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    Beam FAQ by Dimcity

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 02/03/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    <|||Metroid Prime 2 – ECHOES|||>
    The In-Depth Guide To: ARM CANNON BEAMS
    By: Dimcity
    *** Please send some more suggestions everyone! These are the only ideas I have 
    in mind for Beam Usage, so please send in some more ideas. As for the errors, 
    you can notify me on that but I would prefer suggestions.
    The Table of Contents
    1a. Legal Stuff
    1b. Contact Information
    1c. Simple Description of the FAQ
    1d. Version History
    2a. Beam Descriptions
    2b. Effective Beam Strategies (In General)
    2c. Ammo Consumption Help
    3a. Power Beam Strategies
    3b. Dark Beam Strategies
    3c. Light Beam Strategies
    3d. Annihilator Beam Strategies
    3e. Best Uses of Each Beam
    4a. Charge Combo Description
    4b. Super-Missile Strategies
    4c. Darkburst Strategies
    4d. Sunburst Strategies
    4e. Sonicboom Strategies
    5. Which Beam for Which Boss?
    6a. Missiles Information
    6b. Seeker Missiles
    6c. Best Uses of Missiles
    7a. Thanks
    7b. Crediting Information
    ~ 1a. The Legal Stuff ~
    Now, I know that this is just a small FAQ on Beam Usage for Metroid Prime 2: 
    Echoes, but even if anyone happens to want to use any of its information, 
    PLEASE CONTACT ME ANYWAYS. Remember, these are all personal strategies, and all 
    information comes from methods I utilise in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes’ game play. 
    Just E-mail me: theliver_isevil@hotmail.com. If you have MSN Messenger, you can 
    add me and talk to me. Make sure if you are contacting me that you put your 
    subject as ‘FAQ’ or ‘MP2 FAQ’, or anything along the lines of those.
    ~ 1b. Contact Information ~
    E-mail: theliver_isevil@hotmail.com.
    I also have MSN Messenger.
    If you have a question, just E-mail or talk to me through the messenger. And if 
    you have a better way of using the beam’s, if it’s an effective way, I’ll add 
    your method and add you to the crediting information. I also accept criticism, 
    as long as it’s constructive enough to empower this FAQ! 
    ~ 1c. Description ~
    This Beam FAQ will show the best ways to use your four beam weapons, the best 
    places to use them, and when to use their super-power Charge Combos. I’ve also 
    included a section that includes which boss they are most effective against and 
    why. There’s also a short section on missiles.
    ~ 1d. Version History ~
    1.0	> The birth of my guide.
    1.1 > Fixed a few typos, added a variation to Freeze and Destroy in the Dark 
    Beam strategies section. Also added a few explanations on Section 5: ‘Which 
    Beam for Which Boss?’
    1.2 > Fixed a stupid Missile mistake. Also added a few explanations on Section 
    5: ‘Which Beam for Which Boss?’
    2a. Beam Descriptions
    Classic Samus-Aran alien ass-kicker since the beginnings of her bounty-hunting. 
    For each and every game it’s been in, it’s always been that last resort 
    extremely high rate of fire beam that never goes wrong! The Power Beam has 
    unlimited ammo, and a charged shot will fire a big burst of energy. It’s a 
    quick charge which is very effective and does a bit of damage.
    Damage – Very Low
    Rate of Fire – 6 to 7 Power Beam shots per second (or Very High)
    Opens – Only Blue Doors.
    Dark/Light Attributes – Works effectively in both worlds but does not provide 
    extra damage.
    Destroyed Boxes/Stationary Life-providing Organisms – Drop out energy units.
    Ammo – N/A
    For such a heavy-duty gun the Dark Beam shoots quite swiftly with a nice little 
    swish sound every time you shoot, releasing a flying purple unit, shaped like 3 
    waves connected at their ends. For the MP1 players this beam is pretty much a 
    beefed up version of the Ice Beam – purple looks better and the rate of fire is 
    faster. A more reliable weapon when it comes to ammunition. If you run out of 
    Dark Ammunition, you may charge the Dark Beam to fire a standard shot. A 
    charged Dark Beam (while you have ammunition) will fire a small ball of dark 
    energy that will entangle all enemies near it or hit by it and freeze them for 
    a certain amount of time. This is very effective against speedy enemies, even 
    though it may be hard to hit them.
    Damage – Very High (Low against Dark Creatures)
    Rate of Fire – 1.5 to 3 Dark Beam shots per second (or Slow).*
    Opens – Blue Doors and Black Doors (according to the map).
    Dark/Light Attributes – Many people think the Dark Beam actually does extra 
    damage to normal Aether creatures but in fact it’s not very significant. It 
    does do less damage to Dark Aether creatures however. The Dark Beam also 
    nullifies Safe Zone crystals and beacons (I don’t know why you would really 
    want to, but it looks pretty cool).
    Destroyed Boxes/Stationary Life-providing Organisms – Drop out Light Beam 
    Ammo – Dark Beam ammunition (obtained through Light Beam/Annihilator Beam 
    destroyed objects) 
    *The reason why the amount of shots/second is so varied is because the Dark 
    Beam has a very bizarre metronome feature. If you happen to press A 
    consistently the Dark Beam will fire at least 3 shots per second, but if you 
    bash A, you can end up with a slow rate of fire. It is quite hard to explain, 
    but you will get it if you test bashing A and pressing A consistently.  
    If anyone remembers Metroid Prime, the Light Beam is very much like a Plasma 
    Beam that looks like the Wave Beam. The Light Beam shoots a stream of short-
    ranged light energy that travels in one direction, piercing through any enemies 
    it may hit. The thing about the Light Beam is that if you really want to use it 
    for non-Dark Aether uses such as hitting multiple enemies in a line, it takes a 
    lot of practice and skill. It is worth it though. The Light Beam uses Light 
    ammunition, and like the Dark and Annihilator Beams can charge a shot if you 
    run out to shoot a standard stream of light energy. It can also burn enemies on 
    some rare occasions. A charged Light Beam will shoot five super-powered units 
    of light, which is very powerful. Against large enemies, all five of these 
    units can hit at once.
    Damage – Moderately High
    Rate of Fire – 1.5 to 2 Light Beam shots per second (or Very Slow).
    Opens – Blue Doors and White Doors (according to the map).
    Dark/Light Attributes – The Light Beam deals extra damage to Darkling creatures 
    and Ing creatures, which makes it very effective in Dark Aether. It can also 
    lighten up nullified Safe Zone crystals or beacons, and can energize them so 
    that Dark Aether creature will be damaged when they touch the Safe Zone.
    Destroyed Boxes/Stationary Life-providing Organisms – Drop out Dark Beam 
    Ammo – Light Beam ammunition (obtained through Dark Beam/Annihilator Beam 
    destroyed objects)
    The most unique beam ever added to a Metroid game. The Annihilator beam has a 
    rate of fire as fast as the Power Beam, and is _almost_ as powerful as a Light 
    or Dark Beam. It also has a homing attribute, which means for non-lockable 
    enemies (such as an ‘about-to-mess-up-your-system’ Aezbit) it’s very useful. 
    Many people think the Annihilator Beam (I’ll call it the Anni beam) is as 
    powerful as both beams, but really the damage is not that incredibly high. And 
    even though it fires very quickly it certainly won’t last long, even with 250 
    Ammo. The Annihilator Beam uses both Light and Dark Ammo, which means it costs 
    one of both for each shot. If you run out of one type of ammo (let’s say 50 
    Light/0 Dark) then you MAY NOT FIRE without charging for a standard shot. 
    Fortunately destroyed objects will drop out tons of light AND dark ammo, which 
    is incredibly useful. The Anni Beam can also super-energize Safe Zone crystals 
    and beacons, making them not only destroy Dark creatures, but actually lure 
    them into the Safe Zone. A charged Anni Beam will fire out a Sonic Blast. This 
    is basically just a large blast which damages all enemies in the area with 
    massive damage.
    Damage – Average
    Rate of Fire – 5.5 to 6.5 shots per second (or Fast)
    Opens – Blue Doors and Gray Doors (according to the map).
    Dark/Light Attributes – Works perfectly well versus both types of creatures. 
    Dispatches the weaker enemies in Light Aether quickly and lights up Safe Zone 
    crystals in Dark Aether to aid you in your battles. 
    Destroyed Boxes/Stationary Life-providing Organisms – Drop Light and Dark 
    *The Annihilator Beam is also used for some Sonic Door puzzles (using the Echo 
    Visor to correspond the correct sounds according to what the door’s sequence 
    ~ 2b. Effective Beam Strategies (In General) ~
    Here are some strategies you can use with any beam, depending on their rate of 
    fire and their power. 
    When Strafing, obviously you are going to have a locked target, right? So 
    remember to check around you first to see if there are any other threats, and 
    then you can focus on your locked target, regardless of any incoming smaller 
    minions. Always strafe, even if the space is small, you’re pretty much dead, or 
    if you’re in Dark Aether without the Dark Suit. It will save your life multiple 
    times. If you are aware of your surroundings and the geography of the area, you 
    can even strafe but defensively side-jump to a platform that can lead to the 
    next room you need to go through. 
    For the Power Beam, this and strafing is the only method you should be doing. 
    This is also very effective with the Dark and Light beams. Even though they 
    require ammo, they have a slow rate of fire which allows you to sort of pay 
    attention to your ammo. For the Anni Beam, DO NOT BUTTON MASH. Look at your 
    enemy, see if it has a guard, and see if firing Anni shots one after the other 
    is effective against your enemy or not. You can end up wasting over 20 Light 
    and Dark ammo if you are not careful, and believe me, you will be in a tricky 
    situation if you end up with zero ammo. Especially against the last few bosses! 
    In conclusion, the Light and Dark beams shouldn’t worry about button-mashing. 
    But with the Anni beam, be logical. Please. If you’re fighting the Emperor Ing 
    or something then fine, you might be in a bit of an ‘OH MY GOSH’ state and end 
    up using too much ammo. But if you know what you’re doing, button-mashing is 
    for different situations.
    Run out of ammo? The best strategy is to either fire charged Anni shots at 
    boxes or stationary objects, or in a boss’s case fire them at the minions. When 
    you’ve run out of ammo, the game seems to know that you have run out of ammo 
    which means destroyed objects will release over 40 or 50 units of Light and 
    Dark ammunition. If you’re fighting a tough enemy, don’t be afraid to release 
    your auto-lock on them and quickly run off to get some more ammo. It’ll be 
    worth it when you do.
    ~ 2c. Ammo Consumption Help ~
    Until you get the Anni beam, obtaining ammunition is difficult. Especially the 
    fact that it’s hard to find the expansions. So obviously the first thing you’ll 
    think of is to get one type of ammo by using the opposite beam, and then using 
    the new ammo you got to retain the ammo for the beam you used before 
    (confusing, eh?). This way is sort of effective, but trust me it will really 
    get on your nerves. You could find an ammo station in the Dark Aether areas. 
    But seriously, who has the time (or who wants to for that matter) to backtrack 
    all the way to an ammo station when you’re just going to use it again? This is 
    a question asked by many MP2 players. YOU SHOULD! If you managed to reach there 
    with ease anyways, then why can’t you save some ammo going back to where you 
    initially were? If you can save your ammo until you reach where you were, it is 
    definitely worth it. Check the Beam Strategies section if you want to know how 
    to battle and use ammo effectively.
    ~ 3a. Power Beam Strategies ~
    Quick sweeping is to destroy a cluster of weak enemies quickly. The Power Beam 
    is obviously the best to use versus War Wasps or Crawlings. To execute, 
    obviously keep bashing A, but also keep bashing L so you can quickly lock-on to 
    different targets quickly. In some cases enemies such as Sandbats will fly in a 
    certain pattern (such as orbiting a certain object). It’s best to fire in one 
    spot rather than auto-lock, as when you start bashing A all the enemies flying 
    through the target you are firing at (blindly) will be destroyed.
    This is a strategy most often used versus the tougher enemies. The deal is to 
    fire like crazy at an enemy (such as a Warrior Ing) and then release a charged 
    shot. This strategy requires a lot of strafing, as you want to get the charged 
    shot in as quickly as possible.
    If you’re in a sticky situation (ex. You’ve got no ammo and there’s no way to 
    re-supply fast enough) then this is basically when you switch to the power beam 
    and bash A in panic. This may sound quite stupid, but it’s not a joke! 
    Naturally you’ll want to dispatch your enemies as soon as possible, so the 
    Power Beam will probably be the first idea to reach your head.
    ~ 3b. Dark Beam Strategies ~
    Pummelling, or constantly hitting, enemies with this strategy is a lot like 
    button-bashing, but is more effective if you’re against the faster enemies. 
    Note that this depletes your ammo very quickly. This strategy is very useful, 
    however, if you have a very low maximum ammo capacity and don’t want to entrap 
    the enemy. It’s quite effective against Space Pirates and the Chykka boss, too.
    A simple charged Dark Beam shot and then mashing A like there’s no tomorrow. 
    It’s effective but very costly. Unless you have light beam ammo to back you up 
    when you need Dark ammo or an Anni beam, then be careful that you don’t run out 
    too quickly. This is extremely useful against speedy or flying enemies as it 
    gives you time to fire accurate shots. “The thing I do differently is after 
    blasting an enemy with an Entangler shot, I blast them with missiles. That'll 
    shatter them but good.” ~ Pauldhobby
    This was an idea of Pauldhobby – and believe me it’s effective and great fun! 
    Hehe... I reckon it’s actually a lot better than destroying with your Dark 
    Beam, and I bet it fairs well against Pirate Commandos. Thanks!
    A charged Dark Beam shot on a quick or strong enemy then running. Not 
    recommended if you want to have fun.
    ~ 3c. Light Beam Strategies ~
    Never mind the cheesy name I like to call it! This is shooting enemies with 
    your Light Beam until they’re engulfed with flames. This is more of a strategy 
    used versus the tough enemies, such Dark Pirate Commandos, Ing Hunters, or 
    Warrior Ing. After they’re on fire, you can either wait till they die. If 
    you’re fighting Pirate Commandos then keep shooting as the fire won’t exactly 
    kill them. This has low ammo consumption and is easy to execute. 
    You know how the Light Beam pierces? Well this is basically getting your 
    enemies up in a line to pierce them. As it’s a sweep, this is obviously more of 
    a strategy versus weaker enemies. This takes a lot of practice to master as it 
    is quite difficult to line up enemies (War Wasps for example). If you can 
    master it, it saves a lot of time and ammo. See, if you can’t sweep with the 
    Light Beam, then you’re making use of its slow rate of fire disadvantage.
    This strategy should be used either against clusters of small enemies or packs 
    of Dark Aether enemies. Just fire a charged shot BLINDLY at a group of enemies. 
    It would be a better idea to get used to firing Light Beam charged shots first 
    so you can get an idea of the area the five shots cover. 
    This technique should be used against large enemies, no matter their toughness. 
    This is basically when you fire a charged shot from the Light Beam onto a large 
    enemy so that all five shots will strike them.
    ~ 3d. Annihilator Beam Strategies ~
    This is a strategy used to dispatch of any smaller targets that get in your 
    way. If you run into Shriekbats (the hanging dive-bombers) and you don’t want 
    to aim directly with your Power Beam, then this is when you fire nowhere and 
    the homing shots will kill them. Safe shots are also used against any incoming 
    threats coming your way. Some examples are boss minions – the second phase of 
    the Ing Emperor will shoot small particles at you which you may want to get rid 
    of by firing the Anni beam. The homing will target them instead of the emperor, 
    which means you will be safe again after they’re gone.
    This is actually button bashing, but what you mainly want on your mind is to 
    get rid of the target as soon as possible. Targets such as Pirates are easily 
    killed with repeated fire and even though it consumes a lot of ammo, it gets 
    the job done. Repeated fire into a large pack of enemies is extremely effective 
    also (blindly). You may think this is related to Safe Shooting, but it’s not as 
    this is more direct and offensive. 
    Geddon is short for Armageddon, but it feels too superior and glorious to put 
    such a name. Geddon Sweep’s are against multiple tough enemies, or spread out 
    packs of medium-strength enemies. The strategy consists of either blindly 
    firing like crazy OR constantly shooting charged blasts blindly. Both of these 
    take up a TREMENDOUS amount of ammo, but will easily destroy anything that gets 
    in your way. It is the Annihilator Beam, right?
    A silly little strategy I added here. Whenever you need to reach somewhere but 
    some enemies are in your way, this is when you fire like mad and don’t care who 
    it hits or where it hits as long as you can reach where you want to go.
    :: Extra Notes On The Beams ::
    - Never ever fire the Light Beam at (Dark) Frozen enemies. It will unfreeze 
    them (I’m sure you’ve sort of figured that out anyways) 
    - Even though you may be tempted to use an Anni Beam against small packs to 
    kill quickly, use the Power Beam as it takes up much less ammo. 
    - Make sure you have your targets set up when using an Anni Beam strategy as 
    the homing can be re-directed to a random target far away, and the target in 
    front of you can harm you.
    - Try and get used to firing blindly with the Light Beam. It’s piercing 
    abilities and charged shot are very useful if you can manually kill the enemies 
    (without auto-lock).
    - If you personally prefer to use the Anni Beam almost all the time, you should 
    adapt to the other beams. You can easily be more effective with a Light Beam 
    for example if you take the time to look at it.
    ~ 3e. Best Uses of Each Beam ~
    Power Beam: 
    - Eliminating small enemies quickly.
    - Endless supply of shots so charged shots are strong and useful against the 
    tougher enemies.
    - Charged shots can stun enemies sometimes. 
    Dark Beam:
    - Eliminating any type of enemy (except fast ones)
    - Freezing fast enemies.
    - Secure yourself with freezing.
    - High damage and low ammo consumption means less to worry about.
    Light Beam: 
    - Very high damage over time.
    - The piercing and ember abilities that come with it do heavy damage to large 
    packs and are killed quickly.
    - Dark Aether creatures are killed with ease.
    - Charged shots do heavy damage to a large area.
    Annihilator Beam:
    - The homing requires less auto-lock.
    - Average damage and extremely high rate of fire deals a tremendous amount of 
    - Generates both types of ammo to re-supply quickly when destroying objects.
    - The charged shot excluding Beam Combo’s is the most powerful in the game.
    ~ 4a. Charge Combo Description ~
    Charge Combo’s are the combination of five missiles and a charged-up beam shot 
    after pressing the button Y. They take up a huge amount of ammunition but are 
    very effective against large packs of enemies and tough enemies. They’re slow 
    to execute, however, and usually not that effective against many bosses. Also, 
    two of the four charge combos are slow travelling which renders them useless 
    vs. flying enemies or fast enemies.
    ~ 4b. Super-Missile Strategies ~
    The Super-Missile is a combination of a charged up Power Beam shot and five 
    missiles after pressing Y. It releases a homing missile which does a huge 
    amount of damage against single targets. Super-Missiles can also open up Green 
    Since the Super-Missile is homing, it can easily get rid of air enemies. It 
    travels super fast in air also, which means it usually won’t miss your target. 
    The Super-Missile is quick to execute with little ammo needed, so whenever a 
    boss is vulnerable to damage for a short amount of time, the Super-Missile is a 
    great choice.
    ~ 4c. Darkburst Strategies ~
    The Darkburst is a combination of a charged up Dark Beam shot and five missiles 
    after pressing Y. The Darkburst however, costs 30 Dark Ammo to execute also. It 
    fires a large ball of darkness which travels slowly to its target, eventually 
    sucking them into the ball dealing insane damage to it and its surroundings. 
    Firing the Darkburst at the ground in the middle of a pack of enemies is very 
    effective. It’ll deal damage to all enemies and in most cases will destroy them 
    unless they have high hit points or defence. Make sure you know they won’t run 
    out of it otherwise you’ll be wasting too much ammo.
    For such a slow-moving shot, the Darkburst is hard to use against auto-locked 
    enemies due to its sluggish speed. A good idea would be to fire it from afar; 
    assuring you that it will hit the target you fired it at and send them into 
    oblivion! It can also suck in any enemies near your target that you may have 
    not seen.
    If you can’t see your targets and they start harming you, you could find any 
    evidence of it being around you (invisibility for example) and fire a Darkburst 
    near the area you saw their evidence. 
    ~ 4c. Sunburst Strategies ~
    The Sunburst consists of a charged up Light Beam shot and five missiles after 
    pressing the button Y, but also costs 30 Light Ammo. The Sunburst is basically 
    a light version of the Darkburst, but is more of an area of effect attack 
    rather than the ‘suck you into oblivion’ feature the Darkburst has. 
    Basically the same as the Darkburst’s Terrain Aid. The large area of effect can 
    hit enemies in a cluster or multiple enemies. 
    The Sunburst will easily destroy Ing creatures with ease. I suggest you use the 
    Sunburst against Warrior Ing and Hunter Ing. Surprisingly, the Sunburst will 
    actually damage invisible Hunter Ing! It will also harm Bloggs (the triple-
    mouthed water creatures) if fired in front of there face, too. If you ever 
    happen to get stuck in an area with three or four Warrior Ing, try and lure 
    them into one spot and Sunburst them! Sometimes I super-energise crystals, wait 
    till the Warrior Ing reaches the crystal, de-energise it, and then Sunburst. 
    It’s more satisfying to Sunburst enemies to death rather than Safe Zone them to 
    death *evil laugh*.
    ~ 4e. Sonicboom Strategies ~
    The Sonicboom consists of a charged Annihilator Beam shot and five missiles 
    after pressing Y, but costs 30 Dark and Light Ammo.
    The Sonicboom has huge damage, a huge area of effect, and fires so quickly. 
    Basically it should be used against anything that’s tough and powerful, even 
    fast moving flyers. It is only ever so useful against bosses. 
    Same as the Sunburst and Darkburst, but mainly for creatures near a wall I 
    would say. It’s a bit hard to fire an area of effect combo on the ground at a 
    MOVE! 2
    If an enemy is ‘in your face’ or has surprised you, Sonicboom can quickly 
    eliminate them and make you safe again. Use with caution though. Don’t end up 
    using this against some Crawling! It costs a lot of ammunition and you’re going 
    to need as much ammo as you need to Sonicboom later on.
    ~ 5. Which Beam For Which Boss? ~
    Here’s a quick list of which beam(s) are most effective against each boss, 
    guardian, and mini boss.
    If there’s a combination of Beam/Other Beam, then the first one would be 
    suggested. For example, a Light Beam/Power Beam against a dark enemy would mean 
    that a Light Beam would be great, but a Power Beam is sufficient too. If the 
    boss has N/A, then that means that it’s a Morph Ball boss.
    Power Beam (only beam available)
    Power Beam (only beam available)
    Power Beam (only beam available)
    Power Beam (only beam available)
    Light Beam
    Amorbis is a dark guardian, so the Light Beam will get rid of their horn 
    shields (on their heads) in no time or will get them to attach themselves to 
    the sphere in the middle faster.
    Light Beam
    This is another dark guardian. Charged Light Beam shots works wonders on this 
    guy. I suggest you don’t constantly fire at him as he will quickly retreat into 
    boost ball mode again.
    Power Beam/Dark Beam
    I personally would use the Power Beam, as I prefer safety over dispatching 
    enemies quickly. Super-missiles are great against this sea abomination – 
    practice the timing a few times first, however, as the Alpha Blogg is quite 
    powerful and is not easy to dodge after you fire a Super Missile. The Dark Beam 
    works too but you can only get around one or two shots in, and they do a bit 
    less damage than Super-Missiles.
    Light Beam/Power Beam
    The Light Beam works perfectly well at the start when he doesn’t turn around as 
    much (ever since 3D games were made there’s always been those annoying bosses 
    that have vulnerable back points and never turn around), but the Power Beam is 
    much better later on if you have trouble getting his Grapple to touch a pillar. 
    Light Beam/Dark Beam
    The Chykka Larvae is actually a Dark and Light creature, but I find that the 
    Light Beam works best because of its charged shot (when the Chykka surfaces 
    onto the edge of the platform). It does massive damage and can get his tongue 
    off you (if it caught you) very quickly.
    Dark Beam
    The Chykka Adult is a Light creature, so obviously the Dark Beam will do more 
    damage. It takes a LOT of ammo to bring it down, unfortunately, so please be 
    very careful with your ammo consumption and make sure that you don’t end up 
    using it all.
    Light Beam
    This Chykka Adult is Dark, so obviously a Light Beam will do the trick. Charged 
    shots will destroy it in no time as no matter how far you are all 5 will hit 
    the huge egg sac.
    Light Beam 
    The Light Beam works very well against Dark Samus 2, especially charged shots, 
    as it can do extra damage to her much faster overtime. On paper it may look 
    like the Dark Beam is more effective, but theoretically the Light Beam is. More 
    damage and less ammo consumption is more effective for those short 3 or 4 
    second chances to damage her.
    Power Beam
    The Power Beam works best mainly because of the Super Missiles – it’ll knock 
    down his kneepads quickly and will also dispatch of the antennae on the side of 
    his head when he’s in the head form.
    Annihilator Beam/Power Beam
    The Annihilator Beam is the best to use here as the tentacles are constantly 
    moving all around the place, and it’s not easy to hit them with slow beams such 
    as the Dark or Light Beam’s. The Power Beam is mainly a secondary choice if you 
    don’t feel like using ammo and can risk losing an extra half of an energy tank.
    Annihilator Beam
    Yes, you may be wondering why it is not more effective to use the opposite-beam 
    polarity stuff, but technically (and I mean technically) it is easier to use 
    the annihilator beam. The fact that the other two beams are so slow, and that 
    the chance to damage the emperor is so small is a low amount of time, and that 
    switching to them is slow, shows that the Anni beam is much more effective. 
    You’re prepared, it’s fast, and you know what you can do next.
    Dark Beam/Light Beam
    I will have to re-elaborate on this as there have been some debates on this 
    actually... Send me your opinion through e-mail. In fact, I’ll make this part a 
    Remember to take personal preference into account. If there are two beams 
    listed, this means to choose whichever one you prefer.
    ~ 6a. Missile Information ~
    Missiles are shot with a simple Y, homing in on enemies with the power of a 
    charged Power Beam shot. It has a slow rate of fire, but can be combined with 
    charged up Beams to fire Combo’s or can be fired at multiple targets 
    simultaneously with Seeker Missiles.
    Missiles are great for last-resort situations or when you do not want to use 
    You can also search for Missile Expansions. They’re simple expansions which 
    will increase your maximum missile capacity by 5.
    ~ 6b. Seeker Missiles ~
    Seeker missiles are used to shoot multiple targets at once. They’re used to 
    open secret pathways or doors in puzzles, or open purple doors by shooting all 
    five purple spots around the door with five missiles at once. You can also fire 
    two to five missiles on one target, also! This is very effective and very 
    powerful. Missile ammo is easy to expand and obtain so it the ammo shouldn’t be 
    a problem. The only problem is that you have to wait a few seconds till all 
    five dots will appear on your target. They are also used against bosses (such 
    as the Adult Chykka).
    Seeker missiles are also used to kill the monkey-like enemies in Sanctuary 
    Fortress, in the Sanctuary Temple Entrance area (Quadraxis’ lair in the Dark 
    World). ~ Magnus
    ~ 6c. Best Uses of Missiles ~
    - Effective against every enemy.
    - Does not have Dark/Light attributes, so Dark Aether creatures will not take 
    more damage, but won’t take less either.
    - Is homing so it will track down your target.
    - Ammo is easy to expand and obtain.
    - The rate of fire is quite fast for something as powerful as charged Power 
    Beam shots. 
    - Destroys large objects easily.
    - Good last-resort weapon when you have no ammo and you need to dish out heavy 
    damage quickly.
    - Seeker missiles provide crowd control and huge damage to single targets. 
    - A sleek trick can be executed by pressing A after each missile you fire – you 
    can fire missiles much faster this way. ‘In case you didn’t notice, Retro had 
    removed this trick now’ (not the exact words) – Matt. Thanks!
    ~ 7a. Thanks ~
    Well, that’s my simple Beam FAQ for ye. I’d like to thank a few people for 
    CJayC first for posting this up! And an excellent site!
    My friend Magnus, for long MP2 discussions which gave me a few of these ideas.
    My mother, for letting me buy Metroid Prime 2: Echoes in the first place.
    And finally my brain, for letting me use some hours of my life to toy around 
    with these beams and finish MP2 in three days.
    ~ 7b. Crediting Information ~
    Crediting goes to me, Dimcity.
    Pauldhobby, who gave the idea of shooting missiles after entangling enemies 
    with the Dark Beam.
    Matt (by e-mail) who corrected me on my silly A and Y trick :) And some 
    Darkburst and Sunburst strategies.
    Magnus for some typo’s and some Seeker Missile info.
    Read the legal terms if you’re going to use this guide.
    **I had received a few emails from people who put suggestions, but if they are 
    not shown here my E-mail must’ve deleted them. Please re-send them if I have 
    not added you and I’ll add any suggestions you were going to say.**

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