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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Paragon

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 02/05/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Walkthrough
    Copyright 2004, 2005 by James Spairana
    jparagons at gmail.com
    Version 1.01
    Last update: February 05, 2005
    _I_                            Table of Contents
         I) Table of Contents
        II) Notes about this walkthrough
       III) Landing Site/Beginning of Game
        IV) Boss: Alpha Splinter
         V) Agon Wastes
        VI) Boss: Bomb Guardian/Item: Bombs
       VII) Dark Agon Wastes
      VIII) Boss: Jump Guardian/Item: Bombs
        IX) Boss: Dark Samus/Item: Dark Beam
         X) Item: Light Beam
        XI) Boss: Amorbis/Item: Dark Suit
       XII) Torvus Bog
      XIII) Item: Super Missile
       XIV) Boss: Boost Guardian/Item: Boost Ball
        XV) Item: Seeker Missile
       XVI) Item: Gravity Boost/Boss: Alpha Blogg
      XVII) Boss: Grapple Guardian/Item: Grapple Beam
     XVIII) Boss: Chykka Larvae
       XIX) Boss: Adult Chykka/Item: Dark Visor
        XX) Sanctuary Fortress
       XXI) Boss: Spider Guardian/Item: Spider Ball
      XXII) Boss: Power Bomb Guardian/Item: Power Bombs
     XXIII) Boss: Dark Samus 2: Dark Samus's Revenge/Item: Echo Visor
      XXIV) Boss: Caretaker Class Drone
       XXV) Item: Screw Attack
      XXVI) Boss: Quadraxis/Item: Annihilator Beam
     XXVII) Item: Light Suit
    XXVIII) Sky Temple
      XXIX) Boss: Ing Emperor
       XXX) Boss: Dark Samus 3: Back With a Vengance. . .and Some Phazon
    To find a specific section, just hit Ctrl + F (or whatever brings up the "find"
    function of your browser) and search for "_#_" without the quotes. . .and of
    course with the appropriate roman numeral in place of the #.
    _II_                           Notes/Legal Stuff
    - This is NOT a 100% complete run.  This is an essentials-only guide, made for
      using when you're stuck at a specific point.  There are a couple things like
      Energy Tanks and Missile Expansions thrown in, but for the most part anything
      that isn't necessary to progress from area to area is left out.
    - Consequently, you'll be missing out on a lot if you don't do some scanning
      and exploring on your own.  You can get through the game, but the bosses will
      be harder without the extra missiles, energy tanks, beam ammo expansions, etc.
      And you'll be missing story stuff from scans.
    - If I don't tell you how to get somewhere, it's probably because you've been
      there before.  Check your map!
    - I'm writing this walkthrough as I play the game.  So it's not just a simple
      matter of remembering what to do and writing it down, I actually have to do it
      first.  That means if I get stuck, there won't be any updates for awhile. :P
    - This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
      private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
      publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
      web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
      violation of copyright.
    - Once again, to reiterate, this guide is only authorized to be posted on
    - All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
      respective trademark and copyright holders.
    _III_                   Landing Site/Beginning of Game
    From the landing site, head east.  Shoot the node-like things in the center of
    the webs to knock them down so you can proceed.  At the fork, head right and
    watch Samus drop down the hole.
    You can blow up these crates, but since you have full energy you don't need to.
    Go south to the door.  It's locked--look to the left and scan the thingie next
    to it.  Then lock onto the two locks that are on the top corners of the door
    and blast them off.
    In the next hallway, there's another panel you have to scan.  It's just after
    the Splinter bodies, on the right side, nestled in a little alcove.  You can
    see power cables leading to the door from it.  Scan it and advance.
    Make sure to get the map data from the glowing orange hologram, then shoot the
    web barrier and move into the next room.  Stand at the doorway and hold the R
    button to stay in place.  Look around and hit the L button when necessary to
    lock on to the enemies and blast them.  They don't pose much of a threat.
    Move on to the next area.  Hit X to go into Morph Ball mode and roll underneath
    the large. . .thing that's blocking your path.  Get rid of the little Splinters
    and then use the Morph Ball mode again to go through the little hole in the
    wall.  At the end of that tunnel, hit A to use bombs and blast through.
    In the next room, on the other side of the pillar, is a Bomb Slot.  In Morph
    Ball mode, move next to it, lay a bomb, then sit there until the bomb explodes
    (only takes a second), and push the control stick to land in the bomb slot.
    Lay another bomb.
    Now, the Dark Aether force will appear and infect the dead Federation troopers,
    making them attack you.  They're easy enough to kill--you can even charge up
    your beam (hold A) and possibly take out multiple troopers at once.
    Back through the tunnel, three more troopers and then you're safe.  FOR NOW.
    Scan the panel just on the other side of the large thing that you had to
    roll under before.  Right behind you a gate opens, and four more troopers.
    In the next room, there'll be some containers blocking your way.  Charge up
    your beam and blast them apart.
    Enter the next room and see the Dark Trooper open the portal to Dark Aether.
    Go through, watch the scene, and get most of your equipment stolen.  At least
    you don't have one of those annoying time bomb scenarios like in MP1.
    Go down to the door.  On the right side is a path that you can get through,
    since you still thankfully have Morph Ball mode.  More troopers.  Still not
    a problem.  On the right/north side of the room are some crates, blast them
    to find a door that leads to a Save Room.
    Now go back through the other door to the elevator.  Scan the panel and ride
    the elevator up.  Go left at the fork and there's another one of those doors
    with the locks you have to shoot.  In the open area, head straight across from
    the door and scan the panel to life the large crate and open a new path.
    If you see the little cocoons on the opposite wall, blast them now.  If you
    don't, some enemies will jump out at you and annoy you slightly before you
    kill them.
    Jump up the ledge on the south/west side of the screen and move along the wall.
    The bridge has those locks you have to shoot as well.  Keep going through,
    Morph Ball your way through the tunnel, move into the next open area.  More
    little Splinters.  Move up onto the platform and scan the panel.  The crate
    will be lowered partway, lock onto the weak part of the cable and shoot it to
    lower it the rest of the way.  Use it to jump across.  In the next hallway,
    scan the panel on the left side.  A couple more Splinters and go through the
    door into the open area to meet. . .more Splinters.  Go down the path, kill
    some possessed Troopers, and in the next room make sure to take out the Turret
    that's hanging from the ceiling.  On the right side, there's a Morph Ball path.
    Go through, scan the panel, then go back and roll underneath the malfunctioning
    gate.  Try not to get squished.
    Now, you come into an open area.  After the cutscene, look to your left at the
    large crate that glows yellow.  Charge up and blast it, and get your Missiles
    Move towards the ship, you should see a ramp that'll take you into the ship.
    Kill the enemies that appear (they're stronger than regular Splinters, but you
    can still kill them with the beam) and head onto the ship.  Scan the door and
    go into the Map Room.  Turn around and on the right side of the ship, there'll
    be a hole with some flaming wreckage next to it.  Jump out of it onto the ledge.
    Scan the panel to activate the Kinetic Orb Cannon, then switch into Morph Ball
    mode and roll on top of the orange hologram to be launched.  Go forward from
    where you land, jump off the ledge and onto the ledge with the shielded door--
    launch a missile at it to break the shield off.  Roll through the right-side
    tunnel in the next room, kill the War Wasps, then look up to find a panel
    that you have to scan.
    In the next open area, look to the left and up.  See the crack in the wall?
    Shoot it with a missile.  Head down and stand on the orb cannon platform.
    Don't see the scan panel?  It's nestled in the wall to your left.  I
    managed to get stuck on that point myself for a bit, what an odd place to
    put the panel.
    Anyway, get launched up through the wall, then roll through the little hole
    in back and make your way to the door.  Scan the panel to turn the elevator
    on, and ride it.  Head through the door, wait for the bird-things to pass,
    then look closely at the left wall--see those cables?  They lead to a Save
    Station.  Head through the door.  Boss fight!
    _IV_                       Boss: Alpha Splinter
    Kill the little Dark Splinters (don't waste missiles), and the Alpha Splinter
    will drop down into the arena.  Blast it with your Charge Beam a few times while
    dodging its lunges and it'll turn into Dark Alpha Splinter.
    NOW you can use your missiles.  Stay locked on, and be sure to tap B while
    moving left or right to dodge its dark energy beam and its lunges.  Just keep
    hitting it with missiles and charged shots to kill it.  Your reward?  An item
    that you can't even use yet.  Oh well--go through the next door, and use the
    elevator.  Watch the cutscene, then go back down to the boss-fight room.  On the
    East side (to the right from where you're entering), you'll see a door with a
    purplish hologram in front of it.  Since you can translate those now, scan it to
    open the door.
    Watch out for the light-energy enemies, than can sting you from a short
    distance.  Might wanna take them out before you get near them.  Head through and
    you're back in one of the open areas you were before.  Head to the shielded door
    on the right side, and the dark energy will try to infect some Splinters.  Try
    to kill the Splinters before the darkness overtakes them, but if you can't, just
    kill them afterwards. :P
    Blast the shielded door and go through to get an Energy Tank.  Backtrack to the
    open area where the huge crate first was (to the South) and find another purple
    door you can scan open.  Head through, when you reach the elevator look to your
    left--shoot the webbing to find a Missle Expansion.  Now you can hold ten
    missiles!  Ride the elevator down.  In the next room, stand near the entrance
    and look around, locking onto any of those flying things (Lumites) you can find
    and blasting them.  There should be four.  Head through into the Agon Wastes.
    _V_                             Agon Wastes
    Drop down and an caterpiller-ish enemy will pop out of the ground.  Lock onto
    its eye, shoot, then when that eye "dies", the one on the other end will
    activate.  Repeat until dead.  Until the monster's dead, I mean.  Not you.  You
    shouldn't be dead.  Anyway.
    In the door there is a Save Station.  See all the sandfalls in there?  Don't
    bother with them just yet.  Save and go back out.  Head northeast and just skip
    the second Sandigger.  Jump onto the ledge, then climb up to the right.  At the
    end of that ledge, you'll see a big stone towering overhead.  Look at the base.
    See the cracked area?  Blast that with a missile.  You can even lock on if you
    need to.
    Walk over the bridge, kill the Sandbats if you have to.  To kill them, just
    watch the path they're flying in, pick a spot that they move through, and just
    shoot at it.  They'll pass through it and run into your shots.  Another bridge,
    more Sandbats.  A couple jumps, a bridge that was already there with more
    Sandbats.  Through the door, through the tunnel, and in the next area, some
    Space Pirates will show up (!).  Shoot them.
    Climb onto the ledge, don't bother with that first door yet.  See where that
    little crawly thing is, the Brigzee?  From there, you can jump onto the
    pillars where one of the Space Pirates was attacking from.  Watch out for the
    sand rivers on the other side (they can sweep you back down) and blast the
    stone's weak point with a missile, making another bridge.  Missile the shielded
    door, blast the crates to hopefully replenish your missiles, then go through
    the door.  In the next hallway you'll meet some Skeegoths, who dive from the
    ceiling at you.  They don't dive until you're in range, so you can just shoot
    them from afar if you like.  Or you can get a little closer and just rapidly
    tap L and A to lock on and shoot them quickly before they get to you.
    Head through the door and into the large arena-like room.  Boss fight!
    _VI_                Boss: Bomb Guardian/Item: Bombs
    This guy is similar to the Sandiggers you fought before, only powered up with
    dark energy.  He lays bombs. . .YOUR bombs.  Shooting his head causes damage,
    but ONLY after you've shot his tail a bunch.
    So while he's moving around, shoot his tail with your beam (lock on and do the
    dash thingy to stay behind him).  When he roars and you can lock onto his head,
    fire a missile or two.  Eventually you should win.  You get your Bombs back!
    Use the bombs to blow up the gates.  Head through the North door (only one you
    can go through at this point) and use the Bomb Slot.  Go around the grey
    statue-thing and scan the yellow hologram; watch the cutscene.  Go back to the
    pillar room.  Open the yellow-hologram door to get a Missile Expansion.
    Remember the morph-ball tunnel you came from?  Go there.  In the middle when
    you get into side-view, bomb the floor to get yourself boosted up to an Energy
    Go back to that door in the pillar room I told you not to bother with before.
    Roll into the orange hologram to get yourself blasted upwards, then roll down
    to the other side of the wall.  Behind the dead guy is a Missile Expansion;
    avoid the hologram when you're rolling to it.
    Go through the door, into the big room.  Kill a couple Space Pirates, and more
    will beam down.  Some dark energy will appear, and the Space Pirates try to
    shoot it, but they get possessed anyway.  They're strong, so keep dodging as
    you kill them.
    After they die, you'll see the bomb slot get powered up.  Use it, then ride the
    little elevator-ish thing.  Bomb the blockage, roll down to the ledge, kill the
    War Wasps (and use the Charge Beam as a tractor to get any health-replenishing
    items they leave), and jump across to the next Morph Ball Elevator.  Repeat.
    In this next bit, you'll have to use bombs to launch yourself up like you do
    when you use Bomb Slots.  You can also use bombs to hurt the Pillbugs.  After
    you destroy the blockage, light will come through and turn on the machine on
    the other side of the room.  Scan it to open a portal to Dark Aether.
    _VII_                         Dark Agon Wastes
    When you get through, watch the cutscene.  The dark atmosphere hurts Samus, and
    there are glowing "Safe Zones" that you have to use as relay points to stay
    alive in this environment.  If you see a little glowing point of light, shoot
    it and it will create a temporary safe zone for you.
    Move to the other side of the room and use the Bomb Slot.  You may notice
    something a little weird going on here--that's because the two worlds are
    connected.  Actions in one world affect actions in the other.  So that hatch
    that was locked in that spot on Light Aether is now open.  Of course, you can't
    get back to Light Aether just yet.  Brave the darkness and move forth.
    In the next Safe Zone, you'll be attacked by Inglets.  ("Ing" is the name of the
    Dark Aether species.)  They launch dark energy at you from outside the safe
    zone.  Lock on when they appear and blast them.
    Move on and blast the shielded door with a missile.  In the next room, hide in
    the safe zone and take down the one Inglet.
    Move farther down, activating safe zones and blasting Inglets (or just dashing
    through, if you have enough energy to last).  At the end of the hallway, there's
    a Save Station!  Now isn't that considerate.  Save.  Head into the next room and
    go to the safe zone on your left, and meet Warrior Ing.
    Kill it.
    Go up the ledges towards and past the Lightbringer (a friendly monster that
    creates a mobile safe zone).  Keep going, and. . .Boss fight!
    _VIII_           Boss: Jump Guardian/Item: Space Jump Boots
    Basically a Warrior Ing with a powerful jump.  Not particularly hard.  Just
    sidestep his beam attacks and shoot him.  He has a lot of life, so use missiles.
    Congratulations, you got your double-jump back.
    Head up the ledges and around, making liberal use of your double-jump.  Reach
    the shielded door and hit it with a missile.  Head through and then left, then
    left again to find the first Dark Key.  Then, head back to where you first came
    from, and go back to Light Aether.
    Move forward a bit and get ambushed by a few Space Pirates.  Kill them.  Go to
    the Bomb Slot that you use in Dark Agon and head down the now-open shaft; use
    the Bomb Slot in the next room to open the way to a Missile Expansion.
    Go back to the pillar room ("Mining Staton B" on your map).  Use the double
    jump to get to the statue in the sand river, then look up to your left.  Jump
    up there, go through, and scan the panel.  Go back, use the statue as a
    stepping stone to get to the door you just opened the gate to.  Kill the
    Space Pirates and then get ready for a lot more Space Pirates.  The last two
    even decide to load themselves into big turrets to shoot at you.  But they're
    easy enough.
    In the next room, notice the grates in the corners--bomb them, bomb the crates
    underneath, and sneak through turning right when you get the chance to get
    another Missile Expansion.  Go back and take the other path to get on top.
    Get rid of the Space Pirates, activate the elevator and go up, kill more
    pirates, then a door will be unlocked.  Go through and you'll see Dark Samus
    (whom you saw just before your equipment was stolen) locking the gate and
    stopping you from proceeding.
    Take the path to the right and scan one of the panels to open the blast door.
    Take out the turrets and dodge the laser beams (wait until they're in the
    upper-right position then just run under them) and go through a door which
    leads you to a room with. . .more Space Pirates.  And METROIDS!  Don't worry
    though, they're all in captivity.  Kill the Space Pirates, use the elevator to
    get up top.
    Go around the big metroid tank and past more turrets, then a Bomb Slot.  This
    will bring you to a big room with Pirate Aerotroopers, flying Space Pirates
    with Missile attacks.  Not too hard, but worse than regular Space Pirates.
    After you kill them, you'll see a panel activate; go scan it.
    Segmented pillars will pop up in the middle of the room.  On the other side,
    there are panels that will raise and lower sections of the pillars.
    The southernmost one should be lowered three times.
    The middle one should be lowered twice.
    The northernmost one should be lowered one.
    Then use your double jump to ascend the stairs you just made.  Energy tank!
    Then reverse the southern and northern platform levels, and climb them.
    Bomb-jump into the opening, then bomb-jump your way through the little maze,
    avoiding the laser beams.  Watch the timing.  Once you're past that, you get to
    a Save Station.  Go on and around, making it to the control room, where. . .
    Boss Fight!
    _IX_                 Boss: Dark Samus/Item: Dark Beam
    Dark Samus can throw up a shield to block your attacks, which she mostly does
    when you fire missiles.  Other than that, Dark Samus will mainly do two things:
    fire a spray of blue energy at you, or hover for a bit then dive-bomb you.
    For the former, hide behind one of the pillars.  For the latter, do NOT hide, as
    Dark Samus will just smash through the pillar, breaking both it and you.  Just
    dodge and keep shooting.  You can get more missile hits in early on.
    After you win, take the elevator up, go through the door, and get the Dark Beam!
    Go back, and head through the southernmost door (left of where you originally
    entered).  Keep going south into the room with the Dark Portal.  Watch out for
    the Pirate Grenadiers--the two in this room can take off a good portion of your
    health if you get surprised.  After they're dead, use the Dark Beam on the
    portal to open it and go through.
    After you enter Dark Aether, look up for a bit.  Kill those things that are
    floating around now and save yourself the trouble of dealing with them later.
    Go to the temporary Safe Zone on your left.  Look at the pillar near you--see
    the little protrusion on the left side (opposite where you came in)?  Hit it
    with a missile, then go around and shoot into the hole you made with the Dark
    Beam.  Hop onto the platform and wait in the safe zone to recharge your life
    and to kill any of the Dark Preeds you might've missed earlier.
    Double-jump onto the next platform (somewhat tough jump, so keep trying if you
    don't get it), run and activate the temporary safe zone.  Open the blackened
    door with your Dark Beam and go through.  In this next room, you'll have to
    face a Warrior Ing, which are annoyingly hard to kill but not very dangerous.
    Next room, take care of the Inglets and head to the right.  Keep going through,
    and on the other side of the pillar in the 'Hall of Stairs', you can either use
    the Bladepods as stepping stones, or you can shoot the marker on the top of the
    pillar to lower it.  Either way, go up top and move into the next room, where
    you find a Save Station.
    In this next room, morph into a ball, then go through the tunnel.  Bomb-jump
    into the area above, and bomb-jump over the opening.  Otherwise you'll fall
    into a pit of Phazon, which is just like the Dark Aether atmosphere.
    In the next room, ride the elevator down and move to the ledge on the right.
    While in the temporary safe zone, scan the panel to turn off one of the three
    locks on the exit.  Next, jump across the floating platforms (activating the
    safe zones as needed) and get to the second panel, which is right above the
    Next, jump down to the eastern side of the room (left from where you entered).
    From the temporary safe zone, take out the crates to the East with chaged shots
    to reveal the final panel.  Scan it, then exit.  In the next room, hop across
    the platforms quickly to avoid the dark matter attacks (you can't kill those
    huge Ingclaws) and replenish your life in the safe zone if needed.
    In the next room, stay in the safe zone and shoot all those little flying things
    (Nightbarbs) using the same trick you used on the Sandbats.  Then go to the left
    and down, along the wall to your right and into the safe zone.  Look up, shoot
    the Light Lift Crystal with your Dark Beam, and hop on.  Look down to your right
    and find the temporary safe zone.  From there, activate the other Light Lift
    Crystal.  Go back to the first pillar, then to the second, then to the door.
    Next room. . .Light Beam!  And you didn't even have to fight a boss!
    _X_                        Item: Light Beam
    Defeat enemies with the Light Beam to get ammo for the Dark Beam, and vice
    versa.  By now you're probably pretty low on Dark Ammo, so take out some of the
    enemies that appeared in that last room with the Light Beam to restock.  Go to
    the white door and open it with the Light Beam, and also use that to take out
    the Webling.
    You'll wind up back in the room you first came upon when you entered this part
    of Dark Aether, except with a few Dark Splinters as an added bonus.  Take care
    of them, then double-jump up and get the Dark Temple Key.  You could have done
    this earlier, but since you have the Light Beam now you can go through the door
    past the door on this ledge.  Keep going and you'll come to a room with the
    third and final Dark Temple Key.  Drop down and it'll be stolen by a bunch of
    Warrior Ings. :/
    Kill them all (takes awhile, even with the Light Beam), and you'll get it back.
    Now you have all three Dark Keys!
    Exit through the only available door and you'll find yourself, once again, in
    the entry room.  Go back up through the dark-beam door and to the Light Portal,
    which you can now activate.  Head left at the fork first if you're low on ammo
    to reach a Recharge Room (remember those from Fusion?).
    Now, from Light Aether, go aaaaaaaall the way back to the very first portal you
    used to get to Dark Aether.  Now go back to where you got the first Dark Temple
    Key.  That's the Dark Temple.  Anyway, wait in the safe zone before you activate
    the door, make sure you have full health left. . .you're gonna need it.
    Boss fight!
    _XI_                  Boss: Amorbis/Item: Dark Suit
    You can't damage the sphere in the center, so don't bother shooting it.
    First, you'll see a huge worm leaping out of the ground and then diving back
    into it like a dolphin does to water.  While it's out of the ground, shoot it.
    This won't hurt it, but you still gotta do it.  After a decent amount of damage,
    the Amorbis will attach itself to the sphere in the center.  Lock onto the head
    of the worm and just blast away with regular shots or charged shots.  When the
    horns break, go into Morph Ball mode and let it suck you in, lay a bomb, and
    finally you cause some damage.
    Next, you'll have to deal with two of them at once, and when they go into horn
    mode they like to fire a beam of dark energy at the ground and sweep it along,
    almost certainly catching you in the wake.  Ouch.  It is possible to dodge by
    moving forwards and backwards, and a few seconds in the atmosphere is better
    than being smacked by that laser.
    Also, this does happen when there's only one but it's less likely--when not
    using their Dark Laser of Darkness, they tend to fire globs of dark energy at
    you, and can shut off a Safe Zone temporarily if they hit the node.
    Having fun yet?  When you beat the two, you have to go for three.
    Anyway, it's not EXTREMELY hard, but it's harder than anything else so far.
    When you win, you get the Dark Suit!  So now you can move around in the Dark
    Aether atmosphere without being hurt.  As much.  That's right, you still get
    hurt.  Only half as fast.  Pfft.
    When you're done, head north and you'll find a Bomb Slot much like the one on
    Light Aether.  Welcome to the Dark Temple.
    No, it doesn't get its own special section--it's like one room.  Watch the
    cutscene then go back to the temple on Light Aether.  Watch out for Warrior
    Ing on the way.  When you get to the temple, you'll see a little cutscene and
    now you have to go back to the Great Temple, the first temple you ever went to.
    This means you have to go to "Transport to Temple Grounds" on your map.
    Then, when you get there, to "Temple Transport B".  On the way there you'll
    see one of those markers that you can shoot with your light beam; if you want
    to, blast it, and it'll reveal a Dark Portal.  Activate it, go through, and
    explore a little to find a Missile Expansion.
    Finally, go to the Main Energy Controller, watch the cutsene, and go back to
    the four-door room; since you've been able to open Amber-scan doors for awhile,
    open the door to the west and head to Temple Transport C.
    Pretty soon, you'll have to go through a Dark Portal.  When you go, go down the
    hallway and reach the area with the transport.  On the ledge behind it, in the
    side walls there are Morph Ball sized elevators for you to ride.  Start with
    the one on the right and do the first Bomb Slot, then go up the elevator on the
    left, and go ALL THE WAY AROUND to the farthest Bomb Slot you can, activate it,
    and then the second-farthest, then the nearest.  Ride the transport, watch out
    for the flying enemies, and then go through the Light Portal.
    In this next section you'll have to use your Light Beam to activate a bunch of
    markers.  Not a huge problem.  Welcome to the Torvus Bog.
    _XII_                             Torvus Bog
    When you first get here, you'll watch a little cutscene introducing you to the
    landscape.  Doesn't this remind you of the Tallon Overworld?  Beautiful.
    Almost immediately, three Shredders pop out of the water and move towards you.
    They reach you, they explode--so take them out quick.  Missiles are warranted
    here (you should have at least fifty by now anyway, I think).
    Up to the left is a door you can reach--it's a Save Station.  Save!  Go back out
    and go underwater.  Behind the tree is a Dark-beam door.
    Farther along, you'll meet Shriekers.  They appear for a bit, shoot at you, then
    go invisible.  Just lock on when they appear and shoot while moving side to side
    a little to dodge their attack.
    In that room, the door across leads to a tunnel that leads nowhere you can go
    yet, but turn around and you'll see a shielded door.  Two rooms down, more
    Shredders, and then you run into a couple Grenchlers.  Remember them from MP1?
    No, of course not.  But you probably remember something similar from the snow
    area--whatever they were called.  Anyway, if you do, you know how to fight
    them, shoot them from behind.
    When you beat them, climb up and cross the bridge to a Dark Portal.
    From here, it's pretty simple.  Cross the bridge, use the Bomb Slot, then go
    back to the pivot point of the bridge and jump across to the mushrooms under
    the portal.  Then go back to Light Aether.
    p.s. watch out for the water in Dark Aether.  It's. . .acidic, I guess.
    Hurts more than the atmosphere.
    When you get there, you meet Dark Pirate Commandoes.  It might just be one
    that can warp around, or it might be a bunch, I'm not sure.  Anyway, they have
    an attack that can mess up your vision for a few seconds (but you can stay
    locked on).  You may want to just skip them entirely and make a dash for the
    Once you're done there, cross the bridge, get the Missile Expansion, enter
    the door and keep going.  Scan the panel to activate the Kinetic Orb Cannon
    then use it.  Watch out for the Shriekbats, and go through the dark-beam door.
    In the narrow hallway of the next room, examine the floor.  See those panels?
    Bomb the first one to get an Energy Tank!  You can't get right back up,
    unfortunately, but you can go right back to the room with the Kinetic Orb
    When you get back up and go through the next dark-beam door, you'll have to
    deal with a couple Pirate Aerotroopers, then four Space Pirates.  Your reward
    is the Super Missile (!) and an elevator.
    _XIII_                     Item: Super Missile
    Hold A to charge your regular beam, then hit Y to fire the Super Missile.  It
    opens Green-shielded doors and uses 5 missiles per shot.
    Ride the elevator up to the inner Temple area and discover that you need to find
    another three keys.  You can also now open the doors with the Emerald holograms.
    When you go back, that last area will be filled with Shriekers.  Fight them if
    you want, but I don't recommend it--just scan the hologram and go down.
    If you want, take the Green-shield door back to the Great Bridge and use the
    hologram-door to get to the Map Room.  You can also go back and open the few
    green doors in the Temple Grounds and Agon Wastes now, but for the most part all
    you'll find are dead ends, at least until you get even more gear.  You can get
    a couple Missile Expansions, but they're not necessary; at this point you
    shouldn't waste your time unless you're missing an Energy Tank (you should have
    four by now).
    Next, go to the door somewhat to the right of where you come back in (from the
    Great Bridge).  If you see a large round room with rotating platforms, you're
    in the wrong room.  The room you want should be more of a hallway with water.
    When you get in the shallow water, a Grenchler will emerge at the end of the
    narrow hallway.  Tough to get around, but even tougher to kill in this
    environment, so just skip it.  Go into Morph Ball mode and roll through the
    gap in the left side of the end of the hallway.  At the end there will be a
    couple of those plant things that grab you if you're in Morph Ball mode. . .
    I forget the names.  Easy enough to kill, also easy to skip if you want.
    In the larger open area (Torvus Grove), you will want to head to the North,
    then by following that path you'll reach a portal generator.  Head through.
    In Dark Aether, you'll enter a big room with lots of platforms.  You may find
    some Hunter Ing here; if so, be careful, as they can be somewhat dangerous.
    Aim for the dark-beam door.  Soon you'll find a Save Station.  You've got a
    hard boss coming up, so save!  The save station is in a pit, so it can be tough
    to find the ledge you're supposed to get back out onto. . .but it's towards the
    door you came from.  Go through, and you'll find a boost-ball slot that's based
    in Light Aether, and a locked gate right near it.  Hmm. . .
    Anyway, go down the path that you CAN go, and through a tunnel.  In the next
    room you'll see a Warrior Ing turn into a Morph Ball and zoom through a little
    tunnel.  He has the Boost Ball ability; he's the Boost Guardian.  Wait in the
    safe zone until you have full HP, then go through.
    _XIV_                 Boss: Boost Guardian/Item: Boost Ball
    This is a TOUGH boss.  Use either a Super Missile or a fully-charged Light Beam
    blast on it.  If you can, do it twice.  It'll then turn into a black morph ball
    and start bouncing around the room.  If it hits you, it does a lot of damage.
    Once he's gone into Boost Ball mode, he'll alternate between bouncing around,
    and chasing you as a reddish version of the puddles that those Ing things turn
    into.  The puddle isn't as damaging, I don't think, but it's still painful.
    When he's a puddle, go into Morph Ball mode, and run away from it while laying
    bombs.  When you've bombed him enough, you'll automatically see a little
    cutscene in which he turns back into regular Warrior Ing mode, and you'll
    automatically be back in regular fighting mode.  Again, either Super Missile or
    charged Light Beam.  He'll keep going back and forth between these two things,
    sometimes using different/stronger attacks in regular mode as his life goes
    Two things you should remember: first, if he smashes one of the four pillars in
    the room, it leaves behind health for you to pick up.  Second, after a little
    bit, Inglets will start to show up while he's in Boost Ball mode.  Kill them and
    take the health they leave behind.  You most likely will need it.
    Lots of people have loads of trouble with the Boost Guardian, but with the
    strategy above and four energy tanks, you should be able to beat him.
    Once you've beat him, go back out and into the half-pipe room.  Use the Boost
    Ball (hold B while in Morph Ball mode) to boost up the walls a little, then on
    your way down hold B and boost your way up the opposite wall.  Keep doing this
    until you reach the Dark Temple Key on the left side of the halfpipe (left
    coming from the Boost Guardian room).  You also have to use this trick to exit
    the room, and then again to get across the breaking blocks in the tunnel.
    Get back to the Save Station and save.  Go back to the portal generator and go
    back to Light Aether.
    Back in the larger room with the trees (Torvus Grove), go to the South, and
    use the half-pipe near the door and go on the ledges along the wall to reach
    the dark-beam door to the East.  Follow the path up, then you'll reach the
    Spinner (boost ball slot) you saw in Dark Aether.  Use it.
    Don't bother trying to go to the area you fought the Boost Guardian in yet;
    all you'll do is run into some Dark Pirate Commandos and find that you need
    the Spider Ball to advance.
    For now, go back towards the Great Temple.  You'll find a half-pipe on the way,
    boost up it and then in the tunnel you'll go into afterwards, hold a Boost
    until you get to a side-view section, then boost over the breakaway blocks.
    You'll find yourself in a large room with an item in the middle.  On the walls
    are four Spinners.  Use them to arrange the panels in the middle; just keep
    boosting until they light up.  Note that you'll be turning both the panel
    connected to the Spinner you're in AND the panel just inside it, too.  So you
    should probably start with the outermost one, though I forget which one that
    When you're finished, you get the Seeker Missile!
    _XV_                       Item: Seeker Missile
    To use the Seeker Missile, hold Y and then look around.  You'll automatically
    lock on to up to five targets at once; when you release Y, all the missiles
    will be fired at once.
    Use this to open those doors with the purple blast shields.
    You might be thinking, "Hey!  Pressing Y shoots a missile, so I have to use SIX
    missiles to open those doors--one will shoot out when I first press Y to hold
    it down!"
    True.  There are ways around this, though.  Hold Y when exiting Morph Ball mode,
    when exiting the menu or the map--anything like that tends to work.
    (Don't waste a Super Missile by accident using this trick. :P)
    You entered by Morph Ball tunnel, but you have to leave by Seeker Missile door.
    Use this opportunity to test out your Seeker Missile skills.  When you get
    through, you'll find yourself back at your ship!  It's not fixed yet, but at
    least you get to save your game.
    Now go back to that little underground room in the Torvus Bog.  This time, go
    through the tunnel opposite the entry door (assuming you enter from the Great
    Bridge).  You should find yourself in a room with a large pillar and two pairs
    of platforms rotating around it--this room would be the Hydrodynamo.  The music
    is a remake of the Lower Brinstar music from Super Metroid.  This is probably
    the best song in the entire game, which kinda sucks if you think about it--why
    can't they remix Kraid or Brinstar from the first Metroid?  Pfft.
    The door up top leads to a Save Station.
    Down in the water is a bunch of stuff.  Before you go in, be warned that there
    are enemies called Bloggs in there.  When they spot you, they open their mouths
    and charge.  Not all that damaging, but since you're underwater they can sneak
    up on you really easily.  You can only damage them when they're charging at
    you, though there are Blogglings, which you can just blast from a distance.
    Anyway, hop towards the middle of the room.  You'll land on a platform.  There's
    another platform in the center below you--get to that one.  Look around, on the
    outer wall there will be ledges, one of which will contain a panel that you'll
    have to scan.  You have to scan from the ledge, though, because it wouldn't be
    very difficult or time-consuming if you could just scan them normally.
    When that's scanned, a platform will extend from one of the ledges up higher.
    In the middle of the platform is a Kinetic Orb Cannon, use it to get back up,
    then come back down to the first middle platform and you can reach the ledge.
    This ledge has a Seeker-missile door.  Make sure to aim at it from the
    platform that was extended, and jump before you shoot--otherwise some of the
    missiles will hit a wall.
    Anyway, go in that door.  Down the path, and uh-oh, Dark Samus is back!
    Don't worry though, you don't have to fight her just yet.  In the water are
    some Bloggs.  Kill them, then the Spinner will activate.  Spin until the
    center section lights up a little, then go down the hole it's connected to
    (the part where the lights form a circle).  Stay in Morph Ball mode and
    follow the path to reach either a light-beam door or a dark-beam door.
    Either way, when in the door, roll over the little bubbly vent while in
    Morph Ball mode to get into the orb cannon.
    But remember, once you've finished one of the doors, SAVE!  You can't save
    once you've cracked all the locks, and the boss can be difficult, so by
    saving now you potentially avoid having to re-do all of this if you get
    smacked around by the boss.
    If you've taken the light-beam door, go through and bomb your way down to
    the Bomb Slot underneath.  Then the bubbles will help push you back up,
    and you will have to bomb the little reappearing block there.  Head left
    towards the fan, and you'll get pushed up and can go through it.
    In the next room, get underwater and kill the Bloggs.  There's a Dark Portal
    there; activate it and go through.  In this next room, some Dark Pirate
    Commandos will appear.  All you have to do is get up to the platform right
    above the portal and use the Spinner, so you might not want to bother with the
    Once you've used the Spinner, go back.  Some platforms will have extended,
    allowing you to get up to a light-beam door.  Through here is a panel for you
    to scan, unlocking another one of the locks.
    If you're going through the dark-beam door, just roll to the end and float
    up, boost left to get into the pipe despite the push of the bubbles, then go
    In the next room, get underwater and kill the Bloggs.  Aim up and lock on to
    the targets floating on the water and shoot them with the Dark Beam to flip
    them over.  Get back up to the entrance and hop onto the platforms you just
    made to get to the other side.  Dark-beam door, another lock.  If you already
    did the light-beam door, that's the last one.  Go down into the center area,
    and through the door.  Follow the path and you'll reach a large circular room.
    On one side is a door, go through and get the Gravity Boost, which works sort
    of like an in-water jetpack.  It lets you move in water with the same agility
    you do in air, and after a double-jump you can hold B to hover for a bit.
    After you exit. . .boss fight!
    _XVI_             Item: Gravity Boost/Boss: Alpha Blogg
    As I said before, this can be a tough boss.  It's about as difficult as the
    Boost Guardian, I'd say.
    This boss has two attacks; it shoots sonic waves at you in threes, and it
    charges at you.  Try to stay on the other side of the room from it.  It's easy
    enough to dodge the sonic attack, but it's only vunerable when it's charging,
    which makes it difficult to both attack and dodge the charge.  Timing it is
    tough, but eventually you get the hang of it.  I found using a Seeker Missile
    (since you can target the same enemy multiple times, it counts as five missiles)
    to be easier than a Super Missile, but either one can work well enough.
    When you're finished, use your Gravity Boost to get up to the exit.  In the
    Hydrodynamo Shaft (first room after you exit), right above the spinning thing
    is a Dark Portal.  Go through, grab the Temple Key, and exit.  (You need Power
    Bombs to do anything else in there right now.)  Go back to the Save Station in
    the main dynamo room and save.  Now go back to the area past the dark-beam door
    (which you can get to right from the main dynamo room by going through the
    dark-beam door in there), and you'll be able to reach the Bomb Slot underwater,
    which will in turn let you reach the Dark Portal above.  Go through.
    To your right is an exit, go there.  Through the tunnel, and you'll have to
    keep going left and falling down until you can't anymore, then bomb-jump your
    way up.  (Shades of 2-d metroid games. . .)
    In the next room you'll be underneath something that has very heavy footsteps.
    Watch out for the Hunter Ing, and climb the rocks to your right if you want a
    look at what you're going to fight in a minute.  Go through the light-beam door
    to the West to exit.
    Shoot the crystal in front of you with the Dark Beam to energize it, and move
    quickly as you make your way along the extending/retracting platforms to the
    light-beam door above the Light Portal.
    Drop down, use the Kinetic Orb Cannon to boost up like you've done in Light
    Aether, and you can now reach the Save Station if you want to.
    After that, drop down into the only opening in the grating, go into the middle,
    then use the Bomb Slot to rotate the grating so you can go through the other
    door (the non-light-beam one).  Go through the hallway, blasting the storage
    plants to regain health and missiles, and emerge into the room of the next Boss
    _XVII_         Boss: Grapple Guardian/Item: Grapple Beam
    This boss is basically a really big Grenchler.  (At least it's not another
    Warrior Ing).  There are two main differences, besides the size.  First, you
    can shoot the eye to stun it.  Second, it doesn't shoot electricity, it shoots
    a Grapple Beam and draws you in for more damage.
    First of all, SCAN IT so that you can get the ability to target it from behind.
    Anyway, shooting the eye won't hurt it, but enough damage will stun it for a
    bit so that you can get behind it and shoot its weak point.  If you hide behind
    one of the pillars in the room when it tries to use the Grapple Beam on you
    (or if you stand in front of the pillar and dodge), it'll get itself latched
    onto the pillar, pull itself in, bonk its head, and be stunned for a little
    bit.  Take advantage of this to blast it with a Super Missile.
    Also, once you deal a lot of damage to it, its back will be damaged (like with
    regular Grenchlers), and now when it's stunned from eye-shots you can just
    damage it by shooting the eye.
    This boss isn't as difficult as the past couple bosses, but hey. . .not much
    in this game is.  When you win, you get the Grapple Beam!
    Now all those grapple points will be highlighted, and you can swing from them
    by looking at them and holding L.  Release L at the right moment to let go and
    hopefully land on the platform you're aiming for.  (It takes some practice.)
    Now, head back to Light Aether and to the Forgotten Bridge.  Go through the
    portal there and then through the Super Missile door on the south side.  You
    have to kill the Dark Pirate Commandos first, unfortunately.  Go through the
    Brooding Ground, using your Morph Ball as necessary, and make it to the
    Venomous Pond.  What's that floating off to the right?  A Dark Temple Key!
    Directly to your left is a morph-ball tunnel, roll through and you'll be at a
    good distance and angle to use the Grapple hook to reach the key.  To the South
    is a Save Station.  
    Almost directly opposite of the light-beam door in the Venomous Pond is a
    dark-beam door.  Through the Seeker Missile door there is a Beam Ammo
    Expansion, which will allow you to carry 100 rounds for both Light and Dark
    beams!  By this point you probably run out of Light Ammo pretty fast.
    After that, head through the light-beam door.  Through the tunnel, and you'll
    reach the Dark Torvus Temple.  Before you head into the temple, there's a
    tunnel opposite the entrance with a Super-Missile door that leads to an
    Energy Tank!  There's also an Ammo Recharge Room to the left of where you came
    in (right if you're coming from the Energy Tank room); roll underneath the
    vegetation to reach the door.
    Now head into the center platform to activate the elevator--the room is flooded
    with water (the poisonous Dark Aether kind), but the platform you're on floats.
    See the big thing on the wall there, and the four targets?  Shoot them with your
    regular beam until all four break, and get ready for a two-tier boss fight.
    _XVIII_                   Boss: Chykka Larvae
    First, scan it so that it'll let you target the belly.  Then, be prepared for
    a long but fairly easy fight.
    This boss does three things; swim around while occasionally releasing Dark
    Shredders, jump out of the water and do a belly flop which sends a wave of Dark
    Aether water your way, and flop up onto your platform, tilting it and trying to
    latch onto you and draw you in with his tongue.
    While he's swimming, he bobs up and down a little, and you can try to manually
    aim for his face to cause a little damage.
    When he jumps into the air, have a charged shot ready and blast him in the
    When he lands on the platform, go all-out and use a Super Missile.
    You're constantly being healed thanks to the safe zone around you, and neither
    the Chykka Larvae nor the Dark Shredders do all that much damage (at least not
    if you take care to avoid attacks, which isn't hard).  This is an easy fight,
    but a little time consuming.  When you beat him, the platform splits into three
    and the Chykka Larvae becomes the Adult Chykka.
    _XIX_               Boss: Adult Chykka/Item: Dark Visor
    This fight isn't as hard as the Boost Guardian or Alpha Blogg, but it is longer
    and more difficult to figure out exactly how to beat.  First off, scan.
    At first, the Adult Chykka has basically only one attack; spew a bunch of Dark
    Water at you.  You can double-jump over this.  (If you don't, you'll probably be
    knocked back into the water.)
    While he's doing this he'll bob back and forth, sometimes even breaking your
    lock on him.  Just re-target.  Keep blasting with regular Power Beam shots;
    anything else moves too slow to hit him.
    After a little bit, he'll be stunned and float in one place, while red circles
    appear on his wings.  You have to shoot these, but YOU CAN'T DO IT FROM THE
    FRONT.  I wasted five minutes stunning and trying to shoot him from the front
    afterwards. >_<
    You have to use the Grapple points to get around to his back (should only have
    to move one platform over), THEN you can lock on and shoot them.  Blast one
    with a Super Missile and it'll be damaged, then repeat the process over again.
    After you've got all four, he might back up and then divebomb you.  If this
    happens, just Grapple over to another platform and you'll be fine.
    What he always does after all four wings are damaged, however, is fall into
    the water.  He'll emerge, then become charged with Dark Energy (he'll turn
    all purply-blackish).  Scan him again so that you can target his tail.
    Charged Light Beam shots work, but you have to time them--he bobs back and
    forth, so wait until he's just reached the far left or far right to shoot.
    While in this form, he releases a swarm of slow-moving insects that come at
    you.  Blast them for Missile and Energy refills, and switch to the Dark Beam
    to shoot them if you're low on Light ammo.
    After you do a decent amount of damage, he'll turn back into the regular
    Adult Chykka.  Repeat the whole process over again, hopefully you only need
    do to it once more (if you damaged him enough as Dark Chykka the first time).
    When you win, the platforms will reassemble, and you'll get the Dark Visor.
    The Dark Visor works similar to the Thermal Visor from MP1; it lets you see
    some things that have vanished from regular sight.  You get to test this out
    right away when a series of platforms floats up and disappears; switch to the
    Dark Visor to see and scale them.  Enter the Dark Temple, use the Bomb Slot to
    reach the Energy Controller, and watch the cutscene.
    Now head back to the Torvus Bog temple on Light Aether.
    p.s. on the way you can use the Dark Visor to stay locked on to those Dark
    Pirate Commandos!
    Return the energy to the Energy Controller in the Torvus Bog temple, then go
    back to U-Mos in the Great Temple.  He'll tell you to go to the Sanctuary.
    Go through the emerald-scan door to reach Temple Transport B.  You've been here
    before, remember?  Anyway, you'll come across an area with a door which, if you
    scan, says that the interface controls aren't visible in this timespace thingy.
    So switch to the Dark Visor, and you'll see that it's a Seeker Missile door!
    Go through, fight some regular Space Pirates in the GFMC compound area, and
    open the emerald-scan door to reach the transport to the sanctuary area.
    Inside, you'll meet a Luminoth Turret, the strongest one yet.  Keep going
    through to the elevator and enter the Sanctuary area.
    _XX_                        Sanctuary Fortress
    When you get here, some more Turrets.  Then, enter the larger open area, and a
    short cutscene gives you a nice little view of the area.  Not quite the Torvus
    Bog, is it?  And the music is annoying.  Hopefully this won't distract you from
    the FIVE Pirate Commandos that will be smacking you around soon.
    No, not Dark Pirate Commandos, just regular ones.  So you can't just charge the
    Light Beam and switch to the Dark Visor.  Plus, these guys have shields, so
    they can block your Super Missiles.  The only real advice I have is to take it
    slow and try to pummel them from afar, taking them one by one if you can.  I
    almost died here. >_<
    Anyway, go into the Light-beam door when you're done, and stand a bit away from
    the Octopedes as you blast them with your charged Power Beam.  Further down,
    there's another one of those Seeker Missile doors that you need the Dark Visor
    to shoot.  When it opens, this weird floating thing will come out and attack
    you.  Kill it quickly, with a charged Dark Beam shot and then a missile.  If it
    lives long enough to put up its shield, it'll infect your suit with a computer
    virus once it brings its shield down!  You'll have problems seeing and moving,
    and you'll be unable to attack.  You'll have to hold L and R then hit B to
    reboot.  Odd.
    In the next section, there's a four-legged robot you have to fight; go into
    Morph Ball mode and bomb it repeatedly.  If it starts spinning, smack it with
    a Boost Ball attack.  Then the head will come off and float around.  Watch the
    energy that's hovering around it; if it's dark, shoot it with the Light Beam.
    If it's bright, shoot it with the Dark Beam.
    Go to the right and blast the shielded door with a Missile to reach a Save
    Station.  Save!  This area is difficult, as you've already experienced.
    Back in the Reactor Core, go into the center area and climb the platforms.  You
    can take out the enemies there if you prefer, but extended fighting with them
    is probably a bad idea.
    Through the door to the left, you'll find the Minigyro Chamber.  Scan the panel
    then look to the left.  Go through the tunnel, and deposit a bomb in the bomb
    slots according to color as the game said: Amber (brown), Emerald (green),
    Crimson (red), Cobalt (blue).  If the rings don't stop, sit in the Bomb Slots
    after you lay the bomb until they do.  When you've got all four stopped, go
    across the bridge you just made in the center.
    In the next area, there'll be a bunch of those four-legged robots.  Go all
    the way through into the next room and use the Dark Portal.  When in Dark
    Aether, you can go through the door to the East for a Missile Expansion, but
    watch out for the Dark Metroid.
    Go into the Culling Chamber (west).  See the Dark Temple Key?  You can't get
    it just yet, but remember where it is and come back for it after you get the
    Spider Ball.  Go through the dark-beam door to the North to reach an elevator.
    Ride it and then in the next room, shoot the Nightbats from afar (aim with R)
    like you've done with other little flying enemies, then grapple across.  When
    you're on the other side, turn around and put on your Dark Visor.  There are
    Seeker Missile targets on the wall on the other side of the pit!  Target them
    all, then jump and grapple to make sure that none of your missiles hit the
    Grapple Point.  You'll bring down the shield on the west side of the Light
    Portal; go through it.  Through the dark-beam door and into the next area;
    off to your right (North) is a door leading to a Save Station.
    To get there, you have to go through the little Morph Ball tunnels nestled in
    the walls, around to where there'll be a Bomb Slot.  Use it to make a puzzle
    appear; there are nine panels, three of three colors: red, green, blue.  There
    are also three lasers coming from the left wall hitting the leftmost panels.
    You can rotate four of the panels at a time by shooting the small markers just
    around the middle panel.  Your goal is to make all the red panels line up on
    top, and then the green and blue beneath that; basically the lasers should be
    hitting all panels of their own color.
    Doing this will stop the outer ring, which will let you go around and reach the
    Save Station.
    The light-beam door leads nowhere for now, go through the other door into the
    Temple Access.  Watch out for the Dark Quad CM/MBs; you beat them exactly the
    way you beat the regular kind, but they're stronger.  Climb the platforms at
    the far end of the room and grapple your way to the Southern door to reach the
    Sanctuary energy temple; scan the hologram projector and get the ability to
    open the doors with blue-gray ("Cobalt") holograms in front of them.
    Go back into the larger open room, and grapple your way to the door to the right
    (east).  Hop across the floating platforms to your right, then turn around and
    scan the marker on the second one to activate the Kinetic Orb Cannon.  Use it.
    In the next room, there will be a tunnel.  Entering this tunnel begins the next
    "Boss Fight", which is really just a puzzle. . .a puzzle that can KILL YOU.
    _XXI_             Boss: Spider Guardian/Item: Spider Ball
    This boss was the toughest for me, though oddly enough it can actually be the
    easiest if you really know what you're doing, because the boss doesn't actively
    attack you.
    The Spider Guardian uses your Spider Ball technology to ride the magnetic rails
    around the four rooms.  Your job is to smack him with bombs until the Bomb Slot
    activates, then to get over to the Bomb Slot and use it before it deactivates.
    The boss has three states.
    - Normal, moving at a medium speed and having a blue aura around him
    - Aggravated, moving at a fast speed and having a red aura around him
    - Weakened, moving at a slow speed and having a green aura around him
    After one bomb, the boss will go from blue to red.  After a few more, he'll go
    to green.  While he's green, the Bomb Slots are active.  You can smack him with
    more bombs to keep him in green-mode.
    If you touch the aura around him, you get damaged.  There are times (right
    after he's hit with a bomb) where there'll be no aura; you can roll right past
    or through him at these points.  Useful to know on the fourth section.
    In the first room, he just moves in a square path around the center.  Use your
    bomb-jump to get up and to the left, then over to the right where the Bomb Slot
    Second room, you'll have to use your Boost Ball, and when he's green, a small
    platform will extend that you can drop onto and use to reach the Bomb Slot.
    Third room, more Boosting, more platforms that only extend when he's green, but
    a trickier path.
    Fourth room, there are three Bomb Slots.  You have to get the first one, then
    the first AND the second, then all three.  Not only that, but the second and
    third are above hills, so if you go slightly past the peak of the hill, it's
    that much harder to correct yourself.
    The main thing to remember is that you can keep him green if you keep hitting
    him with bombs, and that you can get across small gaps (one or two blocks wide)
    with a Boost.
    It might take a few tries (took me three, the other 'tough' bosses only took
    two), but it's possible to win.  After you beat him, bomb jump up to the point
    that he died, and roll through the tunnel to get the Spider Ball.  Use it to
    get back through the boss area.
    To use the Spider Ball, you of course have to be in Morph Ball mode.  Hold R
    when near a magnetic rail and you'll latch onto it and be able to roll along
    it as if it were regular floor.  You can use the Boost to propel yourself from
    a Spider Ball track, which you'll have to use on your way back.  You can also
    do a bomb-jump to jump between tracks when there's a small gap between them.
    In both Boost and Bomb-jump situations, you still want to be holding R at all
    From here, get back to the Culling Chamber (the Dark Aether version of the
    Hall of Combat Mastery, and ride the Spider Ball tracks to reach a Dark
    Temple Key.  (Note: You may want to save this part for later, so you can get
    two Dark Temple keys in one fell swoop.)
    You now have to make your way back to the Torvus Bog, to the room where you
    fought the Alpha Blogg.  Going back through the Sanctuary from the Spider
    Guardian area will force a new route that makes use of your Spider Ball
    ability, and brings you into the path of a new enemy.  Remember those robots
    that were in the walls and looked kinda like decoration?  Yeah, they're trying
    to kill you now.  And they're pretty good at it.  You can skip them if you want.
    At the entrance to the Sanctuary, Dark Samus will appear and break the bridge.
    There's a Spider Ball track on the wall left of the door you came from.  You'll
    have to use the boost-launch trick at the end of the first Spider Ball track to
    get to the second.
    In the Alpha Blogg room, there's a Spider Ball track that you can ride up to a
    Dark Portal.  Go through and meet the Power Bomb Guardian.
    _XXII_           Boss: Power Bomb Guardian/Item: Power Ball
    This is another boss that's more of a puzzle than a fight, but at least this
    one actively attacks you.  The PB Guardian is a big plant (like the ones that
    sprout and attack you when you're in Morph Ball mode) that spits Power Bombs at
    you.  They move pretty slowly, and their blast radius isn't quite as huge as
    you might think, so it's not as bad as it seems.
    Your goal is to use the Spider Ball track to get up to the four bomb slots on
    the wall just below the ceiling.  Once you've got all four, the Power Bomb
    Guardian dies.
    One trick to remember is that he likes to shoot ahead of you to try to get you
    to run into the blast, so moving backwards can mess him up sometimes.  Also, do
    NOT use your Boost to get between tracks, all it'll do is send you to the floor.
    All things considered this is a fairly easy boss.  When you're done, you get
    the Power Bombs.  To use them, roll up into Morph Ball mode and press Y.
    If you haven't done it already, I strongly suggest you go back through the Agon
    Wastes and Torvus Bog to open any doors and reach any areas that you couldn't
    before.  You only start with two Power Bombs, so getting some of those Power
    Bomb expansions can't hurt, and there are some Energy Tanks waiting for you as
    well.  Keep in mind that Power Bombs can destroy anything made from Denzium, so
    it's not just yellow-shielded doors that you can get past.
    Anyway, when you're done exploring, go all the way back to the Sanctuary.
    Head back up to the Main Gyro Chamber (near the second Save Station and the big
    spinning thingy that you stopped the outer ring of).  On the top floor, there
    is some clutter that you can scan, it says that there's Denzium in it.  So use
    your new Power Bombs to blow it up.  A Bomb Slot will raise, using it will
    activate a three-color puzzle like you solved before.  If you didn't solve it
    before, go look at the previous section to figure it out, because you'll have
    to solve the puzzle for the outer ring, too.
    When solved, the inner ring will stop, revealing a Spider Ball track.  Go to it
    and when you reach the end of it, Boost-launch yourself from the track through
    the window to the yellow-shielded door.  Power-Bomb it open.  In the next room
    you'll see a bunch of Dark Space Pirates fighting Dark Samus.  She'll kill them
    all easily enough, and start gathering Phazon.  Go to the right, the blast door
    will open automatically.  In this next section, blast the crates to restore as
    many Missiles and as much Light Ammo as you can, then go through the next door,
    through the small hallway (not a tunnel, but it kinda looks like one), and
    into the elevator room.
    _XXIII_              Boss: Dark Samus/Item: Echo Visor
    Another Dark Samus fight.  You remember how to beat her from last time, right?
    Well, she's stronger and tougher and has more attacks, but the basic principle
    is the same.
    Dark Samus can now charge up her phazon beam and use it to sweep a laser across
    the room, which will cut through the various pillars (as well as you).  She can
    go into Morph Ball mode and boost around the area, and she can also disappear,
    forcing you to use the Dark Visor to target her (and once you do a decent bit
    of damage, she'll scramble the visor and then be visible again).
    It's a long fight, but it's not difficult.  When you win, she breaks a window
    and jumps out of the tower, and that's a pretty long fall.  Of course, if YOU
    fall that distance, you just get hit for 10 health and get returned to the
    entrance of the room or whatever platform you fell from, so. . .
    Anyway, on the little platform outside facing in, there's a ledge to the right.
    Go along it and reach a Dark Portal.  Go through, back along the ledge and into
    the tower again via Spider Ball.  Use the Spinner to turn the Spider Ball
    tracks, then ride them and boost off them to reach a ledge, from which you can
    jump to a Light Portal.  From that ledge, jump to the Echo Visor ledge and get
    To use the Echo Visor, just hit down on your control pad and look around.
    Everything will go dark, except for occasional flashes of light--this is the
    Visor's sonar system.  If it hits something, an icon will appear on your screen
    indicating where it is.  In this elevator room you're in right now, you have to
    test it out--there are three locks in the room, turn on the Echo Visor and you
    can target them and shoot them.  When you've got all three, the elevator will
    re-activate and you can ride it down.
    Now, go back down to the Reactor Core.  Take the yellow-shielded (Power Bomb)
    door into the Transit Station.  If you want, go back and forth through portals
    and ride Spider Ball rails to get a Power Bomb Expansion.
    Afterwards, head West into the Main Research room.  You can ride the Spider Ball
    tracks on the walls to reach an Energy Tank if you like (and I recommend you do
    so).  Get rid of the bots in the room so you don't get gunned down while you're
    solving the puzzle, then switch to your Echo Visor and look around.
    Note: Killer Snail (mmmm_bacardi@hotmail.com) e-mailed me, noting that you get
    a Missile Expansion rather than an Energy Tank right there.
    Once you've used the Echo Visor to shoot the echo emitters (there are three),
    there should be a door that opens up, letting you get to a portal to the Dark
    World.  It would be on the South side of the room; from where you entered, it's
    on the left.
    Once you've gone through, there should be more targets to shoot while using your
    Echo Visor.  When you've got all four of those, a door should open on the North
    side of the room (directly opposite the portal you came through) that will only
    turn out to be a small alcove, which contains a panel that you can scan with
    your Scan Visor.  Scan it, and part of the floor in the center of the room
    should change, which will let you drop down into the area beneath the floor.
    Down there is another portal, go through it back to Light Aether.  When you exit
    the portal, there should be a Spider Ball track right in front of you that you
    can use to go up.  So go up into the shaft and get ready to fight a mini-boss.
    _XXIV_                   Boss: Caretaker Class Drone
    I'm not sure this really qualifies as a boss, but I'll count it as one for the
    sake of breaking this guide up into more sections for easier navigating.
    There's a Spider Ball railing surrounding the chamber.  Bomb-jump onto it and
    stay on no matter what; if you fall off, the boss will electrocute the floor,
    which can be unpleasant.
    The boss will send arms down that will circle around the chamber, shocking the
    walls; avoid these.  The best trick is to just use your Boost to jump to the
    other side of the chamber altogether.
    The boss will periodically extend a small glowing bit; use your Boost to smash
    into it.  After a few of these, it'll extend a larger piece right in the center
    for you to crash into.  Then it'll rise up.  Bomb-jump up to the next Spider
    Ball tracks and repeat.  The second section has the Spider Ball railing split
    into two sections (meaning you can fall off easier), the third has it split
    into three.  Not very difficult, but easy to lose a lot of health in the start
    before you've gotten a feel for the style of the fight.
    When you win, go up through the Morph Ball tunnel and emerge onto a ledge with
    a door.  Go through into the Central Area Transport West elevator.  Ride up and
    emerge into a large open area with a big pit and a couple Rezbits (those robots
    that can infect your Suit with a computer virus).  Take them out (Dark Energy
    works well if you're close enough) and jump onto the rotating platform, then
    onto the ledge on the other end.  If you like, get to the Light Beam door to
    reach a room with an Energy Tank (again, recommended strongly).  You can also
    use this time to get back to a Save Station; scan the panel to lower the
    Grapple Beams, then swing across to reach the Main Gyro Chamber.
    When done, get back to the Watch Station.  To the left of the light-beam door
    is a platform from which you can bomb-jump onto a Spider Ball track.  Ride it,
    bomb-jump onto the one above, use the Kinetic Orb Cannon, ride more Spider Ball
    tracks (including some moving ones where you have to time the bomb-jump) to
    reach a Bomb Slot, which opens the way to a Dark Portal.
    From the portal, get to the door on the right.  Grapple across (you have to
    move left and right to reposition yourself so you can reach the next Grapple
    Point), hop on the platform to your left and then the ledge beneath the one you
    just hopped from, and take the Light Portal.  Hop back up and go through the
    Go to the end of the bridge, hop down and around then scan the panel to lower
    the bridge so you can reach the Dark Portal.  Grapple across to reach the Portal
    Generator and go through.  From here, you have to go left and right to reach
    four Spinners.  There are four Rezbits along the way, in better position to use
    your Dark Beam against than the last ones were.  Once you're done, go back
    through the Portal Generator, grapple over to the other portal, then head back
    over to the middle section.  Use the Bomb Slot to remove the shielding, then
    get the SCREW ATTACK!
    _XXV_                      Item: Screw Attack
    This is just the coolest item in the game.  Double-jump while moving forward,
    then at the peak of the second, hit B again to go into Screw Attack mode.  Hit
    B at the bottom of each 'bounce' to bounce back up and keep going.  It's a bit
    tough to get the hang of, but it's a lot of fun and lets you cross chasms, pits,
    gaps, canyons, and all sorts of other things!
    You can only air-bounce five times, unfortunately.
    Of course, you have to try it out right away to even be able to leave the room.
    Screw Attack your way from the middle section to the door, then across the next
    room, the Grand Abyss, to reach the Watch Station again.  There are now some
    Pirate Aerotroopers, which I normally would prefer to Rezbits, but with the
    Screw Attack it's a lot easier to kill Rezbits.
    Go to the Dark Portal and go through it.  Get to the Elevator room, on the
    right side (coming from the portal)--it's the farther door.
    In this room, you'll have to Wall Jump.  Use your Screw Attack to hit the wall,
    then hit B to bounce off it.  The timing can be a little tricky, but you have
    a very short grace period after you hit the wall, so try hitting B just after
    Samus has touched the wall, not just before/right when she hits it.  Keep doing
    this and you'll go up the chamber.  Go through the door and get the Dark Temple
    Now you have to go to the Dark Aether version of the Main Gyro Chamber, the Hive
    Gyro Chamber.  Go to the Culling Chamber, go through the dark-beam door, ride
    the elevator up, and you'll reach the Hive Dynamo Works.  You've been here
    before.  Grapple across, go through the light-beam door, and use your Echo Visor
    to find the sonic locks and open the door.  You'll reach the Main Gyro Chamber.
    In here is a big sphere that's basically a round Spider Ball track.  There are
    Dark Tentacles coming out of it at points.  Get onto it (there's a Spider Ball
    track on the floor if you fall) and roll around it, avoiding the tentacles, to
    reach the third Key.  From the platforms, you can also get into a couple extra
    sections of the room.  Go to the section above the one you came from and you
    can enter the main room of the Sky Temple and fight Quadrxis.
    _XXVI_             Boss: Quadraxis/Item: Annihilator Beam
    This boss is pretty easy, all things considered.  He's really really big, which
    might be imposing at first, but he's not all that tough.  Like many bosses, he's
    a big, modified version of a regular enemy--the Quad.  (Quad CM/Quad MB.)
    At first, you'll notice that the areas between his feet are glowing.  In this
    stage, you have to go into Morph Ball mode and either boost into one of the
    toes or plant a bomb so that it hits the glowing portion.
    While you're trying to do this, he'll generally be lifting up one of the feet
    and smashing it into the ground, sending a shockwave at you.
    When you've got all four feet, his knees will glow.  You have to shoot them from
    the side or from behind.  A single charged Light Beam shot will do the job.
    While this is going on, he likes to fire slow-ish missiles at you.  Later on,
    he'll lock onto you (you'll see red beams converging on you) and blast you with
    a missile that will scramble your visor and stun you for a couple seconds.
    You'll have to repeat this a couple times.  Eventually, his body will break.
    The head will detach (like the regular Quads).  Now, you have to switch to the
    Echo Visor.  Target the antenna coming out of the top of the damaged body, then
    when that's down (two Super Missiles work), target the three antennas coming
    from the floating head of Quadraxis.  When all the antennas are down, his
    shielding goes down and. . .he's still not quite open to damage yet.
    In this next stage, lock onto him and blast him with a Super Missile, which
    will stun him.  He'll then float around the room in a circle pattern for a bit
    without attacking or anything.  While he's doing this, ride the Spider Ball
    tracks on the legs of the damaged body, then boost yourself on top of him when
    he's near you (the top of his head acts like a Spider Ball track).  There are
    two Bomb Slots on his head.  Get both and he's finally dead.
    Afterwards, grab the Annihilator Beam.  Now you can open every door in the game,
    although there are still some areas you can't go due to Dark Aether water and
    the Ingstorm (small Ing that float around in an area and drain your health
    faster than anything else in the game).  Coincidentally, behind one of the
    Annihilator Beam doors right near here (not right from this room I don't think)
    are two small patches of Ingstorm that you can subject yourself to (just run
    through them to get past, they're not that thick).  You can also now hit the
    sonic locks scattered around that you couldn't activate before.
    To activate the second kind of sonic lock, turn on the Echo Visor, then target
    the center of the door and shoot it with the Annihilator Beam.  A sequence of
    tones will play; there are three tones, one of which plays twice.  Each lock
    plays a specific tone when you shoot it with the Annihilator Beam.  So if
    there are three tones, let's say a high, middle, and low one, and the door
    when shot plays the sequence high-low-low-middle, you'd have to shoot the panels
    corresponding to the tones in that order.  A little complicated, but eh.
    Anyway, since you've beaten Quadraxis, ride the Spider ball track up and Screw
    Attack your way to the door leading to the Energy Controller.  Get the energy,
    then head back to Light Aether, to the Sanctuary Energy Controller, and restore
    the energy to the temple.
    Now head back to the Great Temple.  Go back through the main entrance of the
    Sanctuary and get to the room just before Temple Transport A.  Go through the
    Dark Portal and trigger all the sonic locks in the right order to open the door
    to a Beam Ammo Expansion.  Then go back to the Great Temple for real this time.
    Go to U-Mos, watch the cutscene, and get the Light Suit!
    _XXVII_                      Item: Light Suit
    This protects you from the Dark Aether air COMPLETELY, meaning you will take NO
    DAMAGE AT ALL from just standing around in Dark Aether.  FINALLY.
    You can also go through Ingstorms and dive into Dark Aether water.
    After you've gotten the Light Suit, the center of the room will have a hologram
    similar to the elevator ones; this one will teleport you from Temple to Temple
    within Light Aether.  So step inside and take a ride to one of the three Light
    Now you have to go hunt down nine keys scattered throughout Dark Aether.  The
    keys are protected by an invisible enemy that just kinda floats there.  You can
    see it with the Dark Visor, and when you shoot it, it becomes visible.  Kill it
    and the key is released.
    You can also see the outline of the enemy from the Light World if you are in
    the corresponding room and use your Dark Visor.  (i.e. if there was one in the
    Duelling Range in the Dark Agon Wastes--which there isn't--and you were in the
    Mining Plaza, you could switch to the Dark Visor and see the outline of it.
    If you don't want the exact locations of the keys but still want a little hint,
    go to the Hall of Eyes in the Temple Grounds, go through the portal, head South,
    then go through to the Sky Temple Gateway and scan all the pillars.  They'll
    each have a clue as to the locations of the keys.
    If you just want to know the locations of the keys, here:
    In the AGON WASTES:
    - There is a key in the Dark Oasis, which is parallel to the Main Reactor.
      Power-bomb the wall (scannable) and go underwater to find it.
    - There's a key in the Battleground, which is parallel to the Central Mining
      Station.  Go through the top door from the Command Center and use the Dark
      Visor to see the platforms you'll need to ride to reach.
    In the TORVUS BOG:
    - There's a key in the Dungeon, which is parallel to the Catacombs.  Go into the
      Dark Water and activate the Light Beacons to get the Watchdrones to move out
      of the way of the Morph Ball tunnels.
    - There's also a key in the Poisoned Bog, which is parallel to the Torvus
      Lagoon.  It's underwater on the Eastern side.
    - There's a key in the Hive Entrance, which is parallel to the Sanctuary
      Entrance.  Screw Attack across the gap and walk into the pillar of light to
      be transported to the ledge above you, screw attack to the upper ledge on
      the other side and use your Dark Visor to find the key-creature.  Don't step
      into the reddish beam on that side, though, it'll drain your health, haha.
    - There's a key in the Hive Dynamo Works.  Just get to the larger open area,
      then make it across the pit and on the ledge is the key-creature.
    - There's a key in the Ing Requilary, which is parallel to Storage Cavern A.
      Use the portal in the Sacred Path, head to the Phazon Grounds (watch out for
      Dark Metroids!), then head right through the Ingstorm that blocked you
      earlier to the Requilary Grounds.  On the top ledge of the South side is the
      door to the Ing Requilary.
    - There's a key in the Accursed Lake, which is parallel to the Industrial Site.
      Get there from the portal in the Temple Assembly Site.  The Key enemy is just
      floating around and not hiding anywhere, I actually found it completely by
      accident while searching around before I even got the Dark Visor.
    - There's a key in the Defiled Shrine which is parallel to the Landing Site. (!)
      Watch out for the few Warrior Ing in the room, but there's nothing special you
      have to do to get the key.  I recommend you get this key last since you'll
      wind up right near the Sky Temple Gateway.
    When you're done with all 9 keys, head to the Sky Temple Gateway.  To go there,
    go from the Defiled Shrine to the room with all the laser-eyes, and go through
    the door that doesn't lead to the Defiled Shrine and doesn't involve going
    through a Morph Ball tunnel.
    Go to the center and the keys will emerge and return to their keeping places,
    unlocking the Sky Temple, the last area in the game.
    If you have not backtracked for items yet, DO IT NOW, because the upcoming area
    is even tougher than the Sanctuary Fortress.  Remember that yellow pillars of
    light will take you to new locations now, remember that you can Screw Attack
    your way across big gaps, remember that anything you can blow up with a Power
    Bomb you can scan beforehand.
    Anyway, when you're done backtracking (or have decided to go for a low % game),
    head into the center of the room, the glowing light, to be transported to the
    Sky Temple.
    _XXVIII_                        Sky Temple
    Right away you'll be in the Sky Temple Energy Controller, but the ceiling will
    be stained with Ing and tentacles will come down to take the Energy away.
    There are platforms on the East side for you to climb, to reach a Save Station.
    Go around the ledge on top to reach the door on the other side.  Looks odd, huh?
    Seems to be an upside-down version of the Great Temple.
    Go through the door and initiate a Screw Attack to wall-jump up and reach the
    next door.  Go through and meet the Ing Emperor.
    _XXIX_                       Boss: Ing Emperor
    Probably the toughest boss in the game, which is expected.  There are three
    stages to get through.
    In stage one, he'll have tentacles extended; blast these (a few missiles each),
    and when they're all hurt, the core will expose.  There will be a shield around
    it, but it won't protect a small area in the front/back, so maneuver around to
    get a good shot in.
    This will repeat, with more and more tentacles being out there as his health
    drops.  His favorite thing to do is to spin around with the tentacles in tow,
    slapping you with them.  He also draws the tentacles up and sends an energy
    blast at you.  Later on he can also teleport one of the tentacles to stab at
    you. . .I don't really know why he does this, it's not like you can get out of
    the reach of the tentacles in the first place. . .anyway.
    After you damage it some, the Ing Emperor will coil up into its shell.  At this
    point you need to go into Morph Ball mode and Spider Ball your way onto the
    Emporer itself.  The air is pretty damaging, so you'd want to do this even if
    you wanted a break.
    On him, there are several little glowing openings.  Smack these with Power
    Bombs.  There will be tentacles coming out of some of them, as well as Ing
    puddle-things (I assume Inglets) chasing you around; bomb them for pickups.
    Keep in mind that you have to stick around to 'see' the bomb destroy the
    opening, or it won't work.  You can also hang around as long as you want and
    kill the little Inglets that chase you around for pickups, since even though
    the scan says the Emperor is regenerating, he never actually will go back to
    his first form.  I'd say do this until you have at least seven full energy
    tanks, but the more the better.  You won't really need missiles.
    When you've got all of those, the Ing Emperor will turn into a giant Warrior
    Ing-like creature.  Now you have to shoot it in the mouth with your Power Beam
    (any weapon will do, but there's no reason to waste ammo) until it changes
    color.  Then switch to either the Light Beam or the Dark Beam, depending on the
    color it changes to.  If it's white, use the Dark Beam.  If it's purplish, use
    the Light Beam.  There's also an opening behind the Emperor in this form that
    you can shoot to damage him while he's in this form.
    It'll take awhile, but when you win, the Dark Temple energy will reappear, and
    Samus will absorb it to bring it back to Light Aether.  When she does, the
    planet will become 'unstable' and begin quaking.  You have 8 minutes to get to
    and fight the last boss.
    It only takes a minute to get outside, so you should have plenty of time to
    _XXX_                      Final Boss: Dark Samus
    Supercharged with Phazon, and yet even easier than her last version.  She has
    the ability to go invisible and yet not be detected on your Dark Visor, but now
    you have the Echo Visor.  You also now have the Annihilator Beam, and hopefully
    enough ammo to last awhile.  So pump her full of that when she's vunerable (you
    should remember her pattern decently enough from past fights).
    The only really new trick she has is used when she's at half-empty health.  She
    will go into the center of the arena and turn into a big glowing ball of Phazon
    energy.  At this point she has two attacks; launch a big blast of homing phazon
    at you, and launching a small flurry of phazon energy at you.
    Stand against the wall in one of the sections where there isn't any Phazon to
    damage you.  Charge your Power Beam, keep your aim locked onto her, and stand
    still.  If she fires a big burst of phazon, dodge it and it'll smash into the
    wall, then stand still again.  When she fires the small flurry of phazon at you,
    let go of L, then hold R and point your beam so that you 'collect' the phazon.
    Then when your beam turns blue, lock on again and blast Dark Samus.
    Note that I tell you to stand still because the little bits of Phazon do NOT
    home in on you like the large blasts do, so collecting them if you've moved out
    of their target area is tough.
    After one of those, she'll turn back to regular 'ol Dark Samus, and after a very
    short time she'll go back to the levitating-ball-of-phazon mode.
    After you beat her, you've beaten the game.  Watch Samus escape (and see her
    use the Scan Visor from a third-person perspective), watch the Luminoth bow in
    thanks, and watch her return to her ship.  Depending on how many items you
    collected, the ending will be changed a little bit.  I believe the first change
    is at 75% and the second at 100%, but I'm not sure.
                                    The End/Credits
    That's it.  If you have any questions that aren't explained well enough in the
    guide, go ahead and e-mail me. . .or, for a faster solution, check one of the
    other guides. :P
    But seriously, if there's something wrong with the guide, let me know so I can
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                                    SPECIAL THANKS:
                                       Fish Man
                                Randi, Purim, and Popoi
                                       And. . .

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