Review by ChronoCactaur

Reviewed: 06/18/12

Plucking Pikmin - Now with Wii controls! No waggle necessary!

Pikmin 2 was phenomenal on the Gamecube back when it came out in 2004. One of the few sequels to actually out-do the original, and it does so with much gusto. Here we are 8 years later, and the US finally receives the Wii version which europeans have been enjoying or dreading for almost 3 years. Do the controls add or detract from the experience?

If you've played the New Play Control version of the original Pikmin, you'll find that the control scheme is mostly the same. Unlike Pikmin 1, you can switch captains with the - button, and the 1 and 2 buttons are used for sprays. Instead of using the C Stick to swarm your Pikmin, one must now hold down on the d-pad and move the wii remote across the screen, instead directing Pikmin as opposed to swarming; This is not nearly as responsive or intuitive as using the C Stick, but it's not a horrible substitute. Other than the swarming and occasional missed Pikmin throw, the Wii control scheme works. You still move your captain(s) with a stick, you still toss Pikmin and whistle with a button, all with increased range mind you, and the experience is largely the same. Unlike Pikmin 1, you are given an unlimited number of days with which to collect all of the treasure, and the game doesn't force you to meet a deadline, which with the Wii control scheme, makes for a much more pleasing experience than the New Play Control version of the original Pikmin, especially with dungeons giving you unlimited time. Also, if you ever want to do a no-death run, or don't want to lose your hard-earned purples and whites, resetting has never been easier by simply pressing the HOME button and clicking RESET.

Multiplayer has been brought back from the Gamecube version, and remains the same besides the control scheme of course. You might be fighting over cursors, but in the end you're still tossing Pikmin at each other's captains in the hopes of procuring cherries and orbs and the like. Overall, Pikmin 2 is a great buy on Wii or Gamecube; Whichever version you choose, you're sure to be in for a treat.

(If you're not a fan of Wii controls at all, the Gamecube version should be dropping in price any day now, keep an eye on it or lurk your local Gamestop store.)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Pikmin 2 (Nintendo Selects) (US, 06/10/12)

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