Where is the upgrade in mission 3?

  1. Can someone tell me the location in the map? Please!

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    borkenschwein - 8 years ago
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    Thank you mrblackmayor, i found it!

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    borkenschwein - 8 years ago

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  1. For mission 3 (destroy the hives, in the caverns), the SMG upgrade is in some crates

    On the right hand section of the map, there are two hive hotspots, one above the other

    To get to the top hive, you approach from the T junction at the top, and then enter from the west going east into that hive -->

    Instead of entering that hive, continue going south, and at the dead end, a little to your left will be a stack of crates

    I tried to draw a diagram, but the format didn't work on gamefaqs _

    User Info: mrblackmayor

    mrblackmayor - 8 years ago 2 1


  1. You mean the SMG upgrade? That is a tricky one actually, you need to get BEHIND the base. You start the mission in front of it, and if you go around it (go rightwards) you'll find some boxes. Destroy them all, there you go.

    By the way, be fast and do this at the early stages of the mission. And wait for an opening, obviously.

    User Info: BiigLord

    BiigLord - 8 years ago 2 2
  2. By the way, the upgrade BiigLord is talking about is the one for mission 5. where you have to defend the base (again, and not to be confused with mission 2)

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  3. Accept an answer!!!!

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