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    No Space Jump Guide by Mr Potter

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    Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
    No Space Jump Guide
    by Mr Potter
    1. Introduction
    2. Guide Updates
    3. Techniques
    4. Guide
      4a. The Start of the Game
        4aa. Lose Your Items!
        4ab. Missile Launcher
        4ac. To the Great Temple
      4b. Lending the Luminoth a Hand
        4ba. Dark Alpha Splinter and the Energy Transfer Module
        4bb. U-Mos and the Violet Translator Module
        4bc. To Agon
      4c. Agon Wastes
        4ca. Bomb Guardian and the Morph Ball Bombs
        4cb. Amber Translator Module
        4cc. Dark Samus and the Dark Beam
        4cd. Light Beam
        4ce. Getting to Amorbis, and the Dark Agon Temple Keys
        4cf. Amorbis and the Dark Suit
        4cg. Returning Agon's Energy and Leaving Agon
      4d. Torvus Bog
        4da. Pirates and the Super Missiles
        4db. Emerald Translator Module
        4dc. Boost Guardian and the Boost Ball
        4dd. Seeker Missile Launcher
        4de. Gravity Boost
        4df. Alpha Blogg, Grapple Guardian and the Grapple Beam
        4dg. Getting to Chykka, and the Final Temple Key
        4dh. Chykka and the Dark Visor
        4di. Returning Torvus's Energy... or not? and Leaving Torvus
      4e. Sanctuary Fortress
        4ea. Cobalt Translator
        4eb. Spider Guardian and the Spider Ball
        4ec. Power Bomb Guardian and the Power Bombs
        4ed. Dark Samus and the Echo Visor
        4ee. Screw Attack
        4ef. Ing Hive Temple Keys
        4eg. Quadraxis and the Annihilator Beam
        4eh. Returning the Sanctuary Energy
      4f. The Sky Temple
        4fa. U-Mos and the Light Suit
        4fb. Agon Wastes Sky Temple Keys
          4fba. Battlegrounds
          4fbb. Dark Oasis
        4fc. Torvus Bog Sky Temple Keys
          4fca. Dungeon
          4fcb. Poisoned Bog
        4fd. Sanctuary Fortress Sky Temple Keys
          4fda. Hive Dynamo Works
          4fdb. Hive Entrance
        4fe. Temple Grounds Sky Temple Keys
          4fea. Ing Reliquary
          4feb. Accursed Lake
          4fec. Defiled Shrine
        4ff. The Uncollectable Key
    5. The Recorded No Space Jump Run
    6. No Space Jump Forced Restarts
    7. Items That Can Be Collected with No Space Jump
    8. What Remains to be Collected
    9. Other Sequence Breaks
    10. Version Differences
    11. Closing
    12. Credits
    Two sites have permission to host this guide:
    -Samus.co.uk (http://www.samus.co.uk) a.k.a. SCU
    -GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com) a.k.a. GFAQs
    1. Introduction
    Hi. I'm Mr Potter. This is a guide. The guide is for Metroid
    Prime 2, specialized to help you get as far as possible without
    ever collecting the Space Jump boots, which are collected after 
    defeating the boss Jump Guardian. Of course, if you're reading
    this you probably already know this. Why else would you click
    on the link?
    Before I start on the guide, I'd like to say a few things. First,
    this guide was written for the NTSC version of Metroid Prime 2:
    Echoes. That was the first version of the game released, released
    on November 15, 2004 in the US. If you don't have that version,
    there will be various changes that will make a no-SJ game impossible
    for you, specifically in Crypt and Dark Torvus Temple. Remember to send
    me an e-mail if you find a solution to either of those rooms in versions
    other than the original Prime 2.
    The second thing is that if you are doing a no-SJ game, please try to go for
    100%. There are only a few items we still need to get to complete a 100% No
    Space Jump game, and we'd like all the help we can get for it. Use the 101%
    trick (in the "Other Sequence Breaks" section) to get the extra percent that
    would normally fill in the Space Jump percent. Please do all you can to
    assist the only things we still need to do.
    The final thing is that don't expect to get 100% scans. The
    fact that you're attempting to skip the Space Jump boots means you
    won't be able to get Jump Guardian's scan. That's one less scan
    that makes it impossible to get 100% scans, so don't try unless you
    think you can trigger the Jump Guardian fight and leave the room
    without getting the boots, which may be possible if a secret world in that
    room is discovered.
    Well, that's all said, so now onto the guide. If you still try with
    a different version, getting 100% scans, or just getting 100%, and
    you can't do it, don't say I didn't warn you. I'm not saying don't
    do it... You actually should try it on a different version, just to
    see if it can be done, or see what can and can't be collected 
    without the boots. Please e-mail me if you find there's a version
    difference that prevents no SJ, or if you got an item I didn't
    list. It's been a long introduction, so it's time for the guide.
    2. Guide Updates
    Update 1
     Gave Samus.co.uk (http://www.samus.co.uk) permission to host
    this guide. Also added this section, added two version differences to the
    version differences section, and updated the main guide so it goes past
    Polluted Mire, all the way to our attempts to get the last Sky Temple key.
    I also added the forced restart section. Added Floaty Jump and Reverse
    Morph to the Techniques section. Updated the "items that can be collected
    without space jump" to include some more missile expansions/energy tanks/
    power bomb expansions/beam ammo expansions and all the main upgrades we
    can get. Removed the scan section, since it's likely that every scan in
    the game can be collected without Space Jump (other than Jump Guardian, of
    course). That is, obviously, assuming it's possible to reach Emperor Ing
    without SJ. Added a "Credits" section.
    Oh, yes, just three more things. The walkthrough section is now split up 
    into subsections. For example, you want to know how to get Echo Visor, go
    chapter 4dc. Dark Samus and the Echo Visor. I added some more sequence
    breaks to the sequence breaking section. Finally, I added the "What Remains
    To Be Collected" section. Wow. Big update for the first update.
    3. Techniques
    Ha! Thought you could just start without learning to sequence 
    break first? Well, you're wrong. Here are the techniques.
    -Dash Jump
    Retro really, really tried to remove the dash jump in this
    game. They actually thought they succeeded. But they didn't. To
    do a dash jump in this game, first you must lock on and dash. 
    Right after dashing, hold R. Holding R will allow you to keep 
    the momentum that would otherwise disappear after you let go of 
    L. This allows for a dash jump. Space jump when wanted to add
    to the distance. Of course, following this guide, you won't be
    space jumping any time soon. You can do a dash jump from either
    a combat lock or a scan lock (of course, you can also dash with
    a dark lock and an echo lock).
    -Ghetto Jump
    Simply jump against a slant or jump while going up a slope. 
    This gives you extra height. Easy, huh.
    -Bomb Jump
    This is when you lay a bomb and let it blast you into the air.
    Simple, and intended.
    -Double Bomb Jump [DBJ]
    Go into morph ball mode. Lay a bomb. When it blows up, leave 
    another bomb on the same spot. Lay a third bomb at the peak of
    your jump. Now sit still and let the bombs blast you into the
    -2 Bomb Jump [2BJ]
    This is just a DBJ, but lay the final bomb earlier than you normally would.
    This bomb jump is compatible with BSJs, and that's its main use.
    -3 Bomb Jump [3BJ]
    In Prime 2, it's easier to do a 3BJ than it was in Prime. This
    is because Retro changed the timing of bomb refills so triple
    bomb jumps are no longer possible, but anyway. Lay a bomb. When 
    it explodes, lay three bombs in the air. Let them blast you up.
    You get the most height from laying a bomb on the ground and 
    then two in the air.
    -Bomb Space Jump [BSJ/1BSJ/2BSJ/3BSJ]
    Stand in front of a wall. Press forward (don't hold it) and at
    the same time, morph. If the camera doesn't turn to show the 
    wall behind you, keep going. If it does, start over. Do either a
    bomb jump or a 3BJ. At the peak of your jump, move backwards
    (toward the wall) and morph at the same moment. Now quickly
    unmorph. You should get an instant unmorph. You will have a 
    very quick moment where you can jump. Do it. Now you have done
    a BSJ. Good job.
    -Roll Jump
    Roll off a ledge in morph ball mode while holding R. When you
    pass in front of the ledge you rolled off, hit X. Like the BSJ,
    you will get an instant unmorph and you can then jump. Once you
    jump, hold R, then L. This is a distance technique, not to be
    used for height.
    -Bomb Timing
    It isn't really a technique, but I still advise you practice it. It'll get
    better results for the sequence breaking bomb jumps we'll be doing
    frequently, and it'll also help very much when we reach Hall of Stairs in
    Agon Wastes, and who knows where else it'll come in handy. So remember:
    Practice your bomb timing and play around with the bomb jumps to find
    alterations of them that will no doubt come in handy.
    -Laddered Bomb Jump
    To ladder a bomb jump, simply move in a direction as you lay it. This is 
    done many many times, and I'm not going to tell you when to do it most of 
    the time. Do it when in addition to getting height you also need a fair 
    bit of distance.
    -Floaty Jump
    Floaty Jump is a jump that slows Samus down enough to get a ton of extra
    height and distance. There's only one point in the entire game where you
    can get Floaty Jump, though, so pay attention! When you arrive in Dark
    Torvus Temple and you're about to fight the Chykka, destroy three of the
    four spots you must destroy to let Chykka out, and then destroy the final
    one WHILE IN THE WATER. After the cutscene, you will have Floaty Jump.
    Floaty Jump is lost if you enter any water (dark or normal), if you save,
    quit, and come back, or if you take an elevator out of Torvus. It doesn't
    affect the morph ball, though, and it stays with you if you go between the
    Light World and the Dark World. It has one major purpose in a no-SJ game,
    and that purpose is to get you out of Dark Torvus Temple after the Chykka
    -Reverse Morph
    Reverse Morph is a nearly useless technique, that only has one use so far.
    Although its uses are few, it is an important use: all the progress in
    Vault so far is thanks to this move. Now, to do the glitch, find a platform
    you just barely can't reach. Make sure the platform is over a terminal
    fall. Now jump backwards toward the platform and morph at the end of the
    jump. If done right, the camera will go onto the platform for a second,
    then follow you down. The terminal fall will then respawn you on the
    If you want to try this, the best place is Vault, since right now that's
    the only place. Check the end of the guide for more information.
    4. Guide
    4a. The Start of the Game
    4aa. Lose Your Items!
    Watch the intro. Now you'll have control of Samus. Shoot the
    webbing on the green bump to destroy it. Go through the door.
    In the next room, you have two choices. Either go through a big
    door with a hologram on it, or jump into a pit you can't see
    the bottom of. Well, let's see. You can't move the big door, so 
    let's jump into the bottomless pit.
    Oh, so it's not bottomless. When you land, scan the pole and
    shoot the machines that reveal themselves to open the gate. 
    Walk until you reach a big gray... thing blocking your way. Turn
    right and scan a scan point to make it get out of the way. In
    the next room, you can download the map. Or not. Anyway, get rid
    of that webbing and keep going. Next: A hallway with webbing,
    Federation trooper bodies, and worker splinters. You know what to
    do. Keep going.
    Morph and roll through the next room. There's a morph ball tunnel
    you need to find. Roll through it and place a bomb. The bomb will
    destroy the gate. Roll in and activate the bomb slot you'll find.
    When you do, you'll trigger a bunch of dead troopers to come back
    from the dead and start attacking you. ...Actually, the Ing did
    that, not you, but the slot was necessary, which is why these
    undead troopers are attacking you.
    Kill them (again?) and roll back. What's this? More?!?! Oh well. 
    Kill them and scan the scan point you triggered with the bomb 
    slot. This will trigger the giant thing that you had to roll 
    under to move, revealing... come on... even more undead troopers.
    Blast them and keep going to the door they were guarding. Next:
    More?! Acually, no. Refill your missiles and energy with the
    crates and then keep going.
    Here you will have your first sighting of Dark Samus. Dark Samus
    is going into a portal to the Dark World. Well, let's see. Door
    lock... portal blocking the way to the rest of the room... well,
    only one way to go. Into the portal!
    In the Dark World, Samus will witness Dark Samus absorbing
    Phazon. When Dark Samus notices Samus, he/she/it (I'll use "he"
    from this point on) will destroy Samus's safe zone's crystal. The 
    safe zone is disappearing, Samus is in the hands of a crazy clone 
    of herself, and to make things worse, Samus will now be attacked by 
    Warrior Ing. Don't worry, she escapes. But not with her items.
    4ab. The Missile Launcher
    The Ing have stolen your items, but you still have the Charge
    beam and the Morph Ball, two items you didn't have after losing
    your items in Prime. So go to the next room, where there are more
    undead troopers. You'll need to use your Charge Beam or normal
    shots, since you don't have your other items anymore. There are
    two doors in the room: one obvious, one behind some crates. The
    one behind the crates leads to a Save Station, so you may want to
    use it. When you're done saving, go through the next door. You'll
    find an elevator. Scan the pole to activate it and take it up.
    When you come up, Samus will be on the other side of the gate
    with the hologram you saw earlier.
    Go through the next door. There will be a giant crate blocking 
    your way. You can either scan a pole to move the crate, or you
    can ghetto jump ("ghetto" will be used as a verb from this point
    on to represent ghetto jumping) on top of the crate and from
    there to the ground on the other side of the crate. The easier
    method is to scan the pole, and you won't want to try the ghetto
    unless you're a good sequence breaker. After that, jump up the
    ledges to a bridge. Scan the pole up here and destroy the
    machines that reveal themselves to lower the bridge. Go through
    the door.
    Use your morph ball to get through the tunnel in this room. The
    next room, Temple Assembly Site, will start the Temple Grounds
    cutscene. Keep going. Scan the pole you'll find in the room to
    lower a crate, and after lowering the crate, get it down by
    shooting the tearing wire. Hop across to the next room.
    In this room, you'll face a deadly... nothing. Run through until
    you reach a gate blocking the way. Turn left to see a big
    machine. Turn on your scan visor and scan it. This opens the
    gate, and two Splinter cocoons, but it also closes the gates
    behind you, making sure you can't turn back. Deal with the weak
    Splinters and go into the next room.
    The first thing that happens is... SPLINTER ATTACK! RUN!
    ...On second thought, don't run. Just blast them and get through
    the room. You'll find more undead Troopers (how many of these
    are there?!?!), which can be dealt with easily. Or, alternately,
    you can ignore them and run through the next door. Your choice.
    You'll now face a Turret and a few Splinters. Ignore them all and
    roll through the morph ball tunnel the Splinters came in through.
    You should be on the other side of the gate. Look back into the
    room and enjoy the Splinters trying to hit you through the gate
    while the Turret slowly exterminates them. When the show's over,
    scan the pole and roll back. Unmorph and destroy the Turret, and
    then remorph and roll under the gate that keeps slightly opening 
    and then closing. Be careful, because yes, it WILL hurt you if it
    closes on you.
    Here we're at the landing site for the Galactic Federation. Three
    options here. You can stand on the ledge you're walking down from
    on the tiny dip, lock onto the ship with the scan visor, and dash
    left to land on the platform with the missile door. You can ghetto
    up to the ledge by using the slight slant between the boot-shaped
    rock and the brown part of the rock. And finally, you can do the
    room normally and trigger the cutscene. If you decide not to do it
    normally, you can grab the Missile Launcher, trigger the cutscene,
    and then grab the Missile Launcher again. For 2%... this is how you
    would normally complete the game with 101%. Anyway, the cutscene
    will reveal to you that the Galactic Federation troopers are all
    dead and Samus is lucky to be alive.
    4ac. To the Great Temple
    If you triggered the cutscene and then grabbed the Missile
    Launcher, you'll face a Dark Splinter attack. The Dark Splinters
    are normal Splinters possessed by the Ing. Ing possession makes
    them stronger than normal, and makes them black in color. You can
    still beat them, though. Use a combination of your Missile Launcher
    and the Charge Beam. When you're done, go into the ship and jump
    out the big hole to start your journey up to the missile door. Or
    you can ghetto up to the ledge from the Missile Launcher side. Your
    choice. If you didn't ghetto up, you'll need to travel a series of
    ledges, activate a morph ball cannon, use the morph ball cannon,
    and finally, jump down to the missile door.
    When you're done, go through the missile door. Morph in the next
    room and roll through the tunnel to drop to the bottom of the room.
    You'll be attacked by War Wasps. Look up and scan the pole on the
    edge opposite the one you dropped from to activate a morph ball
    cannon right under you. Use it to get up. In the next room (which
    is the last room in Temple Grounds you'll visit before finding out
    what's wrong with the Luminoth), you have two options. Option 1 is
    to complete the room normally. Missile the big white thing with a
    crack in it to widen the crack, scan the pole, use the morph ball
    cannon to finish the white thing, and finally roll to the door.
    If you choose to do it the sequence-breaking way, then what to do
    is: find some rubble on the ground by the War Wasp hive next to the
    big white thing. Use it to ghetto on top of the War Wasp hive. Lock
    onto the portal you can see with the scan visor and dash to the
    left to land on the first ledge. Find some more rubble on the
    ground farthest from the ledge. Stand on it and dash off the door 
    you came in through to the left to get on ledge 2, which holds the
    door you're supposed to go through.
    4b. Lending the Luminoth a Hand
    4ba. Dark Alpha Splinter and the Energy Transfer Module
    Go through the door. Take the elevator to Great Temple. When you
    get there, leave the elevator. You'll see a ton of Sandbats flying
    out of a small hole. Morph and roll through the hole. It's a Save
    Station, so you know what to do: save.
    Leave the save station and keep going into the Temple. When you
    reach Temple Sanctuary, you'll start your first ever boss fight on
    You'll have to fight a few Dark Splinters first. You've fought them
    before (if you were playing normally), so you know how to beat
    them. Use a combination of missiles (you should have 5. If you did
    the 101% trick, you should have 10) and charge beam shots on them.
    When you beat them all, the Alpha Splinter will come out. And he
    isn't happy with you.
    The Alpha Splinter is very easy to defeat. It will ram you, retreat
    to the middle of the arena, and repeat. All you have to do is shoot
    it. I advise you don't waste your remaining missiles on it (if you
    have any), so just use charge shots. When you damage it enough, it
    will be possessed.
    The Dark Alpha Splinter is a little more of a challenge, but still
    easy. It acts the exact same way, but it now has a projectile
    attack, and it won't bother returning to the center of the arena to start
    over. It shouldn't be very hard, so just use your missiles and charge
    shots to eventually kill it.
    4bb. U-Mos and the Violet Translator Module
    The Dark Alpha Splinter leaves a present, though. You can get an Unknown
    Item after defeating it. The suit will tell you that the Unknown Item has
    bonded to it, but there is no negative impact on the suit's performance.
    Go through the only door you can get to to find an elevator, and take the
    elevator up to meet your first Luminoth ever.
    Meet U-Mos. He's the last remaining Luminoth who isn't in stasis, and
    he'll tell you all about the planet's peril. He'll also explain that the
    Unknown Item is an energy transfer module that allows you to take energy
    from Dark Temples and return them to normal Temples. You'll need to return
    the energy from the three Energy Controllers located in three regions:
    Agon Wastes, Torvus Bog, and Sanctuary Fortress in order to defeat the Ing
    and save not only the Luminoth but also the entire planet of Aether.
    He also updates your translator module so you can scan violet holograms.
    This ability allows you to move translator doors and get Luminoth lore,
    but only if the hologram is violet. The other colors (amber, emerald, and
    cobalt) will be collected from Luminoth holograms later.
    4bc. To Agon
    Well, now you know what's going on, so leave the room and take the
    elevator back down. In Temple Sanctuary, locate the violet Translator Door
    and scan it to make the door move down. Go through the door. Run through
    the hallway you'll find here and finally to another Temple Grounds 
    elevator. Take it down to end up in Temple Assembly Site. Escape the little
    part of the room you're in by scanning the violet Translator Door. Go back
    the way you came in the first time you entered the room. On the way, you'll
    be attacked by Splinters (they're no big deal), who will then be possessed
    (a bigger deal, but still not big). You can try to defeat most of the
    Splinters before they're possessed, you can try to test your skills by
    fighting them all after possession, or you can just ignore them and keep
    Keep going until you reach the room where you had to lift the giant crate.
    Behind the crate is a translator door. Scan it to move it. Go through the
    door it was blocking to reach a hallway containing a Green Kralee. Kill it
    and keep going through until you reach an elevator room. Turn left to find
    some webbing in an alcove, which you can destroy to reach a missile
    expansion. Ten missiles now for you. Unless you got the early missile in
    Temple Assembly Site, which I didn't cover, and/or you got the Missile
    Launcher twice. In that case, it's actually 15 or 20 missiles. Yay for you.
    Anyway, just take the elevator down to Agon.
    4c. Agon Wastes
    4ca. Bomb Guardian and the Morph Ball Bombs
    Finally. You get to do some real sequence breaking to attempt to skip the
    Space Jump Boots. But first things first, as it always is. Before we start
    sequence breaking, we need to collect the Morph Ball Bombs (always useful
    in skipping Space Jump, in both Prime 2 and Prime) and the amber
    Translator. Well, we better get going. Go through the next hallway and
    eventually you'll reach Mining Plaza, where the Agon cutscene will trigger.
    Go to the right when the cutscene's over to find a missile door. Blast it
    open and go in to save.
    Leave the save station and then keep going right. You'll find a Sandigger,
    but it's nothing to worry about. You'll need to find the set of platforms
    going up the room and you're going to need to follow them up to reach the
    top of Mining Plaza. I'm not going to cover the whole thing, just two
    things you'll find going up. Once you cross the first bridge you must make 
    by knocking it down (see second thing I'll cover), you can do a ghetto up
    to the final bridge instead of doing the rest of the room normally. The
    slope to ghetto off of is at the edge. It's extremely tiny, but it gets the
    neccessary height. If you try this, though, try not to fall off. The second
    thing I'll cover is that twice in your journey up (doing the room normally)
    you'll find dead ends. These dead ends will have tall pillars that have
    Brinstone in them. Knock them down with missiles to make a bridge to keep
    Using whatever method you choose, get up to the top of the room. Go through
    the door. Through the morphball tunnel and the next door is your first ever
    Space Pirate fight (unless you've played other Metroid games). The Pirates
    will be simple to defeat. Two missiles will do the job for any Pirate
    Trooper, so just use that strategy. When you're done, start jumping up
    ledges to reach the top of the room. You'll need to make another bridge the
    same way you made them last time, but that shouldn't be a problem.
    Dispose of the Shriekbat ambush through the missile door at the top of the
    room and go through the door on the far side of the corridor to reach the
    vast Agon Temple. Alright, alright, it's not that big... but big enough to
    hold your next boss fight.
    Walk into the middle of the giant arena to trigger the appearance of the
    Alpha Sandigger. All it is is a giant Sandigger. Not too hard, right?
    Right. It acts exactly the same as a normal Sandigger. You'll need to shoot
    the exposed eye until you damage the creature enough to start the cutscene.
    In the cutscene, the Alpha Sandigger will be possessed by the Ing and
    become Bomb Guardian.
    To damage Bomb Guardian, shoot its tail until it rears up with its mouth
    open. Fire a charge shot at its mouth to stop the attack and take 1/4 of
    its health. Repeat 3 more times to defeat the Bomb Guardian and recieve the
    Morph Ball Bomb upgrade. Hooray.
    4cb. Amber Translator Module
    Grab the upgrade and go through the only door in the room you can go
    through. Use the bomb slot to enter the Agon Energy Controller room. Scan
    the hologram to make a Luminoth hologram appear. It will tell you a bunch
    of stuff about the world's peril and tell you about Dark Aether. Then it'll
    upgrade your Translator Module so it can scan amber holograms.
    4cc. Dark Samus and the Dark Beam
    After the cutscene, leave. We're about to do some no-SJ sequence breaking
    to avoid collecting the boots, which are the next item we'd get in a normal
    play-through. You won't get another chance to save unless you make it all
    the way to right before Dark Samus without them, and if you don't save, you
    might mess up and be forced to redo everything since defeating the Bomb
    Guardian. So I highly advise you go back and save. On the way, in the morph
    ball tunnel you rolled through earlier, bomb the block and use the morph
    ball cannon to get an energy tank. Then drop down and keep going.
    After you've saved, go back to Mining Station A. Near the top of the room
    you'll find a waterfall, with sand instead of water. There's a Luminoth
    statue in the middle of the sand river, so standing behind it, morph. Do a
    DBJ onto it and unmorph. Now locate the tunnel that leads to the caged area
    clearly visible. Do a DBJ into it. Now keep walking until you reach a pole.
    Scan it to open the sand gates, and after that, stand on the statue again
    and DBJ up to the newly visible door.
    You'll now face some Pirates. They're just hanging out when you come in and
    don't notice you, so take the advantage to blow up the Phazon containers
    next to them, killing all of them. Keep going through the next door.
    Now... your second ever big pirate fight. You'll fight the pirates in three
    waves. The first wave has three pirates, the second wave with only two. The
    final wave has two in Turrets. The first two waves are nothing new. The
    third is very new. The Turrets are slow, but they do a lot of damage, so be
    careful. They'll take 4 missiles to destroy. When the fight's over, go
    through the next door.
    Morph and bomb the cracked gate on the ground to get underneath the
    grating. Bomb the crates out of the way and roll through the now-visible
    morph ball tunnel. In Command Center, you'll need to roll through the
    tunnels while watching Pirate Commandos enter the Dark World. While rolling
    through, pay attention for a detour on the right. It leads to a missile
    expansion, which you'll probably want.
    When you get out, you'll watch a pirate seal an area down. When you regain
    control of Samus, kill the two pirates that are still here. Two missiles
    each. Then scan the thing to the right of the portal to activate an
    elevator. Take it up to reach a gap.
    Stand on the edge of the gap and turn on the scan visor. Facing the other
    side of the gap, turn right and lock onto something (there are many targets
    in the room. But preferably, lock onto one that's too far away to scan).
    Scan dash to the left. Then turn your scan visor off and keep going. A
    third pirate will appear shortly. Kill it to unlock the door. As you're
    heading to the door, another pirate will shoot at you through the glass.
    You can ignore it, or you can shoot it back through the glass. Your choice.
    Through the now unlocked door and to the Dark Samus cutscene. Here you will
    have your second Dark Samus sighting. But the fight isn't yet. Go around
    and unlock the missile door, and you'll end up in the part of the room of
    the pirate that shot at you. Scan a computer to unlock the area you saw
    being shut down earlier. Go back and go through the new door.
    Turrets will be shooting at you. Destroy them and navigate your way through
    the laser-filled hallway. At the end of the hallway, you'll go through a
    door that leads to yet another pirate fight. Basically, two pirates jump on
    a Skiff, leaving three behind to fight you. All it really is is a waste of
    six missiles, actually. To reach the fight, though, you'll need to activate
    and use another elevator. It shouldn't be hard to find.
    At the top, after the fight, go around the largest Metroid container with
    the pirate in it and go through the door. Destroy the turret and morph.
    Find the bomb slot in the room and use it to rotate the room. Go through
    the door to reach Bioenergy Productions.
    Ah, Bioenergy Productions. The stopping point for a no-SJ game for so
    long... Fortunately for us, though, it's been solved. Kill the two pirate
    Aerotroopers and scan the thing that activates. Here you have two options
    and two suboptions for the second option. The first option is to set the
    platforms in the stair formation you're intended to set them in and then do
    three bomb BSJs. This is extremely difficult and I haven't even done this,
    which is a very good reason to have an extremely easy way to do it.
    The second option is to lower every platform as low as they can go, and 
    then go back the way you came until you reach the room with the bomb slot. 
    Use the bomb slot, and then use it again to reload BEP. Now go back to BEP 
    and you'll find the platforms have been reset. Go up to the thing that
    activates the platforms, but only walk up to it and go left or right until
    you can safely lock onto it. As soon as you lock on, you'll begin scanning,
    so immediately dash either left or right (left if you went to the right,
    and right if you went to the left) and move backward. When you think you're
    about to hit the rising platform, jump and you'll land on them. They should
    take you up to the top of the room with you.
    Jump normally to the platform by the door and stop. Your two suboptions 
    are: do a BSJ or a scan dash. Of course, the scan dash is much easier than 
    the BSJ, so I'd advise it. If you want to do the BSJ, you need to do it on 
    the edge of the platform and get the instant unmorph from the side of the
    platform. If you want to do the scan dash, than face the door and partly
    turn right. Stand right under the corner. Turn on the scan visor, look 
    down, and locate the trio of crates. Lock onto the bottom crate and scan 
    dash to the left to land on the platform. Whatever you do, though, when
    you're done, go through the door.
    There's a morph ball tunnel here, so roll through that. You'll need to
    bomb your way through various obstacles ending with destroying two blocks
    that allow you to pass through later without going through the lasers. On
    the other side, go through the missile door. If you're out of missiles, go
    back to BEP and on the left are some crates. If they don't have any
    missiles, roll back to the missile door and back to BEP, which will make 
    the room reload, along with the crates. Repeat until you get missiles.
    Through the missile door is a save station. Save. Now. Next up: Dark Samus.
    When you're done saving, go through the next door. It's a room with a
    half-pipe half-filled with sand. And two turrets firing at you. Destroy the
    turrets and find the spot in the half-pipe where it's cracked, and fire a
    missile there. Through the next door to Main Reactor.
    Walk around Main Reactor and try to drop through the broken glass. Instead,
    a cutscene will trigger. Dark Samus is absorbing Phazon and will then
    notice Samus. He will fire at her, starting a fight for no reason. I mean,
    Dark Samus, can't you just give us the Dark Beam without fighting about it?
    To damage Dark Samus, just fire at him. It's that easy. You'll have to use
    charge shots, though, because DS will deflect missiles. If you time it
    well, though, you might get in a few missiles during the fight. That will
    stun DS, giving you the oppurtunity to fire even more missiles, which,
    unfortunately, don't stun DS again.
    Halfway through the fight, Dark Samus will fly into the air a second and
    will begin glowing blue with the Phazon all over him. You can still attack
    him, though, but a few times DS will try to shinespark into you. If he hits
    the wall, he'll bounce off instead of staying on the ground a few seconds,
    which may save a few seconds if you want to get this over with.
    When DS's health bar is depleted, an elevator will activate. Take it up and
    grab the Dark Beam through the normal door.
    4cd. Light Beam
    Go back the way you came to the save station and save (if you think you 
    should save). To get back up in the half-pipe room, do a DBJ off the sand.
    Once you've saved (or maybe didn't save), go through the Dark door. Use the
    Dark Beam on the gates that block your progress and then through the door
    into Command Center. Fire the Dark Beam at the portal you've no doubt
    noticed by now and enter the Dark World.
    Now you'll be in the Dark World room Doomed Entry. After getting out of the
    portal, turn left and go in that direction, past the Phazon pits. You
    should have around 70 or 80 energy left (plus energy tanks) when you reach
    the ledge in front of the Light Beam door. Now, to get to the top of DE.
    It's pretty difficult to do, so here it is in steps. Remember to make sure
    that you HAVEN'T RAISED THE PLATFORM. Sorry for the capital letters, but
    it's very important to do that or you won't make it and you'll have to
    reset. It's stuff like that I told you to save after DS for.
    1) Get as close to the edge as possible without falling off. Morph.
    2) Do a 3BJ.
    3) The 3BJ has to be laddered. It also has to be layed out so the last two
    bombs are way up near the peak of your jump, but still with bomb 4 above
    bomb 3. There must be a nice-sized gap between bomb 1 and bombs 3 and 4.
    4) Unmorph at the peak of your jump and land on the ledge.
    From the ledge you land on, stand on the edge and carefully jump to the
    next platform. Don't worry about the Dark Temple key yet; we'll get to that
    later. You could get it now with a dash, but then you'd need to dash back,
    and it's a little difficult. If you failed, you'd need to do the 3BJ again.
    Carefully jump to the Dark door's platform and shoot the Bladepods for
    energy you no doubt probably need. Then go through the door. In the next
    hall, you'll be attacked by a Warrior Ing. Stand on the other side of the
    safe zone and shoot the Phazon container to defeat the Ing quickly and with
    no trouble. Go through the next door.
    The room here is full of Inglets. You can kill them for energy or ignore
    them for repeated attacks. Head to the right and go through the door by the
    Light portal. Hall of Stairs is next.
    Another no-SJ sequence break. On the side with the Bladepods, find a dirt
    mound in the corner. Stand on that and jump onto the middle Bladepod. Face
    the ledge that should be on your right and morph.
    Do a 3BJ. This 3BJ must be timed carefully so the second bomb explodes as
    soon as Samus touches it, and the third bomb should explode just as Samus
    is starting to fall past it. The third bomb should then launch Samus into
    the fourth bomb, where you'd unmorph, landing on the ledge. The bomb jump
    is a little tricky, so it's useful to practice on the other side before
    trying. If you mess up, go the way you came until you reach the room you
    fought the Ing at and then come back, and the Bladepods will have
    After doing the bomb jump, shoot the safe zone and open the missile door.
    Walk into the next Save Station. Save.
    Go through the next door to reach a morph ball tunnel. You'll need to bomb
    jump up into the top part of the tunnel, bomb jump over the light crystal,
    and then drop down and keep going. When you get to the other side, unmorph
    and go through the door.
    Phazon Pit. A very large room. But don't let the large room fool you into
    thinking this is the stopping point. It is slightly difficult to complete
    this room without Space Jump, but not too much. You need to scan three
    poles to be able to access the next door.
    The first pole is across the room to the left after you take the elevator 
    down. It's behind some large crates, which you should blast out of the way
    with a few charge shots. The second one is closer to where you came down
    on a ledge you'll need to get up to either with the left or right side of
    the room, or by doing a DBJ, which will most likely consume more energy.
    The final pole is a little harder to reach.
    In front of the second pole, you should see a moving platform. Stand on the
    edge, and wait for it to come down, then carefully jump onto it. Next,
    stand on the edge of the platform and lock onto the phazon containers by
    the door you came in through. Wait for the second platform the reach its 
    lowest point by waiting for your platform to stop rising, then dash to the 
    left to land on the second one. For the final platform, stand on the edge 
    of your platform, lock onto the Annihilator Beam door, and dash to the 
    right to land on the third and last platform. Now carefully jump to the 
    pole's ledge and scan the pole to unlock the door.
    Jump down and go through the door. In Watering Hole, just jump across the 
    ledges until you reach the door leading to Feeding Pit. In Feeding Pit, run
    over to the opposite side and activate the safe zone, and look at the
    pillar on the right. Find the crystal on it and shoot the crystal with your
    Dark Beam. Then shoot the Nightbarbs circling it until none are left and do
    an easy 3BJ onto the pillar. Now jump to the door and go through it. In
    this room, grab... THE LIGHT BEAM! Hooray! 
    4ce. Getting to Amorbis, and the Dark Agon Temple Keys
    Go back to Feeding Pit and head to the left. Go through the Light door with
    your new Light Beam. Use the Light Beam on the Ing webbing blocking the way
    and through the door back to Doomed Entry.
    Get up to the top level of Doomed Entry the same way I told you to earlier.
    Now stand on the upper-right corner when facing the Dark Temple key. Now
    use the scan visor to lock onto the Dark Beam door you went through
    earlier. Dash to the left. Make sure the Dark Preeds don't get in the way,
    or you'll hit them and fall down. If you do it right, you should land on
    the ledge. Grab the Dark Temple key and go through the Dark door. In the
    next room, use the Light Beam on the safe zones to destroy the Dark
    In Battlegrounds, jump down to the bottom and enter the safe zone to
    trigger a fight with some Warrior Ing who will begin by stealing your Dark
    Temple key. After that, you'll have to fight six Warrior Ing. Most of them
    can be defeated if you shoot an Energy Beacon with the Light Beam, since
    most likely they'll run into them. If not, fire a charged Light Beam at one
    and then several uncharged shots to defeat one.
    When they're gone, you'll get the Dark Temple key back. Grab it and head
    back the way you came. The only difference is that you're going to Doomed
    Entry through the bottom part of the room. Shoot the tentacles out of the
    way and jump into the water. Do a DBJ out on the other side to get across.
    Make sure the tentacles aren't in the way, or you may die and have to do
    everything over from Phazon Pit onwards. When you reach Doomed Entry, go
    back to the top part and go through the first door you went through in this
    room. When you reach the door leading to Hall of Stairs, don't go through
    it; instead, activate the Light Portal and go to the Light World. You'll
    appear in Main Reactor.
    Roll out to Command Center and take the light door on the upper level to
    where you fought the Pirates. Roll off the ledge and through the door. Keep
    going until you reach the first Agon save station you used. Save.
    Now go to Mining Station A. Start going up the ledges, but go through the
    first door you see (only two or so ledges up). Use the morph ball cannon to
    get to the other side of the room, where you should roll to the ground. Now
    find the morph ball cannon that would send you back, but instead of taking
    it, roll around it into an alcove behind the dead Luminoth. Grab the
    missile expansion.
    Go through the new door to start a pirate fight. You'll fight 3 Pirate
    Troopers and then 2 Dark Pirate Troopers. There are also war wasp hives
    hanging on midair, due to getting Dark Beam and Light Beam before doing
    this. War Wasps will come out to make the fight more difficult, but the
    only difficult part is the Dark Pirate part, which becomes very easy due to
    you having the Light Beam. Finish the fight to activate the bomb slot.
    Use the bomb slot to start the Kinetic Orb Transport. Use it to get up into
    the morph ball tunnel where you must bomb a block that turns a platform and
    makes another morph ball tunnel with another block in it, which does the
    same thing. In the third tunnel, you must either defeat or dodge the
    Pillbugs and bomb the final block, which powers the portal. Scan the portal
    to activate it and go to the Dark World for the first time. ...or, to be
    more accurate, the game thinks you're in the Dark World for the first time.
    In the Dark World, head down the slope and go to the left. Use the bomb
    slot to open the gate, and then go to the other side with the big gap.
    Activate the safe zone and do a 3BJ up onto the ledge, then unmorph and
    In the next room, kill the Lightflyer, run off the ledge, morph, and do a
    3BJ up to the ledge. Now run off through the other side and go through the
    door. Notice the safe zone in front of you. Entering it triggers the Jump
    Guardian fight, so make sure you avoid it. Hop up to the top of the room
    and find the Dark door near the top. Go through it and save your game.
    4cf. Amorbis and the Dark Suit
    Leave the save station. Open your map.
    In the Light World, find the door that you took to reach Agon Temple. Take
    the door in the same spot in the Dark World to reach Dark Agon Temple. To
    enter the temple, you need three Dark Temple keys, but you only have two.
    Go to the left around the temple until you find a door. Go through it to 
    get the key. Now go back to the front and step in the light to open up the 
    Dark Agon Temple.
    Entering the main part of the temple triggers the fight of the gigantic
    half-worm, half-boss. Or maybe one-fourth worm, one-fourth worm, one-fourth
    worm, and one-fourth giant sphere in the center of the room. The fight will
    start with Amorbis jumping around. Fire at Amorbis with charge shots and
    missiles (power beam) until Amorbis emerges from the sand and connects with
    the giant sphere in the middle.
    Charge up the light beam and fire at Amorbis. This should take the worm
    down to the point where it's sucking up thin air. Morph and roll into its
    mouth, and once inside, lay bombs to hurt Amorbis. Amorbis will hit the
    sphere and detach from it. Then this all repeats, with one more Amorbis
    each time.
    When it becomes available, take the light ammo that may show up. If you're
    out of light ammo and there's none that you can get, then just use the
    power beam and missiles. Doing this, it should only be a few minutes before
    you have Amorbis defeated.
    Now that the boss of Dark Agon Temple has fallen, grab the Dark Suit.
    4cg. Returning Agon's Energy and Leaving Agon
    move on to the side of the temple you're facing. We need to go get the
    energy for Agon. If this was a normal game, we could skip it, but without
    space jump, we can't.
    Entering the energy controller's room automatically triggers the cutscene
    where Samus acquires the Agon energy. Once Samus has it, leave. Back in
    Dark Agon Temple, a platform will have risen up where you entered, and
    there will be a few Warrior Ing. Ignore the Ing and do a DBJ up onto the
    platform, and a DBJ back up to where you came in. Head out and find the
    save station you saved at last. Save.
    Now leave the Dark World the quickest way, which is the way you came in.
    When you appear in the Light World, go to Mining Station A. Defeat the
    Aerotrooper pirates that are flying around here and start your journey back
    to the top of the room. Go through the door leading to Agon Temple. In Agon
    Temple, go across the room and drop off the temple's energy in the Energy
    You might want to save in Agon's first save station, or you might not,
    since it really hasn't been too long since you saved. Your choice. Whatever
    the decision, though, leave Agon and go back to Temple Grounds once the
    decision's been made (and, of course, after saving if you decided to save).
    Go through Temple Grounds the direction you were heading the first time you
    came here until you reach an elevator to the Great Temple. The one in
    Temple Assembly Site should work nicely.
    Once you're in the temple, go find U-Mos. Talk to him, and ignore what he's
    saying. In return, he'll allow you to take the elevator back to Temple
    Grounds closest to Torvus Bog. Leave, and back in Temple Sanctuary, scan
    the amber Translator Door. Go through the door and use the light beam to
    get the block out of the way. Run through the hallway and finally, to
    finish the Agon Wastes area, we'll take the elevator at the end.
    4d. Torvus Bog
    4da. Pirates and the Super Missiles
    After taking the elevator down, go through the door. Scan the amber
    Translator Door and walk through the next room, passing by a large
    half-pipe. At the end of the room, go through the door. DBJ up this room
    to the portal, and go through the portal to enter Dark Aether.
    The only point of this little detour is to bypass a Super Missile door,
    which, without space jump, is a few minutes long. Anyway, go through the 
    door the Super Missile lock was on in the Light World. Walk through this 
    room. Eventually, your path will be stopped by Corrupted Sentreyes.
    Any of you who played the original Metroid Prime will know these Corrupted
    Sentreyes, much like Shreikbats (Shriekbats), Grenchlers (Baby Sheegoths), 
    and Preeds (Puffers), are copies of Eyons, who patrolled the halls of the
    Chozo Ruins. In fact, there is no difference between the two other than 
    looks. That means they can be stunned with a normal power beam shot and 
    destroyed with a charged power beam shot. Defeat them and go on.
    Soon you'll reach a large pile of sand. Jump to the top of it (using bomb
    jumps, if you need to) and morph. Roll onto the morph ball transport. At
    the top, you'll find a bomb slot, but don't use it. Instead, go past it.
    While rolling through the tunnel, you'll pass three other bomb slots, all
    of which you should use. At the end, the other morph ball transport will
    take you down. Use the other one again and use the bomb slot I told you to
    skip using. This will make the nearby platform available for use.
    Morph and do a DBJ onto the platform. Now unmorph. The platform will begin 
    to move. While riding the  platform, Samus's arm will automatically be on 
    her gun, and using the control stick won't move you, but will aim you 
    instead. Nightbarbs will  occasionally fly at you, so fire at them when 
    they do. At the end, hop over to the portal and use the Light Beam to enter
    Path of Eyes.
    In Path of Eyes, you'll immediately see a Pirate riding away on a Skiff.
    Go forward and two pirates will attack. They'll instantly be possessed. Use
    the Light Beam to defeat them quickly. Then use the Light Beam on the block
    with the Dark Crystal on it to move it out. DBJ on the block, and then jump
    onto the ledge (using a bomb jump, if necessary).
    Next, you'll be attacked by Pirate Grenadiers. Kill them. Now find the wall
    on your right while facing the ledge you need to get up to. On this wall
    you should find a slope. Stand on the slope and face the wall, and then go
    as far to the right as possible. Morph and do a diagonal 3BJ onto the
    ledge. It's not too easy, and you most likely won't get it on the first
    try, but if you keep trying, you'll eventually get it. Remember, the bomb
    jump must be diagonal so you can land on the ledge while going around the
    big pillar in the way.
    When you've done it, go down the path until you reach some water. Use the
    Light Beam to move the block. Wait for the block to come as close to you
    as it will, and when it has, morph. Do a laddered DBJ onto the block. Once
    again, it's a little difficult, and you probably won't get it on your first
    try. But this isn't as hard as the 3BJ off the slope, so you should
    probably get it quicker then that. Once you're on the block, do a much
    easier DBJ onto the ledge.
    Down the path, you'll find not another block puzzle, but an amber
    Translator door. To the left of it is a morph ball tunnel. Roll through the
    morph ball tunnel. At the other end, use the Light Beam on the block to
    move it, so now every time you enter Path of Eyes, you can skip all those
    puzzles. When you've hit the block, turn around and go back. Then scan
    the amber Translator door and go through the normal door behind it.
    There's a path here with a wall on one side and a terminal fall on the
    other. Oh, and War Wasps. Just kill the War Wasps and destroy their hives,
    or ignore them if you want. When you get past them, go through the door at
    the other end to reach the elevator to Torvus. Take it, of course.
    In Torvus, go through the door right ahead of you. In the next room, you'll
    face a Shriekbat ambush. Fortunately, they're easily defeated, so just go
    through the next door. The next room, Torvus Lagoon, gives you the "Welcome
    to Torvus" cutscene. When the cutscene is over, you'll be attacked by a
    bunch of Shredders. Kill them and find the missile door on the map. Facing
    the way you faced when you came in, it should be on your left. Next to the
    ledge with the door on it are a few small ledges you can use to reach the
    door without having to bomb jump. Open the door and go in to find a Save
    Station. Save.
    Now go back out to Torvus Lagoon. Jump in the water. Go down the slope, and
    facing the direction the slope slopes down, on your right you'll find a
    little path. Take it to eventually reach a Dark door. Use your Dark Beam to
    enter. In the next room, destroy the Hydlings, morph, and roll to the other
    end of the room. Unmorph and jump up the ledges to the door.
    In this room, Shreikers will attack you. You can kill them, but it's much
    easier later, when you have the Echo Visor. So you can kill them, or you
    can ignore them. Go off to the right, and find the ledge with the pole on
    it. Stand facing away from the missile door and morph. Do a 3 bomb BSJ
    onto the ledge.
    ***IMPORTANT! You must do Great Bridge this way, or else later, after
    the grapple beam, you will be stuck and forced to restart! DO NOT go
    around to Forgotten Bridge under ANY conditions! If you followed the guide
    earlier and I told you to go around to Great Bridge, I'm sorry. Please
    restart your game.***
    Scan the pole to activate the morph ball cannon on the other side of the 
    room. Go as close to the cannon as possible, and then, facing the cannon, 
    go to the right. In this small little area, morph and do a 3BJ up onto the
    platform. Use the slope to get the necessary height. Use the cannon to 
    reach the top of the room.
    Kill the Shreikbats and go through the Dark door. In the hallway here, if
    you wouldn't mind doing the 3BJ up to the cannon again, bomb the first
    little hole in the ground and hop in to get an energy tank. Then go back
    to Great Bridge, do the bomb jump up to the cannon again, use the cannon,
    and go back through the Dark door. On the other side of the hallway, go
    through the door. In the next room (Torvus Temple), you'll be attacked.
    Two pirates will come down on a Skiff, and one will jump off. Kill the one
    that jumped off with two missiles or two uncharged Dark Beam shots. Now a
    pair of Pirate Aerotroopers will attack. Kill them with three missiles or
    three uncharged Dark Beam shots.
    Now another Skiff will come down. Four pirates will jump off. Kill each of
    them using either two missiles or two uncharged Dark Beam shots. You may
    encounter a rare glitch here where only three pirates will jump off. After
    that, once they're all dead, the Super Missiles still won't become
    available. To fix this glitch, look into the sky to see that fourth pirate
    waaaaay in the sky, skywalking above the room ("skywalking" is a secret
    world phrase in which you get so high above the level that gravity doesn't
    have an effect on you anymore. The only things that can exit a skywalk is
    either using the morph ball, or by running next to a bigger room). Turn
    on the scan visor and lock onto the pirate, and then switch the scan visor
    off without letting go of L. Now fire two missiles into the sky. If done
    right, a few seconds later, the Super Missiles will become available.
    4db. Emerald Translator Module
    After the fight, grab the Super Missiles. This will activate an elevator
    that will take you up to a door. Go through the door and use the bomb slot
    to take you to a door. Go through it to enter Torvus Energy Controller.
    Scan the hologram to activate the hologram of another dead Luminoth. He'll
    blabber on, and finally give you the ability to scan emerald holograms.
    4dc. Boost Guardian and the Boost Ball
    We'll now leave. Back in Torvus Temple, scan the hologram in the center of
    the room. This will activate an elevator. Take it down to the lower part
    of Torvus Temple. Use your map to face the energy controller, and take the
    door on your right (it might be behind a Translator door).
    In the next room, morph and roll under the grating the door you just came
    in through was on. Get the missile expansion down here and roll out. In
    the next part of the room, you'll be in a very small spot, with a very
    medium-sized Grenchler to deal with. It's not easy, but try to kill the
    Grenchler in this space. If you're having problems with it, just be glad
    there's only one. After the Grenchler attack, morph and roll through the
    morph ball tunnel. Destroy the Sporbs and enter the next room.
    Pirate Commandos will attack in the next room. You can kill them with a 
    Charged Dark Beam/Missile combo. Blasting the Phazon containers in the 
    middle of the room doesn't hurt, either (unless you're standing right next
    to them). When they're dead, go through the door that opens, and scan the
    portal. You'll enter the Dark World. Go through the door and into Polluted
    In Polluted Mire, a pair of Hunter Ing will attack you. Charge the beacon
    with the Light Beam and wait for them to fly into the safe zone to kill
    them. Now find the second platform going up the tree. Behind it (where you
    are), there's another point where the tree goes into the ground. Stand
    a little to the left here and lock your view straight forward. Morph and
    lay a 3BJ without touching the control stick. When the bombs explode, push
    the control stick back and unmorph. With the instant unmorph, you get a
    free jump. If the bomb jump was high enough, you can jump to the second
    platform going up the tree. If it wasn't, try again.
    If you made it, stand facing away from the third platform and morph. Do a
    backwards 1 bomb BSJ to the third platform. When you get the instant
    unmorph and jump, use the jump and hold down-right instead of down to land
    on the third platform. If you hold down, you'll end up hitting a part of
    the tree and falling back down to the bottom of the room. And you wouldn't
    want that.
    When you land on the third platform, jump up to the top of the room. A
    couple jumps are too big for a normal jump, but none are too big for a DBJ.
    When you reach the final jump, just lock your view and leap over to the
    final ledge. It looks like a long jump and it looks like you'll fall, but
    I can tell you it isn't as hard as it looks, since so far I have not failed
    this jump one single time.
    When you land, go through the door and save. Now turn around and head up
    the slope to the top of the room. In Dark Forgotten Bridge, go through this
    area (kill the Lightflyers for safe zones) and enter the light door at the
    end. You'll be in Dark Arena Tunnel. Morph and roll through the tunnel as
    much as you can before falling to the bottom (because there are blocks that
    disappear underneath you). At the other end, go through the light door to
    enter Dark Arena. This is a room full of Dark Preeds. When you enter the
    first safe zone, a cutscene will trigger showing an oversized Warrior Ing
    at the other side of the room. It will go into morph ball mode and boost
    through the tunnel on the other side of the room.
    Jump down. Ignore the dark temple key, we'll get that later. Shoot the Dark
    Preeds with the Dark Beam to try to get as much Light Beam ammo as you can,
    then morph and roll through the tunnel.
    Boost Guardian is the Warrior Ing you just saw, but he's much bigger and
    tougher. Oh, and did I mention he has the ability to morph and boost
    around, causing large amounts of damage if he hits you? I didn't? Well, he
    Use charged Light Beam shots on Boost Guardian. Remember, if you want the
    fight to be quicker, you can cause damage to him even when he's in puddle
    form. If Boost Guardian morphs, you can jump repeatedly to avoid him. If he
    hits one of the pillars, an Ultra Energy will come out, which you should
    grab. After that, and also after boosting three times without hitting
    anything, he will turn into a puddle. Lay a few bombs to hit the boss and
    repeat until he goes back into normal mode.
    If you manage to hit Boost Guardian in morph ball mode, he will instantly
    exit and turn into the oddly-colored puddle, for you to hit with bombs.
    Also, remember that what makes this fight even harder is that there are no
    safe zones. You'll be in the Dark atmosphere for the whole fight. Finally,
    there are Inglets that will frequently appear. Kill them for energy, which
    helps against the dark atmosphere.
    When his health is depleted, wait through the long death animation and grab
    your brand new (or old, if you choose to look at it that way) Boost Ball.
    4dd. Seeker Missile Launcher
    After you get the Boost Ball, go back the way you came. Back in the main
    part of Dark Arena, use the half-pipe to reach the Dark Temple key at the
    top. Then use the half-pipe to get out of the half-pipe and go through the
    In Dark Arena Tunnel, roll back through the tunnel and boost over the
    disappearing blocks. Keep going until you reach the save station. Save. Now
    go back out to Polluted Mire. In here, jump down to the bottom and go back
    to the Light World.
    In the Light World, you'd normally climb to the top of Torvus Grove and end
    up back in Forgotten Bridge. But due to the fact that there is currently no
    way to climb Torvus Grove without Space Jump, go back through the light
    door to get out. Keep going until you're back in the bottom of Torvus
    Temple. Take the elevator up and head through the dark door. In the next
    room, if you didn't already, bomb the cracked part of the floor and go down
    to get the energy tank. In either case, go to the bottom of Great Bridge
    and go through the missile door. Go through the morph ball tunnel until
    you reach Torvus Lagoon. Scan the pole and jump off the bridge. Save here
    if you want, but after (if you did) go back through the door and leave
    Back in Temple Grounds, head back out to Path of Eyes. Roll through the
    morph ball tunnel to the beginning of the room, and blast open the super
    missile door. Go through and keep going through rooms until you reach
    Meeting Grounds. Use the half-pipe here to get to the side that has a lore,
    and then morph and roll through the tunnel. Keep rolling through the large
    amounts of tunnels (using Boost Ball when you reach the disappearing
    blocks) and bomb your way through one of the parts until you reach a large
    room. Roll out and find the spinners. Spin each spinner until one of the
    large parts in the center of the room lights up. Try to start with the ring
    that's farthest out, so if the one that's closer to the center lights up,
    keep spinning it until the outer one lights up.
    In fact, don't even bother having the inner ring light up. A lot of the
    rings have two spinners that move them, so lighting them up now will make
    it worse when you have to use the other spinners. When you've solved the
    puzzle, the Seeker Missiles will become available to you. Grab it, and
    celebrate not only your new ability to fire multiple missiles at once, but
    also the extra five missiles it gave you.
    4de. Gravity Boost
    Well, you have the Seeker launcher now. Use it to open the purple door
    (lock onto the five purple dots around it and fire) and leave. Keep going,
    and you'll eventually reach a room called "Service Access". Go through the
    door that isn't behind a morph ball tunnel and that you didn't enter
    through to end up back at your landing site. Hop into your ship and save
    and replenish your ammo, and then find a block in the wall you just jumped
    down from. Shoot it with the Light Beam to make it move, and then DBJ onto
    it and jump back up.
    Go back to Service Access and morph. Go through the tunnel and at the end,
    unmorph and blast open the super missile door. You'll come out in Meeting
    Grounds, so go back to Torvus the way you did before (but use the morph
    ball tunnel in Path of Eyes).
    Back in Torvus, go to the lower part of Torvus Temple. There's a morph
    ball tunnel down there, so morph and roll through it. Blast open the super
    missile door and go in to find an elevator. Activate it and take it down
    to Lower Torvus, home to only three major items. We're going to get two of
    them now.
    When you get in Hydrodynamo Shaft, jump down into the water. Keep going
    down until you find a morph ball cannon, so morph and roll in it. It will
    blast you to the top of the room, a little higher than where you came in.
    You could have DBJed up, but this is much easier. So now, find the missile
    door. Stand close to the edge of the platform and turn so the missile door
    is to your right or left. Now look down and wait for one of the Preeds to
    float by. When it does, lock on and dash in the direction of the missile
    door. If done right, you'll land on the platform, so open the door, go in,
    and save.
    After saving, jump back down to the same level as the cannon, but don't go
    in it. Instead, find a bridge and cross it to find a pole that turns red in
    scan visor mode, so scan it. It'll raise the bridge you just used, and also
    extend a platform higher up. Jump down to the bottom of the room and find
    a little opening in one of the platforms that'll take you to the top. So
    then take it up and jump to the morph ball cannon. Let it blast you up, and
    jump down. Find the platform that just extended and DBJ onto it. DBJ up to
    the door, grab the missile expansion, and open the seeker door. Go through.
    In this hallway, you'll notice there are particles all over the place and
    the music's changed. Go up to the door on the other thing to find it's
    already gray, and you can't open it. A blue thing will fly up and float
    through the door, turning it blue. Open it and enter Training Chamber. In
    here, a cutscene will activate where all the blue particles will come
    together to form Dark Samus! Dark Samus will just reveal himself and go,
    though, so you don't need to fight him yet. Jump down to find two Bloggs.
    To beat them, wait for them to charge at you, and then let them meet your
    charge shot. After they're both dead, you can use the spinner. Use it until
    the morph ball tunnel is aligned with the blue hole, then morph and roll
    At the end of the tunnel, unmorph and go through the door. Use the
    morph ball cannon and some bombs to get through the morph ball transport
    tunnel. Go through the door and enter Catacombs. In here, jump down
    and head to the other side of the room underwater (watch out for the
    Bloggs). At the other side, you'll find a series of platforms. Bomb jump
    up the ones you can't jump up normally. Once you're at the top and out of
    the water, go through the dark door. Run through the tunnel (I think you
    have to do a DBJ at one point) and at the end you'll end up back in
    Hydrodynamo Shaft. Scan the pole and watch the cutscene.
    The next time you'll be able to save is after getting Gravity Boost, since
    after doing the puzzle with Crypt, you can't reach the top of Hydrodynamo
    Shaft until you collect Gravity Boost, so I advise you to use the morph
    ball cannon to blast you up and dash to the save point before heading to
    the Blogg. If you don't want to, that's fine, since the Alpha Blogg is very
    easy, anyway.
    When you're done, jump back down and go through the door you blasted open
    with the Seeker Missiles earlier. Back in Training Chamber, align the
    tunnel with the red hole instead and roll through. Head through the door,
    and have the morph ball cannon blast you through the next tunnel (use your
    bombs to assist you in the tunnel). At the end, go through the door again
    and enter Gathering Hall.
    In here, jump into the water. Kill the Blogg if you want, then go to the
    other side of the room (the side with the lore). Note the platform over
    here is identical to the platform you jumped off. Also note the points
    where it meets the wall. On the left point where it meets the wall, morph.
    Do an infinite bomb jump up. To do it, hold up-right until I say otherwise
    and morph. To get into the IBJ, first do a DBJ. At the peak of it, you'll
    notice Samus won't fall. So lay another bomb. You'll get the same effect,
    and you'll be close to the top now. Lay another DBJ and as you lay it,
    Samus will pop up above the water. This will cause her to start falling
    down the wall (make sure you're still holding up-right). Luckily, she'll
    fall into the first bomb of the DBJ, and the DBJ will blast her up.
    Unmorph to land behind the bomb slot. You can stop holding up-right now.
    Now walk around and activate the bomb slot. This opens the gate to a portal
    underwater. Jump back down and go through the portal. In the Dark World,
    kill the pirates (I think they're Dark Commandos, so just use a charged-
    dark-beam and missile combo) and find the platform hanging on some wires.
    Either ghetto or DBJ onto the platform, then DBJ onto the part of the
    platform the wires are attached to (yes, you can stand there!). Normally
    jump to the platform with the orb. Now morph and roll into the spinner.
    Spin it to turn the orb so the laser fires in a different direction. What
    it does is activate a morph ball cannon in the light world, so jump down
    and go back to the Light World through the portal.
    Back in Gathering Hall, do another IBJ back to the top of the room. Now
    do a pair of normal jumps to the morph ball cannon. Morph and blast to
    the light door at the top of the room. Go through the door and through the
    tunnel to end up back in Hydrodynamo Shaft. Scan the pole to make the whole
    lower part of the room go up, revealing a hidden door. Jump down and go
    through the door. Jump down the next room, blasting the Hydlings for health
    and ammo, and get to the door at the bottom of the room. Jump down and find
    the door (on the opposite side of the side with the spiderball tracks). Go
    through the door and grab Gravity Boost.
    4df. Alpha Blogg, Grapple Guardian and the Grapple Beam
    Leave the room with Gravity Boost and in the previous room, the wall behind
    you will turn, blocking your exit. The Alpha Blogg will now appear. It will
    swim around firing projectiles at you, biting you if you get close enough.
    To beat it, hit it with a charge beam shot to make it charge towards you.
    When it gets close, it'll open its mouth. Quickly fire a super missile
    into its now open mouth to take off a good chunk of its life. Do this until
    the Alpha Blogg is dead.
    When the Alpha Blogg dies, some fans will stop spinning and move back,
    giving you a new ledge. Gravity Boost onto it and turn. Find the lower
    platform going up the room. Gravity Boost onto it. Now here comes the hard
    part, which is really easy after the first time.
    This is the first time ever we're using a roll jump to help advance our
    progress, so if you don't know how to use them, look them up in the
    techniques section of the guide. Stand on the platform and morph. Do a roll
    jump. If you've never done a roll jump before, take some time to practice
    them first. You'll need to roll jump, but start the gravity boost as soon
    as you can, because if you wait Samus will begin to descend and you won't
    get the necessary height. When you make it back to the ledge, go through
    the door and head back to Hydrodynamo Shaft.
    Gravity Boost to the top of the room and jump out of the water. Note the
    moving platforms. Wait for one to get near and time a DBJ so it'll get you
    onto the bottom one. Now do a 2BJ onto the top platform. Get as close to
    the platform the platforms you're standing on are connected to, and do a
    2BJ onto it. Unmorph and stand at the edge. Look down and lock onto one of
    the Preeds (which I hope you haven't killed yet) and dash to the save
    station. Go in and save, then jump back down into the water. Head through
    the light door, back to Gathering Hall.
    In Gathering Hall, jump into the water and find the portal. Enter it and
    in Crypt, get out your Light Beam. Two dark Pirates will appear, so shoot
    them with charged Light Beam shots. Now make your way back to the orb
    firing the laser. Stand on the side with the spinner and morph. Do a 3BJ
    onto the laser. It's a little difficult, so you probably won't get it at
    first. When you do get it, walk toward the center of the orb. You'll
    notice there's a part sticking up that blocks you from going onto the other
    side of it, so simply jump onto it. Slowly walk towards the other end of
    the orb until you fall and land on the part of the orb that seems to be
    made of light.
    Here comes the fun part. Turn to face the light door and morph. Hold
    forward and do the same kind of 3BJ you had to do to get through Hall of
    Stairs. Remember, though, once the first bomb blasts you up, LET GO OF THE
    CONTROL STICK. I apologize for the capital letters, but it is extremely
    important, because if you don't let go of the control stick, you will fall
    off the orb, since this bomb jump cannot be laddered. Once you've laid the
    whole bomb jump, don't hold anything. Then, at the peak of the jump,
    unmorph. At the same time, hold the direction of the light door. If done
    right, you'll land on the ledge. Get out your Light Beam and head through.
    In this hall, nothing special, just make sure you don't get hit by the
    tentacles. Shoot them to make them leave for a short period of time, but
    they'll come back eventually, so be quick. Soon you'll reach Undertemple
    Shaft. It's just the dark world version of Hydrodynamo Shaft, but there's
    no water here, so don't worry. Look down and try to find the morph ball
    cannon. When you do, jump down to it and roll into it. It'll blast you to
    the top of the room. Try to find one of the Dark Preeds once you're up
    here. Lock onto it and dash to the save point (it's in the same place it is
    in the Light World). Go in and save.
    Now go back out. Jump down and try to find the hole in the grating. Jump
    down the hole and go into the little cage area. In here, morph and find the
    bomb slot. Activate it to turn the cage. Now unmorph and go to the door
    that's now accessible.
    After the tunnel, you'll end up in Sacrificial Chamber, and there's an
    angry boss waiting for you.
    Yes, it's another boss fight. To hurt Grapple Guardian, you'll need to fire
    into its eye (a few uncharged Light Beam shots will do it) to stun it, then
    circle around and fire at Grapple Guardian's back with your Light Beam. If
    you run out of Light Beam ammo, start using Power Beam and Super Missiles.
    You can also stand next to the blue pillar when Grapple Guardian uses its
    grapple attack. It'll grapple the pillar, giving you time to blast its
    After a certain amount of time, Grapple Guardian's back will fall off, so
    you should start blasting what was under the back. There's really no
    difference, other than it's harder to damage it. You can still stun Grapple
    Guardian, though, so remember that.
    With Grapple Guardian out of the way, nothing stops you from grabbing the
    Grapple Beam. Please do so.
    4dg. Getting to Chykka, and the Final Temple Key
    You have Grapple, so grapple your way out of the room and back to the door
    you entered from. Head back out to Undertemple Shaft. Save if you want,
    then grapple across to the door leading to Crypt. Now take the portal back
    to the Light World.
    From here, choose any route you want to get back to upper Torvus. When
    you've gotten there, just go to Great Bridge. Back here, go through the
    missile door and keep going until you reach Torvus Lagoon. Scan the pole
    and cross the bridge, and keep going to reach Forgotten Bridge.
    When you get here, a cutscene will trigger, activating two Grenchlers. In
    addition, I'm pretty sure there are already two, so that's a total of four.
    Just kill them with charged Dark Beam shots (shoot the ground near them to
    freeze them). If you want, you can find the platforms going up and freeze
    one near it, and then use the Grenchler as a platform to reach platform 2.
    It's a lot easier than the BSJ we're going to use.
    After the Grenchlers are dead, if you haven't used one as a platform to
    reach the second platform, then stand by the wall near the second platform.
    Stand as close to the platform as you can without going underwater or
    standing on the point where it slopes down. Do a 1BSJ to the platform (it
    might help to slant it a teeny bit toward the platform). Forgotten Bridge
    is odd here; sometimes it's so hard I can try for ages and not get it, but
    sometimes it's so easy I get it on my first try. So just do the best you
    can, and if you don't get it at first, just keep trying and experimenting
    with your own ways of making it.
    Once you make it, do a DBJ onto the next platform you'd normally Space Jump
    up. Keep going and DBJ onto the next platform. Now start going across the
    bridge. When you reach the portal, stop.
    First, appreciate that you did a BSJ in Great Bridge earlier and didn't
    turn this bridge, or else you'd be stuck and forced to restart the whole
    game. Next, make ABSOLUTELY SURE that you have two of the Torvus Temple
    keys. If you don't and you go in, you'll be stuck. If you do, go ahead into
    the portal. If not, go back and get them, NOW.
    Now go through the portal. In Dark Forgotten Bridge, walk back across the
    bridge and turn it using the bomb slot surrounded by a safe zone. Then walk
    across the bridge and through the Super Missile door. Run through this
    room, raising the platforms by shooting the crystals on them with the Light
    Beam. When you get through the room, go through the door to end up in
    Venomous Pond.
    You'll be attacked by a Hunter Ing, so choose a method to kill it. Now turn
    left of the door and roll through a morph ball tunnel. At the end, you'll
    be at the point where there was a bridge in the Light World, but there's
    nothing here. So get out your Grapple Beam and grapple across the gap. Grab
    the temple key at the end to complete your key collection.
    Before we head to the save station, there's one more thing we need to do.
    Find the door that, in the Light World, leads to Torvus Lagoon and go
    through it. Run through Portal Chamber (maybe you could pop back into the
    Light World and grab the missile expansion while you're there) and enter
    Dark Torvus Lagoon. In here, kill the Hunter Ing I think are there but I'm
    not sure, and find the door that, in the Light World, leads to a save
    station. Jump up to it using the same ledges that are in the Light World.
    Go through the door and grab the Beam Ammo expansion, and leave. Go back to
    Venomous Pond and use the grapple point to grapple to the missile door.
    Open the door and go through it. Enter the save station and save.
    4dh. Chykka and the Dark Visor
    Go back out to Venomous Pond and find the light door. Go through it. Now
    morph and roll through the tunnel. You'll end up in Dark Torvus Temple, and
    the light's there, as usual. But before you go in, first locate a tunnel
    behind it, that in the Light World leads to the elevator to Lower Torvus.
    In the Dark World, it leads to an energy tank, so go in and grab it. Then
    go back out and find a tunnel that should now be on your right. Go through
    the door on the other side to find an Ammo Station. Step into it to refill
    your ammo.
    Go back and step (or roll) into the light. This will take Samus up into the
    arena. Now what you should do now is not to shoot the little circles that
    you can lock onto, but actually, you should go to the techniques section
    of this guide and look up Floaty Jump, since it's something you're going to
    need to use here. It's absolutely required to get Floaty Jump, so make sure
    you can do it right.
    Once you're in position, fire at the supports holding the cocoon up (or get
    into position after shooting three of the four, and then shoot the fourth).
    After the cutscene, you should have Floaty Jump. Now, remember, Floaty Jump
    will go away if you touch the water, so that means you must do the entire
    Chykka fight without touching the water surrounding the arena. This is WAY
    harder than it sounds, though, so always be on alert for Chykka's tricks.
    Chykka Larva should now be swimming around. Just always be facing it and
    when it goes up a bit, fire a charged Light Beam shot. During this part of
    the fight, you will be attacked by Dark Shredders every once in a while.
    Just keep shooting them when they appear with the Power Beam, or the Dark
    Beam if you run low on Light ammo.
    Every once in a while, Chykka will jump very high into the air. You should
    be able to get in a couple charge shots here. When Chykka lands, there will
    be a huge wave. With Floaty Jump, though, this should be easy enough to
    dodge. If Chykka doesn't jump up really high after swimming, then it'll
    come up very close, tilting the platform, and attaching you to its tongue.
    Chykka will then begin to pull you in. When this happens, switch to Power
    Beam and fire some charge shots at Chykka. After that, Chykka will rear up
    and slowly fall into the water. Use this oppurtunity to hit its belly with
    a Super Missile, which takes off a LOT of its health (although it won't
    work unless you scan Chykka Larva first).
    Eventually, Chykka will die. Congratulate yourself. The fight's over, 
    WRONG! This thing's only halfway through.
    The arena will split into three seperate parts. Each will sprout its own
    safe zone. Now Chykka will emerge from the water, fully grown up. Chykka
    Adult is weak to the Dark Beam, so whip that out and start firing. After
    taking a pounding, Chykka will be stunned. Grapple around to its back and
    use the Seeker Missiles to lock onto each wing, and fire. Repeat to knock
    Chykka into the water.
    Now, about Chykka's attacks. Chykka can fire dark water at you (it won't
    get rid of Floaty Jump, but it can knock you very close to the edge, maybe
    even into the water), which you can dodge by simply jumping. Other than
    that, Chykka really has one other attack, and that's to charge at you.
    Always look at Chykka, and if Chykka begins to back up and wiggle, then
    quickly grapple to another platform. After that, Chykka won't touch you for
    the entire charge, so you're safe.
    After destroying Chykka's wings, it'll fall into the water and transform
    into Dark Chykka. Dark Chykka is weak to the Light Beam, so take that out
    and begin firing charge shots. But just note that you will watch Chykka
    transform, and until the transformation is complete, your shots will bounce
    off, so wait before you fire.
    Dark Chykka has the exact same attacks as normal Chykka, with just one
    more: since Dark Chykka has an egg sac, it can release Chykklings to attack
    you. They come in large swarms and are easy to defeat, so use them to stock
    up on health and ammo. After taking another 1/4 of Chykka's health, Chykka
    will return to normal. Repeat once more to kill Chykka.
    If you managed to make it this far without losing Floaty Jump, great job!
    Give yourself a huge congratulations, since it is not easy at all. The next
    thing to do is obvious: go ahead and grab that Dark Visor.
    4di. Returning Torvus's Energy... or not? and Leaving Torvus
    After you get the Dark Visor, a bunch of platforms will rise into the air
    and turn invisible. Turn on your new visor to be able to see the platforms,
    and use Floaty Jump to jump up them. Keep Floaty Jumping up until you reach
    the top of the room, at which point you should go through the door at the
    top. In here is the room leading to Torvus Energy Controller. Roll behind
    the bomb slot, and then go back and leave the room the way you came. When
    you get out, you'll see that the elevator is there, so you don't have to
    bother getting the Torvus energy and returning it, and thus don't have to
    talk to U-Mos!
    Take the elevator back down to the lower part of the temple and head back
    to the Light World, but don't save just yet. Leave the area and get back
    to the portal in Dark Forgotten Bridge, but make sure you don't touch any
    water; we still have a job for Floaty Jump. Back in Forgotten Bridge, jump
    to the second platform in a room you have to do a DBJ to. Look up and note
    the gate. Stand with your back to the wall and do a 1BSJ. Jump up and land
    on a thin ledge next to the gate.
    Now turn and morph again. After morphing, you'll need to hold the control
    stick in the direction of the gate to prevent the morph ball from falling
    off. Do another 1BSJ, but this time, turn and face the gate when the jump's
    done, and then start pressing against the space above it. Facing the gate,
    you should make sure you BSJed on the right side, because there's a root
    blocking the way on the left side.
    Now as you press against the wall, hold L. Every second and a half or so,
    release L and quickly rehold it. You should notice Samus slowly floating
    up, at an extremely slow speed. But eventually, you'll fall down on the
    other side of the gate. Morph and roll into the spinner. Turn the spinner
    the whole way to lower the platform. Now, if for some reason you want to
    get back to lower Dark Forgotten Bridge, all you have to do is climb
    Polluted Mire again!
    It's fine to lose Floaty Jump now. Just make your way back to the elevator
    out of Torvus.
    4e. Sanctuary Fortress
    4ea. Cobalt Translator
    When you get out of Torvus, make your way through Path of Eyes. Keep going
    until you reach Meeting Grounds. In here, enter the elevator out of Temple
    Grounds. You'll soon end up in Great Temple. Since you didn't get the
    Torvus energy, there's no need to go see U-Mos, so just scan the translator
    door and go.
    I'm sure you remember this part. It's the first Great Temple transport 
    access room you ever came to! Roll through the hole and save. While you're
    there, you might want to bomb the rock and roll down there to grab the
    missile expansion. When you have it and you've saved, go to the elevator
    and take it down.
    You'll end up in the familiar room with the War Wasps and the broken wall,
    and the morph ball cannon... remember? Keep going, ignoring (or killing)
    the War Wasps. In the next room, switch on your Dark Visor and lock onto
    the Seeker Missile targets. Blast them with the Seeker Missiles to open
    the bridge, so keep going behind it. Through the next door, you should
    end up in GFMC compound. Remember? The room with the Galactic Federation
    ship? The room is now infested with Space Pirates, though. Ignore them or
    kill them, and make your way to the translator door on the other side of
    the room.
    Go through the door behind the translator door to enter a glass tunnel with
    Luminoth turrets. Kill them with the Dark Beam and keep going. Through the
    next door is an elevator. Scan the pole and hop in the hologram to take the
    elevator to Sanctuary Fortress.
    When you arrive in Sanctuary, go through the door in front of you and kill
    the turrets up ahead. Scan the pole to rotate the ring and go through. Now
    use the spinner up ahead to turn the second ring, revealing a door. Go
    through it to enter Sanctuary Entrance. This is the room where the
    Sanctuary cutscene will take place. So watch it and enjoy being at
    Sanctuary after all this time. When it's over, go forward to trigger a few
    Pirate Commandos to appear ahead. As you defeat them, remember that more
    appear in front and behind you, so always look around. Use the charged
    Dark Beam + Missile combo to defeat all the Commandos, or use the much more
    fun method of blasting them off the bridge with Super Missiles. When
    they're all dead, the door will unlock, so go ahead.
    In the next tunnel, kill the little enemies circling the whole thing and
    go on ahead. There are two sets of them, though, so beware. After you get
    past them, go through the door. In here lies our next no-Space Jump 
    sequence break. Note there are two platforms on the left and right. Do a 
    DBJ onto the one on the right. Now turn on the Dark Visor and use the 
    Seeker Missiles to open the gate here. Once the gate's open, note how you 
    can't jump high enough to reach it. Just remember, DON'T MOVE. A Rezbit 
    will come floating out. It will floatinto a perfect position and put up its
    shield. Jump on the shield and from there to the gate. Now you can kill the
    Rezbit, or if you want, just ignore it and go through the door.
    After you get past it walk forward through the next door to face a mighty 
    Quad robot. To kill it, hit its head with a Super Missile. Then morph and 
    roll away from it. Stay close, but not too close. Eventually it'll start to 
    spin towards you. When this happens, use the Boost Ball on to make them 
    mess up, at which point you should either boost into the red light 
    underneath it or lay bombs on it.
    When it's dead, the door will unlock and the force field will open. Go to
    the right and open the missile door, then go in to find a save station.
    Save and go back to the main part of the room, to the area the force field
    stopped you from entering before you beat the Quad. Killing any Rezbits
    that get in your way with a charged Dark Beam + Missile, run over to the
    platform on the right of the morph ball cannon and do a DBJ onto it. Now
    turn left and do a DBJ onto the platform above the morph ball cannon. Turn
    back towards the first platform you jumped on and look above it. There's
    another ledge way up there. Do a 3BJ up to the ledge. Now turn and, right
    aboved the ledge you just 3BJed from, is another ledge. DBJ onto it. Now
    DBJ onto the final ledge in the room.
    Go through the door (there are two, but you'll know which one it is because
    one has a powerbomb shield over it) and end up in Mini Gyro Chamber. Since
    you'll need to bomb some bomb slots in a specific order, scan the thing in
    front of you (if you don't already know the combination, that is). If you
    don't feel like it, the combination is Amber Cobalt Crimson Emerald. Just
    the translator colors (without Violet and with Crimson) in alphabetical
    order. Once you've bombed all the slots in the correct order, roll across
    the middle of the room and go through the door.
    Welcome to Hall of Combat Mastery. In here you'll encounter several Quad
    drones, so be careful. Make your way through the room, fighting off the
    Quads, until you reach a portal. Scan the thing and enter the portal. In
    Culling Chamber, go through the room, fighting the Warrior Ing, until you
    see a wall that was in the Light World, but just isn't here in the Dark
    World. Go over there and through the Dark Door to get to an elevator room.
    Scan the pole to activate the elevator, so step in. Take the elevator to
    the top and head through the dark door.
    In here you'll find a large gap with a grapple point and a ton of
    Nightbarbs. Kill the Nightbarbs and grapple across. Now turn around and
    switch on the Dark Visor. A few dots will light up; get your Seeker
    Missiles ready and fire at the dots to open up the portal. Step in. Back
    in the Light World, go through the door right in front of you. Use your
    Dark Beam on the drones that are definitely copies of Scatter Bombus from
    Prime, and roll under the floor, avoiding the Mechlops, which are obvious
    copies of Prime's Triclops. Go through the Dark Door on the other side and
    enter the room known as Main Gyro Chamber.
    There is a morph ball tunnel in the wall on the right; roll and bomb
    through it. Eventually you'll reach an open area. Roll across and into a
    new area with a bomb slot. Bomb into the bomb slot and the puzzle will
    appear. The puzzle goes: up-left, up-right, lower-left, lower-right. After
    doing the puzzle, it'll disappear and a new bomb slot will rise. Bomb that
    one and watch a ring in the center of the room stop moving. After the bomb
    slot releases you, go through the missile door and save.
    After saving, head back out and go through the morph ball tunnel you
    entered this part with. When you reach the point where you can jump out to
    the ring in the center, unmorph and jump out to the ring in the center.
    Walk across the ring until you reach another area with a morph ball hole.
    Jump on that and morph, then roll through the tunnel and unmorph on the
    other side. Turn the spinner with the Boost Ball and scan the pole to
    activate the elevator. Take the elevator up and at the top, go through the
    Before jumping off the ledge, switch on the Dark Visor, target, and shoot
    the four red dots with the Seeker Missiles. This activates a morph ball
    cannon in the center of the room. Now jump down and a Quad will fall down.
    Luckily, it'll land right on top of the cannon, so morph and roll in to
    instantly kill the Quad. The cannon will shoot you back up, so hop back
    down and go through the door.
    In Sanctuary Temple, you'll see two Quads. Drop down and some Ing clouds
    will appear through a portal and possess the Quads. Although they're now
    Dark Quads, they're just as easy to defeat as the normal Quads. After
    they're gone, find the lowest platform going up the room and DBJ onto it.
    Now walk to the end and grapple to the next one. Finally, end by DBJing
    from the end of this one to the highest platform. Grapple across to the
    door that isn't behind a translator door.
    Go through the access room and scan the thing to activate the dead Luminoth
    who talks and talks about Sanctuary, then gives you the Cobalt Translator
    4eb. Spider Guardian and the Spider Ball
    Leave the Luminoth and grapple back to the center platform in the temple.
    Turn towards the translator door and grapple to the platform. Then scan it
    and go through the door it conceals. In the next room you'll find a giant
    gap. Jump down to the lowest platform and turn to face the last platform to
    see something. Scan this something to activate the morph ball cannon on the
    platform. DBJ up and enter the cannon to be blasted to the other side. Go
    through the door to end up in Spider Guardian's room.
    Before I cover this boss fight, you should know that the entire Spider
    Guardian fight takes place in a series of morph ball tunnels in morph ball
    mode. As so, Spider Guardian will be rolling through the tunnels, and if he
    hits you, he can hurt you. To avoid getting hit, there are certain "safe
    spots" throughout the arena. These safe spots either dip down or slope up.
    If Spidey is traveling above you, find a safe spot that dips down. If he
    travels below you, find one that slopes up, On the other hand, you can be
    safe over a dip-down safe zone or below a slope-up safe zone if Spidey
    travels through those. That said, onto the fight.
    Roll into the morph ball tunnel and after the cutscene, we'll take Part 1.
    Roll to the right and bomb jump up and to the left. Stay here and lay bombs
    in Spider Guardian's path. If you can't get the bomb slot to activate the
    first time, take the hit and try again. When the bomb slot's active, bomb
    jump to the left and then to the right, then left, then right. Roll right
    and drop down, then roll right and bomb jump to the next platform. Drop down
    on the right, then drop down on the left, roll right, and bomb jump into the
    bomb slot. Activate it, and then wait in front of it for Spidey to get hurt.
    That concludes part 1.
    Part 2: Roll right after Spidey and drop down. Start boosting with the
    half-pipe to try to get in Spidey's path and lay bombs. When Spidey's
    stunned, the bomb slot will activate, so boost up the left, drop down on the
    right, and bomb the slot. Let Spidey get hurt and boost up the right. We
    will now cover part 3.
    Part 3: Roll after Spidey again and drop down, then roll right and drop down
    again into a large half-pipe. Once again, use it to lay bombs in Spidey's
    path. When you've stunned Spidey and activated the bomb slot, boost up the
    left and roll right. Drop down and roll left, drop down again, roll right,
    drop down and roll left, and activate the bomb slot. Let Spidey get hurt and
    boost up the left, roll right, drop down, and roll right, chasing Spidey.
    Part 4: Spidey will take a different path than you, but he'll end up in the
    same spot. Boost or bomb your way past the boxes, picking up health if
    needed, and drop down again. Keep dropping until you reach a much larger
    area. When you reach the much larger area, roll left and bomb up the second
    hole in the ceiling. Roll left to the bomb slot and activate it. Spidey will
    soon enough get hurt, but this isn't the end of Part 4, as Part 4 has a
    mighty three electric thingies that hurt Spidey. When he's been hurt, roll
    back to the slot (assuming you left) and bomb it again. Roll right and drop
    down, then bomb back up, but to the right. Bomb up and roll right, and bomb
    the slot. Now wait for Spidey to spider his way over to the next electric
    generator and hurt himself.
    Stun Spidey and bomb the last two slots you bombed and make your way to the
    last bomb jump before the bomb jump into the slot. Bomb jump left instead of
    right and position yourself here, then bomb jump up and to the left. Roll
    left and activate the final bomb slot. Spidey will travel the maze of tracks
    and destroy the final electric generator, and in the process destroying
    himself. The Ing that had possessed him fly through the tunnel and make the
    Spider Ball appear in front of a power bomb door.
    Roll through the tunnel and look at your new upgrade. When you're done, get
    it. After all, that's what they're there for.
    4ec. Power Bomb Guardian and the Power Bombs
    Leave the Spider Ball's little area and use the Spider Ball to get out of
    the room. Take the spider tracks up where Spider Guardian took a different
    path then you did and roll through a tunnel to a missile expansion. When
    you get out, you'll be back in the main part of Dynamo Works. Turn to the
    door closer to you and go through.
    Go all the way through Sanctuary until you reach Sanctuary Entrance. One
    small detour you may want to take is through Hall of Combat Mastery for a
    missile expansion. When you reach Sanctuary Entrance, a cutscene will take
    place showing Dark Samus destroying the large bridge. Roll around the other
    side to find some spider ball tracks and take them up. Use the spider ball
    and the boost ball to cross the no-longer-existing bridge. When you reach
    the other side, go through the door and go through the tunnels until you
    reach the elevator, where you should go back to Temple Grounds.
    Back in Temple Grounds, make your way all the way back to Torvus. There
    isn't much no-SJ stuff required, so I won't go into detail about it, but
    you'll need to go through the Great Temple. When you're back in Torvus, you
    may want to save before this next part. Jump and roll through Torvus until
    you're back in Lower Torvus. When you're back, jump down and go back to the
    room where you fought the Alpha Blogg. Opposite the door leading to the
    room with Gravity Boost are some spider ball tracks; take them up and enter
    the portal.
    When you come out of the portal, prepare for the next boss fight.
    After the cutscene showing the plant-like Power Bomb Guardian, roll over to
    the wall and circle it until you find the spider ball tracks. Take them up
    and roll and drop and bomb your way through the spider ball tracks. The aim
    is to get to the bomb slots circling the room. Start with the two farthest
    from where you started and go around to the closest ones, as with more bomb
    slots, the power bombs Powey throws at you will be thrown faster and faster,
    making it harder to make your way through the room. In addition to this,
    Inglets are on the walls and they'll try to knock you off.
    When you finally bomb all four slots, something will fall from the ceiling
    and land on Powey, crushing him. Spider ball up and make your way onto this
    big bridge that fell on Powey. There, you'll find the power bomb upgrade.
    Grab it; you're gonna need it.
    4ed. Dark Samus and the Echo Visor
    Use the power bombs to open up the doors and make your way up to Undertemple
    Shaft. When you're back in here, climb up and go through the door to Crypt.
    Replenish your power bomb supply so you have both of them back and take the
    portal to Gathering Hall. When you're in there, use one of your power bombs
    on the large glass in the center of the room. Then fall down and use the
    second one on the plug. The room will drain. Use the half-pipe to latch onto
    the spider ball tracks on one side of the room and take them across to
    activate a bomb slot. Then fall and repeat on the other side. When you're
    done, a missile expansion will become available. Jump up the platforms and
    grab it.
    Now head through the rooms until you're in Training Chamber. Spiderball and
    boost up the tracks until you're in front of the bomb slot in the statue and
    bomb it to move the statue. Drop down and grab the missile expansion it was
    concealing and roll behind it. Go through the door to reach a hallway. Go
    through the hallway and at the other end you'll find an elevator back to
    When you're back, Power Bomb through the doors until you reach the room
    known as Main Research. In here, eliminate the Rezbits with the dark-charge
    shot + missile combo and find the spiderball tracks with obstacles over
    them. Take those up and take them to the end, avoiding the obstacles, until
    you reach the missile expansion at the top. Grab it and drop down, then take
    the other set of tracks to a door. Go through the door, of course.
    You'll be in Transit Station. Power bomb the glass and enter the portal. In
    the Dark World, stand there a second, and a Dark Ingsmasher will break
    through some glass, similar to the Elite Pirates from the original Prime.
    Either fight this creature or ignore it and run through the glass it just
    broke, your choice. In either case, go through the portal. From here on, use
    three of your items to make it to a Power Bomb expansion: Dark Beam, Light
    Beam, and Spiderball. These upgrades are needed because you need to do a
    spiderball maze while constantly switching between the Dark and Light
    When you finally have the power bomb, drop down and go through the other
    door back to find yourself in the familiar room Reactor Core. From here, it
    should be easy enough to make your own way over to Main Gyro Chamber. When
    you get here, save and take up the elevator that you used to get to
    Sanctuary Temple. When you reach the top, though, instead of going to
    Sanctuary Temple, power bomb the crates in the corner. This will reveal a
    hidden bomb slot. Activate the bomb slot and a puzzle will appear on the
    glass. This puzzle is the same kind of puzzle as the one you encountered
    in your first visit to this room. The only difference is the preset location
    of the circles. You should still be able to figure it out yourself, though.
    When the puzzle's complete, another bomb slot will rise up. Bomb that one
    and the second large ring in the center will stop rotating. Go back out to
    this large ring and you'll notice a spiderball track running around the
    entire ring. Morph and go to the side you can access. If the track isn't
    open, roll to the other side, where it is. Spiderball up the ring. When you
    reach the edge, boost off the ring. You should go flying through some glass
    and land in front of a power bomb door. If you fell off without flying
    through the glass, try again, but boost a little earlier.
    Power bomb the door and go through it. You'll be in a room with the "Dark
    Samus is nearby" music playing. This room has some glass in the wall, and
    you can observe Dark Samus absorbing some Phazon. Continue to watch and a
    few pirates appear. They'll start to attack Dark Samus, but the dark hunter
    takes them out. Dark Samus then continues to absorb Phazon. Walk to the
    right and observe the door's slowness. When you get through, blast the
    crates and get health, missiles, and ammo (especially Dark ammo). When your
    supplies are full, go through the other door to learn Dark Samus has left.
    Go through the door that you no doubt saw behind Dark Samus to find him
    once again absorbing Phazon. Walk forward.
    Dark Samus hits the elevator's control device once he knows you're there.
    The elevator starts to rise and you'll once again be fighting Dark Samus.
    You should remember this fight from the first time you fought Dark Samus.
    The music's the same and Dark Samus's looks and moves really haven't changed
    that much either; the only difference is the arena and the fact that Dark
    Samus has a few new moves to show you. The first one you'll recognize from
    your fight with Boost Guardian: Dark Samus now has a morph ball complete
    with the Boost Ball. Another new move is the ability to turn invisible to
    everything but the Dark Visor. Still, you can avoid the attacks. Simply jump
    over the Boost Ball and turn on the Dark Visor when Dark Samus turns
    Your item of choice should be the Dark Beam. It doesn't seem right, but the
    Dark Beam does more damage to Dark Samus than any other item, so go get it
    out. After you damage Dark Samus enough, the elevator will arrive at the
    top, and you'll continue your battle there. Though you're in a different
    spot, the battle still goes the same way it did before. Eventually, Dark
    Samus's health reaches zero and you've won the fight.
    Dark Samus will now jump out a window in this extremely tall tower.
    Carefully jump out after her, but be sure to land on a ledge just outside
    the now-broken glass. Now walk along the ledge and enter the Dark World
    through the portal you'll find back here.
    In the Dark World, walk back and spiderball up the track you'll find here.
    Now roll around until you find a spinner and use it until you can't use it
    anymore. Spiderball up the other tracks that you just turned with the
    spinner. Halfway through, you'll need to boost to the other side of the
    tracks, so remember that. When you reach the edge, you'll normally boost off
    the tracks and jump over to the portal. One problem there: without Space
    Jump, you can't make the jump to the portal. So instead, go to the end of
    the track. Here, lay a bomb jump to bomb jump up to the portal. Now go
    through it.
    Back in the Light World, you'll be at the top of the room. Notice that there
    are two platforms that extend from the platform you're on. Jump onto either
    and position yourself at the edge that's facing the platform holding the 
    Echo Visor. Look down and at the elevator and switch on your scan visor. The
    entire elevator will be blue; lock onto it and dash to the ledge holding the
    Echo Visor. Now just grab your new item.
    4ee. Screw Attack
    Jump off the ledge with the Echo Visor and turn on your new visor. Find the
    things that are sending a signal to the elevator and shoot them. After doing
    so, the elevator will activate. Step into it. The cutscene that now takes
    place is surprisingly the same cutscene that takes place on normal elevators
    between areas. When you reach the bottom, go through the door.
    In Checkpoint Station, you'll get the message "All doors locked". Switch on
    the Echo Visor to find a thing hanging from the ceiling that you couldn't
    see without the Echo Visor. This thing is sending a signal to the doors.
    Shoot it and you'll get the message "All doors unlocked". Go back through
    the slow doors and back out to Main Gyro Chamber. In Main Gyro Chamber, save
    your game. We aren't at the hardest part of getting Screw Attack, but you
    wouldn't want to risk a death and have to redo the Dark Samus fight.
    Go back through the dark door and down through Hall of Combat Mastery. Keep
    going back the way you originally entered Sanctuary until you reach Reactor
    Core. Here, go through the door on the other side of the room. Walk through
    Transit Station, and you'll find yourself in Main Research. In here, take
    care of the Rezbits with the dark beam + missile combo and switch on the
    Echo Visor. Shoot the transmitters here to find a hidden portal.
    ***IMPORTANT NOTE! The original version of Metroid Prime 2, which is the
    version you should be using, has a game-killing glitch in this room! If you
    shoot only one or two of the transmitters and leave the room, when you come
    back, all three will be gone, but the door will not be opened! The way to
    solve this normally would be a roll jump or dash jump across Watch Station
    Access, but that requires Space Jump. Triggering this glitch without Space
    Jump, however, would require you to restart the game. I don't know why you'd
    want to shoot one or two and leave, though, but just in case, this note is
    Enter the Dark World with the portal. In Staging Area, the Dark World
    version of Main Research, switch the Dark Visor on so you'll have a constant
    lock-on on the Hunter Ing. When they're gone, switch the Echo Visor on and
    shoot more of the sonic locks. When they've been shot, another door will
    raise, revealing a pole. Scan this pole to raise the entire center area of
    the room. Jump down to find another light portal. Enter it and come back to
    the Light World. Back there, spiderball up the tracks to find a robot that
    is considered a miniboss, not a boss, thus doesn't deserve the "BOSS - " in
    front of it's name, and since I've never used "MINIBOSS - " in front of
    miniboss names, there is nothing special this miniboss gets.
    Morph and spiderball up the tracks. The floor will raise and you're in the
    fight. The fight is simple, really; just spiderball around. When the 
    miniboss brings out a weapon and tries to hit you with it, use the boost 
    ball to jump to the other side of the tracks. When a pole comes down, boost 
    into it, and eventually a larger pole will appear in the center. Boost into 
    that to hurt the Caretaker Drone (I didn't mention that's its name yet?) and
    make it go up one level. Chase it until you've destroyed it.
    Congratulations: you now have access to a door leading to an elevator.
    In the elevator room, you'll find it actually isn't an elevator, but a bunch
    of morph ball cannons that I don't understand, since they shoot you through
    the ceiling while the camera's at an angle where you can't tell you're being
    shot through the ceiling. As soon as you get in, a glass case will
    immediately lower over the first morph ball cannon and you'll hear the
    sonic transmitter noise. Switch on the Echo Visor and shoot it, morph, and
    enter the cannon. When you've been shot to the top, you'll see some morph
    ball tunnels that lead back down. Roll into one of them to get into a series
    of tunnels that lead to the bottom. Close to the bottom, you'll see a
    missile expansion. If you took the right hole, you'll end up falling onto
    it. If you didn't, just do two DBJs up to the missile. Now roll out and take
    the morph ball cannons back up and enter Watch Station.
    In here, you'll see two Rezbits floating around. Kill them and go around to
    the other side of the room where there's a spiderball track. Bomb jump onto
    the track and take it until you reach a spot where it can go either up or
    in the direction you're already going. Go up and eventually you'll reach the
    end of the track. Let go, and you'll fall onto a platform that holds a morph
    ball cannon. Roll into it to have it shoot you over across the room into a
    whole mess of tracks. Once you hit the plate that's always letting you out
    of the air, immediately start holding R, for you'll fall right onto some
    spiderball tracks. Well, not actually on, but next to them, and if you
    aren't holding R, you'll fall down. Take the track over until you reach a
    large wheel with a track on it that's rotating.
    Bomb onto the wheel and stop moving. The wheel will move you to some harmful
    red... stuff which I don't know what it is. Before you reach the stuff,
    though, there's a pair of red poles that'll be under and above the morph
    ball. As soon as you pass through these poles, lay a bomb STILL NOT MOVING,
    and you'll bomb safely to the next piece of track. There's another wheel
    soon (IIRC, you bomb right onto it) which you should do the same thing on.
    Keep going until you reach a flat track. Here, there are two options. The
    first is to go down to a bomb slot. The other is to keep going on the track
    until you reach a beam ammo expansion and then to drop down and start over
    until you get back here and have to go down to the bomb slot. I recommend
    option 2 unless you don't feel like getting the beam ammo expansion, in
    which case I recommend option 1. When you've bombed the slot, the big wall
    blocking the portal will move and you'll be able to enter it. But you
    shouldn't enter it just yet.
    Go over to the light door that's on the right if you face the portal. Jump
    on the fence, and then jump to the ledge (that works on the other side of
    the room and I think it works here, but if it doesn't, just do a DBJ up).
    Go through the door and you'll be in Watch Station Access. There's a pole
    and an energy tank; get the tank and scan the pole to lower some grapple
    points. Grapple across and go through the door on the other side to end up
    back in Main Gyro Chamber. Go save; we're about to do the hardest part of
    Screw Attack without Space Jump, and you might not want to have to redo all
    that if you mess up.
    When you've saved, go back to Watch Station and go through the portal. In
    Aerial Training Site, a pair of Dark Pirate Commandos will appear. They
    won't lock the doors, though, so whether or not you fight them is your
    choice. Whatever you've decided, when you've done it go to the door on the
    right. Jump on the fence and then jump on the ledge. Go through the door and
    observe the room of Judgement Drop. There are tons of Dark Preeds, so shoot
    them all. Now use the grapple points to grapple across the room. When you're
    at the other side, jump down to the ledge underneath this ledge and go
    through the portal.
    In Grand Abyss, you have two options. Either DBJ onto the floating platform
    and then onto the ledge above you, or DBJ onto the fence and reverse morph
    onto the platform. This is the first time I've mentioned Reverse Morphs, so
    if you don't know what I'm talking about, go look them up in the Techniques
    section. In any case, when you've reached the top, go through the door up
    here to reach Vault: the stopping point for a few weeks or a month or
    something like that.
    A Rezbit will be right in front of you, but it hasn't noticed you yet. Kill
    it and stand on the edge of the bridge. Switch on the scan visor and look
    down. You'll see a pole down there. Scan it and the bridge will lower. You
    can now access the portal, but: IMPORTANT! DO NOT GO IN UNTIL AFTER THE
    In the Dark World, grapple across the room. At the other end, refill health
    in the safe zone if needed, and if you're going for scans, scan the Dark War
    Wasps here, since this is the only room in the game you'll find them. When
    you're ready, go through the portal back to the Light World. In here, you'll
    have a choice of which side to do first. Choose a side and switch on the
    Dark Beam. Now, Vault is set like this:
     __                      __
    |S2|       |PORTAL|     |S2|
     ¯¯        |______|      ¯¯
     __          ____        __
    |PC|        |    |      |PC|
     ¯¯         | SA |       ¯¯
     __         |____|       __
    |PB| Left         Right |PB|
     ¯¯  Side         Side   ¯¯
     __   __            __   __
    |S1| |PA| |¯¯¯¯¯¯| |PA| |S1|
     ¯¯   ¯¯  |PORTAL|  ¯¯   ¯¯
    Obviously, PORTAL is the portal on either side of Vault. SA is Screw Attack
    in the center. PA is Platform A, PB is Platform B, PC is Platform C, S1 is
    Spinner 1, and finally, S2 is Spinner 2. Reverse morph onto Platform A and
    the Rezbit on Platform B wakes up. Kill it (that's why I had you switch on
    the Dark Beam before you did the reverse morph) and reverse morph onto
    Spinner 1. Morph and spin the spinner. Now roll out of the spinner and roll
    jump in the direction of Platform B. Make it good enough to hit the side of
    the platform, but don't make it good enough to make it on. The result is the
    Platform C Rezbit wakes up, which you SHOULD NOT kill.
    Stand on Spinner 1 and watch the Rezbit. It'll quickly move toward you. When
    it tries to hit you with the laser, it's moved enough. Lock onto Spinner 1
    on the other side of the room and dash off it without removing the lock. You
    should end up safely on Platform B. Now this next part might be a little
    tricky: stand on the edge of Platform B and completely scan the center
    structure. Now dash off it. When you're ready, release the lock and put the
    control stick in a position where you're holding down and whatever
    direction is away from Platform C. When you think you're right about right
    next to Platform C, morph. The result is a reverse morph and you should end
    up on Platform C if you did it right. If you aren't on Platform C, try
    again; it's hard, but not impossible.
    Now stand on the edge of the platform and face the center structure. Keep 
    an eye on the Rezbit. Stand there and wait. Eventually, the Rezbit will 
    start its laser attack. Hopefully (I think it depends on which side you're 
    on), the Rezbit's laser will start in front of you and move toward you. As
    soon as it touches you, dash off the center structure to the left. When
    you're ready, lose the lock and push down as well as the direction away from
    Spinner 2. When you think you're next to the platform, morph. This reverse
    morph is different from others; you'll get an instant morph and fall down.
    But it still works, and if you did it right, you'll end up on Spinner 2.
    Here, kill the Rezbit and turn the spinner. Dash and reverse morph your way
    back to platform B. Now face the portal on the lower side of my diagram and
    lock onto the circle. Jump off the platform and while you're in the air,
    your lock will be complete and the portal will activate. The terminal fall
    will take place during the cutscene, but you won't lose any health. When the
    cutscene's over, you'll be back on platform B. Jump into the terminal fall
    and you'll respawn in front of the portal. Now just repeat on the other
    side of the room.
    Odds are you're confused about what's been going on ever since you got into
    Grand Abyss through the Judgement Drop portal, so let me take a moment to
    explain how and why all of this works. First, I'll explain reverse morphs.
    Now, when you're unmorphed, you have a first person view, correct? Well,
    Samus is not actually there. Instead, her gun and her arm are there,
    floating in midair next to the camera. When you morph or Screw Attack, the
    camera zooms out and unloads the cannon and the arm, and loads the model of
    Samus. It then makes her morph and you have control of the morph ball. When
    you unmorph, the game makes Samus unmorph and zooms in so you're back in
    first person mode. What does all this have to do with the reverse morph?
    Well, I'm going to explain that now.
    When you move back and morph, the camera will move back in whatever
    direction you already moving, since it moves back so the camera isn't right
    next to the morph ball. Then you fall into the terminal fall. The camera
    tries to follow the morph ball, but since it's moved back, it's over the
    ledge you're trying to make it on and it's pushing against the ledge. In
    first person mode, you'd be standing right here. Thus, the game assumes
    you're standing on the platform and respawns Samus there on the platform.
    Next is the portal trick. The portal trick is what I described three
    paragraphs up that you use to make it back to the portal after turning
    spinner 2. This works because the game doesn't think you'll be close enough
    to activate the portal unless you're standing on the portal platform. When
    you activate the portal, the game assumes you're standing on the platform,
    and sets Samus so a terminal fall will respawn her there. As long as the
    portal is going, the game thinks you're standing on the platform, so if you
    jump into the terminal fall, it'll put you there.
    Finally, there's the dash you made to reach Spinner 2. Normally, you would
    not be able to make this dash. So what made you reach it? The Rezbit's
    laser, of course! Now, what happens there is when the Rezbit's laser hits
    you, it's supposed to knock you a distance. It doesn't actually set Samus's
    x or y counter to this; instead, it adds to this counter, so Samus won't
    slow down if she's already moving. A scan dash adds distance; the Rezbit's
    laser adds to it so you're moving so fast by the time you morph, you're at
    the platform's side.
    Now, back to the no-SJ game. When you've moved all four spinners, go back
    into the portal and grapple across back to the other side of Vault. Walk
    across the bridge and bomb jump up to the bomb slot. Now bomb into the slot
    and activate it. All four spinners now will send a laser to the center
    structure, causing the entire thing to be lifted up, the Screw Attack's cage
    included. The platform you're on will raise so you're right in front of
    Screw Attack. Walk forward and get it.
    4ef. Ing Hive Temple Keys
    Well, you have Screw Attack now. Screw Attack across the room back to the
    door you entered with. Go through the door and enter Grand Abyss. In here,
    Screw Attack across the room, for this is thankfully one of the few spots
    Screw Attack actually works without Space Jump. Keep going, killing the
    pirates in Watch Station with three missiles or uncharged Dark Beam shots,
    until you Main Gyro Chamber. On the way, remember not to try to Screw
    Attack, since it doesn't work everywhere and you might fall into a terminal
    fall. If you have under 10 energy after Vault, you'll die after a fall down
    there, and you wouldn't want to have to redo Vault.
    When you're back in Main Gyro Chamber, go and save. Now it's time to get the
    keys to the Ing Hive temple. To start, head to Hall of Combat Mastery and
    enter the Dark World. There's a very short spiderball maze here; take it to
    reach the key. When you have it, go to the light world and head to Watch
    Station. Here, go to the Dark World. This is where it starts to get tricky.
    Stand on the edge of the platform in front of Judgement Drop. If you want,
    you can Screw Attack from here to the missile expansion, but after you get
    it (if you do), turn to face the key. Jump toward it and hit B two more
    times to activate Screw Attack. This is one of the spots where Screw Attack
    actually works, so Screw Attack over and land on the "cage" around the key.
    Careful, though, since there's a spot where the wall has a slight bump, and
    it extends farther then you can see, so aim for as close to the edge of the
    cage as you can.
    Now you're standing on the cage. Look down and you'll be able to see the
    pole and the key. Walk over to the right so you're lined up with the pole
    and switch on the scan visor. Look down and you should see a small sliver of
    blue on the pole. If you don't, move to the right a little more. When you
    can see it, immediately lock onto it and scan it. When you're finished, the
    "cage" will disappear beneath your feet and you'll fall down onto the key.
    Grab it. Now, AFAIK, you can't get back to the main part of Aerial Training
    Site, though you might if you stand on the pole, so go through the door and
    drop down the huge wall jump room that you couldn't have wall jumped up
    without Space Jump which is why you did the trick on the cage.
    Go out the door at the bottom to end up back in Staging Area. Jump down and
    go back to the Light World through the portal you first entered this room
    through. Back in the Light World, go to Dynamo Works and go through the
    portal here. In the Dark World, go through the door right in front of you to
    end up in a small room with some Echo transmitters and a Warrior Ing. The
    Ing will fall right onto a beacon, so shoot it with the light beam as soon
    as you see it to take care of the Ing quickly. Turn on the Echo Visor and
    hit the locks to open the echo door. Go through to end up in Hive Gyro
    Chamber, the dark world version of Main Gyro Chamber.
    Jump to the bottom of the room and morph. Spiderball up the track until you
    reach a large spiderball sphere. Roll up the sphere, avoiding the tentacles,
    until you reach the top, where there's another track. Take it up to end up
    in a circle of spiderball track, where you should boost across to the other
    end to get the key in the middle. You now have all the Ing Hive temple keys.
    4eg. Quadraxis and the Annihilator Beam
    Drop down onto one of the ledges surrounding the sphere and use the map to
    locate the location of the save station in the Light World. Boost off the
    sphere to where it is in the Dark World and go through to find a save
    station, just like in the Light World. Enter it and save. Now go back out
    and get back on the sphere. Find the location of your battle with Dark Samus
    in the light world and boost to that location in the Dark World. Checkpoint
    Station is a room with Warrior Ing in the Dark World, so kill them. But the
    room where your Dark Samus battle started is now an ammo station. Refill
    your ammo and go back out to Hive Dynamo Works.
    Find the location of the door to Sanctuary Temple in the Light World and
    boost up there in the Light World. Go through the door. In the next room,
    step into the light to remove the barrier blocking you from entering Ing
    Hive Temple. The barrier gone, refill your health in the safe zone if you
    need to and go through the door in the other end. In Ing Hive Temple, take
    the elevator down or jump off the ledge if you want and walk forward to
    activate a cutscene.
    You've seen him in the Light World; now in the Dark World. Quadraxis is a
    giant Quad robot, and when I say you've seen him in the Light World, I mean
    that his legs are scattered through Sanctuary Temple. The first phase of
    your fight with Quadraxis goes like this:
    First, Quaddy's attacks are the ability to spin around and try to pull you
    in to a collision with Quaddy's quickly-rotating legs, which'll hurt.
    Another attack is trying to step on you. Finally, Quaddy can lock onto you
    and try to shoot you with the Annihilator Beam. There are ways to get around
    each of these. When Quaddy starts spinning, morph and try to boost to the
    left or right of Quaddy. The result is you'll go flying at an extremely high
    speed past Quaddy. Quaddy will then stop spinning. When Quaddy tries to step
    on you, get out of the way. And when Quaddy locks onto you (which it'll tell
    you), morph and boost to make him lose the lock-on.
    Now for your attacks. The blue circle on each of Quaddy's legs will, one at
    a time, change from gray to blue. Always target the blue legs and hit it
    with charged Light Beam shots and Super Missiles. When Quaddy's leg breaks
    and Quaddy falls down, showering you in energy and missiles, you've
    destroyed the leg. Move on to the other three. If you get low on health, you
    can morph and boost into Quaddy's foot to get an ultra energy. Repeat until
    you're in phase 2 of the Quaddy fight.
    In Phase 2, Quaddy is invincible, surrounded by a blue shield. The attacks
    are to shoot you with the Annihilator Beam or a charged Annihilator Beam
    shot. Turn on the Echo Visor and you'll see that an antenna on Quaddy's
    destroyed body is sending data to the head. Shoot the antenna until it goes
    down and look at Quaddy's floating head. The shield is gone and you can see
    three antennas emerging from it. Lock on and shoot one of these. Eventually
    you'll break it and Quaddy will return to normal and summon a Dark Quad.
    Repeat until you've destroyed all three and you're in the third and final
    phase of the Quaddy fight.
    In Phase 3, the glass on Quaddy's head has been broken, along with the glass
    on the spiderball tracks on each of Quaddy's legs. What to do is to shoot
    Quaddy's head while avoiding the attacks until you've stunned it. Quaddy
    will then float in a random direction. Wait to see which direction and
    quickly roll to one of the legs Quaddy is floating toward. Spiderball to the
    top and charge a boost while waiting. If you chose the right one,
    eventually, Quaddy will float past you. Release the boost while still
    holding R to fly onto Quaddy's head, where you'll find two bomb slots.
    Choose one and bomb it, then repeat for the other slot to kill Quaddy.
    Quaddy left you the Annihilator Beam. Go get it.
    4eh. Returning the Sanctuary Energy
    After you get the Annihilator Beam, a large structure will rise up in the
    center. It has a spiderball track running up it. Morph and go up the track.
    When you reach the top, use the map to find the location of the energy
    controller and Screw Attack over to it. Luckily, this is also one of the few
    spots where Screw Attack actually works, so you shouldn't have any problems.
    Go until you have the energy that goes to the Sanctuary Fortress and leave.
    From here, you're on your own. Go return the Sanctuary energy at Sanctuary
    Temple, getting any items you want, and leave Sanctuary.
    4f. The Sky Temple
    4fa. U-Mos and the Light Suit
    Head to the Great Temple and visit U-Mos. When you get there, listen to
    U-Mos's little speech. At the end of it, he'll give you the Light Suit. Go
    ahead, get it.
    4fb. Agon Wastes Sky Temple Keys
    The Light Suit gives you complete invulnerability to the Dark World
    environment, as well as giving you the ability to travel through beams of
    light. The energy controllers turn into transports between the areas,
    including the one in the room you're in right now. Step in and select Agon
    4fba. Battlegrounds
    When you arrive in the Agon energy controller room, this should be familiar.
    Make your way through the familiar rooms until you reach Command Center.
    Remember it? It's that room in the Space Pirate base that has the first
    portal you ever used (the second in a getting-Space Jump game). Go through
    the portal now and head through the door directly in front of you. Keep
    going until you reach Battlegrounds. When you're here, it may help to get
    rid of the Warrior Ing here. Make your way to the right side of the room and
    find the spot where the wall juts out a little. Morph here and 3BSJ to the
    top of the ledge. Now turn on your Dark Visor and you'll see a ton of red
    moving platforms that were invisible to you before. Jump across them. The
    only tricky one is the final one, which is too high for you to jump up to.
    Notice the Bladepod. Walk away from it a bit and morph. Lay a DBJ and land
    on the Bladepod. Make sure not to do it too close, or you'll destroy the
    Bladepod. Now jump onto the final platform and shoot the Flying Ing Cache.
    Now you can switch off your Dark Visor and finish it off. Jump up and get
    the Sky Temple key it left behind.
    4fbb. Dark Oasis
    From Battlegrounds, go back out to Doomed Entry and go along the path you
    took originally until you reach Dark Oasis, the room with the Light World
    portal. Use a power bomb to destroy the powerbombable blocks (use the ammo
    station on the left if you don't have any) and drop down into the water.
    Turn on the Dark Visor and look around for a Flying Ing Cache. Destroy it
    and get the key. But you aren't done yet; now you have to get out. DBJ up
    to the ledge in the center of the water and turn the Dark Visor back on for
    a constant lock-on on the Inglets. Kill them all and turn it off. Now look
    at the center of the ledge and turn to the right. What you have to do is
    Screw Attack at a spot somewhere to the right of the center. I don't know
    the exact spot, so experiment with this until you find it. When you do,
    you'll land safely. Go save in Hall of Stairs if you want.
    4fc. Torvus Bog Sky Temple Keys
    4fca. Dungeon
    Head back to the Agon energy controller and select Torvus Bog this time.
    When you're back in familiar Torvus, head to Dungeon. Now, you probably
    haven't been to Dungeon before, due to the route we took to the Grapple
    Beam, so let me tell you how to reach it. Go to Catacombs in Lower Torvus
    and use Gravity Boost to reach an underwater bomb slot. This lowers the cage
    around the portal. Now do a 3BJ onto the platform that holds the portal and
    go in. You'll come out in Dungeon.
    Don't make the same mistake I did here. Kill both Dark Grenchlers BEFORE you
    go into the water. If you don't, they'll make it really hard to get out.
    It's possible to lure them in and kill them there, but it's easier to kill
    them before you go in. Now jump in the water and you'll find creatures that
    are ONLY found in Dungeon, like the Dark Grenchlers are also only found in
    Dungeon and Dark War Wasps are only found in Vault Attack Portal. Use the
    Safe Zone above them to make them move from the hole. Morph and roll
    through, and repeat on the next one. When you've passed two of them, turn on
    the Dark Visor and find the Ing Cache and destroy it for the key. Then go
    back, reactivating the safe zones if necessary, and DBJ up to the ledge.
    Now it's sorta hard; you have to do a one bomb BSJ up to the ledge you
    jumped off of. It's hard, so try again if you don't get it right away.
    4fcb. Poisoned Bog
    Go to Poisoned Bog. If you've followed my walkthrough, you've been here;
    it's the room right next to the Dark Torvus beam ammo expansion. Jump into
    the water here and go where there's a missile expansion in the Light World.
    Shoot the Flying Ing Cache here and get the key it leaves behind. To get
    out, DBJ onto the seemingly pointless ledge above water and then Screw
    Attack to one of the doors.
    4fd. Sanctuary Fortress Sky Temple Keys
    4fda. Hive Dynamo Works
    You know what to do; go back to the Torvus energy controller and have it
    send you over to Sanctuary. Once you're here, go back to the part of the
    area where you fought Spider Guardian. Go through the maze until you reach
    the part where you got the Spider Ball. Power bomb through the door and go
    through the portal back here.
    In the Dark World, roll through the tunnel and go up the spiderball track.
    Boost off it to land on a floating spiderball sphere. Roll onto the red
    circle and boost to the next sphere and repeat until you end up on the
    seemingly empty ledge on the other side of the room. Turn on the Dark Visor
    and blast the Flying Ing Cache for the key. There's no problem getting out;
    just take the spiderball spheres back.
    4fdb. Hive Entrance
    Go through the Hall of Combat Mastery portal and go to the Dark World. Go
    through the room to the door that, in the Light World, led to Reactor Core
    and eventually to Sanctuary Entrance. Go through to Hive Reactor Core and
    save, and then go through the door that, in the Light World, led to
    Sanctuary Entrance. Instead of Sanctuary Entrance, you'll end up in Hive
    Entrance. I'm sad to say this is where the no-SJ game ends. You can't get
    the Hive Entrance key because this is, unfortunately, one of the spots where
    Screw Attack does not work. There is no way across the room, no way to reach
    the key. Instead, I recommend you go get the Sky Temple keys in Temple
    Grounds and get the best percentage you can, then come back and search
    desperately for an answer to the puzzle that is Hive Entrance.
    4fe. Temple Grounds Sky Temple Keys
    4fea. Ing Reliquary
    If you went to Hive Entrance, get out by going to Hive Reactor Access and
    stand on the side with the ledge. Jump into the terminal fall to notice
    you're in midair instead of on the ground, quite unlike the other terminal
    falls. Jump in again and as soon as you can't get out, hold back on the
    control stick and start hitting B as fast as you can. It works because of
    the same reason the BSJ works, and you'll end up jumping into the tunnel.
    Now climb up Hive Reactor and return to the light world, and exit to Temple
    Back in Temple Grounds, go to Sacred Path. Jump to the top and go to the
    Dark World. In there, go the way you originally entered the Light World room
    and keep going. When you reach the Dark World version of GFMC Compound, go
    to the right and through the door. Keep going until you reach the Dark World
    version of Communication Area. From here, go to the end of the room and DBJ
    onto the pillar back there. Now DBJ up to the ledge and go around to the
    door at the top of the room. In here, switch on the Dark Visor and destroy
    the Flying Ing Cache. Get the key.
    4feb. Accursed Lake
    Go to Temple Assembly Site. There's a block with a dark crystal on it; shoot
    this with the Light Beam to reveal a portal. Go through it. In the Dark
    World, go to the left, through the Seeker door, and keep going until you get
    to the room Accursed Lake. Kill the Hunter Ing here and switch on the Dark
    Visor to find a Flying Ing Cache. Shoot it to get the key. You might have to
    3BJ up to the key if it's high enough. There should be no problems getting
    4fec. Defiled Shrine
    Go through the Hall of Eyes portal, but go in the direction away from
    Abandoned Base. In the dark world version of Service Access, go through the
    door that, in the Light World, led to Landing Site. Here, take care of the
    Warrior Ing and turn on the Dark Visor. Shoot the Flying Ing Cache and get
    the key. There shouldn't be any problems getting out; the only difference is
    that in the Dark World, you need one more DBJ than you did in the Light
    5. The Recorded No Space Jump Run
    Having trouble? Don't know where to do that BSJ? Think you're ghetto jumping
    on the wrong spot? Well, this should clear it all up for you! This is a
    no-Space Jump run I've been recording lately. As of right now, the run is
    stopped at lower Torvus, a segment where I plan on showing the way to do
    Grapple before Gravity Boost without Space Jump. The entire list of segments
    along with details of them can be found here:
    Many have been having trouble getting the files, and it may have something
    to do with being in the US or Europe; in other words, people in Europe might
    be able to download it, but people in the US might not. If you can't, don't
    e-mail me about it; this problem is already well-known and Millzy is trying
    to get everything sorted out. Until then, those who can download the run
    will enjoy watching it. If you don't feel like going there, here's a list:
    http://zeromission.co.uk/mr_potter/no_space_jump/part1.avi - Part 1
    http://zeromission.co.uk/mr_potter/no_space_jump/part2.avi - Part 2
    http://zeromission.co.uk/mr_potter/no_space_jump/part3.avi - Part 3
    http://zeromission.co.uk/mr_potter/no_space_jump/part4.avi - Part 4
    http://zeromission.co.uk/mr_potter/no_space_jump/part5.avi - Part 5
    http://zeromission.co.uk/mr_potter/no_space_jump/part6.avi - Part 6
    http://zeromission.co.uk/mr_potter/no_space_jump/part7.avi - Part 7
    http://zeromission.co.uk/mr_potter/no_space_jump/part8.avi - Part 8
    http://zeromission.co.uk/mr_potter/no_space_jump/part9.avi - Part 9
    http://zeromission.co.uk/mr_potter/no_space_jump/part10.avi - Part 10
    6. No Space Jump Forced Restarts
    There are certain situations in a No Space Jump game that, if you get
    yourself in them, require a restart. There are three levels for a restart.
    A Level 1 restart is simply that you must refresh the room by going two
    rooms away. A Level 2 restart requires that you reset from your last save. 
    Finally, in the event of a Level 3 restart, you must restart the entire
    game. Here I'll list every situation that would require a restart to take
    place. Remember, if you get a Level 2 restart, but instead of resetting
    you save, the situation changes to a Level 3 restart.
    1. Bioenergy Productions (Agon Wastes)
    Level 2 Restart
    If you do anything wrong at all in Bioenergy Productions, you're stuck at
    the bottom of the room. This isn't a real restart, since you can always do
    the really hard way to get to the top, but it's much easier to restart and
    try again.
    2. Doomed Entry (Dark Agon Wastes)
    Level 2 Restart
    You can't raise Doomed Entry at any time in the game. Doing so will prevent
    you from reaching the top of Doomed Entry, thus requiring a restart.
    3. Hall of Stairs (Dark Agon Wastes)
    Level 1 Restart
    If you fail the bomb jump to the top of the room, you must refresh the
    room to get the Bladepods to reappear.
    4. Forgotten Bridge (Torvus Bog)
    Level 3 Restart
    If you turn the bridge in Forgotten Bridge AT ANY TIME before collection
    of the Grapple Beam, you will be unable to reach the bottom part of Dark 
    Forgotten Bridge, and thus, you cannot ever reach Chykka. The only way to 
    fix this is to restart the entire game if you saved already, or to go get 
    Space Jump, which would ruin the whole purpose of skipping Space Jump.
    I'm sorry if you were following the guide before the second update and I
    told you to turn the bridge. When I wrote that this problem was
    not yet discovered. Restart the game, and very many apologies.
    5. Dark Torvus Temple (Dark Torvus Bog)
    Level 3 Restart
    If you reach Dark Torvus Temple and realize you forgot one of the Dark
    Temple keys (either the one after Alpha Blogg or the one after Boost
    Guardian. Forgetting the Venomous Pond key is fine, since it's right next
    to the temple) and you saved in Venomous Pond, you must restart the game,
    since to reach Venomous Pond you must turn the bridge, and if you forgot
    one of the keys you have to go back and get them. Returning to the Light
    World, however, will end up with you being stuck. You must restart the
    entire game.
    6. Dark Torvus Temple (Dark Torvus Bog)
    Level 2 Restart
    If you reach Chykka, you must get Floaty Jump. But if at any time in the
    battle you fall in the water and lose Floaty Jump, you must reset from the
    last save and try again. See the walkthrough for tips on defeating Chykka.
    7. Reactor Access (Sanctuary Fortress)
    Level 2 Restart
    If you kill the Rezbit or fail to land on its shield, the only way to try
    again is to reset from your last save.
    8. Reactor Access (Sanctuary Fortress)
    Level 3 Restart
    If you enter and leave Sanctuary before you get the spider ball, you'll have
    no way to get back in the fortress, thus triggering a restart.
    9. Main Research (Sanctuary Fortess)
    Level 3 Restart
    If you only shoot one or two of the echo transmitters in this room and
    leave the room, when you come back, all three will be gone and you'll have
    no way to open the door. The normal solution for this is to do the Early
    Screw Attack method to Watch Station, but since you don't have Space Jump,
    the only solution is to restart the game.
    10. Vault (Sanctuary Fortress)
    Level 2 Restart
    If you kill the Rezbit on Platform C on either side before turning spinner
    2, you must restart in order to get the Rezbit back.
    11. Vault (Sanctuary Fortress)
    Level 2 Restart
    If you stand on the bridge to scan the pole that lowers the bridge but go
    into the portal before the bridge finishes lowering, a glitch will happen.
    Everything will be fine for a little bit, but by the time you're ready to
    head back to the other side, when you get back, you'll find out the bridge
    is back up. Since it's back up, you have no way of getting back to Screw
    Attack, and thus you'll have no way of getting out of the room.
    12. Forgotten Bridge (Torvus Bog)
    Level 3 Restart
    Forgotten Bridge... again. If you don't turn the spinner with Floaty Jump,
    later, when you're going after the Poisoned Bog Sky Temple key, you'll be
    unable to reach it. You must restart the game so you can turn the spinner
    with Floaty Jump when you reach that point again.
    7. Items That Can Be Collected with No Space Jump
    Everything but one or two things in the missiles section is complete. I'll
    be fixing the missiles section shortly.
    Temple Grounds/Sky Temple Grounds
    -Missile Launcher (1%) (5 missiles)
    -Missile Launcher (2% (do the 101% glitch)) (10 missiles)
    -Temple Assembly Site (3%) (15 missiles)
    You can bomb jump or ghetto jump onto the pillar. From there, it's easy.
    -Elevator to Agon Wastes (4%) (20 missiles)
    -Hive Chamber A (5%) (25 missiles)
    -Hive Chamber B (6%) (30 missiles)
    -Communication Area (7%) (35 missiles)
    This one's a little hard. You'll need to bomb jump to the top of the room
    and bomb away the missile expansion's covering. What exactly you need to do
    escapes me at the moment, so just try your best to bomb jump up. IIRC, you
    must bomb jump onto the pillar, and then DBJ onto the ledge.
    -Plain of Dark Worship (8%) (40 missiles)
    -War Ritual Grounds (9%) (45 missiles)
    Great Temple/Sky Temple
    -Transport A Access (10%) (50 missiles)
    -Transport B Access (11%) (55 missiles)
    Agon Wastes/Dark Agon Wastes
    -Transport Center (12%) (60 missiles)
    -Sand Cache (13%) (65 missiles)
    -Command Center (14%) (70 missiles)
    -Portal Access A (15%) (75 missiles)
    -Mining Station A (16%) (80 missiles)
    -Sand Processing (17%) (85 missiles)
    -Main Reactor (18%) (90 missiles)
    -Storage A (19%) (95 missiles)
    -Storage B (20%) (100 missiles)
    -Storage C (21%) (105 missiles)
    -Crossroads (22%) (110 missiles)
    -Junction Site (23%) (115 missiles)
    -Ing Cache 4 (24%) (120 missiles)
    -Warrior's Walk (25%) (125 missiles)
    Torvus Bog/Dark Torvus Bog
    -Abandoned Worksite (26%) (130 missiles)
    -Forgotten Bridge (27%) (135 missiles)
    -Path of Roots (28%) (140 missiles)
    Nothing tricky here, but this missile expansion can be collected early if
    you're willing to do a pair of underwater 3BJs to the missile (see segment
    8 of the recorded run).
    -Portal Chamber (29%) (145 missiles)
    -Torvus Lagoon (30%) (150 missiles)
    -Hydrodynamo Station (31%) (155 missiles)
    -Underground Tunnel (32%) (160 missiles)
    -Plaza Access (33%) (165 missiles)
    -Gathering Hall (34%) (170 missiles)
    -Training Chamber (35%) (175 missiles)
    -Torvus Grove (36%) (180 missiles)
    -Transit Tunnel South (37%) (185 missiles)
    -Undertransit One (38%) (190 missiles)
    Sanctuary Fortress/Ing Hive
    -Aerial Training Site (39%) (195 missiles)
    Stand in front of the door to Judgement Drop and look over at the "cage"
    that has the key (or where it was, if you already got the key). Edge onto
    the edge of the ledge and turn to face the missile. Now jump toward it and
    screw attack. Keep the screw attack normal, adding a jump only when you've
    been descending for a second or so. Doing this, you'll dip under the bars
    that would normally block you from avoiding the wall jump and jump up again
    to get the missile.
    -Dynamo Works (40%) (200 missiles)
    -Hall of Combat Mastery (41%) (205 missiles)
    -Sanctuary Map Station (42%) (210 missiles)
    -Main Research (43%) (215 missiles)
    -Central Area Transport West (44%) (220 missiles)
    -Temple Access (45%) (225 missiles)
    -Sentinel's Path (46%) (230 missiles)
    -Hazing Cliff (47%) (235 missiles)
    |Morph Ball Stuff|
    -Morph Ball Bombs (48%)
    -Boost Ball (49%)
    -Spider Ball (50%)
    -Power Bombs (51%)
    |Beam Weapons and Charge Combos|
    -Light Beam (52%)
    -Dark Beam (53%)
    -Annihilator Beam (54%)
    -Super Missiles (55%)
    -Darkburst (56%)
    -Sunburst (57%)
    |Movement Systems|
    -Gravity Boost (60%)
    -Grapple Beam (59%)
    -Screw Attack (58%)
    |Energy Tanks|
    Temple Grounds/Sky Temple Grounds
    -Storage Cavern B (59%) (1 e-tank)
    You can get this early with the early missile expansion from this room.
    -Windchamber Gateway (60%) (2 e-tanks)
    -Fortress Transport Access (61%) (3 e-tanks)
    Great Temple/Sky Temple
    There are no e-tanks in the Great Temple or in the Sky Temple.
    Agon Wastes/Dark Agon Wastes
    -Mining Station Access (62%) (4 e-tanks)
    -Bioenergy Productions (63%) (5 e-tanks)
    This one's tricky. To get it, first raise the second and third platforms
    all the way. Then take the spider ball maze up until you reach the track
    surrounding the platform. Hold up and release R. Quickly unmorph to land on
    the platform. Now jump to the third platform and do a 3BSJ to the tank. You
    don't need to get the jump (in fact I didn't when I got this); you just
    need to get the Screw Attack at the least.
    -Mineshaft (64%) (6 e-tanks)
    Torvus Bog/Dark Torvus Bog
    -Temple Access (65%) (7 e-tanks)
    -Torvus Plaza (66%) (8 e-tanks)
    Nothing tricky here, all you have to do is climb Polluted Mire again, go
    through the Dark Forgotten Bridge portal, bomb jump to the hallway, and go
    get the tank normally, due to a lack of the ability to climb Torvus Grove.
    Of course, all this must be done after you get Screw Attack.
    -Transit Tunnel East (67%) (9 e-tanks)
    -Cache B (68%) (10 e-tanks)
    Sanctuary Fortress/Ing Hive
    -Reactor Core (69%) (11 e-tanks)
    -Watch Station Access (70%) (12 e-tanks)
    |Power Bomb Expansions|
    Temple Grounds/Sky Temple Grounds
    -Trooper Security Station (71%) (3 power bombs)
    Agon Wastes/Dark Agon Wastes
    -Feeding Pit (72%) (4 power bombs)
    Torvus Bog/Dark Torvus Bog
    -Great Bridge (73%) (5 power bombs)
    -Putrid Alcove (74%) (6 power bombs)
    Sanctuary Fortress/Ing Hive
    -Transit Station (75%) (7 power bombs)
    -Sanctuary Entrance (76%) (8 power bombs)
    -Main Gyro Chamber (77%) (9 power bombs)
    |Beam Ammo Expansions|
    -Dark Torvus Lagoon (78%) (100 ammo)
    -Watch Station (79%) (150 ammo)
    -Profane Path (80%) (200 ammo)
    -Central Mining Station (81%) (250 ammo)
    -Dark Suit (82%)
    -Light Suit (83%)
    -Dark Visor (84%)
    -Echo Visor (85%)
    -Violet (86%) (1 translator)
    -Amber (87%) (2 translators)
    -Emerald (88%) (3 translators)
    -Cobalt (89%) (4 translators)
    8. What Remains To Be Collected
    Required Items
    -Hive Entrance
    Where: Ing Hive
    Why: You can't Screw Attack across the room, thus no way to reach the key.
    Notes: If you can get high enough in the room, there's no need to use SA
    in here, as the key is directly above you when you enter. Anyone want to
    try to climb to the top? Or maybe get into a secret world and wallcrawl
    there? (a non-SW method is preferrable, but I'll accept a SW method if no
    other method can be found)
    Non-Required Items
    -GFMC Compound Missile Expansion
    Where: Temple Grounds
    Why: There's no way to get on the top of the ship without Space Jump.
    Notes: You can get pretty close to the top with a 3BSJ from the hole in
    the side of the ship.
    -Main Plaza Energy Tank
    Where: Agon Wastes
    Why: You can't Screw Attack across the room, thus no way to reach the tank.
    Notes: None
    -Meditation Vista Energy Tank
    Where: Torvus Bog
    Why: You can't Screw Attack across the room, thus no way to reach the tank.
    Notes: This tank might be collectable with Floaty Jump.
    -Sandcanyon Power Bomb
    Where: Agon Wastes
    Why: You can't Screw Attack across the room, thus no way to reach the power
    Notes: You can Screw Attack here, actually. Lock your view straight ahead
    and jump off holding forward. When you can't see any part of the power
    bomb's platform's top, press B. Unfortunately, at this point you aren't
    high enough to reach the platform.
    9. Other Sequence Breaks
    1. Early Screw Attack
    With Space Jump: Yes
    No Space Jump Solution: No
    You can collect the Screw Attack before even getting the spider ball! To
    start, progress through Sanctuary until you save at Main Gyro Chamber. Then
    go to the Light door and enter Watch Station Access.
    There are two ways to get across. The first way is to completely scan the
    light door, and then go to the gap. Find the pipe that's extending a tiny
    bit into the terminal fall and dash off the door. But don't let go of L;
    instead, hold down and R. Then let go of L. Immediately press L again, but
    lightly, because you don't want to lock onto the door again. A second or
    so later, do a space jump. If done right, the terminal fall will place you
    on the side of the room with the energy tank.
    The other method is to do a roll jump across. Once again, if done right,
    the terminal fall will put you on the other side of the room. Whatever
    method you use, when you're done, grab the e-tank and go to Watch Station.
    Go to the door leading to Grand Abyss and do a ghetto off the slant onto
    a ledge that's over the door. Now face Grand Abyss and look to the right.
    Jump over onto the window you'll see, and then jump onto the spider ball
    tracks. Follow them to the end and jump onto the second set, and then do
    a backwards mid-air morph and land in the bomb slot. Open the portal. From
    there, go get the Screw Attack normally.
    2. Skip Ing Hive Keys
    With Space Jump: Yes
    No Space Jump Solution: No
    In Hive Temple Access, bypass the gate by doing a one bomb BSJ followed by
    a screw attack over the gate.
    3. Early Missiles
    With Space Jump: No
    No Space Jump Solution: Yes
    The first time you go to Temple Assembly Site, kill the Splinters and find
    the short pillar you jump on to ledge leading to the missile. Behind it,
    do a ghetto onto it, and then just jump up and go grab the missile
    4. Screw Attack Secret Worlds
    With Space Jump: Either Yes or No
    No Space Jump Solution: Yes
    There are tons of screw attack secret worlds (SA SWs). To enter them,
    simply do a screw attack into a morph ball tunnel. Samus will unmorph from
    the screw attack inside the tunnel, thus popping you out of the level. This
    can be done in about any room in the game that has a morph ball tunnel in
    5. The 101% Trick
    With Space Jump: No
    No Space Jump Solution: Yes
    What this trick does is it allows you to complete Metroid Prime 2 with
    101% completion. There are two methods, with the second being easier than
    the first.
    Method 1 is to find the boot-shaped rock. Stand between it and the rock on
    the right, and run forward. Ghetto jump when you hit the rock and land on
    the ledge.
    Method 2 is to stand on the ledge you entered the room from. Stand in the
    little part of the ledge that sort of dips down (the left side of it). Now
    turn on the scan visor and lock onto the ship on a spot behind some of the
    crates. Dash to the left and if done right you'll end up on the platform.
    Either way, after you get on the ledge, grab the missile launcher, then
    activate the cutscene. After the cutscene, the missile launcher will be
    back, so grab it again. Both missile launchers add to your percentage, and
    both will give you five missiles, but if you get every other missile
    expansion in the game, your missile counter will still not go over 255.
    It's speculated that if every item in the game can be collected without
    Space Jump, this trick can be used to obtain 100% without the boots.
    10. Version Differences
    1) Crypt
    In versions of Metroid Prime 2 other than the original, the orb in Crypt
    and Gathering Hall cannot be stood on. That means that Crypt is the
    stopping point for you if you don't have the original version of Prime 2.
    You can do one of two things: 1. Figure out a way to get to the door by
    using the platforms. Or 2. Go out and get the original version of Prime 2.
    2) Dark Torvus Temple
    In versions starting with Dark Echoes, Floaty Jump is no longer there,
    meaning it's impossible to climb up to the top of Dark Torvus Temple
    without Space Jump.
    11. Closing
    Well, it's been fun. If you got as far as you could in a no-SJ game,
    congratulations to you. If you got farther than I covered, that means you
    solved a room. Send me an e-mail if you do. The e-mail should have "[room
    name] Solved!" or something like that as the subject. I will also accept
    version differences you may have found, but ONLY if it has an effect on a
    no-SJ game. What I won't accept is useless criticism ("Your guide stinks!"
    is an example), spam, or anything like that. E-mails like that will be
    deleted and you will not get a reply.
    My e-mail address is: mr_potter_19@hotmail.com
    12. Credits
    Thanks go to:
    -CJayC, for hosting this guide on GameFAQs
    -Andrew Mills, for hosting this guide on SCU
    -You, for reading the guide
    -Me (Mr Potter), for writing this guide and solving:
     -Doomed Entry
     -Phazon Pit
     -Central Hive West Transport
     -Dark Oasis
     -Hive Reactor Access
    -tjp7154, for solving:
     -Bioenergy Productions
     -Hall of Stairs
     -Polluted Mire
     -The Torvus Restart
     -Reactor Core Access
    -LOLaFOL, for solving:
     -Path of Eyes
    -Rize, for the 100% Completion Guide, which helped me with the "What Can Be
    Collected with No Space Jump" section.
    -Retro Studios, for creating such a glitchy game that lets us get that far
    (and providing us with a laugh by misspelling the name of their own game
    ("Metroid Prime 2 Echos"))
    And, well, that's pretty much it. Our current stopping point is Hive 
    Entrance; if that's solved, the person who solved it will appear on this 
    list, or the task will be added if the person is already on the list.

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