Review by drdroid

Reviewed: 09/24/10

Great Atmosphere, Bad Game

I am neither a particularly bad gamer nor a religious person. That said, too often did I find myself praying to God that should I beat, "A Boy and his Blob," I would never play it again.

And that's what stands out for me. Beyond the beautiful Miyazaki-esque graphics and beyond the Neverland world of the boy's imagination—my interpretation of the game's events—, what really stands out for me are the Nintendo-hard boss battles.

That's a sad fact, too, given the atmosphere. If you were to watch the game, perhaps, instead of playing it,—well it would ooze nostalgia. This is plainly and simply pure, unadulterated childhood. Well, it's not unadulterated but it would be if not for some pretty serious flaws.

The most enjoyable aspects of the game occur in the tree fort, where the game takes its player back to "Neverland." You're just a boy and his friend, out to explore the world and partake in adventure. It's a world of rope ladders and fireflies. It hints at danger but in a way that, should the player need, he could always retreat to the safety and comfort of home.

Sadly, this isn't anything more than a subtle fraction of the experience. The bad far, far outweighs the good. And the bad is excruciating.

If there were any indication they might be this hard or if the designers had scaled the game's difficulty, it might be acceptable (read: Mega Man). They don't, however. In its stead, we get this mixed bag of incredibly easy and incredibly, arduously, hair-pullingly difficult gameplay.

Second, while Blob is a throwback to its Nes origins, a little more depth wouldn't be asking for too much. Forty levels and the designers couldn't be more creative than four worlds, four bosses and a linear progression?

For example, what if the player were to unlock different beans throughout the game instead of having different sets for each level. If, like Zelda, the player were required to revisit the world with these new abilities. If you were to see boulders throughout the earlier levels, then later unlock the boy-blob bean. You go back and voila, pushing one of the boulders away reveals another bean or another world.

In short, a Boy and his Blob is just too easy and too hard and not enough in between. If you're not drooling at the sight of it and if you haven't played the original and are craving the days of your childhood long since passed, then this one might be a game to forget.

Might is kind of a weak word. Forget this game. Move along.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Product Release: A Boy and His Blob (US, 10/13/09)

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