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    FAQ/Walkthrough by cableshaft

    Version: 0.81 | Updated: 03/03/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    By Brian Cable [Cableshaft]
    Version: 0.81
    Created: March 3, 2009
    Updated: March 13, 2009
                                  Table of Contents
    General Strategy.........(EVASTRA)
     ACT I...................(EVAACT1)
     ACT II..................(EVAACT2)
     ACT III.................(EVAACT3)
     ACT IV..................(EVAACT4)
    Revision History.........(EVAREVI)
    Overview                                                              (EVAOVER)
    Evasive Space is a game that has was released for Nintendo's WiiWare service on 
    February 16, 2009. It can be downloaded through the Wii Shop Channel for 1000 
    Wii points.
    Evasive Space may look like a shooter, but is in fact is the opposite. Instead 
    of shooting, the premise is to evade enemies by maneuvering your ship through 
    various mazes and open space environments using the Wii Remote. There are 20 
    levels, and each level has a different objective and/or design to them. Some 
    levels require you get from point A to B, others have you collect a certain 
    amount of objects, and yet another type has you rescue ships or spacemen. In 
    some cases your objective is to return these derelict ships or spacemen to 
    other areas of the stage.
    The single player game also has local and Wi-Fi leaderboards, allowing you to 
    submit your best times in each level along with your initials to see how you 
    rate compared to the rest of the world. 
    Additionally, the game has a local multiplayer mode where you can play with 1 
    to 3 other players in one of 8 different stages. The stages are unlocked 
    through the single player mode, with each map having 3 game objectives to 
    choose from.
    Controls                                                              (EVACONT)
    The game is controlled entirely using the Wii Remote. No other controllers are 
    supported. The reason for this is to keep the playing field even when competing 
    for top scores in the leaderboards.
    Movement - Wii Remote held vertically as a pointer: 
    The ship is controlled from a top down view. To move, simply point the Wii 
    Remote at the screen. An arrow of matching color will appear to show you which 
    direction you are prepared to go relative to the ship's position. The further 
    away the arrow is from the ship, the faster the ship will travel; conversely, 
    the closer the cursor is to the ship the slower it will travel.
    Throttle - B Button:
    To propel the ship, press and hold the B Button. The ship will accelerate, and 
    then will continue to move at maximum speed for as long as you hold the B 
    Button (just don't collide into a wall or obstacle). If you let go of the B 
    Button, the ship will slow down until it stops. 
    Shields - A Button:
    Shields must be unlocked before you can use them, but they are easy to get. 
    Simply collect 10 of the purple diode items within the various levels to unlock 
    it. You must pass the stage in order for your diode count to carry over onto 
    the next level. Once you have collected 10 diodes, you will notice a red PIP 
    added to the bar in the HUD in the upper right. From there, simply press and 
    hold the A button to activate the shield. The shield surrounds your ship, 
    making it impervious to hitting the walls and making you take minimal damage 
    from projectiles and Hazards. Only use it when you need to, however, as its 
    continued use consumes your energy gauge. Once the gauge is fully depleted, you 
    can no longer use your shields. It's always better to hit something with the 
    shields on than off, though, so if you're about to hit something, hit the A 
    button as quick as you can!
    General Strategy                                                      (EVASTRA)
    Here are some of the most helpful techniques I've learned while playing Evasive 
    * Don't swing your arm! *
    I've seen people play this game that move their arms all over the place while 
    playing. This game should not be played that way. If you do, you risk losing 
    all sorts of accuracy. Try to keep your arm steady, and only make small 
    movements. Keep your wrist straight, and move with your arm, not your wrist. 
    I've also found I'm more accurate if I play while standing. Alternatively, you 
    can rest your arm on a pillow if you find it getting tired for more extended 
    play sessions.
    * Use the shield! *
    From what I've seen, people do not use the shields enough. Once you get good at 
    the game, you can probably use them less, but especially when you're just 
    starting out, use them whenever you're about to hit something to save yourself 
    precious time and energy. Press and hold the A button to use this, after you've 
    unlocked it by collecting 10 diodes.
    * Feather the throttle! *
    You do not have to go through the game at full acceleration all the time. In 
    fact, that's a good way to run into the walls repeatedly in narrow passageways 
    and ruin your chances of finishing the level on time. The ship has momentum, so 
    even when you let off the B button your ship will continue to move forward as 
    it slows down, so anticipate what's coming ahead and give yourself a bit of 
    lead time before reaching a wall. Treat it like a racing game; in those games 
    if you take a turn at full speed you'll run into the walls there too, well it 
    works the same way in this game also. 
    * Turn your ship quickly! *
    Unlike racing games, when you need to turn in Evasive Space, you can change 
    your ship's facing instantly and start thrusting in a different direction, so 
    as you're rounding a curve, point to where you need to go right away and start 
    accelerating in that direction, instead of trying to smoothly guide the ship 
    around the curve like you would a car. This technique can also be used to avoid 
    collisions. If your ship looks like it will hit something you can turn the ship 
    so it's facing directly away from the hazard (at a 180 degree angle) and start 
    thrusting away from the hazard, and you will be much less likely to run into 
    * Keep the cursor close to the ship! *
    Often when watching people play Evasive Space I'll see them point the cursor 
    far, far away from the ship, but this is not always what you want to do. You 
    only really want to do this when you want to go at full speed, and even then 
    not always. By keeping the cursor closer to the ship, you'll move at a reduced 
    speed, which will give you greater control over your ship. You can't go too 
    slow or else you won't make it to the end of the levels in time, but doing this 
    during parts you get stuck on will allow you to get past them much easier. This 
    also has the benefit of reducing the likelihood for you to point the cursor off 
    the side of the screen entirely and losing control of the ship briefly.
    * Grab Chronospheres often! *
    Chronospheres are the green spheres that look like a neon clock on the inside. 
    You want to get as many of these as you can easily grab in any given level, as 
    they will each reduce your total time by approximately 5 seconds and thus give 
    you more leeway for completing the level on time. Some Chronospheres are placed 
    in a way where unless you are an expert player it will take more time to get 
    them than they help you, but most are worth getting, and will make a very 
    frustrating level become significantly easier.
    * Don't try to grab everything! *
    There are a lot of energy spheres, chronospheres, and diodes out there in the 
    stages, but you are not required to get them all. In fact, if you do try to get 
    absolutely everything, on many stages it will be impossible for you to complete 
    the level. So only grab what you need to complete the level. As for diodes, you 
    should try to pick those up if you can (since they're necessary to upgrade your 
    ship), but you don't have to pick them up right away, and in fact It's a good 
    idea to leave some behind to pick up later once your ship has been upgraded and 
    is faster and more powerful and can get through the levels easier.
    * Plan ahead! *
    In rotating and freeform space levels especially, instead of thrusting until 
    after you go all the way through the object you need to collect, start 
    thrusting towards the next object as soon as it becomes apparent that your 
    momentum will propel you into that object even if you start thrusting away. As 
    a good rule of thumb for an experienced player, your ship should only barely 
    brush the object with the tip of the ship in most circumstances, instead of 
    moving all the way through it. By doing this, you can save 1 to 2 seconds off 
    your time for each object, thus reducing your overall time by about 20 to 30 
    seconds, depending on the level.
    * Stay to the right! *
    On the rotating levels, the stage scrolls by much, much more slowly on the 
    right (closer to the planet or star) than it does on the left. On the left 
    side, if you hit anything you run the risk of not being able to gain control of 
    your ship before it's scrolled off screen, thus failing the mission; but on the 
    right side, you can hit quite a few things and still recover in time to stay on 
    screen, because it scrolls slower. That being said, you will have to head to 
    the left side sometimes if you want faster times or the diodes in the level, 
    but keep this in mind, and if you're struggling, stay to the right!
    If you use these techniques, your skills should improve significantly and the 
    game will become a lot easier for you.
    Hazards                                                              (EVA_HAZA)
    There are many Hazards you will encounter as you play the game. Here are the 
    best ways to deal with each:
    * Asteroids *
    Usually it's possible to move your ship around these, but for the ones you 
    can't avoid or don't notice until it's nearly too late, use the shield just 
    before it hits.  
    * Black Holes *
    If you're a novice, do your best to keep far away from these. However, if you 
    must go through them, aim straight at them, hold the throttle down, and fly 
    straight through. Do not turn or let go of the throttle for even a split 
    second, or else you'll be trapped. Also keep in mind that the black hole will 
    drain your energy the entire time you're in its clutches, so if you're not 
    careful you might leave the black hole with no energy and fail the level the 
    next time you hit something.
    * Drills *
    These will usually be found in narrow corridors. They tend to be pretty easy to 
    spot as they're about to exit the wall and a drill noise plays as you get 
    close. Just aim for the section of the corridor opposite where the drill is 
    exiting, and take it kind of slow to increase your accuracy. Sometimes you can 
    turn your shields on and run right into them at an angle to squeeze by as it's 
    taking tiny chunks off your energy, which will save you time overall.
    * Gears *
    The large gears just require good timing, or turning the shield on and 
    thrusting straight into them, and letting the teeth of the gears push you 
    through. The small gears just get in your way and you have to maneuver around 
    * Geysers *
    You can fly right through these, but you'll lose energy while you do. You lose 
    a little less energy by turning the shield on while flying through the geyser.
    * Giant Gaseous Entities *
    These are stationary, but the level itself rotates, so you still have to move 
    around these. However, sometimes this is not the best plan. Sometimes you can 
    get much faster times in these levels by just turning the shield on and plowing 
    right through these guys to get to the item behind them, instead of trying to 
    dodge them.
    * Magnets *
    Try to stay away from these, but if you do get close and it starts to suck you 
    in, immediately turn your ship in the opposite direction from the magnet and 
    hold down the throttle to escape it slowly. Some levels have these down one 
    path but not the other. On these levels it's better to take the path towards 
    the magnet when heading towards it, and the path that doesn't have the magnet 
    when leaving, because it's easier to dodge the magnet when you're coming from 
    the outside-in than when you're coming from the inside-out.
    * Mines *
    Mines will explode if you run into them, and additionally their timers will be 
    set and they will go off automatically after a short period of time if you get 
    close enough to them without hitting them. These can take off a large chunk of 
    energy, so try to put as much distance as you can around the mines as you go 
    around them. If it looks like they mine is about to explode and hit you, turn 
    your shields on before it explodes and you will take minimal damage.
    * Radar Dishes *
    Radar dishes make it more difficult to turn your ship. They are usually placed 
    just before an area where you have to make a tight turn. Normally if you take 
    this turn at full speed with the radar dish, it will guarantee a crash. 
    However, if you take the turn extra slow, your ship can take the turn without 
    hitting the wall, or hitting it slow enough that it doesn't stun you. Shields 
    also help here too, but I find it easier to just take the corners slowly.
    * Steam *
    These jets of steam shoot out of a broken pipe, and if you go straight through 
    it, it will take your energy down very quickly (more quickly than anything else 
    in the game). Turning on your shields will help a little. It's best to just 
    attempt to go around these, or if you have to go through them, try to only 
    touch it with part of your ship, and you'll lose less energy.
    * Turrets *
    Turrets can shoot balls of energy or rockets straight ahead, at intervals. 
    Rockets move a little slower, but they can both catch up to you and hit you as 
    you're going down a corridor. If they're about to catch up with you, turn on 
    the shields. Also, if there's a bunch of turrets in a row, don't try wait for 
    them to shoot, just turn on the shields and plow right through, because they do 
    minimal damage with the shields on and it will save you a lot of time.
    * Walls *
    Avoid them or turn the shields on if you're about to run into them, so you're 
    not stunned and can continue. Also, if you're moving slow enough when you run 
    up against the wall it won't even stun you, so sometimes the shield isn't 
    needed. But usually it's better to go faster and turn the shields on, for 
    quicker times.
    * Warps *
    Usually it's better to take these a little slow, as sometimes taking them fast 
    you will hit the side of the warp instead and get stunned. Also you don't have 
    to go through every warp in a given level, just the ones that lead you to what 
    you need.
    * Worms *
    Worms are only in two levels in this game, and when they do, they only come out 
    of holes in the ground, so you'll get your warning that way. Most of the time 
    they can be sneaked around with good timing or turning on the shields to 
    protect you from collisions as you sneak by, but a couple of them will block 
    your whole path, and you have no choice but to wait for it to attack and 
    retreat before continuing (or in a couple situations, trigger the worm by 
    getting close to it while you're in another corridor, so it will finish 
    attacking by the time you get to the actual worm). They will do massive damage 
    if they come out on top of you, but the shields will help protect you.
    Upgrades                                                              (EVAUPGR)
    For now, consult the online manual, or pause the game and choose 'Legend'.
    A quick note: just know that the purple diodes, when collected, will 
    automatically upgrade your ship for every 10 collected, for up to 6 upgrades, 
    and you have to complete the level after grabbing them without failing or else 
    they get reset.
    Leaderboards                                                          (EVALEAD)
    For now, consult the online manual.
    Walkthrough                                                           (EVAWALK)
    This walkthrough will focus not on the story or a step-by-step walkthrough but 
    just some general tips that might help you through each level. It is highly 
    recommended you read the General Strategy (EVASTRA) and Hazards (EVAHAZA) 
    sections first, as these address many of the things you will encounter along 
    the way and will not be repeated in-depth below.
    Act I							              (EVAACT1)
    * Scene 1: The Gobo Caverns *
    Objective: Find the exit in 45 seconds.
    The path is pretty straight forward in this level. The only branches here are 
    short and you'll see that they are dead ends immediately. Everything should be 
    easy to pick up and walls and rocks are your only hazards here, so just take 
    this a little slow and you should be fine. This level (or the Act 0 Tutorial 
    level) is a good place to practice getting used to flying for maze levels.
    You might notice that there are items in areas that you cannot reach in this 
    level. Don't worry about them; you will revisit this level in Scene 5 and these 
    areas will be accessible then.
    The purple diodes should be easy to collect in this level since they're only 
    barely out of the way. Try to get in the habit of grabbing these when possible, 
    as they will unlock new ship capabilities that will make future levels easier 
    to complete.
    * Scene 2: The Terradyne Asteroid *
    Objective: Save 10 Spacers (astronauts), then reach the exit. No time limit.
    Here the ship's controls will change a bit as you will now be in open space, 
    which has different gravity. Your ship will have momentum and will continue to 
    move in one direction for a bit unless you thrust the other direction (the ship 
    moves very similarly as the ship in the classic game of Asteroids). 
    The spacers you need to save will appear in random spots of the map, and will 
    glow yellow. You'll know one is nearby if you can hear some light radio 
    communication. All you need to do is run the ship into the spacers to save 
    them. Your only hazard here are the asteroids, so just dodge those and you'll 
    be fine. You can keep track of how many you've saved by looking at the number 
    in the upper-right corner of the screen. The exit won't appear until all 10 
    astronauts have been saved.
    * Scene 3: The Pirate Nagumo's Space Cruiser *
    Objective: Collect the Constellation Stone and reach the exit in 1 minute and 
    20 seconds.
    If you don't collect the constellation stone the exit will not appear, so be 
    sure to grab it. In this level it's the red starry orb that's guarded by three 
    turrets pointed at it. Getting the timing down for this so you don't get hit 
    can be tricky, and if you're not careful you might get hit multiple times, so 
    try to take it from an angle where less turrets can hit you. When replaying 
    this level in the future after you've unlocked the shield, this part can be 
    easily cleared by activating the shield so the turrets don't faze you.
    The projectiles move faster than your ship, so be careful about your timing, 
    and don't be afraid to pause in a safe area and let the projectile go by if you 
    need to. 
    The part I continue to have the most problems with are the three gears in the 
    middle in a row right after the Constellation stone. The easiest way to go 
    through them is just to hug the right side of the corridor, but there's a nice 
    chronosphere to the left. Either way, do not take this section at full speed, 
    or it will be nearly impossible to get through without hitting the gears.
    * Scene 4: The Galdonia Nebula *
    Objective: Collect 20 Energy Spheres in 60 seconds.
    In this level, the screen will rotate on its own, so if you don't keep your 
    ship moving up, it will hit the bottom of the screen and you will fail the 
    The left side of the screen rotates faster than the right side, so be very 
    careful when your ship is on the bottom-left side of the screen, as one 
    collision will likely stun you long enough that you fail the level. So keep 
    near the top and near the right if at all possible.
    Also don't forget to pick up the Chronospheres (green orbs). If you grab most 
    of them, you'll probably have enough time to complete the level.
    * Scene 5: The Gobo Caverns 2 *
    Objective: Reach the exit in 45 seconds.
    This is the same level as in Scene 1, but starting from the exit this time, and 
    with new areas that are accessible by going into warps.
    This level is also where new hazards appear that can give people problems: 
    drills and worms. The worms in this level can mostly be bypassed with clever 
    maneuvering, but the two on the right side of the level cannot. You can take an 
    alternate route to avoid these altogether, but I find it faster to take the 
    warp at the beginning of the level and wait for the worm on the far right to 
    attack before continuing. 
    Try to stop the ship a little before the worm, and then start moving the ship 
    forward after the worm has attacked and just before the worm is fully retreated 
    into its hole, so you can have some momentum and be traveling at almost full 
    speed as you pass by and save a couple of seconds. This requires good timing 
    though, so novices should probably just wait and try not to get hit.
    Drills only come out of the sides of the walls, so if you see where they come 
    out of, just hug the opposite wall and you'll be fine. A couple of the drills 
    are in narrow spaces, though, so be careful with timing or use the shield 
    The time limit is tight in this level, so there isn't a whole lot of room for 
    error. I advise against taking side paths to grab items, but the chronospheres 
    that are just barely out of your way need to be collected if you want to pass 
    this level on time.
    Act II							              (EVAACT2)
    * Scene 1:  The Rings of Minot IV *
    Objective: Collect 15 Energy Spheres. No time limit.
    Another rotating level. Not too much different from Act I, Scene IV. Just grab 
    15 Energy Spheres. By this time hopefully you will have collected enough diodes 
    to at least have the shield, so you can save a lot of time in this level by 
    activating it and flying straight through some of the asteroids instead of 
    having to slowly dodge them.
    * Scene 2: The Lava Fields of Ikaku *
    Objective: Reach the exit in 45 seconds.
    Except for a couple of tight turns, this level is pretty easy. Be a little 
    careful with the geyser hazards, but they shouldn't give you too many problems, 
    as long as your energy is high.
    This level has a split path to reach the exit. I've found that picking the left 
    branch is faster for me.
    * Scene 3: The Mugavi Belt *
    Objective: Pick up 15 Spacers and return them to their ships, then reach the 
    exit. No time limit.
    All you need to do here is grab the spacers (glowing yellow) and bring them 
    back to the ship. If you run over a spacer and he isn't grabbed, then you 
    already have a spacer 'in your ship'. This can be checked by looking for a 
    small white spacer icon (which always looked a little like a flag to me), in 
    the upper right side of the screen, to the left of the objective number. 
    * Scene 4: The Lava Fields of Ikaku Part 2 *
    Objective: Reach the exit in 45 seconds.
    Now we've returned to the same level as scene 2, except now new areas are 
    opened up and you start the level at the exit of scene 2.
    Make sure to grab the constellation stone. This time it's a little out of the 
    way, behind a warp in the middle-left side of the map, near the end. Grabbing a 
    couple chronospheres should help as well.
    * Scene 5: Velkor's Pyroclastic Ship of Doom *
    Objective: Collect 30 energy spheres and reach the exit. No time limit.
    No time limit here, just grab 30 energy spheres and head for the exit. Lots of 
    turrets in this level that are easily bypassed by activating the shield as 
    you're about to go through them. There are some narrow corridors here, so take 
    some corners slowly.
    Act III								      (EVAACT3)
    * Scene 1: BoboSmack's Ice Cave of Delights *
    Objective: Reach the exit in 45 seconds.
    This Act is when the difficulty starts to ramp up. This level features many 
    narrow corridors and potential paths to the exit, with a few dead ends. I 
    usually just stay close to the middle (vertically) of the map, take it a little 
    slow to avoid drills, and reach the exit without too many problems.
    * Scene 2: Dorian's Belt *
    Objective: Tether to 15 ships and tow them back to the space stations, then 
    reach the exit. No time limit.
    This level introduces a new game mechanic, the tether! When you get close to a 
    stranded ship (it will prompt you the first time you come close), simply press 
    Down on the +Control Pad and you will attach a tether to the ship, and you can 
    then bring it back to the white, round space stations.
    Along with the asteroids, there is now: space junk - brown clumps of metal you 
    should dodge, mines - which will explode if you come too near to them, and 
    black holes. Black holes will suck you in, and won't kill you but they'll drain 
    your energy, so definitely stay away from these.
    This is one of the hardest levels for me. Usually near the end I'll have 
    accidentally brushed by a couple of the black holes without noticing it and my 
    energy will be a lot lower than I thought, and I'll have to dodge the fast 
    moving asteroids without having much energy for shields. So definitely do not 
    ignore the energy spheres in this level, and pick them up whenever they are 
    Since there's no time limit, just take your time and don't make too many 
    mistakes. You might have to take a break from the objective to go all over the 
    map and collect a bunch of energy spheres to bring your energy up so you don't 
    lose with a single asteroid hit. It's tempting to be sloppy to save time, but 
    resist that urge for this level!
    * Scene 3: Hoshi's Corona *
    Objective: Collect 30 energy spheres. No time limit.
    Another rotating level. Since you're collecting a ton of energy, use your 
    shields liberally, hug the right side of the screen, and this level should be 
    pretty easy to pass. If I struggle with this one it's only because I get 
    impatient and try some fancy flying to reduce my overall time, and make a dumb 
    mistake just before I reach the objective.
    * Scene 4: Alarra Station *
    Objective: Activate all of the switches to reach the exit within 3 minutes and 
    30 seconds.
    One of the largest and lengthy maze levels in the game. Lots of narrow 
    corridors, and lots of turrets.
    There are a lot of diodes in this level, so hopefully you've collected 20 
    diodes by now and have the magnetic ability to bring items to you by getting 
    close, so you can fly straight down some of these corridors and still grab more 
    diodes as you traverse the level.
    Switches are introduced in this level. Hit a switch, and your flight will pause 
    long enough to show you which door was affected by the switch, and then return 
    back to your ship. Just before you start flying again there will be a brief 
    pause, so make sure your Wii Remote is pointing where you want the ship to go 
    just before it returns control back to you.
    The ship may be long, but each section is very similar, so once you figure out 
    what you need to do for the first section you can apply it to the other 
    The center area is well guarded by turrets. You can try to get past them with 
    good timing, but I advise just activate your shields. Also the first time you 
    get to this section you have to collect all 4 of the chronospheres here to 
    unlock the door that leads to the next section (which will be the top door). 
    The unlocked sections will be in a clockwise order.
    In the corridors that have a magnet in one path and a turret in the other, head 
    for the path with the turret. With the shield activated you can get past the 
    turret easily, whereas the magnet, while able to be dodged, will cost you at 
    least 4 seconds if it snags you.
    Do all this and play the level most of the way through a few times to get a 
    feel for the layout, and you should be able to pass it. The exit is located at 
    the bottom of the map, but you have to hit the switch above it, and backtrack 
    to the small corridors you bypassed on the way down there, to hit the 
    appropriate switch to open the door blocking it.
    * Scene 5: BoboSmack's Ice Cave of Delights Part 2 *
    Objective: Collect 20 energy spheres and reach the exit in 60 seconds.
    This is the second version of the ice cave, once again starting from where you 
    exited the first time and exiting where you started the first time.
    Beware of worms and drills. A couple of worms will block a two of the paths, 
    but you don't have to take those routes (although for me it's faster to deal 
    with them than taking other routes).
    You have to collect 20 energy spheres before the exit will appear; this is not 
    every energy sphere on the map, but it is most of them. Don't be afraid to 
    experiment with different routes, and if one route is really giving you 
    problems then either try going down the path from a different direction or even 
    bypassing it altogether.
    Do not forget chronospheres. They will help greatly.
    Act IV								      (EVAACT4)
    * Scene 1: The Nimbus of Suh'godin *
    Objective: Tether 10 ships and bring them back to the space stations. No time 
    This rotating level is fairly easy as long as you stay away from the black 
    holes. Remember, you can untether by pressing Down on the +Control Pad if the 
    ship is keeping you dragged in the black hole. 
    It's possible to have collected just about all 60 diodes by this point in the 
    game and have your ship fully ugraded. This shows that you can skip some of the 
    diodes that are really hard to reach, because there are more diodes in the 
    single player game than you need to collect to max out.
    * Scene 2: The Svedarian Field *
    Objective: Collect 30 energy spheres, then find the exit. No time limit.
    This level is easy, since you're collecting energy and can activate the shields 
    whenever you need to. It's just a hard level to get a quick time on. Giant 
    gears and asteroids are your only hazards here. Once you grab the spheres, head 
    to the gears on the left side of the map and enter them from the left to reach 
    the exit.
    * Scene 3: The Yorel *
    Objective: Find the constellation stone, then reach the exit within 3 minutes.
    Lots of narrow corridors and a few branching paths in this level, but you have 
    plenty of time to complete the level, so take it nice and slow. I usually head 
    south at the first branch and north at the second branch, then south again at 
    the third branch, but there's only one dead end in this level, in the top left; 
    the rest will get you where you need to go; it just might take a little longer.
    In this level the radar dishes are introduced which will skew your controls. 
    Just take those turns slowly or activate the shield and you should be fine.
    Also in this is the only level with a section that goes dark, making it a 
    little difficult to tell where the walls start and stop. Just keep your eyes 
    sharp and don't assume where the walls are; look for them.
    There's a section with many mines in a row that you have to weave around. I 
    advise activating and leaving on your shields through this until you've got the 
    skill to weave through them (you have to give them a wide berth). Even then, 
    screwing up is a little too easy in that section.
    * Scene 4: Lucien's Annulate *
    Objective: Pick up 20 spacers and return them to their ships. No time limit.
    This level is hard simply because it can take a long time to grab the spacers 
    and get to the space stations before they rotate offscreen. About the only 
    fresh advice I can give here is not to chase the spacers or the space stations 
    too much; if they get below the midway point on the screen, to be safe you 
    should let them go and wait for the next ones.
    * Scene 5: Dr. Dark Matter's Super Dangerous Space Laboratory *
    Objective: Reach Dr. Dark Matters laboratory and tether mines to blow it up, 
    then collect the final constellation stone. No time limit.
    A long title for a long, long level. However, it's pretty straight forward 
    until the end. A few dead ends, but most lead you to where you need to go. 
    There will be a combination of hazards you've seen before, but they're 
    relatively scarce until the end. There's a new hazard, steam emitting from a 
    broken pipe, but as long as you don't fly through them slowly it won't do too 
    much damage to your energy.
    There are a few switches that need to be hit to unlock a couple sections in 
    this level, but they're optional and there to allow you to collect a few more 
    Your goal is the top center section of the map. Once here, Dr. Dark Matter will 
    greet you, and the showdown will begin! There are many hazards packed in one 
    spot here, and you've got to be extra careful, but thankfully there's plentiful 
    energy spheres as well.
    To defeat Dr. Dark matter, head for a mine, press Down on the +Control Pad to 
    tether it to your ship, then take the mine to either end of the three laser 
    beams powering the laboratory, then press Down again to untether and escape the 
    mine before it explodes. The laser emitters that are smoking are the ones 
    you've already successfully destroyed. Each laser will not disappear until both 
    ends of it have been blown up by mines.
    Once all six laser emitters have been destroyed, the final constellation stone 
    will be at the exit just north of the center of the laboratory. Exit the level.
    Congratulations! You just beat the game!
    A final text sequence will quickly wrap up the story, and then you'll go back 
    to the title screen. From here, you can choose 'Continue' to replay older 
    levels to unlock further upgrades or get faster times and compete on the 
    leaderboards. Also, if you've gotten this far all of the multiplayer levels 
    will have been unlocked, so you can grab a couple of friends to play up to 4 
    player multiplayer.
    Multiplayer                                                           (EVAMULT)
    For now, consult the online manual.
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    tricks you might have, or any mistakes in this guide that you caught.
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