How do I get past Room 125?

  1. I can make it through most of the room and activate the lamp in the middle of the right wall, but I just can't make it to the exit door. it seems as though I should be following that lamp's glow to the top of the room and hitting a lamp in the upper-left corner, but I die every time I try it. Any and all help appreciated.

    User Info: LNCShall

    LNCShall - 8 years ago


  1. If you lit the lamp on the middle of the right wall, you are on the right way. Yes, you have to lit one of the lamps on the top left corner, I belive it was the third from left to right. It is somewhat hard to do it, but possible. Just make sure to get to the edge of the light as soon as it stops, so you have time to lit the lamp. After that you should be able to make it to the final door without problems.

    User Info: Raikhen

    Raikhen - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. As Raikhen stated, you are on the right track, but it takes a bit of caution. This is definitely one of the most difficult lights to activate in the game, as you must be very precise. A good way to get a feel for its location is to approach it with the flashlight shined in that direction. This can be difficult because of all the objects in the way, but take it slow and practice it a few times. Like Raikhen also mentioned, you will want to reach the edge of the light as soon as it comes to a stop, so you have plenty of time ease your way toward it.

    Once you've turned on that light, you'll need to follow its beam into the corner and turn on the very upper-left light. This is the final light that you need to activate, but there's another light within reach that you may need to turn off along the way (to prevent the energy bar from overloading).

    User Info: ConsummateGamer

    ConsummateGamer - 8 years ago 0 0

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