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"A Boy and His Charm"

"A Boy and his Charm." Charm. One of the many words to describe this creative, fun puzzle platformer. Back in 1989, Majesco brought us, beloved Nintendo Entertainment System owners, a jelly bean worthy treat with A Boy and His Blob. It was an underrated game for it's time and known for it's stellar difficulty found in such other games at the time such as Super Contra. A rebirth of the NES classic for Wii was a never expecting thing (to me at least). As the Nintendo Wii gains more 2-D games in this 10+ year strong 3-D gaming world, the quality doesn't seem to be depleting at all. Will this rebirth of an NES classic live up to today's standards?

Let me assure you now that it most definitely does. The storyline is pretty much: Blobolonia is threatened by an evil emperor and Blob arrives to receive help but instead finds the Boy. The game begins with the Boy in his bed sleeping. Outside the window of his tree house a meteor seems to be heading right at him and crash lands nearby, waking the Boy up. As soon as that happens then the game begins. You later find the Blob in a meteorite. As soon as you walk up to it, Blob comes out of nowhere, startling the Boy, then making it aware he just wants to be friends.

Over a course of 4 worlds your faced with 10 levels to complete, each with their own assigned abilities for your own desire to figure out how to progress. Feeding Blob jelly beans allows him to transform into many unique objects for you to navigate closer to the goal. There's a variety of transformations in this game such as a manhole, a parachute, a ladder, a balloon, a trampoline, and many more. Every level has evil black Blob minions around every turn. They can be crushed, smashed, and dismantled with most of Blob's transformations. Getting hit by them or falling from a great height will result in "death" which looks more like a knock out than death in this case.

To balance the challenge away from ridiculous obstacles, you have unlimited lives to use upon so no aggravating "Game Over" screen will appear, fortunately. Three treasure chests are scattered in each level for you to capture, or to eat in this case since Blob literally eats them. 100% completing each level unlocks Challenge Levels, then completing them unlocks bonus content of the making of A Boy and His Blob. The game is very linear. From point A to point B and everything in between. A main complaint I'd love to point out is the fact that Blob has very poor AI. Throwing the jelly bean for him to eat in a very interesting manner (like throwing it through vines for him to eat it after you throw him through a tunnel when hes in ball form), he will sometimes just ignore it or take forever to eat it. Better yet when I'm ahead of him he takes forever to catch up which irritates me to a boiling point. He even gets lost when I'm only 10 feet above him or a little bit ahead of him. A Boy and His Blob on Wii has only one save file. Disappointing as this is, it reminds me of many games that still do this.

Using the Wii remote and Nunchuck or Classic Controller are options for use. Recommended is the Classic Controller for quick button presses and it's an overall easier, more convenient, control scheme.

Though the icing on the cake isn't even the gameplay itself for me. It's the great art style in this game that blew. Me. Away. Night time wilderness, to swampy landscapes, this game is beautiful. I literally stood in most levels just staring at the backgrounds, in awe. The atmosphere is captured in such a memorable and classic way. The boss sequences are not only beautiful, and sound great, but the bosses look threatening, yet appealing. The character design for Boy and Blob is very simplistic yet fun if you think about it. The music is very, okay to say the least . Nothing ground breaking. The sound effects are a little different especially when a dark blob explodes.

A Boy and His Blob will last you anywhere from 4-10 hours depending if you get everything in the game. Rushing through it will only take you around 4 hours and with that there's no bang for your buck. Since you receive really no reward after you beat the final boss or even achieve 100% completion your not going to replay it by any means.

A Boy and His Blob for Wii, overall, is an experience found nowhere else this generation. Great graphics with such classic atmosphere, easy to use controls, great gameplay with fun puzzles, and decent music. Though the bad things weigh this game down because of poor AI for the Blob, and the fact there's only one save file is a shame. Getting this won't make you or break you (budget wise) but this is definitely an experience everyone should have.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/29/10, Updated 02/01/11

Game Release: A Boy and His Blob (US, 10/13/09)

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