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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BrodieMan

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/05/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Metroid Prime FAQ v 1.0
    Copyright BrodieMan (c) 2002
    The document is owned by BrodieMan (me) and cannot be copied and used as
    another's work WITHOUT proper credit and permission. Those wishing to give
    credit or ask permission to use can reach me at Cipher01832@hotmail.com.
    This FAQ can be seen on:
    Any one who wants to e-mail me about things I've missed? I'd rather you didn't.
    As far as missiles, I've found just about all of them, I just need to remember
    all of them. Special weapons? I'm going to include them in a later release,
    right now I'm JUST doing the standard dtailed walkthough. Non-essential things
    are going to be left until later. I've beaten the game with about as much as
    I've listed here with no problem...then again, I beat it in under 14
    hours...thanks any ways though.
    Version History:
    v 0.2 -- initial version
          walkthrough up till Phendrana Drifts, Second Visit
          4 of 49 Missiles
          4 of 14 energy tanks
          0 of 4 power bombs
          1 of 12 artifact locations complete
          creature morphology
          suit/weapon data
    v 0.3 -- updated 11/24/02 12:30:00 EST
          walkthrough up till Chozo Ruins, The Cold of Ice
          13 of 49 Missiles
          9 of 14 energy tanks
          1 of 4 power bombs
          2 of 12 artifact locations, others give general location
          Updated creature morphology
          Added Chozo Lore
          Added Complete Pirate Data Listing
          Added Research
    v 0.4 -- updated 11/24/02
          walkthrough up till Tallon Overworld, The Downed Frigate
          16 of 49 Missiles
          9 of 14 energy tanks
          1 of 4 power bombs
          2 of 12 artifact locations, others give general location, all named
    v 0.5 -- updated 11/25/02 02:50:00 EST
          walkthrough up till Phazon Mines, Next Stop Evil Bioengineering Labs
          16 of 49 Missiles
          10 of 14 energy tanks
          1 of 4 power bombs
          3 of 12 artifact locations, others give general location, all named
    v 1.0 -- updated 12/01/02
          walkthrough up till Metroid Prime: The Final Debut (complete walkthrough)
          30 of 49 Missiles
          All energy tanks
          3 of 4 power bombs
          12 of 12 artifact locations
          Completed Research Section
    A) Introduction
    B) Controls
    C) Tips and Tricks
    D) The Walkthrough
          1) Derelict Space Craft
          2) The Landing
                2.1) Tallon Overworld, Initial Visit
                2.2) Chozo Ruins, Initial Visit
                2.3) Magmoor Caverns, Initial Visit
                2.4) Phendrana Drafts, Initial Visit
          3) Enter the Wave Beam
                3.1) Tallon Overworld, Second Visit
                3.2) Phendrana Drafts, Second Visit
          4) The Secret of the Labs
                4.1) Phendrana Drifts, Labs
                4.2) Magmoor Caverns, Out of the Frying Pan...Into the Fire
                4.3) Chozo Ruins, The Cold of Ice
                4.4) Phendrana Drifts, Altering Gravity
                4.5) Tallon Overworld, The Downed Frigate
          5) They mined too deeply, and greedily...
                5.1) Phazon Mines, Next Stop Evil Bioengineering Labs
                5.2) Tallon Overworld, The Artifact Within
                5.3) Magmoor Caverns, Center of the World
                5.4) Phazon Mines, Dwelving Deeper...
          6) Impact Crater: Ground Zero, and beyond...
                6.1) Meta-Ridley: Old Nemesis, New Powers
                6.2) Navigating the Crater
                6.3) Metroid Prime: The Final Debut
    E) Everything Else
          i) Item Locations
                i.i) Missile Expansions (so far 30)
                i.ii) Energy Tanks
                i.iii) Power Bombs (3 of 4)
                i.iv) Chozo Artifact Locations
                i.v) Special Weapon Additives
          ii) Creture Morphology
          iii) Chozo Lore
          iv) Pirate Data
          v) Research
          vi) All the Goodies!
    A) Introduction
    First off, I want to thank every one for the help they've given. Yes, I have
    beaten the game, so game strategies aren't very necessary. This is a basic
    walkthrough, with as much detail I can give without talking an ear off. If you
    need any additional info than what I've given, then PLEASE don't hesitate to
    ask. I love helping, hence why I'm writing this Walkthough/FAQ. And yes I WILL
    BE adding an FAQ part to this, including ANY questions that I've heard asked
    that tend to be big ones. Don't hesistate to ask me anything you'd like, I know
    a lot of the answers, if not, I can find out pretty damn fast :) so with that,
    I give you my Walkthrough and informational paper.
    B) Controls
    The controls are pretty complex at first, but you get used to them.  I'm going
    on the assumption you are using default control style, so thats how I will
    describe this.
    Joystick / Digital Directional Control -- Used to move Samus forwards,
    backwards, turn side to side, strafe while holding the L button, or for free
    aiming while holding the R button.  THE most used button in ANY game I think.
    Also used in Map Mode to rotate the map in given direction.
    Analog Control -- Used to control which visor is active (using default
    	Up -- Combat Visor
    	Down -- Thermal Visor (not available initially)
    	Left -- Scan Visor
    	Right -- X-Ray Visor (not available initially)
    NOTE:: I love the graphics for the X-Ray Visor.  If you have ever seen Final
    Fantasy: The Spirits Within (the movie) the graphics used for this visor match
    Aki Ross's Phantom Detecting visor she used.  And guess what, it does the same
    in this game too! Detecting the unseen, especially spirits later on. :) Just
    thought I'd mention that.
    A Button -- Used in menus to confirm, but more mainly used for weapons.
    	Standing (Combat) Mode -- Fire Selected Beam Weapon
    	Morph Ball Mode -- Use Bomb
    	Map View -- Switch from Area Map to World Map
    B Button -- Used in menus to cancel, but mainly for other purposes.
    	Combat Mode -- Jump, or tap and use direction to dash left or right while
    locked on.
    	Morph Ball Mode -- Hold to Activate Boost Ball Additive.
    	Map View -- Close Map
    C Button -- Used to control Beam Weapons (default controls)
    	Up -- Power Beam / Phazon Beam (not initial equipment)
    	Down -- Ice Beam (not initial equipment)
    	Left -- Plasma Beam (not initial equipment)
    	Right -- Wave Beam (not initial equipment)
    	In Map Mode, is used to move cursor to other rooms to identify name and door
    X Button -- Activate and Deactivate Morph Ball
    Y Button -- Missile and Power Bomb Controls, depending on Mode (combat/morph
    ball). Also used to activate special additives for Beam Weapons when obtained.
    Z Button -- Used to Activate and Deactivate the Map
    L Button -- Used for multiple functions
    	Combat Visor -- Lock on to closest to center of reticle target.
    	Scan Visor -- Scan target closest to center of reticle.
    	Combat Mode -- Toggle strafe
    	Map View -- Zoom Out
    	Cycle Start Button Menus
    R Button -- Pressure Sensitive
    	All Visors -- Free Look
    	Press all the way down to have reticle appear in visor.
    	Map View -- Zoom In.
    	Cycle Start Button Menus
    Start Button -- Bring up Inventory, Options, and Log Book Data
    C) Tips and Tricks
    A few key tricks or tips that may help you out in your travels.
    -- SAVE OFTEN!  Not only do save stations recharge you, but you won't have to
    do everything all over again!  A big neccessity when you play for an hour and a
    half, then die, and have to do it all over again!  Believe me, I know from
    experience, its not a good thing!
    -- DODGE! It can save your life, this dodge thing. Never stand still. Yeah in
    other Metroid games, you could easily just sit there and shoot.  Noooooo not in
    this one. Enemies are smart, especially Pirates and Metroids.  They will hunt
    you and trap you and team up on you. Move, or it could be your ass!
    -- BOMBS! Bomb jump, yeah thats easy...but can you double bomb jump?  You are
    only allowed 3 bombs at a time, then you need to recharge for a second or two,
    but thats enough to do the infamous double bomb jump you could do in every
    Metroid game ever.  Timing is everything, but it is DEFINITELY a trick to
    learn, it could be what gets you an extra edge if done early in the game ;)
    -- CHARGE IT UP! The charge beam, when combined with the lock on reticle, has a
    charging meter along the reticle edge.  It can be fired once it hits 50%, but
    like you thought, it's only 50% potent.  A 100% charge is actually slightly
    stronger than a Missile blast, and, needs to be hit before any Beam Weapon
    Additives can be used.
    D) The Walkthrough
    1) Derelict Space Vessel:
    	NEW CREATURES:		Parasite
    					Auto Defense Turret
    					Parasite Queen
    	NEW RESEARCH:		Small Energy
    					Missile Ammunition
    					Save Station
    	NEW PIRATE DATA:		Fall of Zebes
    Exterior Docking Hanger:
    	Ship moves in and you land on the platform.
    	Up ahead you'll see 4 red lights, target and shoot them
    	Move forward to find a blue panel, scan to activate, then repeat the process
    as just before.
    	Shoot the blue door ahead to enter the ship (2 doors until next area)
    Air Lock:
    	Repressurize by scanning the blue switch
    Deck Alpha Access Hall:
    	Just walk to next area.
    Emergency Evacuation Area:
    	NEW CREATURE: Parasite
    	As you make your way around, watch for one Pirate still alive on the ground
    	Go through other door in room
    Deck Alpha Umbilical Hall:
    	Use the charge beam to destroy the rubble ahead, then head through the door.
    Map Facility:
    	Use morph ball to follow the Parasites.
    	Download map by walking into hologram.
    	Return out the hole and walk into next door to the right.
    Connection Elevator to Deck Beta:
    	Scan the blue switch to activate, then step into hologram.
    Deck Beta Conduit Hall:
    	Caution entering, flame hurts!
    	Morph ball under the rubble, watch for the electricity.
    Biotech Research Area 1:
    	Head around the corner, watch for walking Pirate, as well as one laying down,
    one charged shot will take care of each.
    	Head through the next blue door.
    Deck Beta Security Hall:
    	NEW CREATURE: Auto Defense Turret
    	Round the corner is a mounted gun...it hurts careful.
    	Fire a Missile to blow it up, use lock on.
    Biohazard Containment:
    	NEW PIRATE DATA: Fall of Zebes
    	Watch for another Turret in the distance, behind the giant bug in the glass. 
    You can shoot it, or scan a nearby panel to deactivate it. (Panel is circular
    blue switch like before)
    	Scan area for useful tips.  Orange is info, red is Log Data, or major info
    (activating switches, doors)
    	On other side of casing, scan blue switch to activate elevator.
    	Ride elevator up.
    	Watch for 4 pirates in the area, first on ground, next two walking. The third
    is almost full strength so it will take more than one full charged shot. Forth
    is laying down, just shoot a few into him.
    	Enter blue door near 4th pirate.
    Deck Beta Transit Hall:
    	Nothing big here, just some info, scan if you like.
    Cargo Freight Lift to Deck Gamma:
    	Mounted Turret right above you to your right as you walk in.  Missile it out.
    	Scan the blue switch to open the lift, and ride it down.
    	When you step out, a pirate will fall to the ground, shoot him out, he's one
    of the tougher ones, rather than weak one shot ones.
    	Scan the nearby blue switch to turn on the floor panel.
    	Morph ball into the hologram on the floor to power the door.
    Reactor Core Entrance:
    	NEW RESEARCH: Save Station
    	As soon as you step in, 2 turrets, left and right, will start firing.
    	Draw in pickups as they are left with your charge beam.
    	There is a save station in the next room over, save and recharge.
    	Same process as before, scan switch, morph ball to open the door.
    Reactor Core:
    	NEW CREATURE: Parasite Queen
    	Walk in to see cinematic, and boss comes in.
    	Target and don't lose it.
    	Dodge left right to avoid shots.
    	Fire at it with charged or Missiles when the shield is open.  It opens in
    sections and spins around circle slowly.
    	Upon killing it, the countdown begins at 7 minutes.  Get the HECK OUT!  Can't
    go backwards, take new route.  Enter other blue door in room (if you need more
    help, press Z to follow map closer.)
    Deck Gamma Monitor Hall:
    	Straight forwards, just go.
    Connection Elevator to Deck Beta:
    	Scan blue switch to activate elevator.  Step onto hologram.
    	When you reach the top, scan the blue computer screen down the hall, it will
    disable the guns in the area.
    	Head onwards.
    Biotech Research Area 1:
    	You wont be able to go back out the way you came in here either.
    	Pirates will be fighting a Parasite Queen.
    	Head behind the dead queen to climb up to the second level.
    	Kill the 3 Pirates on this floor to open a hole in the wall (you'll see the
    explosion) Jump through.
    Subventilation Shaft Section A:
    	Just keep moving, the parasites can't really hurt you, just fire a few shots
    in but don't stop for them.
    	Shoot the wall-looking gray door at the end of the tunnel to open door.
    Subventilation Shaft Section B:
    	Same as last room, just keep moving until you see a panel explode ahead.
    	Go through to see another panel. Wait for it to explode. Continue
    Main Ventilation Shaft Section A:
    	Ignore the few parasites and run to the end of the tunnel.
    	Blast the door open with your cannon.
    Main Ventilation Shaft Section B:
    	Two turrets are waiting at the top, Missile them out, then open the gray door
    in the middle.
    Main Ventilation Shaft Section C:
    	Continue through, shoot some parasites if you need health, but keep running.
    	Shoot the gray door to continue onwards.
    Main Ventilation Shaft Section D:
    	Straightforward, just run through, shoot door at end.
    Main Ventilation Shaft Section E:
    	WATCH OUT FOR THAT PISTON!  Its a doozie!
    	Follow it as it retacts to the left. Entr upcoming door on the right.
    Main Ventilation Shaft Section F:
    	Straightforward, just run through, shoot door at end.
    Biotech Research Area 2:
    	OOOO LOOK! See Ridley escape the ship!
    	Use the grapple hook to shoot across the gap.
    Connection Elevator to Deck Alpha:
    	Run through. Scan the blue screen ahead to disable the turrets.
    	Scan the blue switch ahead to activate the elevator.
    	Cinematic and ... uh oh, you lose all your stuff!
    Deck Alpha Mech Shaft:
    	Follow the small path.
    Air Lock:
    	Almost there, just sneak out the way you came in.
    	Once depressurization is complete you can continue through.
    Exterior Docking Hangar:
    	Just make it back to your ship. How much easier is that! :)
    	Cinematic to follow Ridley to the surface.
    	You lose him, but now the adventure begins ;)
    2) The Landing
    2.1) Tallon Overworld, Initial Visit:
    	NEW CREATURES:		Beetle
    					Sap Sac
    	NEW RESEARCH:		Gunship
    Landing Site:
    	NEW RESEARCH: Gunship
    	Head to the blue door to your right (first door you see on the right, not the
    one in the distance, that one's for later)
    Canyon Cavern:
    	NEW CREATURE: Beetle
    	Head in, and fight a few beetles.  A few shots takes them out.
    	Turn left and head down the cave to the next blue door.
    Tallon Canyon:
    	NEW CREATURES:	Sap Sac, Blastcap, Zoomer, Geemer
    	Come in, and travel forwards until the far end of the level, to another blue
    	You will fight 2 more beetles en route, but no biggie.
    	Enter the blue door.
    Transport Tunnel A:
    	Travel down the tunnel and kill as you wish (or scan too ;) )
    	Enter the blue door at the end.
    Transport to Chozo Ruins West:
    	Scan the blue switch to activate the lift, then jump on!
    2.2) Chozo Ruins, Initial Visit
    	NEW CREATURES:		Scarab
    					War Wasp
    					War Wasp Hive
    					Tangle Weed
    					Ram War Wasp
    					Hive Mecha
    					Barbed War Wasp
    					Incinerator Drone
    					Plated Beetle
    					Reaper Vine
    					Stone Toad
    					Flaahgra Tentacle
    					Pulse Bombu
    	NEW CHOZO LORE:		Fountain
    					Meteor Strike
    	NEW RESEARCH:		Missile Door Lock
    					Map Station
    					Large Energy
    					Ultra Energy
    					Locked Door
    Transport to Talon Overworld North:
    	Head straight through to the next room.
    Ruins Entrance:
    	NEW CHOZO LORE: Fountain
    	At this point, your destination will be marked on the map, Hive Totem.
    	Head through the cave to the next door, you will meet beetles enroute.
    Main Plaza:
    	NEW RESEARCH: Missile Door Lock
    	CINEMATIC! :)
    	As you enter you'll meet up with 5 beetles, no biggie. Continue on.
    	The door to the left is locked, come back to that later.
    	Head up the stairs in the middle of the Plaza.
    	Head to the left when you reach the top, and go through the blue door.
    Nursery Access:
    	NEW CREATURE: Scarab
    	Travel through tunnel, but slow.  When you see Scarabs, kill them.  Alot of
    them CAN do some damage.
    	Enter blue door after moving past Scarabs.
    Eyon Tunnel:
    	Eyons are on the walls, shoot them to stop them from firing.
    	5 Eyons altogether, then go through the blue door.
    Ruined Nursery:
    	NEW CHOZO LORE: Exodus
    	NEW CREATURE: War Wasp, War Wasp Hive
    	A few beetles on the ground, nothing big.
    	Start climbing the stairs to the save point marked on your map.  Careful for
    War Wasps for they attack because you are close to their Hive.  You need
    Missiles to destroy the Hive, so only kill the Wasps.  They will regenerate, so
    don't linger.
    	Climb all the way to the top to save, or you may continue on at the first door
    you reach.
    North Atrium:
    	Going through, watch out for Scarab groups.
    	Continue on, nothing here.
    Ruined Gallery:
    	NEW CREATURE: Tangle Weed
    	As you enter, you will be attacked by War Wasps.
    	The floor is poisonous and damaging, so watch your meter, and stay above
    	Jump across the ledges on the right to reach the other side.
    Totem Access:
    	NEW CREATURE: Plazmite
    	Watch out for the nearly harmless Plazmites, and make your way to the main
    part of this cave.
    	Shoot out the box near the Tangle Weeds, or the Plazmites, for more energy if
    you need it.  Again, watch out for the poisonous waters.
    Hive Totem:
    	NEW CREATURE: Ram War Wasp, Hive Mecha
    	Watch for the water again, make your way to the right to avoid, them climb to
    the center pedestal.
    	As you go for the Missiles that are in this area, the water will rise and a
    fight will occur.
    	Ram War Wasps will come out and circle you quickly.  Lock on to one when it
    stops and kill it.  Shoot them all down and the machine in the middle of the
    Ram War Wasp spawn points will turn red.  Shoot it to blow it up.  Repeat this
    process until the machie is completely destroyed.
    	Gain the new weapon: Missile Launcher (or re-gain I should say).
    	Blast the next door to open and continue.
    Transport Access North:
    	Get the energy tank +100 energy!
    	The hole in the wall will be used later.  For now head back a few rooms to the
    Ruined Gallery.
    Ruined Gallery:
    	Blast open the locked door on the bottom floor, watch for War Wasps and poison
    water again. Collect the map in the room. (SCAN HOLOGRAM FOR MAP ROOM RESEARCH)
    	Head back to the Main Plaza to use the Missiles on the door previously
    Main Plaza:
    	Use the Missiles on the locked door on the ground level.
    Ruined Shrine Access:
    	Those Scarabs will slow you down, but take your time cuz they can mess you up
    	Travel through to the other end of the tunnel.
    Ruined Shrine:
    	NEW CREATURE: Plated Beetle
    	Jump up and over the wall.
    	The wall will rise as you enter the middle of the room.
    	Beetles will come out like mad.  Kill them all!
    	Next comes a Plated Beetle.  Invunerable from the front, shoot its tail as it
    goes by you, using dodge to avoid it!  A good placed Missile or two will do the
    job easily.
    	Claim your Morph Ball!
    	Use it to excape the room.
    	Travel back to Transport Access North, and use the tunnel in the wall with the
    Morph Ball.
    Tansport Access North:
    	Morph ball into the spider-webbed hole in the back of the room.
    	You'll enter a thin room where you must roll to each moving riser and make
    your way to the top of the room. Don't wory, because you can't fall off the
    side here.
    	Head through the blue door at the end of the tunnel.
    Transport to Magmoor Caverns North:
    	Ignore the elevator for now, its too hot to survive without the Varia Suit
    right now.  Take the door to your right as you enter.
    Vault Access:
    	Travel through the small area and morph ball up the moving piston at the end
    of the first cave section.  Reach the other side of the tunnel, and jump up and
    morph ball through another tunnel to the blue door, go through.
    	NEW CHOZO LORE: Beginnings
    	Unfortunetaly, you can't get this Missile upgrade until you have the bombs. 
    Continue through to the Plaza Access tunnel.
    Plaza Access:
    	Walk through and fight off a few Beetles, then claim the energy tank at the
    other end of the tunnel.
    Main Plaza:
    	Yeah it was a HUGE detour, but you have 100 more energy to spare now :).  Jump
    down, and head up the ledges on you slight right side around the Plaza until
    you reach a tree branch bridge.  Fight off a few War Wasps while crossing the
    bridge, then turn right and head through the blue door.
    Ruined Fountain Access:
    	Those pesky Scarabs...shoot them out as you go through to the other side.  Use
    the morph ball to fit through the holes in the branches.  If you're quick
    enough, you can avoid the Scarabs just beyond by not stopping rolling and
    continuing to the end of the tunnel.
    Ruined Fountain:
    	NEW CHOZO LORE: Hatchling
    	Careful for the water, bad stuff again.  Travel along the right side of the
    room around to the geyser on the other side.  Feel free to shoot out the
    Plazmites, but it will make the room darker.  Once you reach the geyser, head
    to the blue door that was to your left as you entered the room.  Ignore the
    other, as you will need the Varia suit for the heat in there as well.
    Arboretum Access:
    	Small tunnel, a couple of Shriekbats, nothing big.  Just blast the door open
    with a Missile at the end.
    	NEW CREATURE: Reaper Vine
    	As you enter, watch out for the Reaper Vine to your left.  Shoot it out before
    you jump to that platform, as it can hurt you and toss you about.  Water, once
    again is POISONOUS! After 2 Reaper Vines, you'll reach a small elevated circle
    platform. At this point you have a clear view of a Missile door.  Thats your
    destination (the door on ground level, not the one above, that one's for
    later).  Continue jumping up around the tree until you reach a wood bridge. 
    Move along the bridge, turn left, and head down towards the door, showing
    caution for the Reaper Vines on the right wall.
    Gathering Hall Access:
    	Simple hall, no tricks.
    Gathering Hall:
    	As soon as you come in, you may turn to the right and use the save station
    beyond the locked door (requires 1 Missile).  After you save, coming out of
    that door, you will see a blue door along the right wall.  Take out the
    Blastcaps en route and head to that door.  This is a detour, not the path to
    the next objective, I know, but trust me.
    Watery Hall Access:
    	Straightforward, just watch for Shriekbats.
    Watery Hall:
    	NEW CHOZO LORE: Meteor Strike
    	You need to find 4 runic marks in the room by scanning them to activate them. 
    Immediately after entering the room, turn left and on the back wall to the
    left, over the water (same wall as which you came through, but further right)
    is the first Rune.  Scan it (the scan mark shows red).  Next, head up the right
    wall (right as in right from where you came in).  Jump from roped platform to
    roped platform until a Reaper Vine jumps out at you. Take care of him, then
    jump to the platform just beyond that one.  Turn slight right towards the big
    metal wall of rune symbols.  Just below it is the second, and to the right of
    it is the third. Scan them, the jump down to the second rune.  Turn around and
    jump platforms until you reach the blastcaps.  Kill them to uncover the fourth.
     This will open the door. Head back up the roped platforms and head through,
    scanning the dor to open it. Viola! Charge Beam! Use it on the nasty Eyons that
    appear after.  Charged shots will kill them completely.  Now, head back to the
    Gathering Hall.
    Gathering Hall:
    	You can visit the save station to save, or re-energize if neccessary.  When
    you are all set, head for the door that originally brought you here (the one
    connecting to Gathering Hall Access on the map).  Just to the left of it is a
    rock face to jump on.  Do so.  Take care of Blastcaps on continuing platforms,
    be careful for explosive damage from them. Follow the platforms up.  Use the
    charge beam to nab loose energy and such. Continue across platform to platform
    until you reach a hole for the morph ball to crawl through, do so.  Kill the
    shriekbats on the other side, then head for the blue door.
    East Atrium:
    	Kill the shriekbats in the main room, then continue on.
    Energy Core Access:
    	Jump up into the Eyon passageway, take them out with charged shots so they
    won't come back on you. Head on after they're dead.
    Energy Core:
    	NEW CREATURE: Stone Toad
    	Shriekbats are in the middle of the room, kill them first as you enter. Take
    the passage to the left as you come into the room. Watch for shriekbats and
    water gaps, still poisonous.  Head for the Morph Ball tunnel. Ignore the Stone
    Toad, as you need bombs to kill it.  Roll through 2 tunnels to the blue door,
    head through.
    Burn Dome:
    	NEW CREATURE: Incinerator Drone, Barbed War Wasps
    	Cinematic of the next mini-boss.  Avoid the fire it spews out as it spins. Its
    slow at first, thankfully.  Wait forit to open up its top and display a red
    light.  Shoot it! Charged or Missiles works best. When you hit it with one of
    those, it will shoot straight up, causing Barbed War Wasps to come into the
    room. After they are released, the fire it spews will slant and spin faster. 
    Either stay still, or jump when it comes depending on height. Kill the wasps to
    make the light raise again.  Repeat this process until it dies.  I suggest
    charged because its more plentyful than your 5 Missiles you may have. 4-5 shots
    from charged should do the trick, make sure to lock on and hit the red light
    head on! Claim your bombs after! Before leaving, follow the water to a weak
    wall and bomb through to get +5 Missiles and some health.  Now you can leave.
    Burn Dome Access:
    	Use bombs to propell yourself back up into the tunnels and head back up to the
    Energy Core to the Stone Toad mentioned earlier.  By this point, the Furnace
    should be highlighted as your next destination.
    Energy Core:
    	Bomb the Stone Toad from the inside, then head behind him to the new room. 
    Here's the slightly tricky part. This part has a time on it. You need to bomb
    yourself into the holes in the wall, and then bomb the hole to activate the
    Cores.  Each time you activate one, something happens in the room, and you need
    to reach AND activate the next one before time runs out. Once you activate the
    next, the previous ones will remain on permanentaly :).  Activate the first,
    this will lower the water.  Head out of the room through a small hole for the
    Morph Ball. Head over to the second Core, and activate that one.  This will
    raise 3 platforms in the room.  Head for those (the water will now stay down
    permanentaly!). Head up and around the room to get to the platforms.  You'll
    reach a hall on the side after jumping past the three platforms. Head through,
    and activate the last core.  This makes all changes permanent and gives you
    access to the next blue door in the room. Head for that.
    West Furnace Access:
    	Nothing here, just go through.
    	Morph Ball into the hole to the slight right in front of you.  The magnetic
    rail is only usable by Spider Ball, which you don't have. At the end of the
    tunnel, you'll recieve an energy tank! Return to the Enegry Core.
    NOTE:: Now that you have bombs, you may return to places before that required
    them. Any wall that scans as a Sandstone or Talloric Alloy can be destroyed
    using Morph Ball Bombs. For example, in the room you recieved the Charge Beam
    has a bombable tunnel in it, or any others.  See items for specifics on what
    may be in those tunnels. When you are ready to continue, head back to Chozo
    Ruins, Arboretum.
    	NEW CREATURE: Venom Weed
    	Next destination is on top of the room. Another one of those Rune Mark Puzzles
    is in this room.  You're looking for 4 again. Head to the blue door for
    Arboretum Access.  Move around the tree as low to the gound as possible, and
    you'll see an area of Venom Weeds. Shoot at them so they retract, and scan the
    first rune on the ground. Head back over to the other blue door to the
    Gathering Hall access. Climb the hill past the two Reaper Vines and up to the
    wood bridge leading next to the wall. Turn and face the tree., and exactly over
    the wood bridge leading towards it, you'll see rune number 2. Follow the path
    up until you reach a smaller gap in the wall, where you can only fit as a Ball.
     Bomb the blocks in your way, but take out the War Wasps first, as they can
    knock you out of the gap. Right after the gap, on your left, is the third rune
    as you start to climb some rock steps. Repeat the rolling process through this
    next path, except make sure to shoot the Venom Weeds prior to rolling through,
    as they will hurt and slow you. After you roll through, jump up the steps until
    you reach another wood bridge on a branch, turn left, and scan the fourth rune
    on the tree itself. This will open the doorway.  Inside is a bombable hole that
    you can roll through. Blast the blue door with a Missile and head on.
    Sunchamber Lobby:
    	Those Venom Weeds can hurt alot, shoot them out as you pass through and take
    out the Reaper Vines until you reach the blue door.  Head through, there's
    nothing much here.
    Sunchamber Access:
    	Again, shoot out the Venom Weeds and Reaper Vines to avoid damage, jump up the
    grey rocks, and shoot out the 2 boxes at the top for energy and/or Missiles. 
    Move on for the next boss.
    	NEW CREATURES: Flaahgra, Flaahgra Tentacle
    	Gut-check time. Watch the short cinematic, then get ready to fight.  Lock on
    to Flaahgra, then start shooting NORMAL OR CHARGED SHOTS ONLY! They do no
    damage, but neither will Missiles. This will stun it though.  Save Missiles for
    the radars that you saw fall in the cinematic.  As you circle, shoot the downed
    ones as you pass, a single Missile or charged shot will do the trick.  The
    trick to stunning Flaahgra is that when there is more than one radar down,
    Flaahgra will put the radars BACK down after you hit them up if it is not
    stunned.  No radars must be pointing at Flaahgra in order to put it to sleep. 
    When none are pointing at it, ball up, and roll down one of the four paths
    surrounding and leading to Flaahgra and drop a bomb at the end.  Repeat the
    stun, shoot radar, bomb tunnel process until Flaahgra is dead.
    	STRATEGY: Avoid Flaahgra's shots by dodging left and right at random, and when
    it drops down to the ground, attempting to squish you, wait, charge up, and
    pound its ass while it can't move for a few seconds.  If you are having trouble
    getting all radars up while Flaahgra is stunned, try keeping a lock on it and
    dashing sideways around the area.  Keeping the lock on will line you up
    perfectly with the radar target (red light on back of radar) when you come
    around to it. After you kill it, you'll see the powers of purification, as all
    water in Chozo Ruins turns blue (no more poisonous water!) and you are endowed
    with the Varia Suit! Remember in Super Metroid how it reduced damage? Well yeah
    it doesn't do that.  But you CAN reach areas that were too hot, which
    means...time to head to the Magmoor Caverns.  Continue up the path you found
    the varia Suit, and to the elevator I said to ignore, it will be just ahead.
    Sun Tower Access:
    	NEW CREATURE: Pulse Bombu
    	Most of this passage is underwater.  Just jump in a walk to the end of it. 
    Don't worry you can't drown. In the boxes ahead you might find an Ultra Energy
    (recover 100 units) which may help after that battle.  Also, a nice Pulse
    Bombu, dropping energy bombs at you.  These guys are INVUNERABLE TO ANYTHING
    BUT ELECTRICITY, and you don't have an electric weapon...yet. Dodge it for now.
    Open the blue door ahead.
    Sun Tower:
    	NEW CHOZO LORE: Contain
    	Dop down, far drop, but its nice to see falling for hundreds of feet and you
    take no damage.  Fight the Wasps, scan the Chozo Lore, and take the door out,
    you need the Spider Ball to make complete use of this area. Take the elevator
    just beyond here.
    2.3) Magmoor Caverns, Initial Visit
    	NEW CREATURES:		Shriekbat
    Burning Trail:
    	NEW CREATURE: Shriekbat, Grizby
    	As you enter, there will be a drop, go ahead and just fall.  Head into the
    hall ahead when you reach bottom. Watch for Shriekbats on the ceiling as you go
    through. After the first curve to the left, there will be a locked door on the
    left, open for a save point.  Use to recharge if you are still low from the
    last boss. Continue until you reach a more open room with a Grizby on a small
    platform in the middle.  Only Missiles hurt it, so you can ignore it if you
    choose.  Head through the blue door.
    Lake Tunnel:
    	NEW CREATURE: Burrower
    	If you haven't got the Varia Suit, you won't last 5 seconds in this room. You
    SHOULD HAVE IT HERE.  Moving on.  Lava...bad.  Like poisonous water in the
    Ruins, except twice the potency...maybe more...don't touch! Jump across the two
    platforms to the other side. I suggest taking out the Grizbys with Missiles
    first, as they can knock you right into the lava with one hit if they're lucky.
    The Burrower is annoying, lock on and pump him full of cannon when he pops up.
    Lava Lake:
    	NEW CREATURES: Magmoor, Puffer
    	Here's where the kick ass music starts, the original Metroid music for
    Norfair.  OK! After the cinematic, make your way into the room. Watch out for
    the Magmoor, big dragon thingy, there are two in this room and they come out of
    the Lava.  2-3 charged shots to the head is most effective. Once the initial
    one is out, target the Puffers from a distance, as they have a HUGE area of
    effect when killed, and leave behind a poisonous cloud for a few seconds. Jump
    to the rock platform, the the circular one, but careful because it sinks as you
    stand on it so act fast and watch your footing...that lava is a killer. Jump up
    to the large rock ledge and take out the rest of the Puffers and the other
    Magmoor before continuing. Jump down and over to the big rock ledge low to the
    lava.  There will be some boxes and a bombable hole near them. Bomb it at both
    ends of the tunnel to the next section of the lake.  Again, take out the
    Puffers, jump across the platforms to the rock face with a path leading into
    the wall. Enter the blue door at the end and continue on.
    Pit Tunnel:
    	NEW CREATURE: Triclops
    	This area is mostly Morph Ball run.  Ball up, and go under the cage. The
    Triclops love to grab circular things, like you, so careful because they'll
    carry you out of the cage.  Press A and B rapidly if one catches you and you
    might get dropped earlier.  Drop a bomb in front of one, and he'll love you
    until he dies...which won't be long after that. Roll to the other side and head
    for the door.
    Triclops Pit:
    	Very big area. Head in until you see a collection of boxes on the slight
    right. Blow them up if you need the energy/ammo.  Face left, and head up the
    numerous platform to the blue door in the far distance. Watch out for Puffers,
    you might want to take them out first.
    Monitor Tunnel:
    	Three big moving platforms in the middle are your ticket through. Take out the
    Puffers, and jump safely across.
    Monitor Station:
    	NEW RESEARCH: Spinner (after you have Space Jump Boots)
    	Watch out for Defense Turrets on the structure in front of you as you enter.
    There's a few, and they are NASTY! Two Missile or two charged shots will do the
    trick. Take out those 3 guns, and a Puffer or two to the left.  Head in the
    direction the Puffers were in to continue. Ignore the blue door here, that
    one's for later, trust me on that one. Head up the small metal bridge to under
    the structure. Head under and over to the other Puffers and some platforms
    heading across the lava to the rock face. Head up the rock face a bit, then
    turn around to face the structure, as another Turret will be firing. Destroy
    it, the continue upwards. Cross a few metal bridges until the rock path ends.
    Face back towards the structure and you'll see a suspended metal bridge to the
    left of the structure.  Aim and jump for that. Head into the structure,
    following the bridge. Cross the other bridge to the left as you enter the
    structure towards the blue door.  Head in.
    Transport Tunnel A:
    	Ball up and head through the tunnel. There are blocks in this little area that
    will break if hit by two bombs, but will regenerate is destroyed after a few
    seconds. Feeling lucky? That first block, do a double bomb jump (see tips) and
    up to the left, repeat that for the next two blocks you find as you go up for
    an energy tank :) If not, thats ok, just bomb jump your way though, and head
    through the door (mind you, lava and morph ball don't mix!) Travel through the
    door and take the elevator up to the Drifts.
    2.4) Phendrana Drifts, Initial Visit
    	NEW CREATURES:		Crystallite
    					Scatter Bombu
    					Baby Sheegoth
    					Ice Burrower
    	NEW CHOZO LORE:		Cipher
    					The Turned
    Shoreline Entrance:
    	Enter the blue door after the transport to get here. Continue forward, using
    the charge beam to blow open the ice blockage in your way. Enter the door at
    the end to continue.
    Phendrana Shoreline:
    	NEW CREATURE: Crystallite, Flickerbat
    	Cinematic. Your scanners should detect a save station across the area.  Head
    for that by jumping over the river by means of ice blocks and heading into a
    cave in the far wall. Save and come back to here. Facing out of the cave coming
    from the save station, you'll see Crystallites, which are invunerable to Power
    Beam, but not Missiles. Head out and to the right, towards a small grating the
    wall near the water. Missile the grating to destroy it, then ball up and head
    through and over the snow bank ahead. Scan the panel ahead to unlock the door
    above that where that grating was. Now, head back towards the save station. To
    the right of it, along the wall, will be platforms to climb up along the wall. 
    Use them to reach that door.
    Ice Ruins Access:
    	NEW CREATURE: Scatter Bombu
    	Again, blow open the ice blockage with charged beam shots. Here's another
    annoying bombu.  This one will spin and spin its energy tentacles at you.  Ball
    up and roll past it, as you can't hurt it at all with your cannon or Missiles.
    It will make you blind if you try to walk past it.
    Ice Ruins East:
    	NEW CREATURE: Baby Sheegoth
    	Head forward and then to the right around the ruins, and you'll find two fun
    new friends. Baby Sheegoths.  They're asleep at first though. Get close, that
    changes.  They are only vunerable from the back, so dodge around them and shoot
    out their ice backs if you want. After that, head around until you see some
    boxes on a ledge, go towards them, and jump up the ledges against the wall.
    Continue around the wall, away from the door you are heading to, until you come
    to a part you need to jump into the middle of the ruins to continue. Do so, and
    walk CAREFULLY (there are holes in the ruins to make you go back to the
    beginning of the room) into the small hole in the wall. Take out the
    Crystallites and jump through, then jump to the door. Head through the door.
    Plaza Walkway:
    	NEW CREATURE: Ice Burrower
    	Ice renditions of Burrowers are crawling around, take them as you continue
    through to the next blue door.
    Phendrana Shorelines:
    	Back here again. Stay on the ledge, or its back a couple of steps for you.
    Head up and to the left to the next blue door. Head through.
    Ruins Entryway:
    	Three Pulse Bombus flying around.  Avoid charging your beam and quickly dash
    through avoiding the bombs.
    Ice Ruins West:
    	NEW CHOZO LORE: Cipher
    	As you enter, take out the Baby Sheegoths to the left, as they will prove
    troublesome later.  Then, take the upwards path into the ruins to the right of
    where you came in, if you want, to get another Lore Scan.  Take the path where
    the Sheegoths were, and head around and to the right towards the blue door
    (ignore the purple one on the scanner, as you can't even open it yet). Blast
    the door and head through.
    Canyon Entryway:
    	Avoid the Scatter Bombu like you did before, in the Ball, and continue along
    the path. Head for the blue door at the end.
    Phendrana Canyon:
    	NEW CHOZO LORE: The Turned
    	BIG area. When you get in, drop down to the wood bridge, and get the Lore Scan
    behind the boxes (optional) then head down a few levels to the ground.  Kill
    the Baby Sheegoth, and continue forwards to the small incline in the snow up to
    the next ledge. Scan the blue panel at this ledge to align the platforms. Jump
    to the first.  Now time your jumps carefully, because the platform will return
    to its original place (where ever that might be) after a few seconds.  Jump
    across to claim the Boost Ball Morph Ball upgrade. Now you can conquer half
    pipes better than Tony Hawk! Use it on the half pipe below to get to the
    opposite side of the chasm, opposite of the panel you used, and climb back to
    the top. As you leave this room back where you came, a location (Tallon Canyon,
    Tallon Overworld) will be highlighted.  Head there. I trust you can find your
    way, just head backwards Until you get back to the Tallon Overworld, or use
    your map to highlight the elevators (indicated with [E]) on it as to where they
    go to find the quickest route.  The fastest route would be to return to Magmoor
    Caverns, go into the Monitor Station and use the blue door I said to ignore
    before.  Travel that path to reach the transport up, as explained from Shore
    Tunnel onwards below).
    Shore Tunnel:
    	Straightforward, just go through.
    Fiery Shores:
    	Here's a tough one. Time your jumps to the ledge ahead to avoid the fire. The
    flames WILL force you into the lava, and it will tear at you FAST! Make your
    way down to the Triclops that is guarding a Morph Ball hole. Kill it, them bomb
    up into the hole. It will bypass some lava. Then, you can either destroy those
    boxes after, and follow THAT path to Missiles, or go left towards the exit.
    Again, timing your jumps, avoid the flames from above.
    Transport Tunnel B:
    	Kil the Magmoor to avoid damage later. Ball up and carefully take the tunnel
    up the wall to the left, cross the lava, then down the right. You'll come out
    right to the Tallon Overworld West transport. Ignore the other blue door in the
    transport room, as you will need more Technology to continue in there.
    Transport Tunnel B:
    	Take out the Zoomers and head through the door.
    Root Cave:
    	Circle the room and jump from cliff to cliff until you reach a Branch Bridge
    crossing the room, take it.  Jump from platform to platform, killing the
    Zoomer, and go through the blue door after missling it.
    Root Tunnel:
    	Almost there, just shoot the Sap Sacs above the Bloodflower to kill it, then
    head to the other blue door. Voila you're back!
    EXTRA NOTES: Lovely Cinematic when you get back to the Phendrana Shorelines, I
    won't ruin it though.  Feel free to revisit any sites up to this point and see
    what you can obtain with your new technology.  When you are all set, head for
    Tallon Canyon in Tallon Overworld, where I will continue in the next section.
    3) Enter the Wave Beam
    3.1) Tallon Overworld, Second Visit
    Tallon Canyon:
    	Head for the half pipe in the canyon floor. Its near Transport Tunnel A. Boost
    up the side into the alcove up there. Kill the Zoomer, then cross the branches
    to the bombable wall. Bomb your way through as a ball, then head for the blue
    door on the other side.
    	Straightforward, just head for the other door.
    Landing Site:
    	Head straight out the door towards the next blue door that will be on the
    left, jumping from platform to ledge. Don't go to the ship at this time. Its
    not that imperative. Trust me.
    	AH, a good weapon...not really a weapon, but good.  Space Jump boots, allowing
    a second jump in the air.  Get them, its definitely needed. NOW go to the ship
    and rearm and save. With this new technology, your next destination will be the
    Phendrana Drafts again, back to the Shorelines to use the one door you DIDN'T
    go in. Can you find your way? Use any path you wish, see you there! Feel free
    to explore and find what you want or need.
    PLEASE NOTE::::: You can now claim the Strength Chozo Artifact (required for
    near end of game) in the Monitor Station using the Space Jump Boots to reach a
    bridge above you near the blue door leading to Transport Tunnel A.  You need to
    activate the Spinner using the Boost Ball, then follow the path to the blue
    door leading to the Warrior Shrine.
    PLEASE ALSO NOTE::::: You can also visit the Chozo Shrine (blue door you
    haven't used yet off of Landing Site) and recieve all 12 listings for the
    Artifacts and their locations, plus the Truth Artifact. Also in this area is
    NEW CREATURE Seedling and NEW PIRATE DATA Artifact Site and NEW CHOZO LORE
    Statuary and Binding.
    3.2) Phendrana Drafts, Second Visit
    	NEW CREATURES:		Ice Parasite
                                  Ice Shriekbats
    	NEW RESEARCH:		Stalactite
    Phendrana Shorelines:
    	Returning here after coming from where ever, head towards the save station
    side of the area. Head over towards the only blue door you haven't entered. 
    Space Jump up to the ledge over the water, then to the floating platform, then
    to the blue door's platform. Head through.
    Temple Entryway:
    	Watch out for Pulse and Scatter Bombus, and continue onwards to the next room.
    Use Missiles to blow open the ice blockades, since the Bombu will beat the crap
    out of you if you charge up.
    Chozo Ice Temple:
    	NEW CREATURE: Ice Parasite
    	Here's where you master the Space Jump.  Head in, and jump up the block to
    your right as you come into the middle of the room. Begin circling the whole
    room as you ascend. Careful for Ice Parasites and Crystallites as you make your
    way to the top. When you reach the top (or move across to the next part of the
    room) scan the Chozo faces in the room until you find one made of Brinstone
    (the shaman) and Missile it. Bomb Jump into the hole, and bomb the Ball Hole.
    This will open the door to the blue door. Head through.
    Chapel Tunnel:
    	Morph Ball Puzzle. Double Bomb the block as you enter it, and bomb the base of
    the pillar to lower it. Do the same to the other not too far ahead. Head
    through when you're done.
    Chapel of the Elders
    	NEW CREATURE: Sheegoth
    	As you enter, you will see a weapon in the distance. Go to grab it, aww too
    bad it goes out of reach.  Fight the Baby Sheegoths as they come (2 at a time,
    4 total) and then comes the BIG MAMA! Missiles only work on this thing, and
    ONLY while its breathing heavy, which is JUST AFTER it does one of its breath
    attacks, or shoots ice, or shoots stored energy if you shot your cannon at it.
    Time it right and get 2 Missiles for one in there.  There are limited boxes
    around you for Missile ammo, but be sparing if you have a low munition count. 
    ~20 Missiles should do the trick here. After its dead, claim your prize, the
    Wave Beam! With this you can now open purple doors and kill NASTY BOMBUS! :)
    After you're done here, head back to the Shorelines...you'll notice enemies in
    rooms have changed, and there are more Bombus. At least you can kill them now.
    NEXT STEP: From where ever you are, your next destination is the Ice Ruins
    West, Phendrana Drifts. Feel free to explore using your new Wave Beam.  The
    Walkthrough picks up at that point.
    Ice Ruins West:
    	NEW CREATURE: Ice Shriekbats
    	Assuming you are entering from the Shorelines, take out the two Baby Sheegoths
    to your left. Then, head to the right, into the ruins, where the Chozo Lore
    was.  Space jump up the ruins onto the roof. When you get there, scan the rock
    hanging for RESEARCH purposes, then hit it with a Missile. Jump down onto the
    new platform, and jump up to the next roof. Turn to your left until you see
    Crystallites crawling on a alcove. Head that way, taking out the Crystallites
    as neccessary. Jump nimbly from roof to ledge, as there are holes in the roofs.
    Once you get to the ledge under where the Ice Shriekbats flew from, jump to the
    right to reach the purple door. If you are going for 100%, might I suggest
    scanning them, as they are only here now, and never again.
    Courtyard Entryway:
    	Simple hall, avoid the Scarabs and Bombu, and head to the next door.
    Ruined Courtyard:
    	You need to get high up to get anywhere here. When you enter, jump to the
    right, and go around the ledge to the spinner. Activate it and open 2 of the 4
    portholes. Look straight out across the room to find the other one on the far
    side, do the same to that one. All 4 portholes are now open, and a Bomb Hole is
    now accessable. Space Jump up to it (it should be right above you, just go out
    a bit then jump back) and activate it to raise the water level temporarily
    (time limit). Jump across all the ice platforms and fall into the Morph Ball
    hole to claim an Energy Tank.  You'll have to repeat the water raising process
    again after this.  Raise it, and this time jump to the metal platforms on the
    right as you cross the ice.  Jump over to the wall ledges, then onto the top of
    the structure.  You have 3 doors to choose from now. The one to the left is
    unaccessable until later, the one ahead (purple) is your destination, and the
    one to the right (missile) is a Save Station. Save if you shall, then continue
    4) The Secret in the Labs
    4.1) Phendrana Drifts
    	NEW CREATURES:		Shadow Pirate
    					Space Pirate
    					Flying Pirate
    					Ice Beetle
    	NEW PIRATE DATA:		Phazon Analysis
    					Mining Status
    					Security Breaches
    					Parasite Larva
    					Glacial Wastes
    					Phazon Program
    					Meta Ridley
    					Metroid Studies
    					Metroid Morphology
    					Metroid Forces
    	NEW RESEARCH:		Morph Ball Slot
    					Tallon IV
    Specimen Storage:
    	NEW CREATURE: Shadow Pirate
    	As soon as you enter, you will be attacked by an Auto Defense Turret. No
    biggie, take it out. Make noise, then a Shadow Pirate comes. Careful, these
    guys are fast and INCREDIBLY good at melee, which will knock you off balance.
    Use charged Wave Beam to stun, then finish them off while they're stuck. :)
    Continue after they're dead.
    Research Entrance:
    	NEW CREATURE: Space Pirate
    	Upon entering, the Pirates are alerted of your presence, and come in Medium
    Force. Stun and kill fast! After they are dead, the doors will reopen. Head
    forward from the entrance and to the left to the blue door, open, and nab the
    map for Phendrana Drifts. After that, head up the ramps to the purple door,
    taking out the turret as you climb up, and head through.
    Hydra Lab Entryway:
    	Darn Bombus! They're everywhere! Take them out as you head through the
    Research Lab Hydra:
    	NEW PIRATE DATA: Phazon Analysis, Mining Status, Security Breaches, Parasite
    Larva, Glacial Wastes
    	When you enter there is a force field blocking your progress. Scan the panel
    to deactivate it. There are pirates on the other side. Take out the pirates on
    the ground floor (2), then scan the area for Pirate Data.  Head up the elevator
    to take out a few more Pirates and a Turret. Scan the remaining Pirate Data and
    head for the purple door in the alcove. The door will be above your head. Jump
    up into it.
    Observatory Access:
    	As soon as you jump up, 2 Turrets will make your life miserable. Blow them
    away! Collect what you can from boxes. There's one more turret in the distance,
    take it out before it sees you. Then continue on through the purple door ahead.
    	NEW PIRATE DATA: Contact, Phazon Program
    	NEW RESEARCH: Morph Ball Slot (if you haven't scanned it yet), Tallon IV,
    	Pirates love you, they know you're there before you are. They're waiting in
    this room. Killing all of the Pirates in the room will activate a panel in the
    computer area of this room. Scan everything to turn on all computers, and use
    the two bomb slots to activate the holograph imager on the ground.  Use the
    spinners to turn on the top one and activate the hologram in the middle of the
    room for RESEARCH purposes. After activating the hologram, a weapon will be
    shown to you above it. Head for that when you are done collecting data. Collect
    it to earn the Super Missile, the Power Beam's Charge Beam Combo additive. Save
    in the Missile blocked room behind you, then continue on through the purple
    door ahead.
    West Tower Entrance:
    	Love the Bombu, kill the bombu. Finish off the Crystallites and Missile your
    way through the door and continue on, taking the elevator up.
    Control Tower:
    	NEW CREATURE: Flying Pirate
    	Pirates again, first on the ground, then in the air. Finish off the air ones
    with Super Missiles if you want to kill them fast. Try to avoid taking a lot of
    damage, because you won't be heading back to that save station for a while
    unless you do now. Head into the East Tower when you are done killing, and take
    the elevator down.
    Aether Lab Entryway
    	Kill the Bombus as you pass through. Head for the door.
    Research Lab Aether:
    	NEW CREATURE: Metroid
    	NEW PIRATE DATA: Meta Ridley, Metroid Studies, Phazon Infusion, Metroid
    Morphology, Metroid Forces
    	Your best friend, the Metroid! He's back! He's stylish! He's....encased! But
    not for long. Scan him (if you scanned everything I have up until here, that
    should be 50%), get data, then get ready to fight it.  Old school Metroid meant
    you needed an Ice Beam to hurt them.  Don't worry, things are more real now. 
    Charge up your Wave Beam and nail it a few times. It will die. There are more
    in the area, but if you can avoid hitting their cases with missiles, they won't
    bother you. NOTE:: Metroids WILL attack Pirates if they are closer to them than
    you are. Now...continuing on. After you kill the Metroid (Super Missiles work
    best at this point) a Pirate will bust in, kill him, then drop down and finish
    off his buddies. After they're gone, scan the computers for Pirate Data, and
    there is a Missile Expansion about 2/3 of the way up the ramps in the wall, as
    well as an Energy Tank in a case at the bottom (Missile that one out). Head
    over to the next door, which is in the ground, covered by boxes.
    Research Core Access:
    	NEW CREATURE: Ice Beetle
    	As you drop down, an Ice Beetle will attack. No threat, continue on.
    Research Core:
    	As you walk in there are lots of Pirates. Take them out fast, don't let them
    group. Watch for flyers. There are three red panels in the room to scan, one on
    each level as you progress downwards. Each one lowers a force field around a
    new visor to use. Make sure to get them all because you WILL NEED THIS! After
    the force fields are down, and you take care of the turrets on the ground
    floor, take the Thermal Visor. Immediately after taking it, the lights go out.
    Activate the visor now, and you have nearly perfect night vision. Kill the two
    Pirates that jump down and head up the ramps back to the top. Careful for the
    Metroids you saw in this room earlier, because now they come out. When you get
    to the top, go to the door, which is powerless, and activate the Thermal Visor
    if its not on already. You should see a yellow-ish circle in the wall near the
    door to the right of it, shoot it with the Wave Beam to power the door again.
    Head through.
    Research Core Access:
    	As you enter, two Sentry Drones are waiting. They will lock you in with them,
    and they're presence affects your visor. Hit them with the Wave Beam charged up
    to knock them down, and open the doors again.
    Research Lab Aether:
    	Be alert, because the Pirates are using stealth now. Thermal imaging is the
    ONLY way to target them. Use it to take them out before they do the same to
    you. Climb up and back up to the top door, and head out. Your next destination
    is the Ruined Courtyard. Head for that, there's not much else I can say to do,
    but head there for now.
    Ruined Courtyard:
    	Once you get back, save. Then, head to the door on the top level with no
    power. Directly above it is a Cordite panel. Hit is with a Super Missile, then
    shoot it with the Wave Beam to power the door. (Use the Thermal Visor for
    targeting if you need it). Head in.
    Quarantine Access:
    	Bombu kill! Head in and take the 2 Bombus out. Continue to Quarantine.
    North Quarantine Tunnel:
    	All Morph Ball area. Ball up, and boost through to avoid taking too much
    damage from the Pulse Bombus. You can't kill them so just book it through! Head
    for the door at the end.
    Quarantine Cave:
    	NEW CREATURE: Thardus
    	Nice big cave...what for? A battle of course. This guy is a toughie, so listen
    CAREFULLY. He is invunerable to all shots, no matter what. But not to your
    tactics. :) Turn on your thermal scanner. Use it to target his ONE weak rock.
    Pummel it with the Charged Wave Beam, since it will home in. 3-4 100% charged
    shots should do the trick. Once it explodes, the Thermal Visor will go offline.
    Switch back to Combat Visor, and target the weak point, now exposed. 1-2 well
    places Super Missiles will do the trick. Repeat the process to take him down. 
    AVOID HIS ATTACKS:: Ice is bad...when encased, press B rapidly to escape. When
    he rolls, you roll too, out of his way, BOOST! Preserve Missiles, as Super
    takes 5 and charged is not as strong. Supers make the battle shorter. Shoot the
    rocks he throws for health and ammo if you need it. About half way through the
    battle, he will make a fog in the room.  Combot visor will have LIMITED range
    now, so be sharp! After you kill him he'll fall into a pile of rocks, and give
    one last attempt to get you....by tossing a pebble at you...:) Claim the Spider
    Ball after that! Use it to reach the high ledge, and follow the Morph Ball path
    onwards to Magmoor Caverns.
    4.2) Magmoor Caverns, Out of the Frying Pan...Into the Fire
    	NEW CREATURES:		Puddle Spore
    Transport Tunnel C:
    	Travel along the thin corridor, avoiding the overhead flames that will hurt
    very much.
    Magmoor Workstation:
    	Welcome to the Workstation. Lots of Pirates in the area at this point. Take
    them out fast if you are still weak from Thardus. After the Flyers are downed,
    jump to the ground level. You'll find a circular hole, drop into it as Morph
    Ball and take out the Triclopses in the center under the grating. Once they're
    dead, climb out, and use thermal imaging to find three circular heat sources
    nearby. Each one is near a door on the ground level. Activating those will cool
    one section of lava. Morph Ball into that section from where the Triclopses
    were (see now you won't have to deal with them). Roll through the tunnel and up
    to the panel at the end. Scanning it will cool another path, but only for a
    short while. You need to scan the next panel to make the change permanent. So
    make it quick! All paths are linked in that central grated pit. Repeat the
    process of scanning in the next room to cool the third path, leading to an
    Energy Tank. YAY! Now, roll out, and head for the blue door thats fairly close
    to the ground.
    South Core Tunnel:
    	NEW CREATURE: Puddle Spore
    	Easy area, just target the Puddle Spore, and when it pops up, shoot it. It
    will flip over and then use it as a stepping stone. Kill the Burrowers, and
    move on.
    Geothermal Core:
    	Same process as before, use the Puddle Spores as platforms and head across to
    the other door. You can't reach anything in this room yet, so come back later.
    North Core Tunnel:
    	As you come to the lava, look up, and shoot out the rocks with a missile to
    crush the Magmoor underneath. Use the rocks as a platform to cross the lava.
    Twin Fires:
    	Name says it all, two pits of lava in two rooms. Find rocks up high to Missile
    out into the lava. Take out the Puffers from a distance, and move around the
    first room avoiding the lava. After knocking the second set of rocks down, jump
    to the crates you see, and move through that cave to move into room 2 of Twin
    Fires. Avoid the flames by rolling underneath them. Crush the Magmoor to the
    left with the rocks overhead, and jump across using them. Head through the last
    tunnel by rolling under the flames and enter the door.
    Twin Fires Tunnel:
    	Don't try to cross the lava...instead, look to the left for a small hole, and
    Spider Ball over it. This will lead back to the lift to Tallon Overworld West.
    Take it up.
    NOTE: With your new Spider Ball, you are free to revisit sites. Do so if you
    please, and the walkthrough will pick up at Furnace, Chozo Ruins. I trust you
    can find your way.
    4.3) Chozo Ruins, The Cold of Ice
          NEW CHOZO LORE:            Cradle
                                     Hatchling's Shell
          NEW RESEARCH:              Magnetic Rail
          NEW CREATURE:              Plated Parasite
                                     Chozo Ghost
    	NEW CHOZO LORE: Cradle
    	NEW RESEARCH: Magnetic Rail
          NEW CREATURE: Plated Parasite
    	Remember how you couldn't do anything in this area really? Well now you can.
    Use the Spider Ball to climb the track right at the entrance. In this small
    cavern, you'll need to roll quickly across, lay a bomb and bomb jump up ASAP.
    Those blocks disappear after a second at the most. Quick roll across the second
    row, then continue on. In the new part of the Furnace, head to the left after
    entering and killing the Beetles.
    Crossway Access West:
    	Easy tunnel, just head through.
    	NEW CHOZO LORE: Infestation, Hatchling's Shell, Worm
    	Jump down into the half pipe and Boost up and to the left. Scan the 3 Chozo
    Lores, and then the Cordite panel. (OPTIONAL) Shoot it with a Super Missile to
    expose the switch. Scan it to release a Magnetic rail. Use the half pipe to
    boost up to it. Travel along the rail and plug into the Bomb Hole. Activate it
    to expose another rail in the room. Repeat the process of plug and bomb, and a
    lift will be lowered. This one is timed, so roll in quick. Claim the Missile
    Expansion up here. (END OPTIONAL) Go through the passage beyond the Cordite
    panel and continue on until the doorway.
    Elder Hall Access:
    	Follow the path, watch out for Scarabs.
    Hall of the Elders:
          NEW CREATURE: Chozo Ghost
          NEW CHOZO LORE: Hope
    	Before going far, head forward and to the left, there is a missile charger
    inside the Morph Ball passage. Drop down into the room and face the Chozo
    Ghost. Ghosts can become invisible to your visors (except x-ray which you don't
    have) so when you DO see them, lock on and use a Super Missile.  1-2 of those
    can wipe it out fast. After its dead, jump up into the Chozo statue's hands as
    a Morph Ball, have it toss you, and then cling to the Magnetic Rail you end up
    at. Pop into the Morph Ball Plug and Bomb it to activate 3 switches. Each
    responds to a different Beam. Wave, Ice, and Plasma. Activate the Wave, since
    thats all you have right now. Shoot it, then plug and bomb it. A path will open
    in the main part of the level. Ball up in the statue's hands again, and it will
    throw you somewhere new now. Roll past the force field, and scan a nearby panel
    to deactivate it. Then head through the blue door.
    Reflecting Pool Access:
    	Straightforward tunnel, nothing to see here.
    Reflecting Pool:
    	As you come in, jump into the pool in front of you. Bomb the drain at the
    bottom. Now you have a half pipe. Use it to propel yourself upwards. Use the
    Stone Toads to catch you and basically place you on the higher platforms if you
    want, or land yourself, either or. The left side is your destination, where the
    right side is Save. Go into the left door, collect the Ice Beam (yay!) and then
    head over to the save. Take the elevator beyond the white door through the
    Reflecting Pool Room.
    4.4) Phendrana Drifts, Altering Gravity
    NOTE:: Make your way to the Quarantine Cave however you choose to, collecting
    anything you wish, but meet here, as this is where I start.  From the
    Quarantine Cave, head up the rails and onto the ledge, heading for the South
    Quarantine Tunnel. Go past the elevator beyond, and up the next magnetic rail.
    Transport Access:
    	Watch out for the Pulse Bombu as you pass through.
    Frozen Pike:
    	Your destination is the second to last purple door to the ground. The one just
    above water. Travel along the ledges on the walls if you fall down. Eventually
    they lead right back up to the door you want.
    Frost Cave Access:
    	Jump up and Morph Ball through the small tunnel to the other side. Take out
    the Ice Beetles and Scarabs, then head into the door.
    Frost Cave:
    	NEW CREATURE: Hunter Metroid
    	OOO fun, Metroids again. This time Hunters. Ice Beam and one missile will kill
    it.  Look up, and take out the two rock spikes in the ceiling to make steps for
    you to use later. You can reach the purple door to the right by Space Jumping
    to the ledge you just dropped, enter that for a save station. Next, take the
    other purple door, using the other dropped rock ledge, to continue onwards.
    Upper Edge Tunnel:
    	BIG LONG MORPH BALL TUNNEL! No trick to it, just Ball up and go!
    Phendrana's Edge:
    	Ignore the two Flying Pirates and drop straight down into the water. Find the
    submerged purple door that is up two small rock steps.
    Lower Edge Tunnel:
    	Step through (underwater) and take out the Bombus ahead. You'll need to Ball
    up to reach the door at the end of the tunnel.
    Hunter Cave:
    	Love the name, does it mean Hunter Metroids? Thankfully no. Dispatch the 3
    rock spikes on the roof to drop some ledges onto ground level to work with.
    Reach the bottom, get out of the water, if you fell in, then jump across the 2
    ledges in the water to the natural ledge, where you need to Jump up the 3rd
    ledge you dropped to reach the first purple door.
    Lake Tunnel:
    	Dispatch the Bombu, then head underwater to the Gravity Chamber.
    Gravity Chamber:
    	Use thermal imaging and Combat Visor in junction to see all enemies, and
    navigate this small underwater cave. Head forward, jump across the pit of 3
    Aqua Vines, then climb up the ledges. Follow the top ledge for a while. At the
    end of it, turn on the Thermal Visor and you should see the Gravity Suit (a
    small circle glowing yellow heat) in the distance.  Shoot out the 3 Vines, then
    make a space jump towards it. Climb the remaining ledges to reach it, and
    viola, you now can move through water like it's nothing. :) With this, make
    your way up and out of the water. Circle the ice above water to reach the top
    purple door.
    Chamber Access:
    	Take out the one Sentry Drone to unlock the doors and continue back into the
    Hunter Cave.
    Hunter Cave:
    	Flyers made their way in, take them down, the circle the ledge you came in on
    to find the next door to go through.
    Hunter Cave Access:
    	Make your way down and through the waters, avoid whatever you choose, and head
    through the purple door at the end.
    Frozen Pike:
    	You need to make your way back you halfway up to the purple door. Circle the
    room, then cross the branch bridge. Jump left, to the ledge, the twice more to
    the first door. Circle the room again, heading further up. Cross another branch
    bridge, and head through the door. This will return you to the labs. Feel free
    to head where ever you wish from here, but the FAQ will pick back up at the
    Landing Site in Tallon Overworld (where your ship is).
    4.5) Tallon Overworld, The Downed Frigate
    	NEW CREATURE:            Tallon Crab
                                   Aqua Reaper
                                   Aqua Sac
                                   Aqua Drone
    Landing Site:
    	Head behind the ship and to the left down to a watery area and a blue door.
    Head through.
    Waterfall Cavern:
    	Come in, avoid the Blastcaps. Roll underneath the low forming rocks, and head
    for the door.
    Frigate Crash Site:
    	This is the ship that you were on in the beginning, now crashed into the
    planet surface. Head across the water and up to the entrance of the ship. 
    Watch out for flyers. There are a lot of dying/injured Pirates on the ground.
    Kill them to avoid having to later.  Blast the boxes in front of the door to
    continue onwards.
    Frigate Access Tunnel:
    	Straightforward. Tangle Weeds may slow you down, but thats about it.
    Main Ventilation Shaft Section C
    	Ah nostalgia...you were here not too long ago. Oh well, jump down from there
    and into the shaft.  Hit the bottom, and take the only passage out of the main
    shaft. The areas around here will be mostly underwater...try and make due with
    the speed you can make under there without the Gravity Suit. Morph Ball through
    the rubble, and shoot out the grey door to continue.
    Main Ventilation Shaft Section B
    	Two small Turrets are still active. Freeze them, then take them down easily.
    Use the Thermal Visor to find a power source for the door. Its directly above
    it, indicated by a glowing circle in infrared mode. This will power the door to
    enter.  Head down two doors.
    Main Ventilation Shaft Section A
          NEW CREATURE: Tallon Crab
    	Take out the Tallon Crabs, they do alot of damage together. Head down the
    tunnel into the water and into the Reactor Core ahead.
    Reactor Core:
          NEW CREATURE: Jelzap, Aqua Reaper
    	Fall down to the bottom of the Core, but watch out for Jelzaps. They use
    Electric attacks, which can hurt, so use Ice to freeze them, then deal with
    them as you wish.  Only their exposed center is vunerable. Careful at the
    bottom, the Aqua Reapers can hurt BIG time. Avoid them, and head up a little
    above ground level, to the first platform level, where you once stood fighting
    the Parasite Queen. Head for the only blue door on this level. You'll need to
    hit 4 power switches (round spots that only show up on Thermal Scans) with the
    Wave Beam. One is right next to the door, one is below the door, on the first
    level, to the right of the platforms you jump to reach the door, the third is
    around one side of the first level, on the other wall, and the fourth is on the
    sand level, underneath the area where the second switch is. Now head for the
    Reactor Access:
    	Now you only need to hit 2 switches. Each is to the left or right of the door,
    easy enough. Head through the OTHER blue door and save the game if you choose,
    then head through the newly powered door.
    Cargo Freight Lift to Deck Gamma:
    	The Lift in this area is dead, so there's no use in trying that. Blast it open
    with your charged cannon to claim the energy tank within. Next, just outside
    and on the right of the lift door, scan with your thermal visor to see a
    heat/power source. Shot it with the Wave Beam like the others you have. Thats
    one, there are 3 on the way up to the top, and its better to get them now than
    after. Climb on top of the lift, and make your way up the platforms floating in
    the water. Watch out for the 2 Aqua Reapers near the start of your climb. After
    hitting the first Aqua Reaper, and jumping to and from his platform, face the
    direction that would lead you down, and scan the wall with thermal. There's
    number two. Climb all the way to the top, out of the water, and stop when you
    get there. The last on is here. Three is just to the left as you get up, hit it
    and head for the door.
    Deck Beta Transit Hall:
    	Straightforward. Nothing to see here.
    Biohazard Containment:
    	NEW CREATURE: Aqua Drone
    	Can't you keep your old maps? This would be so much easier. First thing. Turn
    on your thermal visor. There's switch number 1 just ahead and to the right of
    you as you enter. Head around the platform, taking out the 2 turrets over it as
    you pass through, and when you reach the end, scan the wall with thermal to
    find switch number 2. Jump down into the water. Once you drop down, Aqua Drones
    will come to stop you. Charged Wave Beam will short them out. There's one more
    switch inside one of the containment stores, use thermal to find it. Number 3,
    and the door is open.
    Deck Beta Security Hall:
    	Take out the Aqua Reapers as you walk through the passage to the next door.
    Biotech Research Area 1:
    	As you come in, 3 Flying Pirates would love to make your acquaintance. Take
    them down. Shouldn't be too hard since they're slow, can't fire lasers, and
    their missiles move slower than turtles. After they're gone, thermal scan the
    left wall of where you came in, and hit switch number 1 with the wave beam.
    Jump down into the water. Straight out across the way, you should see switch
    number 2. Hit that too. Then, turn around, and underneath the platform you were
    on is number three. The door should now be powered. Head over to number two,
    and jump up the cracked platforms leading back up to the second level. Jump
    over the gap and you're out of there.
    Deck Beta Conduit Hall:
    	Take out the Aqua Reapers again and head on to the next area.
    Connection Elevator to Deck Beta:
    	NEW CREATURE: Aqua Sac
    	Watch a couple of Pirate carcasses float up to the top of the shaft, then jump
    down and head through the door at the bottom.
    Hydro Access Tunnel:
    	Head in, and Morph Ball your way to the left into the puzzle. Come in, and
    bomb your way up. One should do, you float nicely wherever you see bubbles
    going up, and it make double bomb jumps work nicely...maybe even triple if you
    have the room. Which you do! Drop down to the next small drop, and triple bomb
    jump up to an energy tank. After that, continue to the right through the
    Great Tree Hall:
    	Watch for Jelzaps as you come in. Head in, then to the left and head up the
    tree trunk. Climb the rock ledge thereafter and get out of the water. Take the
    first white door you see, and head down the tunnel.
    Transport Tunnel E:
    	Take out the Seedlings, then head for the Transport to the Phazon Mines.
    5) They mined too deeply, and greedily...
    5.1) Phazon Mines, Next Stop Evil Bioengineering Labs
    	NEW CREATURES:            Mega Turret
                                    Wave Trooper
                                    Power Trooper
                                    Ice Trooper
                                    Elite Pirate
    	NEW PIRATE DATA:          Elite Pirates
                                    The Hunter
                                    Metroid Prime
                                    Hunter Weapons
                                    Chozo Studies
                                    Chozo Artifacts
                                    Prime Mutations
                                    Prime Breach
                                    Chozo Ghosts
                                    Omega Pirate
    Quarry Access:
    	Welcome to the mines. Nothing much in this room. Move on to the excitement.
    Main Quarry:
    	NEW CREATURE: Mega Turret
    	As you come in, there will be quite a few Pirates up in the central area, as
    well as a few Turrets near your destination path. There's a save station to the
    left and ahead, through the purple door, and your destination is further ahead
    and to the left, in a white door behind a yellow forcefield. Head straight
    forward, and down towards the forcefield to take it down. Over the forcefield
    are 2 Mega Turrets. Very powerful offensively and defensively. 3-4 Missiles
    will do the trick, I suggest combining with charged Ice Beam. When that's done,
    scan the panel back at the turn in the path, as well as the panel halfway
    between that one and the field itself, to open the field. Head for the white
    door when you're ready.
    Security Access A:
    	As you walk in and to your right, more Turrets will be waiting. Don't come in
    too fast, they won't see you yet. Aim for the back most one by quickly peering
    around the corner, and fire a Super Missile at it. The blast will take the two
    of them out. Head forwards through the white door afterwards.
    Mine Security Station:
    	NEW CREATURE: Wave Trooper
    	As you come in, turn to your right, and turn on your Thermal Visor. A couple
    of cloaked Pirates are in the room, and will charge knowing you're here. Take
    them down, head forward, ignore the forcefield for now, and head to the end of
    the tunnel. Turn right into a small cave/tunnel. Head up the hill, and pull out
    your Wave Beam. You'll see why. As you hit the top and turn right, three purple
    Pirates will fall. These guys are only vunerable to the Wave Beam. Charge up
    and take them down. The doors will then unlock, and you can head on into the
    next room. Head for the door.
    Security Access B:
    	Head forward as you head in, and shoot out the pipes blocking your path. Any
    gun will do. Keep in mind that each pipe path you destroy, a Shadow Pirate will
    come to greet you (except the 3rd path) Head for the door after dispatching
    these guys.
    Elite Research:
    	NEW CREATURE: Power Trooper
    	NEW PIRATE DATA: Elite Pirates
    	OOO! Big fellow in the middle of the room. Dispatch the two Space Pirates
    working near him with quick shots. Scan the computers for info. One of them
    will lower the platforms. Climb them, and take out the two Wave Troopers
    waiting for you. Scan the computers behind the blue bars that rose up when you
    got there to activate the next set of platforms. Climb those. Up here, a Power
    Trooper will be waiting. These guys are only vunerable to missiles and the
    Power Beam. Take him down. One Super Missile will suffice. Head for the
    computers. Use the spinner two times to turn it towards the hidden door. Scan
    the red computer mark in your visor to activate the gun. This will uncover your
    path. THERE IS A HIDDEN MISSILE EXPANSION in this room, turn the gun all the
    way around to face you, then turn two more rooms to the left. Fire at it to
    claim it. Head for the door afterwards.
    Research Access:
    	Activate your Morph Ball, and grab onto the magnetic rail. Slide down through
    the holes in the rotating sections in the cave, and make your way to the door.
    Ore Processing:
    	As you enter, two Power Troopers will attack from each side. Take them down
    fast to avoid too much damage, as these guys are MUCH quicker and merciless
    than standard Pirates. Head to the other side, and pop up into the machine in
    Morph Ball mode. Rotate it once to line up the blue track on the center pole,
    and climb up. Land on the platform and head around to the second machine. You
    want to line up the red section now. Check above the machine (as you are in it)
    to make sure it lines up right, but it should be two turns on this one. Jump
    back down, and turn the bottom machine three turns. Roll on over, and climb the
    red rail. Circle the platform, and head for the door. As you do so, a Wave
    Trooper will jump down. Take him out, then head on.
    Elevator Access A:
    	A shaft full of Bombu! Take out the Wave Beam, and fry these guys below you in
    the shaft (3 of them). Jump down after and head for the door. Activate and take
    the Elevator down to the next section.
    Elite Control Access:
    	Head around the corner, and stop when you see green gas at the ceiling. Aim up
    at an explosive box on a ledge ahead. Shoot out, and claim the missile
    expansion. This will also kill a Pirate up ahead! Head for the door afterwards.
    Elite Control:
    	NEW CREATURES: Ice Trooper, Elite Pirate
    	NEW PIRATE DATA: The Hunter, Metroid Prime, Hunter Weapons, Chozo Studies,
    Chozo Artifacts, Prime Mutations, Prime Breach, Chozo Ghosts
    	Head in, and as you turn the corner, a nice little Elite Pirate will make your
    day. Aim for his head, shoot only missiles (this includes super missiles),
    everything else it absorbs. When its dead, it will disable the forcefields.
    Take out the Ice Trooper that comes to meet you, then scan what you choose and
    head up the ramp. Another Ice Trooper will be waiting at the top of the ramp,
    kill it and head onwards. When you round the corner, a third will be waiting.
    Take him down, and the room is secured. Scan the computers at the very top of
    the ramp to lower the forcefield at the top and head on through the door.
    Ventilation Shaft:
    	Head in and jump down. As soon as you do, the half pipe will flood with
    poisonous gas and Puffers. Head in and to the left as fast as you can and head
    for the next area.
    Omega Research:
    	NEW PIRATE DATA: Omega Pirate
    	As you come in, two Wave Troopers will make their way after you from a
    distance. Take them out. Take out the three Power Troopers from above too, then
    jump down into the center of the room and deactivate the yellow forcefield.
    Head down the circular cave in the other direction to head on to the next area.
    Dynamo Access:
    	Almost there. Head in, and straight through to the other door.
    Central Dynamo:
    	As soon as you come in, jump into the center of the room. An invisible Sentry
    will try and take you down. Aim in the general direction of the lights it
    emits, and take it down. The explosion will open a small hole in the grating.
    Head down and into a newly activated maze of electricity. The map is random, so
    I can't help you on how to get through. Just know you can not go through the
    beams. Find water puddles and bomb them to make holes in the beams, and yellow
    beams are temporary, as they turn on and off in pattern. At the center is the
    Power Bombs. When you get them, you'll automatically bomb the core, and you're
    ready to continue. These bombs, though limited, can take out nearly anything,
    especially Bendezium. Head into the unblocked white door on the ground to save,
    unblock the other to continue on.
    Quarantine Access A:
    	Take out the 4 Turrets all at once with a Super Missile to one of the center
    turrets. Then head on.
    Metroid Quarantine A:
    	Basically, this area, right now, is just for fun, because you can't continue
    past this part. Open the forcefields by scanning the computers, and let the
    Metroids eat the Pirates. Loads of laughs ;) but anyways. Head back to Ore
    Processing, and clear off the 3rd floor central rotator, line up the yellow
    track, climb up and claim the Grapple Beam. NICE! Watch out for Metroids
    though. This concludes this chapter of the story, as you now need to head back
    to the Tallon Overworld, and visit some new areas. Feel free to venture about
    for items with your new toys, as I will continue the walkthrough starting from
    the Great Tree Hall in Tallon Overworld.
    NOTE:: You will need to fight another Elite Pirate, as well as some new,
    additional enemies ahead. Keep your eyes open.
    5.2) Tallon Overworld, The Artifact Within
    Great Tree Hall: Make your way to the stop. I start from the Spinner a short
    ways up. Open the 5 bad gate to continue, using the spinner. Climb up a bit
    more, and take out the Bloodflower and Seedling to your right and left
    respectively. Climb up to where the Bloodflower was, then jump to where the
    Seedling was. Take out the next Bloodflower, and jump up to where it perched.
    Look out from that perch, and find the magnetic rail nearby. Jump to it, then
    use it to climb to the top. Head through the door after dropping onto the upper
    Life Grove Tunnel:
    	Use a Power Bomb to uncover the hole, and Morph Ball into the gap. In the
    large O shaped part of the small area, Boost ball until you get to the top,
    then bomb your way through to a missile expansion. Continue on.
    Life Grove:
    	Behold as you enter, the X-Ray Visor. Turn it on from where you are to see
    that half the ways are blow-up-able with a Power Bomb (you'll see right through
    the ones you can destroy). Break them up, then head into the expanded area not
    on your map. Head towards the waterfall, and bomb the grating under the water
    to raise a platform. Still underwater, use the spinner at the base. Spin to
    turn the bottom, raise it, and reveal an Artifact. The Artifact of Chozo. Nice
    Job! Its a bit of a puzzle getting out now, but not too hard. Starting from the
    X-ray Visor location, look left for a ledge. Climb up two ledges to reach a
    small groove you can roll through and up to a wood bridge. From the wood
    bridge, climb up and jump over to the left to a structural ledge on the wall
    (stone i think) doing which causes 3 Chozo Ghosts to appear. Use the X-Ray
    Visor to see them at all times. Take them down to open the exit. From this
    ledge, jump to another to the right, then take the wood bridge. Jump to the
    left to another rock ledge, then another bridge, then another ledge, then to
    the central area, where you use the newly uncovered hole to head back to the
    Your next destination will be the Geothermal Core in the Magmoor Caverns. I
    will restart the Walkthrough from there, hope you can find your way easy
    enough. Feel free to explore.
    5.3) Magmoor Caverns, Center of the World
    Geothermal Core:
    	Back in the Caverns. Make your way to the Core, and start at the blue door
    heading to South Core Tunnel. Jump up the two ledges near there, and aim for
    the Grappling Hook Mark under one of the discs in the room, and Grapple over to
    the lowest disk. Use the Spinner constantly until the disc spins to the top of
    the threads it spins on. Jump over to the next lowest and repeat the process.
    Then, jump back to the first disc, but jump to the higher part of it, now that
    it's raised. Jump to the third disc from here, and spin it to the top. Use the
    magnetic rail on the third disc column and get on top of the newly risen third
    disc. Jump from there to the high, second disc. Bomb the hole, to raise the
    roof and expand the room to add another puzzle! Using the bombs and spider
    ball, reach the extended pipe and spider ball up it. Follow the path
    continuously. You will reach platforms of magnetic rail that you can freely
    roll around on, but be weary of the Parasites crawling along them. Continue on.
    After the first wall of Magnets, there will be a platform and a small hill,
    roll down, holding R so you will latch onto the next rail without falling. Bomb
    your way up and across the bricks on the walls. After the S pattern wall of
    magnets (watch out for Parasites) bomb your way up the jagged path, then drop a
    huge drop down to the next rail. Make your way up the next magnetic wall, then
    drop down to the stairs of magnetic bricks. Bomb your way up them, then roll
    over to the door. Head in.
    Plasma Processing:
    	Head over the small platforms, and claim the Plasma Beam! Head back into the
    Core, and start heading for the area on your map marked as "Magmoor
    Workstation" (you've been here) and head for the blue door that leads to
    another elevator (elevator may not show up yet). The elevator will lead to
    Phazon Mines West.
    Workstation Tunnel:
    	This is where you should end up. Power Bomb the rubble, and head through the
    white door to the elevator.
    5.4) Phazon Mines, Dwelving Deeper...
    	NEW CREATURE:            Plasma Trooper
                                   Omega Pirate
    	NEW PIRATE DATA:         Special Forces
    Transport Access:
    	As soon as you enter, freeze. DO NOT step into the blue Phazon, for it will
    HURT! Grapple over the pit. Head for the door.
    Phazon Processing Center:
    	NEW CREATURE: Plasma Trooper
    	Take out the Mega Turret right to you left as you step in and head forwards.
    Head to the edge of the platform, and look down. Take out the Power Trooper,
    then jump across to the moving platform. Aim your jump, and jump down. Down as
    far as you want. Take out the other Power Trooper, the Plasma Trooper, and the
    Mega Turret on the lower level. Head for the white door on the second level.
    There is a Wave and Plasma Trooper waiting there. Take them out, or just head
    on in.
    Maintenance Tunnel:
    	Use Power Bombs in the Morph Ball hole to trash the rubble, then head back to
    familiar territory. You are heading for Metroid Quarantine A, the area where
    you released the Metroids on the Pirates. En Route, you will encounter many
    Troopers, an Elite Pirate that was once frozen, and a hand full of other small
    things. Otherwise, its the same path as before. Head for that area, I will pick
    from there when you arrive.
    Metroid Quarantine A:
    	Once you get here, take out the 2 Metroids still in the room, and the 3 just
    outside in the Quarantine area. Head for the downed force-field. Climb the
    nearby mushrooms, look out at the Phazon pit, and activate the X-Ray Visor.
    Jump across the platforms. As soon as you reach the other side, take out the 2
    Metroids waiting around the corner to the left. Climb up the mushroom to the
    right, and jump up to the platform. Use the X-Ray again to see the moving
    platform to reach the magnetic rails. Use the magnetic rails to reach the white
    Elevator Access B:
    	Take out the three Burrowers as you come in. Jump across the small pit ahead
    and head for the red door. Take the elevator down. Look out the window in the
    elevator to see the Impact Crater and Tallon Overworld from afar (nifty to see
    :) ).
    Fungal Hall Access:
    	As you come in, aim down and kill the Power Trooper waiting on the next
    platform. Head down and head to the next area.
    Fungal Hall A:
    	NEW CREATURE: Glider
    	Take out the Hunter Metroid not too far from the entrance. The object of this
    area is to stay above ground. Jump from mushroom to mushroom to avoid falling.
    Continue on, taking out the Hunter Metroids as you come across them, until you
    reach a small area where a Glider is moping about. Use the Grapple Hook on him
    to reach the far mushroom near the door.
    Phazon Mining Tunnel:
    	Power Bomb the first set of rocks, then head into the tunnel. Please note,
    this tunnel branches off in two directions...do NOT try and take the direction
    flooded with Phazon...you won't make it through. Head to the left in the
    tunnel. Boost across the small, disappearing platforms. Head right after those.
    There is a bombable wall, heading right, that's the path NOT to take, head left
    and head out.
    Fungal Hall B:
    	Metroids are here too, so make sure to keep your eyes open. This is another
    jump from mushroom to mushroom level, so take them out early, as they love to
    interrupt your jumps. Head into the center of the area, and use the Glider as a
    Grapple point again to reach the out of reach mushroom near the door.
    Quarantine Access B:
    	As you come in, take out the three invisible Pulse Bombus and jump from
    mushroom to mushroom across the Phazon to the other door. Fairly simple. Use
    the X-Ray to see the Bombus if you don't realize yet that thats what its for.
    Metroid Quarantine B:
    	NEW PIRATE DATA: Special Forces
    	As you come in, take out the two Plasma Troopers that will jump down at you.
    Continue on a little bit, and take out the other two Plasma Troopers in the
    distance. Then, use the magnetic rail ahead. Grapple across the pit, and scan
    the panel to open the forcefield. Head through, take out the Plasma Trooper on
    the ground, then head to the door to the left to save. Come back and use the
    platform and ramp to head up, take out the 2 Wave Troopers at the top of the
    ramp. Head around the platform, and head for the other door.
    Elite Quarters Access:
    	Take out the Plasma Trooper as you come into the corridor, then thaw the ice
    around the door mechanism to open it. Head through.
    Elite Quarters:
    	NEW CREATURE: Omega Pirate
    	I hope you like the sounds Samus makes when she dies, because you'll probably
    hear them alot now. Scan the Omega before you fight it, to get it out of the
    way. First things first, it is invincible as long as you can see it. Aim for
    the 4 spots on its armor made of Phazon. A few Charged Plasmas or Super
    Missiles will do the trick. Make sure you have a clean line of fire, or it
    won't count. When all four are destroyed, Omega gets pissed, calls in 2 random
    color Troopers, and disappears. Take out the 2 Troopers quick, then turn on
    your X-ray or Thermal (one or the other) to track Omega. Fire at it with Super
    missiles to do the most damage. The faster you act, the more shots you can get
    in before it becomes visible again. Repeat the process until it dies. Avoid the
    shockwaves it releases by double jumping (after it does those is the PERFECT
    time to strike) and roll away if it gets too close. After you kill it, you will
    get the Phazon Suit.
    OK now that you have that, you can go most places you could not before.
    Anywhere there is BLUE Phazon (there are two different colors, blue and orange,
    but blue is most common). You can go back and get the Artifact of Newborn in
    the Phazon Mining Tunnel (in the path I told you not to take, take it now.)
    Make sure you go up the elevator to the top of the area you fought Omega in,
    and claim your energy tank through the red door above. Go forth, and find any
    new items you wish You objective now is to find all 12 Artifacts. Once you do,
    head for the Impact Crater, which is just next to your ship (go to the place
    marked Artifact Temple). If you haven't found them all, you can get hints at
    the Artifact Temple, or read my section on where they are. Good Luck, and I'll
    see you at the Artifact Temple when you're done!
    6) Impact Crater: Ground Zero, and beyond...
    6.1) Meta-Ridley: Old Nemesis, New Powers
    	NEW CREATURES:            Meta-Ridley
    Artifact Temple:
    	NEW CREATURE: Meta-Ridley
    	After you enter the Temple, and place the 12 Artifacts, the doorway to the
    Impact Crater's innards will open. Then, Meta-Ridley comes in and busts up the
    temple, closing the doorway. He doesn't like you much, and with his new armor
    and weapons, he's going to show you a good time. Ridley is vunerable in one
    place only: his chest. As long as he is not standing on the platform, his
    attacks are fairly simple to avoid. Lock on, and pummel him with the Plama
    Beam. Your shots will be effective after you scan him, and as long as you can
    get a clean shot to his chest or mouth. Charged shots are DEFINITELY effective
    while he is stationary in the air, or on the ground, not very much while he is
    moving. After taking some damage, Ridley will fly into the distance, then do
    fly-by's dropping homing bombs. Move around and space jump to avoid the blasts.
    Note that while he is flying by, its almost impossible to hit him. Wait until
    he comes back. After you get him down to about 30% health, Ridley lands on the
    platform, and loses his wings. Now comes the hard part. And I do mean hard (my
    first time, he wasted me for 8 tanks before I figured out how to hurt him,
    beating him with 2 energy left!) His mouth is your target, when ever it is
    open, which is rare now. He will protect his mouth 75% of the time, so evasion
    is key to making this battle last. When he recoils his neck up and to the
    right, he is about to charge, get out of the way! If you don't dodge, he'll
    follow up with another dash, and another until you DO dodge. When you dodge, he
    will lose track of you and spin around quick after a second or two. You need to
    JUMP if you are close, because that tail will hurt! When he leans in and
    screams at you, release a charged Plasma Beam shot into his throat, this will
    get him to shoot up and expose his chest. Pummel him with whatever you want,
    the more damage, the more chances to hit him again before he continues his
    attack. NOTE that he can't be hurt while he's spitting that fire beam at you
    when in the second stage of attack.
    	After you beat Ridley to the end, a cool cinematic will occur, and the door to
    the Crater below will open again. Head down...
    6.2) Navigating the Mines
          NEW CREATURES: Fission Metroid, Lumigek
    	NOTE:: Since this area is so small, I'm not naming each area, as there are
    only 2 rooms.
    	As you come in, save, and head through the red door ahead. The stuff below you
    is orange Phazon, and your suit can NOT protect you from it. Look ahead, and
    take out the massive group of Lumigeks, and then Space Jump over and head for
    the next door. This room is one of the most FRUSTRATING in the game. Meet
    Fission Metroids, after you kill one, it splits into two that can only be
    harmed by the weapon which color they match...annoying huh? Not only that, but
    there ARE an INFINITE AMOUNT of these, so don't bother trying to kill them ALL.
    Kill the immediate ones, then head for the small floating platforms. Head up
    these, and continue up. There is a missile recharge center in the door half way
    up, on the long ledge, which I suggest using so that your special weapons will
    be nicely charged for the upcoming battle. Save your missiles from here on out,
    and continue up the path. NOTE! ALL METROIDS IN THE GAME ARE 100% WEAK AGAINST
    WILL NEED A GOOD AMOUNT FOR LATER (4+). Make your way up, and head for the
    final door. Head in to find...
    6.3) Metroid Prime: The Final Debut
    	NEW CREATURE: Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime Second Form
    	Metroid Prime, one big-ass Metroid. Yeah it doesn't look like one, but it's
    to avoid damage, so keep an eye on what its color is. Now, to strategy. Match
    Prime's color, thats key, and don't forget to scan, this will give you weak
    points to target, namely its eyes. Use the rocks for cover, because they won't
    be there forever. Save energy and missiles, but feel free to use weapon
    additives. Prime has a few different attacks in this form. First, is a beam
    cannon of it's color type. Yellow - weak beam, purple - energy beam which will
    disrupt charge up and visor, white - freeze beam VERY PAINFUL, and red - lava
    beam, residual damage incurred if you are hit, meaning damage continues a short
    while after hit. Avoid the beams by dodging, but keep in mind he may fire in
    successions of 2 or 3 in a row. Prime will also fire seeking missiles, which
    move very fast. Dodge and jump quick, these can do 30-80 damage a hit depending
    on how many hit you, and what color he is (basically same scale as beam
    color/strength). He MAY charge at you just after he takes a lot of damage and
    before he changes color. After a few times of recoiling in pain, Prime will go
    down a level in the Crater, you will follow. Now he adds two new
    attacks...first, he will launch slow moving projectiles at you that will take
    out 50-100 energy if they hit you. Match his color, and lock on and charge shot
    them down. Shoot them while they're closer to you, because they WILL drop
    items. His second new attack is changing his position in the room. After Prime
    takes a lot of damage from a particular beam, he will run across the room.
    Avoid him by balling up and rolling through the trenches in the ground.
    Continue to pummel him until he falls again. On the third fall, he will add a
    rare attack to his list, a Grapple Beam, directed at you. I'm not completely
    sure you can escape, but it is a good opportunity to get some unshielded damage
    in on him. Keep firing, he might let go, but damage is medium to light from
    this attack. Continue to fire, as he changes color more rapidly as he falls
    from level to level. Use the slow projectiles to power up when needed. After
    you run him down to nothing, the wall next to him will collapse, and he will
    crawl through...follow him...
    	As you follow him down, Prime will be melting from his mettalic suit he was
    wearing...then comes...Prime's true form...more Metroid like...but get
    this...Prime's true form is INVINCIBLE TO ALL WEAPONS...fun huh? Ok, so that
    seems unfair, but he can be beat. Prime has a few attacks. First, he'll try and
    ram you. Easy to avoid, just keep your distance, as he needs to be clung to the
    wall in order to push himself off. Next is a fire blast that rings out from
    him. Space Jump over it (a lot like the energy blast from Elites, same
    strategy). After a little while, Prime will drop a pool of Phazon on the
    ground, and will probably become invisible. Collect the few power-ups that
    appear, then jump into the pool and sit there. Scan the area for him using
    either the Thermal or X-Ray (one or the other, he alternates which one will
    work) lock on and fire with the power beam, which should read HYPER-MODE at
    this point. Just hold down the A Button and take a chunk of his life right out
    (20-25% if you start firing early). Prime won't like this, and will either stay
    hidden, or change which visor you need to see him. Avoid his fire rings, and
    wait for him to drop another pool. The second pool will probably be accompanied
    by 1-3 random Metroid types. Power Bomb them (don't waste time trying to kill
    them, just Power Bomb and do it FAST) then take Prime down again. Repeat this
    until he dies. Simple no? Just avoid taking damage because you will be weakened
    after your first battle. Work him down to about 5% health (i think thats where
    he actually dies), and watch the nifty dying cinematic. I won't give it away,
    but you'll like it. The ending WILL change depending on the percentage
    0-74% -- First Ending
    75-99% -- Second Ending
    100% -- Mega-Ultra-Happy Ending ;)
    I've only seen ending 1 so far, with 69%, but either way, I'm not putting
    ending spoilers in. After the credits will be your game stats. Actual ending
    time, percentage. Then it asks you if you want to save. I don't think it
    actually does, because you will start from the last place you saved, without
    the Log Book info on Prime. So if you're going for 100% log book data, you'll
    need to get it before Prime. Good Luck, and congrats...YOU BEAT THE GAME!
    E) Everything Else
    i) Item Locations
    i.i) Missile Expansions: (more to come 30/49)
    	Tallon Overworld
    		Landing Site: Roll into small passage near ship (requires Morph Ball)
                Overgrowth Cavern: In plain view (requires Ice Beam to reach)
    		Life Grove Tunnel: Boost to the top of the O ring in the puzzle. (requires
    Boost Ball, Power Bombs to reach the puzzle)
    		Great Tree Chamber: (off of Great Tree Hall) Use X-Ray to find hidden
    platform to reach blue door. (requires X-Ray Visor unless you know where the
    platform is, then requires only Space Jump Boots)
    		Root Cave: At the top, before the last crossing path to the red door
    (requires X-Ray, Space Jump)
    		Arbor Chamber: Red door at top of Root Cave (requires X-Ray, Space Jump,
    Plasma Beam)
    	Chozo Ruins
    		Burn Dome -- Small tunnel offshoot (requires Bombs and Morph Ball)
    		Watery Hall Access -- Charge Beam a wall in lower area (requires Charge Beam)
    		Dynamo -- Behind window, destroyable with Missile (requires Missiles, Morph
    Ball, Bombs)
    		Dynamo -- Up on ledge on left side, use Spider Ball to reach (requires Spider
    Ball, Space Jump Boots)
    		Ruined Nursery -- use bombs and ball to manuver a passage along the wall
    (requires Bombs, Morph Ball)
    		Ruined Gallery -- use bombs to reach hole in wall, circle around to pick up
    (requires Bombs, Morph Ball)
    		Ruined Gallery -- use a missile against the weak wall under the door to Totem
    		Ruined Fountain -- use the geyser to launch yourself into the magnetic track
    (requires Spider Ball)
    		Ruined Shrine -- Behind a bombable wall, use Morph Ball to get through
    (requires Bombs, Morph Ball)
    		Main Plaza -- Use the half pipe to launch into a small alcove (requires Boost
    		Main Plaza -- Use Grapple coming from Piston Tunnel (requires Grapple Hook)
    		Crossway -- Bomb the Bomb Hole, and ride the elevator up to a small passage
    (requires Spider + Boost Balls)
    		Vault -- Bomb the three holes in the wall of the center to open the walls
    around (requires Bombs)
    		Furnace -- Climb the magnetic rails after uncovering the half pipe (requires
    Spider Ball, Power Bombs)
    	Magmoor Caverns
    		Fiery Shores -- On tight bridge after manuvering Morph Ball passage (requires
    Morph Ball, Bombs, Varia Suit)
    		Storage Cavern -- In plain view (requires Morph Ball, Bombs)
    	Phazon Mines
    		Elite Research -- Behind the wall two sections to the left of the Pulse Beam
    rotator (requires Boost Ball)
    		Elite Control Access -- Shoot the explosive box near the ceiling to uncover
    it (requires Space Jump Boots)
    		Main Quarry -- Activate the Crane, rotate it, and climb up using the Spider
    Ball. (requires Spider Ball, Wave Beam)
    		Fungal Hall Access -- Under one of the mushrooms at the bottom of the area
    (requires Phazon Suit)
    	Phendrana Drifts
    		Phendrana Shorelines -- Super Missile the target left side of the right blue
    door, scan and follow the path. (requires Spider Ball, Super Missile)
    		Ice Ruins East -- use the Spider Ball to reach hole visible on map (requires
    Spider Ball)
    		Research Lab Aether -- Jump onto a small platform, and Ball across the tiny
    path to the wall (requires Space Jump Boots, Morph Ball)
    		Quarantine Monitor -- Grapple up to the ledge, then Morph ball into this area
    (requires Grapple)
    		Frost Cave -- Grapple over the chasm on the glider, and knock down the high
    up stalactite to break the ice. (requires Grapple Beam)
    i.ii) Energy Tanks:
    1) Transport Access North, Chozo Ruins -- After recieving the Missile Launcher.
    2) Main Plaza, Chozo Ruins -- After door coming out of the Plaza Access tunnel.
    3) Furnace, Chozo Ruins -- Through Morph Ball hole in room.
    4) Transport Tunnel A, Magmoor Caverns -- Double bomb jump upwards through the
    Morph Ball Puzzle.
    5) Hall of the Elders, Chozo Ruins -- Use Ice beam on switch and have the
    statue throw you.
    6) Research Lab Aether, Phendrana Drifts -- Crack open the casing in the bottom
    of the room with a Missile.
    7) Cargo Freight Lift to Deck Gamma, Tallon Overworld -- Use a Charged Shot on
    the the broken lift door.
    8) Ruined Courtyard, Phendrana Drifts -- Raise the water, and jump across to
    the hole, slide down that (requires Space Jump Boots, Morph Ball, Bombs, Wave
    9) Magmoor Workstation, Magmoor Caverns -- Cool the three lava paths, then roll
    in (requires Morph Ball, Varia Suit)
    10) Hydro Access Tunnel, Tallon Overworld -- Triple Bomb Jump up inside the
    Morph Ball Puzzle. (requires Gravity Suit)
    11) Processing Center Access -- Pick up after Omega Pirate battle
    12) Training Chamber, Chozo Ruins -- Use half pipe to reach Morph Ball slot on
    right, then use lift
    13) Transport Access, Phendrana Drifts -- Melt ice with plasma beam to reach
    14) Ventilation Shaft, Phazon Mines -- Destroy ground near fan to reach fan
    controls...shut off fan to reveal energy tank
    i.iii) Power Bombs
    	1) Ice Ruins West, Phendrana Drifts -- Melt the Ice on top of a ruined builing
    to the left of the area. (requires Plasma Beam)
    	2) Magma Pool, Chozo Ruins -- Power Bomb the wall covered with vines (requires
    Varia, Grapple, Power Bombs)
    	3) Phendrana's Edge, Phendrana Drifts -- At the very top through the Morph
    Ball hole (requires Grapple)
    i.iv) Chozo Artifact Locations
    1) Truth -- Artifact Temple, off of Landing Site, Tallon Overworld (Requires
    2) Strength -- Warrior Shrine, off of Monitor Station, Magmoor Caverns
    (Requires Space Jump Boots, Morph Ball, Boost Ball)
    3) Elder -- Control Tower, Phendrana Drifts destroy the tower you can see in
    the distance from within the West Tower. (Requires Plasma Beam)
    4) Wild -- Sunchamber, Chozo Ruins -- Kill the three ghosts after coming in the
    route you last exited through (requires Super Missiles, Spider Ball)
    5) Lifegiver -- Tower Chamber, off of Tower of Light, Chozo Ruins -- Go under
    water to find the door (requires Spider Ball to reach Tower of Light, Wave
    6) Warrior -- Elite Research, Phazon Mines -- Defeat the Phazon Elite to claim
    (requires Power Bombs)
    7) Chozo -- Life Grove, Tallon Overworld (requires Power Bombs to reach)
    8) Nature -- Lava Lake, Magmoor Caverns -- Blast the central pillar with a
    Super Missile in the first room (requires Super Missiles, Varia Suit)
    9) Sun -- Chozo Ice Temple, Phendrana Drifts -- Melt the ice on the statue's
    hands (requires Plasma Beam)
    10) World -- Hall of Elders, Chozo Ruins -- open the Plasma hole and bomb to
    open the path (requires Ice + Plasma Beams)
    11) Spirit -- Phendrana's Edge, Phendrana Drifts -- Climb up and search for the
    hidden door with X-Ray (requires Power Bombs, Plasma Beam)
    12) Newborn -- Phazon Mining Tunnel, Phazon Mines -- roll down and bomb through
    the blocks (requires Phazon Suit)
    i.v) Special Weapon Additives
    	Special Weapon Additives are the add-ons you get to your Beam Cannon to make
    it stronger. These work in combination with missiles, so the more missiles you
    have, the longer the blasts from these weapons get. Each requires 10 missiles
    to fire, and 5 per second to maintain (ice is single shot).
    Wave Beam -- Wavebuster -- Tower of Light, Chozo Ruins (requires Space Jump,
    60+ missiles, Super Missile)
    Ice Beam -- Ice Spreader -- Shore Tunnel, Magmoor Caverns (requires Power
    Plasma Beam -- Flamethrower -- Red door in Mine Security Station, Phazon Mines
    (requires Power Bombs, Plasma Beam)
    ii) Creature Morphology:
    					ORDER IN LOG BOOK (as far as I can complete)::
    Mega Turret
    Plated Parasite
    Pulse Bombu
    Parasite Queen
    Aqua Reaper
    Auto Turret
    Tangle Weed
    Flying Pirate
    Hive Mecha
    War Wasp
    Ice Beetle
    Reaper Vine
    Aqua Drone
    Ice Trooper
    Sap Sac
    Wave Trooper
    Sentry Drone
    Barbed War Wasp
    Scatter Bombu
    Space Pirate
    Tallon Crab
    Aqua Sac
    Incinerator Drone
    Fission Metroid
    Meta Ridley
    Plasma Trooper
    Aqua Pirate
    Baby Sheegoth
    Plated Beetle
    Stone Toad
    Venom Weed
    Phazon Elite
    Ice Burrower
    Flaahgra Tentacle
    Elite Pirate
    Omega Pirate
    Puddle Spore
    Chozo Ghost
    Hunter Metroid
    Shadow Pirate
    Ram War Wasp
    Ice Parasite
    Plated Puffer
    Power Trooper
    iii) Chozo Lore
    					ORDER OF LOG BOOK (as far as I can complete)
    Hatchling's Shell
    Meteor Strike
    The Turned
    iv) Pirate Data
    					ORDER OF LOG BOOK (Complete)
    Metroid Prime
    Minig Status
    Artifact Site
    Special Forces
    Metroid Forces
    Chozo Studies
    Fall of Zebes
    Prime Mutations
    Security Breaches
    Phazon Analysis
    Omega Pirate
    Chozo Ghosts
    Prime Breach
    Parasite Larva
    Meta Ridley
    Phazon Program
    Metroid Morphology
    Chozo Artifacts
    Phazon Infusion
    Metroid Studies
    The Hunter
    Elite Pirates
    Glacial Wastes
    Hunter Weapons
    v) Research
    					ORDER OF LOG BOOK (Complete)
    Save Station
    Missile Door Lock
    Map Station
    Missile Ammo
    Large Energy
    Small Energy
    Missile Station
    Spider Ball Track
    Power Bomb Ammo
    Grapple Point
    Ultra Energy
    Morph Ball Slot
    Tallon IV
    Locked Door
    vi) All the Goodies! (not really necessary, this will probably get removed)
    Basically, an overview of all the nifty things Samus can obtain!
    						ARM CANNON
    Power Beam:
    	The Power Beam is the default Arm Cannon. It has the best rate of fire. Press
    Up C to select it as your active weapon.  Can be used to open blue doors. If
    you see your shots ricochet, cease fire.  The Power Beam is NOT working against
    that target. You can use the Power Beam to quickly clear an area of weak foes.
    Ice Beam:
    	The Ice Beam can freeze enemies solid. Hits from the Ice Beam may also slow
    foes down. Press Down C to select the Ice Beam as your active weapon.  Use the
    Ice Beam to open white doors. It is very effective against fire-based
    creatures. Charge the Ice Beam to increase the time an enemy will stay frozen
    when hit.  Some frozen enemies can be shattered by Missile hits.
    Wave Beam:
    	The Wave Beam fires powerful electrical bolts.  This weapon has a limited
    homing capability as well. Press Right C to select the Wave Beam as your active
    weapon. Fire the Wave Beam to open Purple doors. The Wave Beam will not home in
    on targets without a lock-on. Press and hold the L Button to lock on. Charge
    the Wave Beam to fire a fierce electric blast. Enemies struck by this blast
    will be enveloped in electrical energy for a few moments.
    Plasma Beam:
    	The Plasma Beam fires streams of molten energy. This beam can ignite flammable
    objects and enemies. Press Left C to select the Plasma Beam as your active
    weapon. Fire the Plasma Beam to open Red Doors. The Plasma Beam is very
    effective against cold-based enemies. Charge the Plasma Beam to fire a sphere
    of plasma. Enemies struck by this blast will be engulfed in flames for a few
    moments (and may even be immediately incinerated).
    Phazon Beam:
    	The viral corruption of the Power Suit has altered your Arm Cannon as well. It
    is now capable of firing the powerful Phazon Beam.  The Phazon Beam triggers in
    the presence of high concentrations of Phazon. Regular Arm Cannon functions
    return when Phazon is not present. The Charge Beam does not function when the
    Phazon Beam is active.
    						MORPH BALL
    Morph Ball:
    	The Morph Ball changes your Suit into a compact, mobile sphere. Like the Power
    Suit, the Morph Ball is modular. There are several modifications that can be
    added to improve performance.
    Boost Ball:
    	The Boost Ball can be used to increase the Morph Ball's speed for short
    periods. Throughout the environment you will encounter U-shaped channels known
    as half pipes. Using the boost ball in these areas will let you reach higher
    places. Build a charge as you descend in the half pipe, then trigger the Boost
    as you ascend the other side. This will give you the speed and momentum you
    need to reach new heights.
    Spider Ball:
    	The Spider Ball allows you to move the Morph Ball along magnetic rails. Press
    and hold the R Button to activate the Spider Ball ability. Follow the magnetic
    rails to explore new areas. The Bomb can be used to trigger a Bomb Jump even
    while attached to a rail.
    Morph Ball Bomb:
    	The Morph Ball Bomb is the default weapon for the Morph Ball. Press the A
    Button when in Morph Ball mode to drop a Morph Ball Bomb.  The Morph Ball Bomb
    can be used to break cracked walls and activate certain devices. If the Morph
    Ball is near a Morph Ball Bomb when it explodes, it will be popped a short
    distance into the air. This is called a Bomb Jump. When a Morph Ball Bomb
    explodes, it must be close to an enemy to be effective. The Morph Ball Bomb can
    easily break items made of Sandstone or Talloric Alloy.
    Power Bomb:
    	The Power Bomb is the strongest Morph Ball weapon.  Press the Y Button when in
    Morph Ball mode to drop a Power Bomb. Power Bombs do NOT have unlimited ammo.
    Use them wisely. The Power Bomb can destroy many materials, including
    Bendezium. Each Power Bomb Expansion you find will increase the number of Power
    Bombs you can carry by 1.
    Power Suit:
    	The Power Suit is an advanced Chozo exoskeleton modified for use by Samas
    Aran. The Power Suit provides life-support functions and is well shielded from
    attack. The modular nature of the Power Suit allows for the addition of
    weapons, visors, and other gear as needed. The Power Suit's shielding loses
    energy with each hit: collect energy when possible to keep the shielding
    Varia Suit:
    	The Varia Suit adds increased heat resistance to the Power Suit. This
    modification increases defensive shielding. While the Varia Suit can handle
    higher temperatures then normal, extreme heat sources and heat-based attacks
    will still cause damage.
    Gravity Suit:
    	The Gravity Suit eliminates the effects of liquid on movement. This
    modification improves defensive shielding. The Gravity Suit allows for improved
    movement in liquid environments, but does not reduce damage when exposed to
    hazardous fluids. Visor modifications in the Gravity Suit make it easier to see
    Phazon Suit:
    	The Power Suit has been corrupted by viral exposure, turning it into the
    Phazon Suit. The viral corruption of the Power Suit has some beneficial side
    effects. The suit is now resistant to the effects of Blue Phazon. The suit is
    not invunerable to the effects of all Phazon, however. In addition to Phazon
    resistance, the corruption has DRAMATICALLY increased shielding levels.
    Energy Tank:
    	The Energy Tanks increase the power level available to your Suit's defense
    screens. Each energy tank increases your Suit's energy by 100 units. The more
    energy your suit has, the longer you can stay alive. You can fully recharge you
    energy tanks at save stations. Your gunship has this capability as well.
    Combat Visor:
    	The Combat Visor is your default visor. It provides you with a
    Heads-Up-Display (HUD) containing Radar, Mini-map, lock on reticles, threat
    assessment, energy gauge, and Missile count. Press UP to select the Combat
    Scan Visor:
    	The Scan Visor is used to collect data. Some devices will activate when
    scanned. Press LEFT to select the Scan Visor. Move the visor over targets, the
    press and hold the L Button to scan. Scanning enemies with this visor can
    reveal their vunerabilities.
    X-Ray Visor:
    	The X-Ray Visor can see through certain materials. It can reveal invisible
    items, areas, and enemies. Robotic enemies jam the X-Ray Visor's frequency.
    Eliminate them to restore funciton to the Visor.
    Thermal Visor:
    	The Thermal Visor allows you to see in the infrared spectrum. Hot objects are
    bright in the Visor, while colder ones are dim. It can show weak points of
    certain foes, can see in total darkness and poor weather conditions. Brightly
    lit areas, explosions, and intense heat can impair the Thermal Visor. Enemies
    with temperatures close to that of their surroundings will be tough to spot
    with this visor.
    Space Jump Boots:
    	The Space Jump Boots increase the leaping capability of the Power Suit through
    the use of boot-mounted thrusters. Timing is importnant when using; experiment
    to discover ways to increase the height and length of your jumps.
    Grapple Beam:
    	The Grapple Beam allows you to swing back and forth from special points in the
    Missile Launcher:
    	The Missile Launcher adds ballistic weapon capability to the Arm Cannon.
    Missiles fired with a lock-on will seek their targets.  Missiles can destroy
    objects made of Radion or Brinstone. There are Charge Combo enhancements
    scattered throughout the environment. They use the Missile launcher and the
    Charge Beam in tandem to fire more effective blasts.  Missile Expansions will
    increase Missile count by 5.
    Charge Beam:
    	The Charge Beam allows you to increase the damage and effectiveness of the Arm
    Cannon. It also has a limited tractor beam capacity to pull small objects to
    you. Increases performance of each Arm Cannon mode.
    Beam Combo:
    	The Charge Combos allow you to fire the Missile launcher and Arm Cannon
    together. The combined attacks are stronger than normal blasts. The Arm Cannon
    must be charged first.
    	SINGLE SHOT: Fires a single shot, using Missiles per shot.
    	SUSTAINED FIRE: Fires as long as you have Missiles, and are holding the fire
    button. 10 Missiles to start, 5 per second thereafter.
    Super Missile -- Used for the Power Beam. Single Shot, uses 5 Missiles per
    shot. Can destroy objects made of Cordite.
    ?????? -- Used for the Ice Beam. (I have not obtained it yet)
    Wavebuster -- Used for the Wave Beam. Auto seeks targets without lock-on.
    Sustained fire.
    Flamethrower -- Used for the Plasma Beam. Sustained fire. Effective on multiple
    enemies in one area.

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