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    Boss FAQ by Nikta

    Version: 1.7 | Updated: 05/28/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                           *                          *
                           *  METROID PRIME 2: ECHOES *
                           *         BOSS FAQ         *
                           *         FOR THE          *
                           *    NINTENDO GAMECUBE     *
                           *                          *
    *                                      *
    * Copyright 2005, Evan Atkin           *
    * May 28th, 2006                       *
    * Version 1.7                          *
    * Written and Researched by Evan Atkin *
    * E-mail: Pidgeo5@yahoo.com            *
    * Boss FAQ on Normal/Hard Mode         *
    *                                      *
    Table of Contents
    **Note** I have included index numbers below. If you wish to skip to a 
             specific section, simply run a search for the number
             (be sure to include the whole number in your search).
    0.0 Special Thanks
    0.1 Introduction
    0.2 Story
    0.3 Controls (Default)
    0.4 Additional Controls
    0.5 Visors
    0.6 Weapons 
    0.7 Missile Combos
    0.8 Suits
    0.9 Game play Hints
    ** Temple Grounds **
       1.1 Dark Missile Trooper 
    ** The Great Temple **
         2.1.1 Alpha Splinter 
         2.1.2 Dark Alpha Splinter 
    ** Agon Wastes **
         3.1.1 Alpha Sandigger
         3.1.2 Bomb Guardian
       3.2 Dark Samus 1
    ** Dark Agon Wastes ** 
       4.1 Jump Guardian
       4.2 Battle for the Dark Agon Wastes Temple Key
       4.3 Amorbis (Phase 1 & 2)
    ** Torvus Bog ** 
       5.1 Battle for the Super Missile Combo
       5.2 Alpha Blogg
    ** Dark Torvus Bog **
       6.1 Boost Guardian
         6.2.1 Chykka Larva 
         6.2.2 Chykka 
         6.2.3 Dark Chykka
       6.3 Grapple Guardian
       6.4 Power Bomb Guardian
    ** Sanctuary Fortress ** 
       7.1 Spider Guardian
       7.2 Dark Samus 2
       7.3 Caretaker Class Drone
    ** Ing Hive **
         8.1.1 Quadraxis (Phase 1)
         8.1.2 Damaged Quadraxis (Phase 2)
         8.1.3 Final Head Module (Phase 3)
    ** Inner Sanctum **
         9.1.1 Emperor Ing - Body, Head & Eye
         9.1.2 Emperor Ing Chrysalis
         9.1.3 Mutated Emperor Ing
    ** Ing Hive - Sky Temple Gateway **
         10.1.1 Dark Samus 3 
         10.1.2 Dark Samus 4
    11.0 Version History
    12.0 Contact Information
    13.0 Legal Information
    0.0 Special Thanks
    I would like to thank the following people who sent me information on Metroid
    Prime 2, and thus, contributed in making this a better FAQ:
    Tim Woods - (For additional information on the Boost Guardian, Alpha Blogg, 
                 and Chykka battles)
    KohanX - (For additional information regarding loading times between rooms 
              and for pointing out a misspelling of "Torvus")
    Dominic A. Tocci - (For additional information on the Emperor Ing [1st stage]
    Matthew McPherson - (For pointing out a more effective strategy when trying to
                         stun the Final Head Module)
    Daniel Ko - (For additional information regarding avoiding Quadraxis' 
                 Hurricane Attack)
    Alexandre Drouin-Picaro - (For additional information on using the Sonic Boom 
                               during the battle with the Emperor Ing in it's 
                               first form)
    Andrew Johnson - (For additional information regarding an additional 
                      weakness of the Mutated Emperor Ing)
    David Machado - (For a different strategy during the Mutated Emperor Ing 
                     battle that utilizes the Screw Attack)
    James Raskopf - (For pointing out a mistake I made reguarding getting more
                     beam ammo in the hints section)
    Jono Condon - (For pointing out a misspelling of "Echoes".  
    0.1 Introduction
    Welcome! My name is Evan and this is my Boss FAQ for Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. 
    The story of Metroid began in 1986 on the Nintendo Entertainment System, and
    since then, has been continued on the Gameboy, Super Nintendo, Gameboy 
    Advance, and Gamecube. Each game has given us more insight to the 
    mysterious bounty hunter, Samus Aran, and the universe she lives in. 
    Developed by Retro Studios (Responsible for developing Metroid Prime and 
    completely remaking the Metroid genera), Metroid Prime 2: Echoes again casts
    the player as the galactic bounty hunter, Samus Aran. With loads of items to
    find, in addition to unlockable art galleries, deathmatch maps, and increased
    difficult, you'll be busy for hours!
    0.2 Story 
    (Taken directly from the Metroid Prime 2: Echoes instruction booklet) 
    Once, long ago, a race of creatures called the Luminoth settled on planet
    Aether after many nomadic generations spent roaming the universe. They
    carved out a peaceful existence there, coming to know the land and animals
    and bathing in the power of what they called the "Light of Aether." To 
    prolong the lifetime of the planet, they decided to harness this light by 
    building Energy Controllers that would be housed in holy temples. They built
    three of these temples, one in each of their settlements, and linked them to
    their most sacred place, the Great Temple. A golden age of peace and 
    prosperity blessed them, and they were content.
    The peace would not last, though. They tracked a meteor on a crash-course
    with their planet, and could do nothing but watch as it approached. The 
    meteor's strike scorched the earth, cast the seas into convulsions, and
    spread a veil of darkness over all that the Luminoth knew...but that was not
    all. The explosion and the energy from the meteor opened up a dimensional 
    rift in Planet Aether, spawning a second planet that existed in a different
    dimension. Dimensional rips soon bloomed on Light Aether, and an evil race
    of dark creatures ventured forth, spreading violence. The Luminoth named 
    these creatures the Ing, and soon created portals to follow them into a world
    they would come to know as Dark Aether.
    This twin planet, which had given birth to the Ing Horde, was a poisonous
    mirror of their own, and the Luminoth retreated from its damaging effects.
    Over time, however, as the Ing continued to make war on Light Aether and 
    began to possess both creatures and friends, the Luminoth had to return and 
    fight. They set up beacons of light that acted as protective oases against
    the dark creatures, and fought tooth and nail against the Ing. The war 
    raged, and a stalemate soon became apparent; the Luminoth could not defeat 
    the Ing on Dark Aether, and the powerful light of Aether was too much for 
    the Ing to overcome.
    The stalemate could not last forever. The planet's energy had been divided 
    between the light and dark worlds, and both sides wanted to control it. The
    Luminoth created an Energy Transfer Module designed to absorb the energy 
    from Dark Aether, only to have it stolen and used against them. Their 
    temples fell one by one, until only their last, the Great Temple, remained.
    With only enough planetary energy to support one world, this temple was all
    that stood between Dark Aether completely eclipsing Light Aether, 
    eradicating the last of the Luminoth...
    Into this conflict came a new factor. A Federation ship chased a Space Pirate
    vessel onto the surface and engaged them, only to be attacked and decimated 
    by the Ing. After losing contact with the troops, the Federation suspected
    the worst. Unwilling to abandon all hope, they sent an urgent message to
    Samus Aran...
    Mission received from Galactic Federation...
    Locate troops lost in Dasha region of Planet Aether...
    Priority 1...
    0.3 Controls (Default)
    Control Stick: Use the control stick to move around.
    A Button: Press to fire your selected beam weapon. 
              - Hold down to charge your beam for a more powerful blast (Charged 
                shots from the light, dark or annihilator beam consume more ammo).
              - Hold down to charge a beam weapon and press Y button to shoot
                a missile combo for that beam (must have the beam and its combo).
              - Press to release bombs while in morph ball mode (you must have
                bombs first).
    B Button: Press to jump. 
              - Press again while in the air to perform a space jump (you must 
                possess the space jump boots first). While locked onto an enemy, 
                press rapidly while pushing the control stick left or right to 
              - Press to charge a boost while in morph ball mode. Release to 
                boost (you must have the boost upgrade first).
    Y Button: Press to fire your missiles.
              - Hold down A button to charge a beam weapon and press the Y button 
                to shoot a missile combo for that beam (must have the beam and 
                its combo).
              - Press to release a super bomb while in morph ball mode (you must
                have super bombs first).
              - Hold down the Y button to activate the seeker missile (you can 
                paint targets/ a target up to 5 times).
    X Button: Press to switch between morph ball mode and standard mode.
    Z Button: Press to access your map.
    L Button: Press to lock on to an enemy. Press multiple times to cycle through
    R Button: Hold down and use the control stick to look around. Also can be
              used for more precise aiming.
    Control Pad: Press to switch visors.
    C-Stick: Move to switch beams.
    0.4 Additional Controls
      Space Jump: Once you have the space jump boots, press the B button again
                  after you have jumped to gain an additional boost.
      Gravity Boost: Once obtained, your movement and vision will no longer be 
                     impaired by liquid environments. You can also "rise up" in 
                     the water by pressing and holding the B button after 
                     performing a space jump in the water.
      Screw Attack: Allows you to jump continuously, up to five times, in a 
                    straight line. You can also damage or destroy enemies if
                    they come into contact with you while using it. Useful for
                    crossing gaps and climbing long shafts. After executing a 
                    Space Jump, press B repeatedly to perform the Screw Attack.
      Bomb Jump: If you can time it right, you can use your bombs to "jump". 
                 To bomb jump, simply lay a bomb and wait for it to explode while
                 in morph ball mode.
      Triple Bomb Jump: Important to master if you want to get 100% on item 
                        collection. Lay a bomb, and just before it explodes 
                        (light will be drawn into the bomb a second before it
                        explodes) drop another bomb. The first bomb will propel 
                        you upwards. Near the height of your first "bomb jump", 
                        drop your third bomb. If your timing was good, the second 
                        bomb should explode shortly after you land, shooting you 
                        up into the blast of the third bomb.
      Dash: Lock onto an enemy and double press the B button as you move the 
            control stick left or right.
      Grappling Beam: Hold the L button to swing over gaps and reach inaccessible 
                      areas. You can also control your direction with the control 
                      stick. Objects that can be grappled will appear with an
                      icon on your visor.
      Spider Ball: Used to climb magnetic rails. When you are near a magnetic 
                   rail, hold down the R button when in morph ball mode.  
      Boost Ball: Once obtained, you can charge up your boost by holding B, and
                  release to get a burst of speed. You can also boost into 
                  enemies to damage them. It's also needed to climb half-pipes.
    0.5 Visors
      Combat Visor: Your primary visor, it will give you a HUD of your energy, 
                    missile ammo, light & dark ammo, radar, visor and beam
                    display, threat level, and mini-map.
      Scan Visor: Use this visor to scan your environment, gather data on enemies,
                  interact with consoles and switches, and find *weakspots on
                  bosses. You cannot attack while using the scan visor. Pressing
                  the A button while in scan mode will automatically switch you
                  to your combat visor. Objects in red are mission critical, blue 
                  means information or a data log, and green means the object has
                  already been scanned.
      Dark Visor: Use it to see objects in dimensional flux (works like the x-ray
                  visor from Metroid Prime). Excellent for dealing with Dark 
                  Space Pirate Commandos. The visor can be overloaded though, 
                  making it impossible to see. 
      Echo Visor: Used to see sound (much like the FX used in Daredevil). You can 
                  use it to see and interact with sonic emitter locks. It can 
                  also be used to see some enemies not visible with other visors. 
                  The echo visor also intensifies sound, so if a power-up is 
                  nearby  you will be able to hear the sound it makes. 
    0.6 Weapons 
      Power Beam: The standard weapon that you start out with. The power beam 
                  alone isn't very powerful, but it has unlimited ammo, and 
                  can be charged for a more powerful blast. It also has the 
                  highest rate of fire.
      Dark Beam: The first addition to your beam arsenal, the dark beam shoots
                 out a blast of dark energy. It's effective against most foes
                 on light Aether. Each shot will consume ammo (5 units for charged 
                 blasts). Charge up the beam to shoot a concentrated blast of 
                 dark energy that will freeze and damage foes (much like the
                 ice beam from Metroid Prime). You can also use this beam to power
                 certain crystals and shroud light crystals and nodes.
      Light Beam: The second addition to your beam arsenal, the light beam shoots
                  out a stream of light energy. Perfect for dealing with the 
                  multitudes of Ing that inhabit dark Aether. Each shot consumes
                  ammo (5 units for charged blasts). Charge it to shoot a 
                  concentrated beam of light energy that will burn and incinerate
                  foes (much like the plasma beam in Metroid Prime). You can
                  also use this beam to power certain crystals and activate light
                  crystals and nodes.
      Annihilator Beam: The final addition to your beam arsenal, the annihilator
                        beam is a combination of both light and dark energy. As
                        an added bonus, its shots will automatically home in on
                        enemies. It can also be used to supercharge light crystals
                        and nodes. It costs 1 unit from both your light and dark
                        ammo (5 from both for charged shots) for each shot. The
                        Annihilator Beam can also be used to interact with 
                        sonic equipment.
      Missiles: Very powerful projectiles that pack a punch in a pinch. A little
                stronger than a charged power beam shot, missiles have a higher
                rate of fire, and can home in on your target while you're locked 
                on. Great for clearing out space pirates and destroying the 
                locks on red doors.
      Seeker Missiles: Once you have the seeker missile, you will be able to 
                       lock onto 5 different targets (or the same target) at once
                       by holding down the Y button. You will need to use the 
                       seeker missiles to destroy the blast shield on purple 
      Bombs: Not very practical as a weapon (unless you're in a confined space),
             bombs are used to access remote areas and clear debris from your 
             path. Use bombs to destroy material made out of Talloric alloy.
      Power Bombs: Very powerful bomb that has a large blast radius. Use it to
                   clear out an area swarming with weak enemies or destroy 
                   material made out of Denzium.
    0.7 Missile Combos
      Super Missile: This will be the first missile combo you come across in the
                     game. By charging up the power beam and then pressing the
                     Y button, you can fire a devastating attack that consumes 5 
                     missiles. Super missiles can also be used to destroy the 
                     blast shield on green doors.
      Darkburst: Shoots a blast of dark energy that opens a portal to another 
                 dimension...sucking in all enemies within range of the blast. 
                 This combo consumes 5 missiles, and 30 units of dark ammo. It is
                 also very slow moving, making it ineffective against fast moving
                 or agile foes.
      Sunburst: Shoots a powerful blast of light energy that can damage targets
                as it flies towards its destination. The Sunburst combo consumes 
                5 missiles and 30 units of light beam ammo. Like the Darkburst, 
                it is very slow and not effective against fast moving enemies.
      Sonic Boom: Charge combo for the Annihilator beam which projects a wave of 
                  sound. This combo uses 5 missiles, and 30 ammo from both your 
                  light and dark beams. A hefty price, but it is effective 
                  against multiple targets.
    0.8 Suits
    Varia Suit: Samus begins the game with her Varia suit. It helps against the 
                corrosive atmosphere of dark Aether, but not much. 
    Dark Suit: The dark suit reduces the corrosive effect of dark Aether's 
               atmosphere, but doesn't halt it completely. The dark suit also 
               boosts your resistance from attacks.
    Light Suit: The final suit you can get in the game. The light suit negates the
                corrosive effect of dark Aether's atmosphere. It also allows you
                to enter the poisonous water located throughout dark Aether and 
                travel on light beams. 
    0.9 Game-play Hints
      - Sometimes a door will not open right away after being shot. If that 
        happens, run up to it, then run back. It should open as your 
        (KohanX e-mailed me with a better explanation of the above. "That only 
        seems like it works. One thing about this game is that it is very 
        discreet about its loading. When a door is shut but has no blue barrier, 
        that is when it is loading the next room. Longer wait times [usually] 
        means larger and/or more detailed rooms". In addition, if Samus is not 
        close enough to the door, it will not open.)  
      - If your being attacked and can't see your foe, don't waste time looking 
        around. Check the radar.
      - Even without the boost upgrade, the morphball is pretty speedy. Use it
        to save some time when moving from place to place.
      - Master the Bomb Jump. 
      - Save often!
      - Don't forget to scan everything (of course it's not necessary if you 
        don't want to unlock the hidden galleries in the game). When entering
        a new area, switch to your scan visor and look for new entries for your
        data log. Be especially aware of this during boss fights!
      - If you get stuck (and you refuse to use the hint system...) check your
        map. Zoom in on the room to get a closer look...it can reveal a lot.
      - If you run out of ammo for one of your beam weapons, you can always 
        charge that weapon to fire a single shot. Not very effective, but works
        in a pinch.
      - Need ammo but enemies just aren't giving any up? Find a group of item 
        canisters and shoot them with the opposite weapon you want energy for 
        (I.e. Dark beam yeilds Light ammo). It's a lot faster than trying to get 
        it from an enemy. 
    ** Temple Grounds ** 
    1.1 (BOSS) Dark Missile Trooper
    (Location) Hive Chamber A
    (Method of Attack)
      Missiles: Shoots up to three missiles at you.
      Swing: A basic melee attack. 
    (Recommended Weapon)
      Charged Power Beam Shots
      Any other weapons will suffice too
    (Item Obtained)
      Missile Expansion
    (Data Log Entry)
      Dark Missile Trooper: Bioscans indicate terminated lifesigns in this missile 
                            trooper, and the presence of an unknown biomass with 
                            parasitic tendencies. Though the missile trooper's 
                            armor has been compromised, the bulk of it remains 
                            intact. Missile weapon system remains online as well.
                            Full parasitic fusion has yet to be obtained, 
                            resulting in low agility and response time.
    It's not necessary to fight the Dark Missile Trooper, so you can put this 
    battle off for a while if you want. It's incredibly easy though, plus he 
    drops a missile expansion when defeated. The Dark Missile Trooper will amble
    around, occasionally shooting missiles at you. Its attacks are easy enough to
    dodge. The various containers scattered around the cave will get in your way
    (or provide cover), so you can deal with those as you see fit. Fire your 
    strongest weapon at it, and it should go down effortlessly.
    After you have laid the Dark Missile Trooper to rest, he will leave behind
    a missile expansion. 
    ** The Great Temple **
    2.1.1 (MINI-BOSS) Alpha Splinter
    (Location) Temple Sanctuary
    (Method of Attack)
      Ram: The Alpha Splinter will try to ram you with its head. Just before
           it charges, it will grumble and shuffle a bit.
    (Recommended Weapon)
      Charged Power Beam Shots
    (Item Obtained)
    (Data Log Entry)
      Alpha Splinter: Splinter war packs are dominated by the largest male. Alpha 
                      Splinters use their tremendous strength, size, and speed to 
                      subdue and kill prey, paving the way for their smaller 
    Before you fight the Alpha Splinter, you will have to fight 4 Dark Splinters.
    A cut-scene will show them dropping down, and then getting possessed by 
    the Ing. Then the battle will start. The Dark Splinters will try to charge 
    you, so always keep locked on to one of them so you can dodge more easily. 
    Since there are four, it's easy for them to get behind you, so if you hear 
    one screech, dodge!
    After you've made short work out of the Dark Splinters, another cut-scene 
    will show the Alpha Splinter emerging from its cocoon. The Alpha Splinter
    will behave the same way the Dark Splinters did, except it will usually
    stay near the center of the room. Always stay locked onto it because you 
    don't want to get caught off guard when you have to dodge its charge! 
    Just before it is going to charge you, it will grumble (?) and shuffle. 
    Dodge right after the grumble and the Alpha Splinter should miss you 
    every time. After it has charged, the Alpha Splinter will jump back to where
    it came from. Hit it with a charge from your power beam while it's across 
    the room and just after you have dodged it (This battle is very similar to 
    the fight with the Plated Beetle if you're familiar with Metroid Prime).
    2.1.2 (BOSS) Dark Alpha Splinter
    (Location) Temple Sanctuary
    (Method of Attack)
      Ram: The same method of attack when it was a Alpha Splinter.
      Dark Energy: The Dark Alpha Splinter shoots a charged blast of dark energy
                   at you. 
    (Recommended Weapon)
      Charged Power Beam Shots
    (Item Obtained)
      Energy Transfer Module
    (Data Log Entry)
      Dark Alpha Splinter: Splinter alpha males are the first to be targeted for 
                           darkling possession. Dark Alpha Splinters grow in 
                           strength and durability, making them an even greater 
                           threat than normal.
    After the cut-scene shows the Alpha Splinter being possessed, it will be 
    immobile for a short time. Take this time to scan it before it can start to 
    attack. The Dark Alpha Splinter's pattern is easy to predict. It will 
    periodically shoot dark energy (which takes about 3 seconds for it to shoot), 
    and then charge you. As before, stay locked onto it so you can dodge, and 
    shoot missiles or charged shots at it when possible. Keep moving and this
    boss should go down eventually.
    After your battle, the Dark Alpha Splinter will give up the Energy 
    Transfer Module. This item makes it impossible for the Ing to possess you
    and also allows you to carry the energy from the reactors around 
    ** Agon Wastes **
    3.1.1 (MINI-BOSS) Alpha Sandigger
    (Location) Agon Wastes 
    (Method of Attack)
      Ram: The Alpha Sandigger will charge you in an attempt to ram you.
    (Recommended Weapon)
      Charged Power Beam Shots
    (Data Log Entry)
      Alpha Sandigger: This appears to be a Sandigger pack leader, larger and 
                        stronger than the normal members of its kind. Target 
                        both of its heads to damage it.
    The Alpha Sandigger (not surprisingly) behaves just like the sandigers you
    ran into on your way here. Slowly crawling on the ground, it will screech
    before it charges towards you. This battle is over quickly though, for soon
    after you start, the Alpha Sandigger gets possessed. There is little need to
    attack it before it's possessed...so just avoid its attacks before the real
    battle begins.
    3.1.2 (BOSS) Bomb Guardian
    (Location) Agon Wastes 
    (Method of Attack)
      Bomb Drop: The Bomb Guardian will lay bombs behind itself as it crawls 
      Bomb Toss: Throws a bomb at you, using its mandibles.
      Bomb Spread: Arcs its tail along the ground, dropping out five bombs in
                   a spread pattern (note: the bombs will roll a bit towards you)
      Bomb Spray: If you do not shoot the Guardian in the face soon after it has
                  reared up, it will spray a huge number of bombs into the air,
                  creating a "bomb-field" around it!
      Ram: The Bomb Guardian will attempt to ram you.
    (Recommended Weapon)
      Charged Power Beam Shots
      Missiles (for the head)
    (Item Obtained)
     Morph Ball Bombs
    (Data Log Entry)
      Bomb Guardian: This darkling Sandigger has absorbed the ability to generate 
                     Morph Ball Bombs. It can throw Bombs with considerable 
                     accuracy, and frequently lays a spread of Bombs in its wake.  
                     Its head and tail are the only vulnerable spots on its body. 
                     Target them when they are vulnerable to neutralize and 
                     terminate this enemy.
    As soon as the battle starts, scan the boss. Make sure to keep a lock-on it
    at all times because you will need to rapidly dash behind it so you can get
    a good shot at its tail. The Bomb Guardian will crawl around the arena after
    you, dropping bombs in its wake. After a while, it will throw a bomb at you
    and then continue its pursuit. You'll need to hit the Bomb Guardian in its 
    tail with a direct charged shot from your power beam. The Guardian will 
    rear up after being shot in the tail and you have a short time before it 
    executes its bomb spray attack. Lock-on to the head and fire a missile at it
    before it can attack. If you successfully make contact, it will lose a chunk 
    of its health (and get even angrier), and resume its original attack pattern. 
    The bombs themselves are easy enough to sidestep and don't really do massive
    damage. Still, try to avoid them. It may just be better to ignore the bombs
    and just attack the tail aggressively. This battle can be finished quickly 
    with little loss of health.
    After you have destroyed the Guardian, you will be able to use the morph ball
    bombs. These can be used to destroy objects made of Talloric alloy.
    3.2 (BOSS) Dark Samus 1
    (Location) Main Reactor
    (Method of Attack)
      Spread Beam: Shoots a spread version of your power beam. 
      Shield: Active for only a short time, it will deflect anything you shoot
              it (Usually, Dark Samus will use this to deflect any missiles you
      Missiles:  Same as your missiles, they will home in on your position unless
                you can evade them
      Super Power Beam: Charges up its arm cannon for a devastating blast! Be
                        sure to take cover behind one of the pillars in the room.
      Morph Ball Dash: Dark Samus charges up and dashes at you in morph ball form.
                       This is a very powerful attack, so don't get caught!
    (Recommended Weapon)
      Charged Power Beam Shots 
    (Item Obtained)
      Path leading to the Dark Beam will open for you.
    (Data Log Entry)
      Dark Samus 1: Scans indicate the presence of Phazon and your genetic 
                    material within this entity. She wears a version of the Varia 
                    Suit, altered and augmented by the Phazon within her. Primary 
                    weapons include the Missile Launcher and a scattershot variant
                    of the Power Beam. Boost and Jump abilities are superior to 
                    yours. The ability to generate Phazon energy shields is also 
    After the cut-scene plays (a brief homage to John Woo), you'll be up against 
    yourself...and she has quite an arsenal! For the first half of the battle, 
    Dark Samus' attacks are easy enough to avoid. Be sure to always keep a lock 
    on her and use the pillars in the room to block her attacks. Never let her 
    get too close, and keep your distance. 
    When Dark Samus jumps into the air, she is about to launch a homing missile 
    at you, so get ready to run for cover! Your best bet is to stick near the 
    central pillar, but any of the other four pillars will do. Dark Samus also 
    has a spread beam that she will sweep across the room, and a shield, which
    she will use to deflect any missiles you shoot at her. Charge your power beam 
    while you are evading Dark Samus, and return fire when you can. 
    After Dark Samus has only 50% of her energy left, she will start using more
    powerful attacks. You can still use the smaller pillars in the room for 
    cover, but they will be destroyed after one hit from either her super power
    beam or morph ball dash. Although her attacks are more powerful, it is 
    easy to predict what attack is going to come next. If Dark Samus jumps into
    the air and her arm cannon begins to glow...expect a super power beam. The
    same goes for her morph ball attack, except her whole body will glow. She 
    will then dash directly at you, so keep moving to avoid getting hit. After 
    she has attacked, fire a shot from your charged power beam. Stick near the 
    central pillar and use it to block Dark Samus' attacks (it cannot be 
    destroyed). As long as you keep moving and stay out of her line of sight, 
    you should be fine. 
    At the end of this battle, an elevator will lower itself so you may access
    the room that contains the Dark Beam.
    ** Dark Agon Wastes ** 
    4.1 (BOSS) Jump Guardian
    (Location) Judgment Pit
    (Method of Attack)
      Beam Attack: Shoots a beam of energy at you that will knock you back and 
                   damage you if you're hit.
      Possess: Charges at you in an attempt to possess your Chozo suit 
      Shield: Generates an impenetrable shield around itself just before a jump.
      Shockwave: After the Jump Guardian lands from a jump, the shield's energy
                 will disperse...radiating outward along the ground.
      Slash: Will strike at you with its sharp claws if you get too close.
    (Recommended Weapon)
      Charged Power Beam Shots
    (Item Obtained)
      Space Jump Boots
    (Data Log Entry)
      Jump Guardian: This Warrior Ing has absorbed the power of the Space Jump 
                     Boots. It can leap incredible distances and heights, and 
                     uses this ability to great effect in battle. Target can 
                     generate powerful shock waves of dark energy, and will 
                     sheath itself in a potent force field to protect itself. It 
                     cannot maintain the shield indefinitely: concentrate weapon 
                     fire on it when the shield is down.
    Here is your first boss battle against a real Ing. The battle will take place
    in an open area, with plenty of plateaus surrounding you. The battle can get
    a little constricting at times (due to the limitation of the light field), 
    but shouldn't be too hard. Should you lose sight of the Jump Guardian, 
    remember to check your radar so you can lock-on to it again.
    The battle will usually start with the Jump Guardian shooting three beams at
    you. The best way to dodge these beams is to change direction just before the
    beam is shot (The Guardian will usually anticipate where you will move to, so
    it will adjust its aim so you actually run into the beam!). It will always 
    shoot three beams before it starts to move again, so if you can manage, 
    return fire. After it has attacked, it will prepare for a jump. Before and 
    during its jump, it is invulnerable, so take this time to charge your power
    beam. When it lands, the shield around it will disperse along the ground, 
    leaving it exposed. Shoot it as the shield is dispersing...but be careful!
    You'll get damaged if your too close to the dissipating shockwave. Either time
    a jump over the shockwave as it comes towards you, or just back away (the 
    radius is pretty short). The Jump Guardian will follow this pattern until 
    it only has half of its energy left. Then its pattern will become a bit more
    erratic. Should it jump out of your sight, check your radar so you can 
    find it quickly and not get surprised by its attack. 
    After you have defeated the Jump Guardian, it will relinquish your space
    jump boots. Press the B button twice to perform a space jump.
    4.2 (MINI-BOSS/BATTLE) Battle for the Dark Agon Wastes Temple Key
    (Location) Battleground
    (Method of Attack)
      Beam Attack: Shoots a beam of energy at you that will knock you back and 
                   damage you if you're hit.
      Possess: Charges at you in an attempt to possess your chozo suit.
      Slash: Will strike at you with its sharp claws if you get too close.
    (Recommended Weapon)
      Charged Power Beam Shots
    (Item Obtained)
      Third Key to the Dark Agon Wastes Temple
    (Data Log Entry)
      Warrior Ing: Warrior Ing are challenging foes. They can render themselves 
                   into amorphous puddles and move over most terrain, including 
                   walls. Warrior Ing can turn their bodies into deadly 
                   projectiles sheathed in dark energy. The tips of their legs 
                   are razor sharp, making them formidable in melee. Finally, 
                   Warrior Ing are capable of channeling transdimensional energy 
                   and firing it at their enemies. Their only real weakness is 
                   bright, pure light, which they hate and fear.
    This is a short battle pitting you against a group of Ing Warriors. At the
    start of the battle, one of them will steal the key you need, so you need
    to fight all of them to get the key back. Be sure to scan the Ing Webtrap on 
    the door! If you have fought Ing Warriors before, then this battle is no 
    different (other than there are more than one). Stay in the area of the light 
    crystal and continue to attack, while dodging. Don't forget to use your radar 
    if you lose sight of your target.
    After the final Ing Warrior has been defeated, you may claim the third key
    to the dark agon wastes temple.
    4.3 (BOSS) Amorbis (Phase 1 & 2)
    (Location) Dark Agon Temple
    (Method of Attack)
      * Amorbis Phase 1
          Tunneling: Amorbis tunnels around under the arena, leaping out of the
                     ground at random locations. Will try to land on top of you.
      * Amorbis Phase 2:
          Swing: Once attached to the black ball, Amorbis will swing its entire
                 body at you if you get too close.
          Dark Energy Blast: Amorbis will shoot balls of dark energy directly at 
                        you or at the light crystal you are currently standing
                        near. If it manages to hit a light crystal with this 
                        attack, the crystal will be deactivated for a short 
                        period. You won't be able to re-energize it with your
                        light beam.
          Inhale: Once you have destroyed the head plate on Amorbis, it will try
                  to inhale you into its mouth. 
          Energy Sphere: Will perform this attack when there are 2-3 Amorbis on
                         the black ball. Each section of Amorbis will raise its 
                         head and generate a sphere of energy. Three beams will
                         shoot out from the sphere, and sweep around the arena.
    (Recommended Weapon)
      For Amorbis Phase 1: Missiles
      For Amorbis Phase 2: Missiles and Bombs
    (Item Obtained)
      Dark Suit
    (Data Log Entry)
      Amorbis 1: The enormous Amorbis can move through solid rock and earth with 
                 ease, and can sense the location of surface-level prey deep 
                 within the ground. They will attempt to ram any target they can 
                 find in their domain. They are vulnerable to all forms of 
                 weapons fire, but are incredibly strong and resistant to pain.
      Amorbis 2: The Amorbis can attach themselves to the Dark Sphere, drawing 
                 potent energy from within. They can fire dark energy at Light 
                 Crystals, nullifying Safe Zones for a short time. They can also 
                 channel this energy into powerful beam attacks. Bioscans 
                 indicate a weak spot inside the creature's mouth. Concentrate 
                 your fire at this area to damage an Amorbis.
    This boss battle, although intimidating at first, gives you a lot of chances
    to heal yourself. Amorbis has 2 phases of attack, after its second phase is 
    finished, it will repeat the 1st phase...with the addition of another worm.
    When the battle begins, Amorbis will randomly jump out of the ground and try
    to land on you. You'll have to rely more on your eyes than radar (because 
    Amorbis can't be tracked underground), so watch the ground carefully. If you
    see a mound of dirt rise, that is where Amorbis is going to emerge. To make 
    matters worse, Amorbis likes to come up through the light crystals that dot
    the arena, so pay close attention. 
    In order to get Amorbis into its second phase of attack, you need to blast
    the sections of armor off its body. You can do this by either a charged shot 
    from your power beam, or by using a missile (Missiles work best because they
    will home in). For each section of armor that gets shot off, it will release
    health and missile power-ups for you. Continue to shoot off all of its armor.
    When the last part has been shot off, it will connect itself to the black 
    ball and begin phase 2 of its attack.
    Amorbis is way more aggressive in its second phase of attack. It will 
    periodically shoot dark energy at you or at whatever light crystal you are 
    under, so get ready to move a lot from crystal to crystal (the crystal will
    be temporarily inactive). If you get too close to it, it will whip its body
    from side to side to hit you, so hang back and lock on to the head. Shoot
    missiles as quickly as you can, while moving left and right. Once you have
    broken the faceplate, it will attempt to inhale you whole. Right after the
    faceplate breaks, switch to morph ball mode and let it suck you into its 
    mouth (sometimes you'll have to move into range of its suction). Once inside,
    quickly lay three bombs. The bombs will dish out a lot of damage to Amorbis,
    and it will spit you back out. This will end phase 2 of Amorbis' attack, and 
    it will begin phase one again.
    This time though, you will have to fight two of Amorbis. Not much has 
    changed from the last time you fought, you just have two enemies to watch
    out for. Aim for the armor on each Amorbis and it should soon reattach 
    itself to the black ball. Now you will have to contend with two Amorbis' as
    they both will attack you. Their method of attack won't alter much with the
    exception of an energy sphere that the two will produce. Avoid the beams 
    that it emits and focus your missiles on one of the heads. When the head plate
    breaks off, you might have to roll closer to Amorbis so that you can get
    sucked in. After both worms have been "bombed", Amorbis will begin phase one
    for the last time. Now you have to fight all three worms. Repeat your 
    strategy for phase one and two, and you should eventually beat this boss. 
    The black ball will explode from the abuse it took, leaving behind the dark 
    ** Torvus Bog **
    5.1 (MINI-BOSS/BATTLE) Battle for the Super Missile Combo
    (Location) Torvus Temple
    (Method of Attack)
      Rifle Shot: Shoots a round of energy bullets in your direction.
      Butt: Smashes you with the butt of their gun.
    (Recommended Weapon)
    (Item Obtained)
      An elevator will lower, giving you access to the super missile upgrade.
    (Data Log Entry) 
      Space Pirate Commando: Dedicated to "hunting the Hunter," Space Pirate 
                             Commando units have been equipped with the latest 
                             weapons, including a variable pulse cannon, e-grenade
                             launcher, and energy scythe. Powerful thrusters 
                             carry them at high speed over any terrain. A portable
                             barrier shield repels most attacks, but can only be 
                             deployed for limited periods.
    There really isn't much to this battle other than to keep moving and fire
    missiles at the Space Pirates as fast as you can. Always keep a lock on
    one of them to make dodging easier. A lot of them will come at you at the
    same time, so try to make short work of them. If you run out of missiles, 
    use charged shots from your light or dark beam. 
    Once the last Space Pirate has been felled, an elevator will lower with the
    super missile upgrade on it.
    5.2 (BOSS) Alpha Blogg
    (Location) Main Hydro Chamber
    (Method of Attack)
      Sonic Blast: Shoots waves of sound at high speeds at you that will disrupt
                   your vision a bit and cripple your weapon systems for a limited
      Charge: Rushes towards you in an attempt to ram you. 
    (Recommended Weapon)
      Super Missiles
    (Item Obtained)
      None (unless you want to count the gravity boost you find before the battle)
    (Data Log Entry)
      Alpha Blogg: The Alpha Blogg is the largest and strongest of its pack. It 
                   can fire potent sonic stun blasts in battle. The blasts will 
                   disrupt your Visor and weapon control systems if they hit 
                   you. Its three titanic maws are potent weapons. Target the 
                   creature's mouth areas to inflict damage upon it.
    The Alpha Blogg's behavior is the same as other Bloggs, with the exception of 
    its sonic blast. Keep your distance from the Alpha Blogg, as it will 
    periodically charge you, and stay locked onto it.
    As the Alpha Blogg circles the chamber, it will stop to inhale and prepare 
    its sonic blast. It will then shoot three sonic blasts at you. They're 
    pretty slow and easy enough to dodge. If you do manage to get hit, 
    your vision will be slightly impaired, but worse, your weapon systems will be
    offline for a short amount of time. Usually, after it has shot at you, it
    will growl and then charge. Keep a lock on it and have your super missile 
    ready. Fire the super missile just as it starts its charge, and the missile
    should hit the Alpha Blogg in the mouth. Don't forget to dodge! You'll need
    to time it because if you dodge too soon, it will change direction and hit 
    If you can dodge the Alpha Blogg while you're near a wall, it will 'bite' the 
    wall and thrash about, giving you an opportunity to damage him (Thanks to Tim
    Woods for this information).
    Defeating the Alpha Blogg will open the path to the chamber's exit.
    ** Dark Torvus Bog **
    6.1 (BOSS) Boost Guardian
    (Location) Dark Torvus Arena
    (Method of Attack)
      Beam Attack: Shoots a beam of energy at you that will knock you back and 
                   damage you if you're hit.
      Possess: Charges at you in an attempt to possess your Chozo suit   
      Slash: Will strike at you with its sharp claws if you get too close.
      Boost Blast: The Guardian will change into a ball and boost around the 
                    room, damaging you if it comes into contact.
    (Recommended Weapon)
      Charged Light Beam Shots
      Super Missiles
    (Item Obtained)
      Boost Ball
    (Data Log Entry)
      Boost Guardian: This Warrior Ing has absorbed the power of the Boost Ball. 
                      It can boost-blast toward its enemies, using its body as a 
                      potent weapon. When it is not in solid form, engaging it 
                      in Morph Ball mode may provide better attack opportunities.
    This is a very difficult battle! You will have multiple factors to deal with
    during this fight, so be sure you've saved before you follow the Guardian.
    After you've followed the Boost Guardian through the hole, the entrance
    will close. Scan the Guardian as soon as the battle starts (so you don't 
    forget). There will be a lot working against you in this battle. The 
    atmosphere (even though you have the dark suit) will slowly sap your energy. 
    On top of that, the Boost Guardian cannot be harmed while it is in ball or
    puddle form, and it will deal hefty amounts of damage if it manages to 
    run into you. Inglets will also join the battle for each pillar destroyed 
    (for a total of 4 inglets at one time). As soon as you've finished scanning, 
    charge up your light beam and lay into the Boost Guardian with everything 
    you've got! You'll want to cause as much damage as you can before it changes
    shape. Once it has, the only way to get it back to its original form is to
    bomb it multiple times. 
    The Boost Guardian will now chase you (as a puddle?), so switch to morphball
    mode. Lead it around the room, dropping bombs in your wake, so it runs into
    them as they explode. Usually after three consecutive blasts, it will charge
    towards your position and change into ball form. Once it's in ball form, it 
    can't be injured. Do your best to avoid it as it boosts around the room. If 
    you can, use one of the pillars for cover (although there is no guarantee 
    you'll be safe). When the Boost Guardian begins to slow down, get ready to 
    move in. Drop a few bombs near it to force it out of its ball form and back 
    to the puddle form.
    Should you need energy (which you will probably be desperate for), try to get 
    the Boost Guardian to run into a pillar. Each pillar it destroys will release
    a 100 energy power-up (It will also summon a inglet to the battle). Don't be
    tempted to run for the power-up just yet; the Guardian will linger a bit 
    near the broken pillar before coming after you. Lead it away first, then go
    for the energy. The more pillars it destroys, the more inglets (up to four)
    will join the battle. This can be a hindrance and a blessing. Now you'll
    have more foes to avoid, but when destroyed, the inglets drop valuable 
    power-ups Stay in morphball mode and use your bombs to attack the inglets 
    (some might also be destroyed when the Boost Guardian runs into them). 
    It's also easier to kill the Inglests with the light beam. Thanks to Tim 
    Woods for this information. 
    After the Guardian has been bombed enough, it will revert to its original
    form. Attack it mercilessly with your light beam. Super Missiles can work as 
    well, if not better than Charged Light Beam shots (that is, if you have enough
    missiles!) Thanks to Tim Woods for this information. Should the Guardian go 
    back into its ball form, repeat the above strategy.
    Finally, after a close battle, your reward is the boost ball!
    6.2.1 (BOSS) Chykka Larva 
    (Location) Dark Torvus Temple
    (Method of Attack)
      Wave: Chykka will jump out of the water and cause a giant wave of poisonous
            water to wash the platform you're standing on. 
      Dark Water Blast: Will shoot powerful blasts of dark water at you as it
                        jumps out of the water.
      Tongue: Chykka will climb, partially, onto your platform and attempt to 
              pull you in with its sticky tongue. 
    (Recommended Weapon)
      Charged Light Beam Shots
    (Item Obtained)
    (Data Log Entry)
      Chykka Larva: Scans indicate that this bioform is an infant, but aging 
                    rapidly. The creature can ensnare targets with its tongue, 
                    drawing them into its mouth. It then covers its prey with 
                    acidic globs of biomatter to break it down for digestion.  
                    This is an exceptional bioform with both a dark and light 
    Before this battle can begin, you'll have to shoot the four weak spots that
    hold the cocoon to the wall. After the cut scene plays, the battle will begin
    (Don't forget to scan!).
    Chykka will begin by swimming in circles around your platform. While it 
    is circling, two dark shredders will come out of the water and float towards
    you. Don't let them get too close, as they will explode. Scan the creatures 
    (this battle will probably be your only opportunity) and then dispatch
    them with your dark beam (so you can keep your light beam ammo stocked).
    After it circles a bit, Chykka will dive into the water, so keep an eye on 
    your radar. Charge up the light beam and get ready. Chykka will jump out of 
    the water and shoot a blast of dark water at you. Now you'll have a chance to 
    shoot it before it goes back into the water. Get ready to space jump though. 
    The wave Chykka creates when it lands will cover your platform with poisonous,
    dark water. 
    Chykka will begin to circle again. Take care of the two dark shredders. 
    Eventually, Chykka will dive back into the water. Sometimes, it jump partially
    onto your platform and will attempt to grab you with its sticky tongue. 
    Stay locked onto it to dodge its attack. Mind the dark water though! Should
    you accidentally jump off the platform, get back on as fast as you can. Charge
    the light beam and shoot it just after it lashes its tongue at you. This 
    will stun it and force it, slowly, back into the water. 
    It is possible to hit Chykka while it is circling you, but it won't do much
    damage. You'll have to manually target its head (aim a bit in front of it
    so it will run into your attack) and shoot the charge beam.
    After wearing the Chykka larva down enough, it will disappear into the water 
    and the next phase of this battle shall begin.
    6.2.2 (BOSS) Chykka 
    (Location) Dark Torvus Temple
    (Method of Attack)
      Swoop: Chykka will move to the back of the temple in preparation to dive and
             ram you.
      Dark Water Blast: Shoots multiple blasts of dark water at you.
    (Recommended Weapon)
      Charge Beam
      Super Missiles
      Seeker Missiles
    (Item Obtained)
    (Data Log Entry)
      Chykka: The Chykka has rapidly aged to its adult form. It will attack by 
              firing high-powered bursts if dark water at rapid speed. If 
              frustrated, it will attempt to dive and ram you.  Most of the 
              Chykka's body is vulnerable to weapons fire, but scans indicate 
              that such fire will only stun it. When stunned, however, four weak 
              spots will appear. These spots are vulnerable to attack: target 
              them to damage the enemy.
    The second phase of this battle pits you against the Chykka in its adult form.
    This battle will be a huge pain in the butt because the Chykka is very hard
    to hit, and frequently dodges whatever you dish out to it. Scan it, then
    get ready to fight!
    Start off by shooting blasts from your charge beam, which, Chykka will
    probably dodge (I find that shooting half charged blasts are more effective
    because it improves your rate of fire, yet still delivers a reasonable 
    amount of damage). Your goal is to hit it enough times with your charge 
    beam so that it gets stunned for a short time. You'll have to get behind it 
    (via the grapple points) and use your Seeker Missiles to lock onto all four
    spots (Thanks to Tim Woods for this information). After you've successfully 
    hit one of its wings (or it recovers), it will begin its attack again. 
    Should it back away from you during the fight, then get ready to move to a
    different platform. It is preparing to swoop down on you, and should it 
    succeed, then it will knock you into the water. It will also fire multiple 
    blasts of dark water at you (it will charge up just like a beam attack). Do 
    your best to dodge it, but more than likely you'll take a hit. Sometimes, 
    swinging from platform to platform helps a bit.
    After you have shot all four wings, the Chykka will fall into the water and 
    reemerge as the Dark Chykka. 
    6.2.3 (BOSS) Dark Chykka
    (Location) Dark Torvus Temple
    (Method of Attack) 
      Dark Water Blast: Shoots multiple blasts of dark water at you.
      Dark Swarm: Shoots a swarm of Chyklings at you.
    (Recommended Weapon)
      Charged Light Beam Shots
    (Item Obtained)
      Dark Visor
    (Data Log Entry)
      Dark Chykka: The Chykka has recovered, and energized its body with dark 
                   energy. This energy has rendered most of the creature immune 
                   to attack, including its wings. Tactical scans indicate that 
                   its egg sac is vulnerable, however. Target it to damage the 
    The Dark Chykka is this boss' final form. For those of you who have been 
    struggling to survive this battle (as this writer did) here is your chance
    to get some health back. First off, scan the boss. Then wait a bit...usually
    it will release a swarm of Chyklings at you (scan them!) that can be 
    defeated very easily. Shoot your power beam while constantly pressing the
    L button to lock onto different parts of the swarm. Once all the Chyklings
    have been killed, pull the power-ups in with your charge beam. Same as before,
    Chykka will try to shoot you with dark water, so do your best to dodge it. 
    Charge up your light beam and lock on to its egg sack, then fire. You should
    have no problem hitting it. Try to get as many shots in as you can before it
    reverts back into a Chykka adult (after which, you'll have to attack its 
    regenerated wing joints again).
    Assuming you've dealt the final blow to Dark Chykka (and not its adult form),
    you will be rewarded with the dark visor. Scan the corpse of the Chykka for
    a giggle and sigh of relief.
    6.3 (BOSS) Grapple Guardian
    (Location) Sacrificial Chamber
    (Method of Attack)
      Charge: The Grapple Guardian will rush you and try to bite you.
      Grapple Beam: After a few well placed blasts from your charge beam, the 
                    Grapple Guardian will shoot a grapple beam at you and try
                    to pull you into its mouth.
    (Recommended Weapon)
      Charge Beam 
      Super Missiles
    (Item Obtained)
      Grapple Beam
    (Data Log Entry)
      Grapple Guardian: This darkling Grenchler has absorbed the power of the 
                        Grapple Beam. It will fire the beam to snare potential 
                        meals and pull them into its waiting jaws. The beam is 
                        powerful, and can attach to most surfaces, including your 
                        armor. Its eye region is sensitive:  damage in the area 
                        can induce a state of anger in the target. A weak spot 
                        under the back shell is a prime target as well. When
                        angered, it will use a special attack.
    The Grapple Guardian is a Grenchler, possessed by an Ing...so it has the 
    same strengths and weaknesses. For most of the battle, it will stalk you
    around the room and occasionally charge you. Stay locked onto it and get ready
    to dodge when it starts to charge.
    Scan the boss, then shoot your charge beam at its eye. After three shots, it
    should howl with pain, and then shoot its grapple beam at you. Stick behind 
    one of the two blue pillars in this room. When the Grapple Guardian shoots
    its grapple beam at you, it will get stuck to the pillar and leave it 
    vulnerable for a short time. Quickly get behind it and hit it with a super 
    missile. Be careful though! After being shot in the back, it will get ticked
    off and charge you! 
    Sometimes, when it gets its grapple beam stuck in one of the pillars, it will
    be pulled towards it. When it hits the pillar, power-ups should fall from the 
    ceiling. When about 1/8 of Grapple Guardian's energy is left, the shell on 
    its back will break and the blue pillars will go out. Now you'll have to 
    avoid the grapple beam without the help of the pillars. Continue to shoot it 
    in the eye with your charge beam and when it gets stunned, quickly dash 
    behind it and blast it with super missiles (or your light beam).
    After this hearty guardian is felled, you will be reunited with your lost
    grapple beam!
    6.4 (BOSS) Power Bomb Guardian
    (Location) Under Temple
    (Method of Attack)
      Power Bomb: The only method of attack this guardian has is power bombs. It 
                  will spit them at you as you travel the spider rails.
    (Recommended Weapon)
    (Item Obtained)
      Power Bombs
    (Data Log Entry)
      Power Bomb Guardian: This darkling Spore has absorbed the ability to 
                           generate Power Bombs. It can fire these dangerous 
                           weapons instead of the venomous needles it normally 
                           shoots. The energies of the Power Bomb weapon have 
                           made it all but invulnerable. Tremendous kinetic 
                           damage will override the protective field, however.
    Here is another battle where you'll have to fight in morph ball mode. Scan the
    boss, then switch to morph ball mode. As long as you keep moving, the power
    bombs the Guardian spits at you shouldn't hurt you. From the entrance, head
    to the right of the pillar and climb the spider rail that leads to the top.
    Here, you'll have to navigate the spider rails to reach the four bomb slots
    spaced out around the room. Be mindful of the power bombs that the Guardian
    spits as well as the inglets that will join the battle. If you get damaged
    while on the spider rail, you'll get knocked off. The Guardian likes to 
    spit bombs ahead of where your going, as well as spitting one bomb after the
    other. Try faking it out by heading away from the bomb slot, then when it has
    spit its bombs, move towards your goal. Don't ignore the inglets either. A 
    morph ball bomb will stop them (or if they get caught in the power bomb 
    After all four bomb slots have been triggered, watch the brief cut-scene and 
    move in to collect your prize! Power bombs can be used to destroy things made
    out of Denzium.
    ** Sanctuary Fortress ** 
    7.1 (BOSS) Spider Guardian
    (Location) Dynamo Works
    (Method of Attack)
      Energy Field: The Spider Guardian will generate a sphere of energy that 
                    will encompass it as it moves around the track. The sphere
                    has three colors that correspond with its speed.
                    Blue - Normal Speed
                    Red - Fast Speed
                    Green - Slow Speed
    (Recommended Weapon)
    (Item Obtained)
      Spider Ball 
    (Data Log Entry)
      Spider Guardian: This darkling Pillbug has absorbed the power of the Spider 
                       Ball. It can travel over magnetically charged surfaces at
                       will. The creature seems to have a connection to the 
                       local energy system. Aggravating it may cause disruptions
                       to the system.
    Before you enter the tube, scan the Spider Guardian (just scan it through the
    glass). Then get ready for an interesting fight. 
    The battle plays a bit like a mini-game. To damage the boss, you'll have to 
    lead it into an energy conduit. Before you can do that, you have to open
    the way via a bomb slot...and to activate the bomb slot, you'll have to bomb
    the guardian six times. At first, it's pretty easy to bomb the Guardian (it
    behaves like a pillbug), but it gets harder. Just be patient and watch out 
    for its energy field (it can hit you through a platform). Once you have
    bombed the Guardian enough, its energy field will turn green and all the
    bomb slots and platforms in that section will activate. Watch out though...if
    you bomb it and let it recover, it will generate a red energy field and move 
    There are four sections in all. In the first section, the Spider Guardian 
    will move in a square. Wait at the bottom and lay some bombs for it to run
    into. While it is stunned, lay three more. This should activate the bomb
    slot for you. Go to the bomb slot in the upper-right area and use a bomb on
    it. Then get ready to move to the next section. 
    In the second section, the Guardian will move in an double U pattern. Here
    is were the battle gets tricky. You'll have to use the half-pipe to time your 
    jump up to the track, and lay a bomb so the Guardian runs into it. This part
    will take a while, but be patient. After six successful hits, the Spider
    Guardian will turn green. Boost up the left side of the half-pipe and drop
    down on the new ledge. Then activate the bomb slot that is in the center of
    this section.
    The next section, the Guardian will travel along the spider rail in a S shape.
    Again, you'll have to time your boosts on the half-pipe. The best way to 
    score hits here is to boost up over the wall on the right side of the pipe, 
    then fall down over the wall and wait on the small platform. This will put
    you directly underneath the spider rail. Next, practice your timing...you 
    need to perform a bomb jump and lay a bomb on the spider rail, just as the 
    Spider Guardian is coming towards you. It'll take some time, but just be
    patient. Eventually, the bomb slot will activate. Boost up the left side of 
    the pipe above the spider track, drop down and bomb the slot.
    Before you enter the fourth section, there are some crates you can break to
    get some power-ups (if you need them). Then it's on to the final section. 
    There are four levels, each with spider rails running horizontally and 
    parallel, and three energy conduits. It's much easier to bomb the Guardian, 
    but now it's a bit trickier to maneuver it into the energy conduits. Bomb 
    away, then when it turns green, move up to the 2nd level and activate the 
    bomb slot. This should direct it into an energy conduit (don't worry if it 
    missed the conduit, you can activate the slot again if time runs out). Now 
    there are two more left. Repeat the same strategy, but this time, activate 
    the bomb slots on both the 2nd and 3rd level. After it has run into the 
    conduit, there is only one more. Bomb the Guardian, activate all three bomb 
    slots and then watch it head towards its doom.
    You can now claim the Spider Ball upgrade for successfully manipulating this 
    7.2 (BOSS) Dark Samus 2
    (Location) Airee Access & Airee 
    (Method of Attack)
      Spread Beam: Shoots a spread version of your power beam. 
      Shield: Dark Samus will use this to deflect any missiles you shoot, but 
              can't deflect super missiles.
      Missiles:  Same as your missiles, they will home in on your position unless
                you can evade them.
      Phazon Beam: Concentrated beam of phazon. Sweeps the beam across the room.
      Boost Attack: Dark Samus will charge up and boost around the area. 
      Morph Ball Dash: Dark Samus charges up and dashes at you in morph ball form.
                       This is a very powerful attack, so don't get caught!
      Disperse: At some point in the battle, Dark Samus will disperse herself. 
                Use the dark visor to lock on to her. 
    (Recommended Weapon)
      Super Missiles
    (Item Obtained)
      A pathway leading to the echo visor will be accessible after the battle.
    (Data Log Entry)
      Dark Samus 2: Tactical scans have identified several new battle systems in 
                    the armor of Dark Samus. She now wields a potent variant of 
                    your Charge Beam.  Her Boost attack has been augmented, and 
                    the ability to render herself invisible is present as well.  
                    Bioscans suggest that Dark Samus can reform her body short of
                    total atomic disruption. Extreme caution recommended.
    It's your old pal, Dark Samus...and she's back after a long absence. She's 
    got more tricks up her sleeve, so prepare for an intense battle.
    The battle will start in the confined space of the elevator. Keep your charge
    beam ready. Dark Samus will periodically attack you with her spread shot and
    phazon beam. Her favorite attack, though, is her boost attack. Dark Samus will
    get into morph ball form, and boost around the elevator. Just avoid her as she
    boosts around and don't waste shots on her. Once she stops, hit her constantly
    with super missiles. Should she disappear, switch to the dark visor to get a 
    lock on her and keep hitting her. This battle is a lot like the one you had 
    in the main reactor, so you should be used to many of her attacks. 
    After her energy is depleted, Dark Samus will jump out of the window. You now
    have access to the echo visor. 
    7.3 (MINI-BOSS) Caretaker Class Drone
    (Location) Main Research
    (Method of Attack)
      Energized Limbs: Sweeps along the spider rail trying to knock you off.
      Electric Floor: If you stay on the floor for too long, it will electrify and
                      damage you.
    (Recommended Weapon)
      Boost Attack
    (Item Obtained)
    (Data Log Entry)
      Caretaker Class Drone: The Caretaker drone was designed to protect and 
                             maintain an experimental energy chamber. It uses 
                             electrically charged limbs to perform its duties.
                             The drone requires a sensor to update it in a fight: 
                             a vulnerable detection unit will extend periodically
                             to search for targets. Destroying this unit would 
                             weaken its combat ability.
    After you have the echo visor, you can access the portal in the main research
    chamber. Be sure to scan the caretaker class drone from the outside first! 
    Use the portal to get inside the tube. Once the fight begins, stay on the 
    magnetic track. The research robot will try to knock you off the rails onto 
    the floor below. If that happens, get back onto the rail quickly or else the 
    floor will electrify! As the energized pistons sweep along the track, a red 
    node will pop out. Now is your chance to attack. Boost to the other side
    of the rail, destroying the node in the process. After you have destroyed 
    three nodes, it will move up one level. Head on up after it. For each level 
    you ascend, the track will become more segmented, and the robot will attack 
    more often. Keep attacking the nodes that are exposed to push the equipment
    back into the ceiling. 
    ** Ing Hive **
    8.1.1 (BOSS) Quadraxis (Phase 1)
    (Location) Hive Temple
    (Method of Attack)
    |(Phase 1)|  
      Antimatter beam: Shoots antimatter at you
      Antimatter cannon: After it locks on to you, it will fire a powerful blast
                         of antimatter that will cripple your weapon systems for
                         a short time if hit.
      Shockwaves: Every time Quadraxis stomps its feet, a shockwave will radiate
                  out from it (watch out for when it jumps!).
      Energy Missiles: Shoots four "energy missiles" that linger in the air a 
                       bit before seeking out their target.
      Hurricane Spin: Spins the lower portion of its body, creating a hurricane 
                      that pulls you towards it.
     (Phase 2)
      Antimatter beam: Shoots antimatter at you
      Antimatter cannon: After it locks on to you, it will fire a powerful blast
                         of antimatter that will cripple your weapon systems for
                         a short time if hit.
      Energy Missiles: Shoots four "energy missiles" that linger in the air a 
                       bit before seeking out their target.
      Machine Gun: Rapid fire attack.
      Dark Modules: Will produce dark modules after it has been stunned.
    (Recommended Weapon)
      Super Missiles 
      Boost Ball 
    (Item Obtained)
    (Data Log Entry)
      Quadraxis: The Quadraxis unit went rogue and entered the service of the Ing.
                 Its primary weapon system fires destructive matter-antimatter 
                 blasts. It uses a powerful missile battery for long-distance 
                 attacks. The Quadraxis is incredibly durable and well-armored, 
                 but its leg and foot joints are vulnerable. Damaging these 
                 joints will eventually render it immobile.
    Scan Quadraxis, then get ready to face the third guardian of the energy 
    controllers. Your first order of business should be to bomb Quadraxis' feet. 
    Switch to morph ball mode and roll under each foot dropping bombs (you can 
    also boost through as well). Keep moving so your not caught off guard when
    Quadraxis unleashes its shockwave attack. A particular favorite it likes is 
    to jump and create four separate shockwaves when it lands. Once you have 
    bombed (or boosted) all four of the feet, it will be unable to use the 
    shockwave attack (for the time being). Take this time to pick up the 
    power-ups released from the feet.
    Next order of business is to take out the knee joints. Pick a joint to 
    lock-on to, then start firing super missiles at it. Keep in mind that you can 
    only damage a joint that is flashing blue, and the joints will randomly 
    switch on and off. Once the joint is destroyed, a whole bunch of power-ups 
    will be available to you. Quadraxis will then pull itself together, and its 
    feet sensors will reactivate. Keep an eye on the head. If it fires a red 
    lock-on beam, quickly switch to morph ball mode and boost around to avoid 
    getting targeted. If it does manage to lock onto you, there's no escape and 
    the blast will knock your weapon systems offline for a bit. Every time you
    destroy a knee joint, the feet will reactivate, so always take them out first
    before focusing on the knees.
    After the second knee joint has been destroyed, Quadraxis will start to use 
    its hurricane spin to attack. It's pretty hard to avoid this attack, so 
    switch to morph ball mode and boost as often as you can to avoid being sucked 
    in. If you don't feel like trying, it won't damage you that much. Once you've 
    been damaged by its spin, it will stop, and you can focus on the knees again. 
    ** Daniel Ko emailed me this strategy on dealing with Quadraxis' Hurricane 
    Spin Attack, "When the Almighty Quadraxis uses it’s “hurricane￾Eattack, a 
    charged Power Beam will stop it easily. **
    Once all the knees have been destroyed, Quadraxis' head will separate from the
    body and begin the next phase of the battle.
    8.1.2 (BOSS) Damaged Quadraxis (Phase 2)
                 Shielded Head Module (Phase 2)
                 Stunned Head Module (Phase 2)
    (Location) Hive Temple
    (Method of Attack)
      Antimatter beam: Shoots antimatter at you
      Antimatter cannon: After it locks on to you, it will fire a powerful blast
                         of antimatter that will cripple your weapon systems for
                         a short time if hit.
      Energy Missiles: Shoots four "energy missiles" that linger in the air a 
                       bit before seeking out their target.
      Machine Gun: Rapid fire attack.
      Dark Modules: Will produce dark modules after it has been stunned.
    (Recommended Weapon)
      Super Missiles 
      Boost Ball
    (Item Obtained)
    (Data Log Entry)
      Damaged Quadraxis: Though the main body is disabled, the tactical control 
                         unit within it is still active. It will guide the Head 
                         Module in battle via high-sonic transmissions.  
                         Disabling this module will impair the Head Module's 
                         ability to fight.
      Shielded Head Module: The Head Module of the Quadraxis is highly mobile and 
                            well armed. It is shielded by an impervious force 
                            field.  Tactical commands are sent to the module from 
                            the crippled main body: sever this link to impair 
                            the Head Module's combat ability.
      Stunned Head Module: Head Module is unable to receive tactical data.  
                           Force field is offline. Unit is generating drones to 
                           defend itself while it attempts to restore tactical 
                           link to main body. Destroy sonic receptors on unit to 
                           prevent this.
    Scan both the body and the head module, then switch to the echo visor and 
    shoot the antenna on the body. It takes about six shots from your charge 
    beam. Meanwhile, the head module will circle its damaged body and attack you.
    Circle the body in the opposite direction, and keep shooting at the antenna.
    After the antenna is destroyed, the head module will be stunned for a short 
    time, scan it to learn about its weakness, then fire a super missile at one 
    of the antennas. After the head module recovers, it will drop a dark module. 
    Take care of the dark module quickly and go back to shooting the antenna on
    the damaged body. After all three antennas on the head module are destroyed,
    the final phase of this battle will begin.
    8.1.3 (BOSS) Final Head Module (Phase 3)
    (Location) Hive Temple
    (Method of Attack)
      Machine Gun: Rapid fire attack.
    (Recommended Weapon)
      Super Missiles 
    (Item Obtained)
      Annihilator beam
    (Data Log Entry)
      Final Head Module: Module has lost its tactical link to the main body. Two 
                         points of structural weakness have been located on its 
                         hull: Morph Ball Bombs can cause damage to these areas. 
                         Scans indicate that the Spider Ball can attach to the
                         Module's outer hull.
    Scan the head module for the last time and lock-on to it. Hit it with one
    super missile and one missile to stun it (thanks to Matthew McPherson for 
    this info!). The head module will begin to float around the damaged body. 
    Anticipate where it is going, and change into morph ball mode. Move towards a 
    leg that the head module will float past and use the spider rail inside to 
    climb to the top. Charge your boost and wait for the head to float by. When 
    it is close enough, boost onto the head and bomb one of the bomb slots. 
    Repeat this again, and the battle is over.
    After Quadraxis is (finally) destroyed, take the annihilator beam that it has 
    left behind. 
    ** Inner Sanctum **
    9.1.1 (BOSS) Emperor Ing - Body, Head & Eye
    (Location) Sanctum
    (Method of Attack)
      Tentacle Sweep: Spins its tentacles around the room.
      Tentacle Stab: The Emperor Ing sticks its tentacles though portals that
                     open near you and attempts to stab you. 
      Dark Blast: Generates a potent blast of dark energy that has a wide blast 
      Eye Beam: When the Emperor exposes his eye to you, he will try to shoot 
                you with a blast of energy that will follow you around the room.
                He will only shoot at you three times. Getting hit will knock out
                your weapon systems for a short time.
    (Recommended Weapon)
      Annihilator Beam
      Power Beam
      Charged Light Beam Shots
    (Item Obtained)
    (Data Entry Log)
      Emperor Ing Body: Bioscans indicate that this is the eldest, strongest Ing 
                        in the Horde, the alpha and the omega. It has absorbed 
                        enormous amounts of Phazon energy into its body, mutating 
                        itself in the process. Apparently, this power is not 
                        enough for the creature, as it is now siphoning energy 
                        from the final Energy Controller.
      Emperor Ing Head: Like its brethren, the Emperor Ing is a metamorph. It has 
                        molded itself around the precious Energy Controller, and 
                        will defend it to the death, using its own body as a 
                        shield and a weapon. Destroy the tentacles it generates 
                        to weaken the creature and its defenses.
      Emperor Ing Eye: The Emperor Ing has exposed its main eye, from which it 
                       can fire powerful energy beams. It is protected by a 
                       barrier shield, although not completely. The eye can be 
                       locked onto, but only direct shots will get past the 
    Here he is, the big cheese of the Ing! After you've entered the room, scan 
    both the head and the body of the Emperor, then lock-on to the tentacles.
    You'll have to shoot them all in order to make the Emperor vulnerable to 
    attack. Use the annihilator beam for this. It might take more shots to damage
    the tentacles, but the shots will home onto the tentacles and save ammo for 
    you in the long run. Be sure to gather ANY ammo that gets released. 
    ** Dominic A. Tocci informed me that, "When the tentacles are swinging around,
    eventually they will line up on the left and prepare to swoop across the 
    ground. If you become the morph ball and drop a power bomb, you can kill
    all the tentacles at once as they swoop across the floor. You'll take a tiny
    bit of damage, but it's totally worth it".
    Once all the tentacles have regressed into the Emperor, his form will change 
    and he will expose his eye (don't forget to scan it!). Lock-on to the eye and 
    continue to dash around it so you have a clear shot at the center. Fire as 
    many charged light beam shots as you can before the Emperor encases itself 
    again in armor. Repeat this strategy until you have drained all of its energy.
    ** Alexandre Drouin-Picaro suggests, "Once the eye is exposed, I found it very 
    effective to shoot Sonic booms at it. Each shot should make it lose a little 
    more than a quarter of it's energy, and it is quite easy to get it twice, but 
    hardly three times. On it's second exposure,  one hit of the Sonic Boom 
    should leave the eye with a little less than an eight of it's energy, so then 
    the kill is only a matter of aiming right. **
    It will then encase itself in a chrysalis and cover the floor with poisonous 
    9.1.2 (BOSS) Emperor Ing Chrysalis
    (Location) Sanctum
    (Method of Attack)
      Summon Ing: While the Emperor is regenerating inside its shell, it will
                  summon Ing to attack you. Destroy them to gain much needed 
      Tentacles: Come out of various holes around the Emperor's shell. If you get
                 too close to a hole, the tentacle will come out and whip around
      Poison Bog: While the Emperor is inside its chrysalis, it'll secrete 
                  poisonous dark water. In addition a fog will occasionally rise 
                  to obscure your vision from incoming Ing.
    (Recommended Weapons)
      Power Bombs
    (Items Obtained)
    (Data Log Entry)
      Emperor Ing Chrysalis: The heavily damaged Emperor Ing has entered a 
                             regenerative state inside a durable healing shell. 
                             Tactical scans have detected eleven weak points on 
                             the magnetically charged shell: Spider Ball travel 
                             is possible on the shells surface. Damage the weak 
                             spots with explosives to crack the shell and expose
                             the enemy within.
    After you have damaged the Emperor enough, it will create a chrysalis to 
    regenerate itself. In the process, it will create a poisonous bog that will
    cover the entire room. Quickly switch to morph ball mode and climb up onto
    its magnified shell. As you make your way around the shell, you'll notice
    holes that have little cracks in them. If you get too close to these holes,
    a tentacle will pop out try to knock you off. The best way to deal with these
    tentacles is to approach the crack. When dark vapor starts to come out, drop 
    a few bombs and get away! If you timed it right, you should be able to lure 
    the tentacle out and avoid damage. Be careful of the vapor that gets released, 
    as it will damage you. You can also try to get more than one tentacle to come 
    out, then blast them with a power bomb. Occasionally, the bog will produce a 
    fog that will impair your vision. Stay near the top of the shell to avoid 
    falling in! There are also plenty of Ing that will chase you around the shell.
    Blow them up with a well placed bomb and collect the items they drop. It is 
    possible to recharge all of your ammo and energy, but if you take too long, 
    then the fog will cover the entire room! After all the tentacles have been 
    destroyed, the shell will explode, revealing the final form of the Emperor 
    9.1.3 (BOSS) Mutated Emperor Ing
    (Location) Sanctum
    (Method of Attack)
      Dark Shockwave: After the Emperor jumps at you, it will produce a shockwave
                      of dark energy that will ripple throughout the room.
      Ram: The Emperor charges at you in an attempt to run you down.
      Light Beam: When the Emperor changes its shielding to block light weapons,
                  it sometimes shoots a blast of light energy that can follow
                  follow you around the room.
      Light Swarm: Produces a swarm of light "insects" that fly towards you. Very
                   easy to disperse and they drop items when destroyed. 
      Dark Swarm: Much like the "Light Swarm", produces a swarm of weak Ing 
      Beam Attack: Shoots a beam of energy at you that will knock you back and 
                   damage you if you're hit.
    (Recommended Weapon)
      Annihilator Beam or Screw Attack
    (Item Obtained)
      The Final Energy Controller
    (Data Log Entry)
      Mutated Emperor Ing: Further exposure to Phazon has mutated the Emperor 
                           Ing. It is now capable of shielding its vulnerable 
                           areas with energy barriers. Beams of opposite polarity 
                           can dampen these barriers, however. Heavy damage to 
                           the barriers will cause them to drop, exposing the 
                           creature's weak spots. Target the weak spots to 
                           immobilize and damage the enemy.
    Here it is, the final form of the Emperor! The Emperor's only weak spot is
    the glowing ball of light in the back of its mouth. Although the scan tells 
    you to attack the emperor with opposite types of energy, skip all that and 
    use the Annihilator Beam! **Andrew Johnson suggests, "While fighting the 
    Mutated Emperor Ing, I noticed a small vulnerable point on his back that is 
    exposed while he is resting after having charged at you. The Emperor will 
    hunch over and then you can see it. Also, the Annihilator beam only hurts him 
    when his core is purple or white. When the core turns red, run in and start 
    wailing on him with the charge beam until it turns purple/white. If he hits 
    you with a dark beam, it will freeze you on the spot and you'll have to tap 
    the B-button to get free.** Don't bother trying to hit the Emperor with a 
    charged shot (most of the time you'll miss), just keep a lock on his mouth 
    and keep pelting him! It helps if you keep your line of fire in between his 
    1st and 2nd or 2nd and 3rd front legs. Also, don't get fooled when it closes 
    its mouth. It will always open it up a little and then close it. Occasionally,
    it will fire a swarm of creatures. They don't pose much of a threat but take 
    them out as they will provide you with much needed power-ups. Keep hammering
    the Emperor with the Annihilator Beam. The further his energy goes down, the 
    more sneaky and aggressive he will get, so stay on your toes! 
    **David Machado suggests, "I was pretty unable to make the boss's center 
    change to any noticeable color other than red. I had little health, and the 
    Charge and Annihilator Beam were slowly doing damage. I discovered that I 
    could do the Screw Attack straight into the boss, and if it hit me, it would 
    knock me across the room but no damage would be taken. When I hit the ground, 
    (in the short 2 seconds of cinematic where the camera changes from 3rd to 1st 
    person) the boss would run right over me and do no damage. By jumping and 
    screw attacking through the legs at the center when the mouth was open, I was
    able to do some dammage with the Screw Attack. The boss didn't change colors 
    like it usually did when it was shot, but when I recovered from a Screw 
    Attack, there were massive pieces of health missing (about 3 hits brings the 
    boss to half health). Throughout this entire endeavor, I was taking minimal 
    ** Ing Hive - Sky Temple Gateway **
    10.1.1 (FINAL BOSS) Dark Samus 3 
    (Location) Sky Temple Gateway
    (Method of Attack)
      Shield: Dark Samus will use this to deflect any missiles you shoot, but 
              can't deflect super missiles.
      Missiles:  Same as your missiles, they will home in on your position unless
                you can evade them.
      Phazon Beam: Concentrated beam of phazon. Sweeps the beam across the room.
      Disperse: At some point in the battle, Dark Samus will disperse herself. 
                Use the dark visor to lock on to her. 
    (Recommended Weapon)
      Super Missiles
    (Item Obtained)
    (Data Log Entry)
      Dark Samus 3: Scans indicate that Dark Samus has absorbed tremendous levels 
                    of Phazon into her body: too much, perhaps. She can vent 
                    Phazon energy in the form of destructive blasts and 
                    protective shields: doing so will help her maintain stability.
                    Exposure to Phazon has rendered her invisible to the Dark 
                    Visor. These new abilities, combined with her already 
                    formidable arsenal, place Dark Samus at the highest threat 
    She's back for more, and what a lousy time for a rematch! Scan Dark Samus 3, 
    then power up your charge beam. Shoot a couple of super missiles at her until
    she disappears, then switch to your echo visor. Keep your distance from her
    while bombarding her with super missiles. When she stops pursuing you and 
    moves to the center of the room, switch to the scan visor. Dark Samus 3 will 
    now become Dark Samus 4. 
    10.1.2 (FINAL BOSS) Dark Samus 4
    (Location) Sky Temple Gateway
    (Method of Attack)
      Shield: Dark Samus will use this to deflect any missiles you shoot, but 
              can't deflect super missiles.
      Missiles:  Same as your missiles, they will home in on your position unless
                you can evade them.
      Phazon Beam: Concentrated beam of phazon. Sweeps the beam across the room.
      Disperse: At some point in the battle, Dark Samus will disperse herself. 
                Use the dark visor to lock on to her. 
      Phazon Blast: Shoots a ball of phazon that will home in on your position
      Phazon Cluster: Shoots a cluster of phazon at you that can be collected by
                      using your charge beam.
    (Recommended Weapon)
      Phazon Charge
    (Item Obtained)
    (Data Log Entry)
      Dark Samus 4: Dark Samus has temporarily become a being of pure yet 
                    unstable Phazon energy. She can generate a shield that is 
                    invulnerable to all attacks, save one - blasts of Phazon 
                    energy itself. Use your Charge Beam to collect Phazon energy 
                    that she expels, then fire it back at her. Direct hits will 
                    overload and disrupt her essence.
    Dark Samus will surround her body with phazon energy, making her invulnerable 
    to your weapons. Although she will stay in the center while her shield is 
    active, she will also shoot Phazon Blasts and Clusters at you. Stand in 
    front of her with your cannon charged, and wait for her to shoot a cluster
    of phazon at you. When she does, tilt your view up a bit and jump into the 
    attack. Your charge beam should absorb enough phazon (you'll know because the
    charge beam will turn blue). Now move in closer to Dark Samus, shoot, then 
    repeat. You can usually get off 2-3 hits before she chases you a bit. When
    she does start to chase you, back away and keep shooting at her...this should
    force her back into the center of the area. Keep using the phazon energy 
    against her, and you'll win in no time!
    11.0 Version History
    Feburary 25th, 2005: V1.0 Finished the Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Boss FAQ. 
    March 22nd, 2005: V1.1 Added some information, pointed out by Tim Woods, to 
                           the Boost Guardian, Alpha Blogg, and Chykka battles.
                           Added Version History to this document.
    May 29th, 2005: V1.2 Added a better explanation for why doors sometimes do 
                         not open, provided by KohanX, to the tips section. Also
                         corrected a misspelling of "Torvus" throughout the 
                         document also pointed out by KohanX. Added a 
                         new strategy when fighting the Emperor Ing in it's first
                         stage, pointed out by Dominic A. Tocci. Finally, added
                         a special thanks section at the beginning of this 
    October 31st, 2005: V1.3 Changed the strategy for stunning the Final Head 
                             Module, provided by Matthew McPherson. Also added a 
                             strategy for avoiding Quadraxis' Hurricane Attack, 
                             provided by Daniel Ko, and added a strategy for 
                             dealing more damage to the Emperor Ing (1st form), 
                             provided by Alexandre Drouin-Picaro. Also fixed some
                             minor spelling mistakes.
                             Also made my girlfriend watch 6 hrs of Benny Hill
                             so I could hear "The lamentation of the women". 
                             Hey...it's Halloween! m{*w*}m
    November 24th, 2005: V1.4 Added an additional strategy for dealing with the
                              Mutated Emperor Ing, provided by Andrew Johnson. 
                              Also fixed some minor grammar mistakes.
                              (Hey...holiday updates are becomming a habit for
    December 7th, 2005: V1.5 Added a different strategy for fighting the Mutated
                             Emperor Ing which utilizes the Screw Attack, 
                             provided by David Machado. 
    February 6th, 2006: V1.6 Fixed a mistake reguarding getting beam ammo from 
                             item canisters, pointed out by James Raskopf.
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