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    100% Completion Guide by Rize

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    Metroid Prime 2 Echoes Logbook, Item and Red Entry Guide
    Author: Rize
    This is essentially a 100% items and scans guide. The guide contains three
    The first is a complete logbook with precise locations given for every entry,
    and in some cases prerequisite items that are needed to gain the entry. That
    includes creatures, lore and research. This is useful for cleaning up any
    entries that you missed.
    The second part is a "red entry" guide which contains an in-order list of
    every one-time scan in the game (including creature, lore and research scans).
    This is useful to verify that you have not yet missed any one-time scans and to
    ensure that you don't miss any in the future.
    The third part is an expansion guide arranged according to area. It includes
    the precise room location of each expansion, and the equipment you'll need to
    acquire it. The precise details of how to get each expansion are up to you
    to figure out when you reach the room in question. This is useful if you found
    most of the expansions yourself but missed a few.
    This list necessarily contains spoiler info concerning bosses and a few other
    things. If you haven't beaten the game yet, you probably shouldn't be here.
    Contributers: (from the boards.ign.com) Rize, Return-of-Samus, UD_Xiyak,
    Cheat_Boy_200, (from gamefaqs.com) darktemplar20, Crazed Clown,
    Random Zelda Person, (and via email) MissingLink1221, Tyler and Master Pug.
    Thanks guys; I couldn't have completed this without your input.
    Feel free to use this FAQ for any purpose, but please link to the original
    version and don't alter the contributer info. You can excise a portion of the
    guide if you leave the credits in and you can make simple corrections if
    necessary (although if they are needed, please send me the correction at
    david_s_trammellNOSPAM@yahoo.com (remove the NOSPAM prior to emailing).
    Log Book Guide
    Usage: When you look through your log book, you can see that it tells you what
    percent of each subgroup is remaining to be scanned. Find the groups where
    you're missing something and check the entry below for one location. If
    something is listed as a red-entry, check the red-entry guide below this one.
    This is designed to be an end game guide mostly. Some entries will not appear
    in the locations specified until a later part of the game. Any entry marked
    with two stars is also in the red-entry guide (meaning that it will not appear
    at the specified location after a certain point in the game because it's a boss
    or something else that vanishes).
    Temple Grounds
    Sky Temple Grounds
    Great Temple
    Sky Temple
    Agon = Agon Wastes
    Torvus = Torvus Bog
    Sanctuary = Sanctuary Fortress
    Dark Agon = Dark Agon Wastes
    Dark Torvus = Dark Torvus Bog
    Hive = Ing Hive
            LARGE AQUATIC
              Alpha Blogg (Torvus: [Hydrodynamo Shaft])**
              Blogg (Torvus: [Fortress Transport Access])
            SMALL AQUATIC
              Bloggling (Torvus: [Hydrodynamo)
              Hydlings (Torvus: [Path of Roots])
            LARGE FLYING
              Shredder (Torvus: [Torvus Lagoon] or [Ruined Alcove])**
              Shriekbat (Agon: [Temple Access])
              Shrieker (Torvus: [Torvus Temple])
            SMALL FLYING
              Light Flyer (Great Temple: [Transport B Access])
              Lumite (Agon: [Plaza Access])
              Sandbats (Agon: [Mining Plaza])
              War Wasps (Temple Grounds: [Sacred Bridge])
              Alpha Sandigger (Agon: [Agon Temple])**
              Alpha Splinter (Great Temple: [Temple Sanctuary])**
              Grenchier (Torvus: [Forgotten Bridge])
              Sandigger (Agon: [Mining Plaza])
              Splinter (Temple Grounds: [Dynamo Chamber])
              Sporb (Torvus: [Abandoned Worksite])
              Brizgee (Agon: [Mining Station A])
              Green Kralee (Temple Grounds: [Industrial site])
              Kralee (Agon: [Mining Station B])
              Krocus (Torvus: [Grove Access])
              Light Bringer (Dark Agon: [Duelling Range])**
              Seed Burster (Torvus: [Training Access])
              Pill Bug (Sanctuary: [Dynamo Works])
              Worker Splinter (Temple Grounds: [Hive Tunnel])
              Ing Smasher (Sanctuary: [Hall of Combat Mastery])**
              Mekenobite (Sanctuary: [Sanctuary Temple])
              Quad CM (Sanctuary: [Agon Transport Access])
              Quad MB (Sanctuary: [Agon Transport Access])
              Watchdrone (Dark Torvus: [Sacrificial Chamber]) (need light suit)
              Diligence Class Drone (Sanctuary: [Dynamo Access])
              Harmony Class Drone (Great Temple: [Transport A Access])
              Mechlops (Sanctuary: [Dynamo Access])
              Octopede (Sanctuary: [Power Junction])
              Rezbit (Sanctuary: [Reactor Core])
              Serenity Class Drone (Sanctuary: [Temple Transport Access])
              Caretaker Class Drone (Sanctuary: [Main Research])**
              Growler Class Turret (Temple Grounds: [Trooper Security Station])
              Humility Class Turret (Agon: [Biostorage Access])
              Luminoth Turret (Temple Grounds: [Fortress Transport Access])
              Vigilance Class Turret (Agon: [Central Mining Station])**
              Dark Blogg (Torvus: [Training Chamber])
              Dark Phlogus (Dark Torvus: [Putrid Alcove])
              Dark Shredder (Dark Torvus: [Dark Torvus Temple])**
              Dark War Wasp (Temple Grounds [Service Access])
              Nightbarb (Dark Agon: [Save Station 2])
              Dark Alpha Splinter (Great Temple: [Temple Sanctuary])**
              Dark Grenchier (Dark Torvus: [Crypt])
              Dark Splinter (Dark Agon: [Doomed Entry])
              Corrupted Sentreye (Sky Temple Grounds: [Abandoned Base])
              Dark Diligence Drone (Ing Hive: [Hazing Cliff])
              Dark Ingsmasher (Ing Hive: [Hive Reactor])
    Dark Quad CM (Sanctuary: [Sanctuary Temple] or Ing Hive: [Hive
    Dark Quad MB (Destroy the Quad MB first using bombs so you can scan
    the head)**
              Dark Missile Trooper (Temple Grounds: [Hive Chamber A])**
              Dark Pirate Commando (Temple Grounds: [Meeting Grounds])
              Dark Pirate Trooper (Agon: [Portal Terminal])
              Dark Preed (Dark Agon: [Doomed Entry])
              Dark Tallon Metroid (Sky Temple Grounds: [Phazon Grounds])
              Dark Trooper (Temple Grounds: [Command Chamber])
          EMPEROR ING (Sky Temple: [Sanctum])
            Emperor Ing Body (lower portion of first form)
            Emperor Ing Head (dark head with tentacles attached)
            Emperor Ing Eye (glowing eye after tentacles are destroyed)
            Emperor Ing Chrysalis (the form you attack with the spider ball)
            Mutated Emperor Ing (final Ing shaped form)
            AMORBIS (Dark Agon: [Dark Agon Temple])**
              Amorbis 1 (worms jumping through air)**
              Amorbis 2 (worms attached to central ball)**
            CHYKKA (Dark Torvus: [Dark Torvus Temple])**
               Chykka (first dragonfly form)**
               Chykka Larva (first form; swims in water)**
               Chykklings (emitted by second dragonfly form)**
               Dark Chykka (second dragonfly form)**
            QUADRAXIS (Ing Hive: [Hive Temple])**
               Damaged Quadraxis (scan the body after the head disengages)**
               Final Head Module (scan the head while its vulnerable to bombs)**
    Shielded Head Module (scan the head after it disengages from the
    Stunned Head Module (scan the head after you destroy the body
               Quadraxis (scan him right when the fight starts)**
            SUB GAURDIANS
               Bomb Gaurdian (Agon: [Agon Temple])**
               Boost Ball Gaurdian (Dark Torvus: [Dark Torvus Arena])**
               Grapple Gaurdian (Dark Torvus: [Sacrificial Chamber])**
               Jump Gaurdian (Dark Agon: [Judgment Pit])**
               Power Bomb Gaurdian (Dark Torvus: [Undertemple])**
               Spider Gaurdian (Sanctuary: [Dynamo Works])**
            Hunter Ing (Dark Torvus: [Polluted Mire])
            Inglet (Dark Agon: [Crossroads])
            Ing Larva Swarm (Ing Hive: [Entrance Defense Hall])
            Ing Storm (Sky Temple Grounds: [Reliquary Access])
            Warrior Ing (Dark Agon: [Dueling Range])
            Darkling Tentacle (Dark Agon: [Double Path])
          DARK SAMUS
            One (Agon: [Main Reactor])**
            Two (Sanctuary: [Aerie)**
            Three (Sky Temple Grounds: [Sky Temple Gateway])
            Four (After DS3 loses 1/3 of her heatlh, scan again)
            Tallon Metroid (Agon: [Biostorage])
            Infant Tallon Metroid (Agon: [Biostorage])
            Pirate Aerotrooper (Agon: [Bioenergy Production] or [Mining Station A])
    Pirate Commando (Torvus: [Torvus Grove] or Sanctuary: [Sanctuary
            Pirate Grenadier (Agon: [Command Center])
            Pirate Trooper (Temple Grounds [GFMC Compound])**
            Preed (Torvus: [Hydrodynamo Station])
          A-KUL'S CLUES
            CADRE 1 CLUES
              B Stl's Key (Sky Temple Grounds: [Sky Temple Gateway])**
              G Sch's Key (Sky Temple Grounds: [Sky Temple Gateway])**
              J Stl's Key (Sky Temple Grounds: [Sky Temple Gateway])**
              S Dly's Key (Sky Temple Grounds: [Sky Temple Gateway])**
            CADRE 2 CLUES
              C Rch's Key (Sky Temple Grounds: [Sky Temple Gateway])**
              D Isl's Key (Sky Temple Grounds: [Sky Temple Gateway])**
              J Fme's Key (Sky Temple Grounds: [Sky Temple Gateway])**
              M Dhe's Key (Sky Temple Grounds: [Sky Temple Gateway])**
              S Jrs's Key (Sky Temple Grounds: [Sky Temple Gateway])**
            FIRST PHASE
              Dark Aether (Torvus: [Torvus Energy Controller])
              New Weapons (Torvus: [Gathering Hall])
              Our War Begins (Torvus: [Underground Tunnel])
              Recovering Energy (Torvus: [Training Chamber])
              The New Terror (Torvus: [Catacombs])
            SECOND PHASE
              Agon Falls (Sanctuary: [Sanctuary Energy Controller])
              Shattered Hope (Sanctuary: [Main Gyro Chamber])
              The Final Crusade (Sanctuary: [Hall of Combat Mastery])
              The Sky Temple (Temple Grounds: [Fortress Transport Access])
              Torvus Falls (Sanctuary: [Main Reactor])
            FINAL PHASE
              Sanctuary Falls (Sanctuary: [Watch Station])
              Twilight (Sanctuary: [Sanctuary Entrance]) (need power bombs)
            DARK AGE
              Age of Anxiety (Temple Grounds: [Meeting Grounds]) (need boost ball)
              Cataclysm (Agon: [Mining Station A])
              The Ing Attack (Torvus: [Path of Roots])
              The World Warped (Temple Grounds: [Path of Eyes])
            GOLDEN AGE
              Light of Aether (Agon: [Portal Terminal])
              Origins (Great Temple: [Main Energy Controller])
              Our Heritage (Temple Grounds: [Transport to Agon Wastes])
              Paradise (Agon: [Mining Plaza])
              Saving Aether (Agon: [Agon Energy Controller])
              The Steller Object (Agon: [Mining Station B])
            CADRE 1
              A Kul's Testament (Sky Temple Grounds: [Sky Temple Gateway])
              B Stl's Testament (Agon: [Main Reactor])
              G Sch's Testament (Torvus: [Catacombs])
              J Stl's Testament (Agon: [Central Mining Station])
              S Dly's Testament (Torvus: [Torvus Lagoon])
            CADRE 2
              C Rch's Testament (Sanctuary: [Dynamo Works])
              D Isl's Testament (Temple Grounds: [Storage Cavern A])
              J Fme's Testament (Temple Grounds: [Industrial Site])
              M Dhe's Testament (Temple Grounds: [Landing Site])
              S Jrs's Testament (Sanctuary: [Sanctuary Entrance]) (need spider ball)
          CYCLE 4
            Log 44681 (Agon: [Command Center])
            Log 48853 (Agon: [Command Center])
          CYCLE 5
            Log 50086 (Agon: [Command Center])
            Log 54421 (Agon: [Command Center])
          CYCLE 6
            Log 62217 (Agon: [Command Center])
            Log 63622 (Agon: [Biostorage])
            Log 67135 (Agon: [Save Station 3])
            Log 69898 (Agon: [Storage D])
          CYCLE 7
            Log 70136 (Agon: [Security Station B])
            Log 71599 (Agon: [Central Mining Station]) (use the turrets)
          FORCE ONE
            CAPT A Exeter (Temple Grounds: [GFMC Compound])
            LCPL J Brode (Temple Grounds: [GFMC Compound])
            PFC G Haley (Temple Grounds: [GFMC Compound])
            PFC I Crany (Temple Grounds: [GFMC Compound])
            PFC S Milligan (Temple Grounds: [GFMC Compound])
            SPC F Triplette (Temple Grounds: [GFMC Compound])
          FORCE TWO
            GSGT C Benet (Temple Grounds: [Command Chamber])
            PFC E Denys (Temple Grounds: [Sacred Bridge])
            PFC L Bronda (Temple Grounds: [Communications Area])
            PFC M Veroni (Temple Grounds: [Collapsed Tunnel])
            SPC B Reevs (Temple Grounds: [Command Chamber])
            SPC M Angseth (Temple Grounds: [Trooper Security Station])
            Aether (Agon: [Commend Center])
            Dark Portal (Agon: [Portal Site])
            Energy Controller (Dark Agon: [Dark Agon Energy Controller])
            U-Mos (Great Temple: [Main Energy Controller])
          DARK AETHER
            Dark Aether (Agon: [Command Center])
            Light Portal (Dark Agon: [Portal Site])
            Phazon (Agon: [Main Reactor])
            Metroid Cocoon (Agon: [Biostorage])
            Splinter Cocoon (Temple Grounds: [Dynamo Chamber])
            War Wasp Hive (Temple Grounds: [Temple Assembly Site])
            Dormant Ingclaw (Sky Temple Grounds: [Phazon Grounds])
            Ingclaw (Dark Agon: [Watering Hole])
            Ing Webtrap (Dark Agon: [Battleground])**
            Webling (Dark Agon: [Feeding Pit Access])**
          ING STORAGE
            Bladepod (Dark Agon: [Portal Site])
            Flying Ing Cache (Ing Hive: [Hive Dynamo Works])**
            Ingsphere Cache (Dark Torvus: [Dark Forgotten Bridge])
            Ingworm Cache (Ing Hive: [Culling Chamber])
            Agon Bearer Pod (Agon: [Transport to Temple Grounds])
            Bloatsac (Torvus: [Forgotten Bridge])
            Blueroot Tree (Agon: [Save Station A])
            Sand Grass (Agon: [Plaza Access])
            Torvus Bearer Pod (Torvus: [Transport to Temple Grounds])
            Torvus Hanging Pod (Torvus: [Temple Transport Access])
            Dark Lift Crystal (Dark Agon: [Feeding Pit])
            Liftvine Crystal (Dark Torvus: [Brooding Ground])
            Light Lift Crystal (Dark Agon: [Feeding Pit])
            Energized Beacon (Dark Agon: [Feeding Pit] shoot beacon with light beam)
            Light Beacon (Dark Agon: [Portal Site])
            Nullified Beacon (Dark Agon: [Doomed Entry] shoot beacon with dark beam)
    Super Beacon (Ing Hive: [Hive Temple Access] shoot beacon with
    Energized Crystal (Dark Agon: [Feeding Pit] shoot crystal with light
            Light Crystal (Dark Agon: [Portal Site])
    Nullified Crystal (Dark Agon: [Doomed Entry] shoot crystal with dark
    Super Crystal (Ing Hive: [Hive Dynamo Works] shoot crystal with
            Dark Sentinel Crystal (Dark Torvus: [Dark Forgotten Bridge])
            Sentinel Crystal (Torvus: [Forgotten Bridge])
          GF SECURITY
            GF Bridge (Temple Grounds: [Industrial Site])
            GF Gate Mk VI (Temple Grounds: [Hive Chamber A])
            GF Gate Mk VII (Temple Grounds: [Dynamo Chamber])**
            Bomb Slot (Agon: [Security Station A])
            Grapple Point (Dark Torvus: [Sacrificial Chamber])
            Kinetic Orb Cannon (Temple Grounds: [Sacred Bridge])**
            Spider Ball Track (Sanctuary: [Dynamo Works])
            Spinner (Torvus: [Training Chamber])
            Wall Jump Surface (Ing Hive: [Central Hive West Transport])
            GFS Tyr (Temple Grounds: [GFMC Compound])
            Pirate Skiff (Agon: [Central Mining Station])
            Samus' Gunship (Temple Grounds: [Landing Site])**
    Red Entry Guide
    The entries are now in approximate order that they appear in the game. This is
    not gauranteed to be complete (though I'm fairly sure that it is). Be sure to
    scan as much as possible in case I missed something. If something seems to be
    missing from this guide, email me using the address at the start of this FAQ and
    I'll help you find the entry or else add it to the guide.
    Tips: In hard mode, there are probably some bosses that will kill you a LOT.
    Make sure you remember to scan every time you refight the boss. When you
    finally win, don't forget to ask yourself "Did I scan it?". If you didn't, then
    you didn't really win at all.
    Samus' Gunship (Temple Grounds: [Landing Site]): As soon as you begin the the
    game, turn around and scan your gunship. About half-way through the game, the
    scan will be unavailable because the ship will begin repairing itself and as its
    repair status changes, the scan opportunity vanishes.
    Kinetic Orb Cannon (Temple Grounds: [GFMC Compund]): This is a tricky scan
    because once you activate a cannon (so that you see the glowing morphball
    symbol) you can't get the scan. You have to scan one before they're all
    Alpha Splinter and Dark Alpha Splinter (Great Temple: [Temple Sanctuary]):
    This is the first boss. You fight it just before visiting U-Mos. First you will
    fight a pack of Dark Splinters, then an Alpha Splinter and finally the Dark
    Splinter. Make sure you scan both Alphas as this is the only time they appear.
    Alpha Sandigger and Bomb Gaurdian (Agon: [Agon Temple]): When you attempt
    to earn your bombs, you'll fight a giant Sandigger (Agon: [Agon Temple]). You
    only have about 3 seconds to scan him in the beginning of the fight. After that,
    an Ing will possess it and turn it into the Bomb Gaurdian. Make sure you scan
    both of them.
    Jump Gaurdian (Dark Agon: [Judgment Pit]): Rescan if you're killed.
    Vigilance Class Turret (Agon: [Central Mining Station]): You can only scan
    these turrets when a space pirate is manning them. As far as I know this only
    happens the very first time you enter this room.
    Dark Samus One (Agon: [Main Rreactor]): Remember to rescan if you're killed.
    Light Bringer (Dark Agon: [Dueling Range]): These indestructable creatures
    provide a moving light source in the dueling range. Return-of-Samus claims that
    they vanish after their first appearance and I think he's correct. Pick this up
    the first time through.
    Webling (Dark Agon: [Feeding Pit Access]): These block your path. Once you
    shoot them, I think they're gone forever. Scan one first.
    Ing Webtrap (Dark Agon: [Battleground]): When you try to get the last Dark
    Agon Key, Four Warrior Ing will jump you. These webtraps cover the doors while
    you fight. They should appear else where in the game too, but I'm not sure if
    there's any rooms where they continually reappear so get them as early as
    Amorbis (Dark Agon: [Dark Agon Temple]): This is the boss of Agon and it
    requires two scans. You have to scan Amorbis while its jumping through the air
    and once more while its attached to the central orb.
    Missile Trooper (Temple Grounds: [Hive Chamber A]): Somewhere on the Temple
    Grounds you'll find a lone Missile Trooper gaurding a pack of missiles. He's a
    wimp, but he has a boss power meter and does not return for round two so scan
    him the first time.
    Shredder (Torvus: [Torvus Lagoon] or [Path of Roots]): As far as I can tell,
    these things completely vanish after you get the super missiles or the boost
    ball. Make sure you scan them right when you get to Torvus.
    Boost Ball Gaurdian (Dark Torvus: [Dark Torvus Arena]): In hard mode I died
    on this bastard 3 or 4 times. Don't forget to rescan him each time.
    A-Kul's Clues (Sky Temple Grounds: [Sky Temple Gateway]): Once you step into
    the central hologram (even if you don't have all the keys yet) the keys you do
    have will prevent you from getting the corresponding clue. Make sure you scan
    these right after you get the Seeker Missile upgrade to avoid problems.
    Alpha Blogg (Torvus: [Hydrodynamo Shaft]): You can scan him before or after
    he enters the room you fight him in. A lot of people are dying repeatedly on
    this boss so don't forget to rescan if you die.
    Grapple Gaurdian (Dark Torvus: [Sacrificial Chamber]): An easy boss.
    Dark Shredder (Dark Torvus: [Dark Torvus Temple]): These only appear while
    you fight Chykka's larval form.
    Chykka (Dark Torvus: [Dark Torvus Temple]): This is the boss of Torvus and it
    requires five scans. You have to scan Chykka in its larval form while it swims
    in the water. You also have to scan the Dark Shredders before you kill the
    larva. Then you have to scan Chykka in dragonfly form and then again when it
    becomes Dark Chykka (with the enlarged egg sac). Finally, there are little
    swarms of Chykklings that Dark Chykka emits that must be scanned.
    Pirate Trooper (Temple Grounds: [GFMC Compound]): On your way to Sanctuary
    for the first time you'll encounter a pack of regular old Space Pirates near the
    crashed GFMC ship. I think these wimps stop reappearing so if you don't have
    them yet, get them now.
    Pirate Commando (Sanctuary: [Sanctuary Entrance]): As with the Pirate
    Troopers, I'm not sure if these continue to appear in any location. This may be
    the last place they appear so be sure to scan them here.
    Ing Smasher (Sanctuary: [Hall of Combat Mastery]): I'm not sure precisely
    when these giants activate, but when you destroy one they do not return. Make
    sure you scan one before you kill them all (if you kill them all; I just run).
    Don't forget that when you first scan them, the scan doesn't count because they
    are not active. Start looking for the next entry, but make sure you get these
    when they activate.
    Spider Gaurdian (Sanctuary: [Dynamo Works]): You have to scan this before the
    fight begins. You can see it circling the pipe prior to the battle. If you
    start the fight without the scan, you'll have to reset.
    Power Bomb Gaurdian (Dark Torvus: [Undertemple]): Dark version of the sporb
    plant with power bomb ability. Pretty easy. Make sure you scan him before
    morphing for the kill.
    Dark Samus Two (Sanctuary: [Aerie]): You fight her the second time during the
    Sanctuary elevator ride to the peak for the Echo Visor.
    Caretaker Class Drone (Sanctuary: [Main Research]): Being a morphball based
    fight, you have to scan this boss before the fight begins. You'll have plenty
    of time to do this as long as you don't forget. Look up at the central pillar
    when you reach this room. Jump and scan if you must.
    Dark Quad CM and Dark Quad MB (Ing Hive: [Hive Temple]): These appear during
    the Quadraxis boss fight. First scan the creature for the MB scan. Then you
    have to destroy the body using boost ball shots or bombs so you can free the
    head for scanning. If you shoot the head off the body you will miss the CM
    scan (although once you have the scan, this is the preferable way of killing
    Quadraxis (Ing Hive: [Hive Temple]): This is the boss of Sanctuary and it
    requires five scans. Scan Q when you begin the fight. Destroy his kneecaps
    then scan his body again after the head leaves it. Now scan the head that is
    flying around by itself. Destroy the transmitter on the body and scan the head
    before it regenerates. Finally, scan the head after all of its transmitters are
    dead (while it's vulnerable to bombs). Make sure that your Quadraxis section is
    up to 100% after the fight. Make sure you have the Dark Quad scans before you
    save after the fight as well.
    Flying Ing Cache (Ing Hive: [Hive Dynamo Works]): These things hold the 9 Sky
    Temple keys. Make sure you scan one before you destroy all 9 of them. You need
    the dark visor to see them at first (shoot it with something weak to make it
    visible to your scan visor without killing it).
    The final bosses (various): These are not true red-entries because you can
    always get them after your final save. Your final save should be missing only
    seven scans. Five for Emperor Ing and two for Dark Samus.
    Item Guide
    I'll only mention that an item is needed if you don't have that item the first
    time you enter the room. If there are no parantheses, then you don't need any
    special gear to get the item.
    When you're done, you'll have 255 missiles, 250 light/dark beam shots, 14 energy
    tanks, 10 power bombs and 3 charge combos. 10 of your missiles are from your
    first missile pack and the seeker missile upgrade. 2 of your power bombs are
    from the first pack and 50 of your light/dark beam shots are from the beams.
    That leaves 49 missiles, 8 power bombs, 4 beam expansions and 3 charge combos.
    Temple Grounds:
    Missiles:: (6)
      Hive Chamber B (need bombs)
      Communication Area (need space jump)
      Transport to Agon Wastes
    Hive Chamber A (make sure you scan the Missile Trooper before you steal his
      Temple Assembly Site (need space jump)
      GFMC Compound (need space jump)
    Energy Tanks:: (3)
      Storage Cavern B (enter from Temple Assembly Site (need missiles))
      Wind Chamber Gateway (need grapple beam)
      Fortress Transort Access (need light suit)
    Power Bombs:: (1)
      Dynamo Chamber (need power bombs)
    Charge Combos:: (1)
      Grand Wind Chamber (need screw attack)
    Sky Temple Grounds (e.g. Sky Temple Grounds)
    Missiles:: (3)
      Plain of Dark Worship (need dark suit)
      War Ritual Grounds (need dark visor)
      Phazon Grounds (need dark visor)
    Ammo Expansions:: (1)
      Profane Path (need annihilator)
    Great Temple
    Missiles:: (2)
      Transport A Access (need bombs and translation 3 of 4)
      Transport B Access (need bombs)
    Agon Wastes
    Missiles:: (11)
      Transport Center (enter from the East door)
      Portal Access A
      Sand Cache (enter from Mining Station A (need Agon translation))
      Mining Station (need powerbombs and spider ball)
      Command Center (enter from the Command Center Access as a ball)
      Sand Processing (need boost ball)
      Storage B (enter from Biostorage station (need dark beam))
      Ventilation Area A
      Main Reactor (need spider ball)
      Storage A (enter from Mining Station B (need power bombs))
      Storage C (enter from Bioenergy Production (need spider ball))
    Energy Tanks:: (4)
      Mining Plaza (need screw attack)
      Mining Station Access (need bombs)
      Bioenergy Production
    Ammo Expansions:: (1)
      Central Mining Station (enter from the light door and use the guns)
    Power Bombs:: (1)
      Sand Canyon (need screw attack)
    Charge Combos (1)
      Mining Station B (need screw attack)
    Dark Agon Wastes
    Missiles:: (4)
      Crossroads (need boost ball)
      Junction Site (need spider ball)
      Ing Cache 4 (enter from Dueling Range (need dark beam))
      Warrior's Walk (enter from Judgment Pit or Battleground (need super missiles))
    Power Bombs:: (1)
      Feeding Pit (need light suit)
    Charge Combos:: (1)
      Ing Cahce 2 (enter from Phazon Site (need annihilator))
    Torvus Bog
    Missiles:: (12)
      Torvus Lagoon (need gravity boost)
      Path of Roots (need grapple beam)
      Portal Chamber (enter from Dark Portal)
      Forgotten Bridge (move bridge from Dark Aether)
      Abandoned Work Site (need grapple)
      Hydrodynamo Station
      Underground Tunnel
      Plaza Access
      Gathering Hall (need power bombs)
      Training Chamber (need spider ball)
      Torvus Grove (need power bombs)
      Transit Tunnel South (from Gathering Hall or Catacombs (need annihilator))
    Energy Tanks:: (4)
      Temple Access (enter from top doors)
      Transit Tunnel East (need gravity boost)
      Meditation Vista (need screw attack)
      Torvus Plaza (need spider ball)
    Power Bombs:: (1)
      Great Bridge (need power bombs)
    Dark Torvus Bog
    Missiles:: (2)
      Undertransit One (left side)
      Undertemple (need screw attack)
    Energy Tanks:: (1)
      Cache B (enter from Dark Torvus Temple)
    Ammo Expansions:: (1)
      Cache A (enter from Poisoned Bog (need seeker missiles))
    Power Bombs:: (1)
      Putrid Alcove (from Dark Forbidden Bridge (need power bombs))
    Missiles:: (7)
      Dynamo Works (need spider ball)
      Hall of Combat (need spider ball)
      Sanctuary Map Station (need light suit)
      Main Research
      Central Area Transport West
      Temple Access (need echo visor)
      Sentinel's Path (need annihilator)
    Energy Tanks:: (2)
      Watch Station Access (enter from the rear)
      Reactor Core (need spider ball)
    Ammo Expansions:: (1)
      Watch Station
    Power Bombs:: (3)
      Main Gyro Chamber (need annihilator)
      Transit Station
      Sanctuary Entrance (need power bombs)
    Ing Hive
    Missiles:: (2)
      Hazing Cliff
      Aerial Training Site (need screw attack)

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