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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ashlar79

    Updated: 12/20/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    `     Aha! I Got it! Escape Game     *
    *                                    `
    Walkthrough, Version 1.1
    Last Updated - 12/19/2009
    By Ashlar79 (red13ut@gmail.com)
    Copyright (c)2009 Jeff Allred. All rights reserved. 
    Note: This game contains a few misspellings and typos, which I've included in
    my walkthrough.  
    `   WALKTHROUGH:   *
    *                  `
                                     B E D R O O M   1
    Take the pitcher from the shelf and use it to water the plant and find the key.
    Use the hand icon to roll up the wall rack then use it again on the wall behind
    the rack.  Read the scrawl you find there and do what it says: hold down the 1
    and 2 buttons.  You'll be rewarded with the rag. Take the rainbow picture from
    the wall.  Take the old lightbulb from the floor lamp.  Use the key to unlock
    the desk drawer and find the search machine.  Look at the desk calendar and
    notice that 9/17 is marked.  Take the black light bulb from the desk lamp and
    put it in the floor lamp.  Turn the lamp on by pressing the switch on the
    lamp's base.  Close the shutters and use the picture on the lamp to reveal the
    code Mi-So-La-Re-Fa.  Use the rag on the space to the right of the baseball
    picture to reveal the key card.  Slide the key card through the card reader to
    open the closet.  Slide the clothes aside to find the safe.  The A rangers hold
    the safe's code: 5-left, 2-right, 1-left, 3-right, 3-left.  Take the ladder
    from the safe.  Put the ladder under the clock and look at the clock.  The left
    green button moves the hour forward one and the right green button moves the
    minute forward one.  Set the time to 9:17.  Look at the books on the bookshelf
    and notice the combination of musical keys and numbers.  Using the code from
    the rainbow picture as a guide, you'll come up with the sequence 51073.  Enter
    this number where the clock was to reveal the trapdoor, which leads to the
    second bedroom.
                                     B E D R O O M   2
    Open and close the blinds a few times to loosen the page.  Find it and the
    stethoscope behind the bed.  Take the chair and the towel from the table and
    the white book from the bookshelf.  Flip the wheel lock on the desk and move it
    in front of the bookshelf; flip the wheel lock again to secure it.  Place the
    chair in front of the desk and take the black book from the shelf.  Look at the
    page and use the hand icon to turn it over.  Now you can insert it into the
    white book.  Open the blinds and the window, then place the towel on the window
    to wet it.  Use the wet towel on the green pot next to the bed.  Open the red
    door and take the cell phone from the back of it.  If you go through the red
    door, you'll get the crappy ending.  Turn the lamp on and aim the head straight
    forward.  Turn the lights off using the switch by the doll.  The goal here is
    to put the doll's shadow over the woman in the picture, so if the shadow falls
    elsewhere, turn the light back on and move the doll as necessary.  Open the
    blue door which appears when you've done this correctly.  Now the blue dresser
    will be unlocked, so get the punch toy from it.  Use the punch toy on the
    button near the dresser.  Go to the other button and press it in time with the
    toy's punches.  Open the white nightstand and use the hand on the drawer a
    couple times to find the hammer.  Use the stethoscope on the wall just left of
    the blue cabinet.  If your Wii remote volume is on, you'll hear beeps.  Smash
    the wall with the hammer to reveal the 3 pigs.  Turn on the cell phone and
    listen to the code for the 3 pigs: Boo, Boo, Bubu, Boo, Booboo, Booboo, Boo
    (or blue, blue, red, blue, green, green, blue).  Enter the code to reveal the
    combination lock on the adjacent wall.  The answer to the combination is the
    number of each color of dots on the chair: 5648.  Look at the cell phone and
    you'll see 2+1=A, which I'm not sure about...  But anyhow, exit the blue door
    to get the good ending and complete the game!
    I T E M S   L I S T
    Black light bulb
    Old light bulb
    Search machine
    Key card
    Piece of paper
    White book
    Black book
    Cell phone
    Punch Toy
    H I N T   M E D A L   L O C A T I O N S
    (I've only found 24/35)
    BEDROOM 1:
    -In the plant
    -In the doorknob
    -Shake the soda can
    -Under the table
    -Pick up the basketball
    -In the strange object's mouth
    -In the yellow A ranger's hand
    -Behind the toy box
    -Turn over the trash can
    -Pull the desk chair
    -Inside the piggy bank
    -Behind the desk
    -In the corner next to the desk
    -Behind the desk (in the desk closeup)
    -In the empty desk lamp
    -Inside the school bag (in the desk closeup)
    -In the desk calendar
    -In the clothes hamper
    BEDROOM 2:
    -On top of the blinds
    -In a pot on the blue dresser
    -Under the sofa
    -Shake the cat doll
    -Behind the bookshelf
    -In a drawer in the brown cabinet
    D A D ' S   H I N T   C O R N E R
        BEDROOM 1:
    1.  Hints to escape: First try pushing the A button to search around. There may
        be some items that you can keep in your Item Screen shown to the right.
    2.  How to equip items: When you pick up an item it will show up in the Item
        Window. If you place the cursor on that item and press the A button you can
        equip it.
    3.  An item in the wall rack room: You can get the watering can beneath the
        wall rack.
    4.  Using an item 1: The watering can is full. Is there anything that requires
    5.  Using an item 2: Tilt the watering can to pour water.
    6.  Where to use the key 1: There should be a key hole somewhere in the room.
    7.  Where to use the key 2: Use the key to open the desk drawer.
    8.  How to use the key:  To open the desk drawer, you must put the key in the
        key hold and turn it to the left.
    9.  How to use the search machine: Equip it and it will make a noise when it is
        close to a secret.
    10. The wall rack secret: The secret is behind it.
    11. How to open the closet: You need to find a key card to open it.
    12. How to obtain the key card 1: Do you know that the search machine reacts to
        where the card key is?
    13. How to obtain the key card 2: Knowing the location isn't enough.
    14. How to obtain the key card 3: Use an item to rub is your only hint for now.
    15. How to use the key card: You should have seen where to use it by now.
    16. Secret in the opened closet: I can't see the back because of the clothes.
    17. How to open the safe: Haven't you seen a dial-type safe before? You turn
        the dial!
    18. Find the combination number 1: You will not figure out the combination
        number in the closet.
    19. Find the combination number 2: Look carefully. The heroes all have
        something in common.
    20. Find the combination number 3: The heroes are all posing, but how they are
        posing is different.
    21. Where to use the ladder 1: What iteam can you see better after climbing a
    22. Where to use the ladder 2: Maybe you can see the clock better by using the
    23. Secret of the clock 1: There are an odd looking button.
    24. Secret of the clock 2: Isn't it weird  how you can move the needle around?
    25. Secret of the calendar: You can turn the calendar pages.
    26. Secret of the number combination 1: The picture holds the key. 
    27. Secret of the number combination 2: You can't just stare at it.
    28. Secret of the number combination 3: The picture uses a special ink.
    29. Secret of the number combination 4: Solving the mystery behind the picture
        is not enough to figure out the combination.
    30. Secret of the number combination 5: The combination can be solved by using
        the picture and other items in the room.
    31. Secret of the number combination 6: Do you like to read?
    32. Secret of the number combination 7: Use the order of the music in the
        picture with the books and you will find your answer.
        BEDROOM 2:
    1.  Hidden item: There is something hidden inside the blinds. Check it out!
    2.  Secret of the piece of paper: The paper has a different purpose.
    3.  How to pour water into the pot: If you want to pour water into the pot
        you'll need to get some water.
    4.  How to get the cell phone: It has something to do with the red door.
    5.  How to get the black book: You will need to move the desk.
    6.  Secret of the white book: You can't read the white book because it's
        ripped.  You'll need to find the missing page.
    7.  Secret of the doll: The doll is the lady in the picture's lover. What
        should I do to get them back together?
    8.  How to get the toy: Did you see similar buttons on the wall?
    9.  Hint to get the hammer: Hmmm... there is something fishy with that desk
    10. How to use the stethoscope: Search different places with the stethoscope.
        Pay attention to you the Wii remote.
    11. How to get the pig button: The wall you checked with the stethoscope is
    12. Which pigs to press: Did you turn on the cell phone?
    13. Hint to the final lock: Did you notice the colors on this lock? Does
        another item use colors?

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