NOT start at 
    the Impact Site. It is one of two areas without a “hazard theme” that 
    allows you to do the First-Time Run. A “hazard theme” is a common hazard 
    in an area that allows you to pick one color of Pikmin to get nearly 
    everything.  Beginners will like the Forest Navel, because it has no 
    enemies but a Breadbug and very few ways to die.  Next, you should ask 
    yourself, “Can I do a tri-color run?” If so, head to the Impact Site. If 
    not, decide whether you want “a lot of easy enemies, two tough enemies, and 
    a boss enemy” or if you want “some easy enemies and some tough enemies”. 
    If you said the first, head to the Final Trial. If you said the second, 
    head to the Distant Spring.¬ Once you have experienced all four of these 
    areas, head to the Forest of Hope. Areas’ difficulties are (from easiest to 
    hardest), Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Expert. 
    The Impact Site
    Hazards: Fire, Bomb-Wall, Water, Breadbug
    Starting Pikmin: 9, Onions.
    Difficulty: Novice
    Run: Tri-Color
    Color: Yellow (is Expert difficulty)
    The Forest of Hope
    Hazards: Fire, Water, Bulborbs, Bomb-Wall, Clamclamps.
    Starting Pikmin: 9, Onions
    Difficulty: Expert
    Run: Tri-Color
    Color: Red (is tougher than even Expert)
    The Forest Navel
    Hazards: Water, Abyss, Clamclamp. Breadbug.
    Starting Pikmin: 15, Onions
    Difficulty: Beginner
    Run: Single-Color
    Color: Blue
    The Distant Spring
    Hazards: Fire (blowhogs), Water, Bulborbs, Wollywogs, Puffstools.
    Starting Pikmin: 15, Onions
    Difficulty: Intermediate
    Run: Single-Color
    Color: Blue
    The Final Trial
    Hazards: Fire, Water, Bomb-Wall, Bulborbs, Wollywogs, Beady Long Legs.
    Starting Pikmin: 100, various.
    ¬¬Difficulty: Intermediate¬
    Run: Single-Color
    Color: Blue

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