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    Artifact Locations Guide by bluberry

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    "Metroid Prime" for the Nintendo GameCube
    Artifact Locations
    By: bluberry
    Final Version, not that anyone trusts that anymore.
    Last Updated: 07/23/03
    Very Minor Spoilers ahead! Also, I'm not sure if the Log Hint info is right. If
     you have different stuff then tell me.
    Also, some of the requirements are not actually required, by the use of a few
     tricks or glitches. This FAQ presumes that you aren't planning to skip anything.
     For more info on these check out this site: http://metroid.retrofaction.com
    |Sofa of Contents                                                         #table|
    To find a section, press Ctrl+F. Type in the thingy, like #fatman or #fortune,
    and hit Find or whatever, it should come up.
           00.Introduction/Contact Info                                        #intro
           0x.Walkthrough Description                                        #obvious
           01.Artifact of Truth                                                #truth
           02.Artifact of Strength                                          #strength
           03.Artifact of Elder                                                #elder
           04.Artifact of Wild                                                  #wild
           05.Artifact of Lifegiver                                        #lifegiver
           06.Artifact of Warrior                                            #warrior
           07.Artifact of Chozo                                                #chozo
           08.Artifact of Nature                                              #nature
           09.Artifact of Sun                                                    #sun
           10.Artifact of World                                                #world
           11.Artifact of Spirit                                              #spirit
           12.Artifact of Newborn                                            #newborn
           13.Legal Poop*                                                #lawyerssuck
           14.Version History*                                                  #whee
    *Convieniently placed at the bottom so you can ignore it.
    |00.Introduction                                                          #intro|
    This is a FAQ for getting all of the Chozo Artifacts in Metroid Prime. The point
    of them is to open up the pasage to the last area branching from the Artifact
    Temple. The only content here is the 12 artifacts, nothing more. If you want a
    Full FAQ, I strongly recommend marshmallow's. From what I've seen, and judging
    from the rest of his FAQ's, it rocks. If you wanna contact me, use one of these:
    AIM: almighty Fatness
    MSN: tehbluberry@earthlink.net
    YIM: bluberrygonepostal
    ICQ: 171684403
    E-mail: plastic_lunchbox AT earthlink DOT net
    |0x.Walkthrough Description                                             #obvious|
    Area: Which of the 6 main areas it's in.
    Room: What exact room it's in.
    Branches Off: A room that the above branches off of, easier to find.
    Requiremtns: What items and/or events are required to access it.
    Log Hint: When the hint becomes available at the Artifact Temple.
    Description: A detailed explanation of location. That has a ring to it...
    |01.Artifact of Truth                                                     #truth|
    Area: Tallon Overworld
    Room: Artifact Temple
    Branches Off: Landing Site
    Requirements: Missile Launcher
    Log Hint: Available at Start
    Description: Facing from your ship as if you were driving it, you'll see a
     waterfall ahead of you, a door on the right, and some platforms on the left.
     Since I'm a frickin genius, I figured out that we can ascend the platforms and
     go behind the waterfall to the door. One of the doors happens to be locked with
     a missile lock. Blow it open. Make your way down a few passages to the Artifact
     Temple. The Artifact of Truth is in the middle of the outdoor, Easter Islandish
    |02.Artifact of Strength                                               #strength|
    Area: Magmoor Caverns
    Room: Warrior Shrine
    Branches Off: Monitor Station
    Requirements: Boost Ball, Space Jump Boots
    Log Hint: Available at Start
    Description: Ok, first get to the walkway that you could access Phendrana Drifts
     from the first time. To the left of the door, facing it, is a bit of bridge you
     can double jump to. Once you're on it face the main bridge again, and you'll see
     a second bridge above you. Get on it, and then investigate the center. There's a
     Spinner device that you can roll into; use the boost ball upgrade to spin fast
     enough to raise yet another bridge. Once it's done, go across said bridge and
     at the end double jump to the far platform. Turn right and follow the path to
     the door of the Warrior Shrine. A statue atop a staircase it holding the
     Artifact of Strength.
    |03.Artifact of Elder                                                     #elder|
    Area: Phendrana Drifts
    Room: Control Tower
    Branches Off: Observatory
    Requirements: Plasma Beam, Space Jump Boots, Missile Launcher, Morph Ball
    Log Hint: Available at Start
    Description: This one is a doozy, mostly since it's so damn out of the way. Get
     back to the Control Tower area; it's where you met your first flying Space
     Pirate dudes. On the side farther from the Observatory, jump above the door and
     blow up all the boxes. After you see how quickly the Plasma Beam roasts the
     flying Pirates, of course. Sadist. Look out the window to see fuses on the tower
     outside a fence covered in ice; burn the ice with the Plasma Beam, shoot the
     fuses with a Missile, and then watch the tower fall on said fence. A cutscene
     will point out a morph ball hole in the ground. Go through it and on the other
     side of the fence you'll find the Artifact of Elder. To get out, go to the base
     of the destroyed tower, get into morph ball mode, bomb jump into the collapsed
     tower and roll out. It's like Super Monkey Ball 2 but not on drugs!
    |04.Artifact of Wild                                                       #wild|
    Area: Chozo Ruins
    Room: Sunchamber
    Branches Off: Sun Tower
    Requirements: Spider Ball, Super Missile
    Log Hint: Available from Start
    Description: Alright, get to the Sun Tower. It's next to the Magmoor Caverns
     lift, very tall, easily visible Spider Ball tracks, right after Flaaghra. Get 30
     Missiles while you're at it. There are four Ram War Wasp Hives; Super Missile
     them. Now, on opposite ends of the room, between the hives, there are black
     mounds; they can be blown apart by a Super Missile, and there are panels under
     each to be scanned. Also, on the side facing the near wall, towards the top, two
     of the four pillars have scan thingys as well. Scanning all 4 of the things
     unblocks the Spider Ball track, which you can now ascend. Use bomb jumps in the
     part with the seperate cubes, and watch out for the little enemies, they'll
     send you flying if you get hit. Once you're at the top, proceed back to where
     you fought Flaahgra, fight the three Chozo Chosts that appear with the Power
     Beam or Super Missiles, and get the artifact from Flaagha's dead body. I
     wouldn't, it's gotta smell. By the way, the reason you couldn't go the way you
     came last time is because the door is blocked by vines.
    |05.Artifact of Lifegiver                                             #lifegiver|
    Area: Chozo Ruins
    Room: Tower Chamber
    Branches Off: Ruined Shrine
    Requirements: Gravity Suit, Space Jump Boots, Boost Ball, Spider Ball, Wave Beam
    Log Hint: Available from Start
    Description: Easiness. Go to the Ruined Shrine. It's where you got the morph ball
     after fighting a Plated Beetle early in the game. Now use the boost ball in the
     Half-Pipe near the door from the Main Plaza, and get up on the side to your
     left facing said door. Roll through the little tunnel here, and make your way
     to the Wave Beam Lock door, using the Spider Ball track. Go through this passage
     into the Tower of Light, where you may have gotten the Wavebuster earlier. Go
     into the water, and go to the end opposite where you entered the Tower. With
     your Barney colored Grav Suit and Space Jump Boots, you can jump up and follow
     the passage to the Tower Chamber where the Artifact of Lifegiver is twiddling
     it's thumbs.
    |06.Artifact of Warrior                                                 #warrior|
    Area: Phazon Mines
    Room: Elite Research
    Branches Off: N/A; It's friggin huge
    Requirements: Power Bombs
    Log Hint: Available from Start
    Description: Get to Elite Research, and go up to the huge tube with a huge Phazon
     Pirate in it. Use a Power Bomb to blow it open, and defeat Mr. Fat-Ass by not
     doing anything until he does his shockwave, jumping over the shockwave, and
     capping him in the head. That Artifact of Warrior must have been causing him
     some REAL indigestion. Still not as cool a fat-ass as Kraid was... I miss
    |07.Artifact of Chozo                                                     #chozo|
    Area: Tallon Overworld
    Room: Life Grove
    Branches Off: Great Tree Hall
    Requirements: X-Ray Visor, Power Bomb, Space Jump Boots, Boost Ball
    Log Hint: After getting Artifact of Truth
    Description: After getting your X-Ray scanner here, you probably know about the
     folowing area and stuff with the Chozo Ghoss and jumping a lot to get out. What
     you may not have known about is the Artifact of Chozo. In the water, near the
     two trees that have seemingly connected curved roots, there's a little hatch.
     Power Bomb it and a steel platform rises. The bottom of the pillar has a built
     in Spinner which you use the Boost Ball to activate. This raises the platform
     containing the Artifact of Chozo, which is now yours for the taking.
    |08.Artifact of Nature                                                   #nature|
    Area: Magmoor Caverns
    Room: Lava Lake
    Branches Off: N/A; It's big-ass
    Requirements: Super Missile (X-Ray Visor recommended)
    Log Hint: After getting Artifact of Strength
    Description: Lava Lake is the big room with two main areas, it's near the
     transport to Chozo Ruins. You want the side closest to Chozo Ruins. The big
     pillar in the middile can be destructoed by firing a Super Missile into it; it's
     a particular side you're looking for, use the X-Ray Visor or just blind luck.
     Once the Artifact of Nature is revealed, *cue underground Super Mario Bros.
     music*, jump across the platforms and then double-jump to it. Where is Samus
     putting these anyways? Do I even want to know?
    |09.Artifact of Sun                                                         #sun|
    Area: Phendrana Drifts
    Room: Chozo Ice Temple
    Branches Off: Phendrana Shorelines
    Requirements: Plasma Beam, Morph Ball
    Log Hint: After getting Artifact of Elder
    Description: You know where the room is; it's on the way to the Wave Beam. Get to
     the statue next to the door that leads to where you fought Sheegoth to get the
     Wave Beam, and use the Plasma Beam to melt the ice in the statue's hands. Jump
     on them and then roll into a ball, and it works as a switch that opens up a
     passage below the statue. Roll through and give the Artifact of Sun some sweet
     sweet lovin. Or not.
    |10.Artifact of World                                                     #world|
    Area: Chozo Ruins
    Room: Elder Chamber
    Branches Off: Hall of the Elders
    Requirements: Plasma Bam, Morph Ball Bombs
    Log Hint: After getting Artifact of Wild
    Description: It's the room with the big statue, the 3 Chozo Ghosts, and the
     multicolored Bomb-Slots. Open the red Bomb-Slot with the Plasma Beam and then
     use it. A hole opens behind the statue's ass (ew) that leads to the Artifact of
     World. Is this supposed to be the statue's toilet or something?
    |11.Artifact of Spirit                                                   #spirit|
    Area: Phendrana Drifts
    Room: Storage Cave
    Branches Off: Phendrana's Edge
    Requirements: Grapple Beam, Power Bomb, Plasma Beam, X-Ray Visor
    Log Hint: After getting Artifact of Lifegiver
    Description: Phendrana's Edge is the tall tall room somewhere near where you got
     the Gravity Suit. Get about 2/3rd of the way up and whip out your X-Ray Visor.
     It's very hard to say exactly where, but behind one of the walls around here is
     a door. Use a Power Bomb to blow up the wall, and then open the door with your
     Plasma Beam. Inside awaits the evil, plotting, sociopathic and evil Artifact of
    |12.Artifact of Newborn                                                 #newborn|
    Area: Phazon Mines
    Room: Phazon Mining Tunnel
    Branches Off: N/A; It's the sidescrolling Morph Ball bit
    Requirements: Phazon Suit, Morph Ball Bombs
    Log Hint: After getting Artifact of Warrior
    Description: In the big sidescrolling morph-ball tunnel thing, look for an area
     covered in Phazon and blocked off by a little wall. Blow open the wall with a
     bomb, and keep going like that until you reach the Artifact of Newborn. Ask it
     if it's ever played "Name that Smell".
    |13.Legal Poop                                                      #lawyerssuck|
    Legal Info:
     If you wish to put this FAQ on your website, please, just ask me. My e-mail is
     above. (#intro) Unless you're http://cheatcc.com, who I hate for plagiarizing
     everybody's stuff, I WILL let you. I just wanna know who has it up so that I
     can let people know of updates. That said, keep it current. I'll send you any
     new versions. Also, DO NOT copy-paste any of this information into your own
     FAQ or site. That said, it's not like I own the information or anything, just
     the wording. Feel free to mention anything I have in here, with or without
     crediting the source.
    |14.Version History                                                        #whee|
    Putting it here would be annoying, stupid, and file-size increasing. You can
    either go eat some apple-cinnamon cheerios and lower your cholestorol or go here:
          ~Link has been down for a bit, but I needed to throw it here anyways~
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