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    Enemy/Boss FAQ by The Mystical One

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 12/02/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Metroid Prime 2 Enemy FAQ (Version 1.1)
    by: The Mystical One (tmo@baldninja.com)
    May only be hosted by www.gamefaqs.com
    | Introduction    |
    This guide will focus on strategies and information about the creatures found
    in the Nintendo Gamecube game, "Metroid Prime 2: Echoes."  It will begin as a
    work of strategies for the harder monsters in the game as well as boss
    strategies.  Future versions will include locations of the creatures.  Other
    strategies are welcome. Feel free to email me with any that you find to be
    more effective. Be advised that spoilers may be present.
    | Email Policy    |
    DO NOT add me to your email address lists.  I get more virus-contaminated
    emails because of this, and I'd appreciate this stop-gap measure from you all
    ;)  I do not mind feedback, but please be courteous.  Praise, constructive
    criticism and new strategies are things I like to read.  Spam, flaming, and
    unconstructive criticism are things I do not like.  Should I receive any of
    the latter group, I will consider myself superior to you and consequently
    ignore your email.  Thanks :)
    | Contents Table  |
    Use your browsers search feature to search for the X#### that follows the
    category to jump to that section.
    Creatures                 [XCREA]
    Bosses                    [XBOSS]
    | Aether                  [X1000]
     Aquatic                  [X1100]
      Small Aquatic
       Bloggling              [X1101]
       Hydlings               [X1102]
      Large Aquatic
       Blogg                  [X1103]
       Alpha Blogg            [X1104] [XB07]
     Flying                   [X1200]
      Small Flyers
       Lightflyer             [X1201]
       Lumite                 [X1202]
       Sandbats               [X1203]
       War Wasp               [X1204]
      Large Flyers
       Shriekbat              [X1205]
       Shrieker               [X1206]
       Shredder               [X1207]
     Ground                   [X1300]
       Alpha Splinter         [X1301] [XB01]
       Alpha Sandigger        [X1302] [XB02]
       Grenchler              [X1303]
       Sandigger              [X1304]
       Splinter               [X1305]
       Sporb                  [X1306]
      Tunnel Prowlers
       Pillbug                [X1307]
       Worker Splinter        [X1308]
      Surface Prowlers
       Brizgee                [X1309]
       Green Kralee           [X1310]
       Kralee                 [X1311]
       Krocuss                [X1312]
       Lightbringer           [X1313]
       Seedburster            [X1314]
     Mechanoids               [X1400]
       Diligence Class Drone  [X1401]
       Harmony Class Drone    [X1402]
       Mechlops               [X1403]
       Octopede               [X1404]
       Rezbit                 [X1405]
       Serenity Class Drone   [X1406]
       Ingsmasher             [X1407]
       Mekenobite             [X1408]
       Quad CM                [X1409]
       Quad M8                [X1410]
       Watchdrone             [X1411]
       Caretaker Class Drone  [X1412] [XB14]
       Growler Class Turret   [X1413]
       Humility Class Turret  [X1414]
       Luminoth Turret        [X1415]
       Vigilance Class Turret [X1416]
    | Dark Aether             [X2000]
     Darklings                [X2100]
      Darkling Aquatic
       Dark Blogg             [X2101]
       Dark Phlogus           [X2102]
      Darkling Flyers
       Dark Shredder          [X2103]
       Dark War Wasp          [X2104]
       Nightbarb              [X2105]
      Darkling Ground
       Dark Alpha Splinter    [X2106] [XB01]
       Dark Grenchler         [X2107]
       Dark Splinter          [X2108]
      Darkling Offworld
       Dark Misile Trooper    [X2109] [XB10]
       Dark Pirate Commando   [X2110]
       Dark Pirate Trooper    [X2111]
       Dark Preed             [X2112]
       Dark Tallon Metroid    [X2113]
       Dark Trooper           [X2114]
      Darkling Mechanoids
       Corrupted Sentreye     [X2115]
       Dark Diligence Drone   [X2116]
       Dark Ingsmasher        [X2117]
       Dark Quad CM           [X2118]
       Dark Quad M8           [X2119]
     Guardians                [XBOSS]
      Amorbis                 [XB05]
       Amorbis 1
       Amorbis 2
      Chykka                  [XB09]
       Chykka larva
       Dark Chykka
      Quadraxis               [XB15]
       Damaged Quadraxis
       Final Head Module
       Shielded Head Module
       Stunned Head Module
      Sub Guardians           [XBOSS]
       Bomb Guardian          [XB02]
       Boost Guardian         [XB06]
       Grapple Guardian       [XB08]
       Jump Guardian          [XB03]
       Spider Guardian        [XB11]
       Power Bomb Guardian    [XB12]
     Ing                      [X2300]
      Darkling Tentacle       [X2301]
      Hunter Ing              [X2302]
      Ing Larva Swarm         [X2303]
      Inglet                  [X2304]
      Ingstorm                [X2305]
      Warrior Ing             [X2306]
    Ing Emperor               [XB16]
      Ing Emperor Body
      Ing Emperor Head
      Ing Emperor Eye
      Ing Emperor Crysalis
      Mutated Ing Emperor
    | Offworld                [X3000]
     Dark Samus               [X3100]
      Dark Samus 1            [XB04]
      Dark Samus 2            [XB13]
      Dark Samus 3            [XB17]
      Dark Samus 4            [XB17]
     Metroids                 [X3200]
      Infant Tallon Metroid   [X3201]
      Tallon Metroid          [X3202]
     Pirates                  [X3300]
      Pirate Aerotrooper      [X3301]
      Pirate Commando         [X3302]
      Pirate Grenadier        [X3303]
      Priate Trooper          [X3304]
      Preed                   [X3305]
    | Creatures (XCREA) |
    | Aether (X1000)
    Aether Aquatic (X1100)
    /Small Aquatic/
    Name: Bloggling (X1101)
    Recommended Weapons: Charge Beam
    Strategy: Much easier than the bigger ones, just fire charged blasts at their
    head, usually it'll strike the weak point.  As they are relatively
    nonaggressive, you can easily ignore them and move on.
    Location: Torvus Bog>Hydrodynamo Station (After killing the Bloggs)
              Torvus Bog>Main Hydrochamber (After Alpha Blogg)
              Torvus Bog>Training Chamber (Before Gravity Boost, after Bloggs die)
    Name: Hydlings (X1102)
    Recommended Weapons: Power Beam
    Strategy: These little fishy creatures travel in large packs.  Rapidly lock on
    and fire repeatedly to destroy them all for lots of powerups.  They cause only
    minor damage
    Location: Torvus Bog>Hydrodynamo Shaft
              Torvus Bog>Path of Roots
              Torvus Bog>Torvus Lagoon (Before Super Missile)
    /Large Aquatic/
    Name: Blogg (X1103)
    Recommended Weapons: Super Missiles, Charge Beam
    Strategy:  Tag the creature with the power beam to make it mad (or sit it one
    place since they are aggressive).  When it charges you (naturally or as a
    result of you making it mad), fire a super missile or a charge beam blast down
    its throat from close range.  Right before it hits you, sidestep with the B-
    button to avoid being hit.
    Location: Torvus Bog>Catacombs (Before Gravity Boost)
              Torvus Bog>Fortress Transport Access
              Torvus Bog>Gathering Hall (Before Power Bomb)
              Torvus Bog>Hydrodynamo Station (Until you kill them)
              Torvus Bog>Training Chamber (Until dead, Before Gravity Boost)
    Name: Alpha Blogg (X1104)
    Recommended Weapons: Super Missiles, Dark Beam
    Strategy: See the boss section for more detals. (XB07)
    Aether Flying (X1200)
    /Small Flyers/
    Name: Lightflyer (X1201)
    Recommended Weapons:  Charge Beam
    Strategy: Stay away and hit them with a charge blast from a distance.  They
    regenerate after awhile.  On Dark Aether, they create safe zones while dead.
    Location: Great Temple>Transport A Access (After Emerald Translator)
              Great Temple>Transport B Access
              Dark Agon Wastes>Portal Access
              Torvus Bog>Forgotten Bridge
              Dark Torvus Bog>Dark Forgotten Bridge
    Name: Lumite (X1202)
    Recommended Weapons: Power Beam
    Strategy: Lock on from a distance and fire a charge blast or just some rapid
    fire power beam blasts.  walk to the side when they shoot fire at you.
    Location: Temple Grounds>Service Access (Before Light Suit?)
              Agon Wastes>Mining Station A (After Bombs, Before Light Beam)
              Agon Wastes>Plaza Access
              Dark Agon Wastes>Feeding Pit (After Light Beam)
    Name: Sandbats (X1203)
    Recommended Weapons: Power Beam
    Strategy: Get reasonably close and lock/blast rapidly with the power beam.
    They tend to exist in a swarm and only do minor damage.
    Location: Temple Grounds>Hall of Honored Dead
              Temple Grounds>Meeting Grounds (Before Super Missile)
              Great Temple>Transport A Access (First visit)
              Agon Wastes>Mining Plaza
              Agon Wastes>Mining Station Access (Before getting the Energy Tank)
              Agon Wastes>Sandcanyon
              Agon Wastes>Save Station A
              Agon Wastes>Transit Station
    Name: War Wasp (X1204)
    Recommended Weapons: Power Beam
    Strategy: Lock on and rapid fire to destroy the wasps.  They will glow blue
    before shooting a projective at you, so move to the side to dodge it.  Fire
    a missile (use the R-button to manually aim) at their hives to prevent more
    from spawning.
    Location: Temple Grounds>Communication Area (After speaking to U-Mos)
              Temple Grounds>GMFC Compound (After Spider Ball)
              Temple Grounds>Hall of Eyes
              Temple Grounds>Meeting Grounds (Before Dark Visor)
              Temple Grounds>Path of Eyes (After Seeker Missiles)
              Temple Grounds>Sacred Bridge
              Temple Grounds>Sacred Path
              Temple Grounds>Temple Assembly Site (After Light Beam)
              Temple Grounds>Torvus Transport Access
              Agon Wastes>Agon Temple (After Amber Translator)
              Agon Wastes>Mining Station A (After first visit, before Bombs)
              Agon Wastes>Portal Terminal (During Portal Activation)
              Agon Wastes>Portal Terminal (After Light Beam)
    /Large Flyers/
    Name: Shriekbat (X1205)
    Recommended Weapons: Power Beam
    Strategy: Before they fly at you, shoot them manually with the R-button aim or
    fire a missile at the ceiling near them.  If they fly at you, lock/shoot
    rapidly with the power beam.  They aren't very dangerous.
    Location: Agon Wastes>Temple Access
              Torvus Bog>Great Bridge (Before ?)
              Torvus Bog>Path of Roots
              Torvus Bog>Temple Transport Access
    Name: Shrieker (X1206)
    Recommended Weapons: Charged Beam, Missiles
    Strategy: Once aroused, they will fire sonic bursts at you and phase in and
    out of visibility.  If you do not have the dark visor, keep moving to avoid
    their attack and use the charge beam or missiles on them whenever they become
    visible.  Once you have it, use the dark visor to easily see them.
    Location: Torvus Bog>Great Bridge (Before Super Missile)
              Torvus Bog>Torvus Temple (After Super Missile)
    Name: Shredder (X1207)
    Recommended Weapons: Power Beam
    Strategy: They fly at you fairly slowly and explode.  Rapid fire at the
    closest one to destroy it and it keep it away from you.
    Location: Torvus Bog>Ruined Alcove (Before Boost Ball)
              Torvus Bog>Torvus Lagoon (Before Super Missile)
    Aether Ground (X1300)
    Name: Alpha Splinter (X1301)
    Recommended Weapons: Missiles or Charge Beam
    Strategy: This big splinter is covered in the boss section. (XB01)
    Name: Alpha Sandigger (X1302)
    Recommended Weapons: Missiles or Charge Beam
    Strategy: Very easy. Covered in the boss section. (XB02)
    Name: Grenchler (X1303)
    Recommended Weapons: Charge Beam
    Strategy: Similar to the little Sheegoths in Metroid Prime 1.  Lock on and
    use the B-button dash to get a charged shot at its back.  It'll eventually
    lose the shell on the back and you can use either missiles or beams on its
    back. They have an electrical attack that you should avoid by sidestepping.
    They can also jump very high and far as well as swim underwater.  Avoid
    fighting them underwater until you have the proper underwater movement
    Location: Torvus Bog>Catacombs (After Gravity Boost)
              Torvus Bog>Forgotten Bridge
              Torvus Bog>Great Bridge (After Super Missile, Before ?)
              Torvus Bog>Ruined Alcove (After Boost Ball)
              Torvus Bog>Torvus Lagoon (After Super Missile)
              Torvus Bog>Undergroud Tunnel (First visit)
    Name: Sandigger (X1304)
    Recommended Weapons: Charge Beam
    Strategy: Strafe around it to avoid the green poison it sprays. and B-dash to
    avoid it when it rushes towards you.  Pop it in the eye with your charged beam
    and then repeat for its back end once the first side is dead.
    Location: Agon Wastes>Mining Plaza
              Agon Wastes>Mining Station B (After Light Suit)
    Name: Splinter (X1305)
    Recommended Weapons: Power Beam
    Strategy: Rapid Fire until it dies.  Use charge beam if you want.
    Locations: Temple Grounds>Communication Area (Before speaking to U-Mos)
               Temple Grounds>Dynamo Chamber
               Temple Grounds>Industrial Site (Before speaking to U-Mos)
               Temple Grounds>Temple Assembly Site (Before speaking to U-Mos)
               Temple Grounds>Trooper Security Station (First visit)
    Name: Sporb (X1306)
    Recommended Weapons: Missiles, Bombs, Power Bomb
    Strategy: When it grabs your morph ball, drop some bombs to damage it. Power
    bombs will kill it.  Samus should hit it with missiles when it's exposed and
    attacking.  Strafe to avoid its acid spit.
     Alternate Strategy: Two dark beam shots will kill it.
    Location: Torvus Bog>Abandoned Worksite
              Torvus Bog>Torvus Plaza
              Torvus Bog>Underground Tunnel
    /Tunnel Prowlers/
    Name: Pillbug (X1307)
    Recommended Weapons: Bombs
    Strategy: Avoid contact and lay a bomb in its path to knock it down. Then drop
    some bombs on it to destroy it for good.
    Location: Agon Wastes>Mine Shaft
              Agon Wastes>Portal Terminal (Scanable)
              Agon Wastes>Ventilation Area A
              Sanctuary Fortress>Dynamo Works (After Spider Ball, Scanable)
    Name: Worker Splinter (X1308)
    Recommended Weapons: Power Beam
    Strategy: Shoot repeatedly with the power beam until it dies.
    Location: Temple Grounds>Command Chamber (First Visit)
              Temple Grounds>Hive Tunnel
    /Surface Prowlers/
    Name: Brizgee (X1309)
    Recommended Weapons: Missiles, Power Beam
    Strategy: Shoot this crab's shell with a missile (I think bombs work too) to
    make it vulnerable.  Finish it off with the power beam.
    Location: Agon Wastes>Mining Station A
              Torvus Bog>Catacombs Access
    Name: Green Kralee (X1310)
    Recommended Weapons:  Charge Beam
    Strategy: One charge beam blast kills it, but it is easy to just avoid.
    Locations: Temple Grounds>Agon Transport Access
               Temple Grounds>Collapsed Tunnel
               Temple Grounds>Industrial Site (Before Light Beam)
    Name: Kralee (X1311)
    Recommended Weapons: Dark Visor, Power Beam 
    Strategy: Same as the kralee, though it phases out of visible space from time
    to time.  Use the dark visor to see it always, but it is easy to just ignore.
    Location: Agon Wastes>Mining Station B
    Name: Krocuss (X1312)
    Recommended Weapons: Charge Beam
    Strategy: Shoot it with a charged blast when it exposes its gills, or just
    jump over it and continue on your way.
    Location: Torvus Bog>Grove Access
    Name: Lightbringer (X1313)
    Recommended Weapons: None
    Strategy: You really shouldn't kill a creature that creates a safe field.  But
    the dark beam can kill it.
    Location: Dark Agon Wastes>Dueling Range (Before Light Beam)
    Name: Seedburster (X1314)
    Recommended Weapons: Power Beam
    Strategy: These little bugs crawl on the walls in a swarm and fire energy at
    you when they get close.  Rapid fire the power beam to kill most of them and
    grab a lot of power ups.
    Location: Torvus Bog>Training Access
              Torvus Bog>Underground Tunnel (After first visit)
    Aether Mechanoids (X1400)
    /Small Mechanoids/
    Name: Diligence Class Drone (X1401)
    Recommended Weapons: Dark Beam
    Strategy: They always block tunnels.  Shoot it with a single dark beam shot.
    Location: Sanctuary Fortress>Dynamo Access
              Sanctuary Fortress>Power Junction (After Power Bombs)
    Name:  Harmony Class Drone (X1402)
    Recommended Weapons: Charge Beam
    Strategy: They fly around and drop little bombs.  Shoot them with a charged
    blast from afar.  If you get to close, your charge will suck the enemy towards
    Location: Great Temple>Transport C Access
              Sanctuary Fortress>Minigyro Chamber (After Spider Ball)
    Name: Mechlops (X1403)
    Recommended Weapons: Bombs
    Strategy: This little guy will grab your morph ball and spit you
    out to cause you damage. It's not too bright though.  Just drop a bomb in
    front of it and it will eat it, killing itself.
    Location: Sanctuary Fortress>Dynamo Access
    Name: Octopede (X1404)
    Recommended Weapons:  Power Beam
    Strategy: Rapid fire at them from a distance.  They explode in self defense
    frequently. They give powerups pretty frequently when killed.
    Location: Sanctuary Fortress>Power Junction (Before Power Bombs)
              Sanctuary Fortress>Torvus Transport Access
    Name: Rezbit (X1405)
    Recommended Weapons: Dark Beam, Missile.
    Strategy: This enemy fires rapid steam of energy at you, and can cause your
    suit computer to lock up.  It also has a shield to block frontal attacks.
    Try to charge your dark beam before you encounter it.  Lock on and fire a
    charged dark beam blast and follow with a missile.  If it has its shield up,
    wait till it drops it. It will then move to the side. That is when you should
    fire the dark beam charge if you didn't hit it by surprise.  Sometimes you
    cannot lock onto it.  Be careful, as its attacks rarely miss and they are
    quite damaging.  If it causes your system to lock up, hold L+R andpress B to
    "reboot."  (The game tells you this).  You will be defenseless for a short
    Location: Sanctuary Fortress>Main Research (After Screw Attack)
              Sanctuary Fortress>Reactor Access (First visit)
              Sanctuary Fortress>Reactor Access (After killing the Ingsmashers)
              Sanctuary Fortress>Reactor Core
              Sanctuary Fortress>Temple Access (After Cobalt Translator)
              Sanctuary Fortress>Transit Station (After first visit)
              Sanctuary Fortress>Vault
              Sanctuary Fortress>Watch Station (Before Screw Attack)
    Name: Serenity Class Drone (X1406)
    Recommended Weapons: Power Beam
    Strategy: They are a defenseless swarm on a wall.  Shoot them for powerups or
    ignore them.
    Location: Sanctuary Fortress>Temple Transport Access
    /Large Mechanoids/
    Name: Ingsmasher (X1407)
    Recommended Weapons: Dark Beam, Light Beam
    Strategy: Watch for it to glow a light or dark aura, then hit it with charged
    blasts from the opposite beam.  It occasionally puts up a shield, which looks
    like a glowing ball.  Jump over its shockwave attack (stay far enough away and
    single jump in the air).  It can shoot energy at you, but this is fairly easy
    to avoid.  All Ingsmashers only appear until you kill them.
    Location: Sanctuary Fortress>Hall of Combat Mastery (After Power Bombs)
              Sanctuary Fortress>Reactor Access (After Power Bombs)
    Name: Mekenobite (X1408)
    Recommended Weapons:  Seeker Missiles
    Strategy: The magnetically accelerated projectiles can knock you back far and
    causes a fair bit of damage.  To defeat it, line up a good shoot and charge up
    your seeker missiles.  Target both legs.  When the missiles hit at the same
    time, it will fall and explode.
    Location: Sanctuary Fortress>Sanctuary Temple (After Cobalt Translator)
              Sanctuary Fortress>Sentinel's Path (After Annihilator Beam)
    Name:  Quad CM (X1409)
    Recommended Weapons: Dark Beam, Light Beam
    Strategy: This is the head of the Quad M8.  To scan it, you must first defeat
    the legs.  See the Quad M8 strategy for help.
    Name: Quad MB (X1410)
    Recommended Weapons: Boost Ball, Bombs
    Strategy: You need to destroy its head and its legs.  When it flashes red
    underneath, drop a bomb or boost into it to destroy the legs.  If it does a
    spin attack, boosting into it will automatially disrupt this and open the red
    orb.  Kill it with another boost.  The head can then be damaged by dark or
    light beams depending on which aura it has.  Not too tough.  Be sure to scan
    its head after you destroy the legs.  You can also attack the head with beams
    or missiles, etc to destroy it before the legs.  Flying heads can attach
    themselves to spare legs that are lying around.
    Location: Sanctuary Fortress>Agon Transport Access
              Sanctuary Fortress>Dynamo Works (First visit)
              Sanctuary Fortress>Hall of Combat Mastery (First visit)
              Sanctuary Fortress>Main Research (Before Screw Attack)
              Sanctuary Fortress>Reactor Core (First Visit)
              Sanctuary Fortress>Sentinel's Path (Before Annihilator Beam)
              Sanctuary Fortress>Temple Access (First visit)
    Name: Watchdrone (X1411)
    Recommended Weapons: None
    Strategy: Indestructable. Light up a beacon to get it to move out of your way.
    Location: Dark Torvus Bog>Dungeon (Underwater)
    /Stationary Mechanoids/
    Name: Caretaker Class Drone (X1412)
    Recommended Weapons: Boost Ball
    Strategy: Be sure to scan this drone on Light Aether before you've entered the
    core. It's easy to miss.  A full description of this fight can be found in the
    boss section. (XB14)
    Location: Sanctuary Fortress>Main Research
    Name: Growler Class Turret (X1413)
    Recommended Weapons: Charge Beam
    Strategy: Move left and right to avoid its shots. It moves slowly.  Hit it
    with a charge beam shot.
    Location: Temple Grounds>Trooper Security Station (First visit)
    Name: Humility Class Turret (X1414)
    Recommended Weapons: Charge Beam or Missiles
    Strategy: Pretty much the same as the Growler Class Turret.  Shoots faster.
    Location: Agon Wastes>Biostorage Access (Before Light Beam)
              Agon Wastes>Sand Processing
              Agon Wastes>Security Station A (First visit)
    Name: Luminoth Turret (X1415)
    Recommended Weapons: Charge Beam, Super Missile
    Strategy: Targets and shoots very fast.  Move left or right as soon as it
    glows blue to shoot.  Three charge beam shots or one super missile should
    take care of it.
    Locations: Temple Grounds>Fortress Transport Access
               Sanctuary Fortress>Temple Transport Access
               Sanctuary Fortress>Transit Station (First visit)
    Name: Vigilence Class Turret (X1416)
    Recommended Weapons: Charge Beam, Missiles
    Strategy: Shoot it.  Jump or strafe to avoid its shots.  These only appear
    once so be sure to scan them.
    Location: Agon Wastes>Central Mining Station (First visit)
    | Dark Aether (X2000)
    Darklings (X2100)
    /Darkling Aquatic/
    Name: Dark Blogg (X2101)
    Recommended Weapons: Super Missiles, Power Bombs
    Strategy: Treat this like and extra aggressive, extra powerful blogg.  Run
    from it.  You can defeat it the same way, but it only appears in twos.  When
    you do need to defeat it, roll into a ball and let it pick you up.  One power
    bomb ensures its death, and may kill the other.
    Location: Torvus Bog>Training Chamber (After Gravity Boost)
    Name: Dark Phlogus (X2102)
    Recommended Weapons: Charge Beam, Power Bombs
    Strategy: Walk close to it.  When it opens its mouth, fire the charge beam
    into it.  Use it as a temporary platform.  If you really want to kill it, use
    a power bomb when its mouth is open.
    Location: Dark Torvus Bog>Dark Forgotten Bridge (Before Super Missile)
              Dark Torvus Bog>Putrid Alcove
    /Darkling Flyers/
    Name: Dark Shredder (X2103)
    Recommended Weapons: Charge Beam, Power Beam
    Strategy: Shoot it with charged shots, or just rapid fire.  Do so from a
    distance; it leaves a little cloud of poison behind when it dies. Great for
    energy powerups.
    Location: Dark Torvus Bog>Dark Torvus Temple (During Boss Fight)
    Name: Dark War Wasp (X2104)
    Recommended Weapons: Power Beam, Missiles
    Strategy: Same as the normal war wasp.
    Location: Temple Grounds>Service Access (Before Light Suit?)
              Ing Hive>Vault Attack Portal
    Name: Nightbarb(X2105)
    Recommended Weapons: Power Beam
    Strategy: Another flying swarm enemy.  Shoot them with the power beam if they
    are in your way.
    Location: Dark Agon Wastes>Feeding Pit (Before Light Beam)
              Dark Agon Wastes>Save Station 2
              Dark Agon Wastes>Trial Grounds
              Ing Hive>Hive Dynamo Works (Before Spider Ball)
              Ing Hive>Hive Reactor Access
              Sky Temple Grounds>Abandoned Base
    /Darkling Ground/
    Name: Dark Alpha Splinter (X2106)
    Recommended Weapons: Charge Beam, Missiles
    Strategy: Covered in detail in the boss section. (XB01)
    Name: Dark Grenchler (X2107)
    Recommended Weapons: Charge Beam, Missiles, Super Missiles
    Strategy: Treat it like an extra strong Grenchler. The same strategy applies,
    it just takes longer.
    Location: Dark Torvus Bog>Dungeon
    Name: Dark Splinter (X2108)
    Recommended Weapons: Charge Beam
    Strategy: Shoot it with charge beam shots.  It leaps, so circle it while you
    attack.  Light beam charged shots work decently as well, but you may as well
    save ammo.  For the most part you can just avoid these.
    Locations: Temple Grounds>GMFC Compound (First visit, after getting missile)
               Temple Grounds>Industrial Site (After Light Beam)
               Temple Grounds>Temple Assembly Site (After U-Mos, before Light Beam)
               Great Temple>Temple Sanctuary (During Boss Fight)
               Dark Agon Wastes>Doomed Entry (After Light Beam)
               Dark Agon Wastes>Double Path
    /Darkling Offworld/
    Name: Dark Missile Trooper (X2109)
    Recommended Weapons: Light Beam, Charge Beam, Missiles
    Strategy: Pathetically easy.  Shoot him and circle to avoid being hit.  He's
    sort of a boss. (XB10)
    Location: Temple Grounds>Hive Chamber A (After speacing to U-Mos; appears once)
    Name: Dark Pirate Commando (X2110)
    Recommended Weapons: Dark Visor, Light Beam, Super Missiles
    Strategy: They are super fast and can become invisible.  Keep moving, their
    dark energy shots hurt, and they have a bomb that disrupts your vision.
    When you see one, let loose with a charge light beam blast or a super missile.
    Once you have the dark visor, use itto always see them.  Most of these fights
    can be won just by waiting.  They will eventually leave on their own.
     Alternate Strategy: Smack it with a charged dark beam to freeze it (must be
     able to see it).  Follow up with a missile to kill it.  The commando may jump
     to a new location after being hit and before being frozen.  You may have to
     look for it somewhere.  The radar helps.
    Location: Temple Grounds>Grand Windchamber (After Sunburst)
              Temple Grounds>Path of Eyes (Before Super Missile)
              Torvus Bog>Forgotten Bridge (Once, after moving bridge)
              Torvus Bog>Great Bridge (After ?)
              Torvus Bog>Torvus Grove (After Boost Ball)
              Torvus Bog>Torvus Plaza (First visit)
              Dark Torvus Bog>Crypt
              Dark Torvus Bog>Dark Forgotten Bridge (After Boost Ball)
              Sanctuary Fortress>Aerie (After Echo Visor)
              Ing Hive>Aerial Training Site
              Ing Hive>Culling Chamber (After Screw Attack)
              Sky Temple Grounds>Profane Path
    Name: Dark Pirate Trooper (X2111)
    Recommended Weapons: Missiles, Super Missiles
    Strategy: Treat them like a pirate trooper who is more dangerous. They leap
    around a lot.  Always be moving and smack them with missiles and super
     Alternate Strategy: Freeze it with a charged dark beam shot to freeze it and
     then follow with a missile to shatter it.
    Location: Temple Grounds>Path of Eyes (Before Seeker Missiles)
              Agon Wastes>Portal Terminal (First visit after Morph Ball Bombs)
              Dark Agon Wastes>Portal Site (After Amorbis)
              Dark Torvus Bog>Crypt (First visit coming from Undertransit One)
              Sanctuary Fortress>Checkpoint Station (First visit)
    Name: Dark Preed (X2112)
    Recommended Weapons: Power Beam
    Strategy: Ignore it if it isn't in you way.  Shoot it with the power beam to
    burst it if it is.  Just don't walk into the poison cloud this causes.
    Location: Dark Agon Wastes>Doomed Entry
              Dark Torvus Bog>Brooding Ground
              Dark Torvus Bog>Torvus Arena
              Dark Torvus Bog>Undertemple Shaft
              Ing Hive>Hive Entrance
              Ing Hive>Judgement Drop
    Name: Dark Tallon Metroid (X2113)
    Recommended Weapons: Screw Attack, Dark Beam, Light Beam, Super Missiles, Bomb
    Strategy: Pick your favorite from the above list.  Generally you can screw
    attack them by the time they appear in the game.  Treat them like extra tough
     Alternate Strategy: Fire a charged dark beam at it to freeze it. Follow up
     with a missile to kill it instantly.
    Location: Ing Hive>Hazing Cliff (First visit)
              Sky Temple Grounds>Phazon Grounds
              Sky Temple Grounds>Phazon Pit
    Name: Dark Trooper (X2114)
    Recommended Weapons:  Charge beam
    Strategy: One charge beam will kill them. Yawn.
    Locations: Temple Grounds>Commnd Chamber (After Bomb Slot activation, Once)
               Temple Grounds>Command Chamber (After speaking to U-Mos)
               Temple Grounds> Hive Chamber C (First visit)
    /Darkling Mechanoids/
    Name: Corrupted Sentreye (X2115)
    Recommended Weapons: Power Beam, Light Beam
    Strategy: Shoot them to turn them of.  Use a charged Light Beam blast to kill
    them for good.
    Location: Sky Temple Grounds>Abandoned Base
              Sky Temple Grounds>Shrine Access
    Name: Dark Diligence Drone
    Recommended Weapons: Light Beam
    Strategy: Smack it with a charged light beam blast.
    Location: Ing Hive>Hazing Cliff
    Name: Dark Ingsmasher
    Recommended Weapons: Light Beam, Dark Beam
    Strategy: He's just an extra tough Ingsmasher.  Follow the same strategy.
    Location: Ing Hive>Hive Portal Chamber (First visit)
              Ing Hive>Hive Reactor (First visit; After Light Suit?)
    Name: Dark Quad CM
    Recommended Weapons: Light Beam, Dark Beam
    Strategy: Same as the regular Quad CM, though it just takes longer.
    Name: Dark Quad MB
    Recommended Weapons: Boost, Bombs
    Strategy: Same as the regular Quad M8. Exactly the same.
    Location: Sanctuary Fortress>Sanctuary Temple (Before Cobalt Translator)
              Ing Hive>Hive Temple (During Boss Fight)
    Ing (X2300)
    Name: Darkling Tentacle (X2301)
    Recommended Weapons: Power Beam
    Strategy: Shoot its tip to stun it and have it temporarily retract.
    Location: Dark Agon Wastes>Double Path
              Dark Torvus Bog>Crypt Tunnel
              Dark Torvus Bog>Undertemple Access
              Ing Hive>Hive Gyro Chamber
              Ing Hive>Hive Reactor (Before Light Suit?)
              Sky Temple Grounds>Gateway Access
    Name: Hunter Ing (X2302)
    Recommended Weapons: Light Beam, Dark Visor
    Strategy: Phases in and out of visible space.  Shoot a light beacon or crystal
    wth the light beam and hope it runs into the new damaging safe zone, which
    will kill it instantly.  Or just fire when it is visible and hope that it
    hits.  Once you ahve the dark visor, they are easy.  Leap over its tentacles
    when it extends them to you and keep moving.  Charged light beam blasts work
    well on it, as do single blasts.
     Alternate Strategy: The Hunter Ing will phase out when you fire a charged
     shot at it.  To prevent this before you ahve the dark visor, use the power
     beam on it.  You should be able to rapid fire while locked on.
    Location: Dark Torvus Bog>Poisoned Bog
              Dark Torvus Bog>Polluted Mire
              Dark Torvus Bog>Sacrificial Chamber
              Dark Torvus Bog>Undertemple Shaft
              Dark Torvus Bog>Venemous Pond
              Ing Hive>Staging Area
              Sky Temple Grounds>Accursed Lake
    Name: Ing Larva Swarm (X2303)
    Recommended Weapons: Power Beam
    Strategy: Yet another swarm energy that shoots things at you.  Blast away.
    Location: Ing Hive>Entrance Defense Hall
    Name: Inglet (X2304)
    Recommended Weapons: Charge Beam
    Strategy: One good blast when it is solid should kill it.  Hard to see.
    Location: Dark Agon Wastes>Crossroads
              Dark Agon Wastes>Dark Oasis
              Dark Agon Wastes>Oasis Access (After Light Beam)
              Dark Agon Wastes>Save Station 2
              Dark Torvus Bog>Undertemple (During Boss Fight)
              Ing Hive>Hive Reactor (After Light Suit?)
              Sky Temple Grounds>Base Access
    Name: Ingstorm (X2305)
    Recommended Weapons: None
    Strategy: Can't be killed. Deals rapid environmental damage without the light
    suit.  Acts like a poison cloud.
    Location: Dark Agon Wastes>Dark Oasis (Power bomb to find)
              Ing Hive>Temple Security Access
              Sky Temple Grounds>Ing Reliquary
              Sky Temple Grounds>Reliquary Access
    Name: Warrior Ing (X2306)
    Recommended Weapons: Missiles, Charged Beam
    Strategy: Move left and right to avoid the light beam attacks it uses.  When
    it growls, it is about to charge at you, so be ready to use the b-button to
    sidestep.  You can manually target its puddle to attack it, or use bombs.
    Later on, the light beam works well.
    Location: Dark Agon Wastes>Battleground (Before Dark Agon Key 3)
              Dark Agon Wastes>Dark Agon Temple (After Amorbis)
              Dark Agon Wastes>Dueling Range (First visit)
              Dark Agon Wastes>Dueling Range (After Light Beam)
              Dark Agon Wastes>Judgement Pit (After Amorbis)
              Dark Agon Wastes>Oasis Access (Before Light Beam)
              Ing Hive>Culling Chamber (Before Screw Attack)
              Ing Hive>Hive Dynamo Access (Until opening sonic gate)
              Ing Hive>Hive Gyro Access
              Ing Hive>Hive Reactor (Before Light Suit?)
              Sky Temple Grounds>Defiled Shrine
              Sky Temple Grounds>Reliquary Grounds
    | Offworld (X3000)
    Dark Samus (X3100)
    Name: Dark Samus 1
    Recommended Weapons:  Power Beam
    Strategy: See the boss section. (XB04)
    Name: Dark Samus 2
    Recommended Weapons:  Power Beam
    Strategy: See the boss section. (XB13)
    Name: Dark Samus 3
    Recommended Weapons: Missiles, Echo Visor
    Strategy: See the boss section. (XB17)
    Name: Dark Samus 4
    Recommended Weapons:  Charge Beam, Annihilator Beam, Sonic Boom
    Strategy: See the boss section. (XB17)
    Metroids (X3200)
    Name: Infant Tallon Metroid (X3201)
    Recommended Weapons: Charge Beam, Super Missile
    Strategy: It it with charge beam shots or smack it with a super missile. Hit
    its cocoon (manual aim with the R-button) with a super missile or several
    regular missiles to destroy it.  If the infant contacts phazon, it can turn
    nto a normal metroid.
    Location: Agon Wastes>Biostorage Station (After Annihilator Beam?)
    Name: Tallon Metroid (X3202)
    Recommended Weapons: Dark Beam, Missile
    Strategy: Freeze it with a charged dark beam blast and then hit it with a
    Location: Agon Wastes>Bioenergy Production (After Dark Beam)
              Agon Wastes>Biostorage Station (After Dark Beam)
    Pirates (X3300)
    Name: Pirate Aerotrooper (X3301)
    Recommended Weapons: Missiles
    Strategy: Three missiles is all it takes.  Sidestep to avoid its kamikaze
    attack at the end.  Keep moving to avoid its projectiles.
    Location: Temple Grounds>Grand Windchamber (Before Sunburst)
              Agon Wastes>Bioenergy Production (Before Dark Beam)
              Agon Wastes>Mining Station A (After Light Beam)
              Agon Wastes>Mining Station B (Once after getting Darkburst)
              Torvus Bog>Torvus Temple (Before Super Missile)
              Sanctuary Fortress>Watch Station (After Screw Attack)
    Name: Pirate Commando (X3302)
    Recommended Weapons: Super Missiles
    Strategy: Hit it with super missiles whenever it doesn't have its shield up.
    Keep your distance and step left or right to avoid its shots.
    Location: Torvus Bog>Torvus Grove (First visit)
              Sanctuary Forress>Sanctuary Entrance (First visit)
    Name: Pirate Grenadier (X3303)
    Recommended Weapons: Charge Beam, Missile
    Strategy: A charge beam blast followed by a missile does the trick. It is very
    weak in melee, so get up close and fire away, since it won't be able to use
    its grenades, which are fairly damaging.
    Location: Agon Wastes>Command Center (After Dark Beam)
    Name: Pirate Tooper (X3304)
    Recommended Weapons: Missiles, Charge beam
    Strategy: Lock on and move left or right to avoid its fire.  Hit it with
    missiles or your charge beam.
    Location: Temple Grounds>GMFC Compound (First visit after dark visor)
              Agon Wastes>Biostorage Station (First visit)
              Agon Wastes>Central Mining Station (First visit)
              Agon Wastes>Central Mining Station (First time you use a turret)
              Agon Wastes>Central Station Access (First visit)
              Agon Wastes>Command Center (First visit)
              Agon Wastes>Mining Station A (First visit)
              Agon Wastes>Portal Terminal (First visit after Morph Ball Bombs)
              Agon Wastes>Portal Terminal (First visit after Space Jump Boots)
              Torvus Bog>Torvus Temple (Before Super Missile)
    Name: Preed (X3305)
    Recommended Weapons: Power Beam
    Strategy: Ignore it if it isn't in you way.  Shoot it with the power beam to
    burst it if it is.  Just don't walk into the poison cloud this causes.
    Location: Torvus Bog>Gathering Access
              Torvus Bog>Hydrodynamo Station
    | Bosses (XBOSS)  |
    Alpha Splinter/Dark Alpha Splinter (Mini-Boss) XB01
    Recommended tools: Missiles, Power Beam
    Difficulty: 2/10
    Reward: Unknown Item (Alien Technology - Energy Transfer Module)
    Yawn... Next!  Some splinters will drop as you enter the arena.  The'll turn
    into dark splinters  Take them out with the power beam (charge it if you like,
    but I find that rapid firing the beam works best).  An Alpha Splinter will
    drop from the ceiling.  Take the tie to switch to the scan visor and scan it
    once the cutscene ends.  This boss attacks by leaping towardsyou, then jumping
    back to where it was.  Lock onto it and dash to the side using the B button
    right before it leaps. Fire a missile at it once it leaps back to its initial
    After you damage it enough, it will become possessed.  Make sure you scan this
    new version as well. Its two attacks are to spit some dark goop at you and to
    leap at you. It does not leap to its initial position.  Lock onto it and use
    missiles if you have any left.  It will show some dark goop by its mouth and
    then spit it at you. Dodge this by jumping sideways or using the B-button
    dash.  It will then try to leap on you.  Dodge this with the B-button.  Wait
    about 2-3 seconds after it spits before dashing.  Rapid fire your power beam
    when your missiles run out, since this will let you dash more easily.
    Alpha Sandigger/Bomb Guardian (Boss - Subguardian) XB02
    Recommended tools: Missiles, Charge Beam
    Difficulty: 1/10
    Reward: Morph Ball Bomb
    Smack the Alpha Sandigger with a few missiles to the face to take it down. If
    you want to conserve missiles (I had 15 and  was fine), use the charge beam.
    It can spit green goo at you and charge, much like normal sandiggers.
    After it takes a few hits, it'll be possessed and turn into the bomb guardian,
    which uses your morph ball bombs against you.  It'll drop bombs from its tail
    as it moves, and can spray out bombs in clusters at random.  You need to first
    aim at its tail.  You must be mostly behind it to hit the tail.  Use your
    carge beam or your missiles.  Once the tail is hurt enough, it's mouth will
    glow.  Lock onto the mouth, circle around to get a good shot, and fire a
    missile down its through.  Repeat.  When near death, it'll spew out a massive
    amount of bombs.  In addition to bomb attacks, it can charge you.  Use the
    B-button dash to circle it throughout this fight.  It's bombs don't do much
    damage, so you can almost ignore them and just take the hits.
    Jump Guardian (Boss - Subguardian) XB03
    Recommended tools: Missiles
    Difficulty: 1/10
    Reward: Space Jump Boots
    An easy battle due to the protective crystal.  Use missiles.  This beastie can
    fire beams of energy, jump around, and draw up a forcefield.  It's general 
    pattern is to jump somewhere, sending out a shockwave that's easily avoided,
    then firing several energy beams at you. Lock on and jump to the side to
    avoid these. Fire missiles at im whenever he's not surrounded by his dark
    cloudy forcefield.  He'll sometimes leap up onto the rocks, so be sure to look
    up if you can't find him.  When he's almost dead, he'll run faster and faster
    around you in a circle and leap to the opposite side.  He does not fire energy
    beams so fire at him right as he lands or just try to lock on and pelt him
    with the power beam.  If you run out of missiles, shoot the pods around the
    arena and suck in the missile powerups with your charge beam.  Otherwise just
    use the power beam/charge beam.
    Dark Samus 1 (Boss) XB04
    Recommended tools:  Power Beam
    Difficulty: 2/10
    Reward: Dark Beam
    She's got a nifty phazon shielf she can put up at will, usually right before a
    missile hits her.  Missiles do decent damage, but there are very few chances
    to hit her with them.  Use your power beam most of the time and just fire
    away constantly.  Charge beam can be used, though it misses frequently. She's
    got a variety of phazon attacks that are easily avoided if you keep your
    distance.  Use the B-button dash to avoid them.  Stay away from her.  She can
    use the phazon shield to attack also.  Eventually she'll start using an attack
    where she leaps up, turns into a ball of phazon and launches herself at you.
    To avoid this, use the B-button dash.  She'll break parts of the environment
    which smoke and can make her hard to see.  She'll frequently break your
    lock-on.  Fortunately she won't damage you a lot with her attacks, so this
    fight is easily won with patience.
    Amorbis (Boss - Guardian) XB05
    Recommended tools: Missiles, Bombs
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Reward: Dark Suit
    Amorbis is a reasonably complicated boss, but not too much trouble. Try to
    stay within the protective areas.  This is much easier said than done.
    Inititally there will be one worm hopping in and out of the sand. Target the
    dust clouds and then fire a missile or two when the worm leaps out of the
    ground.  This will knock off some of its exoskeleton, and release some power
    ups.  Collect any health and missiles by using the charge beam.
    Once all of its armor is off, it will attach itself to the orb (scan the worm
    again) and its other end will attack.  Blast it with missiles until it falls
    to the ground. Its attacks are pretty easy to avoid and mostly involve
    shooting things at you.  Try to stay in the protective areas.  Once it is on
    the ground, roll into a ball and let it suck you up.  Once it does, drop a few
    morph ball bombs in its gut.
    Now you will have to repeat all of that, except that there are two worms
    hopping around.  Once you blast off the exoskeletons, both will attach to the
    orb.  They have a combo attack that hits pretty hard, but it's easy to jump
    over if you are standing far enough away.  Once a worm hits the ground, get
    sucked up and bomb it, then repeat for the other worm.
    Next you'll have to do this all over again, but with three worms.  Be sure
    you suck up all health and missiles every time you bomb a worm.  It's quite
    needed.  If you have enough ammo, charged light beam blasts will instantly
    destroy its face and let you get sucked up.
    Boost Guardian (Boss - Subguardian) XB06
    Recommended tools: Light Beam, Bombs
    Difficulty: 8/10
    Reward: Boost Ball
    One of the most anoying fights. Start off by scanning it (and backing away so
    it doesn't swipe at you.  Make sure you have the light beam selected before
    rolling nto his room.  After you scan, charge up the light beam ad fire off aa
    blast while he's still solid.  He should soon turn into a morph ball and try
    to ram you.  This hurts A LOT.  There's no good way to avoid it, but staying
    behind a pillar in morph ball form and not moving is frequently a decent
    strategy.  You'll need to be n ball form to get him to revert to solid form
    anyway.  You can also double jump around a lot which  improves your chances
    since you'll be in the air most of the time.  If you're feeling brave, pay
    attention to the direction he was traveling when boosting.  Try laying some
    bombs ahead of where he would have kept going had he not stoped (he never
    changes boost direction).  If you manage to hit him when he starts boosting,
    he'll immediately stop.
    After boosting around, he'll be a lighter shade of puddle.  You need to lay 
    bombs in front of it until he turns back into a solid Ing.  He'll switch from
    that puddle to boosting around until you've dealt him enough damage.  You can
    also bomb the inglets that get spawned while they are puddles. It's an easy
    way to generate some extra health.  Once he's solid, you'll be in front of him
    after a cutscene (automatically out of morph ball state). Be holding the A
    button during the cutscene so you will be charging the light beam and you
    should be able to get off two chraged blasts before he reverts.  Consider
    using super missiles instead, since they knock hm back, and may give you
    enough time to fire off a second one.
    Whenever he crashes into a pillar, it'll leave behind a big energy power up.
    Be sure to pick these up.  For each pillar destroyed, one inglet can be
    spawned, so there will be more of them to watch out for as the fight goes on.
    Concentrate on avoiding the boost. It does much more damage.
    Alpha Blogg (Boss) XB07
    Recommended tools:  Super Missiles
    Difficulty: 3/10
    Reward: Gravity Boost (Prereward)
    The Alpha Blogg isfairly easy, but make sure you have enough energy tanks,
    because the best way to damage him is to take damage.  He'll swim around the
    room and eventually spit three bursts of bubble goop at you. keep walking left
    or right to avoid it it will mess up yur HUD/aim if you get hit.  Right after
    this he'll open his mouth and charge you.  As soon as he opens his mouth, stop
    moving and fire off a super missile you WERE charging your beam this whole
    time, weren't you?  Repeat until dead.
    Sometimes after being hit he'll charge you repeatedly.  This generally causes
    massive damage.  Use your new Gravity Boost to avoid it, or just get lucky
    sidestepping.  You should be able to have 5 Energy Tanks at this point, so it
    should be enough.  To sidestep, use the b-button dash shortly before it hits
    you.  Also consider using a charged dark beam instead of the super missile as
    it does quite a bit of damage.
    Grapple Guardian (Boss - Subguardian) XB08
    Recommended tools: Charge Beam, Light Beam, Super Missiles 
    Difficulty: 1/10
    Reward: Grapple Beam
    A very easy and boring boss.  Lock onto it and keep a pillar in between you
    and this beastie.  Blast it with charge beam shots to tick it off.  This will
    eventually stun the beast, at which point you should quickly B-button dash
    behind it and smack it with the light beam or a super missile.  Other times it
    will fire out a grapple beam at you.  if there is a pillar in the way, it'll
    get stuck to the pillar  Treat this like it was stunned and get behind it and
    blast away.  Grappling causes it to get stunned for longer though.  After
    awhile it will lose its protective shell.  Now, whenever it gets stunned, it
    can be damaged by any weapon. If you've run out of missiles and light beam
    ammo, you can get by just with the power beam at this point.
    Chykka (Boss - Guardian) XB09
    Recommended tools: Power Beam, Grappling Beam, Missiles, Dark Beam, Light Beam
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Reward: Dark Visor
    Scan the larva form first.  You may aso want to scan the Dark Shredders it
    summons.  Scanning the larva will adjust the lock on point to its underbelly.
    It will swim around and occasionally leap from the water.  Dark Beam works
    fairly well against it, but is slow and hard to aim, so I prefer the regular
    ol' power beam.  Jump over the water waves it generates when it crashes back
    into the water.  The timing can be tricky, but you just need to leap shortly
    after it jumps out of the water.  Just about the same time you should be
    firing (make sure you double jump).  If you are close to the edge of the
    arena, it'll sometimes pop up in front of you and lash its tongue out at you.
    Fire normal shots at it.  If it latches on, hold away from it and fire
    rapidly.  Be careful as it tilts the platform while doing this and it's easy
    to walk into the water.  Always kill the dark shredders when they appear (use
    the power beam).  They give easy health.  This part of the fight is mostly
    about patience.  Use your RADAR.
    Next you'll fight the Chykka adult.  Be sure to scan her.  She's a gimmicky
    boss, which means you'll need to use your new grappling beam in the fight.
    Try to stay in a light bubble and maintain lock on. Pelt her with power beam
    shots (Or dark beam if you are decent at hitting her with it. Dark beam stuns
    her more quickly/does more damage).  Once she's stunned, Grapple to a platform
    behind her and lock onto a wing joint. Use R to target before locking on.
    Blast it with two missiles.  This will destroy a wing joint.  If you are good,
    you can charge up and use seeker missiles to hit four joints at once, making
    the fight quicker.  You have to lock on each time to target though.  While
    trying to stun her, double jump sideways to avoid the dark goop she spits are
    you.  If you get hit and fall into the water, immediately jump back to the
    light field.  The water drains health fast!
    Once the four wings joints die, it's time for the Dark Chykka (scan).  Use
    charged light beam shots on her egg sac. Be sure to scan the little Chyklings
    she spawns.  They are also good for health.  She'll eventually morph back into
    the regular adult.  Rinse, lather, repeat until dead.  This time though,
    she'll gear up (back up far away) to ram you.  When you see her doing this,
    grapple to another platform to avoid her charge.  Sometimes merely walking to
    the edge of a platform will allow you to avoid it.
    Dark Missile Trooper (Boss) XB10
    Recommended tools: Light Beam
    Difficulty: 1/10
    Reward: Missile Expansion.
    Yawn. Scan him. Hit him with a charged light beam. Kill him. Next?
    Spider Guardian (Boss - Subguardian) XB11
    Recommended tools: Bombs
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Reward: Spider Ball
    Morph ball time!  You can only scan this boss BEFORE you enter the tunnel maze
    where it lives. Be sure to do so.  The first part is easy.  Bomb it three
    times as it circles around its little loop.  Once damaged, it will have a
    firey aura that you should avoid.  After being hit three times, head to the
    bomb slot that appears and use it to fry the bug.  You may want to hand out
    near the bomb slot from the beginning of the battle, so that you can make it
    there quickly.
    In the next area, use the halfpipe to get up to the righthand platform.  Then,
    dropp back down while holding a boost to rocket back up on the left side. This
    should get you above his platform. Drop down and place a bomb in his path.
    After three, make it to the bomb slot and trigger it to move to the next
    The third stage is pretty easy.  Get to the platforms above him and drop down
    to bomb him.  Once the new platforms appear and the bomb slotis active, stay
    ahead of him and shimmy down the platforms to the bomb slot.
    The fourth stage, however, is pretty tough.  Bomb him three times, and then
    hit the bomb slot in the lower left.  Stay above the little dips on the second
    level to avoid his aura.  Next, bomb him three times, and trigger the lower
    left and upper right bomb slots. If you need to get past him, stun him with a
    bomb, then you can roll right through him. Do you bombing to the right of the
    lowest flipper platform for best safety.  Next time through you have to hit
    all three bomb slots, which can be very tricky.  He needs to be right of the
    lowest flip platform when you activate the first bomb slot, left of the second
    flip platform when you activate the second, and right of the third flip
    platform when you activate the third.
    Power Bomb Guardian (Boss - Subguardian) XB12
    Recommended tools: Morph Ball
    Difficulty: 1/10
    Reward: Power Bomb
    Be sure to scan this guy before the fight.  This is insanely easy.  You need
    to make it to all bomb slots.  The boss will powerbomb the slot and destroy a
    support above it whenever you reach one.  The two to the left and right of the
    initial spider ball track are easy to get to.  For the others, head left for
    one and right for the other.  You need to move fast.  Use bombs to jump up to
    tracks, and let go of spider ball to drop.  When droppng, hole left or right
    so you travel horizontally as you fall.  Sometimes you may need to backtrack
    to avoid powerbomb explosions, which move pretty slowly on the whole.  The
    various inglets that are spawned during this fight will regenerate your
    health.  When you fall off the track (and you will), suck all the energy up.
    Very easy.  There is a track that leads to a platform once you've beaten it.
    Use that to claim your prize.
    Dark Samus 2 (Boss) XB13
    Recommended tools: Power Beam
    Difficulty: 2/10
    Reward: Echo Visor
    Another easy boss.  Think the game is trying to lull you into a false sense of
    security?  She's got the same moves as last time, plus a few new ones.  About
    halfway through the fight she'll go into stealth mode. Use your dark visor to
    see her.  When your vision goes blind, switch back to the combat visor.  He
    most dangerous attack is her boost ball attack, though she's less dangerous
    with it thanthe boost guardian was.  If you fire a missile at the boost ball
    as she transforms, she seems to morph out of it.  The power beam is the
    easiest beam with which to hit her, though you might consider using the light
    beam (dark beam is too slow).
    Caretaker Class Drone (Boss - Mini Boss) XB14
    Recommended tools: Boost Ball, Spider Ball
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Reward: Passage opens.
    A fairly dificult trap if you don't have full energy.  Hold onto your spider
    ball as you circle around the ring.  When a red sensor drops down, boost
    across and hit it in mid air.  It's easier to do this when its in front of you
    rather than when its across the arena.  Avoid the pincers as they'll knock you
    off the track onto the platform.  The platform electricfies and causes massive
    amounts of damage.  After you destroy the three red sensors, it will briefly
    drop a center target from time to time.  Boost into this (always have a boost
    charged) and it'llraise the trap to another level.  Use the track to get up
    The second phase is the same as the first, only there are two gaps in the
    track, so you'll have to boost across to avoid the pincers occasionally.  The
    third and final phase has three gaps, which means you will tend to miss the
    track on the other side unless you are next to a gap when boosting.  Use a
    bomb jump to get back on the track quickly if you fall.  This boss gets much
    easier once you practice it.
    Quadraxis (Boss - Guardian) XB15
    Recommended tools: Boost, Bombs, Super Missiles, Light Beam, Spider Ball
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Reward: Annihilator Beam
    Scan the big boy first. Boost into the glowing red orbs at his feet (or bomb
    them).  Once they are all destroyed, knee joints will become vulnerable.  When
    the knee joints flash blue, target them and fire a super missile or use the
    light beam.  Until one is destroyed.  Then you have to repeat the process
    until you've destroyed all four.  He's got a variety of projectile attacks
    that are fairly easy to avoid.  When his feet glow extra red, get out of morph
    ball/boost to the edge of the arena and then jump over the resulting flames.
    His other attacks involve a spin attack likethe little Quad robots, and a beam
    that locks onto you and causes some ugly damage.  Boost far away from it to
    avoid lock on.  As you destroy knee joints and red orbs, be sure to suck up
    the big energy powerups that he drops.  You'll need them.
    Time for phase two!  Scan the head and the ruined body.  To damage it, you
    must switch to the echo visor so that you can see the antenna on the ruined
    body.  Blast it away with super missiles to drop the shield on the head.  Scan
    the unshielded head.  Using the echo visor still, destroy one of the three
    antennae that are on its head.  Light beam blasts work well, as do super
    missiles.  Repeat this three times.  It has a few projectile attacks and the
    lock on attack that it had before.  It also drops a Dark Quad M8 Drone when
    you destroy an antenna.  Kill it if you'd like.
    Scan the final head module (lotsa scans!).  It has the same attacks as the
    previous phase.  Blast it with a few super missiles or your favor damaging
    attack.  It'll move clockwise around the room, stunner.  Spider ball up the
    leg that is next in its path and boost jump to the head.  Roll into a bomb
    slot and bomb.  Repeat once more and the mechanoid will cease functioning.
    Ing Emperor (Boss) XB16
    Recommended tools: Missiles, Annihilator Beam, Bombs
    Difficulty: 9/10
    Reward: Last Energy Module
    Scan both its body and head.  It'll spawn some tentacles to mangle you.
    They've got a lot of attacks, mostly involving spinning around and smacking
    you.  Lock on (you'll have to use R to aim first) and pelt them with
    missiles.  Each tentacle takes about two hits to kill, and sometimes a single
    missile will strike more than one.  Once the tentacles are destroyed, it'll
    exposethe core.  Fire super missiles or charged light blasts into the gap in
    the shield.  It'll eventually regenerate unless you are very quick.  Sidedash
    over the laser beam it fires.  The more damage it has taken, the more
    tentacles it spawns, so try to make the last few hits count.  To best aim at
    the tentacles, stay in a corner of the arena (the circular icons on the ground
    show where the corners are).  Be sure to scan its eye once you've destroyed
    its tentacles
    Part two is easier.  Scan the crysalis.  Spider ball around the boss, killing
    things for health.  Stay near the top and destroy the first few weakspots.
    Sit on one until you see some black spots, then quickly drop bombs and run
    away.  You'll nail the tentacle, then you can bomb the spot and destroy it.
    Destroyed spots emit gas.  Occasionally the fog will rise, stay near the top
    to avoid it and make sure you bomb the puddles.  Stay near the top to fill up
    on them, and just make raids to the lower weak spots.  Use power bombs once
    the tentacles appear if you want to.  You won't need them after this fight
    Scan him again.  You need to hit him in his open mouth until he becomes weak
    to light or dark.  This is tricky, since one of his legs likes to block your
    shots, so stay to the left or right of him.  Try to smack him with a super
    missile, or just use normal missiles to hit his mouth.  Once he's stunned,
    whip out the annihilator beam and rapid fire into his open mouth (don't waste
    too many shots, try to stay angles so that when it homes in, it doesn't try to
    go through a leg or hit a closed mouth).  If you came in with full ammo, you
    should have close to enough.  If you need more, fire a sunburst or darkburst
    into the swarm of critters he summons.  He also has a weak spot on his back,
    so use that to stun him too.  If you have 250 light/dark ammo coming into this
    fight, it should be a piece of cake.
    Dark Samus 3 and 4 (Boss) XB17
    Recommended tools: Echo Visor, Charge Beam, anything you have left.
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Reward: Victory
    Pretty easy fight on the whole. Strafe to avoid the big phazon beam that she
    likes to fire at the beginning.  Just waste away at DS3 like you did DS2.
    Eventually she'll go spastic (in a bubble - scan her again) and start
    shooting all sorts of things at you.  You'll need to watch for the blue phazon
    particles she lobs and hold your charge beam down.  Angle it up, scoop in a
    few of them until your charge goes blue, then smack her with the nifty phazon-
    powered beam.  Wait until she fires before deciding to dodge.  If it's a big
    ball of phazon, quickly walk to the side as this should avoid it.  Eventually
    she'll come out of the bubble and land.  Shoot afterwards she'll be
    vulnerable, so smack her with any annihilator beam action you have left.
    Consider hitting her with a sonic boom if you have the ammo, or a missile.
    Repeat until dead.  Oh, and don't worry so much about the time limit.  Once
    you have the pattern down, the fight goes fast.  The more she's damage, the
    longer she'll sit in the bubble, giving you more and more chances to collect
    the phazon particles (remember that if you sidestep them, you won't be able to
    collect enough.  If you die on her, be sure to contiue from the last save,
    because the game will start you at Dark Samus rather than at the save point.
    If you say no/quit, you'll have to fight the Ing Emperor again.
    | Version History |
    12/02/2004  v1.1 - Added Enemy Locations and a few new strategies
    11/24/2004  v1.0 - First Version
    1.  Amy for being a wonderful wife
    2.  Nintendo/Retro for making this fine game
    3.  Dark Master for tipping me off on a Hunter Ing strategy
    4.  Andrew Dionne for informing me of the great alternate strategy for the
        Dark Pirate Troopers and Commandos as well as the Dark Metroid.
    5.  slylizard15 for the alternate Sporb-killing method
    6.  Needleman EXE for a Dark Phlogus location.
    This document is copyright (c) Matt Buchwald

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